August 11, 2005
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3605
Water Temp: 80-83 F

Striper boiling action is building in the northern half of Lake Powell. The action starts at Rainbow Bridge and proceeds all the way to Good Hope Bay, including the San Juan Arm.  Boils to this point have been numerous but of short duration.   It is virtually impossible to cruise the northern half of the lake without seeing a boil.


The standard boil erupts in the main channel and lasts from 30 seconds to two minutes. Fish dive and then resurface within 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes numerous schools can be seen feeding on the surface at one time. Striped bass are boat shy, sounding at the noise of a boat engine. The key is to approach quickly, turn off the big motor and then throw long casts with a small heavy lure to the retreating school.  The best lure this week was a Kastmaster or similar silver spoon.  Full size surface lures were accepted by some schools but ignored by others. Spoons worked while fish were boiling on top and continued to catch fish while the main school was diving for deep water. 

Boils can be seen anytime of day but early and late continue to be the best catching periods, with the last 2 hours of daylight providing the best fishing action.  Boil duration is longer in the evening and stripers are more aggressive just before they leave the surface at dark. It seems that feeding duration of boiling schools is increasing.  The peak of summer boil fishing will probably occur during the next two weeks.   

The southern lake has seen a resurgence of surface feeding.  Stripers that were deep last week have left the walls and rocky points to search for shad schools in the channel.  Bait fishing success has dropped off considerably.  Look in the channel from the dam to Warm Creek for striper schools ranging in size from yearlings to 7-pounders.  It takes a keen eye to see boils in the turbulence of the busy channel.  But schools of big fish are feeding in the channel for more than an hour of up and down action each morning and evening.  Night fishing with fish attracting lights is good in the Wahweap and Antelope Marina areas.

Smallmouth bass have been forgotten with all the surface commotion going on.  But probing the main channel points and rocky ledges with soft plastics grubs and tubes at 15-30 feet produces many more bass than was the case two weeks ago. After a school of stripers goes down, try casting to the shoreline to pick up some really nice bass that were excited by the fleeing shad school.  Smallmouth bass fishing is greatly improved over last week.  

Catfish are being caught with regularity while fishing bait for stripers.