April 13, 2005
By Ron Colby
Lake Elevation: 3555
Water Temp: 54 - 62 F

Spent most of the day Tuesday on the lake doing research and development, it was a wonderful day. Started the day using rip baits trying to catch LMB and SMB, only managed a couple early and gave up and went chasing stripers. It didn't take long to find a school in 50' of water. The spoons went down and the fish were eager to cooperate. We caught 16 BIG stripers in Wahweap near Lone Rock between 8:30 and 10:00.

We then left Wahweap and headed up lake to chase bass. Warm Creek, Gunsight, Padre, West, and face all had active fish but the best bite happen after 1:00pm. The water temp had climbed to 60 and SMB were seen building nests and would attack our baits. The LMB were also becoming active but were tighter to cover but could be coaxed out using tubes, jigs, and Yamamoto Kreature baits. During the day we caught some 3lb fish but most were between 1.5 - 2 lbs. The bass are staging on the last deep points near the backs of coves or flats where they can build nests. Using Lucky Craft Bevy shad and Pointer78 in ghost and chartreuse shad we lost count of the number of fish we caught. There was a pattern to the retrieve, twitch, twitch, pause count to 3, they would hit on the pause and the longer the better. If the wind is blowing, chartreuse and white spinner baits and shad color cranks will work great.

The stripers are very close to spawning and I even caught a few that had spawned. A few more days of this nice weather and it will happen. Early in the mornings look for stripers in shallows near the back of canyons, coves and pockets, listen for surface activity and you may even see a half hearted boil for the first hour of light. Mid morning move out between 25 - 50 feet of water trolling shad color deep diving crankbaits. Keep your eyes on the graph looking for schools of fish that can be spoon fed :). They seemed to take a rest for a few hours but as the water warmed up and the shad moved shallow the stripers followed. Trolling over sharp drops and long points will provide plenty of action. Be sure to try different speeds when trolling and even try ripping on the rod to give a pausing effect to your bait will trigger strikes from following fish.