AUGUST 5, 2004

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3578

Water Temperature: 77-83 F

Bright moonlit nights dimmed fishing prospects this past week. There were less boils and tougher fishing conditions for both bass and stripers over much of the lake. Fishing will improve as the moon wanes. Expect perhaps the best striper boils of the year to happen by mid August in the middle portion of Lake Powell centered at Bullfrog/Halls but reaching to the San Juan and Good Hope Bay.

Launching access is acceptable as NPS makes daily efforts to fill in pot holes, build new roads and ramps, and make it easier for all to launch on dirt ramps under low water conditions. Boats are still launching on concrete at Halls. Conditions are more challenging at Bullfrog and Wahweap. Expect adequate launching facilities to be available through the rest of summer and fall due to the efforts of NPS.

Stripers are still boiling at many mid lake locations. Most boils were very quick and stripers had gone deep before anglers could react. There were enough boils reported this past week to delight those that were in the right place. Most stripers caught in boils weighed 2-5 pounds. Larger stripers have gone deeper as the water surface temperature increased and the warm water band got wider. Larger, long-lasting boils were reported at Buoy 63 and Good Hope Bay.

When boils heat up again they will be stronger and longer from Llewellyn to Cedar Canyon. Expect good surface fishing in the San Juan around Neskahi and in Good Hope Bay. As shad grow larger all game fish will be chasing shad in shallow water. Smallmouth bass will herd shad schools and feed with stripers on the surface. Surface feeding fish are the easiest to locate because they can be seen for a long distance.

When not on top, bass can be readily caught with soft plastics fished on bottom at 15-30 feet. Best spots are deep drop-offs quite a ways from shore. Use the graph to find the breaking edge of a submerged flat or terrace. The second submerged break where water depth falls from 20 to 30 feet holds the most bass.

Catfishing is excellent on 10-15 foot deep sandy beaches.

The best striper fishing was found after dark as plankton, shad and stripers were attracted to lights floating on the surface. More detail on night fishing for stripers can be found by clicking on the home page then night fishing.