April 5, 2005 - BassMan

Friday-Got launched about 6 AM and headed for bouy 118. Got camp set up and looked at the fish finder. Water temp. was 51.4. I was getting my poles rigged and I threw a lure out behind the boat and "wham" first cast into Lake Powell and caught a 2.5 Lb. SMB. I thought what a weekend this is going to be. She was a little over 15" so I threw her back for good luck!
Got the poles rigged and headed for Good Hope bay (East side) Fished for about two hours w/out a bite. Went out in front of Castle Butte graphed multiple stripers and clouds of shad in the area. Started trolling, Gold Cup and I each caught one striper after about 2 hours of trolling.
We decided to head uplake. Stopped at Scorup canyon and pounded the shoreline hard. Fished the whole canyon w/out a bite. Some tourney fishermen came in and started fishing in front of us so I asked them how they were doing (they reported the fishing as very slow) I didn't like the competition so I decided to head uplake.
Stopped on the outside of 4 mile canyon (water temp was 55). Pounded the shore hard again (to no avail). Continued uplake to White canyon. The water was very stained and we had to move real slow through the mouth of White do to a lot of driftwood. White had thousands of stripers and shad were everywhere (water temp was 56). We trolled with bright and loud crankbaits (not a bite). Picked up some wood and headed back down lake. I had to get a roast ready to eat so we went back to camp.
We ate and decided to try my new night fishing light. Talked to Dave and with my brother in law we had two big green lights and two crappie lights out. Dave caught one 5 lb. striper and Erin (BIL) lost one in two hours of fishing. Total fish for the day My boat 1 SMB 2 stripers. Erin's boat 3 stripers and 1 walleye.
Saturday-Water temp. 53 degrees. Headed to Ticaboo. Got there and found 3 tourney boats around Ticaboo. I gave them space so we fished around the mouth of Ticaboo. We pounded the shore hard and I hooked about a 3 lb. LMB and lost him on a spinnerbait. WE got tired and decided to go try Red canyon. Got to the back of Red and it was loaded with stripers and clouds and clouds of shad at about 50 ft deep. Tried to spoon em up (to no avail) decided to troll. GC finally hooked one and I started reeling my in and hooked up also. Landed two stripers. Then I threw out behind the boat again and hooked another. Then I lost one. Then GC and I caught another trolling. (this all happened in about 15 Min) then the fish shut down again. We caught a few SMB in the area. Erin had caught 2 walleye and 3 stripers trolling that day. My boat caught 5 stripers, 1 walleye and 2 SMB. We went and ate dinner and tried night fishing again. 4 of us fishing for 2 hours W/ out a bite. We called it a night.
Sunday- Water temp 54. WE headed back up Good Hope Bay (East side) first cove headed North. Water temp in that small pocket was 56 deg. Second cast pulled in a nice SMB. A tourney boat saw us from miles away and decided to come in anyway and fish right in front of us about 30 feet down the bank ( I said something to the effect of 2000 miles of shoreline and someone has to fish in my back pocket). They did not care and proceeded to fish anyway. So I proceeded around in front of them 30 ft and caught two more nice SMB before leaving. Went North to the next big bay on the East side and caught 4 nice walleye on a 1/4 oz. Yamamoto chartreuse 3" grub. Went over to Ticaboo and GC and I caught a bunch more SMB. (Just our luck the catching was fantastic and we had to leave for home). Excellent weekend! Good Friends! Excellent weather! No wind for 2.5 days (when does that ever happen on Lake Powell in the spring).

April 26, 2005 - Cal Evans

Launched at Bullfrog Thursday mid day. Launching is much improved over the last two weeks. Four rigs can easily launch at the same time at current water levels (if drivers know how to back a trailer).  

Friday, 4/22/05, high overcast, moderate breeze, air temp about 55, water from 60 in main channel to 67 in some Blue Notch bays.  

Saturday, 4/23/05, clear, calm, beautiful day. Temp into low 70's. Water about the same.  

We commented to each other about people camping on the sandy beach on the main channel just below Cedar Canyon. It was so perfect at 7:00p.m., we couldn't imagine any foul weather. Sure enough, a fierce storm blew in about midnight with very strong winds and pouring rain. Huge waterfalls  poured over the cliffs into the morning light. Needless to say the beach campers had a long night.  

As far as fishing goes, in Spring on off days, I believe that "less is better". Smaller lures, less action, less moving around. We caught good numbers of SMB on a Yamamoto Chartreuse 3.5 in. (I think color  09) Tube Jig using 3/8 oz. Head tipped with crawler. I used the heavier weight to get the bait straight down to about 20-25 ft. off of dropoffs. The crawler give the jig the extra incentive SMB need this time of year. We let it down almost straight under the boat and just let it sit at the level we marked fish. When we felt a tick, set the hook and hopefully you are quick enough to catch a nice fish. We caught several Crappie and Walleye using the same technique. Not very elegant, but very effective in unsettled springtime conditions.  

We talked to several guys that were throwing spinnerbaits and plugs that had not had a hit for hours while we were consistently catching nice fish throughout the day.  

We had a period Saturday afternoon just before dark in the coves immediately below Scorup where the water was shallow, 67 degrees, and rocky- just right for a neutral buoyancy minnow. Sure enough, I pitched a Pointer Minnow (Ghost Shad color) into the bay a caught a nice LMB followed by two SMB and a nice Walleye. I had thrown the same lure at a hundred other similar places all day with no takers. Go figure.  

Want Stripers? If you're willing to catch them trolling, here is a method to try: I have only used this method with downriggers, but salmon fishermen use it all the time in the Northwest using 20# line with a 2 oz. Banana weight.  

Run a Luhr Jensen Herring Dodger (size 020, Chrome color) 10 feet behind your ball followed with 18 inches of 12# mono tied to a Yamamoto 3.0 inch Chub Tube (color # 25, pearl). I use a 1/8 oz. Yamamoto Insider tube jig hook then tip the hook with the tail of an Anchovy. The flasher attracts the Stripers, the tube jig looks like a shad, and the Anchovy gives a little added incentive.  When fishing gets tough, you have fish on the menu and you already ate everything else, try this- it catches Stripers.  

If you're spending a couple of days on a houseboat, don't overlook the catfish off the back of the boat in the evening. With minimum tackle (a few hooks, worms, and splitshot) anyone can catch nice catfish that are wonderful eating.  

Water is certainly on the rise (about 18 inches while we were there) and the runoff isn't quite in high gear yet. The lake is at a beautiful level with the low water. I saw parts of Knowles Canyon I had never seen before. Spring is a great time to be out fishing!

July 19, 2005 - Skip

We had quite a few boils in Good Hope. We were there 6 days and saw boils 4 of the 6 days. The best ones were the 11th, the 12th and 15th of July. Same as down lake, early AM and late PM. The ones on the 11 and 12th were yearling stripers while the one on the 15th was all bigger fish, I'd say all were 2-3 lbs. There were only two of us in the boat and we would catch two out of each boil with one exception we got three out of one. All were really nice, fat and chunky fish. The largest was a 4 pounder. I used my favorite Lake Powell lure, a white sassy shad on 3/8th ounce lead head. I like this rig because of the single hook and also the distance you can cast it. One fish broke my son's line and we saw it, it wasn't your usual striper, it looked 3 feet long. We caught very few bass but the ones we caught were all over 1 1/2 lbs, all smallmouth. The blue gills the youngsters caught were all the same size, 5-7 inches. My theory is that this is the blue gill crop.

We had really strong winds on the night of the 12th, 13th and 15th, maybe that was the reason no boils were seen after those nights. All in all it was another great week at Lake Powell, we will try for as good in September when it cools a bit. Good fishing is definitely back!

July 27, 2005 - Chet Garling

MM 114 thru MM 118 was the place with less boat traffic and the boils stayed up longer. The boils were hard to spot at first because they were slurping, we actually thought that it was a wave coming at us but it was a wall of stripers shoulder to shoulder coming at us.  It came right to the boat and actually went under us and came up the other side.  I could not see the small shad and the stripers would not even look at my topwater offering. 

 They started boiling around 10:00 A.M.. We went all the way to Two Mile at first light and I could not buy a strike on any topwater, when the sun got up a little I noticed the water was murky and we headed back south.
The water cleared noticeably about mid way down Good Hope Bay. All stripers were 3-5 pounds and look like they will get bigger soon. Small shad and still a lot of slurp boils.

The silver kastmaster was the lure of choice but you could also cast out a wally er and get them if they sounded, boat shy but what fun chasing them around. Ryan and I caught 78 over Saturday and Sunday with a few on the way in Monday. We did see boils all the way down to Halls when we went for ice cream. We had one quadruple followed by another double from me, we ended up pulling seven out of one boil. Boils at the mouth of Cedar, between Knowles and Forgotten (midchannel) MM 102 and across the channel from the mouth of Moki, and along Moki wall heading back to Halls. Got wet Saturday night and had a huge thunderstorm that kept us up 1 1/12 hours Sunday night.

August 2, 2005 -Gar and Huck Summers

I'm going to have to make this quick (my boss thinks I'm writing a study report). Gar and I took our dad to Good Hope on Thurs. The boils were fairly consistent. We were able to get a couple of fish out of each one. Thursday night just before dark we had our best boil right by the floating restroom. It stayed up for several minutes- long enough for us to boat 10 fish out of it. Friday was very similar, probably 60 fish or so each day. Saturday was dead. Not very many boils and the ones that did show up only lasted a few seconds. There was a couple out in the bay spooning (fishing- not making out) and we saw them catch several. We went all the way to the horn but all the boils were in the south end of GHB. Shad were still small but we were using Sammies and Jumpin Minnows to good effect. I think that they will work even better in a couple more weeks when shad get a little more size.

We had a great time. Most of the stripers were 3 to 6 pounds. The algae is clearing up. There were no boils past mile marker 120 I think that will change in the next few weeks. I think are total for the weekend was 115 stripers and we didn't get a bite smallmouth fishing. It was nice to have Dad with us even though we wore him out fishing hard. All the people in good hope were very courteous while we were fishing boils. They would change course. I am ready to get back down there.

August 21, 2005 - Garret S. MacArthur

Veni Vidi Vici

Thank you so much for the website, It helped so much.  The first couple of days we tried Anchovies and all we caught were 4 catfish.

So after that we went looking for Boils.  We found huge boils in the channel from mile marker 97 to 104.  We were all using silver Kastmasters that worked well.  My hooks were getting bent so I was missing a couple of hookups so I switched to a shallow running Rapala. It worked perfectly.

Never missed a bite from then on.  We went as a family trip so I only spent two hours a day fishing and we caught about ten a day.  We were camped in Moki Canyon and on one of our skiing runs we started seeing Boils all over in the canyon.  So from then on we never made it back out to the channel, we just fished inside Moki and had lots of fun. 
One night we took our 5 nieces and nephews and they had a blast.  I was only using 6 lb Test line so I lost one lure and had my line break once right before i got him in, but my quick Brother-in-Law got him in the net before he got away so I saved my good Rapala.  We caught a record number of stripers for my family this trip.  My Wife even got into it with me, And she hates fish!!! Can't wait to do it again.  I had to sharpen my good Buck knife twice as the scales on those stripers are like metal armor from the dark ages. 

Best Lake Powell trip of my life!!!!

August 25, 2005 - Larry Millhouse

What FUN! Monday and Tuesday Jim P and I chased boils from Knowles to Hall's Creek and had a blast! Met Larry Lee at the boil in front of Knowles....chased boils with Jamie, Jack, Wayne, and Mike in Halls and Bullfrog. Fish were good at Knowles, but biggest in Hall's Creek Bay. Those averaged very close to 4 pounds.  

Finished with some great smiles, and 51 fat fish. Boils were more predictable in Halls...you could figure out which way they were moving. difficult in Bullfrog. The one at Knowles quit right after we got there and they all shut down for a while. 

August 25, 2005 - Top Cat  (Terry Christensen)

Went south on Sun afternoon, boils outside of Annies canyon in evening, BassMan had a ton of fun that same AM across the channel. Mile marker 82 Sun evening the entire west side of the channel erupted with a sustained 20 minute boil. Could not throw a wrong direction. This boil was at least 1/2 mile long and a 1/4 mile wide! Still finicky fish, have a variety to throw at them. Fish were a no show on Monday evening.

Hot wheels filled a 128 qt chest in a morning at Good Hope Bay two days ago, two anglers. He may have returned there this AM, did not see him.

Topwater, the spook outfished the Storm swim bait. The swim bait that did well was the mid size wild eyes I think they are called. One angler told me to buy them with the small treble hook on the belly and cut it off. Due to the casting the plastic holds much better.

The larger one I used was white, I painted a red line down it's sides, it helped. Also had striper style, also painted the red line down it, Denn did pretty good with that. But still spooks were the best.

Spooks, You can pull the front hook off, put on a feathered oversized tail hook. Add a split ring at all hooks.

These boils are what I call finicky boils. If the fish are on top they will hit the spook quite dependable. Oh one could use a Sammy or really almost any top water bait. Once they sound it's like they have left the area at high speed! The swim baits worked also, but still best when the fury was still on top.

Get a feel for the direction the school is running, once they sound put it in gear and run the general direction, soon you get a feel for direction and when they will surface again. The Dorsets and I had a boat on each side of a boil for a mile or so. We were both very close each time they surfaced. Though we did do our share of run and gun, when get onto the mood of a group of fish, we had many times NO running at all, just kept idling in the direction, they came up right between our boats!

When these fish hit it's like a freight train got snagged! AMAZING how strong they are! By the end of the day, you will know you have not used certain muscles for awhile.

October 12, 2005 - Randall & Barbara Faber,  Bayfield CO

We just got off a 9 day fishing trip to Lake Powell. We  were up on the North end camped at the mouth of White Canyon. We got camp set up on Saturday October 1st started fishing about 1:00 p.m. stopped about 5:30 had 18 stripers. Saw boils from 3:00 till dark next day was colder ended up with about 8. We fished mostly the channel from white to the muddy water of the river.

Monday the 3RD we fished the morning hours for smallmouth. Did not have much luck. Caught about 10 stripers Tuesday  Oct 4th windy and cloudy few sprinkles. Stayed at camp that day until 5:00 p.m. went trolling caught about 8 stripers. 

Wednesday 5th colder wore my long johns all day. Went down to blue notch - trolled down to Good Hope Bay fished until 6:30. Had couple of cats on anchovies, no stripers.

 Thursday 6th electric trolled around the Farley cannon and mouth of white and caught a couple of small mouth. 1:00 p.m. started trolling for stripers did not stop until dark ended up with 45 stripers.

 Friday 7th fished for smallmouth in morning. Started to fish for stripers around 2:30 p.m. caught  about 18 stripers. Quit at about 6:00.

Saturday fished for smal mouth in morning and after noon caught 1. Sunday 9th overcast looked like rain packed up camp headed for the truck went for home. 

Most of the stipers went from 3.5 lbs to 6 lbs. Most all were caught trolling with the outboard at 3 to 3.5 miles per hr. This was ground speed from the GPS. Most fish caught on Rapalas,  Shad Rap deep ers. Some caught on  Deep Bombers.  Colors were mostly silver and shad colored. On Thursday 6th we saw striper boils from 2:30 on  until dark. We never ran them down. We just trolled over to them when we saw a boil and then continue on. Sometimes we were in the middle of the boil and would have 4 fish on at one time. I am sending this picture of our best catch on Thursday.  Best of fishing good luck to everyone.

October 17, 2005 - Mike Bevelhimer

 Just got back from three days at the lake with the Wilson brothers and a friend of theirs.  We tried your method of working the shallows with surface lures from Rock Creek to White Canyon and found no stripers.  We were able to find, and catch, stripers laying on the bottom on the edges of main channel humps around 45 feet deep.  These  we enticed with "Wally Lures" and speed reeling.  It took an incredible amount of time trolling and watching the graph to spot these small bands of stripers but..Oh what fun when we could get bit.

Anyway, on to the good news.  Working the weeds at ten feet and shallower we saw uncountable numbers of young LMB, most about 6 - 7 inches long.  It was quite fun watching these little guys trying to eat a "Spook Jr." (some successfully).  In Scorup Canyon they were being kept company by clouds of Blue Gills.  I can hardly wait for the bonanza being promised as all the brush submerges.  I must apologize for my failure to thin the striper population when given an opportunity.  In a shallow cove in the Horn above Good Hope Bay we graphed stripers under the boat in 15 feet of water and proceeded to catch numerous 5 inch stripers on 2 OUNCE !!!!!!!! "Wally Lures".    

Sorry Wayne, I couldn't bring myself to kill something I couldn't eat and I released them all.  In all, another great time at Lake Powell with great friends.  We caught and released several LMB & SMB (Some even big enough to  eat) and caught a few stripers to eat as well.  Eric Wilson added LMB to the fish he has caught on his fly rod and couldn't have been happier (well maybe if he'd caught a striper on the fly rod as well).    

 I'm winterized now and looking forward to next year already.

November 8, 2005 - Kurt Jensen

spent 5 nights on the water with Joel T – fished out of Red Canyon and points north…

Sunday, Oct 30 - since we were going to be based in Blue Notch I decided to drive past Hite then in to Blue Notch to meet Joel the first afternoon. stopped at a very nice overlook to take pictures of North Wash – if you look closely you can find a road that goes several hundred yards into upper North Wash for an outstanding view. also stopped at the raft takeout – the “ramp” is very steep and I considered it unusable, then I found out it has been in use all year - more later. helped out some rafters who mistakenly parked their vehicles at the bathroom in Farley –followed the “Lake Powell Access” sign… - if not for me they in for a really long walk…

Hite – NPS bathrooms are open 24/7. the store was open 8-5 every day, but starting Nov 1 it is now open only from 11-2. gas and diesel pumps are 24 hour with a credit card. the store has only one aisle and very little on the shelves, don’t count on finding anything you might need. talked to a guy in the store. someone had launched a houseboat this summer from the raft takeout, parked it in North Wash, then launched his 19’ bass boat from the raft takeout every other weekend all year long. many others were launching from the raft takeout all year – 4WD is a very highly recommended. looked at the last ramp area at the south end of Hite – you can see the tires stuck in the mud - it’s all silted in and will not be accessible for a long time. then I went to look at the concrete ramp. bathroom at the top was open. NPS has been grading from the end of the concrete all the way to the river – guy at the store said they would lay gravel below the concrete. the ramp is now less than 5’ above the current lake level. when the lake goes up another 10’, WE WILL BE LAUNCHING AT HITE!!! I expect to be there all next year.

Blue Notch/Red Canyon – drove the road from Highway 95 to Blue Notch. I now have a very nice GPS track of the road and various access points in Blue Notch and Red Canyon. total distance to the water was 14.5 miles, total time was 65 minutes – note: I move pretty quickly on back roads. the road has been recently graded and was in excellent shape. some sections in the washes had been roughed up by recent rains, only one small section required any thought. the 4WD hill is as I remembered – steep, rough and no place for a trailer. the grading continues past the 4WD hill –the access to Red Canyon may have been gouged out by a grader. after the 4WD hill you travel on the back of a hill and over some washes. when the area opens up you find a fork – left fork goes to Red Canyon (you can see the road halfway up a hill), right fork goes to Blue Notch. both currently allow vehicle access to the water – Red Canyon side is a little better access but very exposed to wind and waves, Blue Notch side is more protected but in a shallow cove. the Red Canyon side requires 4WD to get to the water - actually 2WD to get to the water but then you’ll never get back out… there are 3 forks on the Red Canyon road – after driving a long left turn around the hill, 1) the first right fork goes to a level area far above the water, 2) the first left then the next right takes you to a high point and continuing right takes you to the water, 3) the first left then the second left takes you to a high flat rocky point with difficult climbing to the water. there are 2 forks on the Blue Notch road, 1) the right fork goes down to the current end of Blue Notch where you can get to the water, 2) the left fork may go out onto a point between Blue Notch and Red Canyon which may get near the water, I only looked and did not travel.

Tuesday, Nov 1 – BOILS! after talking to Murray decided to go look see at Striper City, White, etc. talked to some guys who came down looking for boils. they also reported massive bird activity waiting for boils near the south end of Hite. their friend had fished massive boils each afternoon on UEA weekend, Oct 21-23, which was not quite 2 weeks ago. these boils were reported at the point where the water first changes color on the way to Hite, near the first cuts on the left traveling from Hite, just downlake from where buoy 136 used to be. these boils would start at about 3:00 pm each afternoon. we motored up to the “island” just past the south end of Hite and found 19 pelicans feeding in the river on what we figured was shad. AND, we found 16 herons all along the shore. I have occasionally seen one, and rarely two, herons on Powell – they will appear just before a boil and sometimes wait for one to happen. 16 in one place is beyond belief. but, it was a bust – nothing happened all afternoon. near dark we went out to anchor for the night.

Wednesday, Nov 2 – the next morning we went back to the island near Hite. this time the pelicans were asleep on shore. but the herons continued to amaze – at least 8 herons were perched at various points on the rocky point above the river – and several more were on the ground. again, nothing happened… so we spent the morning poking around Farley, White, Striper City. in White we met the guys who talked of the boils. while we were up by Hite, they were chasing boils for 2 hours on Tuesday afternoon! well, now we gonna have to stay for this afternoon… at 3:05 pm we’re floating across from the second notch on the left traveling from Hite and we see their boat go racing across the channel. when we joined them we found an open water boil heading uplake. this boil actually spilled into the cut where we caught several up to 4.5 lbs. after returning to the channel we ran to a boil near the middle when the whole place erupted! we had fish boiling over half the channel, so loud you had to yell to be heard, talk about boil fever!!! this went on for 15+ minutes and half a dozen fish. boils came up several more times and finally quit promptly at 5:00 pm. we anchored for the night in the channel where the fish had boiled, brought in shad top to bottom, and caught…nothing – where do stripers go at night???

Thursday, Nov 3 – returned to Red Canyon to restock and invite our friends to the festivities. on returning to boil central we found the river had come up and very dirty water almost to Farley. we checked the bird island near Hite and found all the fowl had fled, apparently their patience had run out. the wind came up in the afternoon, and combined with the dirty water, at 3:00 pm nothing happened. at 4:00 pm we all headed back south. those boils have been happening for 2 weeks and will probably continue -
if you’re in that area, be sure to take time out from 3:00 – 4:00 pm to sit in the channel and watch for boils.

Friday, Nov 4 – the wind was up, the barometer was down - the shad and stripers headed for deep water, 75’+. with the wind it was very difficult to find and spoon the stripers. got to see one of the smallies our friends had been hauling in. at 25-30’ deep, fishing very slow, they had been catching 1.5 – 2.5 lb smallies all week long. these are fine, fat, fighting fish – I can’t wait to focus on the bass next year!


November 18, 2005 - Tubby

I’ll start at the beginning, left Salt Lake at 5am on Wed 11/16. Got to Hite at 1030, launched my 15’ Gregor at the rafter takeout. No Problems. (I wish I’d known of this earlier in the year.) The water was cold 43 F, and coffee colored for about 2 miles downstream, then at the clear water the temp was 57 F. Set up camp at mouth of Farley’s. Began to troll shad raps close to the west bank upstream from Farleys. As soon as I graphed shad I hooked up. Water depth about 25-35”.

I kept trolling north would get no bites until I hit more shad on the graph, So I decided to just sit on a shad ball and jig with spoons. This worked, I caught about 20 fish about 4-6lbs before 3pm. Some boils began on the west bank, but 3 other boats were on them and I didn’t want to get too close. I decided to get an early start cleaning fish at camp. Night temps got down to about 30F, the Full Moon almost blinded me when it rose over the cliffs. I sat next to the fire, drank 12, and enjoyed the solitude, slept.

Thurs was incredible! 9am I began trolling north of Farley’s on the East bank again, just put the lines out when I saw the Birds diving about 500 yards upstream. I reeled in the trollers as fast as I could, stashed them and broke out my 8wt Fly rod which has been seeing way to little use lately. The schools were incredible. On the point of the first cut upstream from Farleys the stripers were herding the shad up against the wall. The shad were landing on the rocks. My first cast with a clouser minnow produced an instant hookup. Fish went about 5lbs. My fluoro leader is 12lbs, so I just pulled them into the boat without a net.

The stripers were smashing into my hull. I switched to a popper and caught about 30-40 fish all fat and about 4-6lbs. The boils lasted until 1130 am. There was one other guy in a Lund that was busy with his own school. I stopped fishing at 1130, went back to camp, cleaned fish for a couple hours, loaded up and went home (total Powell time: 24hrs). Some of the best fishing I’ve ever had. I wish My friends had a schedule like mine so I could have shared the good time. Thanks to Gold Cup and Bassman for their reports that inspired me. I gave most of the 40lbs of fillets to my mother in law.  So much for the Full Moon worries!

November 22, 2005 - Scott Christensen

We started fishing wed. Nov. 16 thru sat. 19. We stayed in the family units at Bullfrog , which I might add were very nice. We had the good fortune to run into Sherm & Shelly from Wyo. who voluntarily took the job as our guide and mentors. We had fair success with stripers up to 4 !/2 Lbs. at  most of our  fishing spots . These spots included the back of Bullfrog Bay, the mouth of Lake Canyon  to the back of Moki Canyon. Anchovies over the side of the boat seemed the most productive means of fishing but we did get several  good fish trolling  at bullfrog in about 18 ft. water. The key we learned to fishing here is to be very capable with a good fish finder because if you cant find them it is difficult to catch them. This time of year  it is more striper hunting than fishing. The type of lure or troll bait did not seem to matter as we used what we had  and we used a large selection and everyone caught fish. The weather was great and we had a good time. Hats off to Wayne G. and Chet  G. for some good advice, and for sure our friends from Wyo.    

November 21, 2005 - Marty Peterson

Wanted to try out the fishing near Hite. Boat is stored at Ticaboo. What to do? Boat uplake or drive? Decided to drive. Launched Friday morning around 8 AM, two empty trailers already parked in the area of the Raft Takeout.
Upon checking out the ramp we noticed a metal post that the rafters use to tie boats up. It sticks up about a foot at water level 3602. Could cause trouble in water levels a little higher as there is only about one inch of visibility in the river water. Basically the post is the South corner of the ramp. Some sticks are the North. Plenty of room to launch one boat at a time. Launched without even putting the truck tires in the water. Gets deep quickly off ramp, plenty of shore to pick up driver or park boat. A little muddy. Outhouses are closed for season. Bring a portable toilet.
River is narrow at launch ramp. Very little current with an eddy below ramp. Plenty deep. Then widens out near North Wash area. Gets shallow as 3-4 feet where river is wide. By the time we reached the lots of floating debris the Lake has begun. We went slowly through debris but still had one log get stuck against prop and stall engine. But it restarted when moved. Looked around a lot. Saw birds. No boils. Considered fishing the mudline but too much debris. Saw the other two boats trolling west wall. So we tried east side. The lake is nearly a half mile or so wide by now. Hooked a Striper within moments. It is now around 9 AM.
Couple more boats drive by headed south. Although we tried several different methods, all 25 or so Stripers and Walleyes were caught trolling Orange Rapalas on Mono line. Tried lead line and weights. Mono worked best. Mostly trolled as slow as big motor would go. 2.5 or so mph. Although a couple fish hit while reeling in. So the first day we never went south of Farley, and caught 25 fish with a 3+ pound average. All nice and fat.
Went back to ramp area, landed boat on shore, filleted fish along side of River and spent the night. In the morning, we headed out as soon as the sun hit the water. Boat was frosted up big time. Watched pontoon boat launch without any problems. Carefully negotiated the debris area. No problems.
Just past the majority of the debris as I put the boat back up on plane, we spotted fish boiling. It is 8 AM. Coincidentally as far as I can tell this is nearly the same place "Tubby" found boils two days earlier. East side, first cut north of Farley. We start catching Stripers nearly every cast. All are fat and sassy. One manages to break my line when I put the rod in the rod holder while I cast and hook another. Wanted to try it because it takes about 5 minutes to land each fish and by then the boil would move out of casting range. Tried signaling the pontoon boat but they did not notice. The boils last about 30 minutes and we put only nine in the boat. All but one of these fish weigh between 3.8 and 4.5 pounds. Hit spoons, and Rapalas. Just because that's what was on the end of the poles.
We see lots of ravens just down Lake and head down. Find no more boils. Boat down as far as Striper City. But we mess around trying spooning and casting schools we would see on graph. Caught one on an anchovy. Thats it. Finally around 11 AM as we are getting ready to head home we start trolling area where the boils were earlier and start catching more Stripers. Land a few more. Also catch a stick with motor one time and wrap a pile of floating reeds around prop another. If we could do over, we would have spent more time fishing near where the boiling occurred. Took boat out with no troubles.  

November 29, 2005 - Gem Morris

Friday 5:00 am - left home to meet friends and pack gear, got on the road about 6:00 am - had talked about launching on the new Hite "boat ramp" but decided to go to Bullfrog and motor up lake from there.

Arrived at Farley's and started trolling upstream from Farleys on the west wall at about 3:00 pm. Quickly put some 2 lbers in the boat then got some nice ones too - up to 6 pounds. Very few other boats, saw one truck and tent trailer in Blue Notch on the way up and only 2 other boats in our area on Fri. The fish we caught we're all healthy, strong and a lot of fun to catch.

Set up for night fishing, attracted lots of phytoplankton, but no shad. Real interesting considering the bay where we anchored was full of shad. Maybe there's plenty of phytoplankton to go around. We quit and beached the boat in anticipation of the storm that was supposed to hit that night.

Sat - woke up before daybreak and got out fishing early. This time we concentrated on the east shore upstream from Farleys, spent some time in Farleys, and went north almost to the mud line. Really did well this day, nice fat fish, we ended up with about 30 - 2 coolers full. The wind came up strong, out of the north and we had a hard time trolling into it, but did well drift fishing/trolling south along the east shoreline again. Despite the cold and wind, it was a great day. I'm sure the storm shut them down some, but it was great anyway. Didn't night fish - we had a lot of filleting to do.

Sun - again got at it at daybreak, caught about 6 or 7 quick ones on the east shoreline again. It was significantly colder air temp. Had to be back home that day, so we tried Good Hope Bay on the way back. Trolled around the east side, saw very little on the graph. Buzzed down to Bullfrog to try and raise Rich Bailey or Chet Garling who were there earlier but I think we missed them. Took one trolling pass in the back of Bullfrog and came up with zip, zilch, nada there.

Water temps dropped to 56 while we were there. The kids who live there year around confirmed crappie and stripers can be caught from the houseboat slips.

The fish cleaning station is closed, so those fish we caught on Sun we filleted at Hobie Cat Beach, cleaned our mess up very carefully including putting carcasses in the dumpster just be be safe and left.

Never saw one school big enough to anchor over and try to spoon.

Lures used successfully were a jointed rapala trolled on 3 colors of leaded line at between 1.5 and 2 mph, glass shad rap, rat-l-traps, lucky craft and wally divers, all in silver and white to imitate the shad.