Date Received: April 3, 2002 - Dan Spitzer

Headed out late morning and searched the islands for stripers. Nothing. Went into White. By now the wind had picked up and my first thought was to find the warmest water, semi sheltered from the wind, that was not in the shallow back (I always like to find shorelines with deeper water escape routes). We found some good looking water. I caught and released 3 LMB on green tubes. Surface water temp. was in the upper 50s. The girls caught brush, rocks and frustration. But, we knew we could catch fish. We headed back to camp for a break. Headed back out late afternoon to check the islands again. Although we periodically dropped Wallylures to what appeared to be small schools we again caught nothing there.

Thursday morning: Headed back to the islands on our way to 2 Mile and 4 Mile Canyons. I did manage a nice sized walleye on a Wallylure - handed the rod to Lara so she could at least reel in her first fish - but it got away about 10' from the boat. Checked Trachyte - the water was low 50s so we moved on. 2 Mile and 4 Mile were cold so we basically didn't stay around or fish. Surface water temp. was barely 50. Decided to troll the area north of Hite so rigged up trolling lures and headed up lake. There was no distinct mudline - the water was stained all the way to White by Friday afternoon. We trolled from Hite on up most of the way to the bridge over the Colorado. Nothing. Boring. Headed into North Wash. The water in North Wash was the warmest we found: near 60 that afternoon. Initially there was a lot of caught shoreline, brush and rocks - not to mention frustration and a few tears. So ... looking for some warm protected water I found a cove with fishy looking rock structure and sure enough after catching a SMB (13)" on a green tube and releasing it, Lara caught her first fish - an 11" SMB on a green tube - her shrieking lasted 5 minutes but her smile lasted for hours.

Back to camp by way of the islands. Nothing.

Friday morning we again checked the islands, made a few drops ... nothing. Back to White. This time, all 3 of us caught a LMB, which were released. Mine was caught on a green tube. Gloria's was caught on an amber tube. Lara's was caught on a Texas rigged Riverside Wooly paddle tail grub in dark purple and red (she thought it was pretty cool looking). Later we drifted a steep shoreline and rock wall - ate lunch - the girls read - I pitched tubes into the cracks in the walls and caught another 2 LMB while losing 3! Checked the islands on the way back to camp - nothing.

Saturday morning we made one last trip into White before packing up and leaving. Gloria and I each caught a SMB (I released mine as it was over 12"). Gloria caught a striper on a grub while fishing for green bass.

Date Received:November 8, 2001 - Wayne Gustaveson

Arrived in Blue Notch November 5th at 3 pm and set gill nets to be retrieved the next morning. Ran out of daylight and did not fish that evening.

Awoke at first light and prepared to retrieve nets. Ate two bites of oatmeal when breakfast was disturbed by stripers beginning to boil in the main bay about 100 yards behind the boat. Dropped the oatmeal and grabbed the jumpin' minnow rod. Didn't want to start the boat and chance spooking the fish so I ran around the cove and down the shoreline to reach the area of most activity. It was worth it! Seven fish on 7 casts - some were close to 3 pounds others just 2 pounds. The eighth fish took the lure and kept it. I should have retied the lure but it is hard to stop when fish are still boiling. I was out of business til I ran back to the boat and put on another topwater lure. Only caught one more as the fish were moving deeper and scattering. The boil made my day.

After pulling nets, taking data and interacting with the group gathered for the shad rally we finally went fishing. I rode with Scott and Levor to lower Good Hope where we checked a few coves for stripers. No luck with surface lures and spoons. Then we followed KC to the rockslide shoreline in lower Good Hope and tried for smallmouth. Found it slow with only an occasional small fish on a grub or a spoon. After about an hour we moved into Ticaboo to try for deep stripers where KC had caught them the day before.

We marked a few fish but didn't get anything going until Levor put on one of Scott's half ounce jig heads with a 5 inch white plastic eel. He hooked a 3 pound fat striper and then all the rest of us caught at least one nice fish on spoons out of the school that Levor started before they quit. Couldn't get any more going. Returned to camp. Said goodbye to Scott and Levor and fished the last few minutes with KC and watched him catch a few bass while I just flailed the water. Enjoyed learning about bass fishing from the master - Bassman.

Had a great time and met many fine interested anglers who will be of great benefit to Lake Powell and its fishery as they share their new knowledge with those they come in contact with.

Date Received: April 10, 2002 - Bass Man

Fished Lake Powell April 4th-7th. Water Temp. 54-64

April 4th-Launched from Hite boat ramp @ 4:00 P.M. Fished White Canyon and the outside of Farley. Caught and released 3 small-mouth 2 were about 13" and one was 14". Caught 1 walleye about 2.5 Lbs. on my new Shimano-Loomis outfit. All fish were caught on the "secret weapon".

April 5th-Camped in Farley Canyon and left at first light. Fished White, Main channel around Trachyte, Dirty Devil and striper city. Caught 23 small-mouth and kept 16 between 8 and 11 inches. Caught 7 walleye between 1.5 and 2.5 lbs. Trolled various areas for stripers and caught nothing. Caught and released 3 LMB between 1 and 2 lbs. (first time I have fished Lake Powell all day and not caught a striper). All fish were caught on the "secret weapon".

April 6th-Went and picked Chet up at first light to show him how to use the "secret weapon" went down to the North side of the Horn and Scorup Canyon. (Chet had not caught a fish on Friday) within 15 min. Chet had caught his first bass of the trip (I guess I don't have to eat my Wayne's Words hat). I was amazed at Chet's upside-down spin-casting technique. We caught 12 smallmouth, 2 LMB, and 5 walleye. Kept the small-mouth and walleye. Released the LMB. I lost 1 LMB that probably went about 2.5 lbs. Went and ate lunch at the Shad Rally at 12:00.

After lunch the wind really started to blow. We trolled various areas (still no stripers). We decided to troll around striper city and saw Chet's boat on the back side of the islands. Chet reported they were catching stripers off the island. Pulled the boat up next to Chet's and proceeded to catch 18 big healthy stripers on anchovies. Went back to camp and proceeded to have a big fish fry.

April 7th-Left at first light and headed for Red Canyon the water was still very cold (54). Caught 1 walleye and 3 SMB. Went back up lake and fished the Horn. Caught 4 walleye, 2 LMB and 2 stripers. Headed back to striper city and caught 15 more stripers. Called it a trip. All in All it was a wonderful trip. Really enjoyed the company! It was fun to get together and put names to faces. It looks like the South has better striper fishing now but "REMEMBER THE AUGUST BOIL" !!!!!!:):):) I think the striper's will turn on up North real soon so bring plenty of anchovies.

Date Received: April 16, 2002 - Jerry Dawkins

I went up to the Good Hope area and fished backs of bays looking for stripers on Saturday afternoon, but I couldn't locate any, so I fished for black bass. Caught 13 smallmouths and broke off 1 largemouth and landed a 12 inch crappie. I caught most of my fish on the Kinami Flash. (Senko look-alikes made by Gary Yamamoto's son) The two colors that I used were Baby Bass and Natural Shad. I fished them weightless with a 2/0 Gamagatso EWG hook. I saw several black bass in the shallows preparing spawning beds, but couldn't make them bite. Sunday morning I found a scattered school and started to chum. Some of the stripers were small (13 inches), but most were the average 2lbs and in good shape. I did get some longer fish except they were in poor shape and gave very little fight. I first used a Carolina rig with anchovies, but I broke it off after several fish. I had a drop shot hook tied to one of my other poles with the weight broken off. I put a head section on the little hook (hooked through the lips) and dropped it down. It worked great! It took some time to get down, but soon the stripers were coming up within sight to take the bait. I continued using this method with much success. I only gut hooked two fish. Most were hooked in the upper lip. They seemed to like the weightless over the weighted bait. I also caught a couple using a tail spinner (Lil George) by bouncing it off of the bottom like a jigging spoon. I caught 47 total.

Date Received: April 16, 2002 - Tom Pettengill

Jeanne and I camped and fished in Good Hope Bay area this last weekend (April 12, 13 and 14). Water temperatures near Hite in the mid 60's but 58 - 60 in clear water in Good Hope Bay. Brown colored water down to about Trachyte Canyon. Green water down almost to Scorup Canyon. Fishing was better up in the colored water. We probably didn't catch more than 20 smallmouths in Good Hope during the entire trip. We fished mainly along the main channel. The only walleye we caught on a jig along the shore was about Bouy Marker 130.

Saturday Afternoon we caught a bunch of stripers and a fat walleye trolling out in the open water off the mouth of Trachyte Canyon. We were trolling 3 - 4 mph with large Wally Divers and the old Thundstick Jrs. We were running the lures at 17 to 19 feet. Black and silver and orange and gold colored lures worked the best for us. Most of the stripers looked like they were 20 - 30 feet deep. We were trolling in 160 - 170 feet of water. We saw what looked like small schools of shad on the fish finder. The stripers stomachs were stretched out like they had been feeding but none of them had anything in their stomachs. We caught stripers from 12" to 4 pounds with most in the 3 - 4 pound size.

As we were leaving Sunday about noon some guys at the fish cleaning station at Hite were talking about catching lots of wipers and some walleyes trolling firetiger colored Frenzies up the Dirty Devil Arm. Above the confluence with the Colorado River, the Dirty Devil Arm was green water. We saw one boat trolling along the wall and points as we left for home.

Every time we went by there were 2 - 3 boats trolling the wall between Fourmile and Twomile canyons. They must have been catching fish but I don't know what. A popular spot last weekend.

Date Received: April 16, 2002 - The Big Canoe

Morning of 4/12 launched at Hite and graphed fish in the mouth of North Wash along the mudline. Trolled Shad-Raps back and forth through mudline, picked up a few stripers but too slow for my tastes. We moved down to the islands and started trolling and catching the 3-4 lbers on a regular basis. Even during scattered showers and grey skies. Noticed the last front moving through Trachyte and headed for shelter in White Canyon.

If anyone finds my glasses on the bottom in about 12 ft of water in the cut on the south side I would pay a handsome reward. Not really. The wind blew white caps into this cut and then my glasses blew off while resetting the anchor. We returned to the ramp with 8 nice stripers.

Dad skunked us pretty good with a #7 Shad-Rap with green belly and red gill similar to one passed around the houseboat. Next morning picked up one in mouth of North Wash. No distinguishable mudline after previous storm. Mudline had proceeded below islands overnight. Trolled islands and picked up 9 more nice stripers before the fishing turned off.

Decided to go have lunch with the Rally goers. Great group of people, very friendly and knowledgable. Fished main channel outside of Trachyte in dirty water on shoreline, picked up nice smb and lost lmb at boat. Trolled White Canyon, caught a 10" striper then moved out to east of islands towards shade and Hite. Started hooking up again along cliffs above islands on west side of main channel. All fish 3-4 lbs.

Sunday decided to play bass masters. Fished north side Trachyte to north fork. Caught 3 smb, two nice crappie. Wind picked up so headed to very back to calm water.

Dad picked up a 3lb Lmb on a .25 oz chartreuse maribou jig in about 12" of water. He had a heck of fight on ultralight gear. Decided to keep it as he hadn't caught a lmb in 15 yrs at Powell. We took some heckling at the cleaning station but I decided I would rather enjoy it than let it starve to death over the summer. Thanks to all who shared tips and comments.

Date Received: April 16, 2002 - Bass Man

Fished Lake Powell April 12th-14th. water surface Temp. 61-70.

April 12th Up and fishing @ 6:00 AM. the sky was 100% overcast, Fished White Canyon Caught 10 SMB and 1 walleye. Trolled around striper city and caught 2 stripers. Went in for lunch. Went back out around 2:30 PM and fished off the islands @ striper city w/ anchovies. Caught 1 striper and 3 catfish. The sun came out and it got hot. I told Kevin lets boat down to the Horn and cool off. We got to the Horn and fished across the main channel. We started catching SMB when a big black cloud started heading our way (my first thought was, is Ed's Dad coming to the shad rally?) The wind picked up and it started to rain so we headed into a cove to wait it out. 20 minuets later it was still raining and blowing and neither one of us had our rain gear. I told Kevin I think I am cooled off are you? We headed back to Farley in the wind and rain and we were very cool when we got back to camp. Fished for an hour after the rain stopped and caught a couple of SMB, 3 walleye, and another striper.

April 13 th Up and fishing @ 6:00 AM. Trolled around striper city, White, Farley, caught 4 stripers. Met some others who were fishing for the North. Went into 2-mile and caught 2 walleye, lost 1 walleye, and caught multiple SMB. Went back to camp to gather chips and some slider's to show everyone from the North what the secret weapon was. Had a real good time meeting everyone and talking on Levors Houseboat. Went and fished the North side of the Horn and Kevin caught a beautiful 15" SMB on a slider. caught multiple SMB. Went back to striper city and caught 2 stripers trolling. Fished the main channel around two mile and caught 2 more walleye. called it a day.

April 14 th Fished White Canyon and caught multiple SMB and a couple of Walleye. We decided to head North and fish North Wash Trolled around North Wash for a couple of hours and caught 3 stripers. At 10 AM I decided to give the Dirty Devil one more try (went there the week before and fished two hours and caught "0") Started fishing the Dirty Devil and noticed fish on the graph @ 5 & 10 ft. Fished w/ a black a silver Rattle Trap @ 3 MPH. and started catching BIG stripers about every 10 to 15 min. Caught multiple stripers, 1 crappie, and 1 walleye and called it a trip (it is all ways my luck to find the fish the last two hours of fishing).

Date Received: April 24, 2002 - Bill Sumner

Friday 19th - fished from 4 to 8 PM... action was good, not hot ... did not fish brown water .... fished across from Trachyte and Two Mile .... fish were in shallows and close to banks and rocks just under the surface, seeking warmer water. Took 7 sm all under 11 inches... put back one Crappie, and several 6-9 inch sm. Was amazed at what was being taken at the fish cleaning station.... a lot of Crappie, some guys had limits and 4 - 6 large mouth, one pushing three pounds....others at least 1 1/2 + pounds.... just guessing (experience) of course on the weights... we were only there about 40 minutes but if this is normal, there are a lot of fish being taken out of that area.

Sunday- Morning cold ....Blue Notch getting a lot of pressure so we fished Farley's/White's in stained water......caught one fish at 8:45 and not another until 1:30 P.M. when the action got hot. Went down to the Horn and stopped in a cove and we caught 8 sm in 20 minutes, lost one at the boat, threw two back and one good sized 9 inch Crappie... moved over to next cove and caught 4 more sm and one 1 1/2 walleye..

Monday - 22nd - fished until noon... morning was good at Farley's/White's... had a big (guessing based on Stripers I've caught but was the biggest I have ever seen or caught - close to five pound) walleye chase my gray/silver sparkle 3" tube... he saw the boat before I saw him. I was busy looking at a little bird picking up bugs along the shore. Isn't this the way these things always happen?.... picked up three cats (all under 2 1/2), 6 sm and one (just over) three pound walleye that we kept....he had a 5 inch cat in his stomach.... We should have measured all of our catches for you but planned on getting the new scales for accuracy before I attempted the data gathering.... but hope this helps...

Date Received: April 25, 2002 -Dan Spitzer

Launched from Hite mid to late morning on April 12. Headed down lake to the Farley/Trachyte island area in search of a camp spot. Our initial places were inaccessible due to low water. Found a place in a small canyon on the east shoreline just north of Farley. Set up camp, rigged rods. There was a light rain initially. Headed for the islands. Lots of boats. Bass Man and Kevin were beached and Kevin was reeling in a fish as we passed by. Headed for White. We started fishing the northern arm of White. Fishing started out slow . Caught one SMB on a dark green BPS tube. After half an hour or so fishing got hot. We landed 27 SMB and 1 crappie. 10 of the SMB were 12" or over and released as was the crappie. All fish were caught on dark green and amber w/green flake tubes. We didn't want to leave as the fishing was so good but as the rain started we headed back. As the winds picked up we headed for a small cove, put the top up, and waited it out for awhile. Got back to camp in the rain to find that the sun shelter had "hiked" up the canyon a 100 yards or so. Had a great fish fry that night.

Saturday morning we checked the islands for striper schools - none. From there we fished Trachyte and 2 Mile. Caught 12 SMB. Kept 4 of the smaller ones (under 12"). Went back to camp to round up things for the Shad Rally potluck. Great bunch of people. Nice houseboat (thanks Levor for the accommodations - it was a welcome retreat from the stand up, cook on the ground, shoreline eating we did last year). Bass Man introduced us to his secret weapon. We bought some! Back to camp to put things away. We fished ET cove for a short while with no fish caught and then trolled for a short while just north of the islands. Gloria caught one striper trolling an Excalibur fat free shad in citrus shad color. Back to White. During late afternoon the fishing once again got hot. Caught approximately another 20 SMB and one crappie. Released all but a few of the smaller SMB. All fish were caught on tubes and sliders. It took awhile for me to get the feel of the slider in the water as it falls differently from the tubes I normally use this time of year. Out to Trachyte. Nothing. Headed to the islands to dunk anchovies. Bass Man and Kevin pulled in just before us. No stripers. 1 catfish.

Sunday morning we headed uplake to North Wash. Trolling the south shoreline in deep water along the edge of the shallow flats, which extend a good 100 yards out from the shoreline in places, we caught 5 stripers. Gloria's 1 was caught on the same fat free shad she used on Saturday. My first was caught on a Mystic Wally Diver (last one) and the other 3 on a 2 1/2" Excalibur fat free shad in shad color. That afternoon we headed back into White. The first thing we noticed was the American flag flying from atop the battleship. Inspiring! We raced back to camp for the camera and came back to take pictures. After that we beached the boat and had a gourmet snack and passed a little time doing nothing but just enjoying the lake. Back into the other arm of White for some fast fishing before going home on Monday. Same results. SMB were readily caught on tubes, grubs and sliders. By now I was getting much more proficient in the use of the secret weapon. In addition to 30 SMB, Gloria caught a crappie and a walleye (caught on a motor oil/orange tail slider grub rigged to a standard round head 1/4 oz. lead head hook.). Kept approximately 15 SMB all under 12". This area consistently produced bigger SMB (over 12") and very few dinks as was more common in Trachyte and 2 Mile.

Date Received: May 2, 2002 - Chuck Howey

26 members of Southwest Walleye Anglers went to Lake Powell at Hite, Utah this year from 5 April through 13 April. The weather was relatively mild with only a few afternoons with a little wind. (The following week they had winds in excess of 50mph for days.) Temps were 40F to 85F with the average daytime temp around 75F.

Fishing was different than previous trips for many reasons. We were two weeks earlier and 30 miles further upstream. The Colorado has a lot of mud and silt in it till it becomes Lake Powell. The mud line was very evident in the main channel for the first 3 miles. The side bays were clearer.

The main forage of Powell this far north is the Crayfish. However, we found that they had just molted and the walleyes knew it. When they molt, they change from a brown/orange to an almost chartreuse green color. Anyway, that's the color of the plastic that was working better.

When you could navigate and keep the bow off a windblown shore, John V & John N found that the smaller 1/8 oz jig head with a shortened single or double tale Yamamoto grub in chartreuse (no collar) worked very well. Of course we always tipped the jigs with a half a night crawler. They were found in 4 to 8 foot water that was very agitated and cloudy.

After two days of still weather, everything changed. The Johns had to sight fish them in 8-12 foot of water and finesse them with an 1/8 or oz jig (chartreuse color worked better) with no plastic at all. I found in those same conditions jerking the oz jig head at 25 foot would produce some walleyes at mid-day.

Nights were working even though the moon disappeared at the end of the trip. Mornings seemed to never get going to 7 or 8 AM.

Most of the walleyes were the 1 to 2 lb size. Smallies and channel catfish were very catchable and always gave you a thrill. My biggest cat was about 4 lbs. Bluegills were prevalent in some bays.

We found two young kids 10 and 13 scooping up a mess of crappies on a small all blue 1/16th oz jigs. And they were having a ball.

Trolling for the most part was a bust. I got one on a Bayou Boggie at 8 feet following a long 14ft/140ft ridge, but did not repeat it. There were some old pros out in the main channel reportedly catching big walleyes (5-10lbs) with jigs, but we never got the complete recipe.

We had two big fish fries and everyone had a good time. Note: Last year we fished from Halls Crossing to Good Hope and most of the Walleye were 40-85 feet deep.

Date Received: May 13, 2002 - Kate and Brian Fratzke

Fishing seemed a little slow while I was there but we still harvested enough fish for a good lakeside meal plus enough for a good meal at home. Our tally was approx. 18 smallmouth, 3 walleye 2 good stripers,and 8-10 bluegill. We released probably 30 - 40 smallmouth either too small or larger than your slot limit and the only largemouth we caught. We fished from four mile canyon down to seven mile and threw the entire hardware store at them, but couldnt find any hot lure. We did catch fish on almost everything we used, but, if i had to pick our best it would be vertical jigging very slow. So slow that dredging would be a better term. Thanks again for your personal attention.

Date Received: May 22, 2002 - Cal Evans and Pat Milburn

We fished the North end the weekend of May 17-20. Our primary purpose was houseboat work but we did manage to get out for 3 2-3 hour fishing sessions. We rate the fishing as excellent. We caught 12 Walleye, 15 Stripers, 4 LMB, 40 SMB. We caught many catfish off the back of the houseboat in Trachyte during the evening hours. Most fish had been eating crayfish, a few shad, and one small SMB had a whole tube jig on a 1/4 oz. weight in its stomach! We saw good numbers of shad circulating around the houseboat during morning hours. Our best colors were cray imitations with some flour green on them. The silver flake chartruese Yamamoto 3" worked great. We caught good numbers of SMB on jerk baits near brush.

Date Received: May 30, 2002 - Dan Spitzer

After encountering snow on Red Mountain Pass early Friday morning on our way to Grand Junction (business), 5/24/02, and after being in GJ until after 4:00 p.m., Gloria and I got off to the lake where we met my older brother, Michael, around 8:00 p.m. at Hite. The decision was quickly made to pack the boat, launch and find a camp spot before dark - which we did safely, although the finishing touches on camp were not done until late Saturday morning after some early morning fishing. My 17' Aluma Craft launched easily. With the low water, I do use my 18" hitch extension to get the boat trailer that little bit further into the water. My trailer also has rollers which makes it easier to launch and trailer in low water.

Fishing for SMB was a matter of persistence. I could not discern a pattern the entire weekend. One of 3 early mornings was good. One of 2 evenings was good. Those were different days. The bite was on at different times each day. Areas that produced one day did not the next day. We tried a variety of grubs, tubes and sliders. The most productive overall, although not necessarily at all times when we did find a bite, was a smoke w/purple flake tube. A few walleye were caught on grubs in constant contact with the bottom in Trachyte. I provoked interest, but only 1 SMB, on a topwater Excalibur Super Pop-R early Sunday morning. Most SMB were caught in the upper water column whenever they decided to bite. Other times, whether we fished slow and/or deep, did not produce SMB (or maybe I just don't have the patience to do that really slow stuff for very long).

Caught 4-5 LMB on tubes and grubs. Caught a few stripers trolling an Yozuri Crystal Minnow near the mouth of 4 Mile late Sunday morning as well as a walleye across the channel from there. Caught a "bunch" of "greenies" in the boulder structure on the west shore opposite 4 Mile and 2 Mile with grubs and tubes. Monday morning the SMB bite began slow in Trachyte, got hot for 1/2 hr. and then abruptly quit. Caught 3 walleye but lost a walleye and a crappie trolling the back of North Wash Monday morning. Between the 3 of us we probably had 30-40 SMB a day, although I was expecting that many per person, along with the other mix. In retrospect we did pretty well, although the slow periods seem to dominate my impression of the fishing this trip.

We did have a fish fry Sunday evening and brought home SMB (under 12"), a few stripers, and 3 walleye. All SMB 12" or over and all LMB were promptly released.

Date Received: July 16, 2002 - JIM MORRILL (Wing It)

Went to Hite after reports of boils from last weekend. I hoped that with the new moon hitting this week they would still be boiling. Arrived at 1PM Thursday. Would have been there by noon but had a boat trailer tire burst. Tore up the trailer wheel well, lights, license plate and flung tire into boat. Almost new tires too. A real nice veteran fisherman suggested not using steel belted radials on boat or travel trailers for the damage they cause. Sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I'm gonna check into it.

Started fishing at 3PM. Brutal heat but forgot about it by 4PM when I hit first boil just downstream of islands. Anyone going soon should spend a lot of time looking around the islands. Look on all sides and shorelines opposite them. I saw them on opposite sides and heard reports of them on the shoreline by the opening of White Canyon. Didn't harvest that many stripers on this my first boil due to my "first boil fever". Amazing how easily those lines tangle. Caught them on the super spook jr. but this more subdued boil they seemed to want something smaller. They usually hit the small spoons when they weren't tangled in the boat. Only boated seven stripers and two smallies hit on the shoreline edge of boil.

Several lessons were learned. These fish were quite boat sensitive and any noises seemed to send them in another direction. That was it for the evening. I was quite surprised how uninterested huge thick schools were in anything in my tackle. I have small 1" "splittin image" spoons that seemed to match the shad size exactly, but they were uninterested. Seemed to be uninterested in anchovies also. No wonder as there were shad so thick at times my fish finder was reading bottom at 5 ft when I was in the middle of the channel. Hit an area where my finder (Raytheon) which is supposed to be extremely accurate? showed 100' depth of solid shad for 100 yards or so. They are thick all the way from the marina to the islands. One local guy that fishes Hite alot told me that there were three hatches of shad this year up there. I guess he saw the different sizes on different trips?

Thurs. the guys who helped me launch, reported boils that morning just downstream of the launch on your right (at point at first canyon) and up main channel just down stream a little from marina. I saw huge schools all sizes and tons, no make that kilo tons of shad in both places.

Side note....... the alternate boat launch is a little sporty for us mere mortals who don't own a full size pickup. Rear wheels on my van were 3/4 under water before I was near deep enough to launch. (Where does all that money we pay to get in get used? Could use a little more concrete while the water is low!)

Friday morning up at 4:30 and in a boil before my second cup of coffee was gone. Probably lasted an hour and I did much better. This one was located 2/3 of the way to the islands on the east side (left as you go downstream) Got the privilege of fishing it all by myself and probably managed 15 from this one. This boil actually started in the center of the channel then moved to east side. Looked around and saw three more boats fishing boils just back toward Hite from me several hundred yards. They may have all been in their own separate boils. This boil got a little more vicious at times and was more like I had imagined boils to be. They swept down the shore line on several sweeps. These also seemed to move away from the boat or take a coffee break any time I got too close or made a noise like dropping the pliers. This time I had 4 fish still hooked to lures flopping in the boat before I ran out of room to land another one.

Waynes Note: Love it when a first timer boiler pays attention!

Next I hit the islands again and brought a couple up with a popper. Then I jigged a couple up with my larger 2 OZ. Cabela's splittin image jigging spoon. I thought I was on a roll and was gonna start jigging them like last September then it abruptly stopped and I was unable to jig another striper.

I hit another kamikaze boil around 10:30 just on the Hite side of the islands (first cove back on west side). This one was really fast and furious. They seemed to be mowing the shorelines and would hit anything the second it hit the water. My dog was just as amazed of this boil as I was. Once while landing a fish the boat drifted right onto the shoreline and into a furious boil. I didn't want to be there but I was glad it happened because I saw how they moved in a column perpendicular to the shore, rushing along moving parallel to the shore. It was neat. That time they just kept mowing and didn't mind the boat in their midst. In fact it seemed like they didn't notice this guy chucking them lures from 10 ft. These ones would attack within feet of the boat. I saw one trying to rip the super spook out of another ones mouth at 3 ft. from the boat (either that or he was hooked to the same lure for a while). I got close to a dozen in this boil (20-30mins). Along the way I decided to take the middle hook off the super spook jr. I hit another boil on the west side and I must have had 10 stripers miss the hooks on that thing. One of them knocked it about 5 or 6 ft. into the air. I quickly changed to my popper and was able to get a few more from that school. When it died down I put that middle treble back on and started hooking up again.

Around 11:30 I took a union break and put the poles down and ran the boat down to mile 114 and back. Graphed no large striper schools and saw no boils. At 3PM I drove the boat around another 30 miles between Hite and 4 mile up and down several times and SAW NOT ONE boil. Called it quits around 7 PM and thought that that was just quite a privilege to witness 5 boils in my short time there. THANKS FOR REPORTING THE BOILS LAST WEEKEND. SEE YOU UP THERE ON THE NEXT NEW MOON. THANKS WAYNE!

Be safe out there and live to fish again!


Date Received: July 16, 2002 - Dan Spitzer

My brother and I launched from Hite Friday morning. We camped in a cove on the west shoreline of the main channel about half way between Hite and the islands. This was my brother's 2nd trip to Powell and we were hoping to find a boil or two and duplicate the fishing that Gloria and I had found the week of July 4th. We had no idea that this would be a once in a lifetime experience. We primarily used topwater baits: Spook Jr's and to a lesser extent Yozuri Banana Boats, Spit'n Images (both sizes), Chug Bugs, and Super Pop Rs. The Spook Jr. was our primary bait but with the number of fish being caught we had a lot of broken hooks etc. Other baits: Storm curly tail minnows and the small Wallylures. A boil by boil recap follows: 7/12

(1) Main channel just as we left camp on the west shore. 49 stripers

(2) West side of southwestern most island. 7 stripers

(3) Between two most southern islands. 21 stripers TOTAL: 77 stripers We quit early evening. 7/13

(1) Main channel, south of camp, west shorelines 34 stripers

(2) Cove at camp 31 stripers

(3) Islands 29 stripers

(4) Buoy 135 6 stripers

(5) Trachyte, north shore between exposed structure and small canyon on north shoreline 66 stripers

TOTAL: 166 stripers 7/14

(1) Main channel, east shore opposite buoy 136, we followed this one into a cove, small canyon 69 stripers

(2) Main channel, south of above 9 stripers

(3) Coves just north of mouth of Farley 20 stripers

(4) Just north of above 4 stripers

TOTAL: 102 stripers

TOTAL for 2 persons through noon on

7/14: 345 stripers 7/14 (1 person)

(1) East shore just north of mouth of Farley 20 stripers

(2) Same as above 15 stripers

(3) Trachyte south shoreline near mouth 20 stripers TOTAL (1 person): 55 stripers 7/15 (1 person)

(1) South shoreline south of islands 1 striper 1 SMB

(2) North arm of White 1 striper

(3) Main channel, east shoreline half way between Hite and islands 34 stripers

(4) East side of islands 15 stripers

TOTAL: 51 stripers and 1 SMB

TOTAL FOR TRIP 451 stripers


It was now only 9:00 a.m. but knowing that I had to break camp and get back to Durango I called it quits.

Most boils started after 8:00 a.m. The bigger boils were generally between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. or around 7:00 p.m. This is a general statement only. They did happen all day and at unexpected times. The tough fish to catch in any quantity were in the main channel, open water, and very diffuse - spread out as much as a hundred yards with little concentration. Once a boil was over stripers were still catchable even on topwater baits especially in the coves as they would make 4 -5 sweeps of the shoreline looking for any remaining shad (fascinating to watch). We found topwater baits to be the most effective

Date Received: August 1, 2002 - DreamWeaver

For my birthday this year, my wife got me a new rod & reel and let me have a week of fishing on the lake. We had moved our boat up from Page and now keep it in Ticaboo. This was my second trip going uplake from Bullfrog. Most of our fishing before was in the upper San Juan arm.

I set up camp on just inside mouth of Farley at about 4:30 pm on 7/23. Found boil 2/3rds of the way back Trachyte Canyon which lasted about 45 min. Water skiers drove through the boil twice which slowed it down somewhat but they came back up each time. Second boil later started next to north shoreline in Trachyte lasting about 10 min.

Total: - 26 stripers all on spooks. Weather: calm & full moon.

7/24 - Am. Fished back of Trachyte starting at 8:00am - little action. Then found boil in cove in islands just north of buoy 135a. Used spooks during boil and wally lure after surface action died down. Stopped fishing at 10:00am

Total: - 20 stripers

PM. Weather cloudy fished from 7 - 9 pm. Found boil in mid channel next to Buoy 136 Caught 2 on surface then boils stopped. Switched to Wally lure and caught 15 more in same spot.

Found another boil near back end of Trachyte and caught 21 more. This boil was in a small funnel shaped cove on the north side during which the stripers herded the shad right up to shore. My boat had drifted in about 5 feet from shore when a massive boil erupted between me and the shore. What seemed like hundreds of stripers were jumping out of the water, splashing me and throwing water into the boat. It looked like a scene when a fishing trawler has hauled up a full net of fish and just opened it on deck.

Total: 38 stripers

7/25 AM - Showers and windy at dawn, caught first fish at 10:am (smb) Found small boil in midchannel about 1/2 mile uplake from buoy 136 caught 2 stripers and 1 smb.

Total: 2 smb; 2 stripers

PM. Located boil at west wall of main channel just across from buoy 136 caught 24 on spooks and wally lure. Total: 24 stripers

Big thunderstorm blew in and lasted between 10:00pm and midnight. Heavy rain and lightning everywhere.

7/26 AM - clear and sunny - located spotty boil traveling downlake on west side of main channel below buoy 136 between 8:15 and 9:10. Caught 17 stripers. Checked out Trachyte, graphed massive amounts of shad but no feeding occurring.

Total: 17 stripers

Mid afternoon went to Hite to pick up my wife and bring her down to the big boat. Thunder storm hit at Hite just as she arrived. Weather remained unsettled for the rest of the day and I did not fish. Moved from Farley to islands north of buoy 135a and set up camp.

7/27 AM - Very scattered and spotty boils in mid Farley and mouth of Farley. Small boil in north arm of White Canyon. In one cast I hooked a smb on the middle hook and a striper on the end hook on a spook at the same time. That has only happened once before on the San Juan arm when it was 2 stripers at the same time. The topwater action ended quickly and I switched to the walley rig and caught 17 in a row. Next found a boil on the east side of main channel about 1/2 mile below buoy 136.

Total: 1 smb; 47 stripers

PM: Wind picked up, went to left fork of White. Saw 2 fish jump but no boil. Caught 4 on spook and 7 on Walley Total: - 11 Stripers

7/28 Am - started out breezy but later became calm. Returned to left fork of White - no boils - Threw out spook anyway and caught 3, switched to Walley rig and caught 14 more. Moved to Trachyte and found boils. Fished boils with spook and when they died down switched to walley rig. Caught first walleye of trip. Fished from 7:15 until 10:25.

Total: 1 walleye; 52 Stripers

Went to Hite in the afternoon and my wife, Susan,decided she wanted to try striper fishing and bought a Utah licence.

PM: Windy - Susan and I went out on but found no boils quit after 45 min. Total: 0

7/29 AM Clear and calm. Fished from 7:15 - 10:30 Small boil off east wall of cove just before Battleship Island in White. Found larger boils in Trachyte in coves along north side in mid canyon. When topwater action died down, switched to walley rig and action continued.

Totals: Me: 6 smb; 1 walleye; 33 Stripers Susan: 12 Stripers

PM: No fishing. As this was Susan's last night on the boat, we decided to kick back and spent the evening enjoying a delightful supper and bottle of wine, and watched the sunset behind the Henry Mountians. While supper was cooking, I heard fish jumping and climed on a rock overlooking the main channel. A large boil was in full swing.

7/30 AM Took Susan back to Hite. Saw only one small boil in main channel during the trip.

PM: Found small, quick, boils in two different coves on West side of main channel between Islands and Buoy 136. Switched to walley rig as soon as topwater action stopped and catch continued. Located boil by north shore in middle of Trachyte.

Total: 2 smb; 1 walleye, 24 Stripers

Grand total for trip: me: 294 Stripers; 11 smb; 3 walleye Susan: 12 Stripers

Total combined catch: 320 Fish

All fish were caught using either a Zara Spook or Walley lure. No chumming was done. I would only fish in the morning and evening and found most were caught between 7:45 - 10:15 am and between 7:15 and 8:45 pm. Mainly, I would drive around looking for boils, on the main channel from the islands to buoy 136, up Farley, up White ( never saw any fish in the Battleship island arm of White except small boil before you got to the island) and then up Trachyte. When there were no boils to be found, if I saw at least 2 fish surface, I would stop and throw out a maximum of three times. If nothing happened, I would move on.

I bought a casting rig just for using walley lures this spring and got to really try it out this trip. Once you get the hand of fishing with them, the results are really incredible. I wore out the feathers on 3 of them this trip from all the fish that were caught.

One thing I learned this trip was that as soon as the topwater action slowed in a boil, switch to a walley rig and fish deep. I think I caught about 45% of all of the fish this trip on the walley lures.

What also surprised me about this trip was that this was a full moon period and several storms passed through during the week. Also it was a major Utah holiday week with a lot of water skiers and pleasure boaters out during the weekend. I wonder what the totals would have been like if there was no moon and the weather had been calm all week ???

Relax, DreamWeaver

Date Received: August 3, 2002 - The Wiggins Family - Paonia Colorado

I know this is late, but we were waiting on getting the pictures back. We got to Hite around 12:30 Thursday night July 25th after watching a terrific lighting show and storm for most of the drive over. First thing Friday (26th) morning I went to launch my boat and ran into two older gentlemen whom had left there boat tied to the temporary boat dock. We spent about an hour and a half turning what was left of their boat back over, gathering there stuff up, and putting it on their trailer. Being it was 7:30 already and right after a huge storm I figured the fishing would be terrible, but my two boys and I figured we would go down to Castle Butte and catch a few small mouth. On the way down we spotted a striper boil against the bank on the East side just north of Two Mile canyon. An hour and ten minutes later when the boil stopped we had 56 stripers. All of them where nice fat fish. My oldest son caught all of his on a 1/2 ounce shad colored rattle trap with blue trim. My youngest son caught his on Jr spooks in a shad color with red trim and a popping image in a bleeding shad. In between taking fish off and putting them in the live well, I managed to catch five on a Zara Spook Puppy in a metallic silver. It was the most fabulous hour of fishing that I had every seen. We went out looking for more boils that evening and where not able to locate any.

Saturday morning we got out early again and went out looking. It had rained hard off and on for most of the night. Found a small boil just into Farley on the North side caught 6 stripers. Went around looking, could not find any more. Spent the rest of the morning catching a few smallmouth. The smallmouth fishing was O. K., but not as good as usual. We caught around a dozen, using 3 and 4 inch tubes and jigs in brown and chartreuse combinations. That evening we were able to find a few sporadic boils in the middle of Trachyte. These fish were scattered and as soon as you could get to where they were you would see them over where you had came from. Managed to catch 16 stripers. Went back to camp (between the marina and the boat ramp at Hite) around dark. Caught 17 catfish before 10:30 using night crawlers and slip bobbers.

Sunday morning we went out to Trachyte again on a hunch that they would be there again. Found a good boil on the South edge of the mouth of the canyon. These fish were pushing the shad against the bank just like the first day. Caught 36 stripers in 45 minutes. Went back and got my wife and daughter so they could get in on some of the action, but could not find any boils. Skied for a while. Anchored off a couple of rocks in the mouth of White canyon on the North side so the kids could jump off rocks and swim. We decided to try and catch a few fish while eating lunch and swimming. Caught 24 cat fish using night crawlers on slip bobber rigs fishing in 12 to 20 feet of water suspending the worms at around 10 to 12 feet. Only fished from noon to 1:20.

Went back to Trachyte that evening. Kept seeing what we thought were stripers hitting the top, but they were few and far between. Kept seeing what we thought where stripers hitting the top, but they where few and far between. Once we got stopped and set for a little while we noticed what looked like drift wood everywhere we looked. The entire mouth on Trachyte Canyon was filled with carp floating around on the top of the water. If you would throw a lure towards them they would splash and go down. Did not catch any stripers, but did notice that the entire bay was filled with shad.

First thing Monday morning we where back in Trachyte again. Found a good boil against the bank on the South side again but a little more into the canyon than the day before. Caught about 30 stripers. Went back to get the wife and Daughter. Got back around 8:45 to find two other boats on the North side in a decent boil. Within a few minutes the whole bay came alive with fish. For a few minutes there was not a place in the mouth of the canyon that you could not have cast into fish. We manage to get a few fish out in the bay before they slowed down. We trolled over to within 200 yards of the other two boats to check out the action and found a good boil up against the bank away from the other fisherman. It was fast and furious for about half an hour. I told the crew that the right side live well was full and would not hold another fish. When it finally died down we followed the last few that boiled out into the bay and started flinging hammered spoons and Kastmasters at fish that we could see suspended at 25 to 50 feet. Managed to put 19 in the left live well in the next hour by this method. I had tried this many times before but had never caught any. We had agreed that we would quit fishing at noon so we could get ready to head home, so we did. When the live wells where emptied we had 86. Had we kept my daughters fish (which she insisted we throw back her fish because they where cute and she thought we had enough fish) we may have got 100? My oldest son caught the most fish using a Yozuri banana shaped lure that was bright white with an orange head. Santa had got this lure for me years ago and I had never caught anything on it before. He would catch fish when they where not surfacing. My favorite bait was a popping image in a shad color with red trim. They would come up and hit this even when they where not boiling. I think that the noise it made would trigger the fish below into thinking they where missing out on something.

Learned several things on this trip. First - my right hand live well will hold 69 stripers. Keep extra poles rigged up in case you tangle one or break off a lure. I kept at least seven ready with a variety of baits. You need a couple of poles rigged with baits that would cover the 5 to 10 foot deep range, like Rattle Traps - Wally Divers - and the banana shaped Yozuri. A couple rigged with Zara spooks regular and jrs. The regular you could throw further if you needed to, but it seemed like they would hit the smaller jr's and puppies quicker. And a couple rigged up with a popping bait like the popping image. The popping image was easier to fish with than a spook, and the popping action seemed to "call them up" if they were not surfacing at the time. I always kept a 1/2 ounce jig with a 4 inch pearl twister tail rigged up in case you needed to cast over fifty yards to one. They would hit about anything.

When we were really into fish it helps if one person quits fishing and starts handling the fish that everyone else is catching. That was easier for us than every one stumbling over each other trying to get to the live well especially when there were five of us fishing out of a 18.5 foot boat. Most of the fish were caught in the morning between 8:00 and 9:30.

Most of the stripers that I had caught in the past where skinny and barely fit to fillet. We only caught one fish that was poor, and he did not have a dorsal fin? I recommend that people keep a few of these and try bleeding them out. We have had fish three times since we returned three different ways and they have been excellent.

If you are going to keep the fish to eat yourself I highly recommend bleeding them before turning them loose in the live well or cooler. I keep a small kitchen paring knife by the live well. Pull the gill plate back on ether side and make an incision into the purplish area on the body behind the gills. The fish will die in 10 to 15 seconds. I did not keep water in the live well, just flushed it out every half an hour or so to keep the fish damp. They actually keep better if put directly on ice. Bleeding the fish also makes them easier to clean because they don't bleed when you are trying to fillet them.

We kept 212 stripers - 21 smallmouth - 8 green sunfish - 46 catfish in our four day trip. It was the best fishing that I had ever encountered

Thanks for all the helpful information. We always check out the report before we go down on a trip.

Date Received: August 9, 2002 - Eric

Ive been reading your fishing report for two years now, Great Work, I have always wanted to go try the lake out and we finally did. We arrived at Hite Marina about 6:00 PM friday Night, just as the thunder, lightning and rain hit. Being new to the lake we were a little leery of getting on the wayer, but we decided to brave it. Not knowing for sure where we were headed, we ended up in four mile canyon for camping on the boat the first night, the water and the rain was too heavy to seek out those stripers this night. So we did some cat fishing, we landed about 25 channel cat and bulls. Saturday morning we went out in search of the stripers, looking for Trachyte canton. Well maybe I'm not the greatest captain lol, we finally figured out where it was around 11:00am.

We spent the day catching a few stripers on anchovies about 30 to 40 feet deep. When the fishing slowed a bit we took a cruise around the area, what a beautiful lake it is. Came back again around 6:00 pm landed a few more stripers at the same depth. We were lucky enough to catch a small boil in trachyte. Caught a few there as well, then the weather got rough again so we headed back to a cove for camping again. All in all, we caught 21 stripers that day. Not a killing but I thought it was great. The next day we pulled up camp and headed back into Trachyte. We immediatly caught another boil, and picked up a few more stripers there. Although the boils weren't big, they were quite fun to fish and see. We caught a few more bait fishing again out in the mouth of trachyte. Ended up with 20 more for Sunday.

It wasn't quite what we hoped by reading your reports, but it was totally awesome. Now we're sitting here planning the next trip. Can't wait to get back to it, and this time I have Trachyte on the GPS lol. It was so amazing to actually watch the stripers herd the shad right on the humming bird. You could just about tell when there will be a boil on it.

We will be back soon.....Keep up the great reporting work and thanks for the invite to your lake lol.

Date Received: August 9, 2002 - Steve McBryant, Fort Collins Colorado

Spent Aug 2nd until the 8th in a small cove just southeast of Castle Butte near Blue Notch, loving our Admiral class "Mother Ship" houseboat from Halls, and taking day trips up to Hite with our two 'fighter plane' ski boats. Spent most mornings (7-10 am) out with Dave (the dedicated fisherman), and my two nephews Eric and Jeff, ages 14 and 17, who get tired of catching fish in Colorado, so we can convince them to come to Powell :) A big pot of coffee and some Lynard Skynard on the deck and we are on the hunt!!

Only had to go 100 yards towards the main channel to see stripers poised to make life a living hell for the shad, though we never fished there out of respect for our neighbors at 6:30 am ( They thanked us by doing laps around me and my neices (Jessie and Kelli) and girlfriend (Sacha) in my 12 ft Sevlor Fish Hunter while polluting the air and water with their 1100 cc Jet Ski. Those will be kicked off the lake soon, I wonder why?).

Instead, we fished the newly emerged islands west of the butte, south of the main channel. Trolled through with three-four colors of lead core (150-200 ft) tipped with either blue or red thin-fin shad lures from Rapala. Hit here and there, enough to keep things interesting, some 8-12 inch smallies, some 2-3 lb stripers, and a blue gill to keep us on our toes (amazing such a small mouth will try to eat a lure that size.

Anyway, sunday we were cruising as usual and catching a stray here and there when we saw the boiling begin 75 yards from us. Before we could start towards them they started towards us, and BAM, hits everywhere. The fishfinder was black, you could see the shad panicking, and we were pulling stripers out of the water as fast as 4 people can. I pulled in the most (6-7) with a clear and blue rattle trap shad lookalike. Makes a hell of a buzz as you jerk it through the water, really seemed to do better in the heat of the battle. 15 minutes later another boil formed 100 yards north, we tooled over and hauled in as many as we could before our arms fell off. Man may never again witness such a concerted, spirited and selfless display of teamwork as what we did that morning. Only when we already had two in the net, and two more on other rods did we fail to support our brothers in arms with the landing of our catch. By 9:30 we headed back to camp, weary from our battle but elated with our victory, to be met by our relatives and significant others, so that we could bore them with our repeated, exaggerated stories of the battle.

While I will not brag as to the exact number of our catch (there were ALOT, all round and healthy, 2-3.5 lbs), suffice it to say that with some cajun magic and Daves expert hand, we ate like kings, nay, like warriors that evening, as did those who shared our camp. And I believe that Dave will also enjoy the fruits of our labors with many nice fillets in his freezer at home.

As a post script, the boys and I often ventured out on the inflatable (the "Shrimpin' Boat")and had excellent luck pulling smallies from most every rocky point and submerged structure using small spinner baits, jig heads with 1" tubes and, yes, worms. Waynes words are words of wisdom people, heed them!!

Date Received: August 12, 2002 - Brent Prosise & Gang

Well once again we had a safe, problem free trip to Hite. This year we chose to camp, and other than the high winds late at night which made our tents sound like a flag in a hurricane, we had a great time. I have to say that the talk about boils might be overrated. We were there from Aug 2-7 and the only boil we say was in the very back of Farley canyon near the camp grounds. And I covered a lot of water looking. Our group consisted on me Brent Prosise, Don Marek, Curtis Hutchens, Ronnie Williams, Paul & Stevie Russon, Bill & Ryan Moody, and Corey Johnson. We started by going to all of our old points, drop offs, and favorite spots to find them nearly out of the water. It is amazing but the lake dropped an average of 5 inches a day at Hite. Ralph, who works at the marina sais they have to move the marina twice a week.

To get to the fishing report we cleaned 608 stripers. Only about 10 of which were schooling. The main spots where we caught fish were the very back of Farley canyon about 100 yards from the camping area. You will see a bunch of bolders sticking out of the water as you go back, that is about 35 feet and holds a lot of bait & fish.

Secondly, four mile canyon back near the island that sticks up. This area is just off the drop into the creek channel (90ft) and had more of the larger schools of fish we found. You can work this area back and forth from bank to bank and probably never need to leave. The only thing is that if you are not reading fish on your depth finder start looking around. They come and go pretty quickly.

The third area is two mile canyon. This area had some of the bigger stripers but were scattered all around. As you enter Two mile canyon you can go back about 300 yards before you will see a pile of large rocks on your right side. Stay in between these rocks and the shore to the south. You can float back and forth and find fish.

One of the helpful tips that we used when fishing is slow is to mark your line with a magic marker. I would say a majority of the fish we caught were at 60ft. The rest were probably caught reeling up. I believe the thermocline is at 60 ft because no matter where I fished I saw something at the 60 ft depth. I cant stress enough about depth finders, the better depth finders will allow you to distinguish bait from fish. Jigging spoons, jigging spoons, jigging spoons... Make sure you have plenty. We once again used spoons made from a small tackle shop names Killeen tackle. They saved the day, without them we would have had a hard time and a bunch of twisted line... If anyone wishes to get any specifics you can e-mail me at my house. but first do a search on the bulletin board from the last three years, just search for prosise...

Date Received: August 20, 2002 - TopCat

SHAD Summer Rally North!

Well by golly! See what happens when someone talks about fishin fellowship and fun? 25 folks showed up and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate! Dey musta have been fizzin real hard Sat mornin cause they all brought HUGE appetites with em.

Denn and I arrived at the lake about 7pm, stopped at the overlook on the West side and all I could say was WOW! Though I have only been to Hite about 5 times I have never seen the water so very low. You can not navigate a boat over 400 yards from the ramp going up stream! There is only a river running under the bridge and a rather small one at that.

We located a nice but a bit different place to camp just to the north of the ramp up in the rocks. And I do mean up in the rocks. Needed 4wd to safely pull the boat up the hill each time. We were visible but not real visible from the water. But I of course struck the colors so those with good eyes could locate us. Right after we arrived we did some scouting around the area, ran into Tony and John and made sure to say hello. They stayed over in the small tent and RV city that was to the south of the main ramp.

We decided that our little hilltop position would be sufficiently defensible and set up camp. Tent, big shade tent and of course the kitchen! Wandered over to say howdy to the Dorset group, which also was holding Herrin and Bevelhimer. We hung around till it was late then retired to camp. Tried to get Jack to hang in for the lunch fry time, but he had to depart.

Clark arrived at the lake around 2am or so. Could not easily locate us in the dark, then saw us in the early light of twilight, and somehow coaxed that Caddy up the same hill and joined us in our hilltop position. As it got later into the morning we awoke and noticed that Clark had indeed arrived. Arose and greeted him. We cooked up some dead pig and real young chicks. Clark did not look real well, quite pale in fact. So we sorta hung around and prepared for the noon event instead of launching and hunting stripers.

Noonish arrives and I finally noticed some of the familiar boats arriving near the ramp. So I pulled the Stars and Bars a bit closer so they could navigate to our position. Well also so they could load the many goodies brought along so they would not need to carry so much up the hill. We also meet up with others that read but don't post and of course invited them up too. Since we had not launched nor caught any fish I was a bit concerned about putting on a fish fry with no fish. Boat one come in and they had no fish, boat two and boat three the same on through boat four. I'm gittin real scared now about how this fish fry was going to happen. Then KC Ben (Bassman) showed up and he had a cooler full. A couple of more boats showed up and we had plenty of fish! In fact I think that we packed four bags full of filets at the cleaning station! The cleaning station was organized pandemonium! All thoughts of a doomed fry with folks standing around smelling a pot of hot peanut oil had now completely disappeared.

As we once again pulled to boat into the camp the crowd was gathering. We got the oil heating and mixed up the first batch of fish dipping and a batch of Hushpuppies too. Chet brought a large bag of Brats and they too found a hot pan for warming. Folks also brought some beverages, salads, breads and a pot of beans. Oh I think I mentioned appetites too. In short order the first of the fish was dropped into the hot oil and began to fill the serving tin. Nobody was eating as the tin continued to fill. Since it was close to running out of room I suggested that some folks grab a plate and dig in! The next laddle of fish entered the empty tin as more were waiting for them. The fish and puppies were flowing in and back out of the pan, the brats were nicely browned and hot, and that tin just seemed to stay empty! Mixed up the second batch of fish coating and the second bag of fish. Kept the cooking going till all had their fill! Did not have many leftovers hanging around. WOW can this bunch eat!!!!?? It was fun.

It was real neat to have had such a gathering. I met many people I have never met and got to get reacquainted with some I met way back at the first SHAD Rally on a cold windy November day in Blue Notch two years ago. I do hope that somebody was or will be able to create a list of all those that attended, I did not have folks sign up so we could sorta keep track and hopefully even identify folks in the pics. So now a request, if you were there lets hear from you.

After the crowd had departed Clark and I decided to go fishin just in case we could connect with some boils. Now my power trim went out just before this trip so I guessed at a position that would maybe work ok. I was a bit low but it was fine. Clark and I ran to Farley's the mouth, saw some of our crowd there, then went over to Striper City and joined some more of our crowd. As it got a bit later we went back to point between White and Farley. Clark picked up three fish on chovies that night; I was doomed to be skunked. There were no boils to be chased.

The following morning Clark and I headed out around 7am or so. Yeah I know early, but Clark looked much better than the day before and we wanted to try once again to locate some surface action for Stripers. We went into Farley and fished an area a couple other boats were fishing too. Nothing going. I headed over to Trachyte and the wind was blowing over there, bagged it and ran into two mile, then on the Four Mile, then decided to go to Red Canyon. We arrived at Red canyon to find the Panoia bunch, KC and the Dorset's. I figured that wherever KC was there had to be fish catchin going on so we hung out there. We managed to pick up a few fish. The others all left the area and Clark and I stuck around. Saw some Smallies on the West side of the island and went over to harass them a bit. They were very entertaining and we put 7 or 8 of them in the boat. Clark also added a small Yellow cat to the bucket. Then I noticed that right in front of this island the water depth was close to 90' and there was a HUGE school of shad hanging there. On the edges of the school were the larger echoes of the Striper guards. So I dropped a Wally lure down to them close to 60 feet, nailed one, then another. We moved back to the opening and picked up a couple more with the WL. Clark picked up some with a chovie too. At 1 we headed for the ramp, as Clark still had to drive home. We totaled up 10 stripers and 7 smallies and 1 cat for the morning.

We got back fixed lunch and Clark took off for the red rock in the South Corner of the state. The Dorset's headed out around 5 or so, and Denn and I followed soon after. I was thinking about heading back to Red, as I know those fish are still there on the West edge of that red island. But the Dorset's were at Farley so we settled down and hung in there. I was banging that spoon around and Kathy wanted sort of demanded that I show her how to catch a fish on a Wally lure. So I picked it up, dropped it over board and three pulls later KerThunk! It really was amazing but that is exactly how that happened.

Well it was boil time but these fish were not doing that sort of thing, they were sort of running along the coves heading up channel slowly day by day. Seeing some large splashes and swirls I set the electric on high and headed in that general direction. As I got near enough I would throw out the Swimmin image and managed to pick up fish now and again. Then there was a tiny boil on a point that the Dorset's were into. I joined them and picked up a few more. The fish seemed to move up channel and fishing was close to the rocks, gee dang near on them. At one particular place it was every lure being cast right at this one rock you would get hit and hit hard! The action was a fast as it could be without surface activity; I kept the swimmin image very busy, as well as Denn handling the net and unhooked fish. I ended the day with 17 stripers and two Smallies.

We finished up the evening at the Dorset's kicking back till nearly midnight. Then returned to camp and fixed dinner. Ate and crashed. Did not get up early the following morning. The Dorset's beat us on the water by a couple of hours as we were starting the packing up chores and cleaning the area too. (Dammed strange what happens to ya when you spend a week on the Trash Tracker picking up after others). We also entertained ourselves with some chipmunks that really liked us for some reason. They were very entertaining. We finally hit the water and headed to the same area we had left in the dark of night a few hours earlier. Saw a couple of fish real near the surface on the rocks and cast in there with swim bait. Bam first couple turns of the handle. I picked up two out of 5 strikes quite fast and got encouraged. Then a couple of smallies and another Striper. We moved all along the bank till we were almost into Farley's. Reversed direction and went back. During the late morning and early afternoon we managed to pick up another 10 stripers and 8 smallies. The Smallies took shallow running crank baits and grubs fished at close to 30 feet. Talked with another boat out there that had been drift fishing for a couple of hours, he said they had caught about 30 or so on chovies. Denn had two more firsts yesterday, she caught a Smallie and later in the day a Striper. The Striper really gave her a big pull and an equal thrill!

At 5 we bagged it and headed out as we still had much of camp to break and load then a pretty good drive ahead of us too. I know that if we had stayed we would have never made it home that night as the fish would have once again gotten active and been just too much fun to resist staying till well after dark again!

Totals for my boat for the three days. 40 Stripers, 17 Smallies and one Cat, oh yeah and one Bluegill too.

I do want to thank every body that came for lunch and even those that could not make the meal but were around somewhat close by anyway.

Date Received: September 3, 2002 - Eric (Farmington NM)

Just returned from the Labor day weekend up at Hite, Our second trip to The Wonderful Lake, this time with two new comers as well. They saw the stripers we caught on our last trip and just had to have me take them this go round. we planned our next trip since the return of our last a month ago. I watched the fishing reports and all i could think was this is sure going to make me look bad if i cant find them some good fishing, those reports looked pretty lean to say the least.

Well im happy to say they weren't as lean as they sounded, it may have took a little cruising to find some action, but we were successful at bouy number 132. The shad were not being graphed very heavy and the stripers were well spread out, but each morning and evening from 7:00 to 8:00 am and pm we did ok at the same spot each visit, right on the bouy.

Total catch for stripers were 80, small mouths 2, channel cat 25 and some really nice ones in there too. of course the cat and small mouth were caught while camping in Four Mile canyon.

Considering the reports, the comments by the people at the store when we bought the chovies, and the people around the lake, I think we did pretty good, Thanks again to all the people who love this lake, and thank God for the beauty of it....

Date Received: September 3, 2002 - Wayne "Perca" Crowder

Here's how the trip to Hite went this last weekend, Aug. 30-Sept.1.

We left the Hite marina about 6:45 am and headed for Four Mile canyon on Friday morning. We fished the north side of the canyon where the first point starts. We were hoping for a boil but nothing happened that morning. We did awesome on Smallies though!!!

I caught the first fish on a small spinner bait, a Large Mouth, on the first cast. I caught a smally on the second cast and then switched to top water. From then on it was Top Water Heaven for me. I used a Pop-R and fished for the next 4+ hours with it. My Brother-in-Law fished with a smaller white spinner bait the whole morning. We caught a combined 60+ fish just in Four Mile that morning. The smallies were in schools swarming each fish caught. It was amazing. We also caught a few nice Green Sunfish.

We took off about 12:30 and went to Farleys to look for a place to camp. We found a nice place and headed back to get the car and drive over and set up the camp. Later that afternoon we left and explored White canyon and fished some points out in the main channel. We headed back to Four Mile that evening and waited around for a possible boil. At 7:45 and a lot more smallies later, we headed back to Farleys and came up on a boil just before the canyon narrows.

We were only able to pull 2 out a piece before the boil ended. My bro-in-law had never seen one so he was really excited and didn't know what to do with such a big fish. His first striper was the biggest fish he has ever caught.

It was 2.5 lbs and all of the ones we caught were over 2lbs. We ended the night cleaning the fish.

We got up Saturday morning and fished Four Mile again. It was slow compared to Friday morning. We only caught about 10 each and left to go fish Two Mile. While in two mile we heard on our little radios about a boil happening just around the point of the channel heading north outside of Two Mile. We headed out but didn't find any boils. Just missed it. We fished the rest of the day just below Four Mile in the main channel with good success and in the back of While on the left side with great success. We headed back to Farleys to eat striper and rest before heading out and looking for more boils that evening. No boils, to many PWC's and water-skiers in Farleys.

Sunday morning we headed out looking for more boils and doing a lot of driving. It was a beautiful morning with over cast skies and an occasional shower. Couldn't find any boils, so we headed back to Four Mile and fished some more. Still not as good as Friday morning. We fished Two Mile and the canyon just across form White, and then the back of white again. I ended up catching the biggest bass of our trip in White. It was a 2 lb 16 inch Large Mouth Bass. We caught a lot of Green Sun fish and Smallies also. We left a 12:30 and went to pack up camp. It was a great trip but to short for me. I was hoping to stay until Monday afternoon. I will be back to Powell this fall and hope to find more Boils.

Date Received: September 18, 2002 - Marty Peterson

On our way to Hite on September 12th we saw a tornado out in the open country about halfway between Hite and Hanksville. This was around 2:30 pm. Then we endured the rain and hail that seem to follow. It continued to rain until about 5:00. The temporary ramp worked great for launching. We went out looking for fish, but mostly drove slowly around all the debris. In 4 Mile Canyon the "neck" had backed up water several feet deep and it was pouring into the lake like water over a spillway in the spring.

We caught several Stripers and Smallmouth on topwater right on the edge of the murky water there. We camped the night and in the morning caught nothing in that area. We looked around and found a boil at the mouth of White around 10am. Using topwater lures, (I don't think it would matter which brand) we caught first several Largemouths, the heaviest between 3 and 4 pounds. Then several nice Smallmouths. The boil lasted an hour or so. But produced only 2 stripers. All the fish fought well, even the small ones. As the boil ended we tried chumming some anchovies. This produced 1 more striper off a tipped jig, and several catfish.

After taking some time to filet fish and watch for the boil to reoccur we moved on toward Trachyte. Around 3 pm or so, out in the middle of the bay between White and Trachyte we noticed more boiling. Quite spread out, it also lasted a good hour. All stripers around 3 pounds but some up to around 4. These were breaking our lines. So after I lost my topwater I used a WallyLure. We hooked fish on about half our casts. Both lures worked but range increased with the 1 1/2 oz Wally with fireline. We also hooked several stripers on our second poles hanging out with anchovy tipped jigs. The fish caught on the dead poles were the biggest. We noticed a lot of activity around 45 feet down during the boils and shortly after. After this boil ended we found nothing else to speak of, the rest of the day.

The morning of the 14th we spent hunting more boils and found none. We did notice that the boat that fished the boil with us the day before catch a few stripers off the shore just outside of White where they were camped, though. Then we saw them go out trolling. We ended up seeing a few shad near the shore later up towards Hite while we were fishing for smallmouths. We caught several healthy smallies out of this area with topwater lures and also 2 stripers with tipped jigs.

Date Received: October 16, 2002 - KC Benn - Bass Man

Oct. 9th-14th: Wednesday - Arrived @ L.P. 6 PM dropped boat in and fished in Trachyte canyon @ 60 ft. water depth. Set out crappie light and caught a striper every 10 minutes. Caught 20 stripers and then went back to Farley canyon and set up camp.

Thursday-AM: Got up at first light and went looking for boils in White canyon. No striper boils, but did see two SMB boils. Caught and released multiple SMB over 12 on top-water plugs (storm chug bugs). PM-Fished Trachyte canyon waiting for an evening boil (many balls of shad were in the area) Nothing. Caught multiple SMB off points in deep water. Fished Sliders in deep water, most fish were 15-20 ft. deep. Kept 10 SMB 9-11 .

Friday-AM: Went to 2-Mile and 4-Mile canyon, looked for boils and schools of stripers, nothing. Fished 4-mile and caught multiple SMB in deep water off points. PM: boated down to Blue Notch and found my first striper boil. Most boils in Blue Notch only lasted 10-20 minutes and consisted of 15-30 healthy stripers. Caught 10 stripers. Took a friend out to Trachyte canyon for more night fishing. Got set up and realized that we had forgotten the anchovies. Boated all the way back to Farley (using my GPS and spotlight) then headed back to Trachyte. By this time it was 11 PM and we only caught 1 striper and one catfish in two hours.

Saturday-AM: Went down to Blue Notch @ first light and found another striper boil the 3 of us caught 14 stripers. Fished the shoreline South of Castle Butte and caught multiple SMB and LMB on White Buzz Baits. The Black Bass were very active and aggressive between 9 and 11 AM. I caught and released 2 LMB @ 3.5 lbs. during this time. PM --stayed in the Red Canyon Blue Notch area and caught 15 more stripers. We trolled for stripers just south of the two islands South West of Castle Butte (there were many schools of stripers in this area). Went back to Blue Notch just as the sun was setting and caught 12 more stripers in a small boil. Caught 41 stripers for the day and all of them were fat and healthy. Kept 12 SMB. That night we went out and fished Farley at night. We saw a lot of shad but only caught 1 striper in two hours.

Sunday-AM we headed back to Blue Notch at first light and got into a quick boil. Caught 5 stripers in 10 min. We then went around the corner into Red Canyon. Stopped at the Red Island and my brother in law saw a smallmouth boil. We caught multiple SMB over 12 on top water plugs (super spook jrs). We then went out and trolled South/West of Castle Butte and caught 10 more healthy stripers. ( on black & white shad Frenzys). PM: I headed back to Blue Notch and caught 12 more stripers in a 20 min. boil. I found out if you have 3 rods rigged up w/ top-water plugs you can place the striper in the bottom of the boat and while it is flipping around it will dislodge the hook while your fishing w/ the other rod. (allowing you more time to fish a quick boil).

Monday-AM: Headed straight for Blue Notch and caught 10 stripers in a 20 min. boil. Went back to the red island in Red canyon to fish for more big smallmouth when I noticed a big school of stripers next to the island. I dropped a spoon and BAM I caught a striper before the spoon even got to the bottom. I proceeded to catch 30 more stripers within the next hour. Called it a trip. I LOVE LAKE POWELL !!!! When I got back to Farley canyon another fisherman reported to me that there had been boils in Farley Canyon at first light the last two days.

Date Received: October 22, 2002 -Grant Foster

I arrived at Farley canyon for a solo trip on Monday, October 14 and ran into the 'Bassman'. He was heading home after a successful fishing trip. He gave me some pointers on where to go and what tackle to use. Thanks K.C.! I then claimed his boat parking spot since Farley is getting tight on spots to beach a boat. After the school holiday ended on tuesday, the lake emptied out and camp spots were plentiful. I went out that evening after setting up camp and started catching smallies on top water lures. In fact, all fish caught this week were either on a Sammy or a Rapala skitter pop. I tried drop shotting with senkos, real worms, jigged with single tail grubs and had success on none.

The next morning, I headed out early to Blue Notch/Red canyon in search of boils. Didn't find any, but from about 9 am to 10 am the smallies were hard NOT to catch! Eventually headed back upstream and saw my first rock slide at Powell. It was impressive to see that much rock come down and be so close. After a late lunch, I went back out fishing and once again had good luck with smallmouth, but still no boils. The next two days the fishing seemed to slow down as the moon got brighter and by Thursday, had pretty much shut off. The people I talked to at the Hite ramp said the same thing. Some of them had been out fishing at night just south of the houseboats and had good success with the stripers. I'm chicken to go out at night, so T-bone steak was on the menu.

I did have another first on this trip by catching two fish at the same time on the same lure (the sammy). Thursday morning, 4-mile canyon was the site of the only striper boil I found. It was a solo fish boil and I got him. I had been chasing carp boils all morning and wasn't sure this was a striper until the shad started jumping in the air in front of him. There is an island in the entrance to 4-mile that has deep water on the west, south and east side. On the north side of the island is a saddle of only 12 feet of water and that was where the lonely boil happened. There was a cabin cruiser anchored on the south side of the island in about 70' of water and were jigging up stripers out of the school. I tried to spoon, but had no success. There is a good sized water impoundment behind the bottleneck in 4-mile, but no way to get a boat in there. Other than fishing, I did some hiking above Farley canyon on the mesa top and got a good view of striper city. The weather was wonderful with night time lows in the upper 40's and daytime highs in the upper 70's. Didn't get the chance to use the bilge pump on the boat, but thats okay!

Date Received: November 18, 2002 - Marty Peterson

Fished out of Hite on Friday the 15th and Saturday 16th.

Although it was windy on Friday morning. But we tried spooning Main Channel area. No success. Went down to White Canyon after a few hours and spooned and used anchovies in areas out of the north wind. Caught two Sunfish on anchovies. Then we tried Trachyte. One boat caught a Striper on lead line. The other boat picked up a few Stripers on spoons and anchovies. We could see the Striper schools on our graphs but not get many to bite. We spent the evening back up near Hite. Trolled up a few more Stripers, a Smallmouth and three Walleye on silver lures and downriggers. We also talked to a boat that said they had spooned up Stripers in North Wash prior to sun up.

So we got up at 4 am Saturday and went into North Wash looking for Striper schools. Although we found some we could not entice any bites. Four other boats also came in before sun up. It did not appear that any of them caught many fish there either. We trolled most of the day and picked up another dozen or so all healthy Stripers. But only on downriggers 30 to 35 feet down. Just before dark we decided to night fish. We set up as near as possible to the areas we trolled up Stripers in and anchored and set up one boat with a green light and one with white. Near a full moon but both lights brought in shad. In four hours or so the boat with the green light caught two Stripers on anchovies and missed a few hits. The boat with the white light spooned up one Walleye. The boat with the white light was nearer to structure.

The ramp at Hite works fine for fishing boats, although it looked like a few people had a little trouble with the shallow angle. Looked like someone has done a lot of work though to make the ramp area work.

Date Received: November 20 2002 - Jerry Dawkins

Fished Nov 16 and 17 from Hite to Good Hope. Fished Hite dock area on Saturday morning and caught 7 smallmouths and 1 largemouth before heading down the lake. Down lake I found scattered striper schools in several backs of canyons. (119 back to Blue Notch) Catching them was tough though. Landed 7 stripers late Saturday afternoon. Early Sunday morning I fished a Zara Spook Jr. and had many strikes but no hookups. I could see several stripers following and then trying to grab the bait, but I just couldn't hook any. I gave up after a couple of hours and decided to try anchovies and spoons. I landed several stripers on anchovies, but none on the spoons. I found stripers in water as shallow as five feet early and out to 35 to 50 feet later. Smallmouths were caught at 20 to 35 feet dropshotting. Back at the dock I landed 2 more smallmouths and 2 largmouths before heading home. -

Date Received: November 27, 2002 -J D Rinderle

We went to Hite Friday, Nov. 23,24 and froze out the 25. Fishing was good the 23, fair the 24 and too cold to fish the 25. On Nov. 23, we caught 17 stripers that averaged over 5 pounds each. The biggest going eight pounds. These are not estimates, weighed these on a scale. On Nov. 24 a front came through and fishing got tough. We caught 6 stripers from 3 to 8 pounds. Wind started blowing Sunday night and we returned home Mon. A.M. These are the heaviest, thickest stripers we have caught sense the early 90's.

We were trolling shad imitation Wiggle Warts six colors down at 2 m.p.h. in front of the marina and at the mouth of North Wash in the main channel. We went to White Canyon and graphed a lot of fish, but fishing was poor [0].

Date Received: November 20 2002 -Dave Wallace, Wallylures L.L.C.

Sorry to be late with this report but I have been wondering how to put this together. Because I feel the fishing this time was tied to weather and moon phases I decided to address my remarks about how this affected our trip.

We arrived Friday morning (8 Nov) on the heels of a cold front. After getting settled in our trailer we headed out to fish in windy weather. Went over in North Wash to stay out of the wind. We printed lots of shad and stripers but got very few takers. Headed out about 6:30 am Sat and it was still windy and cool. Fished striper city most of the day with fish quite scattered, not schooled up. Sunday morning was bluebird like weather and we found stripers schooled up all over the bay around striper city. About 9:00 shad busts with stripers in pursuit were observed every where you looked. Brent went to his gitzit, Kirk threw his 2 oz shad minnow, Wayne, Jerry, Spud and I just kept jigging and filled the live wells. Monday was quite windy again and was hard to stay on schooled fish. Tuesday was calm and we did very well in the morning. That afternoon we went back into North Wash and found a big school of stripers and some good boils and loaded up the live wells again.

Wednesday was cold with a light wind and the new moon was really showing. Thursday, Friday were quite breezy and Saturday calm with the moon phase slowing the fishing down. Stripers were scattered and spooky and lots of anglers out trolling. Due to the high pressure system that had built up we didn't bother to go out Sunday morning.

We fished North Wash, striper city area, 2 mile, 4 mile and the Blue Notch/Red Canyon area and this was our poorest fishing with them being the smallest (12 inches ). Our group of 6 caught a total of 653 stripers, 4 walleyes and 1 smallmouth.We were surprised at the few smallies we caught but agreed it had to do with the weather pattern. Only 3 stripers were snaky or thin out of the total we caught. 95% of the stripers we caught were on the 2 oz Shad Minnow with the rest being caught on the 1 1/2 oz Shad Minnow and gitzit.