September 28, 2006
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3601
Water Temp: 69-71 F

Adult stripers have escaped from the cold water prison they have occupied all summer.  The quick temperature drop last week let them come up to chase food fish hiding in shallow water. Bass have responded in much the same way.  They are in the mood to chase down an easy meal which means they will follow a lure a long distance before striking. Game fish are “looking up” which means they will come up to the surface from deep water to attack a lure. That is good news for anglers who can catch fish steadily all day long.

Walking baits  

The best lures to use on fish of this temperament are surface walkers and poppers. Shallow running crankbaits and jerk baits are almost as effective, as are spinner baits. Spoons bounced on bottom will wake a resting school and draw fish toward the surface. All of these techniques are effective and could be alternated at each fishing spot.  

Surface Popper

Stripers alternate between lying on the bottom at 50-70 feet and running to the back of the cove in search of food.  Some boils have been seen but it is a small flurry with only a few fish.  It is more common for stripers to come to the surface individually or in small groups to attack a lure, much like bass fishing.  Casting surface lures to the cove or shoreline each morning and evening, results in steady striper catching with bonus bass too. 

When topwater lures don’t work, pull the boat out of the cove to deeper water and use spoons or anchovies on deep schools.  Bait and spoons are easily the most effective way to catch large numbers of fish.  Spooning works best in low light conditions while bait fishing is effective all day long. 

Bottom pounding Jigs and Spoons 

In the southern lake the striper hotspots are Warm Creek Wall, Padre Canyon, and the back of main Rock Creek. Further north, try the entrance to Lake Canyon and the dome rock in the back of Bullfrog Bay near the houseboat field.

Bass fishing has really perked up with lots of fish guarding outside points.  They lie in wait for swimming fish so topwater and shallow crank baits are the ticket. When bass are not on the points drop green grubs along the ledges and breaks from 10-20 feet for fast fishing for nice sized bass.

Current fishing success resembles the peak of spring time fishing with steady catching of aggressive fish. The difference is warmer water and weather which makes it a very pleasant experience for the angler.