April 4, 2007
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3599
Water Temp: 56-66 F

Warming is now more gradual and timely than the warm spell encountered in March. Each morning the temperature climbs another notch toward the magical 60 degree mark that ushers in the glory of spring fishing at Lake Powell. If the thermometer reads 58 in the morning bass will be biting by afternoon. If the morning reading is 64 then bass will spawn. As I write this the temperature reading is 57. I am going fishing anyway.

While waiting for bass to start the spring feeding frenzy, fish can be readily caught with soft plastic tubes and grubs fished slowly along the bottom. Largemouth from 3-7 pounds are still active and waiting. Fishing for big green bass during March was more productive than during any similar period during this decade. That great fishing will be supplemented by a similar occurrence of big bronze smallmouth later this month. This peak in big bass production results from the big forage years from 2002 to 2005. Enjoy the reward of that production by spending some time on each fishing trip pursuing bass.

While bass fishing is better in the afternoon and evening when water reaches its warmest point, stripers are hitting in fits and spurts all day long. There is consistent catching at the historic spots along the main channel. At any time of day there will be active stripers biting in one of the following locations.

The dam has striper schools moving in and out and along both canyon walls. Patience will be rewarded with a school of moving fish coming under your boat. They are not bashful about eating once they get in range.

If your arrival at the dam is in between schools then try Buoy 1 at the intersection of Wahweap Creek and Main channel. From there the next stop is the mouth of Antelope canyon and the first corner inside the canyon. From there, move uplake past Antelope marina to the Power Plant Intake area where moving current attracts stripers. The intake is under the chain link fence on the canyon rim on the right hand side of the channel when headed upstream.

Buoy 9, a bit further upstream marks a good rockslide and a cove that are very good striper holding spots. At any location lots of chumming with finely cut anchovies followed by a chunk of bait on a jig head, Carolina rig, or with no weight at all will entice hungry stripers into your boat.

My favorite fishing strategy this week is to fish the backs of the canyons for whatever I can catch. Use a tube, grub or jerk bait to fish the shore and rock structure for whatever bites. Bass, stripers, walleye, crappie and sunfish will be encountered along the way. I have small baits for panfish and big baits for stripers and bass all hooked up and ready on a variety of rods. When a pod of active fish is detected just pick up the correct rod and catch fish. It is exciting fishing.

I prefer Rock Creek and Last Chance for fast fishing in the spring.