February 1, 2007
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3599
Water Temp: 45-49 F

Striped bass are feeding despite the cold temperatures. The best fishing remains near Trachyte/White Canyon. While there are many stripers upstream, from Farleys to Hite, the water temperature is influenced by cold water running in from the Colorado River. Find a spot where the water temp is above 45 degrees to find cooperative fish.

Slow trolling with deep diving crankbaits is a good way to locate schools of fish. Once over them, a slow moving white jig ( ounce Spro bucktail jig) may be the best presentation. Good trolling lures include the Norman (deep diving) DD22, Deep down Husky jerk, and Storm deep Thunderstick.

For casting, the following lures are great: Lucky Craft flat CB deep divers, Lucky Craft vibrators and bevy shad, Norman Little N suspend+4, white double willow 3/8 oz Yamamoto spinner bait. Usually shad colors are best with these baits but if that doesn't work, immediately go to a reaction color like fire tiger to wake up sleeping fish. If they aren't hungry it is wise to make them mad.

The next month will be the best time to catch a big female prespawn walleye. They start to feed on warm afternoons and will take these lures worked carefully around brush piles and cover. It is good to bump cover occasionally but not hard enough to hang up. Just let the fish know food is close. Remember to frequently pause the bait to give slow fish time to decide to eat.

All canyons that were good last year still hold fish. Halls Creek, Rock Creek, Warm Creek and Wahweap are still producing stripers and an occasional walleye. The fish results in most canyons will be worth the cold boat ride. Fish health is still questionable with 50% of striped bass thin. Number of fish caught is high for winter fishing.

Fishing at night with anchovy bait from the pleasant comfort of a houseboat is very effective at Wahweap and Bullfrog marinas.



If your boat has been used in the lower Colorado River where Quagga mussels were recently discovered, remember to wash the boat with hot water and treat the bilge and live wells with bleach to prevent mussels from hitch hiking to Lake Powell. Please protect our lake which is a national treasure.