July 27, 2006 - Dave McCall

Fished San Juan Sat.22 evening at Neskahi. We caught 30 stripers 6pm to 8pm. Sunday morning the boils started about 6 AM and lasted till the wind came up about 7:30. Another 20 stripers.

Went to the first bend in Neskahi and they were boiling there, another 10. Sunday evening the front half of Neskahi exploded with boils. We cleaned 60 stripers and threw away 10 small ones.

Monday headed to get ice and fish the dam. Monday night tied up at dam only a few fish that night. Tuesday morning we caught 30 striper at but what sad shape they were.

Fish caught 150 striper

40 small mouth

8 walleye

30 catfish


August 7, 2006 - Chuck Fulton

We launched for Piute Creek from Antelope at 1030 Thursday.  Set up camp just outside Piute and fished the late afternoon.  Graphed LOTS of shad in Piute and found a real "soft" boil just outside the entrance to the canyon.  They were somewhat boat shy but caught a few on small Rapala Skitter Pops".  The next day was entirely overcast which was great for not too much sun and heat.  Went to Piute and immediately caught fish trolling kastmasters and small billed lures.  We'd stop whenever we graphed a school and jig.  Used Wally lures and kastmaster which worked equally.  Could have filled the boat....Piute is full of shad and stripers!!  The pic is of the morning effort...could have caught 50. 

Mid day went to Neskahi and it, too, has more shad than I've seen in 20 years of fishing the San Juan.  We then fished for three miles up the river channel above that big bay.  Some shad showing but not like the canyons of Piute and Neskahi.  We picked up a few trolling there.  Talked to one boat that had been there for several days and said about a week ago that area had exploded but had not seen a boil since. 

The next morning the sky broke clear and we went to Neskahi.  Found a boil but it was scattered, not well organized and boat shy.  The best way to catch them was with kastmasters thrown in the general direction and reeled back.  They were reluctant on surface lures.  I think that when the moon is dark next and the water (currently 81) cools another few degrees that this area will explode on the surface...has tons of fish and shad. Did not talk to anyone  in Cha or below--lots of water toys there.  Went to the Great Bend.  The low lake conditions must have allowed a lot of slit and debris to come into that area.  The bottom between the canyon walls is totally flat...not a foot change from side to side.  I've fished and been there many time and remember an uneven bottom with rocks and drops and varied depth.  Enuf from me. 

August 28, 2006 - Lanty Ross

My wife and I made a quick trip to Bullfrog, arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday afternoon.  We only got to fish from 3 'til 5:30 Friday, and picked up 14 stripers along the main channel wall just north of Moki Canyon, fishing anchovies at 50 to 80 feet deep.  I thought the sonar was lying at first, until we started consistently picking up stripers at that depth, mostly at 80 feet.  I was happy that my wife outdid me 10 to 4, and she was lovin' it. 

Saturday we slept in and had breakfast, and started fishing about 10:30.  By 5:30 we had another 30 stripers to fillet, plus a catfish and a smallie (swiftly released).  Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, eating a late breakfast and fishing from about 10:30 to 3:30, and cleaning 20 more stripers.  At times the catching was hot and furious, with many doubles, and other times we'd get a welcome break in the action and actually have time to grab a Pepsi out of the cooler!  We caught all the fish we cared to fillet and had a blast!  The new-to-us Trophy boat is GREAT for Powell (thanks Rob Solomon for encouraging me to get that - - we both love it).  We'll be back in the fall for more fun!

August 23, 2006 - Bass Man

Only saw a few small boils right before sunset but who cares. Fishing was fantastic. The SMB and LMB were in the shallows just like the spring spawn (usually they are 25 to 35 feet deep this time of year). Caught Black Bass mostly on Zara Spook Jr's and popers. My BIL also knocked "em" dead with green and smoke sparkle grubs. Caught nice healthy stripers any where we fished for them. Anchovies, BMS spoons, and trolling. Caught around 40 stripers a day and over 100 SMB and LMB a day. Shad are all over in 40-60 feet of water look for shad balled up with stripers around them and send a spoon down (it is an instant hook up). Trolled downriggers 40-60 feet W Norman deep little N's. Caught 3-6 lb. stripers in the afternoon @ about 4 per hour. Best striper spots were about 1/4 mile North of Neskahi canyon. Look for flats w/ humps in 40- to 70 feet of water. Spooned up a lot of stripers in that area. Best boil was Saturday night in front of Neskahi. Caught 23 stripers out of those boils. Found one more on Monday night right after sunset. Caught 4 out of that. Caught 12 SMB between 15 and 18 inches long and 7 LMB between 2 and 3 lbs. All were returned.

All fish are in good condition. Not one skinny striper. Smallest striper caught was 16 inches (No dink stripers on the upper San Juan). Why are the shad deep and the SMB/LMB bass shallow?? It is usually the other way around. With the shad not on the surface in the mornings and evenings as usuall the boils were minimal. What a trip!

Waynes Note:  Deep shad would more than likely be gizzard shad and not threadfin.  That may explain the deeper habitat occupation.

August 21, 2006 - Dave McCall

Got to Powell Friday night, tied up to Antelope Marina's tire line. Fished with no luck. Saturday headed to San Juan. Fished Last Chance bay and got into a boil, the striper were real skinny, got about ten stripers and 20 smallies. 

We got to San Juan Saturday afternoon.  From Saturday to Sunday we caught 500 smallmouth and 40 stripers on grubs green, yellow and brown.  Only one boil in that time. Some of the smallest and biggest smallmouth we have caught.

September 5, 2006 - Thomas J

Saturday am broke at 6 AM with cloudy skies. Off to the San Juan I go. Rained for about 1 minute at Rincon and was still cloudy and overcast when I got to Neskahi. Set up camp, which really amounted to me unloading my gear and off to find fish. Right across Piute I found a small bay full of fish. Spoon out, fish in. This lasted for almost an hour and it was time to try something else. Found a nice spot against the wall just outside of Deep Canyon and dropped some anchovies. It was non stop catching. I finished filling the cooler and it was time to clean fish and get some lunch. 50 fish later and a full belly myself and back to get another cooler full. I could not tell if I had found the mother of all schools or just had the school follow me up and down the wall. I usually use 2 poles but had to resort to one at at time because I could not keep up with 2 poles. I had this school so worked into a frenzy that I could see a caught fishes school mates chasing him all the way to the boat.

Another cooler full and again it was time to filet fish. Cleaned out that cooler just in time for topwater. Fish boiled for 1 1/2 hour at the very top of Neskahi right up against the rocks. Another cooler full. Of note, fish caught on top were 50/50 yearlings and 3-5 lbrs. Zara puppy in bone was used exclusively.

Slept under the stars and woke early to go out for more top water fun. Stiff breeze, not really wind, kept fish down. It was funny to watch all the herons and grebes lined up on the shore waiting for breakfast but it didn't happen. The fish were there and I figured I had to go down to get them. Spoon out, fish in. This lasted until 10 AM. No cooler full this morning, (tired of cleaing fish) but lots of catfish food offered. Quick breakfast and I wanted to see if the school had moved from the wall at the mouth of Deep Canyon. Right where I left em! Another 50 or 60 or 70 fish, I lost count after 3, and I was done.

4 PM and I was on my way out of San Juan. Got to the mouth of San Juan and noticed that I saw more boats in 5 minutes then I had seen in two days up at Neskahi. Back to Bullfrog with no problems.

In summary, fish are still boiling in Neskahi. Tons of shad found in Upper San Juan. Bring lots of ice to cool all the filets you want to keep. I honestly cannot remember catching as many fish as I did this weekend. I think I ended up with 100 brought home and another 100 sacrificed. Don't walk, run to the San Juan for the best fishing of the year. Hint, bring circle hooks. I cant remember the brand that I have but they look like they are made of nickel and don't bend.

September 20, 2006 - Erik Holck

Here is some info for your fishing report.  After 5 years of futility, we finally figured out how to find and catch stripers.  We camped about mile up Wilson Creek on the San Juan.  Sept 11 we went out looking for fish.  We started bait fishing with anchovies at the big point opposite the entrance to Wilson Creek.  We started in the morning in the shade and worked around the point to the uplake side.  That is where we hooked up.  There is a shelf there at about 45-60 feet deep.  The stripers were always right in the same spot.  We fished anchovies using a split shot type rig with the bait about 24 below a ounce weight.  We dropped the bait between 35-45 feet and had really great success for our group.  We caught a total of 81 stripers in 3 days between 9/11 and 9/13 before the storms blew in.  All weighed between 3-5 lbs.  A couple of them were skinny but majority were fat and made great fillets.


Thank you for so much information that has finally paid off.  Now I know what people are talking about when they say they have sore arms from reeling in fish and filleting.  We brought back a whole bunch of fillets.

You have made me very proud - Wayne

September 12, 2006 - Shawn Denny - Prescott AZ

Thought you might like to see pictures of rock slide in the san Juan over labor day also caught 65 fish apiece mostly on top water!

October 1, 2006 - Canyon Hiker

I'm back home now from another wonderful trip to Lake Powell.  This trip was different in many ways but an added bonus was my fishing experiences and it's that part that I want to share with you. 
I caught my first striper in Llewellyn Gulch using a collapsible fishing rod that had the name "Godzilla" on it.  What a thrill!  I filleted it, wrapped it burrito-style in aluminum foil and cooked it over a small fire, delicious! 
Later in my trip I was very fortunate to meet up with friends of Papa Jack who took me on a guided trip in Neskahi Wash.  I've never caught more fish in my life and if I can catch a fish anyone can! 
There's nothing like the taste and the thrill of satisfaction of cooking and eating a fish in the far reaches of Lake Powell, the pleasure can't be measured.
Thanks for inspiring this novice fisherman hiker.

October 6, 2006 - Scott Christensen - Logan, Utah

Last week, my two Bros. and I dropped a small boat in at Farleys Canyon. We were heading for some blackpowder deer hunting and decided to give the stripers a try for a day. We fished  for about 6 hours by trolling, and bait fishing and had modest success doing various things Then I noticed significant activity on the fish finder, on a bend, in about 30 ft of water.
We threw out the anchor, I had a walleylure spoon (3/4 oz.) set up on one of my poles so I gave it a quick try. My line was barely in the water before I had one on. We all went to the same jig and in about 40 minutes we had about 45  1lb/4lb stripers littering the bottom of our boat. We soon gave up using the net and just hauled them in over the side.
We could of had more but we had some tackle issues. We have never had it so fast. Boy was it fun! I could watch my jig sink on the fish finder screen and all but see the fish scoop it up and run. When we processed the fish most of the bigger fish were not as fat as the smaller ones in fact a couple reminded me of some of the "snakes" I caught  5 or 6 years ago, they were not worth filleting. For eating, the smaller one are just right  anyway.

October 24, 2006 - Norm Brown

We went up to "The Bend" (Alcove Canyon) in the San Juan last week and stayed for 3 days. Caught stripers easily just trolling crankbaits along the inner wall of the bend. They were all 3#--5# and looked well fed. Surface fishing produced largemouth & smallmouth in the evening. There was some wood in the river and in the coves after the recent rains, but not enough to be a problem, just careful. No one was there for the 3 days we were there.