April 1, 2005  - Cal Evans
Hit Lake Powell for the Easter weekend.
Weather was poor Friday. We got in the houseboat and headed up lake, staying
in Sevenmile. Saturday was beautiful if on the cold side.

(The "Pinnacle" rock structure in White Canyon totally dry.)

Warmest water we found was 57 in the back of White Canyon. Coldest was 51 at
the inlet.

(The "Submarine" rock structure in White Canyon high and dry.)

Fishing was good Saturday and Sunday.

Smallmouth hitting fluorescent green single tail with black flecks. I used
3/8 oz. head to get it down to 20 ft. quickly, then very little motion
letting lure drift until I felt a hit.

Many Stripers above Seven Mile Canyon. Stripers were in the mouths of
canyons and cuts. Stripers were very cooperative. We caught as many as I
wanted to fillet and pack home.
  (Colorado and Lake Powell currently meet about 300 yards above the mouth of Farley Canyon.)
Most productive method for us for Stripers was trolling. Most productive lure BY FAR was a Down Deep Husky Jerk DHJ12, SD color. We trolled shallow without the aid of downriggers using monofilament line. For trollers, now is the time.  From Friday noon until Monday at 3:30 we saw two other boats on the entire Lake. It's a sweet reward to drive through snow all the way to the Lake to find the weather and fishing wonderful. A truly memorable trip.

April 23, 2005 - Bill Zeglin

Fished the San Juan Tuesday and Wednesday last week for bass and found the catching to be slower than the lower lake.  We found that surprising, with little to no fishing pressure in these areas.  Size was as expected with most fish weighing about 1 lb. with a few near 1 ½lb.  We threw crankbaits, spinnerbaits, soft and hard jerkbaits and jigs.  We fished the rocky points between Cha and Trail, Wilson Creek, Leroys, Deep, Desha, but concentrated mainly in the Piute and Neskahi areas.  It was still beautiful and peaceful with only one other boat back there fishing on Tuesday.  I did my part to thin out the smaller fish but still didn't get my fillet lesson due to the Chef at The Dam Bar and Grill kindly filleting my fish for me.  On the lower end, the Anglers Choice tournament went well for us by finishing 3rd on Saturday and 7th on Sunday and overall finishing in 1st..  The A.B.A. tournament found our fish in spawning mode and the lack of wind and the rising water made our bite a lot tougher.  We finished 11th and 6th with big fish for the tournament, a SMB that weighed 3.97 lbs. that came on a spinnerbait.  95% of our fish came on white spinnerbaits and the rest on cranks.  We fished Warm Creek, Padre, and Face.  Our pattern was sandy flats with deep water near by and some color to the water.  We caught about 30 to 40 fish per day.   

May 30, 2005 - Sam Sherwood, Mesa AZ

I have been going to Powell for over 25 years and I have learned that as long as I have a little extra time and gas, I might as well head to the San Juan. My son and I got to the lake Thursday night, 5/26 and slept on a houseboat before heading uplake @ 5 AM on Friday. We went to the upper San Juan and dropped all of our gear off on shore and started fishing about 7:30 AM just inside the start of the Great Bend. The water was very discolored and lots of debris. We didn’t get bit on any top-water or jerkbaits in the remaining shade and the water clarity wasn’t helping so we went to Yamamoto grubs, the reliable back-up and caught nothing either. We kept moving back down lake until we got to a little greener water which was about the time the wind kicked up a little and the combination finally got the fish going about 9:45 AM. It wasn’t great and they weren’t big but we would catch a small smallie about every 10 minutes with a few concentrations here and there. Nothing in the backs of coves, all out front around rocks/points and some secondary points. Strange thing was that when I filleted the fish later, all but one of the smallies still had eggs.

We did go back to crankin’ early in the afternoon running from small rock piles in the flats and started catching stripers and walleyes pretty regular. All the walleyes were 2-3 pounds and the stripers ranged from 2-6 lbs. After filleting the fish in some late afternoon shade, we got back into action just as the big wind gust came up. We targeted more outside rock piles with cranks that the wind was blowing on and then started catching better smallmouth and more walleye. The evening bite was pretty much a bust as we looked for stripers in the backs of coves to no avail. We fished on Sat morning for only a few hours before heading back in and I threw mostly top-water, catching another walleye and a few smallies including a very good one that was pulling drag and got off right at the boat.

For as many times as I have gone to Powell, this was the best on walleyes ever, as they seemed to be at almost every spot we went to. Other than the last 2 hours of the day where we actually targeted stripers and couldn’t catch one, we were bass fishing and it was a bit disappointing. The 2 most consistent lures for me over the past 7-8 years has been the Diawa TD Minnow which couldn’t buy a fish, and the Yamamoto grub which has always been good, especially if you just needed a “fish fix” and wanted to catch 7-10” fish shallow if nothing else. It just wasn’t happening much this go-around. We fished out to 30’ and back to 5’ with limited success on drop shots and grubs but it appeared that praying for wind and then fighting it with a crank in hand was the best chance to catch fish, particularly better size.

The ride in when we got to Warm Creek was as bad as I have ever had due to boat traffic. Especially from Antelope Canyon to the dam area. It was absolutely dangerous for anything much less than 20’. It will be well worth the chiropractor avoidance to use the Antelope ramp when the water gets there shortly to avoid the butt buster ride around!

June 3, 2005 - Jay Goodwin Telluride, CO

May 13-16 San Juan We caught 83 fish, mostly smallmouth 10-15", no largemouth, 4 walleye,12 stripers, 4 10-12" crappie. Most were caught on crankbaits.   May 27-30 San Juan    We caught 185 fish, and more stripers than I have seen in 3 years. Most fish were smallmouth, half of them under 8", and the rest nicer up to 17" and fat. 6 walleye, 1 crappie, 1 16" catfish, and 19 largemouth up to 16". We used crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and twin tail grubs. Stripers were in shallow water just before dark, in the flooded weeds during the day, and along shaded vertical walls in the day, all mostly on crankbaits, and most 25" and fat and strong.  How great to see  the Lake on the rise!  Thanks for the excellent web page. 

June 3, 2005 - Josh Cannon, Cathie Cannon, Natalie Cannon and Cassie Naegle

May 30 - 31, 2005

Wilson Creek & Desha Canyons off the San Juan

Trolled for two evenings and caught six stripers around four pounds each. Used The big white Norman and Storm Salt Water Deep Thunder Silver Mullet. All fish caught by 11-year olds Natalie and Cassie, including an exciting double hook-up. Trolled at 3.5 mph in 25 - 60 ft of water and caught fish over humps.


 I would rate the fishing very good. We didn't fish much and caught fish right away on both nights. The San Juan area is awesome with few boats. Water temp around 72. Thanks for all the great info on this site!


July 4, 2005 - Chuck Fulton and John Souers

We went to the San Juan on Jul 1.  Got there about 3pm and found little action but lots of wind and sun (105 degrees).  Got up with the dawn and Piute Creek had filled with stripers overnight.  Started catching them trolling leaded line and various ers discussed  earlier this year.  Then a real boil popped up and that ended the trolling. 

Got a few out of that boil and then went after slurpers.  They were pretty much available throughout the whole big  bay that has Piute as one arm.  All the small bays and canyons  on the South side of that big bay had shad and grebes.  All the fish were 2-4#, in good shape but the females appeared slightly thin and probably haven't recovered from spawn.  Right at dark there was a big, loud boil about 1/2 back in Piute which was fun. 

Sat afternoon and Sun morning the ticket was 1 oz white striper bucktail jigs with a white rubber tail added trolled on leaded line at 2.5mph in 30-40 feet along rock walls.  We caught them steady and probably could have filled the boat if the slurpers and boils weren't so darn much fun.  The water is tinted slightly green which limits visibility (to humans) to about 6'.  Neskahi had both shad and fish so it's good too.  Came out of the SJ about noon Sun. 

July 31, 2005  Bass Man via cellphone to Gold Cup to us Report from Bass Man camped along the San Juan.
Beautiful, Hot and the arm is already sore from pulling in stripers.
Got camp set up for his week long stay...
Spotted boils just outside of the Escalante all the way to the San Juan.
He wanted to report he pulled out forty (40) Stripers out of one boil that stayed up for about 45 minutes.
Fish are averaging between three and four pounds..
Total count for today is 52.... But it's still early.. 

Day Two …. Report from the San Juan.
Bass Man is making me feel very envious that he and his BIL
are fishing in the Jacks Arch area along the San Juan….
Just as the sun was going down he called to report “day two” totals reached just under 100.
The wind was picking up in the evening and the boils had sounded…
He and Erin were catching larger fish in the 4 to 6 lb range, and becoming
totally exhausted after a full day of catching fish.
As Kurt, Rome and I can testify it takes a lot more work pulling these fish in this year,
You just can’t horse them into the boat..
A rubber net becomes your best friend…

Day Three from the San Juan,
Hot, Hot, and so are the morning boils… Early morning report from 5 miles up the San Juan… Bass Man reports this morning’s catch brings totals to 211 stripers… Boils staying up longer,… not much boat traffic… Using top water (Tennessee shad) and White Grubs.. First light to 10:00 am.
Arm, shoulder and tackle all getting a workout… Average weight still 3 to 4 pounds with some in the 6 lb. range….
Still looking to hook up the big one...

Wow tonight’s boil started at just after six pm and is still going on at 8:30 pm as far as the eye can see all across the canyon…. Just at the large open area into Cha canyon…. Total for today’s catch is 199 …!!! Using the Tennessee Shad colored spook Jr and the White Grub.. Down riggers to troll mid day….. Average weight today between 4 to 5 lbs… couple at 7.5 and the largest weighted in at 7lb’s 11 oz.. Total for the week 363”….
I asked when he was coming home…. ??? Never !!!
Or maybe when he gets to 700.. He is making me hurt..

Day Four - Fishing was not quite as hot today - only had 60 fish for the first half day effort but more boils to chase this evening.  Going back to Cha for the evening 3-hour boil bite. No other boats were fishing in the area.  BassMan is surrounded by boiling stripers like Custer at the Little Big Horn.  He is putting up a good fight but I don't think he can catch them all.

It would be okay if someone wanted to send reinforcements to lend him a hand.

The four day total now stands at 426 stripers.  He has caught more this week than I have all year!

He reported seeing lots of tiny crappie in the flooded trees near his camp  at Jacks Arch.

This evening it was back to Cha canyon, the wide bends (bays) and the three hour boils… Using both the Super Spook Jr and “Howard’s Bass Man Special jigging spoon added to today’s total of 107… Yes "470" total for four days… Using 10# - 12# test line. .. As fish are becoming more aggressive top water lures are not a real issue… Note: Promo for Howard, The Bass Man special is working… Still Confident the Bass Man special will bring in the big one....

Day 5 (AM Update) San Juan is absolutely beautiful in the mornings..
The morning boils are developing in all the open turns (coves) from three to eight miles up the San Juan..
The word of the day is call 911.. The stripers are slaughtering the Shad.
The two (Erin and KC) are becoming very selective, now choosing to fish only boils in the shade..
If one comes up in the sun and heat.. toooo Bad !
Total count this morning brings numbers up to 540. - "Wayne send in the reserves¨
They are the only two fishing these boils... Bass Man is getting bored, the only one he has to talk to is his BIL !!
*reason for him calling me twice a day now.
Erin has run out of reels and is now using one of KC's. ...Gear is getting a work out.
Fishing the Howard Spoon in the shade... Jigging for Jaws... 
Nobody else out this morning to help save the SHAD..

Afternoon wind and rain forced boils down. Used Jigging spoons in areas that had produced the greatest number of boils this morning. We were able to spot fish below, and dropped our lines 40 to 60 feet. with-in only a few hours we pulled 30 stripers averaging five to six pounds into the boat before the wind and rain blew so hard forcing us off the lake. Water temps had remained consistent at 81.2 degrees,

Total count to date 575.

Just got back! If I were fishing Lake Powell this weekend I would head for the San Juan. The stripers are boiling in the first 8 miles of the San Juan on a regular basis. 80% of the stripers we caught were in the 180 degree turns on the first part of the San Juan arm. The biggest boils were in the evening right at tower rock point. GPS N 37.10.733 W 110.50.356 from 6:30 until dark. Tower rock point is the big square rock that sticks up in the air about 300 feet off to your right going up the San Juan (about 2 miles before Cha canyon). Big boils in the 180 degree turns were @ GPS N 37.10.073 W 110.51.504 and N 37.10.805 W 110.51.996. Most morning boils started around 7:30 AM and lasted until 10:30. Evening Boils were from 6:30 until dark. We went out for 1 more hour this AM around 10:00 AM and caught 17 more stripers for a total of 684 stripers for the week. I am tired and need to lick my wounds so a more specific report later. We boated up and down that part of the lake most of the time at 20 MPH looking for boils. It is best to just cruise slow and SAVE SOME SHAD! they need the help. BASS MAN, I LOVE LAKE POWELL!! That was the best fishing trip I have ever had in my LIFE 

August 1, 2005 - Eric Neilan, Simi Valley, CA

July 22 to 30, 2005 

The first half of the trip we were on the San Juan River and were constantly coming across boils in the morning and evening hours.  The most consistent boils were across the mouth of Canyon . They would last only a few minutes; however, we found that we could get an extra striper out of each boil if we would drop some bait (we used worms) down 20 feet as we cast our lures into the feeding mass of fish.  It didn't seem to matter which lure we threw at them, as long as it was in range.  After the boil subsided, we would get a hook-up on our bait. Most of the fish were 3-5 pounds. On one occasion I did a kamikaze approach on a Sea-Do into a boil... This worked marvelously; however I had no place to store my fish so after catching one I had to return to camp.

The second half of our trip we stayed on the main channel. There weren’t any boils, but if we put an entire anchovy on the line and let it slowly sink down (no weights) 20-40 feet, wham, we would get a taker.  We had the most success at the mouth of Reflection Canyon using the lighter 4 lbs. line (the lighter line also made reeling in these big fish even more exciting!) Trolling the area harvested a plethora of small mouth bass.  


I must say, this has been the most successful trip ever for me while visiting Powell< , and I owe it all to this great web site. Thanks, and keep the reports coming!


August 8, 2005 - Murray W.

The best boils on my San Juan trip were Saturday eve and Sun Morning. Like Bassman said most of the action I saw was around Tower Rock. The problem I had was (besides boil fever and backlashes) was the boils just wouldn't stay up. Even the boils that were not harassed were up and down quickly. I did hear about some guys that found a boil Saturday morning at Little bend and took 40 fish from it. I spent most of my time cruising instead of jigging and baiting. In retrospect I did find quite a few places where fish were holding at 30-60 feet and I wished I had worked those spots harder. I did use downrigs and lead line and trolled up a few which I think I could have done better at than I did. As bassman said a shadrap basic color black/silver worked ok but toward the end I did use a soft plastic that was outcatching the shap rap. Its a Storm Wildeye Rippin Swim Shad in the 3" length and Pearl Phantom color. These also worked great in a boil although I only got to throw it to one. I would highly recommend some of these. I also used heavy white bucktails with white grubs when the boils were sounding and picked up a few fish.. As Wayne mentioned in his fish report the topwaters would work if the boil was still going strong but sometimes would not. That's when I'd throw a bucktail and get a hookup and the end of the boil..One of the neatest places I found to fish was at the sharp 180 bend between mile 6 and 7. The fish were pushing the shad up against the steep rock walls in the center of the bend. They were a little hard to catch but I had my best catch number from this activity which was at 10 am Sunday morning. Went back Monday and found them there a little but not like Sunday..
My brother and bunch of his friends were on a houseboat camped at Trail canyon so I hung out with them. I did get up to the great bend area twice but only observed small mouth's hitting topwater in the canyons on the way up . Didn't make it Neskahi but did go into the large bay above Rim Arches. On my last day I heard reports of lots of boils in the Desha Canyon area so maybe the fish are moving upriver a little, it just seemed that way. I got to take my niece and her friend out for theyre first striper catch and got a kick out of that. I'll attach a link to some pics of them holding the fish. It took one minute to take the pic and 45 minutes to talk them into holding the fish, pretty funny you had to be there. I guess that's all I have to ad, oh one more thing My SIL and her friend were on a rubber mattress flaoting in front of Trail Canyon when they said said a fish about 3' long swam right by them. I asked them if they were sure that it wasn't a land shark and they said they were sure. They didn't know if it was a striper or a Catfish(go figure) just said it was a huge fish. I wish I had seen it but then I might still be there if I had..

Seth Raile -  Red Cloud, Nebraska July 30-August 6   2005


First thanks to everyone on the help of the fishing reports, and what works.  Makes Powell that much better!

  Its a little late but we were there July 30- August 6 and caught 50 stripers (2-4 lbs.  4 or 5 5-6lbs.), 3 small mouth (2 lbs.), just casually fishing through out the week.  The reason is the boils were incredible, poppers were working great for us.  We were down in the Escalante arm, but fairly close to the main channel, as back was pretty murky.  The closer we went toward San Juan we also saw many boils. We noticed a trend about mid week.  6 am stripers will pack together(100s on the fish finder) in a cove out side the main channel in the Escalante,  wont bite on a thing tried for hours,  about 9-9:30  then they would disappear out of the cove and within 15 minutes boils were exploding.  Watch for the pockets in the morning.  We had six fish on a time, kids and all were excited.  

All in all another great year at Lake Powell year 10.

August 24, 2005 -Paul Valencia, Temecula CA

August 6-12 - San Juan River,  Neskahi Wash to Piute Canyon  Sightfishing boils 6:30 am in main bay.

  I have made an annual trip to Powell every year for the last 15 years and never have I experienced the for lack of a better word Epic striper fishing until this trip. We fished the first day from about 7am to 10am. What made the difference was these fish were breaking off 6 lb test so we got out the heavier gear. After adjusting for the larger bite and throwing the larger Zara Spooks, Shad Raps, Rattle Traps, Heddon Torpedoes, and Countdowns we were crazy with stripers. We stopped counting but easily caught 40 fish between 3 of us.

Towards the end of the bite and following the schools before they turned up the canyon we ended up in front of Piute where we decided to do a little smallie fishing. Not much action in Piute but we did spot what I initially thought were poachers using a gill net bringing up fish. I stopped by to ask them what they were doing and they explained they were grad students working with UT . of Wildlife on a project trying to sample the general health of this particular area of Powell and if the Gizzard Shad introduced by accident is impacting the forage fish currently in Powell. These young students told us that huge schools of big stripers were boiling about 6:30 east of us up canyon before Neskahi and were staying in the bay until around 9:30 to 10. We were loaded for bear the next morning respooling with 10-12lb. These fish weren't line shy. We slayed them and brought 3 non fishers with us in 2 boats 6 of us had a morning we will all remember, a top water fantasy where every well placed cast was gobbled up, and more than a few times all 6 hooked up at once. This was not a should have been here yesterday morning. These fish were monsters for Lake Powell top water fishing. Nothing less than 3 1/2 lbs to 6 lbs. 

Bless you, Utah State U students for being right on. These fish were straightening out Big Zara treble hooks ...what a problem. We stayed with one huge school on the third day for 2 1/2 hours before we lost them. I have a bass boat but couldn't keep up with them using the troll motor. I found that once on top you could get in close enough to place your lure right on top of them . Of course, occasionally we would be lucky enough to place the boat right where they were driving shad but we found that gauging the pace and moving quickly in front of the lead fish once they came back up was the way to position, a fast catch up get on top of them  and fire away. Like I said they didn't mind the larger line or seem to be distracted at all by the engine noise or presence of the boat. I thought I'd died and gone to topwater heaven. By the way thanks for the tip about stripers going deep between surface appearances, knowing that I kept a crocodile handy and was able to increase my catch. The only thing I would have changed was that next time if I go back in July I'll be sure to bring my net . I must have lost $50 in lures busting line trying to hand them into the boat.  

October 9, 2005 - Gold Cups Photos

< > We caught these smb all day along the rocks with sliders and grubs... < > and I used some Lucky craft live bleeding shad ...  Something big took my line over a rock and cut my line right off.... Took my $16.00 Lure and 30 feet of line........ Just FYI Smb around 2.5 lbs.< > Had 20 Stripers in the boat by 9:00 am < > Saturday morning.. We filled Bass Mans $50.00 Net with Stripers to send south and bent it in half... Cheers... We did catch fish on the San Juan.... Wow

Some of the great people we met this weekend.


Wordlings visiting with Bass Man and Gold  Cup on San Juan this weekend.


This is Pete and Mike Nebrich heading back down to south rally.

October 12, 2005 - Thomas J

Jason and I got to Bullfrog last Thursday the 6th around 9 PM. Got the boat situated and headed out to Halls bouy field. Nada. Slept on the boat, tied to a bouy and hit BF Bay 1st light on Friday AM. Nada. Loaded the boat and headed out to the San Juan.

Found a great spot at the mouth of the San Juan. Friday was nice weather, clear skies, no wind. Got into a mid day smallmouth boil right in front of camp. Smallies hit topwater on every cast. Headed into the San Juan and stopped and talked to Doug from CO. He reported catching 15 stripers on spoons out of Wilson. So we headed there but couldn't locate fish. We came back out and stopped in Bald Rock and talked to Pete N. They reported a few fish. We motored into Bald Rock and noticed huge shad schools. We jigged a few out of Bald Rock and headed back to camp. We stopped in a cove right at the mouth of the San Juan and looked for stripers. Only saw topwater swirls. I casted to a swirl and a nice 6 lb striper was on. We called it a night.

Saturday we went back to Bald Rock. We were a little late as we saw BassMan and GC. The previously posted pictures of BassMan were in Bald Rock. They reported early am boils right up against the rocks. We stayed and caught several on spoons. Later that day we hit main channel in Cha and drifted with bait. Nada. We went looking for the mother of all schools and ended up in the back of Reflection. It rained hard for 10 minutes. Only a few fish found and not a lot of shad. Back to Bald Rock for the evening event that didn't happen but some fish were caught on spoons.

Sunday am and off to Bald Rock. Pulling into Bald Rock, Jason hollored "stop the boat!" In the first cut on the left the bay was exploding! We pulled in and tossed chug bugs to fish boiling right against the rocks. The cooler was now full and fish were on the bottom of the boat when it finally died down a couple of hours later. Boil fever got the best of us and we lost several to tangled lines and fouled hooks. Neat thing was catching a fish out of the boil, watching the boil quit and throwing out a spoon for another hook up.

We needed gas and went to Dangling Rope. Checked on some canyons on the way back looking for striper schools but the memories of Bald Rock were still in our heads. We stopped in Bald Rock and spooned for a while and decided to check Wilson again. Lots of shad, no stripers. We went right across and up the channel a 1/2 mile and checked the back of that canyon. I cant remember its name. Full of shad and uncooperative stripers. Back to Bald Rock. Spooned up more but no boils.

Monday AM and guess where we were before it got light? Yup, Bald Rock. The boils were much less frequent but still there. We noticed the huge balls of shad spotted days before be becoming fewer and fewer as the weekend progressed. We fought the north wind from Rincon all the way to BF. Loaded truck and headed home.

Lessons learned this weekend. 1) No guarantees that morning boiling fish will boil in the evening. 2) Have two poles ready for each type of fishing. IE 2 poles for topwater, 2 poles for spoons etc etc. Which leads me to lesson number 3. 3) Do not place poles on top of bimini. On Sunday AM while jigging and waiting for the next boil, my stradic/cabelas combo fell off the top of the boat and into the water. Ouch, that hurt! 4) Stripers will clean out a canyon and move on to the next.

All and all not a bad trip. We ended up with around 30 stripers, 1 walleye and lots of smallies. If I was there right now, I would search the short box canyons off main channel. Look for shad. If shad are found, be there waiting before it gets light. I would probably be in that canyon right across from Wilson.