MARCH  30, 2005
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3556
Water Temperature: 51-55 F

Days are getting longer and warmer but afternoon winds have prevented the lake surface from retaining any residual warming.  A calm day will see the temperature shoot up and increase fish activity.   Bass and stripers are active and can be caught on a regular basis now.  

Look for both species of fish in the backs of canyons and bays where main channel water depth is 25-35 feet.  This depth is where water color changes from clear to a murky green.  Shad have moved to this location and grebes and other birds will mark the spot when feeding. Each canyon will have a spot where fish of all species congregate.   Look for the signs and “feel” of fish activity before even making a cast.  The fish holding zone will have similar characteristics in each canyon.

 Stripers and bass are near shad.  A good search pattern is to troll shad raps while watching the graph. If a striper hits the trolled lure, play the fish with occasional glances at the graph.  Stripers have banded together in larger schools so it is common to see the school follow the hooked fish under the boat.  When stragglers are seen, immediately have your fishing partner cast deep diving crankbaits or drop spoons to the bottom to get additional hookups.  More stripers can be caught in a short time with spoons and cranks than with trolling.  Continue to work the area with spoons until the striper school moves on. 

When the fish holding spot is found work the area thoroughly.  Stripers will be holding on points and ridges at about 25 feet. Bass will be in the same area (1-10 feet deep) but usually not associated with stripers.  By that I mean, stripers may be caught on a point and bass will be further down the shore or in a cove instead of on the point with stripers.  Bass may lay low while stripers feed and then become active after the striper school passes. Catch one species of fish and the others should be within 200 yards of that location.  When one spot plays out go to the next canyon instead of trying a half-mile away in the same canyon. 

It may be most productive to search for stripers by graphing and dropping spoons on schools marked mid channel.  Each day will provide different opportunities but using the graph and shad lures will pay dividends in large fish this spring.  Right now reports indicate best fishing for stripers on the southern end of Lake Powell from Wahweap to Rock Creek and from 7-Mile upstream on the north end.  Bass are caught equally well at all locations.