January 5, 2007 - Tom Nokes

 This is from the evening of 1/4/2007.  These are my daughters. 

Melissa Nokes 


We fish the docks at Bullfrog  often but  I was not with them last night.  These photos were sent from her phone.  They caught a couple of walleye, a 3+lb largemouth, and 22 health stripers in a few hours.


This was the largest of 40 or so fish caught at the Bull Frog Marina on the evening of January 4th 2007 in a matter of about three hours using Anchovies for bait. This fish was 31" long and 9.09lbs.

 DJ Logan

Good stripers from under Bullfrog Docks - night fishing!

January 9, 2007 - Marty Peterson

Fished Bullfrog Bay the evening of 1/5 and the afternoon and evening of 1/6. Fishing still OK but not as good as December.

Set up Friday in 116’ deep water. Graphed fish mostly around 60’ down. The cool north breeze added a little challenge to feeling the light gentle bites as the stripers checked out our anchovy tipped jigs. Caught 57 stripers fishing from 5 pm until 11:30 pm. Determined 21 to not be worth filleting. Heaviest fish just under three pounds both long skinny ones and the shorter but fat ones.
Richard Snow with a pair of 3lb. 5oz. stripers. One 25 inches long the other 26.

Saturday afternoon we started out in 60’ deep water. Lowered jigs to just off the bottom and caught several stripers just over three pounds.

Stayed there until a couple hours or so after dark but got anxious that the fishing was too slow. So relocated back out in deeper water. The wind slowed to almost calm. The temp on the water stayed just above freezing both nights. Actual water temp around 50.

Fishing remained slow but steady. Half the fish caught were small. About a pound or just under. In the morning when we counted our catch to prepare for filleting, again between the two of us, 57 caught and landed. But only 15 determined to be too skinny. Lots of plankton came to the light and a few shad. Some of the stripers caught had shad in them and one even coughed up some live 3” threadfin shad into the net when landed.
We tried cooking some striper meat “lobster” recipe style. Excellent. Even the couple of less desirable looking (white) fillets kept for just this purpose.

Picture of our makeshift fillet board

January 29, 2007 - Larry Millhouse

Hey fishing buddies!

We got 34 stripers on Thursday night in the slips, 9 Friday in Halls Creek Bay and 44 Friday night in slips 6p-10p. Water temp in Halls was 46 Degrees, in the Bullfrog slips 47degrees. Half the fish were in not so great shape. Good length, not much weight.


Randy Cook's  biggest was 3lb-13 oz. I thought it was a strong 4 to 4 1/2 pounds.


Stripers were feeding. Quite a few of them spit up shad. We caught them at 60 to 70 feet on anchovies. Surface temp in the slips was 47.3, and 46.1 in Halls Bay.


A sidenote: the livewell on my Crestliner will only hold 44 of these stripers. They were literally jumping out when the cover was open.

I went fishing at Powell last weekend and couldn't have had a better time. The weather was in the 60's with absolutely no wind. We had a real difficult time finding fish though. We fished Bullfrog and Halls Creek Bays extensively and could never find any accumulation of fish of any kind. We never did see any shad or schools of stripers.

We did fish the docks at night at Bullfrog. We caught some fish but still never saw many fish at any one time, just scattered fish coming through. We chummed and did manage to catch 10 or so stripers from the slips.


After some frustration around the Bullfrog area we worked our way north and didn't see anything exciting until we reached Knowles Canyon. We graphed fish from the mouth of the canyon all the way back. The further we went, the better the fishing was and the more fish we graphed. This was the same story at Cedar as well. We really did well pitching jigs of all colors on shore and working them back slowly to the boat. We did the best though pitching crankbaits in the same fashion. It seemed that the fish were super concentrated in the shallows where the water was 4-5 degrees warmer than the main channel.

One of my friends hooked a large striper but he was a novice with a trolling rod and reel and he was broke off at the backing. He was certainly excited though and if it hadn't been my rod and reel it would have been more funny to me.

As you see the stripers are fairly skinny but we were able to fillet all but one unfortunate soul.

March 7, 2007 - Daniel Jenkins, Chovy Captain

This is Chovycaptain with a quick report of our first trip of '07. Left Grand Junction early sat morning and was fishing by 12. Camped in Stanton, fished close due to the cool weather. Two coves north of Stanton towards the rear was most productive.
Used numerous baits from chovys, yamamoto grubs with nightcrawlers, rattletraps and my brother's favorite, bluegill colored storm jig. (The latter was due to your fishing report a couple of weeks ago)

Why we come to Lake Powell!
About half of stripers were skinny but fun to catch. Weather was great after it warmed up a bit.


Chovy Captain with quarry.

Caught 10 stripers and 4 walleye total. Largest eye caught in Hall's Creek.

March 14, 2007 - Nick and Theresa Jaramillo and friends

We just had a great trip to Bullfrog. We set up camp, then fished off the docks Sunday night and ended up catching 3 stripers and losing several more. The last fish was right at the surface coming up to get the chum we were tossing out. They finally moved on and we went back to camp to catch a couple hours sleep.

Monday morning we rented a boat and fished near the primitive camping area without much luck, just one small striper caught on a jighead and a nightcrawler while we were looking for walleyes.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to Moki Canyon—what a lucky call it was. We were rigging up to toss some jigs into a rock slide but we looked into the water and saw a good sized school of stripers at about 25 feet. We had some rods rigged for bait from the night before so we hooked on a couple of anchovy pieces and the action was non-stop for almost 3 hours when we had to leave to take the boat back. We filled two coolers with 39 fish and let another 12 go—who knows how many we lost, probably another dozen or more. A lot of times when one of us would hook a fish, someone else would reel up and cast right to the hooked fish and catch another fish that was following it up. We had several doubles and a couple of triples but never managed to hook up on four fish on at once, although it was close a few times.

We want to say thanks for all the info on your website—it’s invaluable for those of us who can’t be at the lake as much as we’d like.

March 29, 2007 - Joel Belmont

March 25th, 2007

We headed out of Bullfrog to Moki Canyon on the 22nd and stayed in that area until the 25th. Fishing stayed pretty good during the day, and got even better the one time we tried night fishing (brought a hydro glow). Caught a few on wally lures, one trolling (wasn't very successful) a deep down husky jerk. A lot of people were catching them along the steep walls with grubs, in chartreuse and grey. Most of the fish we caught were on chovies, and most were caught near the mouth of Moki.
 The rig I preferred was two hooks and a jig (for weight and hoping to pick up a walleye) all about a foot apart. It picked up fish at different depths this way.

When we night fished, every cast got one. My favorite way to fish was to cast out to the edge of where the green light tapered off... about 25 feet out, and then let it sink back towards the boat, feeling for bites as it dropped. Some stripers hung out under the light, but it seemed there were a lot out around the edge of the light.

The Belmont Brothers... James is on the left, I'm on the right.

We ended up with around 100 stripers, one smallie, and a walleye that escaped. Only 15 or so were too skinny to eat, and the smaller ones made great fillets.

We were losing them to begin with, so we started using a net... but the hooks would tangle in the net and slow it down, so we eventually went to using a pair of long pliers in each hand... one to lip them, and the other to remove the hook, then just tossing them in the cooler.

Moki is full of fish. We drove from the back out, and I watched the water the whole way, and there were fish the whole way out about 20 feet down... you could see them swim away as we went over them.

March 30, 2007 - Marty Peterson

Richard Snow and I made it to Bullfrog March 27th. Along with some big wind. But at dusk once the winds slowed down to just in the 20’s we night fished inside the Bullfrog tire reef where the water was somewhat calm. 100’ deep. Slow. Picked up a couple keepers then Richard hooked one on his pole in a pole holder he has attached to his portable fish finder that he likes to use in the back of the boat. The portable box contains also a battery. Well he had it on the edge near eye level and a fish pulled it in to the water.


The big one that took the pole, fish finder and battery box - and a wally lure.  Don't give it up yet Richard.

He grabbed for the box and caught it before it sunk. But the pole slipped out. Second trip in a row that a fish got his pole. He was thinking that this was a sign to retire from fishing. As the fish were winning. But, I am not one to give up that easy so I started jigging with a 1 ½ ounce Wallylure hoping to hook the line. Richard had forty feet of line out. But I figured the pole was headed to the bottom. So I would lift up the spoon each time I felt the bottom. Within moments I felt a fish hit. Started reeling up and would have sworn that the fish felt different but as I got it to the surface I could see it was just a small skinny one. Disappointed I raised it out of the water to remove the Wallylure. That is when I saw a jig in its mouth. I hollered and then noticed also some line. Richard grabbed the line and pulled in his pole. And came back out of his proposed retirement.

The fishing stayed slow so we moved around ending up seeing sonar blips in 20’ deep water. Cast in and Bingo! Landed eight more decent Stripers and had a few break off. Quit at 1:30 in the morning.

Slept in on Wednesday. Started fishing about 5:30 pm same shallow area. Fishing was good. Landed 42 more Stripers 2.5 to 3.5 pounds and one 12 pound Carp that snuck in there. 15 to 20 foot deep water. Quit early due to the cold north breeze. Attached a picture of the little rascal that was greedy enough to eat twice.

April 9, 2007 - Nick Wray

Long time reader...first time reporter. My boys and I just got back from Bullfrog. Spent four days fishing the shore around the boat launch (our boat had a mechanical meltdown so we were stuck on shore). Caught 30-35 LMB and SMB of various sizes.

Chris Wray

Chris (age 8) landed three large LMB on white tube jigs. He kept the largest at 20.5". My 5 year old Daniel also landed a 20" LMB. We also caught plenty of striper and a couple of nice Walleye. All on white tubes (boring but they were working).

Daniel Wray

April 8, 2007 - Dan

I am from Loma ,CO.  Just returned from a Powell trip. Water was smooth and not many boaters. We arrived on Thursday thru Saturady April 5-7. Weather was perfect and best of all fishing was great. Mainly went after stripers. Everywhere we went fishing was good. Started at Moki near the main channel ( was a hot spot as the game warden was there two days in a row ). 

At about 3pm caught 12 to 24 inch stripers on jig or lure tipped with anchovy. Stripers over 18 inches were still a little thin but some were ok. Then we went to the south of Bullfrog to wrap it up in the eve and caught even more.

Friday went to Moki again.  At about 10 AM we found more good fishing. About noon went to Good Hope and had good luck there as well on the south end of the bay.

Saturday back to Moki and down stream in the main channel and did well. Most of them not very deep at the most 20 feet - but many at 10 feet deep.

Hope that helps your report and thank you for your many tips.

Thank You for the report,  Wayne  

April 13, 2007 - Pete and Sam Helgren - Salt Lake City

We arrived at the dam about 2pm. Fishing was slow on the Visitors center side of the canyon although a couple of of the boats nearest the wall were staying pretty busy. We were fishing anchovies and white tube jigs in about 30 feet of water without any success. At the suggestion of my son, we moved to the Page side of the canyon, in the sunlight, right next to the wall. As soon as we had our poles in the water, the fish started hitting. We fished pretty much nonstop for the next 4 hours pulling in about 45 stripers. We were jigging anchovies and tube jigs in 25 feet of water. Finally our stringers were too full so we hauled them all in and took them to shore to clean.

We had an awesome day of fishing. Tuesday, April 10th, it was too windy to safely put our little 16 foot boat in the water so we headed back to Salt Lake.

April 15, 2007 - Fred and Lani Thomas, Midway UT

This was our first fishing trip to Lake Powell so we didn't have any experience with where to go or how to fish for the stripers, other than what we read on Wayne's Words. Thank you for the information.

We traveled to Lake Powell on Monday, 4/9 and fished there the evening of 4/9, most of 4/10, and untill noon on 4/11. We fished the area around Hidden & Knowles Canyons and did reasonably well for stripers (about 30 overall) although most were smaller, around 14" to 18" with a few going around 20". All seemed to be very healthy. Caught one walleye.

We fish almost exclusively with downriggers and found fish from 24' to about 45'. Best speed seemed to be about 1.8 to 2.0 mph. I was surprised at this thinking that they would like a faster speed in the 2.5 mph area. Caught most on a blue/silver cast master behind a silver/red dodger. Largest stripers and walleye were all caught on a pink/silver Kokanee Killer E-chip behind a silver/hot pink dodger. Larger lures, including Rapalas, Rattletraps and Cleos, didn't seem to work at all. Wanted to try some larger flashers, but didn't get around to it.

We saw a number of folks still fishing, probably with anchovies, next to the walls. They seemed to be getting slightly larger fish.

We ate some of our catch Tuesday evening for dinner and were very pleasantly surprised at how good the stripers are! We usually just catch and release, but decided to bring some home for the table since they were so good.

Good fishing to you and your readers....

April 14, 2007 - William Stirling, Morgan Utah

My friend and I went to Powell and fished three days April 2nd 3rd & 4th. What a great trip!
 We caught crappie, smallmouth, largemouth, and stripers. Most all fish were caught with tube jigs of various sizes.
 We caught a lot of fish next to the bank in the warmer water.

And caught a whole lot more stripers jigging for them down by the dam with anchovies.
Thank you for all of your reports, they help a lot.

April 12, 2007 - Bryan Masters - Sandy, Utah

Went to Powell Easter weekend. Did fairly well in both Bullfrog and Halls Bay. The kicker was the last day April 9th.
After carefully dicing half a bag of anchovies and scattering a handful at carefully timed intervals (yeah right) I had a large school 10-20 feet below the boat. Then it was just a matter of dropping a 3 inch white tube jig or a piece of chovie on a hook. I actually watched almost every hit. I have a two pole tag and had several times with doubles! Caught over 40 in two hours.

I was fishing along the east wall just uplake from Moki past the big cove. All were in the 3-5 pound range. What a blast, my arms still hurt.

April 11, 2007 - Lloyd Shull

Lloyds Custom Dry Wall Fishing trip.
Lloyd, Aaron, Richie, Mike, Joe, Shannon

April 10, 2007 - Striper Steve and Rhonda

I'm happy to report we had a great trip, with good success this past weekend. Trolled up all of our stripers but bass and walleye were caught on brown&black flake tubes.Only had one striper I had to CPR. Saved the rest.  Most were in good shape. Some big ones were not fat but had good meat on them. No eggs in any stripers.

Striper Steve with namesake!
Caught a lot of fish in Lake Canyon and around the island just before you go into Hall's Creek Bay on the right.
Took some good advice from the board and tried Lake Canyon.

Caught one striper just outside the mouth. Turned the corner and trolled silver&black Cotton Cordell & SR7& Glass Shad Rap to the back and had great luck. All healthy - some big, some small. Only had time for one pass after a late start.

Sat tried Moki Wall not much luck, also piddled around Bullfrog area not much happening. Sunday Started back to Lake Canyon but stopped at the island just across from Halls Launch ramp. We couldn't do anything wrong. Caught fish all around that island for hours. Lots of Double, Triple and several Quatro hook-ups..WHAT A BLAST..all sizes and a walleye or two for kickers.Trolled with same lures used in Lake Caynon.


You can travel all over this great lake but if you want to boat some fish try those spots. Never used one chovie -too much wind. Monday fished Halls Creek Bay just threw grubs all day Not a bad day either, caught five species - MORE FUN !!!!


 Thanks to one and all of you for the conversation this winter, that got me through fishing withdrawals...Hope all of you get to the lake soon and have a wonderful time as we did. I LOVE SPRING!!!

I haven't ever caught one this big,  but as you know this was just fun to net.. She was very happy, also caught on brown tube with black flake.


Dianne Jackson

April 20, 2007 - Joel and Lili Belmont, Carbondale, CO

We spent 5 days on the water, from April 12th to the 17th. Thursday and Friday had some off weather and wind, but with good times in between. We fished at the mouth of Moki, and did fairly well during the day, and even better at night. Luckily the wind died down at sunset, which made for relaxed, non-stop fishing. The stripers at the mouth are a 65/35 split of young ideal fish and starved non-filletable fish. And an occasional walleye, but not many.

Saturday we went up to Knowles, and spent the night. Mid day seemed least windy and most fishable. Didn't catch much in Knowles, but graphed a lot of fish.


Sunday we went down to Forgotten, and spend the afternoon in the first, short arm. Took time to catch up on filleting, which took a few hours. Afterwards caught a dozen skinny stripers, and a few small smallies in the rock piles. Went to the central arm (towards defiance house) and caught some crappie in the back (in the trees). We hiked to defiance house and saw the only shad I've seen on the lake... they were up the dry creek bed about a mile from the end of the water, in a small clear pool. Guess the stripers chased them too far into the back of the canyon... !! There were about a dozen young shad, one adult, and unfortunately one tiny LMB about the same size as the small shad. Hopefully the mom shad will teach it to be a vegetarian, so his brothers and sisters don't become lunch one day. I'd rather see a dozen shad take to repopulating than one LMB have a lunch. Was pretty wild to find them so far away from the lake.
Sunday night we night fished in Forgotten, as I had graphed a school as we came in, right across from the first (short) arm. There is a place near shore where the water comes up to 30-40 feet, and with calm wind we were able to anchor on the fairly smooth bottom. All fish were the same size... small. They were a little smaller then the moki fish, but still a good size to fillet. We caught probably 40 before calling it a night, due to wind eventually blowing us off our anchorage (26' tritoon with double bimini=a lot of wind drag).
Monday we went back to Moki and tried to fish in the afternoon and evening, but the wind persisted so we didn't night fish. We only caught maybe a dozen stripers in the afternoon. This was the first time I caught fish by speed reeling, using a chartreuse grub cast out, worked along the bottom, and then quickly reeled back. Caught 4 nice small stripers in succession this way.

The hydro glow night light brought in tons of plankton, but no shad.

 Most of the fish we caught were on my special rig, consisting of two #2 hooks (#2 proved to be the best sized hook to catch both large and small fish) about a foot apart, and then another foot down to a chartreuse grub on a 1/4 oz jig head. We fished predominantly with anchovies the whole trip. Sherm has conveyed to me how much he prefers fishing with x-raps and other shallow cranks, which seems to be a much more exciting way to fish, but I have yet to get into fish that way. I guess I get too comfortable fishing with bait. And he has done pretty good on chartreuse grubs in the past... Also, of the stripers we caught, it was a pretty even mix between picking up fish on the chovies or the green grub.


Some other guys fishing at the mouth were only using the green grub, but were chumming profusely. Monday seemed to need more chum to bring the fish in than usual. I cut the chum into as small a pieces as I could, to increase surface area of the chum (more scent) and also so that the only large and satisfying pieces they would find would have a hook attached.

Tuesday was much nicer, calm and warm weather. We fished again at the mouth of Moki, in our usual spot, the first cove on the right as you are going in. We tried fishing in the deep water in the middle of the canyon but couldn't find any fish. At the mouth we probably caught another 30 fish before heading back to bullfrog, most of them really nice sized small stripers. They are by far the best to eat.

Lili caught the biggest striper of the trip, probably weighing in at around 10-12 lbs. The bigger fish seem to go for the grubs on the bottom more than the chovies a little higher up.

Camping in Moki I tossed in a line for catfish and came up with a few channel cats, and this odd one. I caught this fish twice on two occasions. Not sure what species it is...?


The three coolers-full were from the course of the trip (same 240 qt. mega cooler). Anyone looking for a good fish cooler should get this one... it's an igloo max cold 7 day cooler. Found it at costco for around $80. It holds PILES of fish, has a raised top to hold more fish, and has a convenient smaller hatch for dropping fish in without opening the main lid, keeping cold and flopping fish from escaping.

All in all, further up the lake wasn't producing as much (for us), and Moki seems to be a consistent place to catch ideally-sized stripers. We probably ended up with 150-200 stripers in all. Viva la Shad!

April 19, 2007 - Ken and Jim – Colorado Springs, CO

Dates Fished: April 14-17                         Water Temp: 54-57

We launched at Bullfrog on Saturday morning and headed toward Halls Bay. With cool water temperatures, we trolled for stripers near the island across from Halls launch ramp and found fish in about 25 feet of water. We trolled with a deep running silver/blue Thunder stick and a silver/blue Walleye Diver. We caught about 8-10 stripers, one smallie, and a walleye trolling. We stopped the boat and began casting. The fish ignored those lures so we tied on a Lucky Craft lipless crank bait in ghost shad color. That was the ticket…caught fish on almost every other cast (5 or 6 walleye and the rest were stripers). When the fish quit biting, we began looking for smallies in Halls Creek Bay. Fishing was very slow, but we did catch a few on a jig with a twin tail grub.

Sunday we trolled along the Moki wall and hooked up a few stripers. Once we got into the canyon, we tossed a few jigs into the rock slides. The stripers were there and hitting the jig tipped with anchovy. Jig color didn’t matter; we used white or chartreuse. We caught about 40 in a couple of hours. The fish moved out and we couldn’t find them again. We fished all the way to the back of the canyon and found fish randomly, but very few of them – stripers, walleye, and smallies.

Monday we went back to the Moki canyon to try for a repeat day of striper fishing. The stripers weren’t cooperating much so we went in search of other fish in the canyons, halls creek bay, and rock structure in the main channel. We found 2-3 fish at a time, but had to move a lot to keep catching fish. I think the water was too cool for the smallies and large mouth to be extremely active. We fished dark green double tail jigs and finesse worms. A very small spinner bait also worked for smallies and crappie.

Tuesday we went to Moki canyon. The stripers were in 25-40 feet of water, and we caught them almost nonstop for about 3 or 4 hours. If you didn’t get at least one hit while your jig was sinking, you wondered what was wrong. We released all fish hooked and stopped counting after about 50. We probably caught another 40-50 after that. We left while the fish were still biting.

April 22, 2007 - Mike Milburn and Alan Green

Alan Green and I fished the San Juan Thursday through

Alan Green with a crappie we estimated at 2 pounds.


We arrived at Bullfrog on Wednesday afternoon to find
very high winds and rough water. I'm more prudent in
my old age, so we stayed at Bullfrog to ride out the wind.

Thursday morning was bright and clear, although a little chilly. We headed straight to the Neskahi Wash area of the San Juan and set up camp. We started fishing at about 11 AM and almost immediately starting getting lots of smallies and LMB on nearly everything we tried.

We used pumkinseed tubes and single tailed grubs on 1/4 oz. heads. A small white or silver
spinnerbait also did the trick. We caught about 100 fish, with about 2/3 being SMB and remainder were LMB and some very nice crappie. We caught about a dozen crappie that were nearly two pounds and some smaller

The big crappie were hitting the tubes and the small spinner bait. Whenever we found some crappie, I grabbed my ultralight rigged with a 1/16 oz. white maribou jig and it was very effective on the slabs.

When the wind died down I even caught a few bass on topwater lures such as the SkeeterPop and Tiny Torpedo. We did not target stripers but we caught about 20 during the trip. Most of these were 20-26 inch razorbacks that were in very poor condition. They seemed to be swimming the shoreline trying to find crawfish or small sunfish. They would often follow
SMB or LMB to the boat.

Friday was a fairly nice day and the fishing was good. We actually kept a count of the fish and we got 169. 71 were smallmouth bass, 53 were largemouth, 28
crappie, 14 stripers, 2 walleye and ONE green sunfish. The biggest smallmouth were around 3 pounds and we caught a number of LMB about that size. Biggest bass of the trip was a LMB about 4 pounds.

We ended up keeping about a dozen big crappie, three walleye and about 20 SMB. Only one of the stripers was worth filleting.

Water temperature in the upper San Juan was 56-62 degrees. The high winds kept the surface layer stirred up and it didn't warm up much between Friday afternoon and Saturday mid day.

April 23, 2007 - Terry (Coachk) & Austin Kimber - Delta, Colorado

My son and I went to Bullfrog April 10-12. Fished 2 days from the bank and 1 day in the boat. Stripers were going crazy for a tube jig tipped with anchovies at Moki wall.
We also picked up a few walleye and one catfish that way.

Austin Kimber

The rest of the time we wandered the banks around Bullfrog and Stanton creek. My son and I caught 7 stripers right off the bank by the marina on Thursday before we left. They were all around the 25" mark.

Great times and thanks for the site to help us amateurs.

May 1, 2007 - David Leach

My son fished the Bull Frog Open again this year and it was a great fishing weekend for it, both in weather and the fishing was great. We caught fish from your report last week, you were right on. The Bass were up looking to build their nest, it was great.

Now I have a question and or concern. I caught a Gizzard Shad. They seemed to be everywhere in fairly good numbers and about the same size, 14” or so. Is this going to be a problem in the future?

NO problem, but an investment in forage.

Should we kill them if we catch them?

No we need spawning adults.

What are they going to do to the lake?

They only compete with carp and provide lots of young.

This is the first time that I have seen them. I read about them a few years ago in your column and have not seen anything on them since. Thanks for any information that you can give me on them, and thanks for your column I really enjoy it.

May 7, 2007 - David Long

April 29th – May 6th – Bullfrog

Eight of us guys from Denver, CO (Lynn, Lloyd, Shawn, Leroy, Dave, Harley, Tim, & Bob) went out for a week at Bullfrog for some much needed relaxation and fishing. We were there from April 29th to May 6th.

On Sunday our boat had some problems, so we were limited to the shoreline. Dave & Shawn went down to the slips next to the marina and fished with jigs and anchovies in the afternoon. In a couple of hours they had about 25 nice sized stripers, and 2 Smallmouth Bass. That evening four of us fished the slips from about 2300 until 0230 in the morning. We caught about 70+ stripers with anchovies on jigs.
On Tuesday we fished from the same spot from about 2300 until 0300 and caught well over 70 stripers, a Walleye, and a 6-7 lb beautiful Largemouth Bass. We were at the cleaning station until 0400 that morning.

Thursday morning we fished right next to the Ferry. It was raining and there was a lot of wind but Shawn landed a cooler full of Catfish and a few stripers. That afternoon we moved to Haystack and drove the back roads to get to the coves. We caught a few more Catfish and a dozen or so stripers.
Friday we went out on the lake with the boat and found numerous spots to catch decent sized stripers off of anchovies.

It was a great week for us. Thanks Wayne for all of your information, it really helped us on our wonderful trip to Lake Powell. We even used your recipe when we had our fish fry on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks again, and good luck to all of you planning a trip this year to Powell.

May 3, 2007 - tubbyama

Got to Stanton Sunday night and set up for the early am. That evening guys in float tubes were catching plenty of stripers and cats w/ chovies 30 ft from shore. Mon 0700 went to 99A and set up a chum slick for 40 min w/o a bite. I went to the north point of Hansen Creek mouth and set out the bait, chum and within 5 min spoon jigged 2 nice fat 15" stripers up from about 20 ft under the boat in 60' of water. The graph was loaded with arcs but only within 10' of the point, so I anchored. My chumming apparatus pulled a huge school of stripers right to the back of the boat. They were practically mouthing the chum bag. I caught 50+ stripers pretty quick. The larger ones were under the smaller ones as usual. Sight fishing to individual fish with unweighted bait was fun. Also about 20 or 30 were caught with jigging spoon. The fillets on the longer ones were a milky white color vs, firm clear flesh on the smaller ones. I was afraid to eat those bigger ones, gross. Water temp 63.

Next day worked the coves in Halls. Some nice largemouth on beds, but mostly got into packs of 2-4 largemouths cruising in the backs of coves that had brush. Caught 20-30 largemouths all nice 1-4 lbs. Again, sight fishing to individual fish with unweighted senko was the ticket. Smallies were a little bit scarcer, but I got about 12-15 on weighted senko, blind casting points and boulders. One nice one of 4.5 lbs, I was thrilled. Caught some crappie under rock ledges and a few walleye. Water temp 65-67.

BTW Some of the nicest stripers were caught in coves on rattle traps or chartreuse grubs fishing for smallmouth. Tuesday night a fierce front rolled in and I bailed out at 0600 Wed.

May 10, 2007 - Steve Harris

Went back down to Lake Powell again. The trip in April My brother inlaw, my dad, and myself were able to take the kids and they had a great time. We caught around 20 or so stripers in Forgotten canyon. Everyone caught fish.
Last weekend 3 of my friends Buzz, Chad, and Jared went down and had an amazing trip. The first day we caught 22 stripers in Forgotten canyon but the wind was terrible. The second day we headed south and ended up in Lake canyon.
We had an amazing day. We caught 125 stripers. The wind was again blowing so we would set our lines at 41-43 ft and drift through the schools of fish. We were using whole anchovies with double #1 mustad silver hooks about 3" apart.
The third day we convinced my dad to go out with us and we caught 50 or so again in Lake canyon and in a little cove in Annies canyon. I even got to go for a swim as I lost my balance pushing the boat away from the canyon wall. It made for some great laughs. What a great trip.
 I am in awe of the great fishing and beauty of this great place. Can't wait for the next trip.

Steve Harris
Team "Off the Hook"

May 15, 2007 - Tony Padilla

We camped at Bullfrog on the 11th and enjoyed watching the bass tourney guys try all of their skills around our camp. A few must have thought there were bass in my coffee cup as they were not shy in casting right at me. After the smoke all cleared I convinced my wife to go fishing with my two boys and I so that we could show her where all of that money goes when we place an order at Pro Bass.
We give her an Emmrod with a closed faced reel and a green Yamamoto grub to pacify her while we bring out the high dollar stuff. While she's reading a book and not looking too impressed with our skills she receives a call on her cellphone. Meanwhile, her line is dangling off the side of the boat while we drift along. She indicates that something is on her line and we all look amused until the lunker largemouth clears the water. After measuring 21 inches and weighing over 6 pounds we all shut up. She acts like it's no big deal. We have not decided if she gets to go to hunting camp this fall!

May 14, 2007 - Great Auk - Durango, CO

Four of us just got back from a striper slaughter a few miles north of
Halls. It's a relief to get back to work and not have to fillet another
boatload of fish every few hours. What we found is that practically every
striper we caught longer than about 15 inches is horribly emaciated, and
what little "meat" there is amounts to just kind of a white, soft, icky kind
of stuff. But every striper we caught less than that length was perfectly
healthy and firm.

The fish seem to be bunched at around 22-25 feet, but whenever we'd get one
on an anchovy, others would follow it up and you could get another by
casting a lure in the neighborhood of the hooked fish.

Although we have always found them in the shade and again did so this trip,
the best spot we found was an area with a deep drop off that is in full sun
from early a.m. to sunset. Their biting seemed to begin to peak after about
5 p.m. but we would run out of live well space and quit long before they
stopped biting, so the peak could have been later. Even when we finished,
there were seemingly endless fish still visible in the scope.

It looks to us that unless the shad stage an unprecedented comeback in
gargantuan numbers or fish manna starts falling from the sky, that there is
no way that even scores of mere anglers are going to make much of a serious
dent in the striper population, and that a big die off is practically
guaranteed. Hopefully this will just be an issue in the Hall's area.

May 17, 2007 - Jim Morkin

It's been a long time, but I went to Bullfrog last week for the first time since the early years of the Drought. Difficult for these old eyes to recognize the geographic changes but the fishing was good.

Chased mostly Walleye, back of Bullfrog Bay. They were laid up on long gravel points for the most part, 16 feet deep in 24 feet of water ( average). Spinner rigs with orange jig heads and orange blades performed best. Fish were healthy, very few had food in their stomachs.

Directly across from the launch ramp on the same type gravel points in 14-16 feet of water, same rigs many healthy eyes along with other species. Same methods picked up Largemouth, Bluegill ( some 9" or better) Smalleys and Catfish.

"Woody" areas in back of Knowles contains some wonderful Crappie fishing, all in good shape.

Eastern points in lower Good Hope provided good walleye results using orange ball head jigs on #4 wire hook ( lots of very old brush in sunken areas which survived all these years, the wire hooks bend pretty easy). Good bluegills in same area with the Walleyes ... some Smallmouth.

Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do.

May 19, 2007 - Tim, Duane and Stacy

Went to bullfrog the 15th and 16th of May and had a great time. We fished from the docks after dark. They where coming in after dark but really picked up about 10 pm so bed time was not till 4 am each night.  It was too fun for sleep.

Wind was really bad Wednesday night but that did not stop us. We even met a new fishing buddy named Stacy. She caught a few and jumped right in gilling her own fish. Its all fun. Can't wait to get back.

May 22, 2007 - Nancy Seams - Steamboat Springs, CO

A quick 2 1/2 hour fishing trip along Moki wall for the group of the Canyon Spirit on May 15, 2007 netted 96 stripers for this picture. Each fish averaged 2 1/2 to 3 lbs. The smaller, skinny ones were released.

Anchovies were dropped in 20 to 35 foot depths. Dozens more were caught and released throughout the week.

Pictured in the back row from the left are Ken Larowe, Castle Rock, CO; Larry Seams, Steamboat Springs, CO; Bill Harshman, Castle Rock, CO. In front are the Seams children, Sean and Heather, also of Steamboat Springs, CO.

Night fishing in Bullfrog Canyon also kept the poles busy for Sean and Heather. Needless to say, this is the way they think fishing should always be!

Sean and Heather Seams

May 24, 2007 - Paul and Angela Swaner, Eden UT

May 13th to the 20th
We caught many fish in Bullfrog Bay north of the house boats, and in Moki Canyon near the mouth, and in Stanton while camped. The largest going 4 lbs 7 ounces.

Here are some friends from Wyoming with some of the fish

Michelle, Deb, Robin, Tony, and Paul


Many were skinny, but many of them were still fat with nice fillets. We caught well over 200 fish and did not fish hard every day, as we did get very tired of filleting all of the fish.

Robin Rhodes

I had been there in April and still had a lot of fish in the freezer from that trip. We used anchovies in 20 to 50 feet of water. With the gas prices so high, we didn’t travel far and didn’t need to, to find the fish.

Chuck with the largest one at 4 lb 7 oz

Thanks again Wayne for all you do. The fishing just keeps getting better.

Angela, Carrie, Deb, and Michelle

May 29, 2007 - Scott Harman, Gunnison, Colorado

I just returned from a trip to Lake Powell yesterday. My crew consisted of two 16 year olds, Clancy Harman and Corbin Johnston and 15 year old Caleb Harman. The crew wanted to celebrate the end of the school year by making a trip to anyplace warmer than Gunnison, Colorado.

We launched at Bullfrog mid-morning on Friday, May 19th. After picking up some friends at the Marina we went to the mouth of Moki Canyon and using anchovy for chum and bait we caught about 30 Stripers over a three hour period. The fish seemed to be holding about 30 feet deep all around the wall outside the canyon and a few hundred yards up in Moki. We used 1/4 ounce plain jig heads or split shot and #6 hooks on 8lb monofilament line. It did not seem to make any difference which technique was used as all on the boat caught fish. Most of them were in good shape but the largest fish were very skinny. We thought this was great fishing until we went out at night on Saturday. On a tip from a friendly person at the fuel docks, the boys talked me into taking the boat out a short distance in Bullfrog Bay for some night fishing.

Corbin Johnston

We departed the slips around 8PM and anchored in no more than 20 ft of water in a small bay just east of the marina. Without using any chum or any sort of fishing light, we caught mostly stripers, one catfish, and one smallmouth. Quitting at around 1AM, the bite was still going strong but we ran out of bait. Attempting to duplicate the success on Sunday night in the same spot we had our best fishing yet. Between 8PM and midnight, we averaged a fish in the cooler every four minutes. That is incredible fishing. Even though it was well past midnight, we also had a great time sharing stories with some good people at the fish cleaning station.

Thanks for all the great work on the web site. Armed with information shared by the Wordlings, we had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.

Caleb Harman

May 29, 2007 - Dave Gundy - Boise, ID

Houseboat Trip May 18-27

We had excellent striper fishing right off the back of the houseboat in every spot we stopped between Bullfrog and Dangling Rope. The key seemed to be using plenty of cut anchovy for chum, then you could catch as many as you wanted with various techniques. We got decent fillets out of about 90% of the fish caught.

We had a lot of fun catching stripers on the fly rod off the back of the houseboat. I figured I would share our fly-fishing technique so others could enjoy this exciting sight fishing experience.

 I used an eight weight rod, but a five or six weight rod would have been fine considering the condition of most of the fish. Sinking tip fly line helps to get the fly down. A ten foot tapered leader with 8 lb. monofilament tippet seemed to work fine. Any fly that resembled a shad or piece of cut anchovy seemed to work well, but there was one fly that worked extremely well. It was an all white fly with a strip of rabbit fur and a shimmer fish shaped body (see photo). I don't know what it is called but bring a bunch if you plan to fly fish. They get beat up pretty quick.
All we did was cut up about five anchovies into small chunks and throw them in a fan pattern around the back of the houseboat. Then wait for about 15 min. or watch the back of the boat with polarized glasses until you see fish cruising. Cast and let it sink to about 10 feet and strip it back with a short choppy motion. When they hit, hit them back hard to set the hook. If your a trout fishermen this may take some getting use to. Often, we had numerous fish off the back of the boat at the same time and you could just plop the fly in five feet off the back and watch them attack the fly. It was a lot of fun.
If this technique doesn't work try hooking one on an anchovy, then as you fight that one have someone cast the fly in the vicinity of the hooked fish. A trailing fish will often take the fly. In the slower times this worked well.

Thanks for all the tips. Your web site is great.

May 26, 2007 - James Yantzer

We were down at Bullfrog May 18-21 and had the best fishing trip we’ve had in 20 years of coming down. We started Friday night at the dome rock in Bullfrog Bay and caught around 35 stripers all about 1 pound, but they made excellent fillets. Saturday morning we decided to go down to Lake Canyon. The fishing started slow but picked up around 10:00. We fished until 2:00, and went in ahead of a squall that was headed our way.

We fished the dome rock again that night until 12:00. We finished the day with 50 some fish, all stripers and a few smallies and cats. Sunday morning we went into Moki. We didn’t fish the wall as there was to much boat traffic and wind. We went in to the first small canyon on the left. There is a large dishout in the wall and the stripers were everywhere. I cut up 2 bags of chovies and chummed them. The action was then non-stop from 9:00-1:00.
There were five of us fishing in the boat, and several times we had 5 fish on at one time. The fish ranged anywhere from 1 pound to 5-6 pounds. We all were fishing with chovies cut into thirds. We were using a weighted jighead tipped with chovie. The trick was to drop it just until it was out of sight then another couple feet, around 15-18 feet. Then set the bail and instantly had either a hit, or a fish. We had to leave as the heat got to crazy, we had a total of 89 fish and a lot of filleting to do.
I have to say that this was one of the most memorable fishing trips I’ve had, being with my dad, and older gentleman who I consider to be like a grandfather, one of my good friends, and my stepsons first trip to the lake, this is the stuff that makes memories. Wayne, I have attached some pictures and hope you will post them. I also want to thank you for all you do for the incredible fishery that has been created here at Lake Powell. Good fishing to all. Thanks.

June 1, 2007 - Marty Peterson

Richard Snow and I went to Bullfrog Tuesday 5/29. Windy. Set up in our usual protected spot. 30-35 feet deep. Started fishing 7:30 PM. In the 5 hours we fished we caught over 160 stripers. Likely our fastest overall, ever. Size mostly under 20 inches. Largest a fat 3.5 pounds. Used jigs with anchovy bits and also spoons. Our underwater light brought in lots of baby shad.

Wednesday we fished around and caught smallies, walleye, crappie, striper, catfish and Richard the "Carp Prince" picked up a couple of carp. All on spoons or jigs with anchovy. Had a boil near sunset that lasted 15 minutes or so. Mid Bullfrog Bay. I picked up 7 small stripers casting into it with a 3" wildeye jig.

Between us we landed around a 140 fish the second day. Including a nearly 2 pound 14 1/4 inch crappie. Richard tries to keep track of the numbers and sizes for us all. I tell him he is earning lots of "shad points". He has also worn out a couple of electric fillet knives this year and had ours working hard again this trip. Would have liked to have had another day or two to really test these new ones. But instead I guess my wishes are turning into fishes.

June 4, 2007 - Trash Tracker Dave

On the lake at Bullfrog 11:30am Friday. Went over to the dome just past the marina and did not graph much so we were off to Moki. Went just inside the entrance but had to stay on the north side as the south side wall was full of other boats. We were a few hundred yards inside the entrance to Moki, threw out the chum and picked up a few but the action got better the closer we got to the channel. Ran into Bassman and he had done real well there the day earlier. Did not even have to chum and we were picking up 2 to 5 lb stripers every 10 minutes or so. Action died off about 3 so we ran down to the entrance of Halls and nothing going on. Turned around and found a campsite for the weekend just across from Moki.

Sat. am headed for the Rincon and found some LMB activity on the west side around mile marker 77B. This is the area where there are newly covered rocks so be careful. We managed about 6 small ones and sent them back to grow up. Action died off quickly so we ran down to the Escalante. Absolutely nothing in the Escalante. Headed back up lake at full throttle and ran smack through a nice size boil at marker 71, mid channel. By the time we slowed down they were gone but then came back up a few minutes later as a slurp. Chased them for awhile and pulled out some nice 2 pounders (Fat and healthy). Continued back up lake and ran into several more slurps and one small boil in the channel as you approach the Rincon. Nothing more until we go up to Halls between 90 and 92 and ten we fished slurps for an hour from 1 to 2 pm. Everyone we caught was 2 to 3 lbs but "fat".

From there back up to Moki where the south wall was now open. Ran into Bassman again and he was pulling them out like no tomorrow right at the entrance. I had to remind him that he did not have "exclusive rights" to all the stripers in the lake :-). He offered to share his spot with us but we moved about 200 yards further into Moki and caught a bunch there along the wall.

 Sunday we wanted to go after more LMB so we headed to the top of Halls. Fished the weeds and the trees and we could not buy a strike. Threw every lure I had and nothing. I think we got there to late (8am). Went back to wall at Halls and instantly hit a slurp that we fished for an hour. The slurp stayed against the wall for 3 miles heading downlake and we threw Wallylures and grubs at them for an hour and only had 2 hits. Most interesting slurp I've ever seen. They would rise every minute and continued to move south so we were on top of them the entire time but they just were not interested in what we threw them.
Had to leave at 12:30 but we filled our coolers and had a great time.

June 18, 2007 - KBASS

I just got back yesterday from the trip down to the Rincon. Left Wed am set up camp Wed pm. Started fishing Thursday am. Caught some SMB and a LMB on jigs, crankbaits. Saw some slurps and caught some on white living eye minnow plastic. It got breezy so went trolling for stripers with deep thundersticks.

Found the big school just North of the pump station off the point in 40 ft of water. They were stacked up like cordwood. The screen was black and my BIL thought it was a tree under water. We started spooning them up and this was the standard for the next few days. If the bite slowed we just threw some anchovy chum in and watched the fish finder.

Several slurps and boils were around but mostly small fish and unorganized. The fish we caught were pretty healthy about 3-4 lbs. We easily caught as many as we wanted. My BIL was new to spooning and proclaimed "it can't be this easy". We had a ball. Bought home several bags of fillets. The weather was hot so we went swimming often. Great fishing.

I might add to my report that at first light much surface activity is occurring around flooded tamarisk on shallow shelves adjacent to deep water. I did catch some small SMB and stripers using a Sammy Spook Jr. My BIL caught some stripers on a white curly tail. My guess is they are nailing minnows or shad taking refuge in the bushes. Most of the fish we caught had empty stomachs so couldn't target the prey.

June 21, 2007 - Bones Lanyon

Mr. Gustaveson

My name is Jarrett Lanyon and I want to tell you about my first striper. As I said, my name is Jarrett but my friends call me "Bones". I'm from Colorado. I was fishing in Hall's Creek Bay on May 26th. The tackle I used was a number 6 hook with 8 pound line. I don't know why dad says it's 8 pound line because it sure doesn't seem that heavy to me.

My bait was a little unusual. I didn't know where mom put the bait so I had to rustle up whatever I could find. I went through the ice chest and found some marinated elk steak. I like elk steak and so I thought the fish would too.
I think it was supposed to be for dinner so I only pinched a little of it. Anyway it worked and I caught my first striper.

It was quite a battle but I managed. I can't wait to go back. Thanks for your super web site. I've learned a lot from it. I think next time I'll try anchovies or maybe a Kastmaster. I'm thinking mom won't mind that as much.


Jarrett "Bones" Lanyon

June 23, 2007 - Eli Arnold Family

Hey Wayne. Here are some pictures of the Arnold Family from Buena Vista, Colorado with our catch of striper. We really got into them right between Iceberg and the floating toilet in the Rincon.
The two days we hit them hard was the 18-19 of June. We caught somewhere between 60-70 12-16 inch stripers on the 18th. Then on the 19th we caught about 30 5-7 pounders and a lot more of the smaller striper.
White grubs and anchovies were the bait of choice in thirty feet of water. The smaller striper were at about fifteen feet and if you could get your bait past that point to about 20-30 feet you hooked up on the bigger size fish.
 It was freakin awesome!

July 2, 2007- Dave Hauswald

Fished the wall at Halls for 5 days and the action was non stop no matter what the time of day. The ideal spot was just south of the "V" in the wall where the wall opens up. There is a small rock outcropping just south of the V. We drifted from there to about 500 yards to the north and about 5 feet off the wall. Stripers were hitting on almost every cast using anchovies. Most of the hits were on the drop at approximately 10 feet. If you got below the 10 feet and started to reel back in they would hit real hard. 90% of the fish we caught were 1.5 to 3 lb fish and healthy. Those 4 lbs. and over were not in good shape and most of these we just put out of their misery and returned to lake.

Only saw one small boil on Tuesday in Halls but then we were not out looking for the boils and slurps either. We caught some small LMB in the early morning hours off the H-boat in the upper section of Halls Bay. The LMB were all caught on 3/4 oz. wally lures. Great trip, stopped counting at 70. Thank goodness for electric fillet knives is all I can say. Thanks for the feedback on the Crappie, we'll go after them in Sept. during the SHAD Rally

July 2, 2007 - Chet Garling

Striper City, White, Two Mile,

My nephew Ryan and I got a bonus fishing trip in this weekend. Arrived Friday noon in Four Mile threw camp on shore and headed out. I thought the water was too murky and headed back to Good Hope Bay, fished for 7 hours and only boated 2 SMB on tube jigs and trolled up one striper. We were very hot and looking for shade and fish so ended up stream between Two Mile and Trachyte looking into striper city (MM134). We noticed a few boats out in the late sun and decided to check it out.

The boils that we saw were short lived and hard to spot, until 7:30 P.M. and then the area erupted, ended up with 50 or so stripers boated on Friday. Saturday first light we went right back and went looking for boils, took a little looking but found boils in striper city and the second cove (just past table tops) in White. They stopped boiling at 9:15 and did not start up again until 7:00 in the evening, we did see and fished a couple of "ghost" boils to little success. That evening the boils came back but were much more short lived. We ended up with 96 small healthy stripers between the two of us. Green Bass fishing was extremely tough up north, I figured it was too murky, of course I am still not a good SMB-LMB fisherman yet. Sunday morning first light we ran into a small boil in White.  Boated 4 apiece and headed home.

 It was HOT!

July 2, 2007 - Andy Banks

 Had some great action at the mouth of Moki Canyon on Saturday and Sunday. They seemed to be concentrated in a very small area about 100 feet from the entrance of the canyon on the Halls Crossing side right up against the wall and in the shade. We fished around 6-8 PM and between two boats pulled out 50 fish. The sizes ranged from 1-3 pounds, the biggest one at about 24 inches. 1/2 an anchovy, size 1 hook and a 3/4 ounce egg sinker fished about 30-60 feet. We had 4-6 fish on at one time. Ironically 40 feet into the Canyon other anglers were only catching 1-2 to our 10-15 fish.

July 8, 2007 - Tracey McVicker

My son's Jordan, Chad, Dustin and I (Tracey) hauled in over 50 lbs of Stripers inside of two hours on July 5th. We were just inside Moki Canyon off of the wall, fishing with anchovies in about 25-40 feet of water. This was early evening about 7 p.m., but we also had pretty good luck at 7:30 one morning, although not as fast and furious.

The photographer was Ellen, my bride of 15 years on our anniversary evening. What a good woman! We were up for the long holiday weekend from Denver, CO and enjoy several outings per year on Powell.

July 9, 2007 - Eric n Iris

We arrived at Halls July 4th around 2pm, didnt spend a lot of time fishing the first day, caught a few small stripers up at Moki "just inside the mouth" the boat traffic kept us from staying over the school.

This was the first year in a few where the wind was honoring the holiday by not blowing all evening. The fireworks were perfect over Bullfrog, barely a breeze blowing to distort them like the past couple years. Great Show.

On the 5th we headed up to striper city, no signs of any surface activity until we got to 4 mile, small slurps from 4 mile all the way to Farley. We fished them mid morning through late afternoon until the wind came up. All stripers were very healthy one-pounders. The wind stayed up throughout the night with thunder and lightening.

The morning of the 6th was beautiful in striper city, from sun up to noonish we fished the slurps all around Trachyte and Farley. This day the slurps actually became small boils of one-pounders. Very healthy, very fun to catch. We left the northern lake around 1ish for ice cream at Halls, always a great treat.

After ice cream we headed to the mouth of Lake Canyon for some very active one and two-pounders and a few fat three-pounders too. We did very well till the afternoon typhoon came in. Very healthy fish, no skinnys at all. The wind blew hard for several hours and around 8ish we headed out to the wall directly across from Halls Mall for a few nice 2-pounders before dark.

The 7th we headed back down to Lake Canyon again, fishing the small slurps along the way on the wall to the north just before Lake Canyon, all slurpers were one-pounders, and very healthy. Once we quit the chase we fished the mouth on Lake Canyon and began some very hot and active catching of one to three-pounders, very healthy fish, again not one skinny. They stayed active again till the wind made it to hard to fish them, so back to camp for a few hours, then back out before dark along the wall on the north just below Halls ramp for some really nice two and three-pounders.

The morning of the 8th we headed back to Lake Canyon, again we fished the small slurps along the wall above the mouth, again all one-pounders. We fished the mouth of the canyon again for some pretty non-stop actions of very fat two and three-pounders. We fished these until noon and had to head back home.

All in all a great weekend, the fish are very healthy from what we have seen.

We all appreciate what you do for this lake,

PS: I did see a Humpback Chub cruising around with his dorsal fin out of the water, he looked about 5 inches long and was in the mouth of Farley.

July 12, 2007 - Mason Williams

Hi Wayne, My name is Mason Williams and I would like to share with you how our recent fishing trip from 7/1/07 -7/9/07 half way up the Escalante River Arm went.

We fished for Smallmouth along rocky slopes, and trolled deep diving Rapalas along the shore line for Striper primarily.

Success abounded with both. Several good sized Smallmouth were boated, including this whopper.

We developed a technique that I think is very effective for Smallies. We toss a grub (chartreuse was the choice color, but we found that color was not of primary importance) right near the shore line in a
promising looking spot. Let it sink for two seconds, and then work it very slowly with a twitching action through the hot zone and then reel in and try again.

Our Striper fishing was also very successful. We determined that the type of shoreline was not as important with striper as it was for Smallmouth. We caught fish along tall cliffs, along sandy areas, as well as rocky areas. The biggest fish we boated were caught at about 17' down on a deep diving shad-looking lure.

I hope this information helps other anglers.

Thanks for your time,

July 13, 2007 - Steve Moore

Arrived at bullfrog Sunday afternoon, brought my brother and his wife down for a little r&r after getting their boy married off. Also had the niece and baby, along with my better half and two sons.

We fished Moki canyon and wall along with the mouth of Halls creek bay. Both areas contained large amounts of fish.

Total from Sunday afternoon to leaving Wednesday morning was over 400 stripers. That was only fishing in the mornings and evenings. We took off up to Good Hope on Tuesday morning looking for slurps, but found none.

Most of the larger fish were recycled as the just had a head on them and no meat. They barely even had any fight in them. The fish from 10 to 16 inches were in pretty good shape.

A great trip with great fishing!

July 23, 2007 - Charlie Doss

Thor -  aka Charlie Doss
Thor (Charlie Doss), family and friends on July 10 & 11 were attacked by stripers on the walls opposite Long Canyon.
Whoa- it was awesome. Two days with nearly 100 fish, sore arms and thumbs and worn out filet knives and coolers full-we had our fill of striper fever.
Severe case of "striper thumb".


Waynes Note:  Too bad Thor and family didn't have any fun!

July 23, 2007 - Tim Roberts

Well, Had another wonderful trip to Powell, can't wait to come back in September. I spent the week up in the Bullfrog area fishing both north and south. It was pretty easy to find stripers, all you had to do was find a shady cliff face on the east side of the lake and they were there. Fished around Knowles in the main channel, Lake Canyon and further south and found many schooling fish. They were between 40-60ft. in 100ft. of water and after chumming would come up to 15ft below the boat. Most fish averaged between 1-3lbs. with an occational 4-5lb. fish and 95% of them were in good shape. Did not check ever stomach but those that I did had Crayfish in them. Did not see any boils all week and only two small slurps. Total Striper catch for the week just fishing in the morning was 218 fish, to hot to fish the rest of the day. If it hadn't been so warn and you had fished all day, you could boat easily 100 plus fish a day, WOW.


August 6, 2007 - Chuck Reynolds

Was at the lake 8/3 through 8/5. Got in the water about 7am fri. Went right to Moki wall. Chummed the wall for about 2hours and got 15 stripers,3 cats, 1 walleye. My fishing partner, Tracy and I then ran up past Good Hope look for boils. Got into 2 mile and saw small 4 or 5 fish boils. We got 15 more out of them.

Then we motored up to Trachyte. As we entered the canyon there is a small cove to the left side where the entire cove was in a full boil. The boil stayed up for 45 mins. We landed 85 more. Used Kastmaster and the jigging spoon reeled back as fast as we could. The boil ran up the left wall for about another 45 mins.

Camped in 4mile for the night. Next morning on sat. We ran back up to Trachyte into the same cove, no boils. Anchored about 15 yards out of the cove, started chumming. We got about 120 before we ran out of cooler space. We tied up to a wall with shade to clean our catch. As we were down to 15 fish to go, a boil opens up about 100 yards from us. We ran around putting things away. Got into it for another hour and half. The boils were coming up about 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Great time had by us.

Thanks to all of you for your site and info.

August 12, 2007 - Marty

Arrived Bullfrog about 8 pm Thursday the 9th. On the water and anchored in with the green light out by dark. Brought in Shad within 30 minutes. Stripers started biting within an hour. Landed about 20 each between 10 and midnight. Largest 3lbs or so.

Fished the "notch" just past Eden in the am Friday after trying a few random boils and such. Caught another dozen stripers. Largest 2lbs or so. Boat traffic picked up enough that along with the sunshine we were driven off the water to the cleaning station.

Nightfished again Friday. Tried to set up by the "notch" but waves kept breaking over the bow. Boat traffic. Catching about the same.

Saturday morning we landed another 15 or so each on anchovy, all under 4lbs.

August 16, 2007 - April Z



April caught her first smallmouth while on a houseboat trip with her family.  The trophy was taken near the mouth of the Escalante.

I am not sure where she got the 'styling' gloves.


Way to go April Z

August 17, 2007 - DeDee J. Case

Talk about feeling like you just won the lottery. We found this beast just west of the Rincon, near the mouth of Long Canyon, on 08/05/07. He weighed 38 Lbs. and was 43 inches long. That was after hours of him baking in the sun while we took 2 million pictures and showed him off on Hobie Cat Beach at Bullfrog.

DeDee J. Case
Our boating season is over for this year but what a way to end it. Our goal for next year is to actually reel something like that in the right way !!


September 13, 2007 - Tim Montague 

My Parents, brother, his girl friend, and my wife and I were on Lake Powell from September 7th through the 12th. My wife and I live in Evergreen Colorado and my parents and brother live in Minnesota. We have been going in September for 8 years now and read WaynesWords religiously before we go. Thank you for all the great input. This trip was special because it was our Mothers 70th Birthday on the 11th. We usually catch fish but this year was the best.

We picked up our houseboat in Bullfrog and went south to mm 89. We fished a spot next to the wall at mm 86A and picked up fish right away on the evening of the 7th. We didn't count that evening but caught at least 50 stripers. We were fishing near the wall in 50 - 70 feet of water with the fish concentrated at 40 feet. We caught some on spoons and plain hook with anchovies but our best rig was a 3/8 chartreuse jig with a piece of anchovy on it with my preference being the head. With 4 of us in the boat, we had 5 fish on at a time twice. We did some chumming but the fish didn't seem to need it.

The next morning we fished the same spot and counted 101 stripers caught along with a couple suspended catfish (didn't know they did that). That evening same thing with over 50 fish and the next morning another 101 fish. By then we were tired of cleaning fish and wanted some different scenery. We moved the houseboat up to mm 112 and fished all the way to White Canyon hoping to see some boils. Never saw one boil but caught fish using the same technique as the previous days most places we stopped. At the mouth of Ticaboo Canyon we picked up 20 in 1/2 hour at dusk in only 15 feet of water.
The fish up north didn't seem as big so we moved back south again. We tried several spots but kept ending up by mm 86A. In that same area of only about 100 yards of wall we caught another 188 fish on the 11th. Not one boat came near us the whole time even though we waved some boats down while going back to the houseboat each trip trying to give fish away and tell them the spot. Didn't run into any WaynesWords readers obviously. We were amazed that we caught over 400 fish on the same spot in 6 days and the screen was still loaded with fish when we left. The average fish was 2 pounds with the largest being 3 pounds 11 ounces. We only wish we would have seen some boils but didn't want to use the gas to go as far south as you have been catching them.

September 12, 2007 - Brandon Genereaux

Fished the Rincon area this last weekend. Smallmouth fishing was steady until Sun when a cold front pushed thorough in the after noon. No boils, no fish on the fish computer, we assumed that striper fishing may be slim. We escaped the sun fishing the cracks and blocks on the south wall of the big bend down lake from the Rincon when we had some stripers chase our jigs. Could not hook anything on lures so we started fishing anchovies to see if we could get some fish. We caught about 30 in a couple hours and then when it cooled down we went and fished smallmouth again.

When dark came we motored back and dropped the green machine light and commenced to catch a striper every 5 minutes until about 3AM. Fished the same spot Sunday night but had a hard time setting up a consistent anchor that would hold us over the deeper sections of the submerged rock pile we were fishing over, and fishing was much slower so we called it quits at midnight and set up a straddle anchor across a small slot further up the bend on the south side of the wall to avoid the wind. We fished for a while there but did not catch much seeing that it was in 110 feet of water.

It was another great 3 day fishing weekend camping on the pontoon boat again. I would say we caught over 120 stripers between the two of us and over 60 smallmouth and largemouth combined. We caught a lot more largemouth this trip then I have seen in a long time fishing Lake Powell, reminded me of the 80s when that's all there was is largemouth.

Caught a dozen or so largemouth on the slabs across from Iceberg on the north side of the channel. If the family that camped across from us in the cove during our striper slaughter Sat night reads this, my apologies for how much we were laughing and carrying on, we were having a hoot.

September 16, 2007 - Laura Springer

We just returned from another fabulous weekend at Lake Powell Aug 13 - Aug 16th. We have a picture that you might like to see.

My husband Todd Springer from Fruita, CO, caught this largemouth bass on Sept 15th in Bull Frog Bay on an anchovy.

We measured the fish at 20", but did not have a scale. Guessing in the 4 to 5 pound range, or more.

Todd Springer

Ironically there was a bass fishing tournament going on while we were there, but we weren't a part of it.

It was fun for him to catch and really fun to watch.

Landon Springer

I also attached a picture of my 5 year old son Landon Springer holding the fish. Perhaps it puts it better into perspective of the size.

September 14, 2007 - Jerry Jilek

Four new to Lake Powell anglers followed advice in this column. We fished Mokie wall for 1 1/2 hours and caught all the fish we could handle. Without a fish finder we found them at 50 feet but when the bite was on they were everywhere. Anchovies were the fare. We had the time of our lives. Saved enough to feed our houseboat crew of eight three big meals. Thanks for the advice folks you made our trip.

Shown in photo: Mary Jo Koehler (Iowa), Jerry Jilek, Jim Mezzetti, Maxine Mezzetti (Texas).

September 14, 2007 - Bill Bjork

We had a great time on the lake the past week. The weather was perfect. I fished for 1 hour on wednesday about 100 ft from the house boat, and caught 23 stripers on the spoon.

After I showed my catch, my brother (on the left in the pic) and bro-in-law Jeff (on the right) decided to give it a try. We brought home 48 more in about an hour.

On Thursday I got about 20 more in the same area. We were in Oak Canyon, in 30-40ft of water. All of them were very healthy fighters. maybe 2 were skinny with big heads. Jeff said catching all those fish so fast really made those licenses I made them buy worth it! They were all over the fish finder.


November 1, 2007 - Marty Peterson

Richard Snow and I fished the Bullfrog to Lake area Monday evening and night 10/29 and Tuesday the 30th. We graphed our first school of fish just out from the ramp. Our first fish was a Walleye. Caught on a piece of anchovy. Then we picked up a couple of Stripers. Tried a couple other spots and set up for night fishing in about 60 feet of water.

We like to anchor in with two anchors so that we stay in one spot. It was a little more trouble than usual because my trolling motor battery died. “Only” seven years old. And we do not want to make too much noise and risk spooking the fish even more. Plankton came to the light even before dark. No shad ever showed. Stripers started biting within an hour or so after dark. Fished around three hours and landed around 60 Stripers no Catfish. Half the fish caught were very healthy and worth filleting.

In the morning we fished around a little and caught a few. But with no trolling motor we decided to make a quick run to the “notch” just below Eden. Nothing. From there to Lake Canyon and tied off to the rope hanging off the corner of the mouth. Nothing at first but then the waves carried us up a few yards and the Stripers started to hit. So we anchored in and landed around 30 more. Most fish under 2 pounds. Also a couple of Catfish.

After going in and filleting our fish and working on the boat we decide to night fish further up Bullfrog Bay. The light brought in clouds of plankton and again no shad. But after waiting patiently the Stripers started biting. Many very softly. By midnight we had another 60, nearly every one with healthy fillets with half between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds.

We used 8 and 10 pound fluorocarbon line exclusively trying some circle hooks in addition to jigs. All worked. Missed more hits than we hooked. Had a few fish break off due to being too lazy to retie often enough. Some of the small fish really beat up the line after leaving the water. Catching small Stripers is fun and they fight great for their size. Knowing that the realistic expectation this year is lots of small Stripers and adapting to that is the way to go.

October 31, 2007 - Drew Cushing

I just got back from a 3 day trip to Powell with my family and friends. We fished from Halls Creek Bay north to Good Hope Bay. The best fishing was from Knowles Canyon north to Good Hope. The vast majority of stripers were between 14-18 inches and most of them were in pretty good shape. The larger they were the worse shape they were in. We did the best for stripers using anchovies.


Drew Cushing and family

The stripers were 40 feet down but with a little coaxing with anchovies they moved up to 10 15 feet and sometimes were visible in the water. We pitched crankbaits and trolled and caught a few fish but most of the fish were caught using anchovies. The largest concentration of stripers were graphed at the mouth of Red Canyon. I think all the fish we caught trolling were caught on deep diving husky jerks in fire tiger pattern. We ended up with 250 stripers in three days and a few smallmouth and catfish mixed in. The weather was incredible. The highs were in the mid 70's and the lows in the upper 40's. The water temperature was 62-65.

We had a visitor which I attached a picture of in Smiths Fork Canyon. It looked like a western rattlesnake but I have never seen one that color.


November 19, 2007 - Marty Peterson

Four of us fished Bullfrog Bay Friday and Saturday 11/16 and 17. The fishing was simple and good. See marks on the graph, lower bait, reel up Striper. Repeat. I averaged ten Stripers per hour. That was maybe a slightly faster rate than those with me but they all seemed to out fish me size wise. My heaviest was only 2.3 pounds. But none of us landed anything exceeding 3 pounds. A few from down deeper than 90 feet were long and skinny.

We each fished slightly different methods. I tried mostly jigs but switched to circle hooks when the fish kept stealing my anchovy. Then back to jigs when the fish would allow. The end result was lots of fillets and so happier neighbors and guys at work.

December 16, 2007 - Marty Peterson

Richard Snow and I nightfished in Bullfrog Bay December 13 and 14. Temperatures in the mid 30’s at dark down to high 20’s later. We were on top of some Shad Thursday and all of the 22 Stripers and 1 Catfish we caught were pretty healthy and some spit Shad when landed. Largest was a 25” long 3lb. 14 oz. Fish were not line shy and would hit but not bite spoons. All caught on anchovy piece on a jig head.
No Shad Friday. Fish were line shy and light biters. Most caught on 4lb. test Vanish. The night before a jig on my 14lb test spooning rod worked fine. Did not work this night. Circle hooks also were more effective than jigs, Friday. Of the 30 Stripers landed 5 were a little too skinny. And none had eggs Friday, some did on Thursday. Fish showed about 60 feet down on the graph but the biters were 30 to 40 feet deep generally. Plankton came to the green light but no Shad circled.