NOVEMBER 11, 2004

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3570

Water Temperature: 58-61 F

For striper fishing there is really only one place to be right now. That is between Warm Creek and West Canyon accessed out of Wahweap or Antelope Point Marinas. All other locations are reporting difficult fishing success for stripers.

Stripers in Padre Bay have left open water probing for shad in the backs of short canyons and cuts. On good weather days there is still an occasional boil to mark the site of a roving school. Most often no splashes are seen, but casting a Jumpin Minnow or Sammy to the shore in weedy shallow water draws a reaction strike from stripers up to 10 pounds. Cast two lures side by side and create your own boil.

Striper action is good in the channel that once was the Castle Rock cut in Warm Creek. Gunsight Canyon, Padre Canyon, Kane Creek, Kane Wash, Face Canyon, coves at mouth and side canyons of Last Chance, and mouth of West Canyon all get visits from stripers schools with big fish in attendance. Find a shallow shad school hiding in the "grass" near shore and stripers will visit again soon. Mark the spot and return occasionally to find an actively feeding striper school.

On bad weather days stripers are resting at the first drop-off near shallow shad schools. Pull back from shore and find striper schools on the graph. Follow the submerged creek channel (100 feet) and look on the first terrace (45-60 feet) for resting striper schools. Drop spoons to create a subsurface boil that can be seen on the graph screen.

It would pay to make a trip now to mark the location of these schools caught half way between the surface and the depths. In another two weeks both shad and stripers will slow down and become much less mobile. When that happens some of the biggest catches of the year can be had. The good part is that both shad and stripers will be found near these same spots through the month of December. Trip after trip to the same spot will be very successful once a permanent holding location is found.

Big bass are feeding in with stripers in the shallow shad spots. Bass tournament anglers working shallow shad schools in Padre Bay and Face Canyon with surface baits have placed highly in recent events. Smaller bass are still on the rocky points and terrace drop-offs eating crayfish.

Fishing for stripers is hot at night under lights using small pieces of anchovy fished at 30-40 feet in Wahweap Marina. Tie up to the bouy line or houseboats slips in the private boat marina near main ramp.