Date Received: April 30, 2004 - Bill Bradwisch

We caught 11 keeper smallees in about 2 hours of messing around. Next morning we went up past Red Canyon and trolled along a couple islands above mm 126 and caught 9 stripers from 4 ½ to 3 ½ all real fat. Lots of fish on graph. They hit best that morning on a Storm brown trout thunderstick deep diver. In the afternoon we fished for smallmouth again and got 6 more. Much slower. Tom P. and Rick had gone up to Farleys Cyn and caught walleye, stripers and a couple smallmouth. They fished mainly for striper and walleye. Clay & Lowell caught a few stripers in Red Cyn. as did Tom A. Sunday morning all headed up to islands that Bob and I had caught them by and Bob and I caught another 6. Tom A. caught 3 there and then went into Red Cyn and ended up with 7. Those in Red Canyon were smaller fish. Tom and others went up to Farleys Cyn and did fair. Bob and I were cooks that day so didn't go as far as others and tried for smallmouth again Sunday afternoon. Caught a few small fish, but nothing big and not many numbers. The other guys all did well farther up on walleye and stripers best fishing in White Cyn. along wall. Monday morning Bob and I went up to our spot and caught 4 more nice stripers, lost two good fish and had several others just wack the lures. Graph shows lots and lots of fish in 12 to 25 feet of water.

Another good lure was the clown colored deep diver. I think Pettengill had one that had a rattle in it that seemed to make a big difference.

That's about it. Biggest "weighed" striper was 5 lbs. and I had one smallee at 1 ½ lbs which was the biggest I saw in camp. Most walleye around 1 1/4 lbs. Think Tom and Rich ended up with 18 and Clay and Lowell had 3 and Tom A. had 2. Most of them caught above where Bob and I fished.

Date Received: May 8, 2004 - Ralph Johnston

Caught in May, 23 pounds - 36" long - 24" girth. Caught just North of the mouth of 7 mile Canyon.

Date Received: May 27, 2004 - Darrel Lowder, Durango, CO

Last week my buddies and I spent it fishing during the hours of 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Each day the wind blew approximately 10 to 15 miles per hour. The skies we're blue with some overcast from time to time. The water temp was in the high sixties and clear. These conditions made it very hard to finesse fish with artificial lures. Also, your report was correct, we could not get the stripers to take anchovies!

We we're shored with our houseboat in Good Hope Bay and spent most of the time fishing Seven Mile and Warm Springs Canyons. Last Wednesday the father and son team of our party split ways to fish differently. The father, John Johnston, went striper fishing and the son, Chad Johnston went Smally and Walleye fishing. Both father and son are from Denver, CO. Approximately, at the same time John caught a 36 inch, 23 pound striper and Chad caught a 3 pound (forgot to measure for length) Walleye in different locations south of Good Hope Bay. Both are pictured below.

John was trolling the broken back white and redheaded rapalla like plug behind his 23 foot Regal boat without weights. I suspect it was deep diving at the slow pace about 10 to 13 feet. He caught the 23 pounder late morning. Hope this helps!

Even with the fishing being spotty the worst day on the lake was far better than the best day at work.

Date Received: June 7, 2004- Dale Eichel

May 20th through May 23rd 2004

John, Jerry, Ed, Paul, Dale, Arnold, and Neil from Broomfield Co.

Left Halls on the 20th and camped in the back of Red Canyon. We were able to get back a bit from Blue Notch in a very sheltered moring where we camped and eventually fished for most of the trip. The depth in Red Canyon was about 65ft. But even in that 65ft. deep water we encountered the 3 to 4 foot deep abrupt spots. Lake level at that time was 3585. We caught many Stripers and Walleye, with the Stripers averaging 5lbs. and Walleye a bit smaller but very healthy. These are the best fish I have seen in 4 years.

Fishing in the morning was the south shore of Good hope and in the evening in the back of Red Canyon. 90% of the fish we caught was in the evening. Most likely due to our late breakfasts.

John here has one of the stringers. We had several but with the fish at 5lb. a piece, it starts to get heavy and you can't double up on the stringer hooks.

I thought I would give more information than any previous postings and include the lures that we used in the morning and the evening. So these are the morning lures or colors of these shades. Deep divers of around 20 th 30 feet. Dragging across shallow points of 10 to 15ft depths. Water Temp was 69 to 70 F.

The evening lures were green and black. Evening being after 6:00 PM. These are some of the colors but the hotest were these 2.

As an additional piece of information I thought I would give you an exact view of our trolling from Good Hope to Red Canyon with the morning fish on the south end of Good Hope and the Evening fish in the back of Red Canyon.

Date Received: July 12, 2004 - Don Schuster

Just came back from 4 days on the lake, fished from mile marker 102 up to the mouth of Knowles.

Smallmouth caught on the main channel around islands and small unnamed side canyons ending in a tight crevice. White grubs fished slowly were generally picked up on the fall. Very subtle hits, had to pay close attention for a slight change in the free fall and set the hook. Seemed to be in the 15 foot deep range for most hits.

Striper boils were happening as in your lower lake report. Saw one right at the marker at the entrance to Forgotten. Similar to your report on the 8th, I had one erupt all around the boat. Caught no fish out of this one even though I had several reliable boil baits on including white grubs, shad raps and rattle traps. Very frustrating! Will try to go to much smaller baits as suggested on my next visit. Did catch others on the fringes of other boils. Most of the larger 3-4 pound fish could not be released as they went belly up from the fight. Several boils about ¾’s of the way in to Forgotten either early or late but disappeared after boat traffic picked up.

Date Received: July 12, 2004 - Scott Parry

Spent the 8th through the 11th on the Lake. Put in at Bullfrog and camped in Cedar and Warm Spring Canyons. Spent most of our time skiing but we would stop fish the boils when we saw them. We saw boils from mile marker 95 up to right before Good Hope Bay between 9:30am and 2:30pm and then again from 7:30pm until dark. Very sporatic but we did see enough boils to keep us always on the look out.

On Friday the 9th we were making a run to Halls Marina at 1:30pm, between Forgotten Canyon and Hansen Creek we saw four boils and were about to catch two Stripers even with many boats going back and forth around us.

Went out in the channel just in front of Cedar Canyon on Saturday night to watch the Sunset, we had just stopped and had a boil start about five feet in front of us. Caught one before that boil stopped.

We caught all of our fish on 5/8oz Silver KastMasters with 4 pound test line and light weight poles. The fish we caught were all in the 3 to 4 pound range and we had a great time fighting those fish on light takle.

We had a great time ski-fishing the Lake! Who says you can't have it all?

Date Received: July 13, 2004 - Dan Spitzer

Subject: Fishing report, 7/9/04 - 7/12/04

We launched from Hall’s Friday around 7:00 a.m. on 1 ½ hours sleep. Headed uplake hoping to find a camping spot on the main channel around Cedar Canyon. We saw the first boil just up-lake from Forgotten on the way to find a camping spot. There was absolutely no way to get fishing tackle out and rigged while loaded up with camping gear. We do set up a nice and comfortable camp!

Once camp was set up, I rigged rods and we headed out, tired, but knowing that a few fish meant supper that night. By this time the wind had come up which pretty much shuts down the boils. We did manage enough SMB, in the size range 12” and under, that we quickly met our eating needs. The fish were caught on Yammy grubs. My most productive color was smoke with large silver flakes. No stripers on Friday. We quit early and went to bed early.

Saturday morning we headed down-lake and before long noticed another boat in mid-channel. We soon realized that they were into a boil and so we began our stealthy approach. Before long the entire channel between Forgotten and Knowles had sporadic, short-lived, but regular boils. I used a Sammy 115 while Gloria alternated between a Storm minnow and Spit’n Image. Getting close enough to be in Gloria’s casting range proved to be problem at times but we both managed fish. Most fish were in the 2 -5 lb. range and healthy. Boat traffic became a definite problem as the morning wore on. We found boiling stripers up near Cedar/Warm Spring and caught some more before the wind came up and once again shut down the boils. Between swimming, and sitting under the shade of the boat top which goes up around noon, we passed the afternoon. I did drift and fish Tapestry Wall which is loaded with SMB and green sunfish. With the wind blowing until the last hour of light we once again called it a day, had our usual fish fry, and went to bed. Frying fish was more of a problem than it should have been as yours truly had forgotten the camp stove. Rounding up scarce fire wood and frying fish over a camp fire became a 4 night routine!

Sunday morning was windy. We saw no boils. Sunday evening stripers began boiling just off our camping spot and we joined 2 other boats for some fast action. These stripers were mixed in size. Gloria caught 2 quick 12” stripers on a Storm minnow and my thinking was that we were into a school of 12” stripers only. Initially the Sammy I had rigged was ignored. Since I had “upsized” a couple of other rods the only thing small I had was a grub on a ML rod and 8lb. test line – it worked – but my first fish was in the 5 lb. range. So was the second. I switched to the Sammy and caught a 12” striper. The stripers were hungry and out for revenge since we had eaten some of their cousins a ½ hour before. The smaller baits worked best. The boil(s) was steady but not very organized as it was spread out with some fish in almost any direction but no real central focus. We found that by casting in the vicinity of a last seen swirl we would often get bit.

Monday – my memory is already failing! When we got some semblance of flat water we could find boiling stripers – time of day not withstanding. One such boil was in the main channel between Cedar and Warm Spring and I have to report the courtesy of some which was not the norm for the weekend. As we approached the boil, a young lady blasting around on a PWC just outside Warm Spring noticed us with fishing rods in hand and stayed close to shore in obvious acknowledgment of our chasing that boil When we left she headed out into the main channel. Thank you. During this same series of boils, a houseboat heading up-lake very noticeably veered well around us while we were fishing. Again, thank you to another unknown but courteous person(s).

We brought home plenty of striper fillets this trip and look forward to some good eating in the near future. And, speaking of eating, try marinating striper fillets in soy sauce, Frank’s hot sauce and honey. Grill in a fish basket over a hot BBQ.

Date Received: July 26, 2004 -Tracy Haze

Just got back from little more than a week at Good Hope. The week started out very slow. We have caught lots of stripers in Red Canyon in years past but never saw a boil this year. Trolling was not effective there either. We finally saw a boil start up along the fingers directly across Good Hope from the north edge of Ticaboo Canyon on Thursday. The boils started around 10:00 am and continued until around noon. Each boil lasts only a short time but the direction of travel is easy to determine so you can get ahead of them.

As we traveled back toward Bullfrog we saw many more boils as we moved south and Bullfrog bay seemed to be one large boil.

While fishing in the mouth of Red Canyon we saw boats on two days run aground on the shallows that project out into Good Hope from the north corner of Red Canyon. Please advise your readers to use their depth finders while boating up there and to be careful.

Date Received: July 26, 2004 - Chet Garling and Ryan Smith

We went uplake past Cedar which was very crowded found a campsite on main channel around mm 117. Arrived late the 22nd - one catfish.

23rd Went looking for boils and found one about 7-7:30 A.M. at the pump out station at the south end of Good Hope Bay. We encountered two boils and pulled out 12 somewhat smaller and some skinny stripers(2-3 lb) Rest of day spent trolling in shade and seeing some slurps along walls.

24th went back to previous day boils and found none nor could we mark stripers tough day 8 fish.

25th found boils in the southeast corner of Good Hope bay very boat shy another tough day 16 fish. 26th Left camp at 6 and covered all of Good Hope Bay to no avail went back to camp to pack up and there were two boats in front of our camp finishing up fishing a boil. We started jigging them up good last morning 37 fish before leaving around 10. It was hot with afternoon showers which left some spectacular waterfalls especially the one behind the pump out/toilets at the south end of good hope. Boils were spotted mm 115- 117, outside of Knowles Canyon, Hansen Creek, the entrance to Halls mall, saw GC and Kurt and Ron from Grand Juction missed the rest of you. Catch you next time.

Date Received: August 5, Steven McBryant

Well, I hate to be the lone 'spoiler' on this page, but our experiences of July 24-30 were not as productive as the rest. We picked up ole # A8 at bullfrog and towed three boats to bouy 119 in Good hope for week of fishing, skiing and tubing. This was our 5th trip to Powell at this time of year, and I don't recall seeing fewer boils any year. There were lots of fish on the graph, holding at 25-75 feet in the 50-100 feet depths of the bay, but only saw two bona-fide boils the whole time.

We had some success on Sunday the 25th with the floating crappie light from 10-12 pm, and ran out of anchovies with 8 nice stripers in the boat for three fisherman. Lots of light hits, or bumps which didn't translate into filets. Fun watching the shad, tried to snag some with a treble but was a joke. No luck. The next day I took the pasta strainer from the houseboat (apologees to Jim at Bullfrog for miss-using his equiptment) and tied three strins to it and a piece of driftwood as a handle. The next night we dropped it below the crappie light, and yanked it out to catch a few small shad. Problem is our crappie light 'crappied' out, and we had no alternative. Tried re-wiring a interior boat light to hang over the side, but it didn't penetrate enough to keep the shad circus going.

No more night fishing the rest of the trip (had harsh words for Cabela's on their light, and they agreed to send a new one pronto).

Had some success tossing curly tails and power-crawdads to the rocks near the main channel for SMB, but nothing bigger than 1 lb. Were we too shallow (25-40 ft usually).? Wanted bigger fish. Caught a couple of nice panfish (nice double up with my nephew Eric on a plate-sized bluegill and sunfish.

My brother-in-law Dave caught a nice walleye trolling, and some stripers as well. Nothing sustained though. Kids caught as many cats as they wanted (only kept/ate one big one that my nephew Jeff caught. Will consult with group before we schedule the next trip, and coordinate it with the moon phase. Great skiing and tubing in Good hope, it is smaller but still plenty large for a few boats to make waves.

Lauching/retrieving at Bullfrog wasn't bad for <20 ft boats, except for the few ignorant, impatient boaters who had difficulties recognizing who was there before them. Karma will get them, so we let it slide.

Powell is alive and well, and we will be back come hell or low water.

Date Received: August 10, Dave Speas

We boated the stretch from Bullfrog to Tapestry Wall and saw almost no surface activity on the evening of 8/7. We got back to Bullfrog around dusk and a big boil had just ended, but evidently it didn't last long. We go one fish on an anchovy as the sun went down. :-(

Sunday was a different story. We got out on the water at about 7 and again saw no boils whatsoever, but saw a few fish slurping around the Stanton Creek shoreline in 40-70' of water. We went over and began catching them on spoons and anchovies, and got one off the top on an excalibur super spook. They were in about 30' from 830-930 am and then went to 55-60' by 10 am--screen was solid fish at that point. The action was great from 10-11 am by deadsticking anchovies five cranks off the bottom. Ended up with 24 stripers and a catfish (no more room in cooler), most up to 4 lb and left the lake with them still biting. Another boat nearby did about the same. These were powerful, fat fish, and one of the larger ones coughed up a 5" shad. Super fishing!

Date Received: October 10, 2004 - Richard Allred Farmington, NM

I just can't pass up an opportunity to brag about the Smallmouth fishing between Red Canyon bay and Good Hope Bay Thursday, 10/7. It was a text book example of your latest fishing report.

Evidently the stripers had driven shad into a small cove between the above mentioned bays and the smallmouth were taking advantage of it. I boated and released at least 12 Smallies that were about the size of footballs. (and a few small ones) These guys had shoulders! I had fished these small coves or notches for many years but never had I seen anything like this. I hated to quit fishing but had 30 miles to get back to the H/boat before dark.

I appreciate your tips and advise. Keep up the good work