August 29, 2007
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3603
Water Temp: 80-85 F

Surprise! The boiling stripers are still on top in the southern lake. Not every morning is great under the full moon but on this date a trip to Warm Creek resulted in 98 stripers for three very happy anglers. A mid-channel boil near the floating restroom lasted for most of an hour. Singles were chased on top until a school was seen on the graph. Spoons caught as many as topwater lures from the resting school. Then on the way back to the marina with 2 full coolers another boil was seen near the mouth of Warm Creek. Then with over flowing coolers we were way laid by two more mid channel boils near the mouth of Navajo Canyon in the main channel. This was one of the truly memorable fishing trips of the past two years. It looks like these fish will be available during the upcoming holiday weekend.

Typical widespread open water boil.

Boiling fish are yearling stripers from 12 to 22 inches which are very strong and healthy as they chase shad to the surface. The feisty young fish will hit surface lures while blasting shad on top or spoons while in the depths looking for the next victim. Larger stripers are waiting at about 40 feet for any wounded shad to fall to the bottom. Spooning over a resting school of stripers results in nonstop action.

When stripers are seen on the graph resting near 40 feet, drop spoons to the bottom and work them in short pulls (12-24 inches). Try to get one fish to hit so the school gets excited. Stripers will rise off the bottom in response to the feeding behavior of the hooked fish. When the school has separation from the bottom, drop the spoon below them and then reel quickly through the layer where fish were seen. Pause the lure twice if reeling from the 40 foot bottom or three times if 60 feet or deeper. Following stripers will often hit just as the lure pauses or starts to move upward once more.

Try to hit a splash ring for the best results.

These techniques will work on active stripers at any lake location. Expect boils anywhere. September will be the prime boil month for 2007. Look for boils during the two hour period at first light and last light each day.

Bass were seen working the shoreline with boiling stripers. They got more active and were willing to take surface lures as the stripers left the shoreline to head to deep water. Shad moving in front of advancing stripers will excite any game fish. Find active stripers that will lead you to bass, walleye and catfish that lurk on the outskirts of the striper feeding frenzy.

The weather is cooling, crowds are smaller and fish are very cooperative. Looks like September will be prime time to fish at Lake Powell.

If the boil is circular just throw to the far edge and reel across for instant hook ups.