April 6, 2006
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3588
Water Temp: 50-55 F

Lake Powell water levels have stabilized and will not go much lower this year.  Unsettled Spring weather is warm one day and cool the next. The weather forecast calls for lows in the 30ís with highs in the 70ís for the coming week.  

One of the bass spawning triggers is day length, the other is temperature.  Days are long enough but the temperature is lagging.  The time is now right for bass to spawn so they have to be moving to the shallows despite the weather.  Both large and smallmouth bass will be lurking on the deep water edge of suitable spawning substrate. Largemouth bass seek shallow rocky rubble areas with a bush overhead. Smallmouth bass want the same rocky ridge or flat but they do not need the bush.  It is common to see both species nesting on the same shallow rocky structure.  Cast to the bush to catch a largemouth and to the rock pile to catch a smallmouth bass.   

Expect bass fishing to get very good on each warm afternoon.  Do not expect bass to bite in the morning after a night of cold temperatures. Murky water warms more quickly than clear water so spend time in the warmest water available to maximize your catch. 

A good fishing strategy for Bullfrog/Halls is to troll for stripers in the backs of the canyons in the morning using deep diving crankbaits. Troll as fast as possible to get a reaction strike from fussy stripers.  It seems slowly trolled baits are being ignored in the northern lake where fish are fat and forage is plentiful.  Then in the afternoon go bass fishing with spinner baits, shallow running suspending crankbaits and standard plastic crayfish-imitating jigs. 

Morning strategy in the southern lake out of Wahweap/ Antelope is to fish stripers with anchovy bait along the steep walls of the Colorado River Channel from the dam to Navajo Canyon.  There is a good early morning bite followed by a mid day feeding spree from stripers running the canyon walls. In the afternoon, head to the back of one of the canyons to fish for bass.  Bass behavior will be the same lakewide. 

Crappie will be suspended in the backs of canyons near brush.  Fish for them by trolling slowly with an electric motor using a small plastic grub or tube.  Line length behind the boat will determine depth of lure in the water.  Experiment until the right depth is found.