Date Received: January 8, 2001 Marty Peterson

We ended up with 4 boats and 9 people for our annual winter trip. Arrived the afternoon of December 30th. We headed up to the mudline which was about 200 yards below the bridge. A sheet of ice covered most of it. Fast trolling silver lures produced a few Stripers. Casting brownish tube jigs toward shore caught a few healthy Walleye in 5 to 25 feet of water. People at the Hite store said there had been daily boils in the Dirty Devil area. Toward evening a school of Stripers were found and around a dozen caught on anchovies.

The first full day we had boats in Trachyte, White and the Main Channel, all caught a few Stripers most with anchovies, one boat trolled up 2 Crappie deep with a crawdad imitation.

On January 1st only one truck and trailer was left at Hite other than our group. But we really got into the Stripers. Fishing a hump in a main channel where a school was seen, we caught many fat healthy 3 to 5 pound 20 to 24 inch Striper. What a pleasant way to start the year. The weather was beautiful. We used a jig head with a small piece of anchovy fished just above the bottom. One Striper pulled a fishing pole out of a boat. We quickly marked the spot with a bouy and tried to catch the line by dragging large lures along the bottom, no luck. We fished a while longer and fortunately he also caught some Stripers with his other pole. They left and went to the dock to go home. Interesting though, later when the marker bouy was pulled up, the fish had at some time gone around the bouy's anchor line and when it was pulled up the jig caught the weight at the end of the line and after the fishing line was pulled in, the pole was still attached. Fish was off fortunately. We caught up with the owner as they were still filleting fish. Happy guy.

The morning of the 2nd we decided to fish the school found the day before. It was very windy that morning and tough to stay in the right place. But we tried chumming with anchovies which proved to be very effective. By cutting each into about fourths and throwing out a handful at a rate of about a bag an hour we were able to by noon catch around a hundred good fighting, fine eating Striper. These are by far the nicest average built in the last few years. Most of us had to go home that afternoon but one boat stayed and after we had filleted the fish, (one experienced electric knife and one new Christmas one) they went back out for a few more.

The morning of the 3rd the one boat went back to the exact same hump, and throwing cut anchovies caught over 60 Stripers. Their first complaint was after a few hours their arms got tired. Second was that it takes a long time to fillet that many fish even with an electric knife.

Other observations: 1. After the wind of Tuesday the ice was all gone within view of the Colorado Bridge although the mudline moved several hundred yards further down lake. 2. The fish seemed very healthy and fought well so anyone who did not retie after a few fights tended eventually to lose the jig. 3. Six pound test line was not strong enough. 4. Around two hundred Stripers came out of the same 20X20 square yard area. A sloping area 30 to 50 feet deep. 5. A few small pieces of anchovy dispersed with a toss really seemed to make a big difference. 6. Several Stripers were caught over 100 feet deep with both Kastmasters and anchovies in White Canyon.

Date Received: January 24, 2001 Marty Peterson

Ray Schelble and I visited the Hite area last weekend. There were five rigs with empty trailers parked at the ramp as we pulled in on Saturday afternoon. The weather was nice. Main channel water temp about 46 degrees. We could see 4 boats up near the Colorado Arm so we started out in North Wash. We started fishing as soon as we found a school on the graph. Stripers on the first 3 casts using anchovies on a jig head. Then they were gone. We looked, found another school, caught one, and they disappeared. Twice more. We even tried to keep the schools around by chumming with anchovies. We think that we were spooking them. All were found in 20 to 40 feet of water. All were aproximately a pound thinner than 3 weeks ago. Towards dark we trolled up near the mudline and caught a couple real skinny Stripers with a rapala. In the actual muddy water the temp was 33 degrees.

Sunday morning we started early in North Wash and just about duplicated the story of Saturday. So around 11 we went up the Colorado Arm again. Only one other boat made it out that morning as far as we could tell and they left around noon. So with that part of the lake to ourselves we trolled around and had an amazing number of strikes with only one boated. Then we stopped on the mudline and caught several Striper casting a Rapala from the boat. We could see a few swimming near the surface and each caught fish brought in several others. These fish were very skinny. Not really wanting skinny ones we travelled up the Dirty Devil Arm to the bridge area. Another angler had reported to us that they had done well there. We trolled up 2 fair stripers there, but passed lots of fish on the graph. On the way back to the ramp that evening we fished a school right near the ramp and trolled up 1 Striper and several Walleye. All on silver Risto Raps.

Up with the sun and wind on Monday we were unable to land any Stripers up North Wash or along the main channel so we went back to trolling. We had put on new hooks on our lures and wanted to see if more would stay hooked. Nothing up the Dirty Devil. Ray wanted to catch Walleye on jigs so we went back to the main channel and he caught some with a small brownish jig. And a nice SMB. I landed 1 Walleye on an anchovy. Our last hour we trolled back through the school near the ramp again. These fish were 20 to 30 feet deep in 30 to 40 foot deep water. We picked up 2 large females (eggs found cleaning) around 24 inches, 3 lbs. Ray also caught several males around 20 inches. Actually though I could not tell if the new sharp hooks made any real difference because the fish were not striking as much, or the rough weather from wind on Monday made strikes harder to feel. Also of note the water temp up the Dirty Devil slowly decreased as we made our way up. Around that Bridge it was only 38 degrees and seemed to be slightly stained.

Date Received: March 5, 2001 - Jeff Zayack

I fished in the WONBASS tournament this weekend. My brother and I made the run to White Canyon and Trachyte - 40 minutes of cold in the morning! On practice day we got bit a total of five times in White, including one carp on a cordel spot. Fished all the way in the very back of White where it was mud - water temp back there in late morning was 54 degrees, 3 degrees warmer than anywhere else we fished. We tossed rattle traps 1/2 - 1 ounce in the back with no luck (real muddy). Started getting bit on black and blue flake yamamoto twin tail hula and a black and blue Denny Braur strike king tube, rigged with a half ounce bullet - texas.

Tournament day (Saturday) was opposite. We caught no fish (nor got bit) in White, instead we found a couple of fish in Trachyte along gravel banks where there was a transition from clear to slightly greenish (about 3/4ths the way back in Tracyte). We caught them on black/blue flake Yamamoto twin tail hula grubs rigged on 1/2 and 3/8 ounce black football head jigs (weighed 2). Water temp in Trachyte was 51 degrees. Bottom line - it was tough fishing! 51 total teams, 30 teams weighed no fish. The two limits came from clear water - one from around the marina area because their boat broke down so they put down their trolling motor and tossed zoom centipede worms (5 fish - 9.07 or so lbs). Jim and Jackie Bishop also caught 5 fish in clear water on the main lake broken rock because they could not get bit in stained water.

Date Received: March 15, 2001 - Dan Spitzer

The road into Blue Notch on Friday, 3/9/01, was rather benign. Got in early afternoon and finally found a small place to launch my 12' boat. With the water so low the usual shorelines did not permit launching. Got the camper set up. The rain the rest of the afternoon kept me off the water. After a weekend of rain getting out was impossible.

I actually did little fishing. With two people and a dog in my boat and with mostly rainy weather I got out on the water for only an hour or so. The motor quit in the back of Red Canyon Sat. and I had to use the trolloing motor to get back to Blue Notch. The usually submerged saddles were well above the water so getting out and back was around the islands.

There were stripers at 60' - 90' in the deep water just south of the islands. There were smaller schools on the way into Red Canyon. Once half way back where the water depth is less than 50' I found no stripers on sonar.

We fished briefly with grubs in Blue Notch off points and shoals from shallow to 40' with no luck.

Water temp. was 50 -51 deg.

Exposed structure in Blue Notch was a great learning experience.

Date Received: March 26, 2001 - Matt Madsen

March 23-25, Utah State BASS Federation Spring Qualifier.

Friday: Prefished in the Red Canyon area. We did not find many fish that would bite. Weather was bright and sunny, air temp in the high 60's to low 70's. There were a lot of fish, mostly Carp, up shallow, sunning. There were some Bass and we found a few Stripers that chased. We caught several fish on a variety of baits, grubs, tubes, and a crank fish.

Saturday: First day of the Tournament. Fished Red Canyon area., found one cut with fish. My rider put his limit in the boat, I got two that measured 12 ". All were "Rats", small keepers. He got his on a smoke, pepper tube with large silver flake. I got mine on brown pork and a grub. We also caught about 8 short fish in the same area. Water was stained green, not brown. The fish were tight to the shore and usually grabbed the bait within two feet of the shore. My partner got one fish on the main channel on a spinner bait that he culled a smaller fish with. I got a Walleye on a Hula grub.

Sunday: Decided not to go to Red, went to Seven Mile instead. Some great structure out front, lots of sunning fish, no bass. Partner caught two keeper fish in the back on a 7" Yamamoto, Dark Smoke Pepper grub. I caught several small ones on pork, grubs, etc. Moved to several sights on the Main Cannel, no luck. Towards end of day, went into Mokie where I caught a keeper in the back (stained water, rock fall). These fish were deeper off the structure and the bite was very subtle. Partner had several shorts as did I. He also got a Walleye on the same bank.

The Tournament was won in the San Juan, with others in the top 5 fishing, Bullfrog/Hite, and Good Hope area. There were some fish in the clear water on the Main channel, but the majority were taken in stained water where it was warmer. Bait varied, but most were on Pork, Grubs, and Spider/Hula grubs.

The weather was fantastic, in fact it might have been too good. It was sunny, warm, flat calm, all three days. We had some thunder squalls on Thursday and Friday night, but everything else was great.

Date Received: March 30, 2001 - Jerry Dawkins

My wife and I spent the weekend of March 23rd (my birthday) down at Lake Powell. On Saturday I had several good bites, but had trouble getting the fish in the boat. The only fish landed was a 13inch crappie that was in the very back of Good Hope Bay. Sunday was a better catching day. I caught two smallmouths at the ramp at Bullfrog while loading the boat using a grey Texas rigged tube jig. While heading north up lake we stopped at several rock piles. We spotted many carp and an occasional striper in the shallows. We also saw two walleye sitting in about 8 feet of water on two of these rock piles. We got a few bites, but no fish were landed. Further uplake in the Good Hope Bay area I landed two more smallmouths and four large mouths on tubes, jigs and a Caralina rigged worm. We saw fish basking in the clear shallows as mentioned in your last report, and carefully casted past them to catch the few that I caught. I can't wait to get back down and do it again!

Date Received: April 2, 2001 - Fred Home

The tournament fishermen may not have reported their secrets from last weekend, but I will. The bass fishing in the stained water was good with some 3-4lb. largemouth and 16" small mouth. Smaller smallmouth can be caught in clear water along walls in 15-20' of water. The bonus over the weekend was the walleye are staging to spawn. We caught 10 in an hour, all ripe males in the 2 lbs class. A couple of females showed up in the 3+lb range. Walleye were especially active just before dark, but some showed in the early morning. Try crankbaits off gravel points in stained water. Stained water was 60 deg. clear water as low as 54. We also caught 30 or so crappie in the 11/2 to 2lb range fishing for bass and walleye. They all went back. Good fishing, Fred

Date Received: April 4, 2001 - Marty Peterson

Fished out of Hite Monday (4/2). Very windy. Found no Stripers that would take anchovies. Trolled up 10 on orange Rapala using lead line, and white/green Wallydiver right along mud line in front of North Wash. Two other boats also appeared to be trolling up a few. Speed was just in gear at idle both with and against wind and seemed to make no difference. This bite was between about 11 am and 1 pm then turned off. We caught nothing before or after. All were nice 3-4 lbs except one skinny one. Looked like there was quite a crowd of boats that came off the Lake Sunday and Monday.

Date Received: April 4, 2001 - BASS MAN

Fished Hite, Blue Notch area March 30th-April 1st . Water Temp. 53-60. March 30th Caught 22 smallmouth, 1 largemouth, 1 walleye, and 1 Crappie. Most fish were caught at the mouth of Trachyte (first cut North ) along the shoreline (East) To the islands outside of Farley. The south wind made the water warmer in that area so the fish were more active. Caught most fish on the Yamamoto single tail grub color (194) with a ¼ oz. Sliding weight and a 3/0 hook w/smelly Jelly. Caught some fish in the very back of White Canyon , but there were about 5 boats fishing that area so I didn't stay for long. I caught the Crappie in White. Tried various crank baits w/only one fish. Most fish were staging 15 to 20 ft. Deep.

March 31th- Fished Trachyte ,2-Mile , 4-Mile , Blue Notch, Red canyon - Caught 3 smallmouth per hour at all the various locations. Most fish were off points in 20 to 30 ft. of water . You had to fish slow and deep. Grubs still worked best. The sun was real bright, so sometimes I fished the grub like bait (Dead-sticking). I caught a good 3lb.Largemouth in Blue Notch (very fat and healthy) she will be laying eggs soon! Caught 2 ,Walleye on the West side of Castle Butte (194) . Fished for stripers at night in Farley Canyon and ended up catching 1, 2 pound catfish.

April 1st- Fished Farley, Trachyte, and North Wash- Fishing was excellent for smallmouth from 1st light until the wind started blowing around 9:00 A.M. Caught 1 , 2.5 pound Largemouth in the very back of White. She will also be laying eggs soon! Went to North Wash and caught about 10 smallmouth and 2 walleye in various coves (on a purple 4" crawfish) . At 11:00 A.M. I decided to troll the mud line in North Wash for Stripers (They were showing up on the graph between 15 and 35 ft. deep) trolled W/ a crawfish colored Frenzy for 45min. and caught 5 stripers, then they just shut off. Called it a day!!! Excellent Weekend will be back soon .

Date Received: April 4, 2001 - Dan Spitzer

Pulled into Farley Canyon the night of Wed. March 28th.

Thu.: After launching the boat and setting up the camper it was noon or later before I finally got out on the water. Note: There is very little area for launching in Farley Canyon. I would advise launching at Hite until the lake level is up. Headed for the island structure outside of Farley/White/Trachyte to look for stripers. Had trouble with the old fish finder on the used boat I had recently purchased and hadn't had the time to mount my other one from the other boat. Without adequate sonar readouts I gave up on that and headed for Two Mile. Rigged with a dark green/pepper tube my first cast landed a nice fat pre-spawn LMB in about 20' of water. We fished for awhile longer with no further luck. We headed for White. Even with limited sonar data I believe we located a school of stripers back in White Canyon. Around the corner in an adjacent cove I caught a striper working the shoreline on the green tube. Nothing more.

Friday: After a brief stop in the back of Trachyte and a brief stop in the back of Four Mile, with no fishing success, we headed up to Hite to fill up with gas for an anticipated trip down to Ticaboo and Blue Notch on Saturday. We ran up the Colorado and Dirty Devil, sightseeing, and then headed up North Wash for a little fishing. No success on tubes, grubs or crankbaits. North Wash was clear and cold.

Sat.: Caught no fish in Ticaboo Sat. a.m. Ticaboo was clear and cold. We did try spooning for what I thought was a school of stripers in the ampitheatre area in Ticaboo without success. I had no anchovies and did not try chumming. Caught no fish in the back of Blue Notch with tubes and grubs. We did work the stained water and exposed brush in Blue Notch thoroughly. Headed back to White. Once in White, with a number of boats fishing the back few hundred yards, we began working the green water with some shoreline brown staining due to the wind - mixed with small wood debris. I was using a dark green tube and Gloria was using a chartreuse single tail grub. I caught 8 SMB and 1 crappie and Gloria caught 2 crappie all within a 50 yard stretch of shoreline. I was able to catch 1 more SMB in another cove with similarly colored water before heading back to camp.

Sun.: Headed first to Two Mile where I picked up 1 SMB and then to White where I caught another 2 SMB and 1 crappie.

Note: On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning there were boats fishing the island structure outside of Farley/White/Trachyte so I assume stripers were in there although I wasn't able to confirm that anyone was catching fish. There was also a boat anchored near the lighted buoy offshore from Hite for a long time Friday afternoon and I assume but cannot confirm that they may have been into stripers.

Had a great time as always with no mishaps this time. Weather was great. Saw a lot of the upper lake and was able to show off more of Lake Powell to a friend. The dog found it the same as always - except for the shade she found under the passenger console.

Date Received: April 5, 2001 - Brian Shearer

Hite was good for stripers in the main channel. In Farleys they were jigging with anchovies at 20 feet. A few crappies taken with bait at the upper end of White Canyon. At the mouth of Red Canyon smallmouth were caught with green-brown Yamamoto soft plastic. Off and on action reported for small mouth.

At Bullfrog only a few fishermen. Some action jigging with anchovies at Moqui wall. Maybe a fish per hour. Lake canyon fishermen had a few stripers on anchovies from shore.

Date Received: April 18, 2001 - BASS MAN

Fished LP April 12th -15th April 12th Fished out of Farley canyon ,Water temp 52,weather very cloudy w/some rain. Fishing was slow for all species . Caught 10 SMB, 2LMB, and 5 stripers. Black Bass were caught in 2mile,and White. Trolled the mud line on the Colorado and caught 1 striper per hour on a crawfish frenzy. Bass were caught on grubs and a 4in purple craw.

April 13th. Went to Blue Notch, Red canyon, Water was Very cold and clear 51. Fishing was very slow caught 1 LMB, and 3 SMB, Looked for stripers to no avail. Went back to the Colorado and caught 1 striper per hour along the mud line.

April 14th . Moved down to Bullfrog, Fished Bullfrog and Halls Creek bays, Fishing was excellent for both LMB and SMB, I caught 5 LMB in one cove in the back of Bullfrog Bay water temp was 57 in the back of some shallow bays. The biggest LMB was 4lbs *8oz. The others were between 1.5 and 3 lbs. LMB were caught in shallow water 4 to 10 ft. Deep. Most were caught on smoke silver sparkle grubs. SMB were caught off points in 15 to 20 ft of water. Caught 30 SMB on crankbaits and grubs.

April 15th Went and fished the Rincon Caught 15 SMB along various Rocky slopes. Noticed small schools of stripers in 15 to 35 ft of water. Water temp 58 , Caught 26 stripers (about every 5 to 10 min.) trolling the Rincon on size # 9 shad raps. Called it a day. Sorry the report was so late I have been very busy!!!!!

Date Received: April 29, 2001 - Glenn Golen-

Myself and 5 friends spent 3 days fishing out of Hite. The fishing was TREMENDOUS!! For the most part, there was little to no wind and the temperature's were very pleasant; almost too warm!!!

We fished North Wash, Dirty Devil, White, Trachyte, 2-Mile, Dirty Devil, Ticaboo,and lots of main lake channel points in between. 8 species of fish were caught!!!(no trout and no pike)

The fish that we caught most of was Smallmouth Bass. Most of them were small, but we caught plenty that were big enough to put on the table!!!( the biggest being about 2 pounds) We caught them with about anything you would throw at them. The most successfull baits seemed to be Senkos.....when we ran out of them we used french fry type worms.....all rigged with a wide gap worm hook WITHOUT any weight. We also used Bitsy Bugs, curly tail grubs, and tube jigs, along with anything else soft and plastic. Most were caught on shorelines with obvious broken rock/boulder type structure.

The next best catch was Walleyes. I was very suprised by the amount of Walleyes that we caught. Between the 2 boats, 50 Walleye were caught!! The lure that I used to catch all of mine was a Northland Whistler jighead with a nightcrawler, cast into a steep drop that was shaded. All seemed very healthy, with the exception of one or two, which were skinny.

We caught only 5 Largemouth. All were caught in very predictable and typical areas. They were all nice fish; the biggest being about 3 pounds.

We caught about 10 Green Sunnies/Bluegills; all willing to bite on rather big tubes that were being fished for Bass!!! They sure are great fighters for their size!!!!

We caught and kept about 5 Stripers. All were healthy fish with plenty of meat to fillet. We had numerous followups as we were retrieving our baits....a couple were nice size. ( 4 or 5 pounders....I believe) I had one take a swipe at a Smallmouth that I was landing; my buddy had one rip off his tube jig right at the boat!!

A couple of catfish and a couple Crappie were caught....All "accidentally" as we were fishing for Bass and Walleye.

We had a very enjoyable and successfull fishing trip....I can't wait to get back to the prettiest place on Earth, Lake Powell!!

Date Received: April 29, 2001 - Ron Davis-

Fished the area from 4 mile canyon down to Red Canyon. Water temp was 53-67. Three limits of walleye were caught by myself and two friends. Most were caught on crank baits. Bandit in black and silver, Cotton Cordell Wally Minnow in green, and Rebel Fat "A" in bass pattern. The walleye came from just below 4 mile canyon. Four real nice largemouth bass were caught using green single and double tailed Mr. Twisters. About a hundred smallmouth bass were taken, most on the green grubs. Only three were keepers. (Two lbs or larger). Only 8 stripers were caught. Did not fish much for them this trip. Lots of stripers were in the back of Red Canyon. Easy to catch in the darker water. Was a great week of fishing. Be back in the fall.

Date Received: April 30, 2001 -Tom Pettengill-

A friend and I just returned from 6 days at Lake Powell. We were part of a larger group of anglers that joined us later in the week. We launched at Hite and camped in Good Hope Bay and most of our fishing occurred in the Good Hope area. Water temperatures were in the upper 50's to 60 degrees early in the week but increased to the mid 60's by Thursday. Windy conditions Friday and Saturday dropped water temperatures back into the low 60's.

Fishing was great. The two of us caught 45 walleyes, lots of smallmouth bass, more largemouths this trip than the last several years combined, stripers and a few bluegills and a crappie. The largest smallmouth was 16.5 inches and the largemouth were 1.5 - 2 pounds. We caught several smallmouth bass that were 12 - 13 inches. Most of the walleyes were 17 - 18 inches. Most fish were in good shape. We caught a few walleyes and a few stripers that were skinny.

We had our best luck along the main channel. We caught fish from right up against the shore to 30 feet deep. The walleyes were typically deeper than the bass but some bass were still 25 - 30 feet deep. Olive/pepper and cinnamon/pepper colored Yamamoto single tailed grups worked the best. The 140 colored grub was also very productive at times. We fished 1/4 oz jig heads most of the time.

There was a big bunch of stripers up between White and Trachyte canyons on Thursday but it appeared that concentration was moving down stream to stay ahead of the turbid water coming down the Colorado River. Last year that concentration was in Good Hope Bay when were made our trip. They may be in Good Hope Bay in another week if the weather stays warm and runoff continues.

One thing we were surprised to find was an unmarked reef within 7 feet of the surface out in the main channel just a little south of Scorup Canyon. It is a little southwest of the Red Buoy. I cannot see anything on the hydrographic map indicating there should be a reef that shallow out between the red and green buoys. The GPS location of the reef is Lat. N 37 degrees 45.452 minutes and Long. 110 degrees 26.340 minutes. Not sure if the National Park Service knows of this hazard. A pipe or something sticking up on top of it is within 3 feet of the surface. This reef just pops up out of very deep water very quickly. By the time you see it on your fish finder your on it.

There is also a very shallow reef just above the island in Red Canyon that people should watch out for. If the sun is out you can see it but early or late and on cloudy days it could be hard to see.

Great fishing and a great time to be at Lake Powell.

Date Received: April 30, 2001 - Bryant Buttars-

Myself, my son Matthew, and fishing buddy Mark Gibson fished the Red canyon area of Lake Powell April 27-29th.

We pulled into in Scorup canyon at about noon on Fri. and set up camp, then started to fish off the bank right in the back of the canyon. We caught several small mouth bass and a few large mouth off of beds. It was a lot of fun to look for beds and the antagonize the bass into hitting. I was amazed at how fast they returned to the beds after being released! Usually it only took 30 seconds before they were back. I also caught a few Crappie out of some brush in about 12 feet of water right next to camp. I used a night crawler on a slip bobber to get it into the brush. As a special bonus I caught a German Brown trout while fishing the worm. I understand this is a rare catch in Powell!

We fished Red Canyon in the evening, fighting the wind all the way, and caught approx. 35 Small mouth bass per person! Any rocky wind blown shore was packed with Smallies! We were throwing shad colored Kalin 3" grubs on plain lead 1/4 oz. jig heads. We also caught several Walleye and a few Stripers out of the mud lines with this same rig. The wind made things rough, but it sure turned on the fishing!

Sat. we decided to target the stripers, so we headed to a favorite spot in Good Hope Bay and tied off to a rock and dunked some anchovies. We caught about 20 Stripers in the 90 mins. we fished before heading to the S.H.A.D. rally lunch in Blue Notch. What a great bunch of guys! The food was excellent, the conversation even better! We gorged ourselves on brats, burgers, halibut, and pasta salad, then decided to go see if we could catch some more stripers. We headed back to our spot in Good Hope along with two other boats from the lunch gathering and started drowning some more anchovies. We put another 18 Stripers in the boat, and I'm not sure exactly how many others our companions caught, before the school moved out. It was great while it lasted! After that we worked the banks with grubs again and caught several more small mouth and a couple Walleye.

Just as a side note, as we were headed back to Scorup canyon that evening we saw two gentlemen run their 22' Bayliner up on the rocks at about 30 mph! We went over to help out, found they were uninjured, and with the help of another fisherman with a much bigger motor than we have on out boat, managed to get the Bayliner back in the water. Of course it started to take on water pretty fast, so we helped them beach it on a sand bar, and Bass Man gave them a ride back to their vehicle in Blue Notch. I must add, both gentlemen in the Bayliner were intoxicated. Very. Another don't drink and drive lesson!

We headed back to Farley canyon Sun. morn and picked up a couple Stripers and a walleye trolling the banks with shad imitating lures. Fishing seemed to have slowed some. We still caught several smallmouth on grubs, but not like the previous days. We did find a small school a stripers by the islands at the mouth of Farley canyon that produced 3 stripers on anchovies before they moved out.

All in all another terrific trip to Lake Powell, and I can't wait to get back!

Date Received: May 7, 2001 - Dan Spitzer

Launched from Hite the afternoon of 4/27 and headed to Good Hope Bay to set up camp before what appeared to be an approaching storm. Saturday a.m. we headed for the canyons on the east shore of the southern part of Good Hope bay. As reported by everyone else the SMB fishing was excellent on classic spawning structure/cover. I was rigged with a dark green BPS small tube with a chartreuse craw insert/trailer on a 1/4 oz. lead head inserted into the tube. Gloria used a chartreuse single tail grub on a 1/4 oz. lead head. Both worked well. This area proved to be the most productive area for SMB that we fished during the weekend, although SMB were readily caught in Red canyon, Blue Notch, Ticaboo, and Seven Mile. Sunday afternoon we graphed a school of stripers in the mouth of Scorup Canyon but attempts at trolling and spooning proved fruitless. Throughout the weekend we used a combination of the small tubes with the craw inserts in various greens, a larger pumpkin tube, and a 5/16 oz. jig with craw trailer in green/green and green/orange. All of these baits worked well on SMB. Gloria also tried a white tube with a chartreuse craw insert which proved affective. Spawning bass proved aggressive and would readily hit anything. We also caught deeper bass that would come up and chase a swimming bait as well as a fat free shad that I used for awhile. The SMB we caught this trip were on average larger than on any previous trip I have made to the lake.

Date Received: May 9, 2001 - Don Nix, Chimney Rock, CO

Wayne, I was at the north end ( Hite area ) Sat thru Monday, the 5th-7th. The weather was mixed and so was the bag. I did catch the second largest largemouth I have taken from Powell on a homemade crawdad. It was approx 5lbs. I would like to say six, but it was a little shy of that. It was a female and full of eggs, so I released her. I also caught a 3lb earlier that was a male, also released. It was caught on a grub. The small mouth were very active in the sun and in shade. Nothing seemed to like crank baits, but grubs of any color bounced off the bottom from 2 to 15 ft of water, would work. The water is really muddy and lots of floating wood around Hite marina. Boaters be aware. Fishing was done from Farley Cnyn to Good Hope Bay, with little difference in quality. Semi clear water seemed to work best however. Stripers were as usual, where you find them. I caught several in the 3-5 lb size on anchovies. You called it right on the constancy, as i would get one every half hour. Most were male and off of points in 30 ft of water.

Thank you for all of your info, I have relied on it for years. This is the first time I have sent you any info, and I will try to keep it up from now on. I lived in Ca. for yrs and just retired making it a little easier getting to Powell, my favorite spot.

Thank you

Date Received: May 17, 2001 -Cal Evans

This was one of the first warm days of April when the fish just started to get active. We caught large numbers of nice SMB on suspending Rapalas twitched across steep rocky outcroppings. The longer we let the lure sit, the more likely a fish would strike. The surprise of the trip was the abundance of nice Crappie distributed throughout many of the canyons of the Northern Lake area. We caught many nice Crappie on small pearl single tails with 1/16oz Heads fished slowly across rocky structure. We haven't seen this many nice Crappie for many years. I have had a houseboat at Hite for 16 years and the fishing just seems to improve every year.

Date Received: May 17, 2001 -BASS MAN

Fished Lake Powell out of the Farley, Blue Notch Canyon area May 11-13. May 11th - Fished 4-mile, caught 23 SMB (excluding fish under 10") in and around 4-mile canyon (fish in the light green water) caught 3- Walleye at 1.5 lbs.. We started trolling at the mouth of 4-mile around 10:30 A.M. caught 23 stripers on crawfish colored Frenzy's . We then decided to move to Blue Notch and boat camp. May 11th P.M.- Caught 42 SMB in Good Hope Bay (around shallow structure next to deep water) used Yamamoto 194 , and smoke sparkle grubs.

May 12th caught 37 SMB , 2 LMB, and 5 walleye in Red, Blue, and Good Hope bay. At 10:30 A.M. we fished the rock islands (just out of Red canyon) w/ anchovies , caught 45 stripers in 2 hrs. (then ran out of bait). There were about six boats in the area and everyone caught stripers. We left for lunch and came back 2 hrs. later but only caught 5 more stripers ( the wind came up). Fished the rest of the day for SMB caught about 25 more SMB. A major thunderstorm came through /w a lot of wind and little rain ( If you have an easy-up sun shelter always put it down before you leave camp) mine did not handle the 30-40 M.P.H. winds. It was a rip-m-up situation.

May 13th - caught 23 SMB, and 3 walleye. We went back to the islands in Red Canyon and caught 18 more stripers (in about 1.5 hrs.) on Anchovies. Most stripers were caught in about 40 ft. of water. I drove the boat back to Farley Canyon and caught about 10 more SMB and 1 Walleye. Called it a trip.

We had some friends down who stayed and fished out of the Farley Canyon area. They fished White Canyon and did excellent on stripers w/ anchovies. Fish around the battle ship (first cut right when entering White) or the vertical rocks (off to the left when entering White) They reported hundreds of stripers caught in that area.

Date Received: May 21, 2001 - Cal Evans

Fished Good Hope area Saturday and sunday Morning (19th and 20th). We had so much fun on SMB we really didn't try that hard for the million dollar Striper. SMB fishing steady pretty much all day even after the front that came through Friday night. We ended up with 90 SMB, 1 LMB, 2 Walleye and one Striper. Best lures were 1/4 oz heads with single tail grub (Yamamoto 149, 194 and 195) (Kalin Bluegill and Mossy Pumpkin). Other lures that produced well were Husky Jerks, Yoziri and Cultiva suspending minnows. We would give them a jerk or two, let them sit, then twitch them just a little. It is amazing how many times the fish would hit it when it had been still for over five seconds. This method has been a top Walleye and LMB producer for me. Of course, if there is a Striper in the area, they can't resist a suspending minnow. We'll be gearing up this week for next weekend. I'll take the camera for some action photos.

Date Received: May 23, 2001 - Jerry, Lisa, Sandy, Lee

Spent 5-17 thru 5-19 in two mile canyon. All are from Grand Junction Co.

Caught lots of nice striper in the 3 to 5 pound class at the mouth of 2 mile canyon on the 17th, no tagged ones though (darn!) Anyway a great day of striper fishing on the 17th the bite was strong from about 11:00am until 8:00pm using anchovies rigged on baitcast reels dropped straight down off of the boat to about 25-30 ft. We were fishing a dropoff in the middle of the mouth of the canyon where the water goes from about 80-90 ft to 35-40 ft in a real hurry. Lots of boats in the general area but we were the only ones catching numbers of fish.

The 18th and 19th were really really slow for stripers and the smallmouth seem to have moved off of the shallow rocks back into deeper water, as we were catching them one day and then the next only sun fish were to be had. We had a few striper for supper on the 17th and decided to see what they are feeding on. After cleaning 10 nice fish all but one had half dollar sized blue gill in their stomachs the other had a rock and a crawdad. (Rock?) too bad ya cant fish with baby blue gill would be great live bait! Even better some live Shad!

Date Received: May 23, 2001 - Mark Gibson and Bryant Buttars

We arrived mid afternoon on the 18th. We put in at Farley's and went to White's. We caught a couple Walleye, a Largemouth, a Crappie, a Bluegill, a Catfish, and numerous Smallmouth. We could not find the Stripers so we headed south to Red Canyon. On the morning of the 19th we played around with the Smallmouth and Catfish by camp then went to Good Hope for Stripers. We found a school on the south end and caught 61 in 2 ½ hours. They were caught on Anchovy drifted with no weight. Be ready when you hook one because there is normally a couple coming in with the hooked fish. Throw a grub or Rattle Trap or anything flashy for multiple hook ups. After the filleting chore, which was made easier and shorter by a 12 volt knife, we went up Ticaboo and caught more Smallmouth. On the 19th there were some boats parked by the islands in the mouth of Red Canyon. We anchored and caught 41 Stripers before we ran out of bait and went home. All in all another great trip to Powell.

Date Received: May 23, 2001 - Bill Brown

Although it's far from the lake record, it is the biggest striper I've ever seen there. Ron Caldwell of Durango got it last week. While we were catching stripers up the wazoo about noon up toward Good Hope, Ron came over, dropped in his anchovie chunk, and immediately got a bite. The fish started its feeble run and then suddenly really started to tug, pulling his 21-foot IO out to sea at a remarkable clip. About 15 minutes later, Ron boated Herkimer, the 18.7 pound fish in the attached picture. Actually, he only caught the 3-pound fish that was in turn devoured on its way up by Herkimer, but whatever works!

Date Received: June 27, 2001 - Dale and Crew Broomfield Co.

May 24th through the 27th.

Memorial Day weekend gave us about 70 stripers and a few Walleye each day in Red Canyon and Good Hope. Trolling with crankbait at about 15 to 20 feet deep.

Once again I (Dale) got the largest of the fish 3.5 lbs. ( a tick on the scale above the rest). The water was 75 degrees and the trolling speed was 4 mph.

Date Received: July 2, 2001 -Cal Evans and Pat Milburn

Fished the Hite area for the last three days. Early (light to 8:00 am and 8:00 pm to dark) seems to be the key for SMB and top water striper activity. We had consistent success on small SMB and some nice ones on top water popppers and craw color grubs. Larger fish somewhat deeper. We had good top water action on stripers on one morning and one evening. The other morning and evening we saw no boiling of stripers but on the way in at 10:00 am, there were striper boils all over around the Palisades Island area. At one time we counted 5 large boils at one time. Experienced anglers will catch some on top water poppers however, if numbers is what you want, use a white jig of at least 1/4oz. or Kastmasters fished deeper. We got fish almost every pass fished deep through a boil. Try replacing the treble hooks on plugs and spoons with a single hook with the barb bent back. You can unhook Stripers effortlessly and your success will increase dramatically when you are not fighting treble hooks.

Pat caught a Striper on Monday with an old tag in it. It must have been one from last year as it was almost completely desintegrated. It was obviously a tag however. The Striper was a medium sized fish in poor condition. It had a small sore on its back that caught our eye. Upon closer examination, you could see the tag with the slightest remnant of greenish blue where the tag sleeve had been. When we removed the tag, is started to desintegrate further. We put it in a folded paper to take it home and as it dried, it continued to shrink until it is now just a micro tag. anyway, most of the Stripers were very small. Larger fish were in very poor condition.

Date Received: July 16, 2001 - Dan Spitzer

We headed for White Canyon where we knew we could find some shade. This was one of the few times during the week that we actually targeted SMB. In the heat of the shade we caught 18 SMB and 3 greenies, with little effort, on 4" BPS single tail grubs in green and smoke rigged on 1/4 oz. lead heads. We could have gone on catching SMB that afternoon and every day that week in big numbers but fell into a pattern of looking for stripers early and late and playing and resting from mid-morning to late afternoon. IT WAS HOT! That evening at about 7:15 we headed out from camp and once we got to the main channel in North Wash we were immediately greeted by several small boils. We chased and chased and chased. The stripers were very boat and lure shy. We did catch 4 stripers (3 @ 21" and 1 @12") all on 1/2 oz. or 3/4 oz. Wallylures.

The daily pattern was one of looking for stripers at first light in North Wash, fishing for SMB until the first boil, chasing stripers around for awhile, heading back to camp and making lunch before heading to the marina for ice and down lake for shade in White or Ticaboo. We would return to camp in North Wash in late afternoon, swim and bathe, eat and then head back out for stripers. Stripers were found boiling in North Wash all but one morning and all but one evening. We were chased off the water two evenings because of lightning and thunder storms. Morning boils did not start at first light but closer to 7:00 or 7:30. They were small and scattered - several small boils happening within 100 - 200 yards of each other. They were hard to approach and once one fish was caught, the stripers would sound and pop up again out of casting range. A lot of time was spent chasing. Although a 3/4 oz. Wallylure was the easier bait to cast long distances and of a smaller profile, the Excalibur Swim'n Image proved to be much more readily "bit" by stripers. My last morning, 7/5, fishing by myself, I managed 17 stripers all on Swim'n Images in about an hour. That last morning I was fortunate enough to have 3 small boils all come together in a semicircle around my boat! As it got lighter in the morning the stripers proved harder and harder to catch.

SMB, including a few LMB, and green sunfish were catchable at almost any hour during the week on grubs and tubes in greens and smokes. I found that a BPS white illusion tube rigged with a white grub trailer was a dynamite evening bait for bass (see my reports from last summer). This particular color of white tube accounted for a lot of fish last summer in stained water and in the evening. I always have these as well as tubes and grubs in greens and smokes with me at Lake Powell. Typical structure: rock rubble points and shoals, shelves on steep walls etc. We stopped and fished the point (most of which is exposed this year) just south of the two islands across the channel from Castle Butte one afternoon. The submerged boulder and rock structure held active SMB in mid afternoon. I also had some fast action for bass on a Swim'n Image during the evening on shallow points in North Wash while waiting for boils.

We also saw, and were able to get to a few, striper boils just south of Hite, just north of the islands outside of Farley, the mouth of White, and the backs of the two main channels in White. We saw a boat fishing a large striper boil south of Hite - since we weren't invited over, we kept on going.

On the 4th we found a striper boil in the back of the more northern canyon in White but weren't able to get within casting range before they sounded. It must have been almost 10:00 a.m. Knowing that stripers were in the area, and wanting to see how well the 2.5 hp motor would troll, we began trolling point to point with deep diving Excalibur Fat Free Shads in shad colors. Gloria caught 2 nice stripers trolling in the back. We then headed out to the mouth of White and trolled the northern most shoreline there. Gloria caught another striper and a walleye and I caught a striper and lost another before things slowed down.

We kept all stripers. We kept and ate a limit of small SMB and released the rest. We released all LMB. We kept and ate a few green sunfish and released the rest. We kept the walleye.

Note: We had the pleasure of watching a maternal herd of mountain sheep work down the canyon wall across the cove from our camp, water, and then head back up. The athleticism of even the yearlings was absolutely amazing as they jumped from small perch to small perch as routinely as I drink a cup of coffee.

Date Received: July 16, 2001 - Tom Perry, Bellevue, ID

From what I read it seems Lake Powell is improving over the years. Some comments and LP experiences.

We started going to LP in 1986 and went 4 years in a row when our kids were in H.S. After HS it sort of fell apart and with College expenses cool vacations went bye the bye, We went with 3 families with a final party of about 20 people. We rented the houseboat and dragged down a couple of water ski boats, a sailboat, and one of those noisy jetskiis.( succumbed to pressure from the kids).

The first two years we started from Bullfrog but then discovered Hite where we could get campers near the water and we set up a little home base operation in White or maybe it was Farley Canyon. Also it was much more secluded. Our kids were in the 11 to 15 age group at the time and a handfull. During one trip to the Hite Marina the kids asked the guy if there were any fish to be caught. They were all hyped up by the catfish that surrounded the dock piles. He replied that there were a few Stripers to be had.

Being a former New Englander I knew what a striper was and was really surprised that they would be in a western lake, frankly at that time I didn't know that they would even live in fresh water. But from my youth I knew that they were ferocious fighters. We figured out the fishing license thing, bought a bag of Anchovies and headed back to camp. At about dusk the kids ask me to rig the poles for fishing. These were Idaho Kids whose only experience with fishing was the Wood River catching 9" trout. The gear reflected this, mostly K-Mart style light spinning rigs.

No one wanted the kids to use a fancy ski boat for fishing so I took them over to a nearby rock with a fairly steep drop off. I rigged the anchovies New England style, that is one whole anchovies hooked through the eyes and handed the rigs to the kids and waltzed back to camp for an early nights rest. I figured that they wouldn't catch anything anyway and the "fishing" thing would only hold their attention for about 30 minutes.

Right when I was about to doze off I hear a blood curdling scream. "Dad, Dad , Help!! Come Quick." I rush out thinking that there was some kind of emergency, only to find one kids pole bent in half and jumping like crazy. The Stripers were running and the kids, getting over their initial fear of thinking they had "Jaws" on the end of the line, were on a roll. They fished till about 3 in the morning exhausting the bait supply and any of the small bait fish, which I now know to be Shad, they were catching on marshmallows & corn on a #6 hook. If most of the cheap tackle hadn't self destructed they would have fished till dawn. They filled up a large cooler of fish which I filleted, dipped in egg batter and Krustee's pancake mix & grilled up for the whole camp. Everybody raved, including the ravens. One thing that strikes me strange, and maybe you know the answer. How come I don't see many seagulls at Lake Powell? I see them all over Idaho, even in potato fields following the harvesters. I know they are all over Salt Lake. Maybe it's just too hot. Maybe the ravens kick them out or eat their eggs; they ate our eggs one day. If I live to be 100 I'll never forget the look on those kids faces that night.

Anyway one of those kids went on to be a fly fishing guide here in Idaho and another to a wildlife research biologist with the Federal Wildlife Service. Others in the group became engineers & bankers, and one is going to take over the family farm. Not a crook, drug addict, or freeloader in the bunch. I guess that says something for getting the kids into fishing.

Anyway the cycle continues and I'm taking some of my cousin's kids off on a Western adventure. They are from Maine so I wanted to give them a unique western fishing experience. I choose LP over the pacific coast, Yellowstone Lake and Flaming Gorge for the reasons of it's uniquely western expansive look and it's high probability of actually catching fish. My only complaint in the past was the human organic waste and toilet paper at every spot suitable for pitching a tent. I spent a lot of time properly burying other peoples waste. I see by my cruising the net that they now have dump stations and maybe even a few Blue boxes at the popular spots, and are enforcing the use of pota-potties. I'm sure glad to see those efforts.

Anyway I've sort of rambled on here. But the great Web presence you guys have there and the friendly attitude of the LP fishing community solidified our choice. You seem to have a good plan for maintaining quality fishing. We will gladly drive the extra 6 hrs to Lake Powell and try Flaming Gorge another time. We will give it our best effort to thin down the Striper population and only throw back the big heathy ones. If you have any guidlines to follow that would help us be the kind of quality visitors that you want in your waters don't hesitate to send them along.

Thanks again for doing such a great job, the state of Utah is lucky to have such a knowledgeable and friendly person in their employ.

Date Received: July 23, 2001 - Brian Shearer

Went to Hite on Saturday. People doing good for smallmouth in the morning with rapala's and crank baits.

In Farleys on the north side, towards the end of the canyon it changes from rock to gravel. Right there one group caught over thirty stripers in thirty minutes Saturday morning.

NPS ranger reported a large pike taken just north of the Hite launch ramp on cheese.

Date Received: July 31, 2001 - Chris Worsley - Orem, UT

My two brothers and I spent three days fishing out of Hite (July 26-28) and had a very enjoyable time. We landed just over 400 fish in the three days, the lion share of those being SMB caught in 15 to 30 feet of water in Good Hope Bay. We found the 4" Watermelon Yamamoto Single Tail Grub and 5" Watermelon Senko to be the closest bet for a sure thing, with periods of hook ups on every cast. We found a half mile stretch of shore (Northwest side of Good Hope) that was loaded with good-sized healthy SMB. We found smaller fish the closer we got to Halls Crossing.

In the process we caught a number of Walleye in the 18" to 22" range (2 to 4 lbs.) and a couple of nice LMB in the 2 to 4 lb. range. The fat Greenies were active and voracious fighters (we landed around 35 of them as well.) We caught Stripers while in the process as well, usually in a bit deeper water. The process of finding "hot" water was to find shelves that were about 25 feet deep located near rock rubble on the side. We would find a spot and then start dropping our jigs down on top of them. The biggest SMB (3 lbs.) was caught using a Senko and the Texas Twitch method ( I read from the Yamamoto site (Thanks Ed!!) I am sold on the Senko as a way to lure the bigger SMBs out of mid summer hiding. I can't wait to get myself refueled and back out of the water to find some even bigger fish...I believe they are there waiting for just the right presentation.

Date Received: August 8, 2001 -Rusty, Greg, and Jon - Price, Utah

Went to Hite for the 6th and 7th Aug. Weather perfect during the day, horrible at night. Water was like glass all day, unfortunately not even broken up by any striper boils. We found 2 boils, only one of which lasted long enough for us to get in on it. But that one gave us about 10 good 2-3 Lb stripers. Good fun for the kids, though! Caught maybe a dozen smallmouth, mostly 1 or 2 pounders. Lots of fun and fighters too!

Date Received: August 9, 2001 - Bryant Buttars and Harley Peterson

We fished the Hite/Farley canyon area on 8/5-7/01.

We arrived at the Dirty Devil at about 1900 hrs on Sun. night and found Shad from Hite to the bridge and several small boils. They were short lived but we did manage to catch a few out of each of them on top water baits, mostly poppers and buzzbaits. The fish were small and skinny for the most part, but still lots of fun to catch. I threw a zara puppy into one boil and brought back two stripers at the same time! One fish hit the lure, and as I was reeling it in I saw a second fish try to grab the lure out of it's mouth and get hooked also. That was a first for me!

We went back to the Dirty Devil on Mon. morning but found no boils. We decided to try fishing chovies where we had seen one of the boils and caught 24 before the sun and heat chased us off. Again most of the fish were skinny.

We fished the same area again that evening and saw several schools of shad, and started to catch stripers on chovies while we waited for the boils to start, but there were two people on jet skis that would blast through the shad anytime they hit the surface. We decided that as long as the jet skis were there the boils wouldn't be so we headed toward Hite and found numerous schools of shad just past the islands at the mouth of the Dirty Devil. We fished there and got into one small boil that we caught six fish out of, all of which were fat and healthy.

We fished the islands at the mouth of Farley canyon on Tues. morn. and started to catch stripers in about 60 feet of water on chovies and crank baits. The fishing was slow to start out, about one fish every 15 mins. then we saw a small boil against the west bank. They were long gone by the time we got there, but the fishing with chovies was a little quicker there. I saw a fish jump within casting range, and took Waynes advice and threw a popper to it and hooked up immediately. The Stripers weren't boiling, but would come up from 20 ft. down to hit a popper. All these fish were long, fat, and full of fight! Fishing doesn't get any funner than that!

All in all we caught 75 Stripers in the 3 days of fishing. Not real fast fishing, but every trip to Powell is great!

Date Received: August 15, 2001 -Bass Man K.C. Benn

Friday Aug. 10th -- Unlike Brian Perry I am not sworn to secrecy .--Camped @ Farley , the Dirty Devil campground was full and there was no place to launch a boat (Due to a camper mooring his boat right were you could launch ) - Left Farley @ 6 AM and headed for White Canyon. Fished the shoreline for SMB while waiting for a possible striper boil. Caught numerous SMB W/ traditional top-water lures (The Large Black and Silver Yozuri Pop-n-splash, Super-Spook-Jr, white buzz baits and Storm Chug Bug). No boils, so we headed for the Dirty Devil @ 8 AM . Found one short boil at the confluence (just North-East of the Dirty Devil river on the Colorado) caught 7 stripers (all were very skinny) . There were huge balls of shad everywhere on the graph (maybe there were too many shad and the stripers were full). We boated up the Colorado for 6 miles ( the water was very stained due to recent rain in the area) No boils. 10:30 AM Headed for the islands West of Farley Canyon (Alias Striper City) picked up a few stripers on the Wally Lure Shad Minnow 11/2 oz. I noticed some ravens and a Blue Heron along the West shore (I could tell by the way the birds acted that there had been a recent boil) we threw some Yozuri's along the shore and started picking up stripers. 11 AM a striper boil erupted 100 yards West of us. We chased small striper boils along that shore until 1 PM. Caught 67 stripers and 23 SMB for the day.

Saturday Aug. 11th -- 6 AM Boated to Striper City and fished the North West shore , caught multiple SMB W/poppers but no stripers . We decided to look for boils in Two-mile Canyon . Caught multiple SMB and 2 LMB in the back of Two-mile but no striper boils. 8 AM headed back to Striper City fished 150 yards off the North West shore W/ Wally lures and anchovies in 70 ft.of water, picked up 9 stripers that way. 9 AM Striper boils erupted everywhere!!!!! Big Boils!!!! There were 10 boats in the area and most of them were fishing different boils. Stripers boiled big time until 11:30 AM most boats left the area but the stripers were still there. We continued to catch stripers on the Large black and silver Yozuri pop-n-splash about every 3rd or 4th cast until 1:30 PM . Finally, tired, hot and hungry we headed back to Farley for brunch and fish cleaning. Total striper count 198 ( w 3 people in the boat) 30% of the stripers caught were too skinny but most were healthy 1.5 to 2.5 lb. Stripers. Caught a lot of bigger SMB 12-14" along the shoreline during the boils (all were released). 6-9 PM -Fished North Wash for SMB ( there were a lot of shad out in the open water in North Wash but we did not graph any stripes )Total SMB count 43. Kept 10 SMB between 10-11".

Sunday Aug 12th-6 AM headed back to Striper City fished the North-West shoreline and caught a bunch of SMB. Fished W/ Wally lures and anchovies in 40 to 80 ft of water caught 27 stripers. 10 AM No striper boils so we headed back to the Dirty Devil River for one more look ( lots of stripers and shad in the area but no boils) . 11 AM we headed back to Farley from Hite when we spotted one more boil right out in the middle of the channel 1mile North of Farley. Caught 36 more stripers . Kept 8 more SMB between 10-12" Called it a trip .

The weather was fantastic what a weekend!!!! If I were at Lake Powell today I would 1) Look for boils out of Farley, White, and North Wash. 2) check the Dirty Devil and Colorado daily ( I think it will get better when the stained water clears). Please go out and save some shad!!!! The stripers are getting skinny again!!!!!

Date Received: August 24, 2001 - Jim Morrill

First thanks Wayne and all the guys who report. Made my trip feel like I was a Powell regular. This is my first Hite trip and loved it. Warning to all guys from Phoenix, it took me a full 10 hours, but spectacular scenery. Fished alone on Wed. 22 Aug. Severe weather all nite seemed to prevent early morning surface action. Later water glassed over but still no striper bite on artificial.

Caught and kept 15 smallies during this period. Just as Wayne said on previous reports (30 feet of water off rocky points and islands, football size rocks not baseball size). Used 3" pumpkin color grubs on 1/4 oz leadheads.

May have graphed one school of stripers near the islands outside farley. Went to mileage marker 134 and started fishing wide coves. Started hitting stripers somewhere between 134 and 132. Hit the jackpot at 132 and 132a. Huge school of stripers 300 yards across with walleye on the fringes of the school and right off the points of the wide coves. I found that I shouldn't assume the fish were only out a little beyond the cove or points but sometimes i would pick one up or still get hits extending way out into the channel. Even the walleye would extend several hundred yards out into the channel but still seemed to "relate to the cove" extending only out from the wide coves that had steep drop offs and well defined points. Trolled large norman deep crank fat shad and 1 1/2 oz rattle trap. Let out 50-80 yards of line to get them deep.

In retrospect, I should have stopped trolling thru school and chummed them then dropped spoons or anchovies or dropped my rattle trap down. As it was I was having way to much fun using a method that was working and couldn't stop and retie my lines. I had too many poles set up for surface bite which wouldn't bring them up. Ended up scaring the school off.

Oh well, grand totals a humble 32 fish. 15 smallies, 12 stripers (healthy 3-4lbs) and 5 very aggressive walleye (2-3 lbs range). Not bad for a one day fish, one guy and his fishing dog. Brought back my sanity and cleared my head. THANKS AGAIN WAYNE FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

Date Received: August 24, 2001 - Howard J. Ruff

We went out and began fishing at the mouth of Farley Canyon. No luck, so we went back in White Canyon and found some SMB--all about ten or eleven inches. We then tried some of the islands across the main channel from Farley for stripers, but no luck

Found a few more SMB along the main channel, enough to keep us interested, but we couldn't find any stripers. Finally, toward evening we found some nice bass along the points near Hite, just across the channel, and kept about twenty nice bass about twelve inches, including a few LMB, but still no stripers.

The next day, we went to Bullfrog and up to Moki wall. Got two real skinny stripers, and one catfish for a few hours work.

We finally went about three miles down lake from Hall's bay and found fish on the East side in 20 to 30 feet of water, but still no stripers, but had some real hard hits that must have been stripers, but still caught SMB only.

It was still a great trip--only about 90 degress, and no wind to speak of. I had a great time with my grandsons

Date Received: August 24, 2001 - Dave Saruwatari

Went to marker 134 over the weekend of the 18th. I'm happy to report the site is alive and well. Took my wife and two sons along with a few of their friends. Everyone caught fish, jigging anchovies at about 60 ft. The kids had a blast!! What a way to end their summer!! Enclosed are three pictures that I thought you might enjoy. One is a picture of the stripers we caught in about a 3 hr. span.

The other is a few of the catfish they caught that night. The biggest one tipped the scales right at 10 lbs.

The third, Dan Poust with his catch of the trip. Just in case you use the pictures I want the proud fishermen to get their recognition. The catfish picture from left to right. Taylor Reesberg, Logan Saruwatari, Dan Poust, (he gets credit for the monster) Garrett Saruwatari, Ricky Mckay. The striper picture. Logan, Taylor, Dan, Ricky, and Garrett. We will be making another trip soon in hopes of saving a few more shad.

Date Received: September 3, 2001 - Tom Perry

Arrived at Hite at about 5PM on the 27th. Left boat near ramp and drove to Farley Canyon and set up camp. Went back and got the boat. Just after we settled in there was a striper boil right between the no wake buoys. One other boat was fishing so we joined right in and caught four or five stripers and a couple of smallmouth on white Yamamoto grubs. We left the new Super Spooks, which we found at the Sportsmans Exchange in Provo, in the truck. The boil was over in fifteen minutes and was a great start to our adventure.

Tuesday morning no boils so we trolled with downriggers using Wallylures at about 45 feet. This worked well and we were catching fish at the rate or one every fifteen or twenty minutes. It was fairly hot so we headed to a canyon for swimming and returned to camp at 12:30 for an afternoon of relaxation. That nite the Farley boil happened right on cue and this time we had the Super Spooks. Unfortunately in the heat of battle yours truely somehow put the hook of a new Super Spook right thru my thumb. We cut the barb off and I pulled it out with the pliers just like in the movie "Perfect Storm". Honest, I didn't cry, even once. By the time that was over so was the boil, but my companions did land a couple of nice ones.

That night a storm came in and it blew like crazy. It trashed our tent and canopy but the boat was very sheltered so we huddled in the cabin till the strom blew over. The next day we picked up the mess and from then on just put the sleeping bags in the back of the truck and slept there and in the boat. Fortunately we had out table and all the food and associated gear under a blue tarp weighted with rocks so all that was saved.

It cooled down some after the strom but the nightime boils in Farley stopped. By this time the early Labor Day crowd was arriving in Farley. Some guy put one of those tent campers broadside to the prevailing winds right on a rock next to the water. If we were to get another storm his whole unit including mom and the kids would be in the drink. We mentioned that to him but he just shrugged it off. Fortunately the wind didn't blow again.

That night was the perfect sunset and when the moon came over the Butte it was spectacular. My nephew from Maine on his first trip out west just stood there in awe. I had delivered as promised. Great fishing, warm weather, and spectacular views. Uncle Tom was a hero. It's great to blow the minds of the younger generation.

The rest of the trip was about the same. No boils but the trolling with the Wallylures at 45 feet worked well. We did get a double at the wall on the right going out of Farley.

All in all a winderful trip, My thanks to Wayne and all the guys on the net for setting us up with the right gear and techniques. Others we met on the lake that didn't have this infomation were not as successful as us. Thanks again guys.

Date Received: September 13, 2001 - Dan Spitzer

Fishing report 8/17 - 8/21

Pulled into Hite late afternoon on 8/17/01. Loaded boat. Launched. Headed for a favorite camping spot in North Wash. Taken. Noticed several small schools of shad on surface. No boils. Headed down lake to Farley/Trachyte area. Saw a small boil along the western shoreline just north of the northern most island outside of Farley/Trachyte. There were many boats "spooning" and "chovie dunkin" around the islands. Pushed on looking for a camp spot. Checked the southern mouth of White and several coves in White trying to find something before dark. Ended up in a small cove on the western shore just north of the islands.

Saturday morning we headed out and searched the island area and coves and shorelines in the area. Nothing. We headed up to North Wash hoping to find some boils. There was a noticeable absence of shad that morning and no schools of stripers found on sonar. We did stop to do some SMB fishing. I picked up 4 SMB on a BPS white illusion tube, including one of which was 15 3/4". No stripers. We headed back down lake. Trolling the northern shoreline of White near its mouth we picked up 4 small stripers on fat free shads and Mystic wally divers. In White, along a shaded wall I picked up a few SMB on dark green grubs. That evening we were casting cranks just north of the shallow water northwest of the northern most island outside Farley/Trachyte and getting a few hits from loosely schooled small stripers in 20' - 40' of water. Inside the cove, near where we were camped, I saw the first splash. We hurried around the point and started casting and immediately hooked up. The boil was scattered and not sustained but we caught 24 stripers and 2 SMB using Spook Jr.s, Spit'n Image Jr.s, Swim'n Images, and an Excalibur floating Ghost Minnows with equal success.

Sunday, 8/19, was a lazy non-productive fishing day. But with a little effort in Two Mile I caught a couple of SMB and one small striper.

On Monday, 8/20, we headed first into Two Mile. There some shad in the back but nothing happening. About half way out we saw a couple of splashes and hurried over. 4 quick stripers and it was over (Spook Jr.s and Spit'n Image Jr.s). Coming out of Two Mile we found a couple of fisherman stranded with a blown motor in their 18' Nitro and towed them up to Hite. From Hite we checked North Wash again - caught 3 SMB - then headed back down lake. In a small cove near the mouth of Trachyte we found shad schooled up in the back. We stuck around catching a few SMB (4) when the first splash happened. We immediately began catching a few stripers even though the boil stopped as soon as it began. Small stripers were stacked up in about 25' of water but would regularly come up to hit top waters (Spook Jr.s and Spit'n Image Jr.s) and shallow running Swim'n Images. After about 10 -12 fish things got really slow. We did notice that there agitated birds on the shoreline towards the mouth of the cove but we didn't see any boiling. As we went over to investigate we noticed a well defined mud line and discovered that the muddy water held shad and that stripers were making runs up out of deeper water and picking off stray shad. Bringing a topwater or shallow runner from muddy water to the edge of the clear water resulted in another 10 -12 stripers for a total of 25. Same lures.

Tuesday morning, 8/21, we had a mini boil near camp. We jumped in the boat and were able to catch 2 stripers and 1 SMB before it abruptly ended. Headed back to Trachyte. Nothing. As we headed back to camp to pack up, near the mouth of Trachyte and about 150 yards from shore, we found an open water boil. Caught 9 stripers before it fragmented and stopped. There were a few more splashes well out of casting range and then it was over. We tried to find the school but lost them altogether.

Date Received: September 13, 2001 -Brent Prosise

This will describe the events that took place for the third annual striper trip to Lake Powell. The people that went are myself Brent Prosise (Dallas Tx), James Prosise (Mullin Tx), Bill Ferguson (Blanket Tx), Kevin Gholson (Waco Tx), Matt Chambers (Colorado springs), Don Marek (Colorado Springs), and Curtis Hutchens (Colorado Springs). We arrived August 31 and left September 6. With the full moon there was no surface activity at all during our stay.

We immediately headed to four mile canyon and were able to locate large quantities of bait on our depth finders. (This is labeled spot 1 on the map attached) To effectively fish four mile canyon you need to draw a line fron the inner mouth of four mile canyon to the islands. This line will keep you on the drop off. The ledge will be from 40 feet down to 70-90 feet. A majority of the fish caught in this area were caught in the deep water. For the first time we caught probably 80% of our fish in 70+ feet of water. The schools were not as big, but were there. If you can stay on the drop you will find the fish. We fished this for about two days before we started locating larger healthier schools farther up the lake.

The second area is labeled as 2 on the map. We located good fish on the main point just west of the islands (across from white canyon). The islands and west of them hold a tremendous amount of bait, thus will hold large amounts of fish. The schools were smaller and more spread out. To start go on the inside of the islands and go all the way to the bank. You can locate the bait and use your trolling motor to work out to deeper water. Be patient and work the jigging spoon in the area you see the fish at. One thing we did was, we marked our fishing line with a permanent marker at 40 and 70 feet. This takes the guess work out of keeping your bait at the appropriate depth. If you see that your line is at an increased angle let out 15 extra feet to keep it at that depth.

The third area is labeled as spot 3 on the map. This bank (dons bank) held the fattest healthiest fish. To find this spot look for a small amount of rocks extending out of the water which has a few stick ups on it. Just to the right of it there is a small depression in the mountain, this point drops from 40 to 100 feet and held the best schools and the most consistently caught fish we found. Although we caught quite a few extremely skinny fish on our trip this spot yielded the chunkiest fish caught.

The Fourth spot labeled on the map is south of the White Canyon bouy. This point extends way out in the lake and has fish all over it. You can actually fish the south side of white canyon all the way to spot 3. This is about ¾ mile of bank and holds fish. All in all we cleaned around 650 fish We caught probably 750. I think if we would have waited for the moon to pass we would have doubled this count. The last day we were there the wind picked up and seemed to stay. We were lucky enough to have calm days and great fishing. Our group had no problems other that than aching hands, full stomachs, and enough fun to bring us back once again. I cant remember how many times we cried from the jokes, pranks, and stories from each day of fishing. And yes I jumped into the water and treaded water while catching fish. Pictures are available if you need proof.

The facilities and marina were able to accommodate all of our needs with great professionalism. The house boat was clean, and the rental ran w/o any problems. Since we were there during the full moon the bite was quite slow through the day. Due to the lower lake levels there are many underwater structures that are shallow enough that you could damage your boat. If you are not sure of the area you are fishing, stay in the channel and idle into the areas that you are fishing. The two areas that we found to be dangerous are the mouth of four mile canyon where the islands are, this island has a ledge that extends on both sides. The other is the main point across from White canyon. As you come down the lake from Hite Marina you will go around the islands near White Canyon. There is passable water between the islands; however there are large rocks just below the surface. If you are wearing polarized sunglasses you will see the shallow areas by a lightening of the water color. If you have any questions drop me a e-mail and I will answer any questions.

Date Received: September 14, 2001 - Larry Millhouse

We fished mostly around the islands between Trachyte and Farley Canyons. We found lots of fish on the graph, and trolled up a few stripers, but could get no consistancy. Other fishermen told us of "balls of shad" on their graphs, but no fish hitting.

Friday night we did run into a small boil outside Trachyte and picked up 5 quick fish, then they stopped.

Looked all over from 4-mile to Hite on Saturday, but no luck. Then picked up a couple trolling around the islands again.

Sunday morning we started around the islands again, hoping a boil would begin, but nothing. Again picked up a couple trolling, then nothing. We did find one concentration of fish, chummed a bit, then jigged. Caught one jigging, one on anchovie, and on the next anchovie drop a nice 3 pound catfish grabbed the bait. After that, nothing.

I'm thinking that its time to replace my X-25 Lowrance with something that gives more resolution. I wasn't really sure what was a "ball of shad" and what was a few fish. Apparently I still have a lot to learn, even though I have a full head of gray hair.

For the weekend we caught 54 fish; 19 stripers, a few bluegill, several big green sunfish, one walleye, several catfish, and then released the only largemouth caught, and all the SMB. It was fun, but not easy. I hope I can learn a bunch from the guys at the Shad Rally in November.

Date Received: September 16, 2001 - Joe Coffey, Snowmass Village, CO

9-12-01 Started trolling around the mouth of four mile canyon with no luck. We moved up to two mile canyon and found a large striper school in 60 to 100 feet of water. We caught over 100 stripers in the 2 to 5lb. range. This was a very big school of fish but you must stay over them to maximize your catch. We use downriggers and two lures on each pole. 30 double hook-ups were made on this day. When you have two 5lb. stripers on one pole you have a battle! The school moved around the mouth of two mile and across the main channel. My fishing buddies were Dan Kloster and Bill Taylor.

9-13-01 Resumed trolling in the same area with only a few nomads picked up.Finally located the school again up the channel close to Trachyte canyon. Same as the day before many double hook-ups and 50 stripers in three hours!

Date Received: September 21, 2001 -Michael Bevelhimer

You say you don’t get enough reports from the north end of the lake so, here goes: Two of us arrived at Hite the afternoon of the 16th and fished through the 19th. Water temperature was 74.3 in the mornings. The weather was hot with some afternoon thunderstorms but none severe. We found a large and bubbling algae bloom in progress in the main channel in front of the Hite launch ramp and in North wash. It created very cluttered imaging with the sonar. Two afternoon attempts at trolling the wall across from the ramp produced three healthy (but not fat) stripers at about 30 feet. Chumming attempts were unsuccessful. Predawn arrivals to scout Trachite, White, Two Mile, Four Mile, and Farley’s as well as the main channel in between found no boils. Visits with other fishermen, some of whom had been at the North end for as long as three weeks revealed no sightings of boils in that time period. One fisherman camping in a small cove just inside the mouth of White Canyon reported “slurp” activity just at dark on the night of the 18th that pushed the shad up into his small cove and he was able to catch a couple of very skinny stripers on Super Spooks before the light failed. Morning and evening smallmouth fishing was good in rock piles in the main channel, White’s, and Four Mile.

Wednesday morning we joined up with two others on another boat jigging the structures in the mouth of White Canyon and caught 32 stripers between 8AM and 9:30. Then they just shut off. Wally lures were not working at all in this jigging as two of us were using them in 1 1/2 oz and didn’t catch a single fish until we changed to a large silver Kastmaster and a 3/4 oz Hopkins Spoon. Two of us used the Hopkins and two the Kastmasters. The Hopkins out fished the Kastmasters 3-2. These fish would hit on the way down as well as the way up, and at any depth from 40 feet to 160 feet, mostly along the drop off of the structure. For what it is worth, the two fellows we fished with in White said they had been jigging 35 - 50 stripers a day in the mouth of White’s until the 15th. Then they only caught 9 over the next three days.

For the two of us, the three day (and one evening) total was 12 stripers,all healthy; 32 smallmouth bass from 9 - 12 inches, and five nice bluegills.

Date Received: September 21, 2001 - Wayne Gustaveson

Pulled into Neskahi Bay to camp (9-18-01). We were half way between Neskahi and Piute Canyon. Ran upstream about 3 points past mouth of Neskahi. Dropped a spoon opposite the deep end of rocky point where water depth was about 45 feet.

Hooked a striper on the first drop. School stayed under the boat while we drifted slowly shallower and parallel to the rocky point. Landed 10 stripers on 15 drops until the boat was too shallow. Repositioned and drifted again catching five more.

Returned after dinner and caught 25 more in the mouth of cove on Wallylure shad minnow, CC spoon and kastmasters.

Next morning returned at 9 am and found a few fish hitting spoons and anchovies but not as quick as the night before. Saw a splash near shore and tossed the jumpin minnow in that direction for an instant swirl and then pickup.

We switched to surface lures and found the stripers willing to come up from 25-30 feet in the extremely clear water and hammer the topwater baits (jumpin minnow, excalibur super spook jrs. and regular zara spooks).

Caught topwater stripers for 2 hours before time to leave with 50 fish on ice. Often schools of 15 fish would follow the hooked fish to the boat. We only caught a few (8 of 50) thin fish. The others had good fillets.

There may have beeen a boil here early in the morning as we saw shad working in the back of the canyon but we did not get there early enough to be sure. The late day surface bite was a real bonus.

Caught some nice smallmouth feeding with stripers. Same spot, same lures and techniques.

Date Received: September 24, 2001 - Jim Morrill, Mesa, Arizona

The Red Mountain Outdoorsman from Mesa, Arizona attacked the Hite based striper and brought 200 Arizona fish back home. Fishing for 4 days I can make my report very simple. Our first morning I thought I was a genius locating active striper between two mile canyon and four mile canyon, but by the end of day five I realized that there are times when that entire stretch of the lake is covered in striper and shad. One evening we drifted in the wind for over a mile graphing a steady stream of striper at seventy feet and catching them continuously. FISH ANYWHERE BETWEEN FOUR MILE AND TWO MILE IN 80-160 FEET OF WATER JIGGING SPOONS IN THE 70 FT. RANGE. FISH HIT AGGRESSIVELY WHEN SHAD ARE PRESENT ON THE GRAPH. WITH EVERY SPOON YOU TIE ON DETERMINE HOW MUCH IT DROPS IN SAY 10 SECONDS BY GUESTIMATING FEET OF LINE YOU PULL BACK UP ONE OR TWO FEET AT A TIME. THEN CALCULATE HOW MANY SECONDS YOU MUST DROP TO HIT THE FISH LEVEL. FOR US 90% OF THE FISH WERE AT 70 FT. LEVEL(with my particular lure I would usually drop it for 25 seconds to hit 70 feet) WE THEN LET OUR BOAT DRIFT THROUGH THESE HUGE SCHOOLS AND COULD PICK UP THAT ACTIVE FISH EVERY FEW MINUTES.

We did definitely notice the fish turn on and turn off whenever they chose. We also witnessed their disappearing act several times. We made our program a gentleman's course fishing from 6-10am and 3:30-6pm. At the end of each fishing session, morning and evening, we usually had a cooler full of stripers (2 coolers per day).

They were all big fat and healthy looking. We had the most success using Cabala's Real Image Jigging spoons in 1 1/2 oz and 2 oz size in their colors Shad and Glow. For you regulars you may want to look at these on line in the Cabalas catalog.

We jigged just as Wayne describes in his posts. Sometimes chumming would get the fish going and sometimes it didn't help. What helped most was just finding one willing fish to hook up. Once the first one got on it was often a triple with all three fisherman in the boat hooked up. Special thanks to all who have contributed posts that made out trip a success especially Wayne and Bret. It was 5 days of great fun,fish,food and friends. We made a memory!

On a more serious note, don't forget to pray for our boys that are deploying. My brother in law that I used to fly with in the USAF just left for an undisclosed location. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

P.S. Don't forget to bring the electric knife! 60 seconds per fish!

Date Received: September 28, 2001 - Bob

Subject: Hite 9-22,23,24-01

What I realize from these reports is how important the electronics are. My friend and I fished long and hard with little results from my small inflateable. I belive it was Jim from the Red Mountain Outdoorsmen that we ran into on Sunday at the fish cleaning station. He gave us a couple of jigging spoons and let us tag along as they graphed the fish right out in front of the ramp and a little bit North. They got a few, I got hit but had trouble hooking much, got a couple nice smallmouth. Great weather and perfect swimming temps. Thanks alot guys for the friendliness and the jigs.

Waynes note: If we pinpoint the spot well enough those without electronics can get close enough to catch fish and benefit from the previous reports. I suspect a temporary slowdown in fishing was just as big a part of lack of success as lack of elctronics.

Date Received: October 19, 2001 - Joe Coffey, Snowmass Village, CO

My friend Reggie and I went to the Hite area for striper fishing and we caught sixty fish on Oct. 11th & 12th. The weather was cold and very windy. We just missed the warm weather by a couple of days. As always Lake Powell is great anytime! We caught fish by the White Canyon bouy,mouth of Four Mile and the mouth of Two Mile Canyons. I located lots of fish but they would not bite at certain times of the day. We still had lots of fun and we caught enough fish to keep us busy. Thanks again for your tips. Don't catch all the fish this winter save some for me.

Date Received: October 23, 2001 - K C Benn

Fished Lake Powell October 19-21st out of Farley canyon. Water temp. 65-67 degrees.

19th- fished the back of White canyon @ first light. We saw one small boil and caught 6 stripers on a Zara spook and the Storm chug bug. Went to Trachyte looking for boils. We trolled for one hour w/ no action. Went to the islands outside of Farley and fished Wally lures and anchovies . Caught 4 stripers. 11 Am went to Hite for fish report . The marina told us most people were catching stripers @ the Dirty Devil confluence w/ 1 and 2 oz. Stump Jumper's (white) trolled @ 2 -4 MPH. Trolled the Dirty devil w/ traditional lures w/ no success (I did not have stump jumpers in my tackle) I WILL NOW! Always something new I have to buy:-). Went to 4-mile and caught 6 more stripers on Wally lures. Fishing for SMB was slow, caught 10 SMB along the shore on smoke sparkle grubs. 16 stripers and 10 SMB for the day.

20th - Went down to Blue Notch and saw one small boil @ first light. Caught 8 stripers on the chug bug and spook. Went to Red Canyon and looked for a striper school (no schools) caught 1 striper trolling a blue and silver Rattle Trap. Fished Good Hope Bay for SMB. Caught about 20 SMB 6-10" on smoke silver sparkle grubs and top-water plugs. Went to Ticaboo Canyon and caught 7 stripers on Wally Lures . Stripers are scattered there were no big schools anywhere we looked .

21st - Went back to White Canyon @ first light (no action). Went to Trachyte (no action). Went to the islands outside of Farley and caught 3 stripers. My friend caught a 2 pound Largemouth Bass on an anchovy @ 65 ft. (what was he doing down there?) :-). Fished Farley Canyon around the Green Algae (not one bite) called it a day. The weather was fantastic I love Lake Powell in the fall. All in all it was an excellent weekend!!! Don't forget your" Stump Jumper's" :-). Planning on coming down for the fall shad rally and fish survey . SEE YOU IN BLUE NOTCH!!!! Bass Man and Tiger Muskie 48" 32 Lbs. caught and released at Pineview Res. Oct 9th 2001.

Date Received: October 31, 2001 - Dan Spitzer

We launched from Hite at about 10:00 a.m. on Friday, 10/26. Gloria drove the camper over to Farley where we set up camp. Got out on the water about noon and headed for 2 Mile. Found some fish at about 40' and dropped spoons. Gloria caught a nice crappie on a BPS lazer eye swim'n spoon in blue shad color. Nothing more. We moved to the shoreline and began fishing tubes in smokes and greens. Caught 1 walleye, 1 sunfish, and 5 SMB. Onto 4 mile. Alternating between trolling the back (green water) and spooning just inside the narrows we managed to get 2 LMB (spoons ) - one of which was 16" and very pale and silvery and the other small, both in about 40' of water - and a SMB and a striper trolling fat free shads in the back.

Fishing got progressively worse during the weekend prompting me to conclude that, however much I may enjoy fishing, I am not really very good at it!

Saturday, 10/27. Early morning in the shallow water just west of the islands outside Farley/Trachyte, while helping Gloria respool a tangled up spinning reel, I noticed a fish symbol on the wide side off to the right of the boat - immediately picked up the rod with the spook jr., cast, twitched and bam! a fat 13.5" SMB succumbed to the offering. That was the most exciting part of Saturday. We headed for White and trolled the south side with fat free shads and managed a LMB and a SMB both in the 13"-14" range and fat! Back to 2 Mile: 2 SMB on tubes. Later that afternoon/evening I got a walleye spooning a wallylure near the islands and Gloria caught a striper trolling in Farley.

Good meals, including big brunches of eggs, potatoes, chorizo, and chilis made up for our lack of fishing success - not to mention the great dinners and appetizers and a glass of wine or two in the evening. At least we had something going for ourselves!

Sunday was a bust: 1 SMB (don't remember where it was caught) and 1 striper trolling in Red Canyon. Coming into Farley Sunday afternoon about 2:00 p.m. there were two boats into a striper school at the no wake buoy in about 35' of water. We snuck by to get to camp, were not invited to join the party, so kept on going.

Fishing very briefly Monday morning before breaking camp and heading home. Caught 1 striper and 1 SMB trolling along the south shoreline near the mouth of Farley. We checked the islands, saw very little on the sonar, dropped spoons a couple of times , but to no avail.

Weather was perfect. water temp was a low of about 63.8 and a high of 65.2. The backs of Farley, White, Trachyte, North Wash, and 2 and 4 Mile contained a lot of green algae but it didn't always preclude catching a fish or two.

Date Received:November 12, 2001 - The Big Canoe

Dad and I arrived at the Hite ramp Fri. 9 at 9 am and ran into Dave 'Wallylure' Wallace. We exchanged greetings and greenbacks for spoons then put the boat in the water. Headed into North Wash to look for schools. We turned into first small canyon to the left in North Wash and saw a few splashes. Dad threw a 1.5 oz Wally on the right and I threw a Z-Spook on the left. After he hooked one I saw the water explode on the spook and pulled it back too soon. I said "did you see that?", "no", "watch this", cast again and the water exploded again but still missed. Threw for the third time, same explosion, then hauled back a 3lb'er with the spook stuck to the side of its head.

We moved out to the mouth of the canyon and graphed shad schools followed by striper schools below them. We tried spooning, anchovies, chumming, all without success so we moved on. Little did we know that was the most action we would see for the rest of the weekend. Worked our way down lake, camped in same old cove in Blue Notch on the left. Sat. morning searched Blue Notch, Red Canyon, Ticaboo, nameless canyon across channel from Ticaboo without seeing any fish. We then moved uplake to 4&2 Mile. Found a school in 2 Mile but without any takers. Sun. morning moved into Farley's from White and located a school on the south side across from cliffs. Caught one striper on Wally and one on a blue/white bucktail with bass scent. Kept three fish from the whole weekend, tried to fillet but ended up slitting their bellies and sending them to the catfish. We did pickup a couple very small SMB in White canyon using a shad pop-r. Overall fishing was SLOW.

Date Received:November 21, 2001 - Spooner Group Fishing Report

Arrived at Hite in the AM on 9 Nov. Paid for our trailer and headed for the lake to fish until we could get in the trailer in the afternoon. Met the Big Canoe and his father on the ramp, exchanged greetings, Wallylures and cash. Weather was great and the trip was starting out on a positive note. Spud Swanke an I fished North Wash for a while then headed back to the ramp area to meet the rest of our group Brent and Kirk. We fished for about 4 hours north of the launch ramp, up to the Dirty Devil and over by the wall on the West side. We caught 30 stripers on 1.5 oz Wallylures.

10 Nov: On the water at 6:30 Am and headed down to the islands west of Farleys (Striper City). We caught 25 stripers and a smallmouth in 40/50 feet of water on 1.5 oz lures in the morning. We had to keep moving and graphing because schools were small and would be gone after you caught 3 or 4 stripers. We fished up north of the ramp in the afternoon. We caught 2 walleye and got into a small boil by the rocks on the East side. We caught another 15 stripers on 1.5 oz lures for a total of 40 stripers, 2 walleye and 1 smallmouth.

11 Nov: Another warm day as we headed for Striper City at 6:30 Am. As we went past the house boats and marina, Spud lost a blade off his prop. We were lucky as nothing else seriously happened to his motor and we could idle back to the ramp to get the boat out and change props. Met Brent and Kirk down on Striper City and they said it was really slow, catching a smallmouth and 2 stripers. Over the next couple of hours we caught 3 more smallmouth and a few stripers Due to the slow fishing we went into Trachyte, 2 Mile and 4 Mile without any success. In the afternoon we fished North Wash and ended the day with 29 stripers and 4 smallmouth.

12 Nov: Headed to Striper City and found a fair size school of stripers. We caught quite a few stripers, a bluegill and 3 smallmouth and then the school spooked and left. We headed down to the islands north of Castle Butte, found a good school in 50/70 feet of water. we were doing real well catching stripers on 1.5 and 2 oz Wallylures. Around 9:30 a blue crestliner boat pulled up to within 75 yds of us before cutting his big motor and coasted up to us. Spud yelled at him to cut his motor earlier but the damage had been done with the school spooked and gone. Brian Shearer, the local game warden wanted to check our licenses and we complied. After that we headed on down to Blue Notch, Red Canyon and other locations in Good Hope Bay we had fished other years without any success. That afternoon on the way back, we fished 4 mile and 2 Mile again without any success. Total for the day was 51 stripers, 1 bluegill and 3 smallmouth.

13 Nov: Overcast and a little windy. Headed into North Wash, graphed some shad and a good school of stripers. Started catching stripers at 55 feet on 1.5 oz lures then Spud dropped a 3 LB striper on the floor. I picked it up with my gloved left hand and put it in the live well. Thinking I had wiped enough slime off my glove, I picked up my pole and dropped the 1.5 oz lure to the bottom. When I picked up the slack, I had a really big strike which pulled the pole out of my hand into the lake. That's a sickening feeling watching a 71/2 foot Extreme Bass Pro rod with an Ambassaduer 5500 C3 reel go to the bottom. Needless to say I took the glove off after that bone head mistake. Later in the day the wind blew hard and rained a bit and we finished the day with 47 stripers and 1 smallmouth.

14 Nov: Rained overnight and was windy when we headed over to North Wash. Graphed a few stripers and shad at 45 feet and caught a few before they spooked. The wind died down so we headed up along the wall toward the road at the North end. We graphed some stripers that were suspended 10 feet off the bottom at 50 feet. We caught a few when Spud saw a boil starting up by the corner. We hurried up there and the whole corner looked like it was exploding. The stripers would only smack the gitzits and the baby shad I was casting. I looked down at the graph and it was black with shad and stripers. I dropped the 1.5 oz lure and the war was on. We were in 22/25 feet of water and catching a striper about every other drop. They were smacking the lure with their tails and a few were caught by the tail. This frenzy lasted for about 2 1/2 hours and I'm sure we could have caught more if they had hit the spoon the way they normally do. When we cleaned the fish we counted 93. We caught 3 more stripers that afternoon for a total of 96 for the day.

15 Nov: Clear morning so we headed to Striper City. We found a few small scattered schools in 40/60 feet of water and was able to catch a few on 1.5 oz lures. After a while we started graphing west of Striper City and Spud found a small hump at 82 feet with fish on it. We caught 4 3 to 4 LB healthy stripers on 2 oz lures and then they were gone. We picked a few more that morning just graphing and fishing when we saw something worth trying. That afternoon we fished north of the ramp and it looked like the schools we had fished the day before on the Northwest side had moved to the East side. Stripers were suspended and we would speed reel or reel up 3 or 4 cranks and jig very slowly. This seemed to be how the stripers wanted the lure throughout the trip. We did pretty good this afternoon fishing this way using the 1.5 oz lure. Total for the day was 55 stripers, 4 walleye and 3 smallmouth.

16 Nov: Clear and warm. Headed down to the islands north of Castle Butte. Hard time finding any fish but we found a small school west of the red buoy. Caught a few on 2 oz lures at 65 feet and then they left. We went back up lake to some of the spots we had caught fish the day before without much success. Afternoon we fished North Wash and caught some stripers at 55 feet on 1.5 oz lures. We moved out north of the ramp later in the afternoon and caught a couple of walleyes and a few more stripers in 40 feet of water on 1.5 oz lures. Total for the day was 37 stripers and 2 walleye.

17 Nov: Clear and warm. Headed into North Wash and graphed a small school at 55 feet. We caught a few on 1.5 oz lures. We then worked our way up the wall on the West side toward the road without any success. Headed back down to Striper City and caught a few from small scattered schools in 45/55 feet of water on 1.5 oz lures. In the afternoon, we fished north of the ramp again and found fish suspended off the bottom in 38 feet of water and caught a few on the 1.5 oz lure. Total for the day was 35 stripers.

18 Nov: Our last day. Due to the warm weather and uncooperative fish we decided to hang it up and go home early rather than fish for a couple or three hours like we usually do. The warm weather and high pressure systems over us made fishing really tough this year. Our totals for the trip were 422 stripers, 9 walleye and 12 smallmouth.

Hope fishing conditions improve because quite a few stripers will die this winter. About 7% of the stripers we caught were unhealthy. Good luck and a happy Thanksgiving to all and save lots of shad.

Dave Wallace

Wallylures L.L.C.

Date Received: December 31, 2001 - Marty Peterson

Fished out of Hite January 2 through 5. Excellent. The Stripers are healthy there. 90% have good fillets. We had 2 to 5 boats with up to 11 people. Several days we were the only ones at the ramp. We like to stay at the rental trailers which makes the trip mighty easy. And the people who work out of Hite in the off season are always so pleasant.

Tried trolling and fishing the mudline up the Dirty Devil and Colorado. Not well defined and no success. Less ice than most years even though less depth. But using anchovies we caught Stripers about everywhere else.

In general, the Stripers hit softly and needed a hookset. I found that using a 1/8th ounce jig head with small piece of anchovy and light 4 or 6 pound line worked best for me. Some of the Stripers weighed 4 lbs. and so this made for a battle. I tested the Stripers by putting a swivel and light leader on my heavier line reels and caught more fish each time. Also had a chance to fish Wallylures. Being partial to Hopkins spoons made me more critical. But it seems that everything about the Wallylure is better. Performance and fish in the boat mostly. Walleyes were what we spooned up the most but also caught some Crappie along with Striper. Had a 3 foot or so long Northern chase one of the hooked Crappie to the boat.

Between us we brought in at least a 100 good fish each day. The Stripers weighed around 2 lbs. for an 18 inch, 3 lbs. for a 20 inch and up to 4 lbs for 23 inches. White Canyon produced well. Trachyte ok. But most fish came out of the Main channel around Hite, confluence down to North Wash. In the channel we found schools that would produce fish with nearly every cast near the surface as the bait was falling. Most of the time though we fished schools we could see related to structure around 40 to 60 feet deep. The schools moved around. The first day chumming anchovies seemed to restore the bite but later seemed to make little difference. The few catfish we caught looked like they appreciated the chum though. Something interesting was that the fish spooned up from deep in White Canyon had 5 and 6 inch long shad come out of their stomachs when landed.

Water temp started out around 50 but was down to 47 by Sunday. It snowed about an inch one night and Saturday morning was cold enough to have some of the outboards water pumps temporarily freeze when first run. I would bet that the fishing will stay good at Hite through this next week with current weather predictions. Try small jigs with pieces of anchovies off points and apex areas. A graph helps.