January 3, 2005 - Grant, Tony and Marie Foster

The pictures are from a trip we took this last August. We encountered a boil in a little cove about 3/4 mile above Stanton Creek on the north side. This cove was not more than 30 yards across and less than 2 feet deep. Marie was snapping pictures while Tony and I fished the boil. The pictures are scanned from prints, so the color is not the best. In the picture of the boil, you can see the shad up on the shore with a striper clearing the water in the right hand side of the picture. This boil was within 24 inches of the shoreline.
These stripers were on a low carb diet and preferred plastic bait.
Also included is a picture of one of the ever present chipmunks.

January 14, 2005 - Duane Hone, West Valley City.

We fished out of Bull Frog Wednesday January 5th afternoon, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th. The group was mainly Salt Lake City Firemen on their yearly Powell trip. They were kind enough to allow us outsiders to join in. There were about 7 boats. We fished Hansen, Moki, Halls Marina, Halls Creek and Bullfrog. Fish were marked in all areas tried. The fishing was best in 35 to 40 Feet of water. Water temp. was from 46 to 51.7 degrees. Weather breezy, some sun, and temperatures in the 40s. A cold front was coming in. Friday was a beautiful day until about 5 pm when it started to snow. The fishing was slow, our total catch was about forty fat Stripers averaging about three pounds.

Our experience verified your lessons learned January 2004. The fish were easily spooked. Two or three boats catching fish another boat moving in with electric motor often put the fish down. We used jig, anchovy and John Pauley rigs. The jig anchovy combination was fished on bottom.

January 10, 2005 - Marty Peterson

Summary: Between 5 boats we landed somewhere around 100 Stripers in 3 days. Not “hot” fishing, but then it is January. The majority of the fish were caught on “JP Rigs”. The back of Bullfrog Bay is holding a lot of Stripers. A few fish also came out of Hansen and Halls Creek. No fish found in Moki. Night fishing was slow from the slip area at Bullfrog. The wind and weather at night kept us from trying other spots. The weather during the day was mostly tolerable but windy.
Richard Snow and I pulled into Bullfrog late afternoon January 5th. Coming out of Salt Lake we had snow till just west of Price. But the roads were plowed pretty well by the time we left work and got on the road. Two other boats in our party left town early and were on the Lake already. When they came in they reported to us that they picked up somewhere around a dozen Stripers and one Walleye on jigs and rigs that first afternoon. Launching was fine using some care and the water was amazingly clear considering the rain of the day before. The ramp and parking lots were bare of any other vehicles.
We moved into the houseboat arranged for the trip and set up for night fishing the slip area. Four lights worth. The lights did their job of pulling in plankton. Clouds of plankton. We started rigging up jigheads with anchovy to fish with. My boat was near Doug Miller’s (our local fishing and hunting guru, and host of one of the best outdoors shows on television). So I say “hey try one of these 1/8th or ¼ ounce jigs”. He agrees and puts one on his line. I am still rigging up as he lowers his bait into the dark waters. “Zing” the pole tip dips and drag starts to unwind. Again he proves he can just plain catch fish. The first of the evening. But the hazards of cables force him to muscle the large fish in just a little harder than maybe he normally would and wouldn’t you know it, the hook on the cheap jig I offered him straightens out and disappoints us all. But he will catch more even though he is “working”. The rest of us and there are about 10 by now, all fish but land only 3 or 4 more fish that evening. No shad ever show up. The water is around 72 feet deep and if I heard right, 49 degrees. Down three degrees from two weeks ago? We make a plan to night fish elsewhere the second evening. Another interesting observation: Carp soon arrived and started eating the plankton around the lights.
We awake to a pleasantly warm morning around 40 degrees I think, but with a little wind. At the advice of Wayne (the Fisherman’s friend) and a seconding from Doug Miller, we break out of our regular winter fishing strategies which for me are not always too effective, and start out fishing with a “JP Rig”. Five minutes later I have a Striper on!
Fish were caught the day before in Bullfrog Bay. So we started out just about 100 yards north of the North Bullfrog Buoy Field. We started out slow trolling the Anchovy baited JP rigs with electric motor power. On the graphs we can see fish near the bottom. Zoomed in makes the fish easier to detect. So now I have to re bait my rig. Remember the wind is blowing a little, now my hands are wet and I have to delicately thread the hooks. And now I remember the advice from those who know: have some more baits rigged and ready to go. That is why the snap swivel. Planning ahead when catching fish this way is worthwhile. I power up the electric again and lower my rig to the bottom and then up about ten feet. Within I think about ten minutes another Striper on!
After a few hours during a lull in the catching all 4 other boats leave searching for more readily feeding fish. A few fish are caught up Hansen Canyon. Both on rigs and jigs. For us in Bullfrog Bay the Stripers started biting again. After about 6 or 8 fish the tie around the top hook on my JP rig came loose. This rig is a two hook regular color. I changed to a 3 hook, top red, second two stainless. Worked about the same.

Around 2 P M we went in for lunch and to clean the 19 fish that now had all our cooler and well space filled. Largest was 6 ¼ pounds. Planning to head back out for evening and night fishing. But, just as we finish up, here comes another boat back with fish to fillet. Then another. Finally Doug Miller comes in with several nice ones. Although Doug tells us he wants to take care of the rest of the work, there is no way we are going to let him. In the meantime the wind has picked up and clouds are creeping down toward the Lake. We decide to be careful and cancel night fishing except for around the houseboat after dinner. A few fish again are caught.

Friday morning the weather clears. Ice has formed except on the Lake. But the sun is shining and off we go. Water has clouded up a little. The fish are still occasionally biting we find out. Doug Miller catches a few to make the morning a success and heads home trying to beat the storm. The rest of us have results near the same as the day before except that the fishing slows around noon when clouds fill the sky. My last three hits result in a shredded anchovy and no fish. I wonder now if the stainless hooks had started to dull. Had missed few hits prior to that. Several boats find schools and catch a few fish with baited jigheads. Moving slowly. Anchoring did not work. There is little wind now. One boat heads to Halls Creek Bay. An hour later a report comes over the radio from Halls. “Pretty good Striper bite over here.” Another boat leaves to join them. They arrive and quickly catch a couple and that encourages us to join them. About that time the bite stops. The clouds are thick and snow soon flies. First boat 12 Stripers out of Halls. Second boat 4. That’s all from there. We fillet about 32 Stripers that afternoon.

The snow squall quits after a few hours and everything is covered with snow. Again the potential for trouble keeps us from going to the Buoy fields to nightfish. In the morning as I am leaving the two boats out fishing report that each angler has already landed two fish using baited jigs out in upper Bullfrog Bay.

January 31, 2005 - Steve and Rhonda

  Halls Creek bay was nice too us on January 23, 2005 with these 8 stripers. We fished off the bottom with anchovies and chumming.


Largest was 26 1/2 inches 5.2 lbs . Most were all 4.7 lbs. nice fish.


Here's one of the catfish we missed.


 Steve  and Fred are the models.

  This was a trip the week after we caught 30 stripers at the halls house boat field. I thought we would knock them dead again, but too our disappointment no stripers. We did find the catfish. Check this out. Steve, Rhonda, Fred, Jeannine caught 43 catfish in the covered slips at Halls.


February 18, 2005 - Tim Bagley, Grand Junction, CO

Went down on Feb. 16 and caught 1 striper in Halls Creek. The next morning we moved to the back of Hall's Creek and caught 45 stripers trolling a 3.5 inch sliver shad rap in 25-40 feet of water.  They were suspended eating shad. We got one more on JP rig trolled deep at 50 feet. Caught them all before noon.

Rain moved in Friday and the bite shut down. All the fish were full of shad. Biggest striper was 7-lbs. Best Feb. trip ever. My first time back to the lake since 1999. Wow what a change.

February 22, 2005 - Striper Steve and Fisherman Fred

Steve, Fred, Rhonda and friends fished at Halls with anchovies on the bottom at night.  The spot was near the Halls pump out station.  Action was good from 3 pm till midnight.

Striper Steve caught the biggest (not this one) but he did land 2- 6 lb stripers.



Fisherman Fred and Striper Steve. Having a great time!
This is Marty before she took a plunge in the lake. No fish here but she held her own catching stripers.
This is Mark he was the youngest and caught the most.....Way to go Mark!
This is Rhonda and I lost more than I caught.
Bruce is pretty proud of his striper Picture 012


These were the fish that we caught on Fri and we caught just as many on Sat and Sun night fishing at Hall's. Total 178 . The guys had their work cut out for them at the fish cleaning station. What a great weekend!

March 3, 2005 - Dennis Garmann, Junction, Utah

Dennis is my name, fishing is my game.

Arrived at Bullfrog @ 11 A M  monday  1st of march. Unloaded boat and went straight to Halls creek and started trolling in back of Creek along trees. Caught one striper in 16 ft of water so stopped right there and started casting crank lures and caught 2 more. That was all we caught there so at 4 pm we headed for Halls Marina and fished by pump out station with anchovies for about an hour, no luck there. Decided to check out the restaurant on hill at Bullfrog. Everything thing was closed down so we ate our sandwiches and went out in Bullfrog marina area for some night fishing.

Set up just as it was getting dark and started catching stripers right away, Harold caught and broke his line on the first 5 stripers.  Finally I told him to pull off 100 ft of old line and re tie. Then he started pulling in some fish.

He learned a hard lesson. Don't go striper fishing with bad line and nothing under 10 lbs test.  I use the best 10 lb line I can get. We caught 21 stripers From 2 - 8 lbs. Nice big healthy fish. We stopped fishing at 11 pm.

Next morning went back to same spot using anchovies again and coudn't catch a fish one. So we went to back of Bullfrog Bay and couldn't graph any fish at all. We went back along tires at marina and trolled cranks, caught 2 more stripers. Stopped fishing at 11 am and headed back to Piute county with a cooler full of fillets, O HAPPY DAYS.

March 3, 2005 - Marty Peterson

Fished Bullfrog Monday evening 2/28 and Tuesday 3/1. Two boats ended up with a total of 23 Stripers. Also too many Catfish. Overall found the Striper fishing tough. Arrived at Bullfrog ramp and launched with no problems. Launched off west side of ramp. Did not even have to put the back tires in water. That is how steep and deep right there.

It was about 4 PM when we started fishing back of Bullfrog Bay with JP Rigs. Picked up several Catfish fishing near bottom. When we raised bait further up, no hits. Second boat arrived about 5 PM. They fished with jigs and anchovy. They picked up 5 Stripers and some Cats. The fish quit biting just before dark. I think we saw the most fish marks on our graphs in forty feet and deeper water. The Stripers were caught in around forty-five foot deep spot.

Monday night Richard Snow and I went out to the tire reef north side of Bullfrog covered slips to night fish. In three hours we landed only two Stripers and several Catfish. When we arrived back at dock those fishing there had found that they could hook a Catfish with about every cast.

Tuesday morning we fished around the Bay. One Striper between two boats. Went up Halls Creek. Found no good looking schools. Plenty of lure grabbing trees up there just underwater though. After some food and rest went back out and fished Upper Bullfrog Bay, for the evening. Picked up 13 Stripers (two over 6 pounds) and lots of skinny Catfish. Using jigs with anchovy piece on fluorocarbon line. Tried other methods with no success except for Cats.

Tuesday night Richard and I anchored out where that afternoons Stripers were caught. Forty-five foot depth. In three hours we never brought in any Shad, although again our light did its job and brought in plankton and again, we landed only two Stripers. In my opinion though the Stripers are so nice that it is worth the work.

Monday's weather was upper 50's in the afternoon with light winds and partly cloudy. Tuesday was calm and bright in the morning. Afternoon had a light chop. Both nights were windy on the water. Water temp in the Bay was 52 degrees. We noticed that every fish filleted had eggs and none had Shad.

March 13, 2005 - Jody Kidd, Centerville, UT


We arrived at Bullfrog Thursday March 10th. Launched 2 boats and began fishing at about 2:30 pm. We started out fishing the back end of Bullfrog bay, by the buoy field trolling JP Rigs at about 30 to 40 feet deep. There was only one fish caught and at 5:00 pm we decided to go eat and get ready to night fish. With the air temp in the 60s and no wind, the lake was perfectly flat; we left Bullfrog and drove over to the Halls pump out docks.

There we tied up the boats and placed two KillerFishLights about 50 feet apart. The lights green glow lit up the water very nice. The four of us put are line in the water at about 7:30 pm and began the wait for the first fish. At about 8:15 pm the first fish had been landed and our night was only going to better. There was one time during the night when all four of us had fish on at the same time. What a great night, the totals for the first nights 41 nice big stripers.

Friday night began with a nice cool breeze blowing across the lake or should I say a cold breeze, everyone began putting on sweaters and coats to try and hide for the cold. We tied up the boats to the dock, put out the KillerFishLights and began to fish. It was about 6:30 pm and the fishing seemed slow. Around 8:30 the breeze died and the air and the fishing began to get warmer. Soon everyone was starting to catch fish again.
A little while went by and Striper Steve and Fisherman Fred showed up and began to fish.  We left the docks at 12 midnight; our total for the night was 40 Fish. We left the rest to be caught by Striper Steve and Fisherman Fred. I am looking forward to hearing their report on how they did for the weekend. Our trip ended up being a great trip with 82 fish caught.

March 14, 2005 - Rhonda and Striper Steve


  Hey first crappie of the year for us.

Thats Fishin' fool Rhon....

Took these pictures of shad, wondering if they might be gizzard shad or just threadfin ? Could you please let me know. Came out of striper in Halls Pump-out 3-12-05.

Waynes Note:  Notice the mouth is pointing straight forward - not down like a carp.  The tail has yellow coloration.  Both of these characters make this a threadfin shad.  Wayne 




March 29, 2005  - Rex Huang

Thanks for all the tips on your site.  Got me excited to go and chase the stripers.
Here's my experience for this weekend.

Arrived at Bullfrog on Saturday for the Easter weekend.  Trolled around some during the day in Bullfrog Bay only picking up one smallie.  That night tried night fishing for the first time.  Fished with a couple nice fellows from New Mexico on the marina slips.  Cold, clear night with a full moon.  We managed some nice catfish right on the bottom at 60 feet and chock full of anchovies.  One of the guys had caught a striper the night before at 30 feet down just as posted on the fishing tips.

Easter Day was a beautiful warm day with water temps at 54 degrees.  Trolled Moki wall without graphing a fish much less hooking one.  That night was overcast and warm.  Started night fishing armed with all the knowledge from this webpage.  Tried for awhile to get stripers at 30 feet down with out so much as a nibble.  Got impatient and decided to try catching catfish on the bottom again like the night before.  Dropped down 1.5" pieces of anchovy on a 3/4 ounce unpainted jighead.  Caught a nice cat pretty soon and was getting constant bites but couldn't hook what felt like small cats.

At 10:20 p.m. hooked a nice fish I was sure was a big cat since I was still fishing six inches off the bottom in 60 feet of water.  When he started stripping line on several nice runs I started to think this wasn't a big cat but a nice striper instead.  Sure enough it was a beautiful striper.  My first!  Managed 3 more in the next hour and a half while losing two others.  All about the size on the one in the picture.  2 males, 2 females.  Empty stomachs on 2, 1 with a shad in its gut and another with 4 chunks of anchovy, one piece of anchovy complete with 1/4 oz. jighead.  

Didn't catch  anymore catfish and I can't say it was any skill of mine because three of the fish hooked themselves when I had put the pole down to warm my hands or cut bait.  Thanks to Wayne's great site and Jim at Fish Tech in SLC for setting me up for a great trip.  

April 2, 2005  - Craig, Kelsey and Keller Smith, Denver

Monday 3-28 through Thursday 3-31

We've just warmed up from our second annual trip to LP for spring break.  Arrived about noon Monday and put on the water ASAP.  Trolled past the houseboat field at BF and a few loops in the top of BF bay w/o success.  We were pulling Wally ers and Bill Norman DD-22 in shad colors on flat line with weights up line from the lures to get extra depth.   


Repeating the same pattern on Tuesday afternoon we trolled up a trio of stripers in about 40 minutes before the wind came up an temperature started dropping chasing us off the water. 
Our biggest challenge this trip was the wind, rain and sleet.  We were serenaded by a waterfall about 40' from our bed rolls at the top of Moki Canyon Monday night.  Returned to BF to camp and dry out on Tuesday morning. Trolled up Stripers Tuesday afternoon in BF bay until the wind came up. Wind, sleet & rain kept us off the water  Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday, which allowed for completion of homework and exploring. 
At the advice of one of the gas station attendants at BF we night fished in the covered slips at BF and had the best success of the trip. From 8pm. - midnight we fished anchovies on 1/4 & 3/8 lead head jigs and had a steady stream of action.  The nights total of 8 Stripers and 5 nice Channel cats kept the kids awake, and me cutting bait.  Striper bites were very gentle, and 2  out of 3 nibbles went un-hooked. 
While most fish came up without too much hassle, a few managed to get tangled under the framework and cables of the slips and escaped.  One strike showed no interest in coming to the surface, after pointing its nose to the depths it stripped off about 20' of 8 lb. test and snapped our line. My daughter and I had read  Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea"  while waiting out the wind that afternoon and this fish gave added meaning to the novel.  It’s the one that got away that I'm still thinking of. Next spring we'll be back ready for wind and snow, hoping for calm and sun (like last year) and intent on helping "manage" the striper population in LP.  Thanks for hosting this website and all that you do.  

April 4, 2005  - Tubby

Just got back from bullfrog. I took the advice from Cal, Wayne and others and took my skiff on a 1.5 hour run up to Red Canyon. I tried night fishing for the first time and I could not buy a bite. Sunday I woke up and began trolling over the north point on Red canyon. Graphed fish holding on the point at 10-25' instantly got a double hookup on deep runner Shad Raps. Trolled over the same point 20 times and got instant doubles each time. (This is a challenge when you are the only person in the boat). Tried casting plugs and caught several but with the wind it was a bit of a hassle keeping the boat in the exact place. By 2pm I had pulled about 50 stripers (1-6 lbs) and one walleye (2 lbs) off that point. They were still biting aggressively but I had nowhere to keep them and a storm may have been coming so I left. I should have left earlier because it took way too long for me to fillet those suckers by myself. Thanks to TOP CAT for offering to to help clean them. I had my doubts about running 25 miles in an open skiff to fish, but it seems as if it was well worth it (and I only used 10 gallons of gas). Thanks again.

April 4, 2005  - Doug Rule

My name is Doug and two friends Mike and Mike fished Powell this past weekend.  We are from Weber and Davis counties.  We fished from Bullfrog north on Friday April 1st.  We caught 3 Stripers.  Saturday we headed down 25 miles to Escalante River area and caught 22 Stripers and 2 Walleye. Sunday April 2, we caught 20 more Stripers down south.  We had several 26 inch and most in the 22 inch range.  We used downriggers and trolled shad raps in shad colors. 

This was our first trip to fish Powell.  We appreciate your web site.  All our information came from there and helped us be successful.  We are planning a return tip.  Thanks for your information and great web site.

April 5, 2005 - Jay Taylor

Two friends and I set out last weekend (March 31-April 3) on our first Striper fishing trip. We launched from Bullfrog and fished in Halls Creek Bay, Bullfrog Bay, Lost Eden, Moqui, but didn't have any success until we fished in Lake Canyon. We did catch some Crappy at the back of Lost Eden. The Stripers in Lake Canyon were near the back of the arm that goes south and is full of trees. We caught fish that were about 3LBS, in water about 1ft to 30 ft deep using white tube jigs.

April 7, 2005 - Marty Peterson

My wife and I had the opportunity to fish Bullfrog the evening of 4/5 and all day 4/6. Found the water in Bullfrog Bay to be very murky perhaps due in part to the winds of Monday. Spent Tuesday evening searching for Striper schools. None found up Bullfrog Bay.   Wednesday we used JP Rigs and hooked a few Stripers in the upper part of Bullfrog Bay. Boated three, all males two to three pounds. Had a few get off and lost several to broken lightweight fluorocarbon rigs I tied on my own.  Found schools in 40 to 45 feet of water. Tried anchovies on jigs in the schools with no success.   Night found us at the SW corner of the Bullfrog Tire Reef. Landed two Stripers right around dark. Lost a few too. Only Catfish after that. Quit at 10:00. No shad ever came in. Even though I wanted them to and had plenty of plankton attracted.    That is all, except, my wife agrees nightfishing is fun but we seem to disagree about how cold, cold is and how dark, dark is.

April 26, 2005 - Ken Trujillo - Denver CO

Dates Fished 4/23 - 4/26 Areas fished:  Bullfrog bay, Halls Bay, Main Channel near Bullfrog Water Temp:  57 - 63.  

Saturday - Fished Halls Crossing Bay for smallies and largemouth.  Caught fish on green pumpkin finesse worms and chartreuse single tail grubs.  Some also hit on jerkbaits fished very slowly (3 second pause between retrieves).  Fish were in 5 - 15 ft of water in the backs of small coves and in 10+ feet of water on points.  Two of us boated over 30 smallies.  No largemouths.  

Sunday - Fished bullfrog bay and close to Halls Crossing for smallies and stripers.  Air and water temp were cool and winds were strong.  Smallies were in 15+ feet of water and very hard to catch.   We caught only a couple of smallies and 1 walleye for our efforts.  We caught stripers in the back of bullfrog in less than 25 feet of water by trolling crankbaits. Color didn't matter, but the crankbait had to be small (Fat Free Fingerling - 2") and hitting on the bottom to entice a striper to hit.  This was our slowest day and we caught only 3 or 4 stripers.  

Monday - Water temps were cool to start but warmed up to 61.  Smallies were holding in 15ft of water and hitting finesse worms and double tail grubs.  Any color worked as long as it was green pumpkin.  We caught 13 or 14 out of one hole and managed to catch close to 50 that day.  The biggest fish was a 17 inch smallie.  Stripers were hitting in the back of Bullfrog bay and we caught them on small deep ing crankbaits.  The crankbait had to be bouncing off of the bottom in order to get a bite.  We caught 7-8 stripers trolling that ranged in size from 3lbs to 6 lbs.  We night fished using anchovies on a small jig head and caught a couple before they completely shut off.  

Tuesday - Great weather and warm water helped the fishing.  We fished Halls Crossing Bay and the main channel.  In halls crossing, the fish were in 5-15 feet of water.  We caught fish in the backs of coves (shallow) and in the first part of the canyon leading to halls bay fishing near rockslides close to very deep water.  Water in the back of the bay was murky, and water in the canyon was clear.  We saw no bass beds during our whole trip.  When fishing slowed, we fished the main channel.  We caught only smallies, and they were in 15-25 feet of water.  They hit anything, but mostly grubs and finesse worms.  Green was the color of choice.  We also caught some fish on lipless crankbaits (lucky craft) and green spinnerbaits, but the baits had to sink to the bottom before retrieving them.  We caught a couple on jerkbaits.  However, worms and grub tails were most effective.   We caught over 50 smallies.

May 4 - Kevin Bowler

I enjoy your website and all of the information on it.  I was at the lake last week April 26th - 30th.  We fished from Forgotten down as far as the rope.  Caught many small and large mouth down by the Rope.  All decent size about 2 lbs.  Got into some stripers on the 26th, before the weather worsened.  The stripers were towards the back of Lake Canyon on a wall.  They were actually rising and smacking shad against the wall.  We caught 7 fish in about 30 minutes, from 4.3 to 6.2 lbs,  with everything from rattletraps to top water spooks and poppers.  The rest of the trip, fishing was spotty depending on weather.  I graphed more fish in Lake Canyon than any of the others I went into, and we graphed quite a few.  They were schooled occasionally, but mostly isolated. 
Anyway, thought I'd leave this info for you.

Thanks for all your good info.

May 3 - Joe Egan, Centennial, Colorado

I've enjoyed the website for a long time, have learned a lot from it. I go to Powell at least twice a year with my dad, a life long fisherman, who, at 82, can't scramble the banks of the Colorado with his fly rod anymore, so Bass fishing at Powell has become a real bright spot, and with the beauty of the desert, fish or no fish, we always have a great time.

We do 90% of our fishing trolling various Rapala's, we arrived at Hall's Crossing Weds. April 27th, from Denver, hit the Lake at 9:30 Thurs. April 28th, went straight to Hall's Creek, trolled for 4 hours, pretty windy, overcast, picked up 2 fat Stripers, 4-5 lb. ranges, 6 smallmouth, 1-3 lb., then to the Hall's bouy field, no luck.

Real windy Thurs. night, Friday is a much nicer day, weather wise, hit Lake Canyon at 8:30, see lot's of fish, only strikes at the channel entrance, then to Hall's, 1 smallmouth, then Bullfrog Bay, no luck, tried the lead line trolling rods, Rapala D-16 deep runners, graph fish, no bites, then the buoy field, no fish. Could be the wind turned the water over? Surely not our lack of fishing skill?

Saturday, hit Hansen canyon at 8:00, pick up a nice Walleye, 4-5 lb., right near the entrance, 150 ft. of water, Shad Rap, at about 6 ft. trolling depth,  right off a point, 3 more SMB out of Hansen, then 2 nice Stripers out of Crystal Springs, across from Hansen, then back to Hall's Creek, 2 more Stripers, 2 SMB, then the buoy fields, no luck. All in all, spent about 20 hours in the boat, had a great time, the folks at Hall's are always friendly, and my
dad is still talking about how those Stripers can bend your rod right under the boat! We missed the blizzard by coming back Sunday. I'll be bringing the grandsons out in June for their first trip to Powell. Thanks again for the great website.

May 10 - Jay Gifford

Our group headed to LP after work May 3. We loaded the houseboat in Bullfrog and slept in preparation for the trek in the morning. We have gone up the San Juan river arm for the last 5 years for the bass spawn. This year, however, we were given some "brilliant" information from a source at Sports-persons Ware-shack (names have been changed to protect the stupid) and decided to head north. The leader of our venture was convinced by "Jim" that if we went north to the dirty water around Good Hope Bay we would be in fish heaven. I instructed our well meaning leader that WaynesWords fishing report on April 27th said the best fishing was in the Southern half of the lake. We went North. Our first day of fishing saw many carp spawning and frolicking in the muck. We caught 7-8 walleye, a few smallies, and a few stripers. Between 10 fishermen these numbers sucked. We stopped and talked to another group of anglers, they informed us that they had been in the Northern half since April 30th and have experienced similar fishing.   With this information, we made a momentous decision...pack up the house boat and head South. By motoring down to Slick Rock Canyon we had easy access to the Escalante River as well as some great canyons with good structure (without having to spend too much extra gas). True to your word, this is where we found the fish. Using 1/4 oz heads (to get down those extra 8 feet) we knocked em' dead with 3-5 inch Kalins and Yamamoto twisty tails. Additionally, we had great success with swim baits in shad patterns as well as some spoon nose crank baits in shad patterns. We caught all of the main players; smallies, largemouth, stripers, walleye, and crappie. We enjoyed a few fish fry's and, of course, each others company. Unfortunately, we spent the best weather days up North and had to deal with the wind, rain, and overall colder conditions when we went South.   One great thing, however, was up Davis Gulch. We came around a corner and saw some shad caught in a boil. Since we always go down for the smallmouth bass spawn we typically do not get to see striper boils. (it was my first) We caught a few nice stripers out of this boil (3-7 lbs).   Anyway, we had a great time and have learned a valuable lesson: We will always head South during springtime bass fishing!!!!   Thanks for all you do for our beautiful lake!

May 16, 2005 - Great Auk

We fished the 13th, 14th, and morning of the 15th around Halls and to the north.  Outstanding weather.  One friend we ran into told us about the incredible striper trolling on the flats in Halls Bay near the Halls buoy field.  There were lots of boats crisscrossing the area, a couple getting hung up on the invisible island (not far from the barely visible island), but we didn't see any fish boated there and hardly saw anything on the scope.  There must be something cooking there, though, because the boats persisted there the entire weekend.   
But along the cliffs from the bottom of Moki Wall up toward Hansen, we got into walleyes both morning and evening trolling.  We also found several rotund stripers, mostly by trolling but a couple on anchovies.  Judging by the scope data, it looks like the fish are spread out all along the cliffs.  We didn't find any big concentrations anywhere, but did have almost continuous fish on the screen everywhere we went along the steep cliffs.  Yes, we also know that walleye aren't supposed to hang around those kinds of places over very deep water, but I guess these hadn't read the book.  

May 22, 2005 - Jon Middleton

We fished out of Bullfrog the afternoon of the 16th through the 19th.  In a word, it was slow.  Had a hard time finding the stripers even though people had done well on Saturday (14th).  We spoke to some USU researchers who told us on Wednesday that they were in shallow, scattered, and staging for the spawn.  We trolled Bullfrog with crankbaits running from 5-27 feet, anchovies out in the channel, soft plastics, etc, with limited success.

We were told Monday afternoon to look for the fleet of boats at the mouth of Bullfrog, but nobody was there the next morning.  We caught some juvenile fish out deeper, and a couple of mature females in shallow water on the west side just north of the marina on Shad Rap 7's at 10 feet.

Interestingly, we caught a couple of nice walleye up north in Bullfrog, out in the middle, on SR 7's running at 10 feet in 40 feet of water.  Walleye were the bright spot as we caught 11 on Thursday bottom bouncing out in front of Stanton Creek.  We also tried night fishing in the marina for a short time and caught the only crappie of the trip.  Had a follow in Hall's
one day, but despite fishing back in the trees, caught none there.

We spoke with a number of people during that time, but it didn't appear that anybody was doing much.  Guess we'll have to go back in the fall.

May 18, 2005 -Monte and Deb Tish - Nampa Idaho

The wife and I  and some of are friends got to Powell at Bullfrog are first time to Powell on May 17th. After a short tour of the area we ran down lake to Escalante river and water temp was 65 to 68 degree we started to fish for bass found some nice small and largemouth small mount 1 1/2 lbs to one over 2.5 most where caught on green pumpkin lizards and minnow looking cranks we caught 15 to twenty in that area. Caught my first Striper on a white spinner bait. What a blast!

Fished some other places as we head back to Bullfrog for the next day of fishing. At the fish cleaning station we ran into Kent Jorgenson. After a talk we found what they where using to find the stripers on anchovies in about 20 ft water in the afternoon. So we ran up lake to Moki wall and found stripers and walleye there. Caught these on crank baits, wiggle wart fire tiger color caught 6 and ran back to bullfrog bay in the after noon and fish anchovies where we saw Kent J. fish. We caught 7 more stripers these where caught straight across for the marina at bullfrog in 12 to 20 ft water temp 66. Fished sat morning and caught 13 more stripers. Here are some of the stripers we caught the big was 11lbs we caught that week. Again thanks Kent Jorgenson.  I will be back to Powell

May 25, 2005 - Larry Lewis


I had to send this picture.  At just over 5.5 lbs., this striper was the largest I've caught at Powell.

The technique was a whole anchovy on a 1/8th oz. weighted hook that was just tossed overboard and let drift to bottom. Got several hits while the bait was simply sinking on its own.  Otherwise I jigged high and slow.

  This particular fish broke my wife's line during a previous strike.  How do I know this, because when I pulled MY hook out of its lip, I discovered HER line and hook way down its throat.

  Naturally I took credit for the catch!!''

May 24, 2005 - Thomas Jansen and Jason Verry

Just got back from Bullfrog and wanted to give a quick report.  Full report later.  Jason caught a 17 lb striper in Bullfrog Bay on Sunday morning, right after I caught a 10 lb.  We used those Storm Deep Thunder lures in silver mullet color.  First couple of days it was tough.  We finally figured it out.  Had to run a 1 OZ in-line football sinker on main line, then swivel to leader to lure.

Had to stop the boat and let the sinker take the lure to the bottom, 30-40 feet, and let lure sit on bottom.  Count to 30 and start boat moving quickly, picking lure up of the bottom.  We caught more fish this way than just running at a constant speed. 

Thought you might want to know to help out others.

Todd Ferguson - May 24, 2005


Arrived at Bullfrog Friday at 2:00 pm. Launched the boat and we got camp set up in Stanton and headed for Bullfrog Bay. Trolled Shad Raps, Thunder Sticks and Little Macs. Krista (my daughter) caught a nice Walleye and I managed one 5lb striper in about 2 hours of fishing. Saturday we hit the bay about 8:30am and together we caught 6 stripers all 4 to 5lbs each.1.5 hours fishing. Krista and Lanie (my daughter) both got in on the catching. Went and played the rest of the morning and afternoon.  


Returned to BFB at about 5:30. I had picked up a couple MegaBait lures (I had never heard or seen them before) they are about 6-8 inches long, black and silver and jointed. They troll about 14 feet deep, so I bought them thinking they would work. Well, trolled at 3 to 3.5 mph the MegaBait was just what the stripers wanted. We trolled up 12 more in the next hour and a half.
My wife Beckey, Krista, Lanie and I all had a ball. Not the fastest action but fast enough to keep a smile on the girls face and that's what counts! A thanks to Beckey as she was running the camera and net.

May 28, 2005 - Dale Eichel

  May 15th through May 19th. We fished after the Shad Rally and caught a lot of fish in Hansen's Creek and near Moki. All of the fish were around 5lbs. Mostly stripers and some walleye. Most of the fish were caught in the morning before 11:00 am and after 5:00 pm in the afternoon. Dale and Jerry with the first days catch:


Paul with another stringer full of fish.


Can't forget Ed, he had one day that he put on the most fish.


As for lures; we caught most on Bill Dance blue lures and lost a lot of hooks due to split ring failure. The others we caught on chartreuse deep ers ( 25ft. ) with absolutely no red marks on the belly. We gave some fellow fishermen our hot lures the day we left,with instructions on how and where to fish. All trolling was at 4 MPH. 

Along with Hansen's Creek we caught 50 or so at the "danger buoy" outside of Moki in the channel, trolling between the channel marker and the danger buoy.  

More to come

June 1, 2005 -  The Martins and a guest

From:  Wyoming Date: 5/21/05 to 05/24/05

Time:  Mornings, evenings, and night fishing Tackle: Bomber Model A's, small ShadRaps with a downrigger set at 14 feet (perch pattern), Walleye er with a Planerboard, Deep ing thunderstick, 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz jig heads with anchovie tails. Number and Species: 89 Striped Bass, 2 Walleye, 3 Channel Catfish Location:  Bullfrog Bay and Halls Bay

We had a great trip, the size, fight, and overall health of the stripers was the best we have seen yet.  The fishing was very good on Saturday, but progressively got slower each day that we were there.  The morning bite while trolling Saturday was excellent.  We caught most of our trolled fish in water depths of 45 to 28 feet on Saturday, 32 to 26 feet on Sunday, 26 to 18 feet on Monday, and 22 to 14 feet on Tuesday.  We trolled at 3 to 4 mph.  The downrigger was the hot ticked for us throughout the trip, even when used in shallow water.  We seemed to have better luck with the smaller crankbaits, if we could get them down at least 10 feet.
We tried night fishing with a submersible fluorescent light for the first time, on this trip.  We had mixed results.  On Saturday, we trolled until it was dark, then we set anchor  when we saw a good school of fish on the fish finder (39 feet   of water).  We attached the light to the down rigger ball and lowered it 12 feet and chummed a little.  Within 10 minutes   we had our first striper, and continued to catch them at a steady pace until we quit at 1:00 am.  We saw a few shad swimming around the light, but not any schools.  When we raised the light, we noticed lots of small larval shad swarming the light.  We went back to the same spot Sunday night and tried to repeat the last nights results.  We only got one striper in two hours.  Finally at 11:30 we pulled anchor and drove around for a while watching the fish finder until we saw a good school in 28 feet of water and set anchor.  We had some fast fishing for about an hour, then it shut down.  Monday night resulted in  one fish only. 


June 7, 2005 - Great Auk, Durango, CO

She awakened from her Saturday afternoon nappie and sniffed the air.  The tiny hairs on the back of her hand stood erect, a sure sign that something wonderful was afoot.  A call, subtle but certain, came wafting from the cliffs, saying "Nancy, today is yours."  Disregarding the thick brownish-gray soup lining the channel from wall to wall, she confidently donned her lucky visor, gracefully boarded the legendary Incredible Fishing Boat, and beckoned its humble driver to steer a course for the super secret striper burial grounds north of Halls.  She somehow had a feeling that he, along with other even still more humble flunkies, had cleaned out all the little fish earlier in the day there, and that her moment had come. 
Upon arrival, she instinctively pointed to the nearly invisible X  that had been inscribed on the water just a few hours before.  With her long blonde hair gently blowing in the breeze, she eloquently murmured, "Dat be de place." Armed with but a single weighted hook and an unusually unimpressive,   somewhat tired and rank anchovy tail, made her single, purposeful, deft cast.  She then patiently waited, ten or  perhaps twenty seconds.  Suddenly her Bionic Blade, that bloody blameful blade, took a massive dip and her monofilament was brutally pulled into the abyss with her drag screaming and her reel smoking all the while.  But despite the boat being pulled this way and that, despite her rod being bent into a pretzeloid shape, and despite the agonizing exhaustion  of her every sinew, she held on, slowly but surely regaining line, ultimately boating her majestic ten pound prize.

June 4, 2005 - Ron Taylor

I just returned from an interesting trip to say the least . If anyone had ever tried to tell me I could be cooler than a well-diggers wallet in June at Lake Powell, I would have scoffed, doubted, and disbelieved that person. 55 F. this morning on my truck mirror isn't bad unless your duffle is damp to soggy courtesy of yesterday's hail, rain, and wind. I was a tad slow getting the canopy up and I thought the duffle bag in the bow with my sleeping bag inside was waterproof. It isn't even close to water resistant. I was searching for clean, clear water and was in Lake Canyon when I got deluged. The hail would have been 3/8 inch deep, except it was floating. There were seven rock face water falls visible from my one spot plus another one off the boat canopy. I had spectacular shots and no camera in reach.

Looking for clear water, I went as far south as Slick Rock Canyon and the main channel was still brown-tan murk and not fishable for trolling or casting.

I had zeroed out Thursday afternoon and evening and night trolling both flat line and downrigger in Bullfrog Bay as well as only catching one 11 inch catfish all night by the Hall's covered slips where I was trying to get out of the waves, wind, and spray. The Halls pumpout was way too shallow when I tried it, only about 20 feet or so, and the platform end was bouncing about 18 to 24 inches and wouldn't have worked for me. If there were a stool on that thing, it would have been a ride to remember and given a whole new meaning to Cowboy Action Shooting.

Friday morning, I checked out Lost Eden Canyon . No clear water but stained toward the back, beginning at the large handy overhang on the left, where I ducked into during the mornings first shower. I tried some lures and anchovies there, got zilched. So down lake to see if clear water was to be found and in Lake Canyon about 1/2 toward the end I found clear though trashy water and no handy overhang. Hoping for better conditions, went to Slick Rock Canyon and couldn't find the depth I wanted or clear water. It was murked up clear to the end. I figured that with all that murked up water, I wasn't going to see clean main channel water for quite a way further. I wish I had checked out Iceberg canyon. It should have some clear water toward the back like Lake Canyon does.

Anyway, went back to Lake Canyon, anchored up, put out the green light, budget model, fished all afternoon and beginning about dark, proceeded to catch 30 stripers. Three were pounders and seven were two to three pounds, the biggest was five and 1/2 and the rest were four to five pounds. The mature fish were at 35 to 40 feet down, with a couple coming up to intercept the dropping anchovy with hook along side the dropping anchovy chum. I also caught six yearlings when casting the baited hook out into the main channel, they all hit as the bait dropped with only a small split shot for a bit more weight. This was just at dusk and only for about ten minutes.

I also kept twelve catfish, releasing the small ones.

Since Wayne showed the picture of a gravid ovary, with green eggs, I looked and found one freshly empty looking ovary and six or eight with small formed eggs and about six more which were more fully developed which look like next years spawn. In past years, I have seen what looked like what we called "skinney dumb" stripers, and from what I saw today, I would bet they were spawned out females that were slow to recover due to poor forage. I would say that the fish I checked today had spawned earlier and were on their way to growing next seasons eggs. I could guess fairly accurately what I would find inside from the external appearance. No males in milt dripping spawning mode. They must be other places doing other things.

The shad that showed up toward morning were probably gizzard shad about six inches long and faster than gossip. There were also several tiny "3/4 inch eyeballs and a tail" too. The way the big ones were darting about, some stripers were stirring them up from beneath. The water clarity was only good for about eight feet or so.   So didn't see anything, and jigging lures did nothing.

I had a great night, all night. The heaviest fish went straight down and out and broke me off on a tree at 91 feet on the line counter. Hope this helps someone have a better trip. As the water becomes less turbid, the lights at night should begin to work better and then, the more candle powers, the better.

"The fish are still where they usually are found, they have to eat, and they can see to find food. The nicer smallies are 30 feet down, and you have to hit them on the head to get a bite," I was told.

June 23, 2005 - Robert Wille

This trip was really a water skiing trip and not a fishing trip, and none of us are real die-hard fishermen, but the action was interesting enough that I thought I'd tell you about it. I had planned on doing mostly night fishing, because the boat would be mostly used for skiing and tubing, but I stepped on my fluorescent light the first night, so that put an end to that.  

We ended up camping almost at the end of Moki canyon. We never did fish from the boat. We just fished from the shore and the back of the house boat, but there were plenty of fish to catch.  

We caught so many small stripers that we got tired of catching them. They were mostly in the six to eight inch range. We also caught a four pound striper, a couple of small mouth, and several cats. Most of our fish were caught on inch-and-a-half long, curly-tailed, white plastic grubs. I think I paid two dollars for a bag of eight at Wal-Mart. The rest were caught on a two to three inch long brownish squid. For my money, the cheap grubs worked just as well as the squid. If you fished at the right time of the evening, you'd catch a fish with almost every cast.  

All of the fish were caught in shallow water, about 5 to 15 feet deep. I fished along the cliffs as well, but came up empty handed. There was loads of debris, and I tried fishing under the debris, but again I came up empty handed. The only place we were successful was where I least expected it: in shallow, clear water near the shore.

We saw at least a dozen boils right around our campsite. Some were very aggressive. They woke me up in the morning and I couldn't get back to sleep because the fish were so noisy. We saw a boil under a pile of debris and the sticks and muck were flying everywhere. I've never seen anything quite like it.

June 27, 2005 - Brian Nielson

NOTE:  Brian is the new Conservation Officer at Bullfrog.  Expect to hear a lot from him as he keeps us up to date on fishing at Bullfrog.

Greetings from up lake.  I just thought I'd drop a line about fishing at Bullfrog.  

Stripers are boiling now!  I had seen a few slurps in Halls Creek and Lake Canyon in the past few weeks.  We were able to catch a few then, but this weekend they were much more aggressive.  Friday and Saturday your favorite top water bait would provide fast and furious action all day. If one school was not as cooperative we just found another. 

By Sunday they were quite boat shy and bait shy.  A lower profile on the boat seemed to make a difference as well as the type of bait used.  Hard top water baits would drive the school down but a fluke or a tube jig would catch fish.   

I did not make it to Forgotten Canyon over the weekend but I heard that there are boils there also.  I went to Moki to look.  When I was there it was busy with boat traffic.  There have consistently been stripers in Moki.  Those trolling in Moki have done well for the last month and a half.  If you can find a time without a lot of boat traffic I think Moki would be good also.

July 8, 2005 - Allred Family

We got to Bullfrog late Thursday night and got the Houseboat loaded and headed down lake early Friday morning trying to beat the traffic coming in for the weekend. While heading down lake we were able to fish two large slurps from the houseboat. Not very easy chasing the darn things around in a houseboat and I think we ended up going back up lake almost a half a mile at one point chasing the one group. The rest of the family arrived on Saturday and we spent most of the weekend playing but on Monday while we were doing some afternoon parasailing we were seeing a bunch of slurps between the Rincon and Iceberg canyon. So we ditched the parachute and went fishing. Early on the slurps were really easy to spook but as it got later and darker they stayed up longer and turned from slurps into full out boils and once we got into them they just kept coming up around us.
We fished with the green magnet almost every night but didn't do as good with it as usual. It brought in the shad and the stripers would show up but they didn't hang out very long. So we would catch a couple and then it would just go dead. The Shad in the Rincon aren't as big as the shad we saw a couple weeks ago in Moki but there definitely was a lot of them.
Also had a lot of small boils erupting around us in the small bay we were camped in early in the mornings. But they were very short and difficult to get close to.
On Tuesday we headed back up lake and once again were fishing the slurps from the houseboat along the way. At one point the wife got some great photos of a school that swam right up to us and then under the boat. We camped in one of the small coves on the North side uplake from Stanton and we didn't see any more slurps or boils once we passed Halls. We went looking every morning and evening but we must have been looking in the wrong places. We did still catch them on the light at night.
We were using Super Spook Jr's on the slurps and boils at first but then switched to a prehooked jig I bought just for fun called wildeye swim shad made by Super and they worked incredibly well and we caught a lot more fish. The good thing about the jigs was we would catch fish after they submerged where as we wouldn't when using the topwater lures.
Good luck everyone....go save more shad!!

July 6, 2005 - Marty Peterson

Striper fishing and catching great for us in Lake Canyon 7/6-7.  

Arrived Bullfrog Tuesday evening 7/5. Launching and parking great. Went first to tire reefs around houseboats. Nothing. Went up Halls Creek due to reported boils. Nothing. Set up and night fished Halls Buoy Field. Our "Killerfishlight" brought in lots of shad. But no Stripers. Fished till 1 AM.

Dawn found us looking around Stanton. Nothing. So we went to Lake Canyon searching for clearer water. Went 10.5 miles, gps, from the Bullfrog ramp, up the first right canyon in Lake Canyon. Saw a few echoes on the graph as we passed a point. I lowered a spoon and Richard Snow an anchovy on jig head. I got a hit, he caught a three pound Striper. Over the next few hours we boated 36 Stripers 2-4 pounds using anchovies. All on 1/8 and 1/4 jigs any color. As the sun got hot we left to fillet the fish and take a nap.

6:30 PM we headed back to the spot. Waves from boats in the channel made the ride a little rough. Upon arrival the fish were slurping. Mainly along the walls. We caught about one fish on topwater lures each time a slurp appeared. Could not follow the slurps well while fighting a fish in. Good fights. Last slurp around 8:30 after another boat motored through. Biggest fish 6.5 pounds. Most small 12 inch yearlings and SMB.

Set up for night fishing in the same spot we caught fish that morning. About 70 feet deep. Brought in what seemed to be thousands of shad. Good thing we were patient. Because it took a good two hours but the Stripers finally showed up and started to bite. Most were skinnier than those caught during the day. Stopped after 20 caught. Around 1:30 AM. Filleted for another hour. Lots of shad in these fish. Some spit out baby shad all over boat when caught.

Rested in boat till 6 AM. Cruised for boils and slurps. None. Went back to point. Another boat in the spot. So fished up the canyon about 100 yards away. 35 feet deep. Caught Stripers. Left around 10 AM to go home. With 30 more Stripers and some Cats.

Water 79 near Bullfrog, 77 in Lake. Neighbors at home happy when I show up with more fillets than I can use. Had a great time, fish fought well, and averaged 3-4 pounds that last morning. But, not as fat as they could be, some up to 26 inches long. 

July 9, 2005 - Larry Millhouse

Howard Oatman and I fished Thurs and Fri, 7/7-8 from just above Moki all the way down to Lake Canyon with limited success. Water clarity downstream from Bullfrog is improving.   We did encounter one boat that was jigging deep with silver spoons and they had 8 fish Friday morning.  That was the best success we heard about from the people we talked to.  We took 3 in that same general area along the shaded wall with Thunderstick.  No boils that we could find, and we did look in Halls, Bullfrog, and Main Channel from Halls to Lake.  When we found fish on the depth-finder, they were 30 to 60 feet deep.

Here is the most interesting part of our trip.  We fished at night from the houseboat on the BF Buoy Field.  Within the first half hour shad started circling the light in large numbers.  As the night went on, the size of the shad ball continued to grow.  At one point Friday night there was a circle of shad over 16 feet across.  It went from one side of the houseboat to the outside of Howard's boat tied next to it.  There were so many shad that when stripers moved thru them, they didn't get all that excited.  We saw stripers zipping thru the light from time to time.  And when we saw the largest amount of shad....the stripers still wouldn't bite our anchovies or jigs.  The big question now is....why do the shad circle counterclockwise in Bullfrog Bay, and clockwise at the Hall's Store Dock?   With the incredible amount of shad that we saw, the conclusion was that there is so much food, the stripers don't have to work for it.

July 18, 2005 - Richard Sutterfield

Bullfrog Report 7/14 - 7/17

Just got back last night from a nice 3 day weekend at the lake fishing with my buddy Cap'n Dickie. Very enjoyable trip. Fishing wasn't fantastic by any means, but not that bad either. I think Lake Powell has such high expectations to meet, based on great successes of the past....we sometimes are disappointed when we don't catch 50 or more stripers a day, and see wall-to-wall slurps or boils. I'm sure we would have found one of those days if we had headed way down lake and concentrated our efforts there, but we were determined to find good fishing mid-lake. It just seems like all the ingredients are there, but someone left out the magic one that spells out great fishing.

Here are some of my observations. I am including a lot of detail here, in hopes that some of it might be of value to Wayne and fellow wordlings.

Water clarity has improved considerably for Moki down lake, the silt has dropped out and visibility to the human eye is around 6' or so. What's left is more like algae..and now I see Wayne's post about the bloom and that makes sense.

Water temps in the top 5' of the lake is the highest I have ever seen, in the 80's consistently. Nice swimming conditions though. But the cool water isn't far down, you can feel it around 8-10' below the surface.

Slurps: we covered every area from Moki down to Lake Canyon that has ever produced a good slurp or boil in the past, and the pickings were pretty slim. Just random slurps here and there. If there was any pattern to it, they were always in a cove or canyon. Nice thing was, every slurp we saw, we both doubled on the first cast. But then they were gone, and not to re-appear anywhere nearby. That was pretty odd. We cruised all around Bullfrog Bay on Friday evening, around 7 pm, flat calm, not very busy, all conditions prime, and not one slurp to be found. Now that is weird. Ditto for Halls Bay one morning, prime conditions, prime time, no slurps anywhere. Never saw a slurp in the main channel anywhere, although we heard of a small one off the Moki wall.

Shad: no shortage of shad mid lake from what we saw. About 15 minutes after we put out the lights, the little ones would show up, and as the night wore on I saw more shad in the lights than I can ever remember. I thought we were just attracting the small ones, squiggles to 2 inches long. But we had smaller shad circling tight around the lights, and another larger circle that was around 50' wide circling all that, and the larger 3-4" shad were in the outside circle. I didn't really notice it until later in the night. It was amazing.

Night fishing: the first two nights we struck out. Not one bite. I stayed up pretty late trying to make it work but to no avail. Fishing in the usual depth we find success at, 40-60' deep. Saturday night I was determined to prove there are stripers in the area. I chopped up a lot of chum, kept it going, and changed up my depth...fishing from 5 to 15' deep. Started slowly at first, just a yearling now and then, and as the night went on it got better. After midnight the bite was constant..all yearlings still, except for a couple of bigger fish. If I tried fishing any deeper than 20', no bites. Goes against common sense, with such high water temps, but that's the story folks. If I were going back tomorrow to night fish, I would tie up to the Halls marina tire line where the water is clearer, and concentrate all my efforts in the top 20' of the water column. Regardless of the catching, night fishing at Powell is still a wonderful experience...the quiet, the moonlight flickering on the water, the blanket of stars after the moonset...takes you away from the stress and hassles of the big city, and life in general.

One thing I would have liked to pursue further...and might be a good thing for others to try. We marked a lot of fish from 35-60' deep along the wall just uplake from Lake canyon, on the shady side in late morning. Didn't have the anchovies with us, were supposed to be chasing slurps. Tied on a couple of Wally ers, the deepest running lures we had on us, and caught a nice striper on the first pass, trolling an area around 300 yards long. Nothing on the return pass. Another fish on the next pass. Then Rich's motor decided that was enough trolling, didn't want to idle, so we had to give that up. But the fish were there and the graph showed quite a few of them, so with a little persistence and the right strategy, I think there might be something good going on there.    
Bullfrog main ramp is excellent...haven't seen all lanes underwater in a long time. It can move a lot of boats now so anytime is a good time to launch and retrieve.
One more thing...we were back in Lake Canyon Friday morning around 6:30 am, found a little slurp, doubled twice from them and then they went down. While we were waiting for them to come back up, 3 PWC riders were coming from the end of the canyon. They were very considerate, went slow and quiet as they could past us. Although the slurp never came up again, we sure appreciated their consideration and goes to show there are some thoughtful PWC operators out there. If you happen to read this and recognize yourself, a tip of the hat to the three of you.  
Sorry, no good slurp pics this time, they were here and gone so fast.

July 18, 2005 - Leonard - Nathan and Lukas Wiggins    Paonia, Colorado

Fished Friday - Saturday July 16 and 17  - Bull Frog area

Big motor would not run - used kicker motor to get around.  Did not get to run around and look for boils like we had planned.  Fished at night at the tire breaks to the south of the covered boat slips at the Bull Frog marina.  Friday night fished from dusk till 2:30.  Caught 14) stripers - 8) cats.  Seven of the stripers were smaller - 10 to 12 inches.  The other seven were 20 - 22 inches - around 3.5 pounds each.  One nice crappie.  All of these were nice healthy fish. 

Saturday night fished from  dusk till dawn.  Caught 36 stripers - 10 cats.  14) smaller 10 - 12 inch, 3) 20 - 22 inch 19) 24 - 25 inch.  4 of the longer ones were to thin to fillet.  Most of the longer fish would not have weighed any more or as much as the 22 inch ones?  Used a floating crappie type light - a Coleman lantern - and a small green submersible.  Any light source drew shad almost immediately.  The Coleman lantern with a makeshift piece of tin foil to direct the light toward the water and out of our eyes, drew the most. 

Two sizes of shad.  Smaller ones were 1/2 to 3/4 inches. Larger ones were 1 1/4 to 1 1/2.  The larger ones were easy to catch and worked well as bait on the smaller stripers when fished 10 to 20 feet deep.  Larger fish would not hit the small shad at any depth.  Larger stripers were caught at 30 to 40 feet using halves and thirds of anchovies.  Tails seemed to work the best.  Tried deeper with no luck.  Chumming did not seem to effect the striper bite, but did help on the cats.  We used slip bobbers, and tight line methods. 

Caught more fish on the slip bobbers three to one.  Easier to control the depth, and you could lay the pole down and pick it up and not effect the bait or bite.  Larger stripers wanted the bait stationary.  Smaller ones would hit often when bringing the bait up.  Caught more fish when out 10 to 15 feet from the light than when directly under it?  Did not fish during the day - played motor mechanic with two pair of leather pliers to no avail.  Long way to drag a boat to have it not run.  On the bright side we saved money on gas, did not damage the boat or prop, and still caught some fish. 

I wish I had different hooks.  I was using #2 to 1/0 size bait holder and circle hooks.  Both worked O K.  A 2/0 or 4/0 circle hook I think would be best.  I think that I missed several hits due to the hook being too small to get out of the bait and into the fishes mouth.  The boys quit on me early both nights, or we could have caught more.  Saturday night around 3:30 the Coleman lantern went out and I decided to not restart it.  Fishing got better for the next hour and 1/2.  Had one on pretty much constantly during that time.  They quit when it started getting lighter. Did not see a boil or slurp. 

If you decide to tie of to the tires, have some bumpers to keep your boat from rubbing.  Bought two small head lights that were really nice when tying lines and baiting up.  That beat holding a small flash light in my mouth.  Saw two other people fishing.  Neither group was having much luck. This type of fishing is not as exciting as chasing boils, but it was comfortable, and nobody bothered us.  

Thanks for this site and all who take the time to help out other fishermen. 

July 24, 2005 - Kevin

Got up bright and early, and headed to Lake Canyon, I got there and looked around for boil's for 15 minute's with no luck. So I headed out to the Escalante, which was on my mind from the start. It's quite the hall in a 16 ft. boat, but not bad if you beat all of the morning traffic.
I don't take a watch with me, but I got there at a good time, and hadn't got two mile's into the Escalante, when I saw my first boil. It was great, and the fish were a little bigger, and seemed to be much harder fighter's, then other area's that I fished this weekend.
I had 6 fish out of the first boil, and when I figured it was through, I moved on up river, and never saw anything clear past Willow creek. But on my way back, at 50 mile there they were again. I caught some nice fish out of these boil's, and this time tried something different. When the boil would sound, I would graph until I saw fish, in 10 to 30 ft from the top of the water down, and drop the Anchovies down, and I started hooking up double's, right off. I had one on a lead head, and the other just on a hook, and no weight. They much more liked the weightless one better, so I took off the lead head. And was bait fishing, until I saw boil's.

I fished the rest of the day, until evening, until I saw another Boil. I started back at Willow, and fished Boil's all the way back to where I had seen them that morning. And the evening boil's were much more violent then the morning boil's. " GREAT FUN " but man was it hot.

My plan's were to head to Good Hope bay, where other's had reported seeing boil's. And as I made the turn at Moqui, there they were boiling. It must of been around 6:00 p.m.
I talked to a family in a Pontoon boat' and he said they had been boiling, from noon till dark. " PLAN'S CHANGED " I spent the rest of my trip from the mouth of Moqui, four to five mile's up river, chasing boil's.

Saturday, Was slow in the morning, so I decided to clean my fish. I had 62 all together so far in the trip. And I hadn't much more then washed every thing up, when a boil came up within casting range of my boat. I then chased this boil, all alone, for at least two mile's up lake. And when they stopped, There were boil's all over at about the 100 mile marker. It was " Boil City " for a while, with several boat's chasing, but plenty of their own boil's.

I used a variety of top water lure's, but the Zara puppy, worked best by far. But I put on a Bill Dance, Spit-N image, with the white feather like tale, and it was a very good lure, and the hook up's, seemed better on it than the spook's. I think it's the way it set's in the water.

July 29, 2005 - FishinNFarmin

Just a little update on the trip. It rained on the wheat farm so we couldn't thrash for a couple days and boy am i glad! Dad and I loaded up the 14 foot boat with a 15 hp yamaha and headed to Halls. We got there at about 2:30 and and headed up lake. We were strictly poil fishing. We saw our first boil as we passed the moki wall. The boils were short and the fish were finicky. There wasn't a lot of boil action up there but we managed to pull three fish out of that area and lost a couple others. On the way back to the marina we ran into several long lasting boils just before dark near the houseboats. They weren't as picky it seemed later in the evening and hit full size lures. we ended the first day with 13 stripers. 

The next day we hurried up lake for a short period of time because we planned to go down lake after waiting for the fuel dock to open and caught 4 uplake from the houseboats and saw no boils on up past the moki wall. We came back to the fuel dock, fueled up and headed down the lake. Just before Lake canyon we hit our first boil. They were very aggressive and long lasting boils but the later it got the less more selective they became. They wouldn't hit full size lures. We headed back around 1:00 and the boils were very short at this point. We caught 26 on this day and had a blast. 

At dusk and dawn the fish would hit any size lure but during the heat of the day the lure had to be downsized to have any success. What worked best for me in the middle of the day was a kast master with a small spinner tied on twenty inches back and it was deadly. Every cast I had a hit but they were hard to hook until I put a larger treble on the lure. Hope this helps somebody. Good luck and happy fishing!!

July 29, 2005 - Kurt Jensen

headed out with GoldCup and my good friend Rome who had never fished Powell. arrived at Bullfrog Thursday July 21 at ~10:00:pm – lightening, strong wind, and still 105 degrees – I think we’re gonna melt… launched the boat and headed to the tires around the covered houseboats. found Larry Millhouse fishing anchovies near the south-west corner – very good to meet ya’ll!!! - said catching was slow so far. they left after an hour, we fished until 2:00am. hits were regular - hookups were sporadic because they hit fast and light, if you missed the hookup you had to replace the bait. caught 8 or so, 4-5 lbs. pulled out the boat so we could load with camp gear and head out early.

relaunched late because my friend had to get a license – gas station store opens at 7:30am, found out Halls doesn’t open until 8:00am, but Bullfrog marina opens at 7:00am except their computer was down and they couldn’t issue licenses … wait until 8:00 before heading south. camped in a cove just outside the mouth of the Escalante – same cove I camped in 2 ½ years ago at about the same water level N37 16 38.0 W110 51 59.6. after unloading, headed towards Willow Creek to find fish… headed up to and into “Willow Creek” - the buoy at the mouth says “Willow Creek”, regardless of what maps say - my map identifies the right branch as Willow and the left as Forty Mile. up the right branch we found shad, shad, and more shad – caught a couple yearling stripers that hit the surface – some shad but no action up the left branch. headed back down looking for boils and found Kevin busy reducing the striper population in the shade of a big wall – heading upstream just past the mouth of Fifty Mile, the big wall on the right is now known as Kevin’s Wall (N37 19 51.4 W110 55 21.4). Kevin told us about the big boils and steady ‘chovie fishing. enjoyed meeting Kevin and sharing a meal back at camp. he was short on ‘chovies and gas and headed back to Bullfrog – can not imagine the ride through the swells in that little boat, glad you made it safely.

headed back up the Escalante at about 6:00pm. found nothing by Kevin’s Wall, but they were coming up in a big bunch in the next bay around the corner - N37 20 04.6 W110 55 51.1 - boil fever ensued… caught a few before they sounded for good. continued on and found another bunch going just before the mouth of Willow Creek - N37 20 46.8 W110 55 59.2 - boil fever ensued… stripers were all good, fat, strong fighting fish. Rome finally untangled his lure and caught a couple fish. head back to camp early with weather coming in. gave Rome practice getting striper thumb…

headed back up at dawn. this time they were hitting the surface just outside a little cove just before the mouth of Willow - N37 20 39.1 W110 55 45.9 – email GoldCup for the name of this cove… stripers were scattered all around us. boated about a dozen before they sounded for good.

same thing every morning and evening. boils would come up between the mouth of Fifty Mile and Willow Creek. they would stay up for about an hour whether we were there or not – one morning we left one extremely scattered bunch for a tighter bunch, the first bunch was gone after we finished with the second bunch. also, caught a few in the shade of a wall during the day – GoldCup is now qualified as a master ‘chover (some would say baiter but this is a family board…) even managed to catch one on a spoon while they were down during a “boil” – of course it was a Bass Man Special, thanks Howard! – tried Rob’s spoon next but they had moved on before I got it down again.

fished a boil up and down the main channel below the Escalante about midday Saturday. they were very spooky, only got 2 fish. saw a small boil just before the first turn inside the Escalante but they never came up again.

tried night fishing Saturday night tied to buoy 68 in 335’ of water. the crappie light brought in 1” shad we could see, and clouds of shad to 25’ on the fish finder. unfortunately, we were in a big open stretch of water and a storm was blowing in from Arizona – decided bed was better than fishing in 4’ swells…

our gear got a good workout. all but the yearlings were over 4 lbs. better than one in ten was over 6 lbs – the biggest we actually weighed was 6lb 10oz. lost a couple hooks and some split rings even though I changed them all before leaving. be prepared for a good fight!!!

these are boils, they are chasing full sized shad –you could see shad smacked up into the air and some times stripers spit out shad in the boat, all these shad were 2-3”. most of the action was underwater with only an occasional splash or smack on the surface, you had to look for subtle signs to see the boils. they were more like simultaneous rather than coordinated attacks – all the stripers started chasing shad at the same time but they did not do so as a school. the boils appeared scattered and we expected only smallies. but they were full size stripers with a very occasional smallmouth. any topwater lure worked, even the huge 7/8 oz Excalibur Super Spook. we threw Excalibur Super Spook Jr (bleeding shad), Excalibur Super Spook (bleeding shad), and Sammy 85 (ghost minnow). I like the super spook jr because it really splashes when I walk the dog. but, on the last morning they refused to hit it. switched to a sammy 85 and a more subtle walk, oh man! it was hookups every time.

July 29, 2005 - Josh Hinchberger

I am a college student and avid Bass fisherman from Boulder Colorado. I have been visiting and fishing Lake Powell for about six years, coming once or twice a year. In the past I have found Striper boils rare and have mostly seen slurpers in the earliest hours of the day. I have always caught more smallies than stripers. However, I just visited Lake Canyon and stayed there for nine days (21-29 of July); the striper fishing was unbelievable.

Many schools were holding there and would boil on a frequent basis during the whole day. The best time to hit them was at 6:30-8:30 pm. However, even though the stripers were in great numbers they were somewhat lure shy. When we first ran into them we threw Zaras and pop'n image poppers but at times they were never touched. We then tried white Yamamoto curly tails on a jig head and thought that they would pound it every time, we were wrong. They barley touched the jigs. Finally we found that white Strike King Zulu's and shad pattern castaic soft jerk baits worked much better and the strikes were awesome.

Also, we hunted schools on a jet ski, which I think gave us an upper hand because we could cruise up to a school fast, cut the motor and have a low profile. In many instances they didn't even care that we were there and we could make multiple casts before the school stopped. Man jet ski fishing can be a blast! Hope this interests you.

August 1, 2005 - Striper Steve and Rhonda


This Largemouth was caught by Rhonda aka Fishin' Fool by Halls on 7-28-05 at 4:30pm. He weighed 3lbs 4ozs and was 22 inches long. Didn't measure his girth. Caught on a 3/8 orange lead head with a chartreuse double tail grub.

Very happy girl until I told her we had to turn him loose. Only took 4 hours to talk her into it.




August 3, 2005- Jim Hitz

Love the website.  Just got back to Denver after a week in Lake Powell.  After coming to the Lake to vacation for the last 20 years, not only did I get to witness my first striper boil, I think we saw two to three dozen!  Absolutely amazing.   Stayed for the most part in the Escalante, Willow Creek canyon area.  Very nice spot across the channel from willow creek with a lot of dead tree structure that provided for great Large and Smallmouth fishing.  Stripers and Cat always enjoying the cut anchovies...   Keep up the great work!

August 7, 2005 - Jack Herrin (Hotwheels)

We started fishing last Sunday morning leaving from Halls Crossing.

We went straight to Escalante to fish next to Kevin, who was fishing boils at 50 mile canyon when we arrived. The boils were not big but consistent. We stayed until around 3pm and started back. On our way back we found good boils in the main channel all the way back just past the Rincon. Sunday we came back to the cleaning station with 50 plus.

Monday morning we did the same thing and caught good numbers of boiling Stripers just before 50 mile canyon. But we came back to the main channel at noon to find more boils at mile marker 69 and all the way back to the Rincon again. These boils had large numbers of fish and all running 4lb plus. We filled the 72 quart cooler with about 50 + and then had to clean out our food cooler to make room for more fish. Total for Monday was 72.
Tuesday morning did the same thing back to the Escalante again, but this time not much happening, so we came back to the main channel again fishing boils from mile marker 69 back to the Rincon and came back to Halls cleaning station with another 50 + fish.

Wednesday morning we decided to go up north to Good Hope Bay, we were not disappointed. We seen several boils happening all over the Bay, but fish were some what boat shy, so we could only get about 2 to 3 fish out of the boil and just had to look out and find the next boil and repeat. These fish were a bit smaller than the ones up at the Escalante, but not by much. They were very fat and football shaped. We did this until about 4pm and headed back down the Lake and found a very large boil at mile marker 108 that just stayed up the entire time. We had 6 fish hooked up at one time in this boil and they just kept boiling while we reeled in fish and untangled lines to make another cast and then another. All day we fished all these boils all by ourselves, not another boat around us. We came back to Halls cleaning station with another 50 fish.

August 6, 2005 - Tiff Mapel

Greetings Wayne and Wordlings,

Coming to you live from Bullfrog, UT, 7:15am Saturday morning the 6th.  Four Trash Trackers got here yesterday and met up with Pat George (TT captain).  We were all in Dave Hauswald's new boat for some sight
seeing, wakeboarding, and fishing.  I was flying my brand new Wayneswords flag, and we say many Wordlings.
 Saw Lakedancer and waved.  Went up north by Moki wall.  Saw one boil, but it sounded and was gone.  NO
action up north. 

Headed for the Rincon in the afternoon, didn't see any boils on the way down, so I wakeboarded for a bit.
Then the boils started.  We fished the boils on the way back up lake, and they were plentiful!  We found one HUGE boil between buoys 86 and 85 along that huge wall.  We were throwing Rat-L-Traps and Excaliburs, and pulling them in.  Big 4-5 pounders, and I even managed to reel in a yearling too.  He must have been playing with the big boys! 

Lots of boil action, and there was much excitement on Dave's boat.  A boil would start, and we'd all throw
our lines in, much of the time getting our lines tangled right in the heat of action.  The huge boil would engulf the boat, and you could practically reach down and pick up a fish.  It was during those times that I would get so excited I could barely breathe, and I would suffer some sort of pole/reel/line malfunction.  But I still managed to pull in two nice Stripers! 

We took our catch (8 nice big ones) to the fish cleaning station at Bullfrog, and had us a tasty fish fry last night!  So now the Trash Trackers are off today on another trashy adventure.  We're heading south, so stop by to say hi if you're on the lake.

August 11, 2005 - Dave Card - Fly fishing Good Hope Bay

August 10, 2005 - Brian Nielson and Jared Jones

Brian and Jared show off the first striped bass they have ever caught. 

Not really -  these guys are trained Wildlife Professionals who protect shad in the Bullfrog area from marauding stripers.  They are fishing the last two hours before dark and catching lots of topwater stripers in Bullfrog Bay. 

August 9, 2005 - Tony Anast - Real time report

Tony just checked in by phone from Bullfrog.  He reported a great morning catch of 4-7 pound stripers in Bullfrog Bay.  He was fishing right off the main launch ramp.  It looks like boils are getting stronger there.  He saw lots of quick ghost boils earlier in his trip. As soon as his dad went home fishing picked up.  He caught 23 this morning by himself on Kastmaster spoons cast into the boils.

He will report again tomorrow and stay until Sunday. Stayed tuned for more reports.    

August 9, 2005 - Brian Nielson,  UT Conservation Officer from Bullfrog

There are boils from Red Canyon all the way down lake.  They seem to be the best in the evening.  I have been going out in Bullfrog Bay for a couple of hours in the evening until dark.  Once it gets close to dark they seem to quit all together.  The boils don't stay up long but they come up frequently. Hope this helps.

August 9, 2005 - Rocco Iannapollo

< dir="ltr" align="left"> We had a great trip!  Thanks for all of your help.   Wish I could have made it up to the San Juan...sounds like an awesome trip! < dir="ltr" align="left">   < dir="ltr" align="left"> Just returned from a fantastic trip to Halls Creek area.  Arrived Aug 1 and found boils between mile 92 & 93.  They were short in duration (30-60 seconds), but they occurred fairly regularly from 3-6 p.m.  We picked up 17 4-6 lb fish on spoons and spooks.  

Day 2 (Aug 2) was the slowest for us, we thought because of the weather...however, we met hot wheels at the fish cleaning station, and they fished through the storm and caught 50 fish!  He mentioned something about his hair standing on end, but the boils were fast and furious and they fished through it.  We apparently were in the wrong place at the wrong time (at camp most of the day waiting out the weather) and only caught 4 fish that day.  

Day 3 (Aug 3) was a good day and we found many boils between mile 92 & 93, in Halls Creek bay, and just upstream of Moki canyon.  Boated 14 fish that day.  Day 4 (Aug 4) we decided to chase fish upstream and had similar results in lower Good Hope bay.  We picked up several fish in the bay, and a few more between mile 106 & 110.  We boated 8 fish that day.  Friday found us chasing boils upstream around mile 107, but we also caught several more between mile 92 & 93.  We boated 24 fish on Friday.  

Although the totals weren't impressive, it is worth noting that I have never seen such consistent boiling activity.  Everyday we went out we saw boils.  They were short in duration and it was truly run and gun fishing...which is why the totals were somewhat low.  We did have two adults and two children fishing and our fair share of "mishaps".  You can use your imagination on what mishaps consisted of, but suffice it to say that if we boated every fish hooked, we could have easily doubled our numbers.  I definitely preferred this style of fishing to drowning anchovies!  The only thing that would have made the trip better is to have had the boils last a bit longer.  Suffice it to say that I have plenty of filets in the freezer.  Additionally, it was a tackle busting trip...started with 9 rods and left with only 7 in service...plus I burnt up one electric filet knife!

August 8, 2005 - Dallas Holliday

Caught many stripers many different ways over last five days. Started @ mouth of Cedar and night fished off back of houseboat under lights the first night in 20 to 40 ft of water,20 stripers and as many cats in 3hrs. Next AM saw few boils but not many @ Tapestry Wall, trolled big plugs and caught 10 nice 5lb stripers with occasional boil chasing but fish did not stay up long. Each day after boils increased with Sat evening being outstanding and could chase fish on surface with electric trolling motor. 

Most boils ignored jumping minnow but silver Kastmaster and white jigs and tail produced many doubles. Would put spoon in school first, hook up, and stick in rod holder - then cast jig for second hook up. Usually landed both fish, what a kick. 

Lots of slurp/boils on Sat evening @ Bullfrog that stayed up longer as it got closer to dark. Saw quite a few others catching fish out of many schools. Big motor usually put fish down and ran electric full bore to keep up. Pretty much had to keep moving in same general direction and anticipate where school would surface again. Catfishing was excellent on sandy beach south side of bay. Great time with the most pleasant temps

August 18, 2005  Cracker and Gabino

13th - 16th back from a quick but fulfilling trip that started at the lower lake in hopes of boils to be only disappointed after 6 hours and 55 miles of upstream travel. Zero report for boils, I concluded that the inevitable change of plans that I did not hope for was my only choice so off to Halls at noon on the 13th. Arrived at 5:30 and made a quick trip up to MM 105 nothing as the sun was setting but the photos were alive. Sunday morning I made the run up to GH Bay and was not without fish the days total in the bay was Running back to Halls for gas and some sleep I came across boils at MM 105, picked up 32 in 40 minutes. Monday clouds prevailed at Good Hope until 11am only 12 fish in 4 hours so a run back to Halls for some chovies to try and chum was in order but we were interrupted by those pesky fish at MM110 to 105. 7 hours worth of non stop boils with three cleaning breaks and a total of 234 fish for two guys. 
Wow is right we use 65 Power Pro and heavy spinning and bait cast outfits and make them water ski that is if you get lucky and pin their mouths shut. My pour hands are just beginning to function again. Every fish was on ice and cleaned when ever one three foot deep fish box became full, except for the interruption from 3pm till 7 when we added more ice and just filled up both wells. The halls cleaning station was busy for me Sunday night; it took me three solid hours with the electric to finish them off. We have eaten several dozen already and our neighbors love us once again.

Three weeks and counting, oh the fish are herding in the shore line now so the push is on. Cracker and Gabino will return.

Fish boxes are three feet deep and I figure hold 85 fish with a three gallon Ice slushy each.

The cutting tables would only hold one box at a time both cutting areas full along with the wash pan area stacked three deep. Phenomenal fishing the boils would stay up for 6 fish then e for three to 5 minutes and be right back the shad were using my boat as an escape the stripers were actually running into the hull on more that a dozen occasions. Do you know who owns the 20 or 21 ft proline and has a poodle? I had a passing conversation at Halls Sunday but no names were exchanged. Gabino my neighbor and I once again enjoyed the stark beauty that only Powell has to offer. PS the grass flats in ten feet are swarming with shad and the men in the silver suits have begun to join them.

September 1, 2005 - Marty Peterson

Fished out of Bullfrog August 27-30. Summary is: boil fishing good, nightfishing and anchovy fishing where we tried, slow. 

Richard Snow and I selected these dates based on moon phase (after last quarter) for night fishing and when our work schedule matched. Arrived the afternoon of the 27th to growing thunderstorms. Almost launched but resisted. Waited out a good storm in the restaurant looking out the windows. Launched about one hour before dark. Wanted to try Lake Canyon due to successes last month but settled for Upper Bullfrog Bay to be safer. Saw some small boils and decided to night fish the north end of the tire reef. Fished with anchovies under light until 11:00 pm and only caught small catfish. Slept on the boat and headed south at sun up. 

Encountered boils in the area around the mouth of Halls. Short duration hard to fish. Went to Lake Canyon found short duration boils that were easier to fish due to smaller area. Boated 5 Stripers in the morning. Then fished with anchovies much of the day. Only caught 1 skinny Striper on bait. Evening boils were better to us. We boated about 5 each. Night fished Lake Canyon right in the intersection of the main canyon with the right fork. Nothing. Quit at 10:30. 

The morning of the 29th boils started in Lake Canyon as soon as sunlight hit the water. We started near the same spot we had night fished the night before and ended up near the mouth of Lake around 9 am or so, having fished boils nearly the whole time. It is fantastic to see these fish up close like this watching them jump, hit lures and eat shad. Every topwater lure seemed to work but we both decided that overall the Jumpin Minnow worked best for us. Tough enough to do well. Other lures broke but we never broke one of these. Spoons did not work for us but a boat fishing next to us only used small spoons and seemed to be doing well. Must be technique. Now we have 20 fresh Stripers plus fillets from the day before and little ice left so we head back to Bullfrog. But see boats fishing the wall north of Lake Canyon. So we join in and each catch another Striper. Then the boil ends. David Fordham is in one boat. He talks with us and tells us about having Striper Thumb. 

After getting our fillets refrigerated and taking a nap we get back on the water that evening. Boils in Bullfrog near Halls. But we cannot seem to hook any of these. So we head back towards Lake Canyon. Fish a few boils on the way and catch a few more fish. All our Stripers this trip were about the same size. 3-4 pounds longest 26 inches. Lake Canyon disappoints a little this evening with only a few boils and about 4 Stripers each. Skipped night fishing planning on a fresh early start in the morning. 

Sunrise and the heat is on. Ski boats are making waves. Three other boats are also fishing the few boils that appear. Lake Canyon is not good for fishing this morning. We catch 1 Striper each first thing, and then burn gas for two or three hours of chasing quick boils around in the canyon and main channel. So off to Bullfrog. We run into an unorganized boil in Bullfrog Bay that Richard picks up a few out of but the only one I get is on a spoon down deep. 

Catching Striped Bass on topwater lures is sure a great experience. The fillets are great too. We wanted the Stripers to bite both night and day. Did not happen for us. But by adapting to what we found would work made the experience worthwhile. Picked up a few other fish too while passing the time. Have been using a Berkley "lip gripper" to hold the fish while removing the hook. Under $30. Have also heard of a similar tool I think called maybe "Boca Grips"? Seems to make removing the lure much safer and has eliminated our painful "Striper thumb"  from holding Stripers by the lower lip as they always seem to give one last twist once they get this large. Just another safety idea.    

September 4, 2005 - Jim Paruszewski

Arrived at the lake late Tuesday the 29th all by myself. Cruised around BF bay to Halls creek and saw a few boils which I couldn't get to. Anchored behind the island in Halls Creek for a bit of night fishing. Put out the lights and the wind started blowing and it blew for several hours. I didn't see a shad and didn't get a bite. Next morning I started chasing real Quick boils with little luck until I went to the first bay just inside the Halls Creek buoy. The place was alive with fish but they were up and down quick. Played around there quite awhile then toured down to Lake canyon and Annies and picked up a couple more by buoy86.

Back at Halls creek I found boils in the trees that were pretty consistent but the trick was to be on the correct side of the trees. Thursday morning back to the mouth of Halls Creek and there were lots of fish there but they were more in idual rises instead of boils. I spent the whole morning there with some success. I met Top Cat Thursday afternoon and he said BF Bay had died and there were no boils that he could find.

Back to Halls Creek and it was dead, no boils. Just before dark I got into a large boil at the Houseboat field at Bullfrog. It was the biggest one I saw on my trip but another boat kept running into the middle of it then casting frantically. Actually, it was quite humorous, he would run into the middle of the boil then cast off one side of the boat, drop that rod then cast off the other side, go back to the first rod take a few cranks, put that one down then take a few cranks on rod #2. Needless to say he didn't seem to catch much. I left bright and early Friday AM. I caught 27 fish total, all about 4# except one that I scaled at 6#.

I found a Bone Jumpin Minnow to be the most productive lure and although I tried chovies along the walls had no success with them. Also I might add that I lost more fish on this trip than I ever remember. Lost some hoisting them into the boat and others after being hooked for awhile. All in all it was a great trip and if I had a fishin' boat instead of my cruiser I probably would have had better numbers.


September 6, 2005 - Skip Nalley

< > Fished Sept 1-2-3, boils were quick and not very productive. Best luck jigging after they went down. Really humorous watching "fishermen" fish boils in BF, they would run right in the middle of them then try to fish. Got tired of this and went to Annie's, again very quick boils. Finally got into one that lasted for an hour off and on, it was still going on sporadically when we left, but I just couldn't take the jet skis, ski boats and overall "curious boaters". It was in Hall's so I have no one to blame but me.

  < > Overall a great trip, not many smallmouth. Lures were, Sassy Shad and Zara Spooks. Jigs were Sassy Shad and white plastics. Pulled the houseboat into Hall's, first arm to right and had a very peaceful few days until the weekend crowd started on Friday. Saw three coyotes and were serenaded each night, really cool. Left the lake Sunday for SLC.

September 6, 2005 - Bryant Buttars

I wanted to send you some pictures of a striper a friend of mine caught on the 29th of August. Her name is Dorinne Jocobs, from Mayfield Utah. She caught the striper in Good Hope Bay trolling 10 feet deep, in 35 feet of water, along the south shore. The fish was 44 inches and weighed 23 lbs. She caught it on a 5'6" ultra light with 4 lb test! She said she fought it for 45 minutes, but after an initial run of about 200 yards it went to the bottom in 40 feet of water and just sat there. It took the rest of the time to coax it up. They said when the fish came to the boat it was dead. They figure it spent too much time in the warm water and died due to the stress. It obviously wasn't very healthy as can be seen in the pictures. Would this be a fish ready to die of old age?

Also we spent the weekend, (Along with about 1000 other people) in Bull Frog Bay and found boils every morning between the 2 houseboat fields. They would stay up until all the players came out and the boat chop would put them down. They were very cooperative while up, but even more cooperative with spoons when they sounded. Drop the spoon 40 feet, speed reel it up and hold on!

Thanks for all you do for us "Wordlings!"

September 9, 2005 - Marty and Ivy Peterson

< > My wife had never fished a Striper boil before. It did not take much to fix that. The evening of  Tuesday September 6th we launched out of Bullfrog, headed to Lake Canyon. Found Stripers boiling just north of there. It only took her two casts to pick up her first boiling Striper. "What a fight!" she says. < >   < > She would put several more in the boat before nightfall. After dark as we fillet them all she comments at the nice results and looking in the cooler exclaims that "this is loads of fish". Then says it will be hard to wait for morning to catch some more. As the sun comes up, so do the boils in Lake Canyon. We have a lot of fun even though the duration of the boils is short. But long enough to pick up a fish or two from some. We were unable to see any more boils after 10 AM or so and headed to Halls Marina for more ice to keep the fillets cool and for the fish cooler hoping we would need it. Spent the day searching for schools and picked up a few SMB. < >   < > Evening boils were even more scattered and there were many more boats waiting for them. If we remember right we were able to get another eight in the boat. She says that fishing with better quality gear is nice and that she could tell the difference. I did lose one Wallylure to broken line fished off a less expensive reel when the drag failed to make up for my lack of skill. But other than that we never broke any of our 10 pound test lines even though some fish reached six pounds and fight like fish with even more muscle. < >   < > We decided in advance that we would fish Bullfrog Bay on Thursday morning. Mistake. Should have stayed in a canyon. Wind and waves made it hard to fish the few boils we saw although others were having some success. Big storms approaching so we left for home. Happy, having enjoyed a great adventure.

September 12, 2005 - Eric Rich

We arrived on Sat Sep 3 at 3:00 in the morning slept 2 hours in the parking lot. We first took all our stuff up bullfrog to a nice camping spot. Then went for boils. Didnt see anything in bullfrog so went to halls. Saw some boils and my brother and I both hooked into one. Boils moved a little away but the new nitro wouldn't start. Finally got it started and caught about four more until some boat traffic put them down not to return. That evening decided to go back to halls but no boils in sight.

Went to the south buoy field and saw some really fast boils that we couldn't catch up to fast enough. Sunday morning went to the south buoy field and caught about four but inexperienced fisherman kept putting them down. Sunday evening boils were all over the south buoy field all the way to the buttcracks. Fished them with another boat for about one hour then the rain storm came in so decided to go back to camp.

Mon morning was by far the best fishing experience I have ever had. We would get out on the lake before light which is way to early if you want my opinion. Seemed like they didn't start boiling until the sun hit the lake. Anyway boils started in the south buoy field and kept up for about 2 and a half hours. We were the only boat fishing them so they stayed up the whole time. There was someone jigging on the outside of us but he didn't seem too concerned about the boils. The trolling motor kept up with them fine without putting them down at all. They were all good 4 to 6 pound fish and they finally stopped all the way at the end of the buttcracks. This kind of makes me wonder if they stayed up because of the storm that night or because there were no other boats. 

My brother and I kept 45 nice stripers that morning. Its a good thing that they stopped because we had every cooler in the boat full. There was another person that got there late I think his name was tomcat. The rest of the trip was just as good every morning in bullfrog south buoy field. We found that the junior spook worked best. This was the best trip I have ever had and will for sure be coming back. 

September 12, 2005 - Billy Lewis

< > Fishing was great!!!  We (Billy Lewis, Mike Petroff, and John Turner) fished an area about 5 mi. from Bullfrog Marina.  We caught 34 stripers using SpitN' Image and small Kastmasters. "We found a good location for the shad to be trapped in a small cove on Friday evening. We came back Saturday morning and cut off the engine to wait, about 2 minutes later the boil started and didn't quit for exactly 1 hour and 35 minutes. We simply followed the boil in the half circle canyon and used topwater when they boiled and when they went down we used the kastmasters. Another great trip at Powell in August."


September 14, 2005 - Ken Roberts

Arrived at halls crossing sept. 2nd w/ my wife and our best buds mike and april to spend the night, before we crossed to bullfrog the next morning to join our wonderful captains bruce & pat george on  the trash tracker house boat. Thank you Steve Ward for making arrangements so that we had a place to stay after our 11 hour drive. We have been doing the trash tracker program for 6 years. We are very proud to be a part of the program and get great personal satisfaction from helping to keep our favorite jewel, Lake Powell clean and beautiful. My bud Mike brought his boat so that we would be able to do our best at protecting all the shad we could from those terrible voracious shad eating stripers. Not that we like to fish, oh no!

We launched at halls around 4:30 p.m. Me, Mike & April my wife Kathy decided to stay and relax. We didn't see any boils so we started trolling near the walls across from bullfrog. After 20 min. I hooked up a nice 2 1/2 lb.s.m. w/ a deep er bill dance white crank bait which ended my fishing for the evening. While trying to unhook the fish 2 of the treble hooks ended up in my hand, one in my middle finger and the other in the top of my palm. After doing my best to cut everything off I could I could not get 2 hooks out. So i ended up at the clinic for the next hour. The doc. did a great job and mike picked me back up to take me back. Damn those smallmouth can kick. As far as the striper fishing went, we had a blast. We had a couple of schools show up in the back of Crystal Springs while we getting ready for dinner and hammered a few. Went down lake Monday towards Annies canyon. Got around the turn past halls outside of Forbidden Eden and saw a boil the size of 2 football fields. Pulled in, shut her off and commenced to catching 4 - 6 lb. stripers. They were up for nearly an hour. My zara spook was the ticket. Went back every morning and eve. Same fish same place.

Mornings were more concentrated boils. Evenings they were spread out all over. Best bet was to sit and they would pop up all around you. If try to chase you were defeating your purpose. It was awesome to see these fish hit a lure 1/2 a dozen times before they would hook up. I really enjoy working w/ the trash tracker program and will continue to do so as long as they will let me. I encourage every one to pack it in and pack it out and help clean up after so many uncaring campers and boaters . Thank you Becky, Steve Ward, the national park service and all of our trash tracker captains because we all do work hard to do our part to keep Lake Powell beautiful. 

p.s. i need to get back up there  to do nothing but help protect all those wonderful shad.  

live , love , and fish

September 23, 2005- Tom Brennan

< > Wayne, We fished the Hall's Crossing area Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. It was very slow except for a spectacular one hour boil off Bullfrog ramp Wednesday AM. We filled our ice chest before nine o'clock. Thursday the same spot was dead. 


Just returned from our annual family reunion @ Powell. Fishing was the best it's been in 10 years of going there in October! We mostly used "motor-oil" colored worms, and once used a hideous blue and sparkle crawdad looking lure to catch biggest small mouth bass of trip. 

Best fishing was @ daybreak at Iceberg Bay. Dusk was also plentiful at Hall's Bay. No stripers at all. We have not seen those since 7 years ago..way up the Escalante. Thunderstorms produced amazing instant waterfalls all around! We took our 22' small boat to photograph them. The sound of the falling pebbles and rocks was reminiscent of the "jungle boat" cruise at Disneyland, when the Capitan threatens to drive the boat under there falls! Too beautiful! Got great digital shots!

October 24, 2005 - Bass Master Magee

Two boats and four guys out for the weekend. Annual trip to Lake Powell in October was another hit. Launched out of Bullfrog on the morning of 10/21/05. Went north to the Horn were we camped. Friday mid day worked the banks searching for the fish and a pattern, took little to no time to find the smallmouth bass along all the points of the canyons, determined the best pattern to be crankbaits. Spent a couple hours fishing, went back to camp for lunch then back out for the rest of the day.

Went back to a honey hole that I found in Sept and instantly got right back on top of a pod of 1 pound crappie, spent a hour or so putting a few in the livewell and the rest went back to the home. About 4 p.m. headed for Striper city were it took only a few minutes of trolling to begin picking up stripers, put about a dozen in our two boats by 6:00 p.m. then got firewood and headed for camp.

Saturday morning the bite was a little slow until about 10:00 then the fish went on the feed and filled our livewells with lunch. Went to the back of two and four mile canyons and found crappie ready for the picking. Found submerged weeds and tumbleweeds fronted by deep water and within a few minutes we would find the crappie. Saturday evening we fished the north shoreline between the horn and four mile canyon and caught about 25 to 30 good smallmouth, a half dozen striper a our only walleye of the trip. While cleaning fish we found several smallies with small stripers in there bellies.  

The highlight of the trip came Sunday morning, fished the shallows on the east side of the lake from the horn to castle butte. Caught more fish than we could count. It was a large mouth frenzy, haven't caught large mouth like that at Powell ever, they ranged from about 8" fish to several over two pounds. Doubled up on one of my catches with two 12" largemouth on the line at one time, that was fun. Dashed over to the west side of the lake in the same area for about an hour before we had to pack up and found another 12 to 15 smallies laying in wait. Caught a 2-1/2 pound smallie that spit up a 4" crawdad and a shad getting him in the boat. The weather was great and the fishing was better, I can't wait till spring.

October 27, 2005 -  Greg Cheney

We were going to spend all last week at Lake Powell but delayed our departure until 8:00 PM Wednesday due to the rain since tent camping in the rain is no fun.  We hit snow at the Eisenhower tunnel and Vail pass but the road was in good shape so we made it from Colorado Springs to Bullfrog in 9 hours.  We launched at day break and headed down lake to set up camp just west of the Escalante floating bathroom in the main channel since we planned to spend all of our time in the Escalante canyon area.   After a quick lunch, my son started catching smallmouth bass right away on Rapala Shad Rap crank baits.  We went into Davis Gulch to see if we could get to La Gorce arch.  After seeing the arch from both sides we headed back down the Gulch.  

We were running at about 2.5 MPH so I threw out a  Shad Rap in the Shad color to troll with.  I caught a nice 3 pound Walleye right away.  Hey, this relatively fast trolling might be a good idea.  We did a lot more fast trolling this trip and caught many, many fish using this accidentally discovered technique.   In our 3.5 days of fishing we boated 173 fish including many Crappie (some caught fast trolling Shad Raps, most on white maribou jigs including one that was 14" long, many were 11" - 12" long), Stripers (biggest was 5 pounds), Largemouth Bass (biggest was 4 pounds), Smallmouth Bass (biggest was 4 pounds) and one very large Bluegill caught on a Shad Rap.  All of the largest fish were caught while trolling deep diving Shad Raps between 2.3 and 3.7 MPH along the edges of the canyons near points.  We also got a large number of fish to the boat but lost them before we could boat 'em.  We did not count those fish in our total.     

We had equal success with Shad Raps that were Silver, Shad imitations and Silver and Chartreuse.  We also caught Crappie and bass on white or chartreuse curly tail jigs with a small spinner attached to make them look like a small spinner bait.  Some largemouth bass we caught were smaller than the crank bait they attacked.  Shad Raps in sizes 5 & 7 did equally well which was a surprise because I thought size 7 would be better this time of year.   My 7 and 9 year old grandsons both caught fish including 1 Striper each.  We kept a total of 29 fish while releasing the rest.  We gave away 7 Stripers (including the largest one) and kept other Stripers and the Walleye for our fish dinner Thursday night.  We normally leave the lake on Sunday mornings to come home.  The weather and fishing were so great we decided to stay the day and leave Sunday night for an overnight drive home.  We are glad we did because we caught the most fish on Sunday.  

Loading the boat in the dark at Bullfrog was interesting but not a problem.  A non eventful 9 hour drive home had us in bed before 5:30 AM Monday.   We have always had fun fishing at Lake Powell but this was our most successful trip since March of 1986.  We saw several Shad balls but no boils.  We caught fish in the back of canyons, suspended near trees, on rock falls, rocky points, slick rock points and along slick rock canyon walls.  Fish seemed to be every where and in the mood to attack our lures.  Many strikes were violent while others were very soft.  Once again, we had a wonderful time like we always do regardless of the number of fish we catch.  We can't wait to get back during spring break next year.   I hope this info is of some value to other anglers.  Thanks Wayne for sponsoring such a great Lake Powell web site.

October 27, 2005 - Dennis Garmann 

Arrived at Bull frog 1pm monday 24 and headed straight for slick rock. Rigged up crawler harness and night crawler and started catching stripers and smallies right away caught 10 stripers & 5 smallies then decided to go to Iceburg canyon, big mistake no stripers but lots of small small mouth bass. Tried night fishing there for 3 hours and only caught 1 striper. Next moring headed back to slick rock and started catching stripers and S M immediately. They slacked off about 1 pm so decided to use that time and travel back to Halls bay. Everyone I talked to said fishing was bad. No one catching anything. Finally I graphed stripers in mouth of small cove and started catching fish on crawler harness behind pink lady. That's when I met two gentleman from Provo area on their third day of fishing and only caught 1 carp. When I showed him two bags of fillets and the fish in my live well he rushed back to camp to get his buddy. 

The fishing was great until dark. They invited me back to their camp for hamburgers and dutch oven potatoes that was so good. Next morning I took them out fishing but fish weren't hitting. so gave them some crawler harness and night crawlers and headed for Bullfrog. Ran out of gasoline 1 mile from dock. So thankful for trolling motor. Bottom line is don't depend on lures alone. Have plan B and if that doesn't work, go to plan C.

People are not listening to Wayne's advice. Back at dock people said "We thought we knew how to striper fish but caught nothing." Small mouth are hitting like mad now. I caught 30 stripers and 20 small Mouth that were keepers what a great trip. O HAPPY DAY! 

Greetings to Mike & Guy.  Hope you caught some fish. 

October 31, 2005 - Striper Steve, Rhonda and Jessica

Just got back from the lake and had a great time. Caught 34 fish total.2 stripers 32 small mouth. We did all of our catching below Anies along west wall trolling with SR 7's 12 ft and baby bass 15 ft and one great but loss Storm lure 15 ft shad colored.
 Also caught 3 nice smallies on top water Jr. Super Spook and the wallie worm train. The two stripers were just luck I think. Tried the speed reeling , night fishing at Hall's Boat Field with fish all over under the boat just one bite.No fish boated. Bummer.
Saw lots of baby stripers&bass in swallow water. Never did see any shad. Hope this is enough info. 

October 31, 2005 - Paul Swaner

We arrived at the lake on Oct 20 and stayed till the 30th. We fished Bullfrog and  Stanton areas and Slick Rock.  We had the best luck in Stanton and Slick Rock for Stripers.  We trolled some, but mostly jigged with Anchovies.  We caught about 15 nice Stripers, lots of catfish (some really nice ones), and many SMB.  We also caught lots of small stripers that we did not release.  The Coyotes sang to us almost every night. We had great weather, smooth water and it was a perfect trip.




November 3, 2005 - Murray Wilson

Departed B/F ramp 5:45Pm 10/27, planned to make it as far uplake as possible before Dark.. Got to Hanson Creek with plan to Night fish.. Found it full of shad and Guard fish so got ready and set out lights. Action was non stop for the most part. Despite the hardship of trying to fish from a boat packed so full there was no room to move caught 22 stripers. Half were 2 years olds running 1.5 to 2lbs. rest were 4-4.5.

On Sunday 10/30 Morning fishing was slow and headed for White Canyon with intention of afternoon and night fishing in back of white where we had some luck spooning. Got there to find fish had moved and caught a few cats in same area. After looking for fish concentrations in White I Decided the most fish I had seen were out in the main channel approaching White..Used lowrance and decided to fish from channel marker 134. had just got two rod's in the water right at dark and was trying to put out lights when both Drags started screaming. Boated two really strong 5 pounders and followed that up with two more as soon as I got the lines back in the water.. I had visions of a 50 or 100 fish night at this point. Then things got strange.. It was pitch dark no light from the moon yet and no visible stars to mention and I started hearing a commotion. I then realized that somewhere in the distance stripers were boiling like crazy. I didn't actually watch the time but it seemed like it went on for 30 to 45 minutes. I would hear a few splashes close to me and threw spooks out and walked them in as best I could but no hits. I guess looking back I should have used my spot and tried to find them, but it might have put them down not to mention I was secure where I was and was looking forward to filling coolers as the night wore on.. not another bite all night long crawled in the bag at 12:30.
  Next day headed back down caught a nice bucketmouth about 16 or 17" off of wall just before 4mile, broke camp at 4mile and headed to Blue notch to meet Joel and Kurt Jensen. They said they had caught about 12 stripes the night before and 12 spooning but were not happy with the size and and they wanted to head to the north the next day. We both night fished the area and had little luck catching only 2 and not sure how they did. next Day I moved back down lake checking backs of canyons for shad, stripers, and smallies. It was very slow not many indications of fish did find some stripers in the back of a cove off of Good Hope but only small ones hitting Wallylure..Found lots of fish hanging in Cove behind Flaoting restroom at marker 118 and wished I had night fished there but they would not hit spoons at 60 feet.
Moveing Downlake again arrived at Hansen Creek again int the afternoon and was disappointed not to find bait or fish on the same places I had before Actually found nothing at all but a few carp..Decided to set up for night fishing anyway. had lights and poles out shortly after 6 and waited and waited and waited then finally about 8:30 fish and bait moved in. Had good action for the next 3 hours and boated 12 nice stripes and 10 filletable cats which made it all worth while. I just love hearing the clickers on those reals scream when they figure out they have eaten something they shouldn't have. I think you could be successful night fishing anywhere in this part or the lake and any of the canyons in this area..
  Next day relaxed a little got and moved on down. Drove into Moki looking for fish and found very few though did not go all the way. Checking the Moki Wall and not much doing there. Looked for fish all thru area North of Halls, Stanton , and most of Bullfrog bay and have never seen so few fish.Sometimes the screen would be blank for long streches. last year at this time I remember B/F bay beeing loaded with fish..What's up with that I wondered..Loaded the boat and headed for home had a great trip. Would love to be up North again when the fishing turns back on. Maybe Joel and Kurt will have some more news when they return..
Check out the cool hat..

October 31, 2005 - Frank Masuga

here are a couple of pix from our trip while you were diving.  We didn't get much cooperation from the stripers on the graph, but we did catch a few nice crappies after the waterfalls stopped.
  Stripers were tough to come by so my buddy JJ got out the crappie jigs and hit the submerged trees and brush piles. It seemed the big ones were in about 12 feet of water, with lots of smaller ones. Also pulled out our biggest smallies of the trip with the crappie jigs in the same areas. We were in the Escalante, it seemed each canyon that had tumbleweeds and submerged trees held a few big crappies. These two that my friend Mark caught are 13" and 14" long. 

November 6, 2005 - Marty Peterson

Two of us fished out of Bullfrog all day and night 10/31. Arrived the evening before but a thundershower kept us off the Lake. Talked to several people who claimed that they caught several nice Stripers fishing the Tire Reef area the morning of 10/30. So that is where we started the day.
The information we received was "cast a plain hook and night crawler toward cover, let it fall about 30 feet and that is the trick." We tried it. Maybe the difference was pre and post frontal weather, maybe something else, but we caught no big Stripers that way. We did manage to catch many small Stripers though. We switched to jigs and had only hits, likely from the small guys. After a couple hours we went out looking for Striper schools. None found up the Bay from the houseboats.
So we tried the coves near Stanton. Found a school, caught a two pound Striper on a Wallylure, missed a few other hits. This had occupied us until about noon. Then decided to try the spinner rig trolling method. First pole used a JP Rig with 3 ounce weight and spinner blade attached right in front of hooks, then a night crawler. Second a JP with anchovy behind a "pink lady" which takes the bait deep. Going 2.6 mph, we should have used stiffer poles. But caught some SMB anyway right along the shore. 
Relocated to the mouth of Moki. Trolled along the wall from the south right into the Canyon and up the Canyon. Mistake. WARNING: there is a rock pile two feet below the surface at this water level, about a couple hundred yards inside Moki Canyon just off the south wall. Not where a person would expect one to be. The fishfinder showed the depth decreasing but I thought "cliff clutter". Fortunately the light was good and I spotted the rocks before we hit. But it was close. I slammed the boat into reverse and lucked out. But I could see that others had not been as lucky as the rocks are hull colored with prop marks.
We decided that we had trolled enough and looked for any little cove with brush. Although we wanted to find Stripers we got distracted by catching many SMB (like 20 or so) a few LMB and some nicer Crappies. Small jigs of any color seemed to work about the same. As dark approached we headed back to the Bullfrog Tires to try some night fishing.
Set up our light and we started catching small Stripers immediately. Mostly around 6 to 8 but up to 14 inches. On almost every cast. From 10' to 90' deep. It was fun but not as fun as catching large Stripers. I did experiment a little. Tipping our small jig with worm seemed most effective for hooking the fish. Anchovy bits came off easier. Plain plastic bodied jigs did not get near as many hits. In the light down ten feet, I could see the Stripers shoot out of the dark water at fast speeds, hit the bait, and either swim off just as quickly, or start fighting after being hooked. Small Catfish, and foot long Crappie also joined the fray. We quit around midnight as we had even more fish than we wanted to fillet. Some of the fillets ended up being larger than we would have expected. And well worth keeping. 

November 14, 2005 - Don Archer

I fished uplake to Lake Canyon Friday PM.  Searched Iceberg for stripers and apparently located a school 1.25 miles from the mouth.  Jigged up one 2.5 lb on a shad Real Image spoon but lost it in a tree and lost the school while getting rerigged.  Checked out Slickrock but saw nothing attractive.  Fished the broken wall upstream of Slickrock and found the small mouth very hungry for the Yamamoto black speckled watermelon grub rather then the Christmas color pattern that worked down at the Rincon.  

Friday AM I motored into Halls Creek bay and hooked up with a nice 4.4 lb striper the first thing so stayed and trolled at the back of the bay the rest of the AM and caught three more in the 2 lb + class.  It's a tackle eating place though.  I probably lost $25 worth of lures.  There's apparently a lot of tall scattered trees at 35 - 40 ft that I got into several times.  The fish were caught at 20 ft on deep running Smithwick rattling rogues, Rapala down deep husky jerks and Rebel thunderstick juniors in the silver and blue colors.  Water temperatures were 63 deg F.  The effective trolling pattern was along the south shore where the contour dropped off steeply from 20 ft into the 38-40 ft flat bottom sediments. There was a strong phytoplankton bloom in most of  Halls Creek Bay.  

October 30, 2005 - Jody Kidd  and Kelly Williams


We arrived at the lake Friday 11:30 am. As we headed down the lake, stopped at Lake Canyon and Annies to check for any signs of stripers. We were marking some fish in each canyon. Then the wind started to blow and it began to rain so we headed for cover in Iceberg Canyon, we looked for fish and headed back to the main channel to see if the storm had calmed down by then. It was still storming out in the main channel so we pulled back into Iceberg and set up camp, cooked dinner and put out the KillerFishLight and began the wait. It wasn’t long and the plankton began to gather. The water in Iceberg was very clear, it wasn’t long before we had thousands of shad swimming around the greenlight. You could see then darting from one side of the light to the other. It wasn’t long after that Kelly hooked up on a nice striper only to have it break off. A while later it was my turn, the fish pulled hard and I pulled up a nice 6 lb. striper.

The whole time this was going it was pouring rain and we could hear the waterfalls starting. We turned on our spotlight and we found that we had a nice waterfall on each side of the boat. As we watch the greenlight in the shadows you could see the baitfish circling the light and out in the edges you could see big fish chasing the baitfish. There was one time we could see what appeared to maybe 12 inch fish chasing the baitfish in 2 foot circle around and around. So we got out the fish cam and put it under only to find it was carp going after the plankton. We spent the night fishing out of a slot in the camper canvas at each corner of the boat. We gave up at about 1:00am.

The next morning we went down just past the Rincon along the cliffs. We figured that the rain had pushed all of the fish deep so we began trolling with down riggers and JP Rigs at 50 feet. In a short time Kelly had a fish and lost it. That was the last one he would lose. Then it was my turn I caught one then two and then three. Then Kelly caught the next three. At the end of the day we had 11 stripers. While we were fishing we talked to Ray Schelble and he had been having some luck fishing for smallmouth in 30 feet of water. Even though fishing was rather slow we had a great time. Our most productive time was spent with JP Rigs in 50 feet of water. The picture of the screen of my fish finder was when we were fishing with the greenlight in 39 feet of water. At times the screen was so clouded with bait that the finder would show a 9 foot bottom and it would set off the shallow water alarm. When we began fishing the screen was clear and showing a 39 foot bottom.

December 15, 2005 - Kurt Jensen

We arrived Thursday night ~1:00 am. launched off of concrete! first time since I don't know when. surface temp 52. noticed striper marks at 50' inside the tires on the west side of covered houseboat slips, but did not try to fish.

Friday, headed to Stanton. weather clear and cold, ~30 degrees, water temp 53-54 all day. only wake was from the ferry. found shad (small stripers?) on the bottom in 40-60' of water. saw very few suspended shad, mostly 5' off the bottom. tried jigging near suspended shad and bigger echoes, caught several 8" stripers. did not fish for bass.

went over to Moki. checked out the flat by buoy 99A, no fish seen. inside Moki, again very few suspended shad - could see shad (small stripers?) hovering 5' over rocks, dropoffs, channels at 60'+ deep. tried fishing bass/crappie in the trees in the back, no bites, no fish.

met Kyle and his friend near Halls ramp on the way back for lunch.

headed to mouth of Halls after lunch. shad on the bottom, no stripers seen, did not fish. headed to Lake looking for suspended shad. found large school of suspended shad where it splits towards the back - 50-60' deep in 70-85' of water. drifted around jigging near the shad and over stripers - Bass Man caught a few 8" and two 2 lb stripers. we figured about 2000 jigs per fish... checked both branches - found a lot of shad in the right branch, few shad in the left branch - caught small stripers in left branch.

returned to covered slips and found stripers at 50'. Bass Man dropped a chovie, immediate hookup! spent the next 3 hours catching 45 stripers 4.5 lbs to almost 6 lbs (digitally weighed smallest, largest and a couple in between) - biggest stripers I have seen this year at Bullfrog. man those fish can fight! then at 9:00 pm they disappeared. Bass Man caught 4 more in the next 2 hours.

now, the reason Bluegill Boy isn't reporting... Saturday, slept in 'til 8:00 am. cooked breakfast. watched a chick flick (my wife brought the movies...). finally, after lunch, went back to Stanton. fished bass for an hour, no bites, no fish. headed back after a hard day fishing... had dinner early in anticipation of night action. started fishing stripers at 5:00 pm. only a few marks on the graph this time. caught 8 in about 3 hours. shad came in, at first from 10' to 30', later from the surface to 50' - the shad were about 1 1/2" long, didn't catch any, assumed they were gizzard because of the fall spawn. Bass Man found them again at about 2:00 am, caught 8 more in about 2 hours.

Daniel Babcock -  December 2005

I really appreciate all that you do for the great fishery at Lake Powell.  I was born and raised in Utah, living here 31 years and last year was the first year I went to Lake Powell.  Thanks to you and the other contributors on the WWBB I had a successful outing Aug 17-21.  Due to family commitments I only fished about an hour each morning.  My best one hour total was 13 fish!  
I have had very successful trips to Northern Saskatchewan Canada fishing for lunker pike and walleye and have fished Alaska successfully for silver and king salmon, but I think my most enjoyable trip ever was my trip during the full moon phase in Aug 2005 to Lake Powell!