August 4, 2005
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3606
Water Temp: 80-84 F

Striper fishing continues to be excellent in portions of Lake Powell.  Fish are boiling in some places and bait fishing is good where no boils are seen. The best fishing strategy is to be prepared to fish both topwater and bait.  

The ultimate in boil fishing is happening right now in the San Juan at Cha Canyon.  Stripers from 2-7 pounds are feeding on top for 3 solid hours in the morning and then again in the evening.  These fish are fearless and will hit any size lure or offering.  A trip to the San Juan right now would be unforgettable.  Boils come and go but I expect these to last at least one more week weather permitting. 

The next best spot is lower Good Hope Bay, followed by the Escalante. Here the boils are more unpredictable.  It takes a bit of cruising and looking but some time in the morning or evening a good boil comes up that stays for up for an hour. An hour-long boil should result in 20-40 big stripers being caught.  Boils at the Rincon are strong enough to place it on the must visit list. 

The rest of the lake has an occasional boil from small stripers or smallmouth bass. A random boil from the larger stripers can happen anytime.  Keep a rod rigged with a surface lure or jigging spoon and have it ready to cast as soon as stripers are seen hitting the surface.  If boils are infrequent stripers are resting in cool water in or near the main channel. These stripers can be caught in seemingly endless supply on anchovies fished at 30-50 feet. A short boil gives visual reference to fish location.  Get a quick look and then fish near the boil site with a jigging spoon at 40-60 feet.

The characteristic striper holding spot is quite consistent over the length of the lake.  Find a steep cliff face near the intersection of the main channel and the main canyon that has just enough rock to hide crayfish.  Look for a rocky point jutting out from the smooth cliff face.  The rocky point doesn’t have to extend far to hold stripers.  Chum the spot and then toss out 1/3 anchovy on a 1/8 ounce jig head.  It should only take 10-15 minutes to start catching fish.  Move from spot to spot until a school is located. Then fill the cooler with lots of big stripers. Remember to take ice to keep the fish fresh until they can be filleted.    

Look for hungry, deep stripers at the dam, power plant intake, at the mouth and midway up Navajo Canyon, mouth of Warm Creek, mouth of Rock Creek.  Fish boils at San Juan and Escalante then bait again at Halls and Bullfrog.  

For the night fishermen new green lights have been hung from the Wahweap fish dock.  The water is now deep enough under the dock and stripers are plentiful in the marina area.  Expect to catch lots of yearling stripers and some older fish from the dock with small pieces of anchovies hooked on light jig heads.