By Wayne Gustaveson

Lake Elevation: 3570

Water Temperature: 71-73 F

We had some very welcome rain and wind that slowed fishing momentarily. Now the weather is moderating and we expect the good fishing results of last week to hold up for a few more weeks.

In the lower lake look for morning and evening striper boils anywhere from Glen Canyon Dam to Dangling Rope. Boils will vary from large to small, very quick to just a few scattered splashes. Any sign will show you where to fish. If stripers are not busting the top then throw shallow running cranks or drop spoons to the bottom. Stripers are gorging on shad and will eat your lures if you can find their feeding table. When a school is in the vicinity I think spoons jigged off the bottom or reeled quickly up through the water column are the most effective technique.

Suspended stripers can be caught with long-line trolling gear, downriggers, or by casting. Any means of putting a shad imitator in front of a hungry striper at mid depth may work. Seldom used lures that haven't been wet for a long time may work now. Try stump jumpers (3/4 ounce), white marabou jigs (3/4 ounce), spinner baits, and suspending crank baits.

The same striper catching conditions hold true at Bullfrog/Halls. Find a school of stripers on the 40-60 foot terrace above the submerged main channel. Be prepared to present a shad spoon quickly to a striper school seen on the graph. Take advantage of the opportunity before they move on. The spoon may be jigged off the bottom and then reeled quickly to the surface to be presented to suspended stripers.

Best fishing spots seem to be in or near the main channel from Halls to Wahweap. I may be wrong but I think this is the first time in recorded history that upper San Juan and Colorado inflow at Farley/White Canyons are not the place to be. I would fish in Padre Bay, Last Chance, Rock Creek, mouth of San Juan to Cottonwood, Slick Rock, Bullfrog Bay, and Stanton Creek.