Scott Christensen - March 13, 2006

Kurt Jensens directions got us into Blue Notch via  county road 106 but the  weather on wed mar 8 just about kept us there for another few days (glad for the 4x4). We got equal fish from the boat as from the shore using anchovies . The fish were in 30 ft depth range and were found following schools of bait fish usually 3 to 5 stripers in a group. 

Trolling with a wally type lure worked good when the wind made it hard to bait fish. Our fish were 3lbs to 5lbs typical.  We stayed monday March 6 and tuesday Mar 7 leaving wed AM in a snow storm. The high pass over to Hwy 95 was a white knuckle experience with the greasy mud and snow. The two days there at the  lake were very pleasant and the camping was fun.

June 6, 2006 - The Clegg Boys

On May 16-19 my two brothers and my brother in law and I drove straight to water in Farley Canyon.  The back of Farley was clear and green as was the back of White Canyon.  The channel was very murky and clogged
with debris we had to navigate very carefully.  As a result we saw no other boats the entire trip! 




The fishing was great!  We caught lots of
small mouth, crappie, bluegill, walleye, largemouth, and striper.  All
of the fish were big except the striper.  In the back of White Canyon,
and especially around Gunboat, there were 8 inch striper. 


At any point in the entirety of White Canyon you could cast in the middle of the lake and within three casts you had an eight inch striper. My brother in law just kept randomly casting and catching striper the entire trip, I have no idea how many small striper we caught but there were a lot (we threw all of them back, sorry, I love to catch fish but I hate to eat them).


Every evening as the sun went down the little stripers would boil across the entire canyon, it was beautiful!  It was a great trip.  Sorry for the late date of the posting but I was on an extended three week vacation.


July 25, 2006 - Dave Webb

Small stripers were boiling up and down from the mouth of White Canyon on 7-22, mid-afternoon. We chased them for an hour and caught 10-13 inchers until our arms were tired.


We camped in a cove across and just down-lake from White. An algae bloom brought a bazillion shad into the cove. There were several sizes represented, from so tiny they were barely visible to some about one inch long, with a fair amount of meat on their bones.


There was a large boil right in our cove just before sunset ? again 10-13 inch stripers. After the stripers left we kept casting and caught several nice smallmouth (the biggest is shown in the attached photo).


A short boil occurred in our cove the next morning. Had to leave so I don?t know if the afternoon action repeated. 

Saw a coyote twice while camped in that cove.


We launched at Hite, using the road base where the marina store was located. It was easy pushing my little fishing boat out into the channel, which was only four feet deep. Had to squeeze between brush, but that wasn't hard. Water level was approximately 3608.55. I took a look at the main ramp and decided not to attempt to launch there. It was obvious people trying were getting stuck in the mud.


On 7-21 we were down at Slickrock and found bass boiling near the brush in the back of the canyon. Caught a bunch of smallmouth, 7-10 inchers, and one tiny striper.


A rattlesnake tried to climb under our tent to get out of the rain while we camped near Slickrock. It buzzed when it felt us moving around. I peeked out the door it was coiled right against our tent. It was probably 3.5 feet long. It buzzed for about 10 minutes and then slithered away.


It was a great trip. Thanks for your excellent website.

July 26, 2006 - Gold Cup

North end of Lake Boils Confirmed……. Four Mile North to Farley..
Launched from old service (make shift) ramp south of main ramp. (Small Boats Only)....
Raft take out has been under cut and Hite main ramp is sticky ugly mud.
Boil fever from 4:00 pm until dark… Mostly small 12 to 14 inch fish.
Managed to catch over 100 each day..
Averaged 40 larger 4 to 6lb's but had to use a spoon to quickly get below the boiling youth..
What a blast….. ga'zillon small fish.
I’m tired of catching fish…...honest..
The entire bay lite up and only. More to come story with Picture's..
The Boils have started........ GC

Most of the small fish were 7 to 10 inches long. The larger fish were 2 to 4 lbs. Boils were everywhere from 4 mile to Farley from 4:00 PM until dark. They were not boat shy. I would blow into a big boil and wait until I could see a bigger fish come up and then cast toward that single fish. I caught most my big fish that way until last night. I found out if you boat into the middle of the boil and drop an 1.5 oz spoon fast (25 ft.)you could get through the small fish and pick up the larger ones. I sure hope the boils are not this way all year. Please keep all the fish you catch. I think we may be headed for another striper "crash" "TOOO MANY STRIPERS NOT ENOUGH SHAD" We need people to report all striper locations. Please get down to the lake and save some shad!!! Bass Man

July 31, 2006 - Mark Tate, Grantsville, UT

July  26th in Good Hope Bay was the 1st Striper boil of the year for us around 3:00 that afternoon, by the time we got set up we only ended up w/6 fish.

July 27th around 7am boils in the same area back up in one of the bays, the boil was strong for the first few minutes but then slacked off, the fish were still there but unorganized, we would pick one up every 3 or 4 casts, one key was to cast out towards one that was already hooked up. My wife even caught 2 fish on one lure at the same time. 

The best action was later evening until dusk for the next 3 days until we had to leave. Another couple of boils were spotted right off the point in the main channel just as you round the corner into Goodhope from bullfrog (Buoy 119). We caught between 20 and 40 fish in every boil mostly small 12 to 15" fish but ended up w/a few up to 6lbs. They were hitting top water lures but still hard to hook them. 4 of us fishing all ended up using rattle raps and rattle traps, didn't seem to matter what color, the shad that the fish were chasing were up to 2" long and jumping out of water and some up onto the beach to get away, we had a great time and are planning on heading back in 2 weeks probably to the same favorite spot up in Good Hope.

August 13, 2006 - Rocco Iannopolla

Wow! What a trip. I took my two boys (aged 11 and 15) along with my 15 year old's friend and we had a blast. I told my son's friend's father that he would be ruined after this trip...and my prediction came true! In total, we boated just under 250 fish in 4.5 days of fishing. We launced at Halls Crossing and camped at the campground there. We fished Wed afternoon in Striper City and caught about 45 fish in boils on nothing but Spooks and Spoons. What a way to start the trip. Then we met some friends there, but they didn't have the range to go up to Striper City (about a 38 mile trip from Halls), so we fished anchovies in Lake Canyon and filled up our coolers on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Those fish were caught, as usual, anywhere from 20-50 ft down about 1/2 mile into the canyon from the main channel. All of our friends left Sunday morning, so I took the boys back up to Striper City, and in about 3 hours of boil fishing, we filled two coolers full of fish (about 100 in all). We were actually scheduled to stay another day, but we all decided that we had caught and cleaned enough fish to last until next year's trip. Love it when that happens! We found boils all throughout Tracheyte canyon, plus across the lake, in the main channel just downlake from the entrance to White Canyon. Boils were occuring in the Striper City area from 3 p.m. till dark. Finally, on this trip, I was actually able to put down my rod long enough to film a boil! Right after we finished cleaning the first cooler of fish caught on Sunday afternoon, another boil broke out behind the boat and I got all three boys hooking up in the boil...then I put down the camera and caught a few myself! Every year I say I am gonna film a boil, but it just never worked out. This time the boils were so plentiful and lasted long enough, I was able to get some priceless footage.

By the way, we found mixtures of quality in all of the fishing locations, however, the boil fish were generally healthier. I'd say that in the boils we caught 75% fat fish and 25% skinny. On the anchovies in Lake Canyon, it was more like 50/50. Most of the fat fish caught were 1-3 lbs, where the skinny guys were from 4-8 lbs.

And for you, Hotwheels, with my driving from Oklahoma out there with my cabover and 20 foot deck boat, that comes to $8 per fish! But with the trip of a lifetime and priceless boil footage, I'd do it again in a second!

And last but not least, we are all suffering from Striper year we are bringing gloves to wear while catching and cleaning fish.

August 20, 2006 - Eric Rich

Just got back from mile maker 134 and we have got to get the word out. We arrived on Sat morning camped at maker 128 and made the 6 mile drive up lake and found nothing but boils big and small fish they would boil in the morning and evening everyday some time they would be in Trachyte Canyon and sometimes they would be between markers 134 and 135. We were there until Wed and only saw one other fisherman. Pretty sad!

We need to try and save some shad here. The other fisherman said that White canyon was boiling too bigger fish and they were just about on shore. So I am leaving it up to you Wayne to get the word out. They would hit on any topwater bait you would throw after the boil goes down throw in the spoon to pick up a couple of more fish and then watch to see where they would pop up again. The main boils would last about one to two hours. Marked lots of shad.

August 30, 2006 - Rajun Cajun

I have heard some fish stories and I have seen some great fishing in my life but I have never seen and been apart of the fishing frenzy that I witnessed and caught at Lake Powell! I spent a week in Lake Powell with some great friends in August and we traveled up north to 2 mile canyon and camped. I was with my good friend Bryce a.k.a (Canyon Man) and met some of his friends like Mr. Mike and Ms. Ann a.k.a ( GPS.POWELL) and Mr. Jack a.k.a ( Hot Wheels) and Mr. Wayne and Ms. Kathy a.k.a ( Boston Wayne) and the Bass Man!

I can not explain how incredible this trip was but I will tell you that I, just by myself caught over 100 striper bass, 6 large mouth bass, and 6 small mouth bass, and 1 catfish! I cleaned them all and will eat them all! We caught a few striper bass on the top with crank baits when the boils occurred and we caught a lot with the wally lure. I used swirly tails on the large mouth and small mouth bass. I am HOOKED and will be back now a lot with my family and friends. Thank you for the work you do and keeping people like myself intrigued with your work and your website.

September 20, 2006 - Tubbyama

I made it to Farley’s at 6pm Sunday.  The launch was pretty shallow and I think it would be pretty hard to launch anything but a small aluminum.  I set up camp for the evening at the mouth of White Canyon.  The next morning I tried using anchovies in deep water along with my new chumming device.  That effort was a bust, as I caught only one skinny striper.  I abandoned my plan to collect coolers full of meat and instead went over to Trachyte canyon and caught 50 or so largemouth, a dozen smallies and crappie on a simple chartreuse curly grub, that would be the only lure needed this trip. 


A coyote hung out with me for a while.  I liked him.   As I got to back of the canyon I caught about a dozen stripers mostly dinks while casting for bass.  In the evening I went back to the very end of Trachyte in about 10-20 feet of water and graphed hordes of shad.  Dropped a spoon and caught a striper every cast!  I noticed that as I got closer to shore, the fish got bigger.  Right before sunset, the biggest stripers started crashing shad onto the beach.  I broke out the flyrod and caught a fish every throw.   All these fish were 24+ inches, but pretty skinny.  The funny thing was that these fish were all just mulling around on a sandy flat that was only one foot deep, I couldn’t even get my skiff onto it without hitting bottom.
The next morning I went back to the same spot.  The stripers were gone.  I went back to the old plan with the grub and caught a bunch of nice bass, all pretty shallow.  On my way back to camp I spotted a heron at the end of a cut near the mouth of Trachyte.  Sure enough there were shad in there.  The large and smallmouth bass had cornered the shad and were boiling just like stripers.  I anchored my boat yards away from the corner they were in.  I pulled about 50 nice size largemouth, smallies and a couple stripers out of there with grubs, topwaters, and flyrod.  It was awesome.  Later the east wind cranked up, and with a front moving in, I left for home.
Overall, in 48 hours I probably caught 50-75 largemouth, 50 smallies, a few crappie and uncountable stripers.  My only complaints were that the stripers are either small or skinny, and I wished someone else could get some time off during the week to help me catch and clean those babies.   Thanks to everyone at Wayne’s Words for the help.  Now, back to the cold rain and snow.

October 16, 2006 - Rhonda and Steve

We made it down to Trachyte where we didn't leave the whole trip. Trolling with cotton cordell sliver & black and gold flake. We caught 14" 1 lbs to 2lbs stripers at will. Night fished just in the mouth of Trachyte Friday caught 175 fish. Saturday was very rainy and cold with fishing slow but half an hour before dark they BOILED right behind the boat. Caught 6 before they moved on. Tied up in same spot and caught another 35 fish. Early quits after the 2:OO AM night before.

 Sunday we tried some grubs and chartreuse was the best we found on large & smallmouth. Trolled the rest of the day for stripers had to stop and fillet twice with another 40 more fish. All smaller fish very healthy Largest was 3'8 of course Rhonda caught that one but the 3lb fish were mostly healthy. A bonus were 3 walleye one going 3lbs.and one crappie. Great trip!

Night fished with chovies about 20 to 30 ft.

Three walleye caught on sliver & blue jerk bait. Crappie caught on green tube with black flake. Large & small mouth caught on chartreuse double tail grub and orange lead head.

Over 200 stripers caught in Trachyte canyon and these two were bonus fish. Largest Striper was 3' 8 oz for Rhonda who trolled with cotton cordell silver/black & gold flake.

The main Hite cement ramp was back in action due to the rapid increase in lake level back to +3606
Although, it was VERY shallow & muddy at the Hite ramp we launched the pontoon boat all right.
The tow vehicle was able to pull out without excessive mud or bogging down.  Substrate had dried out while the lake was low.  Then rising water allowed launching access without getting stuck.

It's worth the gas if you have to motor up from Halls or Bullfrog. The river part was a bit scary with the water level so low but if you have any questions I'll help ya with what I know if you have the moxy to launch at Hite.

October 30, 2006 - Joel T.

Charlie and I launched from Hite Tuesday afternoon and night fished only, the next four nights. No one is having problems launching at either Hite launch site. Store open from 11:am to 2: pm only, with limited supplies but did carry ice and anchovies.

We spent two nights fishing in deep water at mouth of White, and two nights at mouth of Red Canyon. The fishing, actually it was harvesting, was ridiculous. At White it began 1hr. after dark, at Red, right before dark. Fish were caught 40' to 70' down using small pieces of anchovy. It was non stop action. Often bait would no go past 40' without being snatched. 80% were 10" to 1 lb. in size and all fat. Though we caught healthy fish up to 5lb. 90% of those over two lbs. were skinny and not kept. Ninety percent of the time was spent reeling fish in, re-rigging , re-baiting, lowering bait etc., basically no time waiting for a bite. We used two baits and if bait was not bit within 1 minute after being lowered we knew the baits were either tangled or had been stolen.

Often we'd just stop for a while and relax, the stripers weren't going anywhere and there were more of them than you could ever catch. It was basically non stop action as long as you wanted to fish. We caught 85 to 120 per night before calling it quits. Interestingly the stripers at White were uniformly slightly larger in all size classes. Possibly because of more nutrients from the river.

We had a 5 night trip scheduled but ran out of ice after 4 nights. We'd had a great time and didn't think it worth the effort to return to Hite for more ice just so we could catch another 110 or more fish to give away, so we left. Striper fishing is currently at Powell's historical zenith. Take advantage of it now, it may never be matched.

We never saw a shad the whole trip. Often they'll be drawn to the light but evidently couldn't make it through the striper gauntlet. Before the decision was made to cut the trip short we had concerns about running short of anchovies. We found 1/2" long pieces worked just as well as larger pieces. Charlie, who is quite clever and of course that also means quite dangerous, experimented with using 3/4" chunks of cut bait from skinny stripers (which are basically dead fish once released back into the lake) as bait instead on anchovy pieces. Tracking the next 80 fish caught we found the cut bait over 90% as effective as anchovies...something to consider if you start running low.

For years I've fed the wildlife in Red Canyon striper carcasses. Two years ago when the lake was down considerably and more land exposed it supported a flock of about 25 ravens. Last year and this year, with the lake being higher and less land above water, the flock was only about a dozen...evidently the flock had split up. Interestingly this year a lone seagull thought it was a raven, followed the flock around everywhere and was even allowed to feed with them on a hit and run basis. After this years first feeding of a 100 or so carcasses, the next day to our pleasant surprise we we found the whole original noisy flock of 25 or thirty enthusiastically awaiting our arrival at the filleting location.

November 1, 2006 - Dennis Garmann

Launched below concrete ramp with no problems and went straight to Trachyte to fish for walleye, but wind was blowing towards shore around my fishing hole. Fished there anyway and caught one walleye, two crappie, one Smallmouth and some nice fat stripers. Wind blew all afternoon.
After dark, put out light but water was muddy and wind continued to blow but managed to catch one crappie lots of catfish and only big skinny stripers so went back to camp.

Next day 10-31-06 decided to find someplace more protected from wind and do some striper fishing so went over to White Canyon and found tons of stripers there. Caught about 50 trolling so decided to quit and fillet fish and go home at one P M. While cleaning fish I drifted past a point and looked at fish finder and saw fish from top to bottom, but had a bucket of nice fillets already so decided to get home before dark. If you want to catch stripers then White Canyon is the place to go and the smaller ones are nice and fat too. Right now until the next cold front moves in will be the best fishing of the year. A very good trip in spite of all the wind. O happy day on Lake Powell.

October 30, 2006 - Bassman

Sunday from 7:30 AM till 9:30 AM Bryant, Gold Cup and I jigged up 155 stripers in 2 hours on BMS spoons. There was always two of us hooked up and multiple times all three of us were hooked up. We were just a little SW of the islands in Striper City (Buoy 134-135). The big numbers were in 45-60 feet of water (most of the time the fish finder screen was black with stripers). That is 77 fish per hour, more than one per minute. I guess you could call that excellent fishing conditions.

November 8, 2006 - Chet Garling

Ken and I arrived late Saturday night 11/4/06 and were headed to Striper City the next morning, after not being able to start my boat that morning we had to go in and have Sherm and crew at the Bullfrog boat shop to look at it, they had us back on the water pronto, what a great shop, thanks Sherm and Mark.

We arrived at MM 134 and trolled towards a large raft of grebes just at the mouth to Trachyte. We trolled from about 10:30 till about 3:00 and boated 60+ stripers the majority were healthy 4 lb'ers. Listened to the Broncos win. Green light at the buoy field in Bullfrog that night no takers although we were in bed early.

Next morning headed back to Trachyte and spooned some after marking a huge school trolling. Interesting side note, Ken caught all of his stripers by speed reeling the spoons and I caught all of mine jigging spoons, wallylures, and Howards spoons both worked well. We needed to change scenery and I wanted to show him the battleship rock and I had remembered, I think it was Dennis's report about White canyon being productive, so we went there and could not even get back far enough to see the battleship because of the debris field floating, so we trolled out of the canyon, or should I say tried to troll out. We ended up spooning and trolling to the tune of 150+ stripers for the day, we actually ended with 78 fish for Ken and 75 for me.

That night I evened up the day's count with a walleye and two stripers off the back of the houseboat while Ken slept. I used the green light, no shad attracted but there were fish there anyway.  The next day we got to Blue Notch to help with the survey till about 1:30, if you haven't witnessed this event it is worth the trip. I got to see two different species of fish that I did not know existed much less that they were in Powell. Plus it is fun to help out Wayne and George get their work done so they could head off to the Rincon while the weather was so good. 

We made it to White canyon by 2:00 and had boated 50 stripers by 3:00 and called it a day and the trip. We saw some folks in Blue Notch and I forgot to write there names down but were friends of Joel T's and of course we ran into Gary and the other Gary and his son and gave him the rest of our wallylures and Howard's spoons and told them where to go in White. The weather was in the 70's and there was no wind, what a trip.

November 21, 2006 - Roger Sullivan

Here’s some info folks might be interested in hearing.

Two of us houseboat camped in Good Hope Bay the 17th, 18th, and 19th. During the day we tried some of the areas that people were having good luck at the previous week. We spent time at Red Canyon/Blue Notch, White Canyon, and Trachyte. We caught a few but never located any big schools of stripers.

On the fist night we motored out to mile marker buoy 119 and dropped a green light down about 10-15 feet. Using just a simple hook, weight, and a 1/3 piece of anchovy within 10 minutes we were into as many stripers as we were willing to clean.

All three nights produced the same result with 96 fish taken on Sunday night the 19th. All we can figure is that during the day there were some Grebes floating around the area signaling that there were bait fish in the vicinity. Our guess is that this pattern could be repeated in other places, especially the buoys between White and Trachyte.

November 21, 2006 - Layne Bagley, Koosharem, UT

We launched at Hite on November 18. It can be done in a small boat but be careful. We went to the mouth of White canyon and fished in the main channel from 50 to 70 ft of water. We used the fish graph to find big schools of stripers and then used a silver 1/2 ounce cast master just hit the bottom with it and reel up as fast as you can they  will hit it on the retrieve. We would catch 5 to 10 fish then they would move on us and we would have to find them again. We did this all day and caught enough stripers that it was never dull. Just before dark we started fishing with anchovies on a jig head and caught them until we had all the fish we wanted the pace at dark was unbelievable 3 or 4 fish on at a time.

November 21, 2006 - Pez Gallo

Launching was a little tricky the first time out, but certainly do-able, but I suspect it won't last long with dropping water. Launched from main launch ramp. Water was 2' deep until main channel. Then clear sailing except caution must be exercised due to lots of debris.

Fished Saturday for 6 hours and the same sunday. Caught a total of 134 stripers, 2 walleye. All fish were caught trolling. Fished in front of White canyon exclusively, except when we were trolling back to the mudline. The vast majority of fish were yearlings (?) 13 to 14 inch. Fat and delicious! 22 of the fish were 19 to 23 1/2 inches and were in good shape. Six were snaky and you know where they reside now. 1 walleye was 2 1/2 and the other 3 lbs. Very good shape.
The majority of fish were caught on Lucky Craft Bevy Shad. Chartruese was the best color.

If you are going to fish out of Hite, plan to bring everything you need w/you as the store is only open for a short time every day and we were on the water when they were.
All in all it was a fantastic trip for us. Not 100 fish days, but we caught all the fish we could handle and had a great time. In fact, a memorable time.

I didn't think much about it at the time, but there were many times when we would get a hit, cut the motor and then pick up two more while reeling in. We should have kept 1 fish on and then started casting. Trolling is a lazy man's method and we are certainly lazy when it comes to fishing. When we first got there Sat. morning we stopped in Farleys and chummed and dropped spoons to no avail, but we probably didn't give it enough of a chance.

One other thing, both of the walleye were caught out in mid-channel. I would have thought that they would have been associated with structure. The bigger fish were caught on lead core & downrigger, but the very biggest came in 25 foot of water just a little south of the mud line. Not nearly as many fish showing on the sonar, but the fish were bigger there, I've got a lot to learn about the big lake, but what better way to learn than just fishin' it?

November 21, 2006 - Grant

What a blast! Just got back from Hite. If you go, take lot's of coolers for fish. This is the best fishing I have experienced since I first started fishing Powell in 1987.  I have never experienced fishing like that. Does anyone know how many fish fit in a 50 quart cooler? We never counted how many fish we got, but we filled six coolers in about 11 hours of fishing time. Came home with 16 gallon sized zip locks of fillets.

We used trolling as our primary technique. Once a good sized school was located, we tried spooning several times, but it was just not as productive as trolling. Our most productive lures were diving cranks with some chartreuse on them. The best water depth for us was between 18 feet and 35 feet. The biggest school found was north of Farley about a half mile. Water temp was 57 degrees at Farley and 47 degrees at Hite. While trolling at about 3.5 - 4 mph, one person would get a hit. We would immediately slow the boat down to about 2 mph and the other two rods would then hook up. It was common for us to have a triple hookup. With three guys in the boat, treble hooked lures and fish floppin', we tangoed. What a blast!!!

For launching, use the ramp at the old marina. You have to back a long ways in, but it is a good solid gravel base. The water is deep enough to launch, then once outside the old tire breakwater, it is 8 feet deep. Just lift your motor over the cable. Running down channel, stay to the left side. The main ramp is greasy gray mud and the water is really shallow.

November 28, 2006- Jason West, John and Gar Summers

We had a great trip. John, Gar, and I got to Hite about 3:30 on Friday and launched at the temporary ramp where the old store used to be. We rubbed the bottom of the boat on the sunken tires coming back Saturday. Just follow directions given by Gem on the Launch Ramp page to avoid that. Anyway, Friday we were able to fish for about an hour and a half and caught 15 stripers trolling.

Saturday continued to be great fishing. We trolled our way up from camp at the mouth of White and caught fish all the way up and back. The heaviest concentration of fish was in White Canyon from the mouth to the very back. While we were in the canyon we even caught a couple of nice crappie on the deep diving Normans Little N's you told us about in the spring. We marked fish, trolled over them and hooked up every time.  Then we all reeled in fast and everyone had fish on at the same time. We used bevy shad too but the deeper diving Normans were much better. We caught 90 percent on the same lure.

We tried spooning after a catch first thing friday night and on the first cast with a kastmaster I had a hit and a nice little bonus fish, but it was to be the first and only. We did catch a few on shallower running cranks, but the deep diving Norman (Lavendar Shad color) seemed to work best and we kept tying it back on. John never did try anything else and he out caught us two to one.

That's about it. We each caught a walleye, my first ever, and that was a nice bonus. We ended up with about 85 fish for the day with 8 and a half hours total fishing time. I guess catching 10 fish an hour is pretty darn good.

December 4, 2006 - Larry Millhouse

We just got back from a wonderful weekend at Hite. Friday at noon we had to break thru 1-inch of ice to launch the boat. I hung over the back of the boat and broke ice with a 3ft fillet board so we could get the boat off the trailer.

Brrrr!  I don't think it got over 40 any of the days.


Then we had 100 yards of ice to break to the deeper water outside the old tire line. It was the same Saturday and Sunday. Fortunately Howard's Jetboat is very heavy duty and handled it well. Launching was difficult. The ice was pretty tough.  Howard's river boat broke thru easily, but other's were gingerly breaking their way out past the tires. 
Water is dropping noticeably now. We had to back in quite a way to float the boat.

It was the coldest any of us had ever experienced at Lake Powell.

Fish were taking all different kinds of jigs. We used 1oz and smaller Howard Spoons in green and white, white, swim jigs, white sassy shad, and green or shiny crankbaits. Met folks from Meeker who were catching on hair jigs, and folks from Ogden who were using plastics with decent success. 60 fish for us in about 11 hours of fishing. Howard caught the biggest at 4lb-14 oz. It's going to Dale for the December largest striper contest. Most fish were in good shape. Fish caught around Battleship Rock were all bigger and many in good shape. They were biting light and we lost a lot right at the boat.

I think that going over the tires is done.  Boats will have to go around to the right.