September 8, 2005
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3602
Water Temp: 78-81 F

The quest to keep up with rapidly moving stripers continues.  Surface feeding is still the best game in town. Boils are seen each morning and evening along the expanse of Lake Powell. 

Last week there was a one-day surface eruption in Wahweap Bay near the gravel pile.  Those fish have moved on. There is still some activity in Padre Bay randomly spaced throughout the day. The big news is ROCK CREEK.  Boils were biggest and best in Main Rock with good action found in Dry Rock and Middle rock as well.  

There is never a guarantee that stripers will boil in the same place the next day.  But the last boil is a good starting point.  If you make the trip to Rock Creek and find calm water where boils ought to be,start looking in nearby coves along the main channel. While most feeding activity to date has been found in open water of the main channel, the feeding transition period from open water to coves has begun.  There will be more  boils seen in coves as the month progresses.  Shad are larger and more mobile.  Stripers have more difficulty catching these bigger fish.  They must work harder to trap them and often require a second barrier. Shad trapped against a cliff wall and the waters surface are easier prey! Expect more boils against cliff walls, tire breakwaters, and rocky shorelines. 

In the middle of the lake the San Juan was quiet last week.  I am sure that wont last long, but for now, the mouth of the San Juan at Jacks Arch is still churning with very quick boils.  These fish are not very catchable except at morning and evening twilight.  The better spot is at Buoy 69A in the main channel.  Boils here were staying up long enough to catch some fish.   

Bullfrog/Halls was very busy with Holiday traffic.  Boils were there but competition with other boaters and first time fishermen made it difficult to catch fish. The boils went down with all the traffic but expect them to come back up with the calmer, gentler fishing pressure now that the summer season has ended. The lake now belongs to anglers once more.  

If you are trying to fish striper boils for the first time pay attention to where others park around the edge of the action instead of driving to the center of the boil.  Driving over fish puts them down and no one catches any.  Stop one cast away from the action and fish from there. 

Bullfrog to Good Hope is much like most parts of the lake, with boils being less frequent.  That means there is usually a huge boil that comes up once a day and stays up for an hour.  Find this boil and the trip is a success.   

Surprisingly there have been many large boils near midday over the entire lake. The biggest and best boils have been from 11-2 pm. There is no way to predict when or where they will occur.  You just have to be out there enjoying the grandeur of the lake and stumble into the big event.