October 1, 2008
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3626
Water Temp: 73-75

The upper lake is slumbering under a warm blanket of shad. It has been a pleasant month for predators as they simply have to open mouth and swim quickly for a few feet to catch all the shad necessary. So they bask in the forest of brush and eat at their leisure. The lack of urgency, minimal movement and abundance of food combine to add inches to length and girth. All game fish are growing bigger and heavier. The outlook is glowing for next year. Anglers who like bigger fish will be so pleased. The price in the short term is very tough fishing for fat sassy fish. Even catfishing is slow.

Striper fishing north of Good Hope is slow with jigging and boil searches going unrewarded. There is an occasional fish caught on top but the wait is very long. The only consistent success comes from trolling a deep diving lure at 15-25 feet across points in Striper City (buoy 130- 135).

Jamie and Molly Packer and cousin.

Bass fishing is better with large and smallmouth chasing shad in coves. Bass can be caught on topwater lures, shad crankbait and plastics.

THE SOUTHERN LAKE IS COMING ALIVE! Stripers are boiling stronger with each passing day. Boils are still random. There may only be one boil encountered each day due to chance and circumstances, but the experience will be memorable. These stripers are getting big and strong. It has been a 3 or 4 years since fat 4-pounders were consistently caught. But that time is now and it will continue over this winter and into next spring. Good times are back!

The list of boil locations is growing. Boils have happened each day near Lone Rock the past week with mid day being the most consistent time. Antelope Marina has had some huge boils that come up randomly every second or third day. These boils have been visible from the marina and even the restaurant window.

From Wahweap to the mouth of the San Juan boils have been seen in random but grand fashion. Find the fish, get in range to make a cast, and the hookup is assured. I prefer topwater lures but a rattletrap or variety of lures that run shallow will all work. The key is to use a big lure that can be cast for distance in case the boil turns away after the first fish is hooked. Stripers are big enough now that it takes a while to get them to the boat.

My maximum efficiency plan is to have at least two rods ready for action. Flop the first fish in the boat and cast the second rod instead of unhooking the first fish. Use a lure with single hook so the only person with an unexpected piercing is the fish.

Bass fishing is now excellent in the southern lake. Top water, plastics and cranks fished on the deep water side of visible brush or in the shade of steep cliffs around broken rock is almost guaranteed.

Don't put the fishing rods away. October is AWESOME at Lake Powell (South) right now.