FEBRUARY 17, 2004

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3588

Water Temperature: 45-49 F

As far as the fish are concerned it is the dead of winter. There is not a lot of activity and won't be until the water warms into the mid 50's.

However, if you want to enjoy some sunshine there is a chance of catching a fish or two. Smallmouth bass are biting for a short time between noon and 4 PM on sunny days. Use a soft plastic grub in purple or blue which are good cold weather colors. The blue tint could be sparkles in a cinnamon or daiquiri colored grub. When fishing deep drop-off type structure use a drop shot rig at 25-50 feet. Hold the boat in stationary position with an electric motor and work the grub slowly on the edge of deep rocky structure. If working the edge of a flat, hook the grub in a Carolina or split-shot rig and slowly drag it along the edge and over the lip into deeper water.

Striped bass are found with shad in the backs of most canyons at a bottom depth of 80-120 feet. Shad will be suspended and stripers will be close to the bottom. There is a lot of blank water where no fish are seen. Fish anywhere schools are graphed. Use a one-inch chunk of anchovy bait on invisible fluorocarbon line fished below shad schools. Placing the bait right on the bottom is wise unless game fish are seen cruising. Then raise the bait to the level of swimming stripers. Chum actively and often for best results.

We found shad schools yesterday in the main channel 300 yards south of Wahweap Marina by the first rock island between the marina and the dam. Shad were common at a depth of 60-80 feet west of the rock island.

A few stripers have been caught at the power plant intake on bait at 30-60 feet.