March 28, 2007
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3598
Water Temp: 55-66 F

It's easy to predict fishing success this week - just look out the window and see what the weather is doing. Sun is good. Wind is bad. Mild March weather has allowed the lake surface to warm to 58 degrees, which is the temperature threshold that launches spring fishing. When morning water temperature is 58 the afternoon temperature on a calm day may be as high as 66 degrees. That makes fish do cartwheels. A cold March wind can quickly lower the surface temperature back to the mid 50's. That stalls bass fishing.

Phil and fishing buddy fished with Kevin Campbell at the dam to catch many stripers.

Just before the wind storm on March 27-28, bass had moved on to the bank to enjoy the hot afternoon sun. They were eager to bite and chase most plastic offerings that came in range. Lures tossed right at the waters edge were most likely to be noticed. The best cast landed on the sandy bank. The bait was then pulled into the water. Bass were very shallow as they tried to stay in the thin layer of warm surface water. Some bass were even prospecting for a nest site.

Wind cooling is temporary and causes bass to drop back to the depths. They are still catchable but not nearly as aggressive as when lake temperature is rising. The present cool spell will give way to warming again on the weekend. It will be early next week before bass come shallow once more. When they do, fishing will be great.

Stripers are found most often near the back of the canyon near deep water. Hungry stripers will come up to shallow water to eat. The main feeding area in the southern lake is near weed beds and tumbleweed coves that provide cover for sunfish. Young fat stripers are more likely to be in the back of the canyon instead of the main channel. Thin adults are moving toward the channel. Catch rate at Glen Canyon Dam is good on 2 out of 3 days now. Stripers bite for a while and then seem to move out before returning a few hours later. The channel from the Intake to Warm Creek is only fair fishing.

Walleye and crappie are showing up more often. Crappie move into brush on warm afternoons and can be caught on small plastic grubs. Crappie fishing will be better in April. Walleye are found near other feeding fish. Stripers and bass often stir up a school of shad or sunfish during a feeding event which excites the ambush feeding walleye into activity. Find actively feeding fish to catch a bonus walleye.

Natalie, Bree and Ashley with stripers caught at the dam on bait.


Wash your boat before heading from mussel infested water to Lake Powell.