October 26, 2005
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3602
Water Temp: 64-68 F

In springtime anglers wait patiently for water temperatures to reach the mid 60ís then flock to the lake to find the best spring fishing.  The same factors that make spring fishing so good are all in play now Ė with the exception of spawning.  Its all about food now. 

Consider spring fishing strategy where many different techniques and places are searched looking for the productive pattern for the day. That is exactly how to fish this week. Smallmouth bass are hot in spots. Stripers feed in flashes. Be prepared to react to whatever the fish are doing or craving at the time.  Donít be surprised to find unproductive periods mixed in with some of the best fishing of the year. Think spring! 

As always the key feature is shad location. Shad are moving from shallow grass-lined coves to deep water and back again.  Generally shad are holding in the colored water near the back of the canyon in 30 feet of water or less. This changes daily but start looking in the back of the canyon to find shad.   

Stripers are still elusive as shad are abundant in most canyons lakewide.  Stripers are moving quickly from one shad school to the next with a lengthy rest period in between.  One daysí hotspot is cold the next. Keep moving to find the school.   It takes all of the tools to be really effective.  Keep an eye on the graph at all times looking for striper marks. Have a spoon ready to drop quickly on a moving school.  Watch the shoreline for bass or stripers hitting the surface and be ready to throw topwater to the splash rings.  For mid depth fish try trolling or speed reeling. There is no one effective pattern.  Be ready to react to the quick appearance of hungry fish.  

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are a more reliable target than stripers.  They have moved shallower with many fish caught from 10-20 feet. Bass are chasing shad with stripers but they are also on the rocky points in virtually every canyon. Lipless crankbaits are very effective along with the ever popular plastic grubs, tubes and senkos.  Bass fishing is as good now as it was in the spring. 

Bonus fish are showing up. Crappie are tightly schooled around brush.  There is a lot of brush this year and not as many crappie schools. They are not evenly scattered as they would be when spawning.  But find the one brush pile in each canyon that holds a school and fishing will be very good.    

Walleye will be around shad.  After a striper event or bass boil try spooning the bottom to pick up a walleye attracted to the fallout from a striper attack.

Fishing is good lake wide but you have to go out and find it each day.