October 14, 2009
Lake Elevation: 3634
Water Temp:    64-68 F  

Rincon Beach party -2008

Striper boils have been replaced by beach parties in the southern lake. This morning we saw much surface action but it was 5 stripers chasing shad right on to the beach or into the last tree in shallow water. Stripers are unmistakable in shallow water. They churn the whole cove and throw water two feet in the air. A striper splash can be seen at great distance and each large splash is worth investigating. Feeding fish are fearless and can be hooked. Getting them to the boat is challenging as these 24 inch fish are much stronger than they have been in other years.

Shad schools are still hanging out in brushy shallows hoping to avoid both bass and stripers. Shad schools are smaller than last week, probably resulting from numerous attacks that fragment schools into smaller groups. Periodically each group is visited by a wandering striper school that rush in, feed quickly and then back off to deep water. This is repeated often during the first two hours of daylight.

Fishing strategy is easy. See the splash near shore, get in range, and toss a surface lure. When the commotion dies along the beach, back off to the first drop off and jig spoons at 30-50 feet. Timing is important. Many more stripers can be caught from first light to 8 AM than during the rest of the morning. Fish early for best results. Then repeat the striper search in the evening. Most of the daylight hours are better spent fishing for bass.

Recent reports indicate more boils in the mid and northern lake. Still I suspect that near shore boils are much more common than open water surface action. Coves and canyons where boils have been reported recently are still producing stripers early and late with bass fishing being good all day long.

Bass are being taken on the standard senkos, plastic grubs and tubes fished on jig heads or drop shot rigs. Surface lures work best in twilight but "(zara) Spooks and (zoom) Flukes" work most of the day around brush where shad schools are holding.

Fishing success is actually less in numbers than normally seen this time of year, particularly for striped bass. However the quality of fish caught is so good that satisfaction levels are very high.

Crappie and bluegill fishing is beginning to get very good. Crappie fishing will improve as water temperature drops. Look for the best crappie fishing of the year during the next four weeks. They will be deep in the trees but can be caught on small grubs and jigs fished straight down into the thickest cover of the largest submerged tamarisk thickets.