September 1, 2005
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3602
Water Temp: 78-82 F

Last weeks forecast of lower lake weekend boils was blown away with a thunderstorm on Saturday.  Seems the weather does have a big impact on boils. Expect boils to continue lakewide through September. Plan your fall trip for a good weather period to increase the chances of finding boils.

Daily schedule for striper boils:

At first light shad schools rejoin after spending the night in loose formation.  This joining attracts stripers who start chasing schools about 30 minutes after first light.  Shad schools are large until stripers blast them the first time. The first volley may last 10 minutes to an hour depending on shad numbers. Stripers are most vulnerable to anglers during this phase.

Shad scatter into smaller bunches as they flee in all directions after the first onslaught. Stripers are schooled tight and surround a small bunch of shad.  It takes only seconds for stripers to eat or scatter the small shad bunch.  Surface commotion is so quick that it is difficult to get in position to cast.  Stripers are catchable if they are on the surface.  Once they head down they ignore most offerings.  The quick burst period lasts for 2 hours.

Midday shad and stripers regroup.  There may be a random large boil with lasting duration or it may remain quiet.  The evening action picks up again two hours before dark with longer boils and good aggression as both shad and stripers respond to the evening twilight feeding period.

Best locations to find boils: 

Bullfrog Bay is again the center of boiling action all day long.  The center of the bay near the Bullfrog boat ramp is best for 4-pound fish while boils of 2-pound fish are bigger and better north of the Bullfrog Buoy field.   Halls Creek is just as good.

Main Channel from Lake Canyon to Annies is still good morning and evening but not midday.

Good Hope is improving morning and evening with some limited action in the channel towards Bullfrog.

Main channel from San Juan to Cottonwood has constant quick boils but stripers are only catchable morning and evening. San Juan from Cha to Piute is very good.

Padre to Rock Creek main channel has randomly timed big boils.  This may be the best spot for quality fish but it lacks consistency.  Find a boil here and jig spoons on the 60 foot bottom after the boil to add lots of meaty stripers to the cooler. Stripers move off the flat an hour after the boil subsides.

Smallmouth fishing is good midlake and on the San Juan but slow in many other lake areas. Fish main channel rocky shelves and terraces for best results.