By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3572

Water Temperature: 75-80 F

Full moon has quieted the waters north of Bullfrog while the waters south have begun to boil.

Striper boiling action has temporarily calmed from Bullfrog to White Canyon. The most abundant shad/striper population resides in the upper reaches of Lake Powell and perhaps there is just too much to eat. For whatever reason there is much less activity than has been seen for most of the month. Expect the boils to start again as the moon wanes. This is a temporary lull that will reverse quickly.

Bass fishing has improved lakewide for those using surface lures and other shad imitating baits. If using plastic try white tubes fished erratically in the shallows or flukes zipped along the surface. Shallow running hard baits like rattletraps and shad raps are working near points and reefs.

From Bullfrog downstream stripers are chasing shad with a vengeance. Boils are strong from first light to 9 AM. Look at Rincon, Buoy 60, Rock Creek, Padre Bay, mouth of Navajo and mouth of Antelope canyon.

Perhaps the shad population, which may be less abundant in these locations, has become vulnerable or more visible to striper schools. For whatever reason boils in the lower lake are as good as they have been for a long, long time. This activity will probably fade as quickly as the uplake boils resume. Hopefully the lower lake will continue to boil through Labor Day. After that expect stripers to leave the open bays to feed in the backs of coves and short canyons.

For those fishing the upper lake be aware that stripers have not left but are still in the same locations as they were last week when boiling. Look for them on the fish finding graph and drop spoons into the school. When not actively boiling stripers can still be caught as they sulk in the depths. Bait may work in the shade of steep walls.

September will mark a resurgence in the smallmouth bass fishery. Expect bass fishing to improve dramatically in the next few weeks.

Catfishing is still great.