July 15, 2009
Lake Elevation: 3642
Water Temp: 78- 84 F

Lake Powell has topped out at an elevation of 3642 feet above sea level. Lake level will now slowly decline through the rest of the year. That will make beaches larger and more accessible, strand driftwood, and make boating and camping easier. The inflow areas will increase in water clarity. Through all this stripers will continue to boil.

Austin Kimber - Boils at Bullfrog

Striper boils in the main channel have peaked. There is a definite schedule. Single fish or small groups come to the surface shortly after first light. These fish are the easiest to catch because they have just begun to feed. But they are widely scattered.

As the sun hits the water singles form into bigger pods. Boils get larger but they are up and down quickly. The best catch rate comes when these pods resurface and the boaters are in range and ready to cast as they come up.

About 2-3 hours after dawn there is a flurry of large size boils. If lucky enough to find one of these large late boils the catch can be huge. After that the lake goes quiet for a time.

The process is repeated in the evening. Stripers begin to boil at 5 PM (MST) and continue until dark. Calm evenings provide the biggest and best boils. But on most nights this week, wind starts to blow at 5:10 PM and boils are wiped away. When wind happens the only choices are to stay home or search for calm water. In the lower lake Navajo Canyon provides a calm area where boils can happen when open main channel areas are churning with white caps.

Boils are better near Bullfrog than at Wahweap.  Expect upper lake and San Juan boils to be better than both in the near future.

With time expect boiling stripers to move out of the channel. Boils are easy to see now while cruising the main lake travel lanes. Soon the main channel will go quiet and boils will start working further back in the canyons. Shad will eventually leave the open water and seek the safety of brush pockets and turbid water in the backs of canyons and coves. When that happens, stripers will follow shad into side canyons and coves.

Another option on a windy evening is to troll the 25 foot depth contour with deep diving lures. Walleye, bass and stripers are lurking around the submerged tree tops and more than willing to hit a shad lure as it swims by. Bass are still hitting top water lures at first light in the morning. Those same flooded tree tops are perfect habitat for bass, bluegill, walleye and sunfish.

Catfish are ever present in the evening and can be caught from the beach by camp or off the back of the houseboat. Use leftovers from dinner, hotdog rounds or anchovies and chicken liver for catfish bait.