October 13, 2010
Lake Elevation: 3634                  
Water Temp:    70-7

Summer continues with a bit of spring runoff thrown in for good measure. Lake Powell rose a foot with recent rain storms helping the water level. Water temperature is a pleasant 72 F with the return of warmer than usual days. With all that good news there might as well be more. Fishing gets better by the day.

Harvest time at Lake Powell, Loren Unsworth

Striped bass are ready, willing and eager to bite frozen cut bait in the main lake. Shad are scarce from Good Hope Bay downstream leaving a huge population of striped bass without much to eat. Stripers react to low forage by going deeper to conserve energy until food arrives. The magic depth right now is 50 to 70 feet. Finding striper schools is as simple as driving to the back of almost every canyon while watching the bottom depth. Schools of fish seen between 50 and 70 feet are usually stripers. Mark the school, toss chum all around the boat, and drop a baited hook to the bottom. Catch the first fish and watch the rest of the school rise off the bottom as the hooked fish is reeled to the surface.

A large school may come to the top and search under the boat at about 10-15 feet trying to be first to find fresh chum when it hits the water. Or the school may go right back to the bottom. Either way fish can be caught again by placing the bait at the appropriate depth as seen on the fish finder. Huge catches are possible with 100 fish per trip being well within the expectations of many anglers.

Many of the last month's hot spots now provide steady but not spectacular action. These include the Dam, Navajo Canyon, Haystack in Warm Creek, Warm Creek wall and Labyrinth wall. New schools have been located in the Dominguez Butte floating restroom cove in Padre Bay, and in main Rock Creek near the small rock island in the back where bottom depth reaches 60 feet. The Rock Creek spot provides the most lucrative striper catch in the lower lake.

Night fishing at Bullfrog and Halls is superb under green lights. The same pattern of looking for schools near 60 feet in the submerged creek channel leading to the back of the canyon is also working. Bait fishing is better than trolling or jigging over most of the lake. When stripers have risen to the top looking for more chum it is possible to catch fish using many different techniques.

From Good Hope Bay upstream abundant shad are still providing excellent forage for stripers and bass. Here boils are happening sporadically followed by periods of inactivity while stripers go the bottom and digest their meal. Spoons, surface lures and trolling are more effective than bait in the Hite area.

Bass fishing continues to improve but lower water temperature will bring better fishing. Bass are very active at 65 degrees which will likely be reached in the next two weeks. Now bass are on rocky points in the main channel. They have moved a bit shallower but it is still best to fish for the larger fish at a depth of 25 feet.