July 22, 2009
Lake Elevation: 3642
Water Temp: 79- 85 F

I am personally disappointed to report that striped bass surface action in the southern lake is greatly diminished. It is still possible to see a few scattered stripers feeding on the surface or to find a large boil but these events are random. It does not happen as consistently as it did during the first part of July. Selfishly, I want the boils to happen close to home so I can go out and chase the dream. My perfect fishing trip involves finding the next boil and catching fish as fast as the next cast can be made. But I will just have to be complacent for a time until the boils blow up again near Wahweap, Warm Creek and Navajo Canyon. Boils will resume as there are still shad to eat. It is just a matter of time until striped bass find that shad have moved into the brushy coves out of the main channel. Then boils will blast off again but this time near shore and in the backs of coves.

James Urry and family enjoying the total Lake Powell package

My loss is someone else's gain. Boils have broken loose in the northern lake. Rincon to Hite is now the place to be. Boils were strong in the main channel near Annies Canyon, Halls buoy field, and all along the main channel from Bullfrog to Hite. The best time is still early and late with good surface action during the first and last hours of the day.

Technique is more about boat driving than having the right color lure. Basically if the boat is parked close enough to cast to the school but not too close to scare them, fish will be caught on almost every cast. The best lures are surface scooting Sammies, Jumping Minnows and various types of Spooks. But many are having huge success with Kastmaster spoons with a small profile and long casting range. Most use the spoon with a feather or bucktail. The silver flash attracts stripers which then eat the feathered hook. Small Wally Lure spoons with a chartreuse feather work equally well. Of course, lipless vibrators (rattletraps) and shallow running crankbaits work well too. Find the boil, throw the cast and the fish will do the rest.

Both fishing and air temperature are hot right now. Fat stripers are excellent table fare. Keep all stripers caught, but be sure to put them on ice - not on a stringer in the 80 degree lake water. Take good care of these high quality fish and they will provide a delicious, healthy meal for you and your family.

Catfish are biting like crazy along the sandy shoreline areas. They are at a peak in activity right now. There is not an easier way to teach kids how to fish than to toss some bait or table scraps out on the sand behind the boat at camp. Catfish will quickly find the bait. When kids are primed by fishing for cats, the next step will be to take them boil chasing the next day. Fishing is a great way to get a child interested in the outdoors and draw them away from virtual sports involving joystick controllers. Here is the chance when they are at Lake Powell skiing and swimming. Take kids fishing as well. It will pay dividends for life.