July 4, 2007
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3611
Water Temp: 79-84 F

              Happy Independence Day - God Bless America

Fishing is best very early in the morning and again late in the evening with night fishing being perhaps the best opportunity. Fishing strategy during the day requires a bag of anchovy bait, some shade and a cooler full of ice to keep the fish fresh and the fillets cool. At night a green light and anchovies will do the trick.

Jarrett "Bones" Lanyon with his first ever striper.

Striper schools are in the main river channels, main canyons, and where the canyon intersects with the main channel. Look for a prominent point, deep drop off near a shallow flat or similar travel lane where stripers can stay deep and cool but near the feeding zone provided by a brushy flat. Chumming will cause an immediate reaction from the resting school if they are nearby. Chum and fish for 15 minutes. If no fish respond then move to the next likely location and repeat the process. It should take no more than 4 or 5 tries to locate a school. Once located, these schooling stripers will hit for as long as bait is put in the water.

Some good starting points include Glen Canyon Dam, both points past the double islands in Navajo Canyon, main channel edges between Rock Creek and Dungeon Canyon, flats near the Rincon, and Moki Canyon mouth and Wall.

There will be some boils in the extreme ends of the lake where the San Juan and Colorado Rivers enter Lake Powell. Look in very muddy water or under debris fields to find shad hiding and stripers seeking. The surface action is very early and very late in the day. But 50-100 stripers can be caught quickly on topwater lures during prime time.

Bass fishing is still good but bass are deep. Dangle a green or smoked plastic grub on a drop shot or Carolina rig in 20-30 feet of water. Fish the bait very slowly with frequent rest stops to tempt curious bass. Keep the bait near the 20 foot depth contour to consistently catch fish.

Chuck Fulton's grandson plays a striper just like he saw gramps do it!

Boat camps will attract some fish. Bluegill and catfish are curious and will shade-up under houseboats. They provide great fun for kids and adults alike. Just put a little piece of live worm on a small hook (size 12) placed under a bobber for bluegill. Kids can catch their first fish quickly and easily. Have a bucket of water ready to allow the neophyte angler an opportunity to watch and touch the first fish after the catch. When the young angler is done with the fish it can be released or eaten.

Summer is family time at this grand lake. Swim and ski during the day but allot a bit of time to fish each morning and evening. Adding fishing to the agenda will enhance the enjoyment of the trip.