November 17, 2005
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3602
Water Temp: 60-64 F

Nights have turned cold but the lake surface temperature is lagging way behind.  Temperatures in the mid 60ís during November are very unusual. Fishing techniques should still be geared for springtime conditions.  Backs of coves and shallow water hold the actively feeding fish.  For one more week, go shallow for best results. 

Lake wide the best fishing technique is trolling a shallow running lure where bottom depth is 20-25 feet.  Stripers are feeding on shad in the backs of coves and in the center of the channel near the terminal end of major canyons. 

For example:  Two weeks ago a school of stripers was reported feeding in very shallow water in the arm opposite Crosby Canyon at the back of Warm Creek.  When fishing there Monday I saw seagulls and herons resting on the rocks guarding the last cove.  Surface lures cast to the birds feet were immediately consumed by stripers from 1-5 pounds.  Water depth was 3-5 feet.  When the fish quit hitting topwater we pulled out and trolled Bevy Shad and Wally Divers and got immediate hookups where bottom depth was 12-25 feet. These stripers had not moved in two weeks time. 

Navajo Canyon has a school of stripers in the back where main channel bottom depth is 20-25 feet. Cruise back past a milk jug marking a shallow reef and look for stripers on the next corner where the canyon takes a right turn. If you go too far you will find cottonwood tree trunks in 16 feet of water. I went there first looking for crappie and found stripers on the return.

Again trolling Bevy Shad and Wally Divers got instant hookups from yearling stripers. We stopped over the school and dropped 1-ounce swim baits (Storm wildeyed shad) and Stump Jumpers to the bottom for larger fish.  We caught 5-pounders that were thin off the bottom and 3-pounders in excellent condition at mid depth in the water column while slow reeling the big lures.  Trolling on the way out caught yearlings every 50 yards. 

In the upper lake from Farley Canyon to the river inflow, trolling shallow running crankbaits is very effective for stripers to 5 pounds.    

Night fishing is not good uplake but it is much better in Wahweap Bay and Antelope marina where forage is less and stripers are common.  I suspect anchovies will work quite well in the lower lake anywhere stripers are graphed.  Some have been trolling to catch the first striper and then fishing bait at the catch location to fill the cooler.

Bass fishing has slowed with falling barometer and full moon but some of the largest bass of the year are taken in the late Fall.  This may be the time to catch a big fish.  Target the deep side of rock islands falling into the main channel for larger bass.

Crappie fishing remains good in shallow brushy coves near Farleys, 4-Mile, Cedar Canyon, Long Canyon, and San Juan near Neskahi.