October 15, 2008
By Wayne Gustaveson
Lake Elevation: 3625
Water Temp: 67-69

The Bomber Long A Suspending jerk bait has been a very dependable sub surface lure for me in current feeding conditions.

I went fishing on the morning of the October 14th just to make sure the full moon hex was still viable. Sure was. I didn't get a bite. But that is now over and each night will get darker and hopefully days will be warmer following the first major cold front of the season. By the coming weekend good fishing should prevail.

Full moon is actual helpful right now with cold, windy mornings, in that, shad-chasing fish all seem to wake up mid day and begin feeding. There is a strong feeding period beginning at 11 AM (MST) when much surface action is seen. The next major feeding period occurs from 4 PM to dark.

Shad are still abundant but predators are packing on weight by eating as many shad as possible with water temperature pegged in the preferred activity range. Stripers are most active when water is in the mid 60's and bass get very active both spring and fall in that same range.

The pattern right now is top water lures and shallow runners cast to any two-fish splash seen any time of day. All fish are chasing shad and trapping them against the surface and/or shore allows the predator to effectively corner and catch shad. Splashes against shore often indicate bass, while deep water splashes often mark stripers which can then be caught by fishing spoons directly under the surface disturbance.

Constantly scan the water surface and shoreline for signs of fish activity. A swirl, a gull diving on the water, a coyote walking on shore, ravens perched on rocks, all are indicators of feeding events. Find a shad school in shallow water and use shad like duck decoys. Fish will come to shad. October is hunting season and fish-hunting is good right now. Any of these events may lead to discovering feeding activity and allow one to experience some amazing fishing success.

Mid Lake Powell is probably the best. I would fish from Good Hope Bay to Padre Bay. San Juan and Hite have lots of fish but a few less shad in the main lake makes it a better angling bet. Spend equal time looking for bass and stripers. Both species are found in the same location near shad. One visual trigger may lead to the active feeding zone. Don't ignore stripers feeding on top if fishing for bass. It is likely bass will be caught right in the same spot.

Fishing success should be at its Fall peak during the last two weeks of October.