NOVEMBER 19, 2004

By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3570

Water Temperature: 58-61 F

Water temperature continues to warm in to the 60's each calm afternoon. That allows some shad to remain in the shallows. However, the shad migration has begun. Striper feeding is more likely to be done in deep water. The projected stormy weather in the next few days should end striper surface feeding in the shallow coves.

On November 18th we found one cove off Padre Bay with shad remaining in the back. A school of stripers were in attendance driving shad to ground at the very shallowest portion of the canyon. These stripers would hit top water lures when actively pushing shad. But when they were cruising the top water lures were ignored.

In Gunsight and Padre Canyon stripers moved in and fed occasionally. When they were actively feeding they would take lipless vibrator lures (Lucky Craft and Rattletrap), but not topwater. Trolling and casting lipless cranks worked along with jigging spoons on bottom for resting schools, but success depended on finding a striper school and sticking with it. When the school moved catching ceased.

Bass have gone deeper and were not found aggressively feeding in the shallows as they were last week.

In the upper lake shad are numerous and striper schools have broken down. Small groups and single stripers can be caught occasionally casting, trolling and jigging but large schools have not been found. Night fishing is perhaps the best technique for catching stripers. It is not advisable to travel all the way to Good Hope when night fishing at Bullfrog/Halls or Wahweap will be as good or better than uplake.

From now on plan on fishing deep with spoons, plastic baits and anchovies for best success.