JULY 1, 2004

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3586

Water Temperature: 74-78 F


Stripers are boiling/slurping in the morning along the main channel from Padre Bay to Rock Creek. There is an evening boil in Wahweap from Lone Rock to Ice Cream canyon. I have witnessed these boils and more surface action is reported from Dangling Rope to Halls Creek. Lots of striper pods are seen skimming the surface as they slurp tiny shad less than an inch long. Apparently shad are common just about anywhere in the main channel because stripers can feed on one shad school, go down then come up a few hundred yards away and be feeding on more shad. Seems they can go any direction to avoid boat traffic and still find shad.

They are challenging but catchable. Some days they stay up long enough to catch 3 fish from each boil while on other days they sound before the boat comes in range. DO NOT GET TOO CLOSE- DO NOT RUN THROUGH A BOIL (Very bad etiquette!) Stop the boat within casting range and quickly launch a lure just in front and beyond the leading stripers in the boil. Bring the lure quickly and erratically through the school and near the surface. If the lure lands too far in front or behind the leading fish quickly retrieve it and try again. The lure has to hit the head of the boil to be effective.

Stripers in the boil are one of two sizes - small 12 inchers or BIG! The surface commotion looks the same from either group. Catching the fish or seeing them swim is the only way to tell what size fish are feeding. Stripers weighing from 1 to 7 pounds were commonly caught this week. Lures that worked in boils were full-size Sammy, Super Spook JR and Jumpin' Minnow for big fish boils. Smaller stripers were taken on rattletraps, ounce wallylure spoons, kastmaster and white grubs. It is wise to have both size lures tied on and ready to go. As the boat slows and the school comes into view, size of fish can be judged and the appropriate lure launched into the feeding the school.

Uplake, larger stripers are feeding on anchovies along the steep walls from Moki Canyon to Lost Eden. Stripers boil sporadically, especially in Halls Creek. Expect to see boils anytime - anywhere. It seems that morning boils do not start until 8 AM and continue until noon or when the wind picks up. Boils may go all day long if the wind doesn't blow.

If chasing stripers like a mad-man with hooks flying in the wind is not your style, then night fishing with lights is excellent around the Bullfrog and Wahweap docks, Lone Rock Canyon mouth and at Glen Canyon Dam buoy line. Most stripers caught at night on quarter ounce jig heads with small bits of anchovy are 12-18 inches. Fishing is fast and fun for the yearlings.

Smallmouth bass are near the main channel at 15-25 feet, waiting for shad on main channel points. They can be taken by casting or trolling hard plastic baits or dropping soft plastic grubs and senkos along humps and rocks falling into deep water.

Walleye catch has been less as many anglers are selling out to the surface striper chase. It is hard to troll points when a boil is thrashing at mid channel.

Catfishing is excellent on sandy beaches large enough to park a boat. Use chicken liver or night crawlers for best results.

Have a great Holiday Weekend!