June 4, 2008
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3612
Water Temp: 67-72 F

Lake Powell continues to rise. It is at the highest level reached in the last 5 year and still has many feet to go. Castle Rock Cut will get wet this week and then be passable the next week. Launching at Hite on the old dirt road is possible once more.

The bad news is fishing success is suffering for the effects of high water. The runoff has reduced water clarity to zero from Hite to Good Hope and in the upper San Juan. I do not recommend going there to fish until the runoff slows in June or the lake tops out in July. Driftwood is a hazard in the main murky channel and in the backs of canyons where stranded drift wood is floating again. The newly covered shoreline is fishless except for spawning carp.

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The good news? Largemouth bass have moved into the brush pockets and are catchable again to those that know how to work live brush habitat. Fishing in the green branches of flooded tress is not for beginners. It would be a great learning experience to fish a texas-rigged senko in the flooded tamarisk forest. You might try it early some morning.

Dependable stripers are keeping fishing hot. Schools remain in the same locations that have been reported since early spring. Many are being caught each day at the dam, buoy 3, Navajo Canyon, Cookie Jar, Last Chance, Jacks Arch, Lake Canyon and mouth of Halls Creek. Schools can be started with a shower of finely cut anchovy bait and kept going for an hour or two depending on time of day. Keep sprinkling another few pieces of bait out in a regular pattern to keep the fish going. There are still some amazingly high numbers of stripers caught each day.

Stripers are larger in the southern lake where competition between schooling fish was not as intense last year. Predator fish are more numerous in the northern lake. The best news is that most stripers are fat and healthy, especially in the southern lake.

Fishing will improve as the lake clears, and becomes stable. For right now striper fishing is still hot. Concentrate on locating striper schools for a quick catch of willing fish.

Some of the less sought after fish are near spawning. Catfish and sunfish are very catchable now. Use live worms and bobbers for sunfish. Liver, shrimp, worms and table scraps are great catfish fare.

Bring the fishing rods along on the family Lake Powell vacation.

Saturday, June 7 is free fishing day. Enjoy fishing this day on us.