Date Received: March 5, 2001 - Terry Batisti

WON bass held their second tournament of the year out of Bullfrog Marina on the third of March. The fishing was slow, as has been for the entire year. Water temperatures ranged between 46 in the morning hours to 50 degrees during the afternoons.

Out of 51 teams participating in the combined WON Bass/ Utah BASS federation Tournament, 21 teams failed to weigh a single fish. Only two teams were able to post limits. Jim and Jackie Bishop continued their rampage and were able to boat six bass, culling one, for first place honors. They reported catching their fish on jigs and tubes in clear water in Halls and Bullfrog Bay. The team of Jim Bishop Jr. and Rick Harris weighed a little over 7lbs for the second limit posted that day. They reported that they fished from warm Creek north to catch an unbelievable 15 fish during the day.

The rest of the teams didn't have such luck. Third place and fourth place weighed in 3 and four fish respectively and after that is was just one to two fish per team. Most all fish were caught pitching jigs and tubes to shallow cover in the back of cuts.

Date Received: March 27, 2001 - David Huffaker

Fished out of Bullfrog March 23-24. Main Lake water temp early at 54, up to 60 in protected spots in the afternoon. Great weather, very little wind.

Started off slow on Friday, spent most of the day sightseeing and goofing off with the kids. Only caught 1-23" Striper on a spinnerbait & 1 nice Bluegill on a jig in Lake canyon. Saturday was better, went to Moki Canyon, lots of boats in the very back so fished rock slides 2/3 of the way back. I think the boat traffic helped by stirring op the mud. Caught 1-22" Striper, 4 nice Largemouth, and 2 Nice Smallmouth on Jigs in aprox. 10-20 feet of clear water. Went over to Hansen and had the whole back of the canyon to myself. Caught 1- 9" smallmouth on a jig, 2 nice Largemouth (2-3 lbs.) on spinnerbaits, and 2 more on soft jerkbaits all in the shallow murky water (60 degrees). Went back to camp in Halls Bay and my 9 year old son wanted to cast while I got dinner ready. He caught 3 11-14" Smallmouth in 3 casts on soft jerkbaits so I said dinner could wait and went over and we caught 4 more 10-13" by dark. Did not fish Sunday. Slept in, had a nice breakfast and headed for home. It wasn't my best fishing ever & I'm sure the guys in the tournament killed em but it was a great trip for us. Spent some real quality time with my kids, saw some incredible sunrises & sunsets and caught a few fish as a bonus. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Date Received: March 28, 2001 - Brian Shearer

Wayne, last weekend I went out on the boat at both Hite and Bullfrog. At Hite, fishing was fair at the wall next to the Colorado river we saw a nice large mouth someone caught there. South of Hite at buoy 136 on the east side. The fishermen there caught about one striper per hour trolling with anchovies at 60 feet.

In Farleys shore fishermen were catching a few stripers they were caught on anchovies off the bottom.

In White Cyn 1 nice Walleye caught with a white jig.

Both Bullfrog bay and Moqui wall were producing a few stripers not many fishermen though. The guy at the wall was jigging with anchovies.

Didn't see any smallmouth caught except for one at the Bullfrog ramp. It was caught on a smoke colored jig. I also heard that champagne colored Yamomoto has been working.

Date Received: March 30, 2001 - Jerry Dawkins

My wife and I spent the weekend of March 23rd (my birthday) down at Lake Powell. On Saturday I had several good bites, but had trouble getting the fish in the boat. The only fish landed was a 13inch crappie that was in the very back of Good Hope Bay. Sunday was a better catching day. I caught two smallmouths at the ramp at Bullfrog while loading the boat using a grey Texas rigged tube jig. While heading north up lake we stopped at several rock piles. We spotted many carp and an occasional striper in the shallows. We also saw two walleye sitting in about 8 feet of water on two of these rock piles. We got a few bites, but no fish were landed. Further uplake in the Good Hope Bay area I landed two more smallmouths and four large mouths on tubes, jigs and a Caralina rigged worm. We saw fish basking in the clear shallows as mentioned in your last report, and carefully casted past them to catch the few that I caught. I can't wait to get back down and do it again!

Date Received: April 2, 2001 - Fred Home

The tournament fishermen may not have reported their secrets from last weekend, but I will. The bass fishing in the stained water was good with some 3-4lb. largemouth and 16" small mouth. Smaller smallmouth can be caught in clear water along walls in 15-20' of water. The bonus over the weekend was the walleye are staging to spawn. We caught 10 in an hour, all ripe males in the 2 lbs class. A couple of females showed up in the 3+lb range. Walleye were especially active just before dark, but some showed in the early morning. Try crankbaits off gravel points in stained water. Stained water was 60 deg. clear water as low as 54. We also caught 30 or so crappie in the 11/2 to 2lb range fishing for bass and walleye. They all went back. Good fishing, Fred

Date Received: April 2, 2001 - David Huffaker

Fished out of Bullfrog again March 30th & 31st. Weather was fantastic again. Very little wind. Water temps found were 53 at the lowest and 65 the highest. Fishing was noticeably better than the previous weekend, in fact I would call it excellent.

I forgot the catch template to record my info so I probably won't post my catch in the database since I don't have the accurate length info.

Started out Friday in Bullfrog Bay in stained water. Caught 2 Smallmouth and 3 Largemouth on Senko's, and Hula Grubs, and a 4lb Largemouth on a spinnerbait. Went to Moki canyon for the rest of the day. Caught 1 Smallmouth on a spinnerbait and several Smallmouth and another nice Largemouth with Hula Grubs on rock slides 2/3 of the way back in the canyon 10 to 20 feet deep. By mid afternoon we fished the shady rockslides with senko's and just killed them until dark. We lost track of the numbers. Most were 9 to 12 inch Smallmouth with the occasional 12 to 14 inch Largemouth. Also got a 14 inch Crappie on a senko.

We camped in Hansen canyon and fished there Saturday morning. Caught 2 Largemouth and 4 Smallmouth there on senko's then went up to Knowles canyon where we got skunked. Did better in Cedar Canyon. Caught a couple of 10 to 12 inch Smallmouth on hulagrubs in the clear water from rockslides then went in the back of the canyon and caught several Largemouth on senko's.

Had to have the boat on the trailer by 5:00 pm so we left and fished some main channel rockslides on the way back to Bullfrog. We caught another bunch of average 9 to 12 Smallmouth, and I caught my personal best Smallmouth on a Hula Grub with a 1/4 oz head aprox. 15 feet deep. It was 17.5 inches long and fat as can be. My buddy took a picture with my digital camera but when I got back and tried to get the picture it wasn't there, he had done something wrong and I was sick.

Didn't catch any Stripers. Did see a couple caught off the back of a houseboat in Moki. Another great trip to Powell.

Date Received: April 5, 2001 - Brian Shearer

Hite was good for stripers in the main channel. In Farleys they were jigging with anchovies at 20 feet. A few crappies taken with bait at the upper end of White Canyon. At the mouth of Red Canyon smallmouth were caught with green-brown Yamamoto soft plastic. Off and on action reported for small mouth.

At Bullfrog only a few fishermen. Some action jigging with anchovies at Moqui wall. Maybe a fish per hour. Lake canyon fishermen had a few stripers on anchovies from shore.

Date Received: April 18, 2001 - BASS MAN

Fished LP April 12th -15th April 12th Fished out of Farley canyon ,Water temp 52,weather very cloudy w/some rain. Fishing was slow for all species . Caught 10 SMB, 2LMB, and 5 stripers. Black Bass were caught in 2mile,and White. Trolled the mud line on the Colorado and caught 1 striper per hour on a crawfish frenzy. Bass were caught on grubs and a 4in purple craw.

April 13th. Went to Blue Notch, Red canyon, Water was Very cold and clear 51. Fishing was very slow caught 1 LMB, and 3 SMB, Looked for stripers to no avail. Went back to the Colorado and caught 1 striper per hour along the mud line.

April 14th . Moved down to Bullfrog, Fished Bullfrog and Halls Creek bays, Fishing was excellent for both LMB and SMB, I caught 5 LMB in one cove in the back of Bullfrog Bay water temp was 57 in the back of some shallow bays. The biggest LMB was 4lbs *8oz. The others were between 1.5 and 3 lbs. LMB were caught in shallow water 4 to 10 ft. Deep. Most were caught on smoke silver sparkle grubs. SMB were caught off points in 15 to 20 ft of water. Caught 30 SMB on crankbaits and grubs.

April 15th Went and fished the Rincon Caught 15 SMB along various Rocky slopes. Noticed small schools of stripers in 15 to 35 ft of water. Water temp 58 , Caught 26 stripers (about every 5 to 10 min.) trolling the Rincon on size # 9 shad raps. Called it a day.

Date Received: April 24, 2001 - Neal R. Winterton -

Three of us fished April 21st out of Bullfrog in the blowing wind and cold weather casting grubs, jigs, finesse, and spinner baits with very little success on SMB and LMB. The weather made the fishing tough. We did manage to pick-up 4 smallies and miss a few other light bites. Striper fishing was spotty at moki wall and we managed to pick-up four in about three hours. We ate our catch (smallies were about 10-11") and fished again on the 22nd. Fishing was about the same. All the fish were in predictable spots sunning themselves on submerged rocks. The best weather day was the worst fishing day on the 23rd producing only a couple of smallmouth and one largemouth about 10am - noon. We had an awesome time and we will be back in three weeks.

Date Received: May 1, 2001 - Rob Solomon, Riverton, UT

We slid the houseboat up on the beach in the back of Slickrock Canyon at about 12:30. After getting everything settled me and a buddy headed out in the bass boat. It took awhile to get back into Powell mode, but once we did fishing was excellent. Slickrock has plenty of steep rocky slopes, perfect for smallies which is what I was targeting in general. The first fish I caught was a Walleye. Got him on a Texas rigged Power Crawler, green with purple speckles. It worked so well I went with it for the rest of the day. We picked up several more smallies, but I was mainly exploring and getting used to the area. The Texas Rigged worm worked well but I think the most successful bait was a double tailed grub, in a smoke with red speckle pattern. At first I was fishing them too fast, but when I slowed 'em down to a crawl on the bottom I started catching more fish. Best bites where in small coves protected from the wind. I found when we were in water of about 65 to 67 degrees we had the most action. We had no luck finding Stripers. I think I marked one school in the center of the channel in Slickrock but it was too busy and we couldn't find them again. Catfishing was good in the back of the canyon as well. I didn't find any Crappie or Bluegill. There were plenty of trees and brush, but the visibility was poor. All our catches I posted on the report your catch page. Thanks to everyone on the board for info, which I'm going over now because I have a million more questions.

Date Received: May 3, 2001 - Jerry Dawkins

I fished Lake Powell from April 28 to May 1. My wife Heather and I met up with another couple (Matt and Kathy Riddle) and headed to the Knowles Canyon on Saturday. Since I was the only one interested in fishing not much fishing was done, but I did get manage to get some fishing in. In the third bay bay on the right as you are going into the canyon is where we camped. I pumped up my float tube and grabbed my underwater camera and scouted out the bay. There had been several tournament anglers (Bullfrog Open) in and out of the bay while I was getting set up. All said that the fishing was slow. The Aquaview underwater camera showed very little in the way of fish. A couple of hours before dark Me and my friend Matt took one of the boats out into to bay and fished several rocky points. We caught several smallmouths on brown spider jigs. Most were about 10'' or less, but two were 12".

Sunday morning I got up and headed back out to the same spots with the same results, but a little slower action. Sunday afternoon we headed back to Bullfrog so that the our wives could return home. Sunday evening I fished the marina area and caught 1 largemouth, 2 crappie and 2 bluegills in about two hours.

Monday morning I fished the marina again and caught 3 largemouths, 2 crappie, and 1 bluegill in about the same amount of time. That afternoon Me and Matt headed down to my secret striper fishing spot near Dangling Rope in hopes of catching another tagged striper.(I caught the third tagged fish last year). We set up camp and I started fishing just before dark and boated about 25 stripers.

Tuesday morning I got up at first light and landed another 32 stripers.(none with tags ) We went to Dangling Rope Marina and got fuel and something to eat and headed back uplake. On the way I managed to catch 7 more stripers, still none with tags.

I really wanted and needed that Nitro bass-boat for catching the first tagged striper. Oh well maybe next year! I may return to try for the Million Dollar Fish next weekend.

Date Received: May 3, 2001 - Jon Palmquist, Lakewood Co

Hey Wayne! First of all, I would like to thank you for all the helpful info on your website. I was able apply a lot of it for a decent result. Now, April 3 my friend Chris and I took a trip to Bullfrog marina. Spent most of our time fishing the Stanton Creek area. Great striper action early morning and mid day. Average striper size 24". Had best luck on anchovies and they also seamed to really like a fast moving back and tan Rapalla huskies and jerks. A couple of small mouths were caught and unfortunately I hooked, but failed to land a brilliantly bronzed sm that was approx 22". We also unfortunately bothered by 5 unwanted catfish, one of which was about 12" short, unusually fat and had a very bright yellow and green coloring!?!? What is that all about?? My understanding is that striper boils do not happen that early in the season, but on the night of April 5, approx 1 a.m. our attention was drawn to the opposite side of the bay were we heard a loud constant shredding of water. This sound that lasted 4-5 min had move from the outer edge of this bay all the way to the inside which was a good 300-400 meters. My only logical explanation in the "BOIL".

WAYNE'S NOTE: Yellow catfish was a yellow bullhead.

Boils do happen but infrequently in the springtime.

Date Received: May 7, 2001 - Marty Peterson

Quick report. Four of us fished Bullfrog area 4/30-5/4. Caught about 150 stripers, 50 other fish. 90% of the stripers had good fillets. Shortest 14" longest 24". 3.5 lbs. heaviest striper. 2.5 heaviest smb. Found no stripers in upper Bullfrog Bay, or Stanton Creek. Lots of stripers Moki Wall but they wanted finesse in the presentation of anchovies. We used light (4 lb) leaders and small jig heads or sliding sinkers and bobbers. Needed to retie after any deep hookings. Found a few stripers in Knowles. Lots of smb and a few walleye. Mostly skinny there but hit anything.

Used underwater camera and found that every time we chummed with anchovies carp would arrive and eat pieces on the bottom. We intentionally caught 2. Unintentionally while fishing Moki we caught 3 and also 3 catfish. Cats around 20" and 3 lbs. Carp 24-30" 4 to 7 lbs.

When we arrived at Moki Wall 6am 5/1 there was 1 other boat there. At noon there were 16 in the canyon and four main channel. Everywhere we caught fish of course we also attracted boats. But found fish elsewhere each time we moved. Something we noticed was that with motors running fishing slowed. We did find the active and inactive feeding times to apply.

The wind and weather made it tough to fish as much as we would have liked. Also noticed that the water temp went down around 5 degrees afternoon of the 1st and stayed down through the 4th.

Date Received: May 14, 2001 - John, Steamboat Springs, CO

Fishing Trip to Lake Powell April 28-30, 2001

I appreciate your fishing report for Lake Powell. I checked it out before our trip and it wasn't looking good. I know it is too early in the season to have good fishing for striped bass......BUT........we pretty much slayed em. We caught approximately 180 fish in 3 days........We didn't have to start fishing for striper until 11:00am and quit at 2:00pm.....then we would do an evening fishing excursion from 5:00pm-8:00pm. We had two boats with 6 fisherman. Each boat would catch around 30 fish per day in Moki Canyon by Bullfrog. Just simple fishing with 1/2 of an anchovy and a hook with a lead jig. Monday night was the was very very slow when we got there and just before dark it seemed like a frenzy. We couldn't bait the hooks fast was great. One of the best fishing trips I ever had with lots of excitement. All the fish were 21-23" long.

Date Received: May 14, 2001 - Robbie Henstrom

Wayne, just thought I would give you a report on fishing Bullfrog and Halls creek last weekend 5/11-5/12. We were down to fish the UBF buddy tournament on Saturday. We started fishing in the back of Halls Creek bay Friday morning and caught nothing but small SMB, we looked around Halls until around 10 AM and then started fishing some of the main lake points and vertical shaded walls, and caught more of the same with an occasional LMB mixed in, all fish were caught on shad imitating plastics, spinnerbaits, and grubs.

On Saturday, we fished in some of the cuts in the back of Bullfrog, and found the fish early on the vertical walls in muddy water, we caught mostly LMB between 13"-17.5", and only 2 SMB, all on the walls, and we even caught 10 walleye, 1 BIG crappie, and a 30" 7lb+ HEALTHY striper, all in the muddy water, and ALL fish were released! All while fishing for LMB. Not so good when your fishing a bass tournament, but hey, who's complaining? We then fished some other main lake points, in Bullfrog, and filled up our limit for the tournament. Total take for the day saturday, 12 LMB, (all over 13") only 3 SMB, 10 walleye, 2 stripers, and 1 crappie. ALL fish on saturday were taken on shad imitating plastics. By the way, our 5 fish limit of LMB weighed in at 8.94lbs, good enough for 3rd place in the tournament. Thanks again for the great site Wayne, keep it up.... Rob

Date Received: May 15, 2001 - Rob Solomon - Riverton, UT

Well, I hesitated to write this report because I was a little embarassed after reading about all the Stripers everyone was catching and the number I produced. Non the less I feel someone may benefit from it by not making the mistakes I made, and maybe some could help me out. My wife, two kids and myself arrived at Bullfrog North on Thursday the 10th, set up camp and started fishing about 3:00pm. We first headed to the cliffs just South of Hall's Crossing marina. We graphed tons of fish at 100' or more and decided to try it (should have paid more attention to Wayn's tips). We ended up getting a couple in two and half hours. On the way back we picked up a couple trolling halfway back to camp. Friday spent a lot more time looking for shallower Stripers but never found any. Went back to the same place with similar results. Saturday we tried the Southern portion on Moqui Wall with similar results. Looking back I think I should have chummed more, fished later and searched harder. Oh well, it was still great, even after the hurricane hit us Saturday night.

Date Received: May 24, 2001 - Bob Smith

Just got back from Bullfrog this weekend. Stripers were selective in the times they bit but when they did watch out. Fished around the Moki wall and above it. Fished Moki canyon for bass and cats, did well for both in the very back of the canyon. Caught bluegill,catfish,lmb and smb. Went to Forgotten did fair. Caught striper, walleye, smb. Fished around Stanton creek area, caught a few smb.

There seemed to be several people doing well on stripers at the 2 rocks sticking out of the water in the bay between Bullfrog boat ramp and Stanton creek and at the mouth of Halls creek.

Here are a couple of pictures of our April fishing trip. These bass were caught in Lake Canyon and were released after the photos. If your memory serves you well you might remember the picture of my wife kissing her 1st big bass a couple of yrs ago. Well in standing tradition my 2 boys did the same.

Date Received: May 29, 2001 - Chuck Howey

The Annual Southwest Walleye Anglers Powell Trip came off well. The group concentrated mostly on going upstream from Halls Crossing, but did revisit some spots from last year down stream. The group of 14 men and women caught 268 Walleyes during the 7 days. Most were in the 1.5 lb range.

The red sandstone that is very crumbly seemed to be the key. When that rubble was detectable in the water, a small 1/4 jig dressed with various plastic bodies and tipped with a half or full night crawler was effective. My effective plastic was a Gary Yamamoto 5" S/T H-grub Pumpkin w/lg black (Fishermen's Choice numbers). This has many small tentacles on the front end and one or two twister tails on the back.

John Vosika and John Neisen found that color effective in the morning and a clear/silvery color for the afternoon was more effective. (Crawdads in the morning and shad in the afternoon??? Your guess is as good as anyone else's.)

Trolling fast at 3.2 mph, I caught a walleye and a smallie on the edge of a shelf in 25-40ft water where John & John were jigging. I was using 5lb/1lb mono diameter spiderwire, so the 4" plug was down a respectable distance. Dave Cunningham and Dave Daneck showed us all up with trolling their worm harnesses the first few days in the waters to the south. Almost everyone else was doing the jig trick with 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 oz lead. Some used flashy colors, some did not. Everyone caught Walleyes. Depth of the Walleyes was usually 25 to 45 feet in up to 75 feet water. When the classic shelf was present at 12 to 20 feet along the shore and then a drop off to 40-300 feet, it was dinner time. Pitching the bait on the shallow and then very slowly jigging it back over the shelf was effective. Especially into an unfished new area.

Almost all of the Walleyes were males 1.2-1.5lbs and 18inches long. Only 3 were larger females. The official size was 2lb, but a reported 4 lb 'er was dressed without the official weigh-in. A lot of smallies (smallmouth bass), a few catfish and blue gills were also caught. Stripers were few and skinny. A 20-25" striper might only weigh one pound. No meat. With a good supply of tools, a lot of problems were solved. This trip was run out of two trailers at Halls Crossing, so electricity, freezer, and plumbing problems were eliminated. We had too much food and a great time.

Date Received: May 31, 2001 - Dan Spitzer

Launched from Hall's late afternoon on Thursday, 5/24, headed up lake and found a camp site in Cedar and set up camp. We did not fish Thursday evening.

Friday morning we first headed back into Cedar where I expected to fill 2 limits of SMB within an hour but found it surprisingly slow. We headed for the main channel islands and coves across from Knowles and started picking up SMB and a few greenies immediately. It took more than an hour but we each had a limit of SMB under 12" before 11:30 as well as numerous dinks and a good number of SMB 12" and over, all of which were released. Most fish were caught on BPS 4" single tail grubs in smoke w/purple flake, green with green flake, and amber with green flake. The smoke w/purple flake was the most productive. The grubs were rigged on 1/4 oz. lead heads. Some fish were caught on BPS green tender tubes rigged with a 1/4 oz. lead head inserted into the tube. It was interesting to watch numerous catfish following spawning carp in the clear water coves in this area. I assume, but don't really know, that the catfish were eating the carp roe. I graphed stripers in this area but trolling deep diving cranks produced no fish. Later that afternoon we headed for the islands just north of and across the channel from Cedar. We again caught numerous SMB, some greenies, and one nice LMB, on grubs and tubes. Since we had already caught our 6 fish limit of SMB we released all fish. That night we had a great fish fry of small SMB fillets and green sunfish fillets.

Saturday morning we headed for Warm Spring and found great SMB fishing in the shaded rock rubble slides and shelves. Since the canyon is narrow and steep sided the shade remained until late morning as did the bite. We easily had another limit each of SMB under 12' while catching numerous dinks and some quality SMB. Same baits as Friday except that we occasionally switched to a BPS magnum tube rigged with a 3/8 oz. lead head inserted into the tube to get them deeper when the bite waned. I fished a green pumpkin w/ copper flake magnum tube and Gloria opted for a bright chartreuse yellow w/ red flake magnum tube. On Sunday morning this big yellow tube was Gloria's "go to" bait as it would account for all of her fish Sunday morning. Saturday evening we went back to the same island structure we had fished the evening before and with the wind blowing and stirring things up the fishing was fast and furious for SMB on any windy side of structure - many, many SMB were caught quickly on tube and grubs in any color.

Sunday morning we went back into Warm Spring with a repeat of the fishing we had encountered on Saturday morning. Gloria caught her first walleye and her first striper on the yellow magnum tube. I also caught a striper on a grub immediately following her catch. These two stripers were very healthy - meaty fish. On both Sat. and Sun. I had graphed stripers in Warm Spring but spooning produced no fish. Since we had a limit of under 12' SMB on ice at camp we kept only the stripers and the walleye. Sunday afternoon and evening were spent lounging in the shade, swimming and visiting with friends whom had joined us Friday evening.

We broke camp early Monday morning without fishing, did some sightseeing, and headed home. Another great lake Powell experience.

Note: we found the small SMB fillets to be very good eating (get them filleted and on ice to retain the eating quality) and as long as Wayne wants SMB under 12" kept we plan on having a camp site fish fry more often.

Date Received: June 13, 2001 - Great Auk

We fished out of the Hall's Marina June 7, 8, and 9. Although we had planned to head up to the secret fishing holes up around mile 111, we found there was absolutely no reason to venture farther than about a mile from the launch ramp. By trolling goofy-looking 1-ounce dayglo jig heads with little plastic fish and sonar, we came across several large schools of smaller stripers that proved cooperative, mostly on chovie chunks at about 20 feet. Mornings and late-mornings were more productive than later in the day, possibly because of the outstanding full moon.

We found large piles of stripers on practically every wall on the east side of the channel, starting across from the entrance to Halls Bay down through the long wall before Lake Canyon. They were pretty much bunched together. We might go 300-500 yards or so without seeing anything on the scope, and then run into a glob of them.

By far and away, it is way way better to have a scope and sort of know what patterns to look for than not have one. We of course spotted globs of stripers with the scope that did not cooperate with the goofy jig-trolling technique. On the other hand, every single time we got stripers trolling, there were many other fish in the immediate neighborhood. As usual, they move sometimes, or sometimes we'd drift off of them, perhaps only by 20 yards or so, and suddenly the scope would be completely empty. Then we'd move back a bit and there they were.

Date Received: June 20, 2001 - Brad Lee- Cedar Falls, Iowa

June 9-14

Fished the first night on the island near the ferry crossing, and James, Elijah, and I caught 2 stripers, 2 smb, and a 4 lb cat. Beautiful sunset and great to be back on the lake. Caught 6 stripers in the dark on anchovies the second night. Spent the third night in Iceberg Canyon and caught a wide variety of fish, bluegill, greenies, smb, and cats, but no stripers. Fourth day caught some more cats and greenies. On last morning caught 5 pre-spawn cats, all 2-3 lbs, and all on anchovies. Overall fishing was good but disappointing as we couldn't locate the stripers. Catfishing was red hot! I still say Powell is the best fishing experience in the U.S.!

Date Received: June 21, 2001 - Guy Dansie - Richfield, Utah

Just returned home from a trip June 10-16 on Powell. Started at Halls Marina. We headed North to Crystal Springs Canyon the first night. We fished out of the back of the houseboat with anchovies about of the way up the canyon. We anchored on a large rock rubble slide. We caught stripers so fast that we could not keep up to the kids & wives poles. Fished from about 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Filled the cooler and called it a night. The next night we fished the same spot. Nothing but a few small stripers and a few catfish.

Moved to Forgotten Canyon. Fished in the day out of a small boat across the main channel on the large rubble slide on the high wall. Caught about 8 nice striper in a couple of hours (2-4 pm). Later, we moved the houseboat to the spot for the night action. We caught about 30 striper from 8:00 to 10:00 pm until the storm front made the fishing too rough.

The next day (Wednesday June 13) we headed up to Ticaboo Canyon to see some new country. We graphed striper schools, but they weren't very cooperative. We caught a walleye and a couple of small mouth. About 7:00 pm I noticed a funny sound across the canyon. I watched and saw a pack of surface feeding fish. My 15 year old niece, father-in-law, and myself jumped in the little boat and approached as carefully as possible. It was a striper boil! They both casted lures and missed the center of the action. I cast out and nailed a 3 lb. striper. They got a couple more casts in, but the boil ended. We had a few pop-up fish, but that was the end of the action.

We ended the day with about 15 striper off of the houseboat on anchovies. My niece caught a huge catfish (5+lbs)! We threw it back with several smaller cats. Thursday we headed up toward Hite to refuel, etc. We spent the night near the mouth of White Canyon. No fish! We caught nothing. I trolled little macs, rattletraps, etc. Nothing. Nothing on anchovies. We figured that the water was too turbid.

Headed south to meet some family at Bullfrog. Saturday night we anchored directly across the bay from Bullfrog Marina, on the rubble slide on the wall of the island. That night we caught 50+ striper on anchovies from 9:00 pm to 1:30 am.

My wife and I left on Saturday, but my in-laws fished the last night near Halls Marina on the main channel. Caught 30 striper. All in all a great trip! We never believed how successful we could be! A couple of years ago we would catch nothing on our annual trips. It pays to listen to Wayne and all of the other gurus of Lake Powell.

One more tip, we were using a submersible neon (green) light that I bought from Cabella's magazine. We would sink it about 10 feet of the back of the houseboat. I think it really helped, also, it made the landing of the fish much easier since the water was illuminated. Well worth $25.00. Hope to return in the fall! Thanks for all of the pre-trip info! We will be having striper dinners for the rest of the year.

Date Received: June 28, 2001 - The Great Auk - Durango, CO

We fished June 21-24 up just north of Seven Mile, and at least then, reports about any slowing down of striper fishing were greatly exaggerated. Again, it was a matter of trolling for a while and watching the sonar. When we found them, they were the best they've been this year, although still mostly on the small side. In two locations, it was a maximum of 6 seconds between fish on chovies, and when we ran out of chovy chunks, it was not much longer between bites on rubber fish hooked on eighth ounce jigs. No boils, but the same kind of intensity. The slowest it got in other locations was perhaps 45 seconds or so once we found them. The schools seem to be moving, as they would not be where they had been the previous day. We found them on both the west and east banks, mostly in the shade, but that was probably more of function of where we were willing to hang out at different times of day. Some were off cliffs, some off points, and some next to rubbly shores. They were hitting at 1 to 15 feet. My guess is they are concentrating in big schools, with lots of fishless water in between. At least that is what Mr. Sonar seems to be saying.

Date Received: July 2, 2001 - Jay Goodwin

Wayne, Here are the results of my latest fishing trips from my journal. I hope they are helpful; if they need embellishing, let me know.

May 25 afternoon caught 36 fish- 1 walleye, 2 stripers, 1 largemouth, 6 bluegills, 26 smallmouth 6 of which were 11 -14" and the rest 8-11"

May 26 fished all day caught 60 fish most in the afternoon ( 2-7 PM) 14 stripers (20-24" and healthy), 11 largemouth ( 7 12-15", 4 10-12"), 1 walleye ( 16" ), 10 bluegills, 24 smallmouth ( 8 12-15", 10 10-12", 7 7-10")

May 27 Fished all day caught 106 fish (10AM-8PM) 30 largemouth ( 12 12-15", 17 10-12", 1 16"), 5 walleye 14-18",20 stripers 18-24", 15 bluegill, 36 smallmouth ( 2 15", 16 12-14", 10 10-12", 8 7-10")

May 28 fished 2 hours AM caught 6 smallmouth 8-12"

June 8 fished 12-8PM caught 60 fish with a partner 26 stripers 18-24", 4 largemouth 10-12", 9 bluegill, 1 walleye 14", 20 smallmouth ( 7 12-14", 5 10-12", 8 7-10")

June 9 fished 10-9PM caught 162 fish with a partner and it was so good that I did not write down very accurately the catch, but the percentages were similar to the day before

June 10 fished 2 hours on the way home caught 20 fish, 7 largemouth 10-12", 1 largemouth 14" , 4 stripers 20", 7 smallmouth 12-14", 1 bluegill

June 29- July 1 Family trip so I coached my 7 year old daughter and in 6 hours of total fishing we caught about 50 fish. 2 stripers ( 1-10", 1 18" ), 2 walleye 15", 2 largemouth 10-12", 4 bluegill, and the rest smallmouth with 10 10-12" and the rest smaller than in earlier trips, the nursery size fish

I have learned over the years not to tell anybody where I fish, so please suffice it to say that the first two trips were midlake and the most recent was upper lake. My experience is that there are still some nice smallmouth in the same areas that I have found them for the past 6 years when they started to appear in greater numbers. I have caught more stripers this year already than all of last year and they have all been healthy except for a few thin ones. Walleye seem to be consistent. I fish for largemouth and smallmouth, so any stripers and walleye that I catch are incidental. The guys I talk to who fish for stripers with anchovies all tell me they are having a great year. There also seem to be plenty of shad because lots of fish are regurgitating them, and more times than usual I have lucked into areas where the fish have just finished or are in the process of a shad massacre as evidenced by the pieces of shad floating in the water. My 20 year record tells me that 3675 level is a good level for fishing. I hope all this rambling is of some use. Now if we could just get rid of the jetskis.

Waynes Note: I suspect that this is a first. Jay we appreciate the report and your willingness to give us information if not the exact spots. That's fine! Just do what you can. Smallmouth are abundant but as in Ed's report above the first guy fishing every few days catches more fish. Stripers, on the other hand, need to be harvested and telling exact detail is essential to improving fishing for anglers and health of fish.

Date Received: July 19, 2001 - Harold G. Kinney, Jr.

Fishing Report for July 8th through the 12th

Parked my camper at Hall's Crossing and rented a 16' Lund at the Marina. Day one and two we only caught a few fish but on day three caught 20 stripers, 2 cats and a walleye in less than 2 hours. We fished around MP 102 in a little cove with anchovies. Overall we came home with 49 fish and had a great time. I believe the fishing was slower that week because of the heavy thunderstorms in the evening and the fronts passing through. I did cast an Shad Image topwater lure at the Moki wall but broke my line with the cast. The lure easily sailed 120 to 150 feet. Before we could get to the lure it was gulped down by we assume a hungry striper. If anyone catches a fish with a lure it's yours.

Date Received: July 25, 2001 - Bill Geserick - Denver, CO

We took our fourth annual trip to Lake Powell on the above dates. Our party of eight [4 kids, 4 adults] spent a week on the lake on our part ownership houseboat. Fishing was great as usual. We seem to do better each year thanks to the tips and info on your web site.

We anchored in Iceberg Canyon and fished primarily for stripers. We found them along the main channel on the Northwest side. Using anchovies, we caught 85 stripers over 4 days of fishing between 9 am and noon. We caught 28 fish on our best day with multiple double fish on and several triples. The fish ranged between 17" and 23" and were all healthy fish and great fighters. We did not need to use your chumming technique, although the bite turned on and off, it never really stopped. We caught fish on whole and part anchovies. When we were running out of anchovies the last morning one of us caught 3 fish on the sane head half of an anchovy. I caught one on a "banjo" minnow smeared with anchovy scented Smelly Jelly and am convinced I could have caught many more if I had had time as I got many strikes but only hooked up when I used a standard 3/8 oz lead head jig with the plastic minnow instead of the jig that came with the Banjo Minnow kit.

I also caught 3 nice 17" channel catfish while fishing for stripers with anchovies [much to my surprise]. They fought every bit as well as the stripers. Also caught catfish easily with nightcrawlers fished on the bottom.

The bass fishing didn't seem as good as in previous years but I will have to admit with the striper fishing so good I did not have the motivation to get up early or go out late for the bass. We kept and cleaned every striper and brought them back home frozen for future meals. We also had our usual on the lake fish fry. We were happy to do our part to keep the Lake Powell striper fishing population healthy.

The weather was great as were the water sports. The one thunderstorm revealed all the spectacular waterfalls. Great fishing, beautiful scenery, swimming, boating, jet skiing, tubing, and family fun. What more could one ask for?

Date Received: July 25, 2001 - Steven Burns, Boulder CO

We were just at the lake from the 15th to the 22nd. Our group did fairly well at the corner of Moki wall where it enters Moki Canyon. It was very important to be within 50 to 60 yards of the corner. We were drifting anchovies about 50 feet down. Most of us used a 3/8 jighead and a 1.5 ounce snap weight 10 feet away. We had hits on every pass. Sometimes we'd have two or three fish on at once. It was exciting. One major problem though. The fish were so stressed from the depth or temp change many of them died. I am usually a strong advocate of catch and release and killing these fish didn't sit well with me. We fished the corner on Sunday and Monday but that was all. I didn't want to keep anymore. After that we just chased the little smallmouth. ( I have two young sons, as long as there is fish, they are happy) We caught most of them around the islands across from Moki Wall. We also caught fish in Hansen Creek, Forgotten, Cedar, Moki, and Lake Canyons. We used primarily 3 and 4 inch Yamamoto's on 3/16 or 1/4 ounce Gamakatsu jigheads. Watermelon and Smoke were the best.

Date Received: August 2, 2001 - H Coatman

My family and I spent 7/21-7/28 at the west end of Halls Creek Bay. Small stripers boiled every AM & PM. Bigger stripers( 18-20") were in the 40-50' water and easy to catch drifting anchovies. The small stripers did just like Wayne said they would, on top for a short time. Catfish could be caught off the back of the houseboat at almost any time. Some of the cats were in the 4-5 lb. range. We kept and filleted every striper and cat we caught.

We had a fish fry for 18 people and still had plenty of fillets to bring home. If you are looking for shad, they are at the west end of Halls Bay, and I mean lots of them.

Date Received: August 10, 2001 -Christian Mendivil

Just returned from a trip to Bullfrog where my family and I spend July 30-August 4 camping out and fishing every day. Most of our fishing took place at Mookie Wall where we (the five of us) caught in excess of thirty stripers during this period. The largest striper we caught was 4.5lbs with the smallest weighing in at 1.4lbs. We killed three for dinner and returned the rest to the lake for someone else to enjoy. The best fishing at this wall was in cloudy, early morning weather and again in late afternoon.

Date Received: August 20, 2001 -The Great Auk Durango, CO

Three weeks ago, we got a bunch of stripers near the Colorado-San Juan Confluence, but they were all extremely snakey. In fact, they were the snakiest stripers I've ever seen ... all of them. They seemed to be on walls near gravel beaches, mostly. Then we tried the upper Escalante, but found very few biting up there, and the few we caught were also skinny.

This weekend, we found a pretty good pile of stripers just about a mile downriver from Halls along a cliff. For some reason, they all seemed to be in about a 30-yard stretch, and nowhere else. Then, we headed upriver, trolled for miles and miles watching the sonar, and finally managed to find a dandy pile up near Forgotten Canyon. In fact, they were the healthiest, biggest, most lively fish we've found in probably two years. Once again, they were just in a particular spot, perhaps 30 yards long, and when the boat drifted off, the sonar would just go blank. All were caught on anchovy chunks on 1/8th or 1/4th ounce leadheads at about 25 feet.

Date Received: September 8, 2001 - Levor Oldham

Over the Labor Day weekend we were able to catch 50+ stripers in the west end of Halls. About 300 yards south of the large butte we got into a boil on Friday morning, 8/31 that lasted until almost 11 am.

Then on Tuesday, 9/4 we had a boil all around our houseboat in the cove just south of the large butte on the west side that has a lot of trees in the right arm of the Y in this cove.

This boil ended after we had caught 3 or 4 and as the sun hit the water, but we were able to graph a huge school of stripers in the area of the first boil that were down 25-40 ft. We caught a nice bunch of stripers (17) for breakfast and quit fishing when we ran out of what few anchovies we had on the last day of our trip.

Good luck and good fishing.

Date Received: September 13, 2001 - Mark Krempasky

Five of us were camping by mile marker 68 from aug 28 - sept 4, although we read every bit of advice you had on your site, even printed it out and brought it along we didn't catch one Striper or even see one. My chick made the comment one night: "You guys have been had, I bet Striper's don't even exist here, nor does Wayne" Needless to say she slept outside of the tent that night.

We tried chumming in the Escalante around 7am with Anchovies fishing from 50 - 100 ' and got nothing, 3 mornings we tried the same approach a mile or two up the San Juan around the same hour and got nothing. The best session was a mid day session on the way to dangling rope, I forget where this rocky cove was but my gal and I both got 14 inch large mouth's which were the best fish of the week (the other guys were so jealous.)

We caught a few dozen 6-8" small mouth's by camp and other coves in the area but we let them go. Even though the fish we caught were small, by far the the best bait was a blue/smoked sparkle Yamamoto 4" double tail jig with the fringe on the head end. We nicked named it the alien.

Wish I was there now away from reality, prayers and thoughts with all the families.

Waynes Note: Thanks for reporting. There are probably more anglers that experience poor fishing than the ones that report great success. That is why I keep trying to pass on enough info in a timely manner so you can get togehter with a group of cooperative stripers. We have had no recent reports from the area you fished so we were of no help. Stripers are schooling fish and if you are not in the school it seems there is not a fish in the lake. We will keep trying if you will. Don't give up. Next time I hope we have a report that will be close to where you are fishing complete with a successful technique that you can duplicate.

Date Received: September 28, 2001 - Jim

After a 17 month delay, the four of us returned to fish together and found Bullfrog Bay to still be one of the best fishing areas in the USA. We fished Sept. 20 thru 23. Scott, Shubert, Tom and myself (Jim) trolled lures such as Rat-L-Trap or similar but most stripers were caught using Hopkins "Shorty" which is a stainless steel lure and jigging in the very early hours or the two hours before dark. The group caught two walleyes trolling near submerged rocks. As always, we had a great time and brought back filets from over 50 stripers. ....

Date Received: October 3, 2001 - Lou Brown

We finally made our first trip to Powell on UEA weekend. We went to Bullfrog and joined the rest of Utah and Colorado in spending a few days on the pond. To say there were a lot of people would be a gross understatement. We were mostly there for the kids to play in the water but I did take the oppourtunity to fish Friday morning. We were lucky enough to spot a boat catching fish of the rocky point just south of the south Bulfrog campground. When we pulled up they were very friendly and told us what they were catching and what to use. We were able to catch a few stipers with Zara spooks, then we felt guilty and went back to take the kids skiing.

That evening we went back to the same spot with four poles and four fisherkids and chumed with some anchovies like we were taught on the board. It did not take long until we were hooked up to four fish at a time until I got worried about not finding my way back to camp in the dark. It seemed liked we could have fished all night and kept catching fish. When our little cooler was full we left. Probably had 25 stipers in less than 1 hour. Same ratio you mentioned was 60% healthy 40% skinny. The larger ones were the skinny ones. Went back the next morning and did the same thing with the same results. Total count for both short trips was approximately 60 stripers, 2 catfish, 6 smallies.

Date Received: October 8, 2001 -Jim Lewis, Russell Gulch, CO

We houseboated powell from 9-24 to 10-5. Started hitting cats and smallies immediately off back of houseboat and directly off the bank in the back of HALL'S bay with worms on chartruese jigs. Got quite a large stringer there. Moved down to the RINCON and got a good number of SMB out of my canoe on worm jigs, later fished till wee hours off back of houseboat and got bunches of stripers and cats on anchovie chunks and worms. Moved down to mouth of Escalante and got skunked, no fishes there. Moved down to RIBBON and the SMB were fantastic, nailed a bunch out by large sentinal rock at mouth of RIBBON. All were in the 8 to 10" range, best fishin I've ever done out of a canoe and yes WAYNE, I did my duty as recomended in your reports,and ate em all.

I preferred to just gut those smallies and fry em whole, seemed to get more meat out them as opposed to fillet.

All in all it was a great fishin trip again, us folks from the pointy lands sure enjoy going down for that last blast of summer before the snow flies up here. Powell ROCKS!!!!

Date Received: October 8, 2001 -Andy Cooper

Thanks so much for your assistance, before I went out to lake Powell. We didn't catch the huge #s of fish you speak of sometimes, but still had a blast!

To start out, there were two of us (5 fishermen one day) ages 27 thru 40, including on 11 yr old...who caught her first big fish at Powell. We are all Powell virgins, (except one, who invited us) and now addicted. We are all from the Denver, CO area.

We were at Lake Powell from Sept 25 thru Oct 2, with a group of non-fishermen. This limited our access to the boat (darn people wanted to water-ski sometimes....they just don't understand). We had a houseboat, and spent our first night in Lake Canyon. We woke up to the splashing of a boil right in the middle of the canyon. We watched (mostly in awe) this, assuming it would occur another day (bad assumption). The boat wasn't unpacked yet, and so we were helpless to fish this boil. We headed out, and went into the Escalante River to anchor for a few days. We immediately unpacked the boat and went out looking for fishing spots. We headed to the main channel, and went to the shallows. We fished misc. lures, and jigs, and landed quite a few smallmouth (approx. 10). This was not my goal though. We went out the next morning, with anchovies, and brought back our first 3 stripers, caught right at the entrance to the Escalante River, along the cliffs. We were in 100-200' water, but the fish were hanging at about 60-120'. The next morning we went back out, drifting this same spot for another 9 stripers. That night, in a short trip, we caught another 5. We were then outvoted by the rest of the crew, and were forced to move. We headed back, and ended up in a small cove in the area of the Rincon. We fished that luck. The next morning, with only about 45 min before moving, we made our last attempt...taking 3 more stripers.

Hopefully this was not too drawn out for you. I had the time of my life, and look forward to coming back each year. I now know how to fish for these fighters, and am excited to try my luck again. Anchovy's were the ticket for us, fished on 8lb line, with anchovy hooks, and treble hooks when all the anchovy hooks broke (we did have a few fish shear the anchovy hooks we bought at dangling rope.) My advice to other anglers...bring a big cooler...full of ice (we started out with 30 lbs of dry ice, on blocks, to keep the anchovies frozen (they sure smell when at room temp!) We weren't optimistic of our chances, but we soon turned this to our striper cooler, and didn't have enough room!

Thanks for your advice have hooked me on Powell for life! I can't believe some people want to drain this "wonder of the world"

Date Received: October 11, 2001 - Chet Garling

October 6th three of us arrived at Bullfrog late in the day. We tried some smallmouth fishing and found the bite to be slow in the bullfrog and main channel area north. Next morning we went to Good Hope Bay to chase stripers. I cannot remember who had been there and posted it but the stripers were in the mouth of Red Canyon just inside the islands that block the entrance. We floated through the school with jigging spooons(wallylures). We caught about 10 stripers then they stopped biting. We searched the area outside of Blue Notch for stripers and shad since there were so many grebes there. We didn't graph them and headed south. There is a "new" rockslide around the corner heading south, just past the rockslide to the left we located another school of stripers. They were cooperative for a while and we landed another 20 stripers until they also stopped biting. We did not have any chum so we left them there and continued down lake looking for smallmouth. We had a first time Powell visitor so we did some touring.

Date Received: October 19, 2001 - Marty Peterson

We fished the Moki Wall on evening of 10/14. W caught 2 thin stripers on piece of anchovy on 1/8 oz jig head, and several 8-12 inch stripers. Went up to mouth of Knowles Canyon on 10/15 and found a large school of small stripers just south of mouth on east wall by rock slides. This school graphed everywhere between 10 and 80 feet deep. Nearly every cast produced hits. They were good at getting the anchovy off the hook. We tried several methods, and all worked about the same. One fish hooked for several missed. The little ones only wanted bait. They did not hit spoons, but would chase them. We caught a few other fish casting to the wall. We found smallmouth in Cedar and Seven Mile and another smaller school of small stripers in main channel. This was my first experience with so many small stripers. We trolled the Tapestry Wall with no success.

Date Received: November 2, 2001 -bowrider691

Went to Lake Powell 10/20-10/30 on a houseboat. I had not been there since 1978 and was surprised at the small mouth numbers. When I was last there it was all large mouth. No stripers or small mouth. As a youth growing up in price ut. we fished Powell regularly and always caught large mouth in the 2-5lb size.

So on this trip I read all reports and tips so my kids and I could get into some stripers.The first 4 or 5 days we used anchovies.and grub jigs & spoons.We caught many small mouth and a few large mouth and a dozen or so stripers, but not what I had hoped for.We fished alot of hours in many canyons from dangling rope to near halls crossing.

Then at the sugestion of my 8yr. old son after fishing several hours in Lake canyon, we put on a white and black fishy (countdown Repala) and trolled back to the house boat. We could barely get the boat moving before we would have 1 or 2 stripers.So for the next 2 days we repeated the troll up and down the canyon catching fish at all times,and more than I could count.We had a great time until we had to return the house boat.

I would also like to say thanks to the rangers and managers at bullfrog who helped as best they could when my 14yr old son fell and broke up his arm and had to be air lifted to price.

And if anyone wants advice on fishing lake powell E-mail me at and I will ask my 8yr old what you should use.(He seems to be our expert now!)

Date Received:November 12, 2001 - Lyndon Zink

My brother and I were at lake powell from Oct 29-Nov 4. We camped at the north primitive camp site of bullfrog basin. Fishing was pretty slow, some small stripers off of Moki wall caught on anchovies and even a spinner with a mister twister on it. We fished for smallmouth in one of the side canyons of moki canyon, but even though we saw some very nice fish they weren't interested in any lures I had. Also tried slickrock canyon, and again saw some terrific large fish but only caught one small smallmouth on a spinner and purple fake worm.

The last two mornings things picked up as the stripers moved into the campground area at sunrise. Nov 4 I caught 10 from shore on a floating rapala, I coudn't take them off the hook fast enough to catch more. Then they moved out into deeper water and we already had the boat out of the water and packed. Nothing very large and a couple very skinny fish. But the rest filleted out nicely.

Date Received: February 27, 2002 - Great Auk - Durango, CO.

We beat the water a while on February 9, but never even saw a fish blip on our sonar around Halls Bay. This weekend (Feb 23), we looked harder still, but only found perhaps a dozen fish blips and maybe four or five fish rings on the surface. We did find water up in the low 50s, at least toward the surface, but for now, the elusive little buggers are somewhere else. It must be crowded wherever that is.

Date Received: April 1, 2002 - Keith Leiter

Just returned from 3 days of fishing Halls Creek. We found that trolling Shad Raps and Rock Walkers would fill a cooler in short order. Just trying to help out the shad population, we kept about 70 nice fat stripers. Not a skinny one in the bunch. They all ran about 2-3 pounds and made some nice thick fillets. Also a couple of healthy largemouth and two crappie (which were released).

If you troll from the main group of trees out to the main portion of Halls Creek, hang on and enjoy the catch! Blue worked for two days, then switched to shad color the third. We were flat line trolling. The water depth started at 13' and where we ended the run it was 27'. Sometimes I could feel the lure touching bottom at the 13' depth, but when we got into deeper water, I let out a little more line.

Date Received:November 5, 2001 - Chet, Ryan and Gary SHAD defenders

We arrived late the 3rd and fished the back of Bullfrog Bay till dark. We found a school of stripers and landed a few till they shut off.

The morning of the 4th headed to Red Canyon and found fish toward the back of the canyon in 60ft of water. Dropped wallylures and did very well for about an hour. The fish turned off and we went looking for other schools-fish were scattered and we would catch one here and there. Left Red heading south to another canyon and found a school that was good for a few more stripers and walleye. Used wallylures and wallydivers and one rod with chovies for those fish. A terrible thing happened in that canyon- We lost three wallylures in just a few minutes -( We cried)

Went to the back of Bullfrog Bay to look up the stripers from the day before-they did not cooperate. In the morning of the 5th went to the back of Bullfrog again-(no fish) went to that other canyon and caught just one striper.

Went to Red midday and looked for our big school. Could not find it so went farther back almost to the end. Chet picked up a striper on a wallydiver while we trolled. That was the start we needed and the fish turned on. I threw chovies in the water and we drifted that school with wallylures and chovies, caught a bunch of them. We went through that school many times and got fish each time-20ft deep and fish from bottom to 10ft. Totals for the trip 64 stripers(4 skinny ones) 4 smallmouth and 2 walleye. We had 2 triples back to back in Red Canyon and One of us had two fish at once-one on chovies and the other on wallylure.