Date Received: January 5, 2003 -mike bevelhimer

We pulled into Hite about 3:00 Wednesday afternoon to clear skies, no wind, visible snow on the upper rims, almost no people, and a very ugly looking alternate launch area. The NPS guy was attempting to improve the launch area with limited success. The mud starts about 20 feet from the water and he was able to scrape it down to good surface. The mud under water was another story. It seems his attempts to move it in any direction resulted in it becoming liquified and simply running back into the areas he tried to clear. After he gave up we watched another, smaller boat, launch and decided it was do-able. Thursday morning dawned clear and cool and, after finding the Automated Permit Machine not functioning and the store not having any 2003 passes anyway, we launched about 10:00 A.M. The truck had no trouble putting in or pulling out in 4-wheel drive. However we did watch a 2 wheel drive pickup try it only to need pulling out by the NPS guy’s tractor. Our trailer stopped sinking when the boat started to float and the launch went okay. The mud pulled the brake lines nearly off the trailer when we pulled it out of the water (we later tied them back up with several pieces of parachute cord). The take-out was a near copy of putting in except (as I mentioned in the other post)the engine sucked up a fair amount of liquified mud. This was verified when we drained the block and manifolds for the trip back over the Rocky”s. It came as no surprise that the brake drums on the trailer were partially filled with mud. We were able to throw most of this out with a speedy trip up the paved road and back. I’m sure the truck would have been the same but for rear disc brakes. NOW!! On to the good stuff. We spent much of our three days collecting data for “”. I didn’t collect as much as I would have liked thanks to an operator error that nullified the first day’s collection. But about 3:00 P.M. we began trolling accross the mouths of White and Farley canyons and picked up 5 very nice fat stripers. All were just under 3 lbs. We trolled shad pattern baits with a bit of red on the bellies at 30 feet & 3 mph. I was using a Rapala down-deep “Rattlin’ Shad” and my son-in-law a Storm +20 stretch. Below is a link to a picture of a very happy son-in-law with his first striper from his first trip to Lake Powell. Day two we corrected for my operator error and fished the same area, the same way finally connecting up with a double just as light was failing. Day three we collected a bit less data and trolled more but only caught three more stripers. All the stripers could have been clones, they were so uniform in size and weight. Another wonderful trip to Lake Powell (Aren’t they all) The days were around 45 degrees with no wind or clouds and the nights were pleasant at around 25 - 30 degrees. Because of the shallow, flat nature of the area in front of the launch I’ll not go back to Hite this year except by boat from Hall’s. When the lake drops another 5 feet and the launch area gets steeper, and I might not be sucking mud into my engine, I’ll reconsider.

Date Received: January 5, 2003 - Tony Anast

We did alot of fishing at Hite. We caught 29 fat stripers, 4 big Walleye, and 2 crappie. My dad had a nice Northern Pike on, when it got to the boat it got off. I have never seen a grown man cry. What a shame. We trolled in the Hite area south of the House boats. 5 to 9 colors out with leaded line using shad raps of all kind. Silver and orange worked the best. Wonderful weather for this time of year. Can't wait till the next trip...............

Date Received: January 13, 2003 -Marty Peterson

A group of 19 anglers fished the Hite area, part of January 7th through January 10th. This first paragraph will be a summary, details follow. About 55 Stripers caught on Tuesday. 75 Wednesday, 80 Thursday, over 250 Friday. That I know of. Also a few other fish including a 27" Colorado Pike Minnow (Squawfish?) which was released. Almost every fish was caught on a small piece of anchovy on a jig head.

There was a storm on Monday the 8th. It rained in the Hite area. The ramp is now lower than the old river sediment. The Park Service has done what appears to be a remarkable job of keeping the ramp open by scooping out the mud that flows into the launch area. But rain turns the mud to slippery goo. So Tuesday when we checked in at Hite Service, we were advised that they can help us launch and the Park Service can help whomever gets stuck. We all had four wheel drive and did OK. After a couple of boats we found it was easier to pull boats off the trailers with previously launched boats than to suck the mud through the impellers backing off the trailers. Getting out after a few dry days was much easier. The Park Service could stay ahead of the mud. We were also told that a few nice fish had been caught near the mudline, trolling. The mudline is just out from the launch ramp. A few Stripers and a largemouth were caught there trolling on Tuesday. A Walleye was picked up in North Wash on Tuesday on a Wallylure. But most of the fish came out of Trachyte on anchovies.

Wednesday the 10th was a beautiful day after a night below freezing. Water temp about 50 or just under. Down at the boat dock first thing after daybreak several of us were getting ready to get out on the lake. Tom Pettengill walked over to us and said "how come no one is over fishing that boil up against the shore? Just because the Stripers are not jumping clear out of the water doesn't mean they are not actively feeding." So he jumped in his boat, drove over and started catching Stripers, near the shore a hundred yards from the dock. We joined him and caught a couple on topwater and Wallylures. He explained that when birds and coyotes are surrounding the area, something is going on even if the fish are not leaping out of the water. After that most of us spent the day searching for schools of Stripers. A few were found, but the ones that were caught came mostly out of White and Trachyte. The successful method (I am told) was to use a quarter ounce white jig with no body on light line with a small piece of anchovy. Chumming with small pieces maybe helped. I trolled a sliver Rapala and caught Stripers in Four Mile, but could not spoon or anchovy any out of the area. Others also caught a few Walleye, Crappie and Catfish. That night the Colorado Minnow Pike was caught fishing with an anchovy.

Thursday was also a nice day. We started in the area of the previous boil and caught a few. Then most of us fished White and Trachyte with anchovies and Tom went to Red Canyon I think and spooned and trolled up an assortment of fish. Our group was composed of mostly fishing club anglers and firefighters and of course the gentleman from the DWR. Those fishing club anglers and Tom really knew what they were doing. They landed about 10 fish to every one I could catch. So I had them school me. This trip, using light line or 4-6 pound leader made a difference. Jighead with no plastic body and a small piece of anchovy, watched very carefully would catch Stripers. In general the Stripers would barely indicate a hit. So by anchoring and using light line straight down out of the boat and watching the tip of the pole carefully and setting the hook at the slightest indication was the technique they found most successful. Later in the day one boat found a rock out in the channel near Striper City and took out a prop. While being towed back to Hite, a hump only nine feet deep, was found out in the main channel about a mile south of Hite. (If the water level goes down as much as expected, this will become a hazard.) With this info one boat decided to fish the area around this hump. And Stripers were caught in the 20-30 foot depth range right out in the middle of the channel. We had a heck of a fish fry that night.

Friday had a little wind and clouds. Most boats fished the hump area out in the main channel. The morning was slow fishing for firefighters and moderate for real fisherman. Those of us that had to work the next day then left. And a couple of other boats joined the group of boats left fishing out in the channel. Shortly after noon the anglers found a school in around 50 feet of water. Close to the hump. By nightfall 5 boats landed over 200 fat healthy Stripers.

Saturday morning there was rain again. I have not heard how the rest of our group did that day. The guy who found the rock with his prop, found out from the doctor that he also broke a rib. Both just a small price for good fishing. And the fishing is good enough that some of us may try to get fishing again this month. Light line, anchovies, anchoring seem to be what is working at the moment. Although that light line makes it a lot more challenging to land 3 to 5 pound healthy Stripers.

Date Received: January 30, 2003 -Marty Peterson

Quick summary of our success at Hite January 26, 27, 28: still good! We arrived late Sunday afternoon and as we walked down to the marina to pick up a rental boat, we ran into a couple coming in from the day's fishing. When asked how the fishing was they said "fantastic". They had done very well and were going to again later. And later after anchoring 10 yards away from them we would do ok too. Then Monday and Tuesday both find us in the fish for about 40 or so Stripers.

Now the details: The weather being so good was the invitation we could not resist. I called down to the Hite Marina and asked about renting one of their fishing boats. Mike (435) 684-2270, told us that the off season fishing boat rate is $50 a day. After thinking about it for a second I said see you Sunday afternoon. When we arrived he gave us some quick fishing tips, instructions on how to best run the boat and off we went. Having done well out in the main channel two weeks ago we decided to try it again. We tried to locate the shallow hump and work from there. The other boaters told us that they had hit the bottom of their motor on it. We did not find anything more shallow than about 12 feet but worked from there. Using the electric motor we looked around for schools. Found a few fish but got no bites. In a hurry we did not stay long and tried North Wash. No hits. Went over in the mud line area. Saw someone having a little trouble lauching their boat so we went over and pulled it off the trailer with a rope. Easy. But the ramp was pretty full of muck and they were launching perhaps a big 21 foot boat with 175 H.P. and a ( I think) a 9.9 H. P. trolling motor plus all the camping gear for three people. With four wheel drive they made it back out of the muck no problem with no boat on the trailer but may have needed a tow out otherwise. I would think launching and take out would be tough with two wheel drive. They got help Monday from the Marina people, to take the boat back out. It was near dark and being tired we headed back in to the Marina. At this time now there are only three boats fishing the entire Hite area. One is fishing the breakwater to the Marina. They tell us they are catching a few fish there and did the night before also. As we are unloading our boat, we watch as they catch six Stripers in a few minutes. So we ask if we can come out and join them. They said of course. We anchor about ten yards away. They continue to catch fish. We catch a couple before we break down and ask them, what does it take to catch the fish as well as you are. Just a plain worm hook with a little piece of anchovy. No weight. Just a hook on the end of the line. It worked for us and the fishing stayed good until about 8:00 pm.

Monday we started early and tried the area near the breakwater and last trips boil. Nothing. Then a half mile or so down lake we tried a spot that produced two Stripers and a Largemouth. Then back out to the main channel. We looked and looked for a decent school. Then again fishing next to the only other boat in the area, we tried to fish the school using our electric motors to hold us. Neither of us caught any. The other boat had also had a slow morning so they left to return home and just then the boat from yesterday started to get closer. When they pulled up they showed us their two large coolers full of Stripers. They told us that "Doug Miller" (our local outdoors guru) said that the fishing is good down in White Canyon. So they went down there and had some great fishing. They had told us that if they got into the fish they would come and find us. They told us the fish came from around the mouth of the canyon. We had also been told earlier that others had been catching fish around that area. We went down there and hooked one, in several hours. Dejected we went back to the main channel. That was the right move. But it took a change in methods. Being a little less energetic later in the day, when we found the school we decided to anchor. Then fishing with light line and even just a hook tied to the end of the line, we hooked several. These fish were stronger fighters and even fatter than weeks before. Our four pound lines were not always strong enough, and fishing slowed with eight pound. Neither of us had any six pound with us. About dark we headed back to the breakwater. The fish tended to be less husky there. So fishing real light tackle we caught over a dozen Stripers and a few catfish up until around eight again.

Tuesday morning we tried fishing the breakwater again. Nothing. So after about an hour we went back to the main channel. We found a school, and anchored. And had three poles going on the first cast. The fish were really biting and fighting. Until about 10:00 am when the wind blew our anchored boat off the spot and we never could really get back on. Between the two of us we hooked a Striper every ten or fifteen minutes.

When we turned the boat back in, we were sure happy that we made the trip. Renting a boat makes it quick and easy. If you do it, and cannot bring your own fish finder that you already know how to work, take the time to learn the one on the rental boat. The fish cannot be seen without being in zoom mode. There are too many bubbles. And only two of the rentals have finders, and electric motors. Also people can still rent houseboats. Renting one and just leaving it parked at the dock as a base may be a good idea. Also the Marina is allowing people to park in the slips at night to reduce the problems involved with the ramp.

Date Received: February 12, 2003 -Dan Spitzer

Three of us fished out of Hite 2/8/03 – 2/10/03. Arrived at Hite late morning on Saturday and began looking over the launching situation which was terrible. See posts on bulletin board. Thanks to the maintenance manager at the marina, who not only said we could launch behind the marina but went the step further and cleaned up the approach of rock and mud, we were able to get out on the water sometime between noon and 1:00.

The joint decision was made to fish the gravel/rock structure at the mouth of North Wash on the north side and Neil immediately hooked up with a big walleye on some sort of small soft plastic minnow he had left over from tarpon fishing in Florida. 15 minutes later I had a second walleye on a green Yamamoto tube – ¼ oz. lead head. Fishing slow was the key! The fish were caught in 8’ – 12’ of water. Nothing more so we first headed to the new rocky “stickup” just south of Hite in the main channel to graph for stripers – Zilch. We then headed to what we fondly call the islands from higher water days (Striper City) and graphed for stripers - Zilch. On to White Canyon and the battleship area to graph for stripers – Zilch. Back to the main channel rock structure and again nothing. Back to North Wash and refished the same area around the mouth – north side and into the canyon a hundred yards or so – nothing. From there we headed to the gravel areas around the southern entrance to North Wash where I picked up a Striper on the green tube. Saturday: 2 walleye and 1 striper.

Sunday we concentrated our efforts walleye fishing in North Wash. Fishing a variety of soft plastics – I couldn’t really tell you what all Neil and Rick used – but I was using the same green Yamamoto tube but more often a Yamamoto green/pepper, red flake grub on a ¼ oz. lead head. Yes, I have become a Yamamoto convert!! Before Rick left to return to Durango in mid-afternoon we had 6 more walleye caught in the areas described above. During late afternoon Neil and I had 2 more walleye and one LMB. The LMB was caught south of North Wash in a small side canyon and immediately released. The last walleye of the day was caught in gravel structure south of Hite on the west side of the channel before Farley Canyon. Sunday: 8 walleye, 1 LMB.

Monday morning Neil and I each managed a walleye on the northern shore of North Wash. Things got quiet for awhile but before leaving we headed out to the outermost gravel point in the mouth of North wash on the south side where I managed 2 more walleye. Monday: 4 walleye.

All fish were caught on soft plastics fished in 8’ – 20’ of water. SLOW was the ticket. Walleye were hitting on a slow drop or after a bait rested on the bottom for a second or two. The bite was light and the key was setting the hook after detecting the bite as there was no run by the walleye after hitting. Look for gravel associated with some larger rock or boulder structure.

The weather was perfect for February. We used a slip at the marina dock which added to the convenience of the trip.

Date Received: March 10, 2003 -Tom Hartford

We fished 3/6 through 3/9 and caught one nice striper in Trachyte Canyon, right wing all the way at the end, trolling a blue/silver rattle trap. We threw everything at them for three days and we fished Hite, Trachyte, Bullfrog, Iceberg, and even Escalante and few points in between. We didn't have the answer, but we had a lot of fun the lake looks great as always. Actually that's not the whole story; day one, while trolling, we did catch a 'Mile Marker' fish of the 'Bouyus Chainitis' species. These are really big fish, (from Idaho I think) so we clubbed it with an 8 pound downrigger ball just to wake it up then followed up with our wally lure which it swallowed whole, broke the pole and jerked out all the line before we could turn around and chase it down. We didn't get it close enough to the boat to even see how big it was, but I'm not fishing for those anymore.

Date Received: March 20, 2003 - Scott, Dusty, & Kasey Bell

I have been night fishing for stripers at Powell many times this year-(we night fish on all our lakes here in Cortez co.) but anyway we use a submersible light and start with a few fish shortly after dark then it really heats up from around 9 to 11. The best fishing has been in 35 - 50 feet of water. One trip to hite in February 2003 (after finally getting the boat thru the mud and launched ha!) I had the best night ever. It was a dark night and i caught about 12 or so before midnight then from 3 to 7 a.m. they went totally bonkers, catching them as fast as the bait was in the water, they would hit before I could flip the bail over-it was wild.I ended up catching over 300#s of fish on that one trip of 2 nights, with only 6-10 caught in the day following some of the most incredible boils I've ever seen. If you can stand the cold and wind on some nights then night fishing is definitely a great way to catch more stripers but it sure takes lots of endurance at certain times.

We have had 0 luck on full moons, even before and after full it's been bad but when it's dark or before the moon comes up it's always been good. We generally fish from hite marina south in the main channel in the winter. The boils we saw were straight out from the unloading dock at hite in the middle of December and again in the first part of January. There was only one other boat there at the time in January so we had a ball following 3 different boils all afternoon one day. In December there were several other boats so as soon as we found the boil needless to say everyone was there and it didn't last long. We planned on going again this week because of spring break but my fishing buddy (my 10 yr. old son) has the flu so maybe we'll try later and let you know how it is.

Date Received:April 1, 2003 - Mike Milburn

I went to Hite this last weekend with my boy and wife. Boat launching is still possible at the improvised ramp near the Hite marina. It is muddy and the trailers come out of the water with the greasy clay mud on them.

We found the water had cooled somewhat due to high winds and cooler air temperatures. We found the warmest water in the back of Farley's Canyon. It was 55 degrees in mid-afternoon. Main channel temperate was 41-43 degrees.

I was able to catch 10 largemouth, a few smallmouths and the big surprise, we caught about 20 nice size crappie in the warm water. Some of the crappie were 14 inches and weighed over 1 pound. I also caught one 4 pound striper that was in good condition.

I fished some of the cooler water and didn't catch a fish. It's clear the fish are seeking the warmest water around and holding there. I got nearly all the fish on a very small spinner bait with a white mariboo jig.

Date Received:March 30 & 31st - Bob & Pam Lay - Montrose, Co.

We had the best early spring fishing trip we've had in several years. We were trolling for stripers with downriggers and also flat lining. We were going 2 to 2.5 mph and caught fish to 20' deep. We fished from Farley to Good Hope and had good luck at the mouth of Farley and White Canyons. We had our best action in the main channel near 4-mile. The water was stained and was about 58 degrees in the afternoon. We had about 35 hookups and boated 26 Stripers. The fish averaged 20'' and were very fat! Also caught a couple of game wardens but turned them loose because they were too nice to keep.

Date Received:April 15, 2003 - Bass Man

Fished Hite area April 11th-13th. Friday, water temp. 54-59. Got up at first light and headed for four mile canyon. Fished 2/3 rds. of the way back W/ smoke sparkle sliders. Caught 4 SMB and 1 LMB then the bite just shut off. Headed for two mile canyon and on the way out I noticed multiple stripers just out of the mouth of four mile. Trolled for stripers W/ the new Rapala DT-16 fire-tiger. Caught 8 healthy stripers within about 60 min. Hooked one more striper and my line snapped (forgot to re-tie my lure) and I only had one DT-16 fire-tiger (my dad has always taught me to buy two of each lure). I tried the DT-10 fire-tiger but it did not work. Went to two mile and fished the front 3rd (due to someone fishing in the back of two mile). Caught and released a nice 2.5 lb. LMB. and 1 crappie. Tried the main channel about 1 mile north of two mile. Caught 5 SMB off points in deep water 15-25 ft. and 1 walleye about 1.5 lbs. 3 of the SMB were too big to keep 12-14 inches. Trolled the mouth of white canyon w/ DT-16 shad color Rap. and caught 3 stripers. Went to the back of white and saw Dan Spitzer he reported catching SMB in farley and white. Caught 10 more SMB, 1 LMB and 1 more walleye in farley. The wind started to blow and it shut the fishing down for about 3 hours. Went down lake to scourup canyon and caught a nice 3.5 lb.LMB (most all of the LMB caught this weekend were in 2 to 4 ft. of water). Fished the main channel across from the horn (North) and caught multiple SMB and two more walleye about 1.5 lbs.

April 12th. Sat, water temp. 55-60. waited until Jerry Dawkins arrived at Hite and we headed for 4 mile. Went to the back of the canyon and caught 4 SMB kept 2 and released 2. Went to two mile and caught 2 SMB. Went back to the mouth of four mile and trolled. Caught one big healthy striper. We fished scourup canyon and caught a few SMB. Fished across from the horn and caught multiple SMB. The wind started to blow so we fished West of the horn and caught multiple SMB (released 4 because they were between 12-14 inches) and caught 2 walleye one was about 3 lbs. Fished white canyon and caught a few SMB on smoke sparkle sliders and black lizards. Called it a day.

April 13th. Sun, water temp. 54-57. Jerry did not feel well so I fished in the back of white canyon for a couple of hrs. Caught and released 5 LMB between 1 and 2.5 lbs. and 2 walleye on sliders. Went back to pick up Jerry but he had already left. (I hope you feel better Jerry it was really fun fishing with you). The wind really started to blow so I went and trolled striper city with the DT-16 Shad color rap. (the DT-16 trolling actually dives to about 23 ft.) Caught and released 6 stripers trolling striper city. Went to North wash trolled the DT-10 Fire-tiger and released 4 more stripers in about 60 min. called it a day. It was a great trip but you had to work for the fish you caught. If you are not catching SMB move further away from the bank and fish the deeper water 15-25 ft. Fish really shallow water for LMB. Most LMB I caught were sitting in the shade right next to a big rock.

Date Received:April 15, 2003 - Thomas Jansen

We pulled into Hite on Friday the 11th, and started the afternoon looking for a camp spot. We were looking for somewhere to pull the truck down and down some beach camping. Launched a 21 foot Glastron out of Hite. Not a real problem getting in but a little more difficult getting out. I drove around to Farley and couldn't get the truck down to the water. Met up with the my brother and cousin in the boat and decided to take a boat ride down to Blue Notch before making the drive in only to find inaccessible. Good thing we did that. Blue Notch offers one camp spot that you can make it to by vehicle. That spot was already taken.

We loaded the boat and found a spot in Farley that was real nice. Unloaded the boat, set up camp and got about an hour in before we called it quits. No fish on Friday night. Went out on Saturday morning and trolled up 3 stripers on leaded line and a Rattletrap out three colors. This was right in front of Trachyte. Went in to Trachyte and fished 4 and 3 inch white grubs and caught another striper. My brother was set on throwing out some anchovies so we motored across the main channel and threw out some bait. Caught several stripers drifting with anchovies as well as a male walleye. The walleye hit the anchovy in 25 feet of water as the bait dragged the bottom. I had put the anchovy on a 1/8 jig that was used for smallmouth.

We then went and checked out another small canyon just north of Farley and caught a few smallmouth and one largemouth. On Sunday we again bait fished and caught several more stripers in front of Trachyte.

Called it a day with some wakeboarding in Farley. Water temps from 55-60 degrees. We totaled approx. 15 stripers. We left on Monday morning and had to get the backhoe down to get us out of the water. 4 Wheel drive wasn't enough to get the boat and trailer out of a pot hole. Another great trip to Powell and again way to much fun!!

Coming again end of May or first of June but I think Bullfrog for the next trip.

Keep up the great work!!

Date Received:April 29, 2003 - KBASS.

Arrived 4/25/03, met the Bassman, fished mouth of Four Mile caught a few stripers on Shad Raps, fishing wasn't red hot. Next morning went for small mouth tried everything in the tackle box-tubes, sliders,crankbaits,etc. caught one small walleye. Conditions were windy, water temp in the mid to high 50's in the channel, 59-60 degrees in the backs of canyons. By 10:00am started trolling mudlines at mouth of Farley and White canyons with chrome and black Walley Divers and Frenzys started catching stripers. Went farther into Farley and started catching stripers about every 15 minutes on fire tiger colored Frenzy lures trolled fast. Fishing was great on some humps and rock piles in about 30 feet of water and along the walls.

Sunday at dawn started again for small mouth but again found slow fishing. Went to the back of White caught 2 big crappie in 2 hours. Went back to Farley and caught 10 more big stripers in about 90 minutes. Fishing was tough for smallies (even had the Bassman talking to himself). Several others having the same difficulty. It will pick up when water warms a little more. Always fun meeting new people and saving shad!!! See ya on the lake .

Date Received: May 2, 2003 - Bob Wood

I fished out of Hite the 30th and 1st. The first day couldn't entice much action. 3 stipers in 4 hrs from the stained water around striper city. Thursday went on down to Good Hope. Water clear, temp 55 to 56.4. started slow again but around 10 am located a large scattered school in 24 to 32 ft of water. temp really not any higher but a good bite developed. used downrigger ball set at 20 ft so bait I used stayed probably at around 15 feet as fast as i had to go to get strikes. best bait was 4 inch plastic shad body, white with chartreuse tail at 4 to 5 mph. Was getting hooked up every 5 minutes. Fish were like footballs. Great condition. Have wonderful assortment of expensive baits, but the best one was the cheapest. They were working on the temporary ramp, adding gravel and grading so when lake rises will be good. not bad now. launched 24 ft. Carolina Skiff with no problem. Never sent in report before, hope this gets there.

Date Received: May 15, 2003 - Glenn Golen

We spent most of our time fishing White Canyon, which was our first stop Monday morning. We fished from the Battleship to the back of the canyon, picking up lots of smallies. We then moved to a little cove on the backside of the battleship, where we encountered "happy shad". Tons of them, just flittering around unscathed. But, we figured the Stripers had to be nearby. We found out on Wed. where they were. We caught good numbers of Smallies, and a couple of Walleye back there.Best baits for the Walleye was a Northland Whistler jighead with half a crawler, fished up against a shaded, steep drop in 10-20 feet. This pattern held up for Monday and Tuesday. Best for the Smallies was a green Yamamoto 3 inch curly tail, fished pretty much anywhere in 10 -20 feet of water. Went to Scorup, where we graphed TONS of shad towards the back of the Canyon. We caught some Striper throwing everything from white Spinner baits, to 1/2 oz. white/ orange bellyed Rattle traps. We also picked up a few Walleye, as well as lots of Smallies.

Tuesday, we pretty much did the same, except that before the sun hit the water, we picked up 6 quick Walleyes in White canyon in the cove in back of the Battleship. Lots of small Smallies in the usual spots. We picked up a Walleye and a few Smallies in Ticaboo, and we also marked big shad balls in the back of Ticaboo.

Wednesday, we only had a couple of hours to fish, so we decided to head back to White to try to pick up a few more Walleye. We were in for the suprise of the trip!! We got to our Walleye spot, and in the back of the Canyon 100 yards to our right, I heard the "happy shad" making some noise. But, they soon turned unhappy, as some stripers joind the party, and a boil was on!! We crept over, and 15 Stripers, 1 unlucky Walleye, and a hooked thumb later, it was over!! It lasted about 50 minutes, but it seemed like it lasted 2 minutes! The fish were so thick, that in 15 feet of water, I was getting a false bottom reading of 5 feet! My girlfriend was throwing the white Rattletrap, and I opted for topwater. After 2 topwater Stripers, my hooks were mangled, so I switched over to a Rattletrap as well. Fishing a May boil was quite a welcome suprise. The enclosed pics are of my girlfriend holding two of the Stripers, with the scene of the boil in the background. The other is the result of 50 minutes of sheer madness and chaos!! ( all good, of course!)

In summary, it was a great fishing trip, with great numbers of fish caught. Most of the fish we wound up filleting were STUFFED with shad. Any baits which resembled shad were really effective. Shad seem to really be in abundance, as we graphed them in the backs of all the canyons we visited. Fishing is great....get out and enjoy it while it lasts!!

Date Received: May 28, 2003 - Cal Evans

It was certainly a memorable Memorial Weekend at Hite. This is our ninteenth season bouyed at Hite. In that time we have seen the best and worst that mother nature can dish out. This year, however, the low water and spring runoff has created a significant challenge for the crew at Hite. The good news is that the water is coming up rapidly with spring runoff. I figured about 6 inches a day or so. The bad news is that despite the best efforts of a gallant crew at the dock, the Marina at Hite is under siege.

The course of the river swollen by runoff inflow on Friday was directly through the bouy field. When I arrived at the houseboat on Friday afternoon, half of the bouys in the bouy field were no longer visible, being pulled down by the weight of debris and mud. We just barely got our boat off of the bouy. The crew worked through the weekend to keep the grid free but despite their best efforts, most of the bouy field was under water by Monday afternoon. The bouys were being pulled down so fast that many houseboats were being pulled into the lake nose first. The attached pictures show just how severe this problem is.

At this point, all of the houseboats have been taken off of the bouy field and are moored accross the lake two coves down from North Wash. At this point, no one know the fate of the Hite Marina. The crew there deserves a lot of credit for performing dangerous and difficult work all season.

On a brighter note, the fishing was great. Weather was cooperative and fish hungry. We did well on Lucky Craft Pointer minnows and bright grubs. We were plugging the shoreline and ended up with several Walleye, SMB, a few LMB and a few stripers. We talked with two groups that were catching stripers on bait (anchovies) when they graphed them in the mouth of Trachyte and Twomile.

It will be interesting to see what the fate of the Hite Marina will be for the rest of the season.

Date Received:June 1, 2003 - Michael Heppler

My name is Michael Heppler from Grants NM. My father and I fished Powell from Wednesday May 28th through Sunday June 1st. We launched at Hite and spent most of our time fishing in White Canyon. Despite the record breaking high temps and the wildly fluctuating water temps (72-84 degrees) we had an awesome trip.

Fishing was slow in the early mornings but began to pick up around 9:00 AM. The fishing would be good till late mid day usually around 2:00 PM. We would troll a Cordell Spot and were picking up mainly stripers in the 3 to 5 pound range. We would also pick up a occasional Walleye (1 to 2 pound range).

During midday, we would anchor off of a rock pile next to a high wall. We would fish a nightcrawler floated about 3 feet below a bobber. During the heat of the day we caught a bushel full of small channel cats while eating our lunch.

At around 5:00 in the afternoon we would resume trolling. The evening fishing was the best and the fish seemed to fight a little harder than the ones caught in the AM. We also picked up a higher percentage of Walleye in the evenings.

We did not keep track of the numbers of fish caught, but I'm guessing that we averaged around 20 to 30 fish apiece every day. The stripers are healthier than I've seen them in 10 years. We only netted 3 skinny stripers. The bass fishing was non existent. We only caught 2 small mouth bass the whole trip. After a several attempts at plugging the banks, with no success we aborted this technique and returned to productive fishing.

I didn't take my camera or I would have attached some pics. Large fish of the trip was a 5 pound 8 oz. Striper. Large Walleye was 3 pound 6 oz. We only got into 1 small boil, which only lasted for 3 or 4 minutes.

The shad are still spawning and it looks like the stripers are not schooling yet either. I thing the best fishing is yet to come, if you can find clean water to fish in on the Colorado.

Date Received: June 6, 2003 - Jerry Dawkins

Fish report for May 11-14, 2003.

I got to Hite Sunday afternoon and before I got out, I talked with other fisherman who were leaving and they said the fishing was spotty. I went into North Wash for a couple of hours. Fishing was pretty slow. I caught 1 nice largemouth and several smallies. Then I went down to Farley's. There were huge schools of shad and stripers too. Shad were happily jumping around. I threw topwater baits until it got dark with no success. I stayed until 11:30 pm, fishing with anchovies and underwater light. The shad didn't come in like they usually do with the light and I only caught 5 stripers.

My wife Heather made it down later that night and we didn't get out until 9:00 am Monday morning. We slowly worked our way down the lake stopping at several spots along the way. Fishing was still pretty spotty. We would catch a smallmouth or two and move on. Ticaboo also had lots of "happy shad" and I caught 1 striper in less that a foot of water on a smoke sparkle slider. It was pretty cool to see that striper come out of nowhere and slam that grub and then fight him right next to the boat in that shallow water. We caught a few more smallmouths and moved on. When then found shad, stripers and smallmouths in the back of some of the canyons and coves down around Ticaboo. We boated four stripers and many smallmouths on white grubs before heading back uplake to Farleys to night fish. Night fishing was a bust. We only caught 1 catfish.

Tuesday morning was cloudier and cooler. Fishing was still spotty early. We fished Farley, Trachyte and Scorup before I had to take Heather back to the dock. Heather had to leave so I fueled up and headed back down to Good Hope area again. When I got in the back of one cove I immediately saw stripers pushing shad up and down the bank. I tied on a white bottom Zara spook Jr and had a blast. I boated about 20 stripers and too many smallmouths to count until dark. Tried night fishing again with the same lousy results. Wednesday morning before I got out of the tent I could here the sounds of stripers pushing the shad up and down the bank again. I caught more stripers and smallmouths on topwater baits including a white buzz bait until about 9:00. This time the fish weren't in the very back of the canyons but a third of the way out. Fished for walleye until noon and caught 3 before packing up camp and heading back to Hite.

It was great fishing topwater so early in the year! I can't wait to get back down there!!!-

Date Received: July 7, 2003 - Phil Roundy

We fished for one day and caught 84 stripers between the four of us. All of them were fat and healthy. All around 20 to 25 inches. Caught between Hite and Farley's.

Date Received: July 29, 2003 -Charles Fausett

We put in at Hite in the middle of a downpour on Sunday evening. Launching ramp is in good condition. Couldn't do any evening fishing due to weather. Started out next morning at Good Hope Bay, and got into a large boil that lasted about 30 minutes. Caught the majority of our trips fish out of this boil. We used castmasters for most of the fish. I need to emphasize that proper equipment needs to be used, as my guests brought only their light trout poles with 6-8 lb. test line, and missed most of the large boil repairing broken lines. Boils lasted all day, but most were very short, about 30 seconds to 1 minute duration. Very hard to get on to if you weren't right there. Best boils were around the Horn and 4 mile canyon in main channel. They were also very random, and no pattern could be figured out so you could set yourself up for the next rise. Also, some boils were very picky about what they'd hit, some loved the castmasters and some only topwater stuff.

Date Received: July 30, 2003 - Mike Schwartz, Golden, CO

Just got back from 3 days out of Hite and had some tremendous fishing, especially Saturday night. Fished an 8 weight and caught about two dozen fish with it on Saturday night, I like the stripers on the fly! Also fished conventional and caught about 125 more between myself and a friend. Thanks for the info and the site.

The details: Fished from the back of Farleys to the mouth of Red. Fish were smaller than those caught in Bullfrog last month. Bullfrog fish averaged almost 3 pounds and the uplake fish averaged about 2. We arrived last Thursday afternoon and had a great evening bite in front of what used to be the islands across from Farley/White entrances. The boils were very short lived and boat shy. Sometimes full sized topwater plugs worked and with other schools we had to downsize. Friday brought wind and both the morning and evening bite were a bit slower. There was a huge school at the mouth of Red but a lot of boats without trolling motors sent us back uplake. Saturday was amazing. The bite was prolific with the schools staying up longer and being less boat shy. The better morning bite was just a bit downlake of Trachyte and on the right side of the lake if you were heading downlake from Hite. The afternoon bite was good there too, with the evening to dark bite being best out in front of the islands to across the channel (as opposed to towards Farley/White). Saturday night it was flat calm and we found ourselves the only boat out there towards dark.

Fish would take a large popper on the fly on Saturday night but not on Sunday morning. I went subsurface about 4" with a crystal flash type clouser minnow and had great luck. The shad are still very small ranging in size from about 3/8" to 5/8". Many times the slurping was occuring in conjunction with boiling or sometimes even alternating. I'm hoping that the shad hold out long enough to grow and that the boils continue for another few weeks as I would like to return towards the end of August.

Date Received: July 31, 2003 -Tim Kelley

Well our trip did not go without incident! Arrived at Hite at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. Went to launch the boat, and no electrical power for the power lift, and trim! Had no problems three weeks earlier at Wahweap! Started checking fuses and grounds to no avail! A young man at the Marina (no maintenace man that day-figures) gave me a battery tester, and sure enough my cranking battery was gone!

After driving all the way to Ticaboo, and back to get a new one, and by the time we got it installed it was way late, but I told Chris lets go for it! We cruised into the big bay in front of White canyon to see about 15 boats fishing the boils about 7:30 p.m. We held back to get to some that came up closer to us so as not to step on anyone's toes as we were the late comers, and for an hours fishing we pulled out ten fish. They were pretty short lasting boils at that point I think they were boat shy!

Got up early the next morning, and headed into the same bay boils were there but they were real spooky, so we decided to head around the corner to 2 mile! As soon as we got around the corner there were boils all over the place! We worked that area for a couple of hours, and Jack(Hot Wheels) joined up with us to harass the stripers. Chris and I left Jack to this group, and headed to 4 mile whwere we spent the rest of the morning chasing one boil! We had the cooler filled by 12:30 and decided to head back in to clean them, and get some more ice! Headed back out to find Hot Wheels and hit a huge boil in the bay in front of White canyon, and got ten out of there fairly fast!

Finally headed back around to find Jack to find him with boat problems could not start his motor. At that point I opted to tug Jack back to Hite to end the day, but Chris and I still ended up with around 50 stripers!

Went out Monday and headed over towards 4 mile to see if we could find that monster boil again! Nothing happening there in the morning, went cruising a little farther towards the horn and started getting into smaller boils there! Jack caught up with us there after switching batteries around, and working on his engine! We worked this area until it slowed down, then Chris and I left Jack and started cruising back over to White! On the way we came across a good boil just across from 2 mile, and started chasing it in the middle of the channel this boil hooked up with another big boil, and it became the mother of all boils LOL, and we chased this boil for over a mile, and for about two hours! I think at one point there was a thousand fish feeding at once!

I got several multi hook ups, and we had fish flooping around on the boat all the time! One or the other of us would stay on the trolling motor at all times to keep with the boil! Got a picture of Jack after he caught one from a boil! The last day Tuesday we only went out for a couple of hours, and did best between 4 mile and the Horn, and we had 22 stripers out of there! Got a couple of boil pictures, and a couple of our last cooler full, but I did not do a lot of picture taking-I am sorry for that! Also included are pictures of them moving Hite down the lake!

Date Received: August 1, 2003 -Richard Hay Aurora, Colo.

Our original journey to Lake Powell was going to be the weekend of July 19th 2003. But the reports on Wayne's Words just didn't look that promising. The next week things changed. The fishing report said, "You will catch fish so be prepared". All I can say is Wayne you were right on that, like a hobo on a bologna sandwich. While many of our group had fished for stripers at Powell on prior trips, only a couple had ever experienced the excitement of fishing boils. You cannot compare the adrenaline rush of being right in the middle of a bunch of boiling, feeding, shad shredding stripers. Now it will be hard to go back to the old drowning an anchovy at forty to sixty feet deep.

We arrived the night of July 24th at Hite and fished Friday the 25th and Saturday 26th. We fished south of Hite just south of White Canyon. Friday the action was good (landed 30). While following behind one of the other boats, the keen eyes of my son caught a boil in process right in the wake of the preceding boat. We coasted to a stop and proceeded to catch about a dozen stripers.

Saturday about 3:00 p.m. all HE** broke loose. Stripers were boiling all around us some lasting a minute or two others longer. We ended up catching about 50 stripers all in great shape and running between 3 to 5 lbs. Top water baits like zara spooks worked the best for us. I heard plenty of comments like "This is the best fishing I have ever had" coming from a group of pretty seasoned fishermen. Another great trip to Lake Powell with perfect timing aided by Wayne's Words. Can't wait to get back in mid to late September. Thanks from 7 happy fishermen from Aurora Colorado and 1 sort of happy fisherman from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Date Received: August 4, 2003 - Quent and Ernie

Aug 1-3

Boated up Lake from State Line Boat Ramp watching for boils along the way. No reason to get the pole out until buoy 125 and higher. Small boils all day long from there up to Hite. The wind and wave action really regulated which areas were fishable. Most boils were of the up and down type and really hard to fish more than one cast. Waiting them out in an area worked until the boil size was about a third of the first one seen and then it wasn't worth chasing anymore as they were on to us at that point. Did have luck watching for patterns (swimming direction) or trying to have other boats chase the fish toward our boat and caught a few fish that way.

Our best luck was the two hours before dark as the boils tended to stay together and were feeding hard. At that time they weren't really worried about anything and we could get two or three casts into the boil if we didn't hook up. We fished buoy 130 area during the day as there were boils all day long. On the way to Hite friday night I noticed a group of boats at four mile canyon in the main channel and decided to watch that on saturday. That turned out to be our best area on saturday as we caught 10 fish in one area in about 15 minutes on the way to camp at Hite. The fish also came up again sunday morning and we had some good boils but not a lot of interest in the lures.

Total of about 40 fish caught in two days and we worked for them all day long.

Observations of trip:

-DON'T boat full power into a boil as you won't catch a fish and you are just using gas

-Make sure to keep you line tight by casting at a 45 degree angle into a boil or you are wasting your time trying.

-Pattern boils by seeing where they are working and try and get where they are going instead of running to where they are.

-Stop chasing the boil after it has decreased in size by 2/3 as they are boat smart

-Only lures working were 3 in floaters that stayed within one foot of surface, fish wanted nothing with heavy lures or divers

-Watch choppy areas as boils in small waves were easy to fish and didn't mind the boat as much

-To the guy fly fishing better luck next time!

-Nice talking to everyone up there from the board!

-Watch what everyone is doing and don't do it if they aren't catching!

Date Received: August 7, 2003 - Larry Millhouse

Fished out of Hite one day, Aug 9th. Tough fishing. There were plenty of small boils all over the area from 4-mile to Farley. Picked up our first fish in White very early, then another 9 more by 10am before we ran into Dan Spitzer and his wife. We just "chased" the boils. The fish were only up for about a minute to 90 seconds, so it was tough getting to them. But, if you could stay in the area and anticipate where they would be next, Bingo! a Double!

Only need two lures, a silver and chrome Zara Puppy, and a silver kastmaster. I did lose a Frenzie topwater on my first cast with it. Line just broke. It never did pop back up. Did not mash the barbs on that one, but I did on the Puppy. That worked well and didn't hook the net, or me.

We caught 22 stripers, 2 smallmouth (small), and 1 largemouth (9-inches) in 12 hours of fishing.

Date Received: August 11, 2003 - Robert

Jon, Gar and I had a great trip to Hite last week. We boated close to a hundred fish in three days. Found boils from mile marker 139 down to the horn, the most reliable places were from the mouth of white to four mile. Had great time and we are planning to come down more often. Thanks

Date Received: August 19, 2003 - Terry Christensen (TopCat)

Dateline Aug 16-17 03

Weather, Cloudy, completly overcast. Temp 88

Winds, were kicking up a pretty consistent 8-10" chop.

Launched at Bullfrog Sat about noon.

Destination was intended to be White Canyon as that is where we left off two weeks ago.

Messed around a bit on the way and forayed into Ticaboo and Red Canyon. Wind was kicking the surface up ar around 8-10" Continued on to White.

Arrived White canyon right at 1:30. wind was still blowing surff a bit, located some areas tht were protected. The fish came up right on cue for their 2pm snack! We nailed several right in the back of the main chennel for white. Noticed what appeared to be one or two fish splashing in the windless eve of a cliff. Wandered over and nailed that one! Another got away. big! Big guide points earned for that!

Moved past the opening and a couple more groups of fish came up, we picked up a few more.

Afternoon lull sets in, we wandered oput into Striper city there were a few scatttered boils. Decided it was munch time for us. Crackers, hard meats and cheese. And of course right in the middle our lunch, the Stripers wanted another snack. We watched them this time. Headed back into White Canyon hoping for some more action, none was found.

6PM we headed out of White running along the North shore. Eagle Eye Denn, caught a group as we rean over the top of them. We shut down and turned around. Well this is what we had run so long for! The surface erupted all around us. One could not throw a wrong direction! We should have had 20 or 30 fish from that one boil as it stayed up and very active for a full 20 minutes. We did ok on TopWaters, Zpook Jr, Spiting image and a sammy, nearly destroyed by now from Teeth!

When that one went down we moved toward the mouth of the canyon, only got a couple hundred yards when it started again! This time they only stayed up 10 minutes.

Looked at the cockpit of the boat and it was for sure time to cooler some fish! Not to mention I had three laying there with three lures and I was holding pole #4. Yes three fish in three casts with three different poles and three different baits too! Cooler loading was really doing well. We kept pulling the ice from under the fish and rearranging the fish to maximize space. Had no idea of a count.

Noticed the group moved across the channel, so we followed suit. Picked up a few more when "Gold Cup" said the cooler is full! WHAT????? We loooked and it was no lie! Less than a single bag of cubed ice and FISH!!!!

It was 7:40PM.

We battened down, and headed for Bullfrog. Trip took 1:15 with one short stop to mount the lights for the dark side of the trip. It was getting challenging dodging skiers in the dark!

Sunday, launched about 11 AM. Eventual destination was once again Hite.

Weather, Blue Bird! Three small clouds someplace in the sky, could nt see them at 11. Temp over 90 and headed up. Headed out of BF bay and just as we entered the narrows, on the left side of the channel! Ka boom fish all over. We picked up a quick pair to start the day. This group did not come back up so we motored on.

Did not notice any new rock spalls along the walls north of Moki, but the channel was rather full of boat chop along there too. Makes it a bit more difficult to see everything there is to see and notice.

Just north of Hansen creek we saw another boil. Stopped and picked up another couple of fish! Big fish! Well ok not huge, but nice fish for sure. Worked three seperate boils there for 40 minutes, then headed on north. Just south of Warm Springs canyon we got int more boils. There were other boats working some of them and others that appeared to be stalking out looking for them too.

We kept at these for over an hour, and was consuming too much fuel for comfort and eventually headed to points North where they "SHOULD" be back again. Water was very calm and we boogied North. White Canyon was devoid of life today. Once again just as we started eating, we saw a large boil in the mouth of the Canyon, moved into the general direction, they went down and did not come back up. It was not until 7pm we finally started seeing chaseable boils in White. Had a tough time today keeping them buttoned up. Lost a lot of fish due to poor hookups.

7:30 we slowly headed back towards BF looking for boils along the way. Ran into some in front of Striper city, picked up a few more fish there. Then they took off. And so did we. Arrived North of Warm Springs and several boats were working the channel, we joined them when a boil came up at our spot. Missed all these fish. At any rate, dark thrity was approaching and we finally blasted off for a no more stop run to the bay. Arrived at the ramp at 8:55pm. Yes it's dark by then.

Fish results.

Sat 29 Stripers one smallie Stripers ran from 2.5" one of those, to 22". Most fish were right at the 21.5" length. Weights from 2.8 to 3.6 lbs. Gee they sure looked like 5 pounders! But I can't flip a 5lb fish into the boat! These fish were solid, every one of them. Strong healthy and put up a great fight!

Sun. 11 Stripers one smallie. Most of these fish came from the middle of the trip around Warm Springs. BTW, Gold Cup and Denn kicked my arse today! Must a been some sort of revenge I suppose. These fish I did not weigh or measure. But they pretty much were copies of the day's previous fish, possible a little heavier, they sure felt like it.

Needless to say we had a great trip. Numbers could have been better, but that will come with practice and larger fish. The SHAD we noticed have grown a full half inch in two weeks. They are now about 1.25-1.5 inches. Did not measure, but did take note of it.

Oh I can hardly wait till next Catchin trip!

Date Received: October 20, 2003 -Cal Evans

As long time North End house boaters, we still have our boat at Hite. We had a long day on Wed, 15th, putting in the bass boat at Hall's and boating 37 miles upstream to Hite. Logistics of taking all of our gas etc. was daunting. It was worth the effort however. Not a whisper of wind for 4 days and fishing was great just about wherever we tried. We fished favorite spots from Hite down to Good Hope Bay with good luck everywhere.

Threadfin shad were plentiful all over and were especially evident in the backs of canyons. As expected, we caught good numbers of SMB. The average size was about 12". Very nice fish in great condition. Our best lures for smallies were Yamamoto 3" single tail 1/4 oz jighead in colors #156 and #239. We consistently used Smelly Jelly with the jigs which seemed to make a difference. Smallies were also going crazy over Lucky Craft neutral bouyancy Pointer 100 minnows (Pearl Ayu color) and Sammy 100 topwater lures (Ghost color).

We caught several Stripers about 20' deep as we fished the shoreline. We caught all of them on jigs just as the jig would reach its deepest depth before we reeled in for the next cast. We saw no Stripers feeding on top during our entire trip.

The real surprise was the numbers of LMB. About 25% of the bass we caught were LMB. They responded well to Sammys on top and the Pointer minnow. If you use the Pointer, don't be afraid to jerk then let it sit for up to five seconds. I had many LMB hit while the lure was still in the water. They weren't monsters but nice sized. We caught more LMB this trip than I have in the last several years combined. As you can see in the picture, we also found a Crappie hole. Pulled several out of the same hole with the 156 color Yamamoto (they seemed to be particular).

Cat fishing was great off the back of the houseboat. The cats seem to be growing well in recent years and are now a lot of fun to catch and make excellent fish tacos!

As far as launching goes, things are grim on the North end. I talked with one guy putting in a 14' Lund with a 25hp motor at the ramp on the Colorado River where the river runners take out. This is not for the faint of heart! Launching into moving water is a trick few boaters should attempt. To get back to the ramp, one must boat back up the Colorado River about a mile. This reminds me of launching at Clay Hills Crossing 25 years ago into the moving San Juan River. We got stuck on more than one sandbar on our way back up the river to our car. We were young and dumb and didn't know how dangerous it was.

There were also people launching some boats in Farley. We boated up to take a look. There were several people that had launched from the old road that now runs into the water on the South side of a wash that is hard slickrock about 15' deep and 25' wide. The road is barely one car length wide and soft. The water is 1-2ft deep out to about 15' from where the road runs into the water. Again, there were some brave souls that had launched small aluminum boats or kayaks there. To back your rig down that road without falling off the edge would take a high degree of skill, not to mention nerves of steel. If you got stuck, it could be a while before somebody came along to pull you out. Individuals with a small boats that can be dragged to the water could certainly use this launch site.

We saw 4 or 5 other boats in 4 days. If you like solitude, great weather and good fishing, give it a try.