January 8, 2007 - Kyle Richins

Here are some pictures from my November trip to the north end of Lake Powell. it was awesome.


There are 20 eyes in that net plus some crappie.  Good fishing!

January 1, 2007 - Cap'n RimRock, Bassman, Gold Cup, Todd Ferguson

Though you might like to see these... Everyone thinks we are kidding...about the numbers... heavens knows there were twice that
many..could not get them all on the boat..... john

Todd Ferguson, out caught us all with his harvest of stripers... Not! according to Bassman

Bass Man filleted fish and GC cut bait and netted fish.. Saturday afternoon Bass Man and I found some nice clouds of Shad and schools of stripers toward the back of Halls Creek Bay. We caught some nice healthy 3 plus pound stripers trolling,
Jigging and bait fishing anchovies.. We found as the temps warmed up during the day the fish reacted to different techniques. When the fish were on the bottom at 60 feet we would bounce our BM spoons on the bottom, as we found suspended stripers we would hook up an anchovy and we even caught a few trolling (tiger) deep divers.
All and all we had a great end of year.

March 13, 2007 - Steve Harris

We went back down to Powell with my 2 kids Caden and Halle, my Parents, and my sister Brenda, and her husband Steve.
We went back up to the north end of the lake from Bullfrog. We only fished for a couple of hours and we caught 20 stripers.


Caden and Halle had so much fun they wore themselves out.


My sister Brenda got hot and was catching them as the anchovy was on the way down. She caught around 4 in a row. We all caught fish and many got away.

The weather was much warmer this weekend. The water temp also was 6 degrees warmer in just a week at 53 degrees. All caught on anchovies. The fish seemed less active this week for some reason. What a great trip though.  Once again we can't wait to go back.

Steve Harris

Team Off the Hook,

Syracuse, Utah

March 19, 2007 - Kurt Jensen

Bass Man, GoldCup, and Mega Bite arrived at the Bullfrog ramp just after midnight on Friday March 16. Prepared and loaded the boat, launched, and headed for camp in Good Hope Bay. Yeah, we motored 20 miles up the lake in the dark with GPS and spotlight… arrived safely around 2:00 am. set up camp, to bed, WOW is it morning already??? FYI – I am going to be using the name Good Hope Bay to identify the southern bay by the bathroom. Other locations will be identified by nearby canyons.
Over the weekend we fished mainly for bass throughout Good Hope, Red Canyon, Blue Notch, Ticaboo, and some points north.
 On Friday, water temp was low 50’s early to low 60’s late in the day with the majority mid to high 50’s. The pattern we saw all weekend was starving stripers cruising the shore. We did not catch more than a few healthy stripers over the entire weekend. We probably caught a 100 or so all together, kept none, released some. small, large, in between – they are mainly skin and bones. Really, really sad to see.

Bass were reluctant to move up, though we did catch a couple nice black bass the first day. A few smallies, some walleye, an occasional black bass, intermixed with a variety of stripers was the pattern. Looked for, fished for, but did not catch a crappie all weekend. Fished with crankbaits (Wiggle Wart, Norman Deep Little N in Lavendar Shad color, Lucky Craft Live Pointer), spinnerbaits (home made knock offs of Nichols white and firetiger double willow), topwater (Bass Man FINALLY enticed a striper to take a popper), and grubs (1/8 oz &1/4 oz jig heads, chartreuse worked best). More and more bass came out as the water warmed.
Did OK on Friday, was good fishing for March but slow compared to other times. It might be a half hour, 45 minutes, an hour between fish for each person. Saturday was better. Saturday and Sunday water temp was mid-50’s to mid-60’s in spots.We caught a lot of really nice smallmouth on Saturday, up on the points. Black bass started coming out in the very backs of cuts and canyons, caught a few in the really stained water in the back.

Gizzard shad are spawning in the back of most canyons and larger cuts all over the lake. In some places the stripers are in with them. Friday we easily caught stripers on a silver/blue Rat’L Trap in the very back of Red Canyon, where the water is thick enough to walk on. Stripers are really thick a little farther out, just behind the submarine. We trolled a bit but only caught a couple of fish. They seemed to really like the silver/blue Rat’L Trap and a white Lucky Craft Live Pointer. One thought was to spend a day, even two, trolling very large lures (Storm Deep Thunder 15). We imagined very large stripers coming in to eat the spawning gizzard shad. The water temp is still cool enough that large stripers can go anywhere in the water column.

We visited 4 Mile and Farley on Friday. The stripers are thick in Striper City, from one end to the other, from 35’ to 80’ deep. Again, might be a good place to hunt for that trophy mega striper since they will be staging for the spawn. We tried spooning in a few places with no success – the stripers are kind of scattered. We tried trolling in Striper City and places with very limited success.

We talked to a couple guys in a houseboat doing lazy circles in Good Hope Bay. Turns out they were with the insurance adjuster. They had some kind of fancy (side scan?) sonar on an inch think cable connected to a winch on one side of the houseboat. We heard them hollering for NPS late Saturday, then they headed out down lake at first light Sunday, so they must have found Rulon’s plane. We think we know where it is based on where they were hovering – wishing we had my boat with the Humminbird side imaging sonar – be interesting top find out the coordinates.

We got to meet H2ODAWG and his son in Blue Notch on Saturday. Nice to see that WW flag flying from another boat. He found a launch for his 14’ aluminum in the very back of Blue Notch. Glad you made it in the water. Very glad to meet you!!!
Ran into Kip Allred and his friends at the fish cleaning station at Bullfrog. They had caught 60 small fat stripers in the very back of Moki on Anchovies. Other boats showed up as they were leaving. The stripers might still be there but we heard of schools of fat little stripers in other places. The little ones are looking for food. They can eat plankton, maybe it forms first in the back of the canyons.

Enjoy the fishing while it lasts!
Kip's Cooler from Moki

March 14, 2007 - David

My grandfather and I went all the way into the end of Navajo Canyon and got into some fish. There was not much size to them but they were hanging in the muddy water. It was not as good as two years ago but none the less it was worth the trip from Phoenix.

We caught all of our fish in about ten to seventeen feet of water with a variation of different styles of crankbaits. The main color of choice was a silver shad color walleye diver.

April 3, 2007 - Ben Cloward

Fishermen included Aaron Cloward, and Jared Bingham
Here's a recap:
Wednesday -- arrived pretty late, camped in Knowles canyon, didn't have time to fish.
Pat Swenson
Thursday -- traveled to Good Hope Bay, camped South of Blue Notch Canyon and Castle Butte.  It rained and was very windy until about 12, so we just shore fished and actually did well catching mostly Stripers, but did catch a few Walleyes and some Crappie.  We fished from the boats later that day around 2 or 3 p.m.  The air temperature was about 43-44 degrees.
Friday -- the sun started to come out, so we were hoping the Smallies and Largies would start to get active, but they didn't.  We caught more Stripers, Walleyes, Crappie and 3 or 4 Largies and Smallies.

 Ben Cloward

Saturday --   Unfortunately we were only to do about 6 hours of fishing, but had our most productive day of Striper fishing and caught about 45 in a short 3 hour period on anchovies from the shore.  From Wednesday to Friday, we mostly used Yamamoto Twisty Tail Grub Lures.  The White and Pearl colors were definitely the most productive for the Stripers.  Purple seemed to really work for the Crappie.  Watermelon, White, and Pearl seemed to work well for the Walleye.  We never really got the Largies and Smallies to bite though, so we were a little disappointed with that.  We spent most of the day towing and packing up on Saturday to get to Bullfrog before dark.
The water temp was on average about 56-58 degrees.  We did find one shallow bay that had temps of 61.  We mainly fished the areas around Good Hope Bay.  About the farthest we ventured was up by the Horn, but didn't really have success there.

Damon Swenson

 I think altogether between 5 guys we caught probably 120 stripers, 15 to 20 Walleye, 10 to 15 Crappie, 5 to 10 Largemouth, and Smallmouth.

April 15, 2007 - Jake Fairclough

Just thought I'd drop a quick tally for the weekend of the 5th - 8th on the north end of the lake (sorry for the delayed report). There were only 2 of us and we mainly trolled the sunny edges of the lake just below and in Good Hope Bay and did very well. We'd basically just follow the warmer water, which was basically wherever the sun was directly beating down. We saw water temps anywhere from 57 to 69 degrees and actually did quite well in all temps, but it seemed as though 3 or 4 rods were always bending in those warmest spots. We trolled thundersticks, warthogs, shad raps, etc. at 3 - 4 mph. Many were striking just below the surface. When we got into them heavy, we'd stop the boat and cast the same lures into the walls or rock falls.

Four days of fishing produced over 300 stripers (biggest around 5 lbs.), 9 walleyes (biggest about 4 lbs) and 2 smallies. We kept a bunch of the healthiest, beefiest stripers and all of the walleyes. Sunk many of the smaller and skinnier stripes.

It was fantastic fishing, hot/sunny weather, and it was great to be back camping and fishing on the best lake in the world!

Keep up the great work!

April 24, 2007 - Ryno

Ryan Mosley

We camped in Good Hope Bay and fished that general area from Friday April 20th to Monday April 23rd. Some members of our group made it further uplake and an undefined mud line was present between Red Canyon and the Horn.

Friday- we fished both Cedar and Seven Mile Canyons. We had a moderate bite for crappie and bluegills holding tight to brush. Crappies were caught on several types of jig/bobber combinations. A few of the crappies pushed 15 inches. Both chartreuse and white jigs seemed to work best. Bluegills were caught by tipping jigs with a piece of night crawler. Winds were light and gusty and water temps were around 55 F.


Lowell Marthe

Saturday- we trolled for stripers in the morning, just downstream of Good Hope Bay. We caught stripers on crank baits including silver Wally Divers, silver Thunderstick Jrs., and blue Glass Shad Raps. Most of the stripers were 14-15 inches and in great shape. We caught a few larger stripers that were still “fillet-worthy”. We trolled with snap weights to get baits down deeper (20ft) and planer boards. Trolling speed was about 2.8 mph and main channel water temp was about 54 F.

The winds were light in the afternoon and the sun was out, so we took advantage of warming water to fish for shallow bass. We caught several smallmouth and largemouth, and a few walleye at the top of Good Hope. Fish were caught earlier in the afternoon by fishing deeper and slower with jigs (brown and black). As the water warmed late in the afternoon, we caught fish shallower on Senkos in green and Husky Jerks in silver. Largemouth appeared to be on beds. Three of the smallies were 2-2.5 lbs. Water temps in the backs of the canyons and coves reached 61 F.

Roger Schneidervin with striper and fishing rod that was being dragged around by the fish when caught.

Sunday- we trolled for stripers along the south shore of Good Hope. Initially the bite was slow, but the action picked up around 9:00am. We did extremely well trolling planer boards with clown Shad Raps running about 14 ft and firetiger Berkley deep divers running at 18 ft. Boat speed was 2.8-3.0 mph and main channel water temp was about 55 F.

The clouds rolled in and the wind began to howl around noon. A 2-4 ft chop was rocking the main channel. We hid in the backs of canyons and found the crappie extremely active where brush was present. Crappies were holding further away from structure than seen on Friday. Jigs (1/32-1/16 oz) in chartreuse were most effective about 4 ft under a bobber. Water temps were about 55 F. The lake “pancaked out” late in the evening and we fished for an hour. Fish were very active. We caught more walleye, crappie, stripers, and bass using Husky Jerks, jigs, and Senkos. Water temp was 57 F in the backs of coves and canyons.

Monday- the rain hit hard and the wind howled. Boating back to Bullfrog was a drencher! Main channel temps were about 54 F.

June 12, 2007 - Dave & Brenda Espen

Just got back from another successful fishing trip at Lake Powell. I caught this strange fish at Castle Butte, on the Blue Notch side, while fishing slurps. Can you tell me what kind of fish this is? After fishing 27 yrs. At Powell, taking 3-5 trip each year, I have never come across any fish as strange looking as this. Would appreciate any help you can provide.
Gizzard Shad which obviously likes to slurp larval shad.

Fish caught on a Berkeley Frenzy Flicker shad, color pearl/white.

Looks like the gizzard shad is a lake record as well.

20 inches long, 14 inches girth weight 3.5 pounds.

I caught this  4-pound walleye near Cedar Canyon.

Brenda Espen

June 18, 2007 - Lou Brown

We went to Hite last weekend (Fri & Sat.) to see if launching was possible and check out the north end. As you can see from the pics we were able to launch my 19.5 ft boat with no problems. We went around the tires to the right instead of thru the tires where the cable is. The water was 7 ft deep on the fish finder. The water was a little murky but not as bad as I expected. We were able to make our way down to Farley and White without to much problem dodging debris that you can see in some of the pictures.
The debris tended to be stacked up between the muddy water and where it starts to clear up. We took a picture of Farleys to give you an idea of water clarity. We went down to Good hope Bay and the water started to clear up just past 4 mile.

We chased slurps/ boils around good hope and all the little canyons and were able to catch small healthy stripers out of them if we could get on them fast enough. We were using zara puppys and doing well when we could get on the fish and they were still slurping.

They would only stay up for a very short time so a lot of times the top water would not work but a single tail jig or kastmaster would work even though no fish were visible on the surface. My son would cast to where the slurp was with his jig and catch fish every time while we sat around waiting for them to come back up with our top water. You can spend a lot of time and gas chasing slurps and catch a couple of fish out of each one.

If you want to fill the cooler, fishing with anchovies at the floating restroom was the way to go.

 You need to chum liberally to keep them around but it worked for us. We also caught them with chovies in Ticaboo. There seemed to be less debris to dodge on Saturday when we were going back so I would expect this not to be a problem in a few days. The water in Farley and White was fairly clear compared to the main Chanel, but we did not stop to fish them. One thing to look for in the canyons is the slurps up against the shore. We found them slurping right up against the shore and rocks and you could stay with them along ways if you were careful, this was mostly in the early morning. Anyway hope this helps with the questions regarding Hite. Lou Brow

June 19, 2007 - Dan Spitzer

We headed out from Halls on Thursday morning. First stop was Bullfrog to unload people and gear onto the houseboat. On the way over we saw our first slurp (small stripers) and on the way out another.

On our way to Good Hope Bay we saw about 30 slurps between Forgotten and Cedar Canyons.

Fishing Thursday evening through Saturday morning we caught plenty of small stripers. We fished the slurps as I personally like chasing any kind of surface activity and it proved the most fun for all concerned. Lures of choice: 3/4 oz. Wallylure, 3/8 oz. silver Kastmasters, 3" Storm curly tail minnows, and the best seemed to be a white w/silver sparkle Yammy 4" grub on a 1/4 oz. lead head. With just a little wind the ripple on the water let us get close enough to cast any of the above, although the small 3/4 oz. Wallylure on my 7' Loomis will reach plenty of those far away fish, much to the astonishment of everyone else on the boat, although it takes a long time to boat the fish. The few times it was very calm a little stealth was in order as the small stripers proved boat shy.

Everyone caught fish. Those not fishing could watch both the slurping stripers and the fishing/catching from the back of the houseboat as the stripers were constantly slurping in the cove where we were beached. Morning and evening were the best, but some action happened most of the day. A few walleye were caught adjacent to structure around slurps in about 10' of water on the white Yammies. Little Lottie Hollembeak was catching bluegill off the back of the houseboat with Powerbait on her little pink "Barbie" spin cast combo.

All of Good Hope Bay, Ticaboo and the mouth of Red Canyon had plenty of slurps. We didn't go any further north than Red Canyon. If this had been a Gloria and Dan fishing trip, I'm sure I would be reporting 100+ fish a day.

Water temp. around 79-80. Water color was a clear green - some visible algae in the water but not so much to deter plenty of swimming and water play.

Gloria and I are headed back the 29th.

July 13, 2007 - Leonard and Nathan Wiggins

My son Nathan and I fished the Hite area from Sunday night till Thursday Morning. Possibly the best trip I have ever had at Powell. We had not been to Hite for four years due to the water level. The two of us cleaned well over 300 fish for the four days. We had 269 Stripers - 30 crappie - 14 walleye - 12 small mouth - 3 large mouth and 1 catfish. About 100 of the Stripers we caught night fishing in 4 mile - 25 or so trolling and the rest in boils. All of the crappie - walleye - and bass were caught trolling Four mile and Trachyte.

The boils were from four mile up to Farley. We put in and took out at both ramps at Hite. The ramp down from the old concrete ramp is usable but the ground is soft, and the water is shallow out for quite a ways. You have to have the entire truck in the water to get the boat to float. The ramp at the old Marina site is far superior. It has a gravel bottom, and is sloped at a good angle. There was 6 feet of water just out from the ramp so it should be usable for another 3 to 3 1/2 feet of water drop. The water at the tires was 8 1/2 feet deep. We went though the hole between the tires with no trouble at all. There is a narrow path in the tamarisk to get in and out of the ramp that would be hard to find at night, or if you did not know where it was at. Going down lake, stay on the left or east side. The water is much deeper there. When we put in at the old concrete ramp, we traveled down on the west or right side. We had water at 4 - 5 - and 6 feet for about 2 miles. The drift wood would come and go depending on the wind. You had to watch for it every where. The worst we encountered was in the top end of Good Hope above Castle Butte. There were three or four rail road ties and about 6 trees the made the rails road ties look small there, plus lots of smaller stuff. You would go through an area in the morning and it would be clear and come back in the after noon and there would be drift wood every where.

The old store at Hite is open from 11:00 A. M. until 2:00 P. M. Their supplies are very limited. We were able to buy ice there on Tuesday but they had been out. Gas is available 24 hours with a Credit card. The old fish cleaning station is still there but is not functional. The bathrooms and porta potty cleaning station is still there and functional.

As far as the catching. The first night we did not get on the water until 8:30. It was all we could do to get down the lake for the darkness and driftwood. We went to an old spot we had fished before in the back of four mile. Just to the right of the big round rock island in the middle of the back of the canyon there is a little cut and you could tie off to the bank on both sides and be sitting in 70 feet of water. We tied off and threw out two cut up chovies. My son said he was tired so he laid down and slept in the front of the boat. I threw out a pole at 10:00, and at ten till 2:00 I could not get the cooler lid to closed so I shut down for the night. Turned out to have 76 when we cleaned them the following morning. I had one pole with a slip popper set at 25 feet and just a hook on the other that would free fall. Both worked equally well, but the slip popper was easier to fish and would get down to the fish much quicker.

Ran into Rhonda - Steve and Murray the following morning. They were a lot of help with information and a few lures. Did I mention that I left my Tackle box at the house. Luckily I had cleaned it out and made a list of what I needed. I keep all my jigs and top water lures on the boat in storage areas, so I had a few things plus what I had stopped and bought. The two lures they gave us were very Productive. One was a chromed colored crankbait, which worked well until we hung it up and lost it. The other was a Rapala Shad rap about 2 1/2" long in a golden shad pattern. We caught most of the crappie and over 30 fish on this bait trolling. Thanks again to Steve and Rhonda.

We fished the same way about every day, 6:00 we were up and running the lake looking for boils. Around 7:00 to 7:30 the boils would quite down and we would troll four mile and or Trachyte until 11:00 or so. Go to camp - clean fish - clean up - eat - take a nap. Back out at 5:00 - run the lake look for boils - fish until dark - back to camp - clean fish - eat - sleep. We trolled 20 to 40 feet of water - lures running from 8 to 12 feet. Boils were mixed - very early and very late in the day the boils were furious at times. Later in the morning and earlier in the evening they would slurp ghost boil and were short lived. Lots of the time you could not keep up with them and by the time you got there they were done. We started trolling or dragging a crank bait and a wild eye shad swim bait as we chased them and ended up catching more fish on the bait we were dragging than what we would throwing at them.

Tuesday evening was really good. We caught 85 from 8:00 until dark between two mile and Trachyte. They went crazy and did not care about the boat or what motor we ran. My Lund has a 15 H P four stroke kicker that we used to chase them with. It will go up to 7 MPH and when we got to them I would kick it into neutral. They would move along at 2 to 3 MPH and our electric would not keep up. The type of boil depended on the size of shad they were chasing. When the shad where bigger - 2 to 3 inches, the fish were easy to catch. It was entertaining to watch. I had never caught the smaller fish in boils before. The are not as effective in catching the shad as the bigger ones were, but they were very persistent. I was fishing a junior spook and at time would get 8 to 10 hits on a single cast. It looked like seals playing with a beach ball at times. At times you could not see your bait or tell what it was doing due to the shear numbers of fish. One thing that I did notice is that if you found a big group random boiling out in the main channel early in the evening if you would just hang around and be patient, they would work there way to the bank about 1/2 an hour before dark and get after it. My son Nathan used a 3" skitter pop in a blue and orange belly. He was killing them with that bait when they were up.

We had a real hard time keeping the fish iced down. We took over 100 pounds with us bought 60 pounds Tuesday and 30 pounds on the way home. Camps site are limited in above Good Hope. There are not any big sandy beaches to pull the boat up on. We camped in a cove behind striper city. There were several overhanging rocks to put your camp gear and coolers under to keep them out of the sun. There is one good site in Four mile - Several in Trachyte - a couple at the mouth of White and three or four in the back of Farley. Two of the sites in Farley you could drive to. One of them you could possible launch a small boat at.

The water color was good everywhere. It was a nice greenish blue in the canyons, even Farley. The main channel was a little browner than the canyons. Starting about 1/2 mile above Farley were the water gets less than 20 feet there are millions and millions of shad of all sizes. In places it looks like you could literally walk across the water on the shad. The water temp was 86 to 87 in this area. I could not believe the amount of fish we caught and to catch crappie up to 15 inches on crank baits trolling in July? It was good to get back up to Hite to fish. We saw 3 to 4 boats a day tops, and never did see a jet ski.

July 31, 2007 - Dan Spitzer

We launched from Hite Friday morning from the old marina launch site area. Getting through the tire line was not a problem. Coming back on Monday morning however, I did ding the cable as I was on the right side of the opening. As mentioned by others stay left when leaving the tire line.
We set up camp just uplake from the mouth of Trachyte. We found no boils Friday evening or Saturday morning (except Chet’s wake as he came uplake – good to see you again Chet).
The only consistent striper catching we had was trolling a 300 – 500 yard stretch between our camp and just inside the mouth of Trachyte. We started trolling with Lucky Craft Staysees following the reports of trolling relatively shallow. We caught plenty of 12” – 16” stripers at the rate of 4 -5 an hour doing this, but had a better catch rate using Norman Suspending Li’l Ns, 6 -10 an hour. Interesting enough, and to our surprise, we never doubled or saw any trailing stripers after catching one trolling.

Dan Spitzer

Fish on. Another striper caught while trolling.

Be out early. The only real boil we found was early Sunday morning in Trachyte – the stripers were small, but very aggressive. The small stripers would hit top water as well as Lucky Craft Pointers, spoons, just about anything. That one boil was short lived – 7 fish in the boat – could have been more but for the front treble hook in my finger with a striper still hanging from the rear treble – yeah we got it out by pushing the barb up and out and snipping off the barb. It’s time to remove those front trouble hooks form my “boil” lures. There were regular swirls of a few stripers chasing a few shad at a time that were catchable any morning or late afternoon when we were close enough to make a cast in the general direction of the swirl – a small spoon (3/4 oz. Wallylure or 3/8 oz. Kasmaster) worked best – let it sink some before retrieving

The storms made for great pics.

For the most part SMB and LMB were caught very early in the morning. We caught a few around off shore structure of mixed rock and Tamarisk. Once the sun was up, SMB fishing was tough – even fishing deep and slow. The surface water temp was in the high 80’s and as high as 91+ on Sunday afternoon. Following Friday night’s storm, the water was down to the low 80’s first thing Saturday morning, which may have accounted for the best fishing morning of the trip.
There is a submerged debris line at about 30’ – 40’. It looks like a multi-mile long school of stripers mixed with shad etc. It existed everywhere around Farley, White, Trachyte etc. I think there were shad hiding in it as the grebes would regularly dive and come up with shad in their mouths. Parts of White are full of wood debris. There is plenty of wood at the mudline uplake from Farley. Floating and partially submerged logs are found in the area so be careful and on the lookout.
We did see shad in the shallows mixed with tamarisk near our camp and would watch them in the evening. They were very small – not larval shad as they could swim and dart around. Small stripers never came into the shallow cove next to our camp.

We’re headed back to this area in 2 weeks even if we have to make the run up from Halls.

August 7, 2007 - Bryant Buttars

Myself, my son Matthew, my good buddy Mark and his son Kevin spent the weekend, (2-5 Aug) camped in the back of Farley canyon and got into boils all weekend in the striper city area.

The coves on the south side of the point that used to be the islands were pretty consistent, but the really big boils were in the open water of the bay, and in Trachyte. Grant Foster was camped in one of the coves and said they had stripers boiling there all the time--to the point he got tired of catching them. We also ran into him in four mile just as he was coming out of the canyon. He said the entire back third of the canyon had been boiling Sunday morning.

It was great to meet Grant and his friend Tony and family. Some very friendly and nice people there. Tony was a great help in a time of need! (That steak dinner is waiting for you!) Also the coves on the north side of Trachyte were boiling. Just look for them and you'll find boils! We caught most of our stripers on topwaters, (My favorite) and spoons. After one quick boil in the open water of striper city in the middle of the day, we caught fish on spoons every drop for the next 2 hours. It seemed the fishing really got good once the fish STOPPED boiling. We also caught stripers at will trolling in the back third of Farley canyon, and heard reports of boils in the back of the canyon from some people camped there. (They were boiling while we were trolling around the corner. Go figure.)

The Bass fishing was about as tough as I've seen it though. Couldn't find them anywhere! I think we caught as many bass hanging with the stripers in boils as we did while we fished for them. Caugh a few decent smallies, and about 20 smaller ones the whole trip was it. We did manage to smack about 20 carp with the spear guns and snorkel gear though. That was loads of fun.

ALSO, we did launch at Farley. It was about a 20 minute drive from the paved road to the ramp in the back of the canyon, but it wasn't too bad. It looked like you should be able to launch there for at least another 5 feet. There was a pretty good angle on the ramp. Launched and retrieved without ever getting the tires on the suburban wet.

I bet we didn't see 20 boats the entire weekend! IT WAS GREAT!

August 13, 2007 - Kevin

Got to Hite Friday arround 7 p.m, and looked for boil's, on our way to four mile, and didn't see anything at all. Threw our stuff out next to BassMan, and went to the Horn, 129b mile marker, and set up to night fish.

Put out the green light's, but it was still light out, and the fish started biting anyway. There was a boat load of two men and there young boy's, there also, and we were all catching fish. It's funny what fishing does to even small kid's, the little guy must have been around four year's old, and when he caught a couple, he started to sing out loud. It sure was cute, and those fish sure made him happy.

But anyway, back to the night bite. The Striper's, in the 15 to 17 inch class, were there all night long. I cleaned 155 the next day, and we must of caught over 200, counting the cat's too. But that's way too much work, when you go to cleaning that many. So the next night was much more selective harvest night.

We were woke up the next morning, by the guy that had told me about this spot, which you all know as "Hotwheel's", they were in a boil about 100 ft away. So we fished it with them for a while, before we went to clean fish.

Thank's Hotwheel's for the tip, your a great guy, and fisherman. We ended the trip, two night's and day's, with over 300 caught, and 198 cleaned, and ready to eat.

The ramp, is still holding up, but you better hurry, it's not going to be launchable much longer, with any size of a boat, small boat's only with in a week, if we don't get some rain, and a lot of it.

You all have a good one, and see you at the greatest lake on earth. " Just my opinion "

August 13, 2007 - Bass Man

Fishing was excellent. Boils in the early AM and Late PM. We found that when they were not boiling you could chum a few anchovies in 25 - 45 Ft. of water and spoon them up. We had triple hook ups multiple times. Between the 3 of us we caught 150 to 250 fish a day. Most stripers were around 1 to 1.5 lbs. The biggest healthy striper was 2.5 lbs. It is sad to see the stripers at the bottom of the cycle again.

Boils were in 4-mile, striper city, Trachyte, and at the stain line toward Hite. We also caught around 20 SMB and LMB a day. My BIL caught a 4 and a 5 Lb. LMB. We caught about 3 walleye a day. Roger caught about 17 nice catfish (2 to 5 lbs.) one night fishing with shrimp and anchovies. That was the last weekend you can launch from Hite. We had only an inch of water to spare.

August 16, 2007 - Hotwheels

Hotwheels - Jack Herrin

Fishing Report August 3rd thru 13th

My 1st crew (fishing buddies) for the first half were Dave Cole and Tarey Treasure. They fished with me from the 3rd until 9th. We started Friday afternoon the 3rd up in the back of Red Canyon in front of the island. This spot later in the week would be where I met Bassman catching tons of fish on spoons.

The next day we ran all the way up to White Canyon and fished Striper City. Did not see any boils, but reports from Bryant said they were there. It was nice to meet Bryant and friends. He gave us the fish report on the boils in the area. We could not stay late that evening because of time, so headed by towards Red Canyon and then on to Halls Crossing for the night. I slowed down at the Horn to check out the fish finder and I could not believe my eyes. Trust your electronics I was told. It was telling me there were massive numbers of fish every where. We dropped down a jig with a chovie and started catching fish right away. We boated about 100 fish in about 3 hours.


Dave Cole and Tarey Treasure.

Next Morning we arrived early and started fishing again around 129B mile marker. I could still see large numbers of fish on the Lowrance. Again we started catching fish after fish, but then slowed down about noon. So thought the bite was over. But I thought this would be a great place to night fish. So we ran up to 129B again on Sunday and planned on an overnight stay. We did fill up the cooler with over 160 fish by 10:30pm. It was a very windy night, so we tried to get some sleep. Next morning headed back to Halls Crossing to clean fish. We decided that the next few days we should check out things down south. We head to he Rincon and found boils, but the fish were not catchable, they would not hit top water lure. But then Tarey had a good idea, he took the hooks off a full size Zara Spook and tried on an 18 inch mono leader. Then tried on some type of sinking fly that looked like a small shad. He stared catching them in the Rincon. So we all switch over to this method and were able to catch the small Stripers in the Rincon that were boiling.

So ran up to the Escalante and also found boils and again the fish were up, then down. We could not get close enough to get a catch on a top water lure. We also tried to spoon them, but no luck. They were always on the move and we could not catch up to them. So on our way back to Halls Crossing I started looking at the mouth of each canyon. We found nothing until we got to Annie’s Canyon. The Lowrance said there were fish on the shady side of the wall. We dropped jigs with chovies and spoons. The chovies were catching better than the spoons. Here we found a group of Stripers in the 22 to 24 inch class. They were fun to catch. We boated about 55 of them before quitting for the day. We headed back to the cleaning station again. We did not see another person cleaning fish there all week. Next morning we thought for sure that the boils in Escalante would be good if we got there early enough. But again we struck out on the boils. So we head back to Annie’s and again and filled the cooler.

Lowrance LMS-522 and a zillion fish

I called Kevin and let him know about mile marker 129B at the Horn. He said he would be up there on Friday night.

Friday morning the 10th I said goodbye to my 1st crew Dave and Tarey and by noon my 2nd crew (fishing buddies) arrived. My fishing buddies for the rest of time were Bill Brinkmeier and Paul Post.

We headed down to Annie’s Canyon that afternoon, but could not find the larger Stripers on the shady wall next to Annie’s , so we went to the opposite side in the sun and started catching smaller fish, but were able to catch 44 before calling it a day.

Next morning early we headed up to the Horn. There was Kevin and Brian (SIL) sleeping in the boat, I hollered boil and woke them up. We started catching them right next to the island there off the point. Kevin and Brian were slow getting up, but they did join us to catch the last of the boil. Kevin had been up all night catching and his cooler was full. We then ran up to Striper City and found BassMan and talked to him. He told us about the spoon catching in Red Canyon, so he headed for Red Canyon, and we stayed and got into a good boil in the cove that Grant was camping in the weekend before. We boated 35 in about 45 minutes before it was over. That was the best of the boils that we found on this trip.

 Bill Brinkmeier and Paul Post

We then went down to Red Canyon and found BassMan and two others catching fish after fish on pink and white spoons. We got there a little late and did manage to catch a few before the bite ended. So we headed by to the Horn on 129B and we boated 14 fish in about 10 mins. Fish were everywhere on the fish finder.

The next day we slept in so we could plan an all night trip to the Horn and fish 129B mile marker. We started fishing around 4:30PM and stopped fishing about 11:00PM, the reason we had to stop was because the 165 QT cooler was full. Then we just watched the meteor shower. It was out of this world J Got up the next morning looking for boils, but we found none.

So we headed back to Halls Crossing and cleaned 207 fish. Wow what another great time and Lake Powell. Can’t wait to get back again.

August 19, 2007 - Joe Batin

We went to Lake Powell looking for striper boils but couldn't seem to find any. After a morning of cruising for surface activity around Good Hope Bay we headed back and decided to fish some points near Hansen Canyon. We immediately started catching stripers with jigs and anchovies.

Melissa Handley and Barbara Batin


It took us less than two hours to fill two live wells with stripers. Anchovies would catch more fish than jigs at a rate of about three to one. Most of the time there was a fish on every 30 seconds, During the dry spells it would go as long as every two minutes. We've never experienced fishing quite like this before. The bad thing about catching 150 stripers is you have to clean 150 stripers. But it was well worth it.

August 21, 2007 - Leonard and Nathan Wiggins

We Fished the Hite area from Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th. We launched at Farley with very little problem. Other people had also launched there. Small boats and trucks should not have any problem launching for a week or two. We left or Thursday but lost a spindle on the boat trailer, which cost us Thursday night and Friday morning.

Fishing was a little slow for Lake Powell Standards. Friday night was windy and we only caught a couple. Tried night fishing in the mouth of White, caught 6 or so in 3 hours. Only drew in 60 to 80 small shad.

Saturday morning early found a couple of fish on top in Trachyte and striper city, and managed to get 30 or so. Trolled mid morning in Trachyte and Farley. Caught a few stripers and a couple small SM bass.

Derick with 5 pound LMB

Saturday night the wind settled and we found a couple small boils in Trachyte and Farley, got 40 more. Sunday Morning was calm and conditions looked good. We could not find any on top. On our third look into Farley a boil started up and a boat beat us to it so we let it go and kept looking. Ended up with only 4 on top for the morning. Caught a few more trolling, packed up and headed for home.

Totals for the trip. 75 or so stripers - 3 largemouth - a dozen or so SM bass - 2 walleyes - 5 very small catfish and a bluegill. Any top water action was very early or very late in the day. If you spotted one or two hit the top, stop and cast and usually they would hit. The fish were there, there are just not enough shad to keep them up, plus it was windy quite a bit of the time. Did not catch a striper over 18 inches, and about 10 % of the smaller ones were in poor shape. Other people we spoke with had similar results. One bunch from Denver had decent luck jigging up several.

We took two of my son Nathan's friends with us this trip, Derick and Jesse. Derick said that he never catches any fish and he had a goal of at least three fish for the trip. I guaranteed him that we would meet his goal. Saturday Night Derick had two on the same lure twice, but was not able to boat but lost one of them as he tried to lift them over both times.

He also landed a 5 pound Largemouth which is his biggest ever fish. My son and I both landed a double (two fish on the same lure). Derick and Jesse both landed at least 25 for the trip. Jesse had been with us before, but had never seen a boil. We also skied/tubed - swam - did some rock jumping, and had an overall great time, once we got there.

August 20, 2007 - The Williams Family and Friends

We were at Lake Powell from Aug. 11-Aug 16. We caught our first striper on Aug 13 and things only got better from there. We were in Warm Springs Canyon and found a little spot to the south, just past Knowles Canyon, on the main channel.
The stripers were there but never boiled. We used hooks and sinkers with anchovies. It took a little while to get the hang of it but once we did, we ended our trip with 210 stripers. We did an early morning fish, around 10:00am and then an evening fish run and never came back empty handed.
Our final fish run we caught 42 stripers, which filled 2 baskets and the excess we had to put in a trash can with water. After our first 2 days of fishing and catching nothing, the kids didn't want to go fishing anymore, and when we started catching fish the kids still didn't want to go because they were tired of filleting fish, I guess you can't win.
We look forward to our trip next year but doubt we will ever top this fishing experience.


September 12, 2007 - Ted Howell

Caught this largemouth bass in White Canyon on my 2nd cast. I  also caught 30 to 40 smallmouth and some small largemouth which were all released.
I caught 32 stripers of which 22 were caught 9/12 AM in only 25 casts on a chrome Kastmaster.

September 23, 2007 - Bob Snyder, Wolf Creek, Montana

Trip report for September 9-15, 2007

My wife and I, along with her sister and brother-in-law Jim, arrived at Bullfrog Marina on the morning of Sunday September 9. We loaded up the houseboat and took off uplake with our 18' Lund "Blackjack" in tow to look for a campsite for our weeklong stay. The choice spots chosen from Google Earth satellite photos were already occupied. We tried to anchor in a small bay just beyond Knowles Canyon, but a big blow came, in making it difficult (impossible) to anchor. We eventually found a more protected site just inside the mouth of Knowles Canyon. We stayed here through the duration of the trip. Air temperatures were generally in the low 90s during the day, dropping into the high 60s at night. Surface water temperatures were generally 80 degrees.

Monday morning Jim and I got off to a little late but relaxing start. We first went to cut our teeth on stripers. With the assistance of some vary friendly anglers in a green Fisher, we found active stripers. We used plain 3/8 oz jig heads baited with ½" chunks of anchovies. Jim figured out that a drop of 16 counts put the bait at the level of the fish. We caught all we wanted. The larger and deeper fish didn't survive release.

On Tuesday Jim and I ran uplake towards Good Hope to try and find some smallmouth and largemouth bass. We spent a lot of time scouting for what we perceived to be suitable and fishable habitat: shallow rubble with a gradual dropoff to 20 feet, as I find it difficult to fish sheer walls. We did best in a small indentation (cove?) with 12- 14 ft of water. We caught at least one each of striper, largemouth, smallmouth, bluegill, walleye and crappie. Smallmouth and largemouth were good size (2-3 lbs.). The crappie went a pound. We used Bass Pro tubes (green with black spots and chartreuse fingers, brown with chartreuse fingers and all chartreuse), a Bass Pro XPS shad in silver and black and a shiner chartreuse silver Storm Wild Eye (color 447).

Jim and I spent the afternoon catching stripers in the reliably consistent location off the east shoulder of the mouth of Knowles Canyon. Fish were in 67-81 feet of water. After turning on, they suspended 35-45 feet down. I observed fish coming from 75 feet to hit a bait at 45 feet on the fishfinder, so they must be able to see baits at a long distance even at that depth..

I also noted that a 3/8 oz. jig could be seen on the depth finder (mine is a Lowrance 25c). I watched the baited jig drop until it was at the same level as fish, stopped the drop, and set the hook! It was that easy. It reminded me of jigging for yellow perch at home. Jim and I both put aside our heavier bass rods for our ultralight gear to enjoy the action more.

On Wednesday Jim and I caught a couple of smallies in Knowles Canyon and looked in a couple of other canyons for rubble. We caught several smallies in rubble at outside bend in Smith Fork, but for the most part, this was a slow day spent reconnaissing unfamiliar territory. Not a waste of time, as the scenery was beautiful and the knowledge gained was worthwhile, but not as productive for fishing. That afternoon we got gas at Halls Marina and took the girls sightseeing in Forgotten Canyon.

Thursday we fished the small rubble piles on the west side of the mouth of Knowles for a couple of smallies on tubes. We also tried dropshotting without success. Tubes worked somewhat. We then went to Cedar Canyon to look for suitable bass habitat. There were a lot of houseboats anchored in Cedar Canyon along with their jet skis. We fished a few short shorelines with rock and caught several small smallmouth. When fishing in shallower habitat we reduced the weight of the jigheads used in the tubes from normal. This slowed the drop of the jig and generated more strikes than if a heavier jighead was used. If fishing in water deeper than 5 feet, a heavier jighead worked better to get the tube down.

We ended the day back off of the mouth of Knowles catching stripers. Prior to the trip, we thought stripers would be difficult to locate and entice into striking, but this wasn't the case. Once a few stripers were observed on the fishfinder, a chunk of anchovy on a plain 3/8 oz. jig lowered to the fishes' depth would eventually bring a strike. After that, strikes came more rapidly until a cloud of aggressively feeding stripers was under the boat. We caught fish, or at least got a hit, on every drop. If anchovy chunks could withstand more than one hit, more stripers per hour could have been caught, as you wouldn't have to rebait. We also tried several lures once the feeding frenzy started. Jigging with a white tube didn't produce, while speed reeling with a silver ¾ oz. Kastmaster did OK. I was also able to catch stripers with a shiner chartreuse silver Storm Wild Eye (color 447), either by dropping it through or speed reeling it up through the school of stripers. Neither method produced as high a catch rate as anchovies, however.

On Friday Jim and I headed to Good Hope Bay for bass. We checked out the south shore just around the corner (north) of Castle Butte. In a map exercise the previous evening, it looked like there might be several small indentations whose aspect kept them in shade for a while in the morning. The only question was whether there would be the type of rubble we preferred to fish. Lo and behold there were hundreds of yards of excellent rubble habitat and we proceeded to slowly work our way along the shore. We caught lots of both smallmouth and largemouth bass, with several fish over two pounds. They gobbled up green and chartreuse tubes. Fishing was excellent until about 10:30 am, when the sun rose high enough to remove all shade. It seemed that the fish relocated to deeper depths, with a few fish caught there, but we were not effective at catching them in water exceeding 15 feet. On the way back to the houseboat we tried the small indentation where we did so well Tuesday, but only caught two long but snaky walleyes from a crack between two huge boulders on a chartreuse tube. We attributed this lack of action to a general lack of shade.

Summary Notes

I chose this time period (September 9-15) for our trip for several reasons: Water temperatures were warm enough for comfortable swimming. A new moon occurred in the middle of the period. I was hoping to avoid some of the summer traffic.

Jim and I used 8 pound test fluorocarbon on our longer, heavier spinning rods. On my 5'6" ultralight I used green 6 pound Stren, which worked for stripers and smaller bass. I never felt any species was line sensitive.

I didn't try out all of the lures I had purchased in preparation for my first trip to Lake Powell. I thought it would be much more difficult to find the correct habitat, locate fish in that habitat and entice them to bite than it actually was. I had acquired a broad selection of lures for different depths, but we found productive lures for most situations fairly easily. Tubes seemed to out-fish grubs for bass in our limited testing, which admittedly was biased for tubes. I had brought downriggers for searching for stripers, but didn't need them. The fishfinder was sufficient. Downriggers may have been beneficial to catch larger, deeper trophy stripers, but we didn't target them.

The numbers and size of LMB and SMB caught were much better than expected. These species were generally caught right next to shore or in slightly deeper water. I still have to learn how to fish deep, steep rocky rubble habitat.

Stripers are easy to find and catch in Lake Powell with a good fishfinder. The condition of larger stripers was fairly poor, while the younger fish were in good to excellent condition. Many of the afternoons and evenings were placid enough to fish until dark.

The information I gleaned from all of the contributors and Wayne Gustaveson at Wayneswords.com were invaluable to the success of our trip. There's lots of freely-offered knowledge on this site. Thanks Wayne for your great website!

Lake Powell is a beautiful place with an excellent, diverse fishery! I plan on returning and exploring other sections of it.

October 27, 2007 - Dave Tomes

Friday 10/26/07....what a beautiful day to fish lake Powell... all we can hope for is the weather holding like this for a few more days. Here is Dave Tomes holding up two of 6 bass caught along the shoreline of Wahweap bay. Yamamoto's green shad shaped worm did the trick. We were just drop shotting and retrieving slowly. We started at 7:30 and quit at 11:30.

My neighbor, Ed Gerdemann and his friend went to Rock Creek also this morning so you may well get a report from him which will surpass our catch.

October 23, 2007 - Kelly Brooks

My Wife and I made the run up lake to Striper City and were rewarded with lots of hungry stripers. We fished about midway between White and Trachyte. If you watch your sonar you will see several humps and valleys running north and south, we anchored the boat over one of the valleys in 60' of water. I graphed a large area before setting anchor and was a little disappointed at the lack of large schools to concentrate on. So I picked an area with the most Grebes instead. After liberally chumming with anchovies we began to pick up a few stripers on the bottom and a few at 35'. After we had been there for an hour or so the school of stripers had found our chum slick and were solid under the boat from 5-40'. For 90 minutes we both caught fish with most every cast.  

My wife kept me busy cutting bait and putting fish in the cooler. Most fish were on the small side but very healthy with good looking fillets. All of the larger fish were "razor backs" and given CPR.  

A few of the smaller fish are showing signs of starvation, probably 1 in 20, sad to see the little guys looking malnourished. The wind kicked up and didn't show any signs of stopping so we had to cut our day short but I'm sure we could have kept at it all day.

We used 1/4 oz. unpainted lead head jigs. I had one rod rigged up with a dropshot rig and it didn't do as well as the jig heads. Water visibility is less than two feet with the water stained dark green.

October 21, 2007 - Wayne Fish

We arrived in Bullfrog on Thursday afternoon, 10/18, and after getting checked into our family unit went to try a little night fishing. We didn't have enough time to do much scouting but decided to try and get set up just down lake from the Hall pump out station. We put out the green light and lots of anchovy but all to no avail. We lost a few baits but were unable to get any fish. When we returned to the slips for the night we ran into another group who had been out fishing and told us they had caught about 300 stripers mostly in the upper lake above Good Hope Bay and down around Lake Canyon.

Friday morning we started by heading to Lake Canyon, a lot shorter run in chilly weather. We spent some time checking the back and the various arms and found nothing, so we set off for the upper end of the lake. As we moved up the lake I checked several of the canyons along the way and found nothing until we got into White's where I found what seemed to be a significant school. We anchored over the spot and began to chum and use baited jigs and spoons. We caught about a dozen in an hour, mostly juveniles with a couple of catfish mixed in for variety.

We decided to check out Farley's and went all the way to the back and found nothing with the electronics. We had just started to fish for bass when a striper took a tube jig. Out of the clear blue, a school of juveniles had moved in chasing shad. For the next two hours we constantly had fish on. The Wallylures looked like they had been through a war! We even had a boil a couple of times. We also caught three LMB that had got caught up in the excitement.

About 20 percent of the fish were so thin they weren't worth cleaning. We found both shad and crayfish in their stomachs which explains the one caught on the tube jig. Our total for the day was 55 stripers, 3 LMB and two cats.

November 2, 2007 - Kevin Phillips

"WOW" What a trip to end the year at Powell. Started fishing Striper city, the 25th, at around four p.m., after setting up camp in Four mile canyon. It was a lot slower, then two week's ago, but still caught a mess of Striper's. In 50 to 60 ft of water. Jig and anchovy were their choice.

Went back to Four mile, and set up to night fish, got into the Striper's, but the best bite, were from the Crappie's. We hand lined them, with 1/16th oz stinger jig's, in white. And caught limit's of Crappie, up to 15". What a night, but the next mourning, 26th, got even better. We were woke up to boiling fish, all over Four mile. We caught Striper's, Largemouth, and Smallmouth bass, for two hour's. All on a medium size, nickel Zara spook. Great start to a great trip. When they stopped, we went to Trachyte, and I was going to try Dennis Garmin's favorite method, the bottom bouncer's. But My friend Mike insisted on the top water, and we got into the Striper's again on the Zara's. Caught some nice fat Striper's there also.

Cleaned fish, and cooked Crappie's, and Tater's, what a treat, over a camp fire. Set up to night fish again, and caught a lot more Striper's, than Crappie's, this night. But still several Crappie's, under the green, and regular Crappie light also.
Got up Saturday the 27th, to the same boiling fish again, same great bite, on the Zara spook's. And it lasted at least two hour's again. When it quit, we went back to Trachyte, but it was a little breezy, and not much action, so it was back to Striper city, and more Striper's. But it's just not the same, after you get into the top water bite.

Went back to Four mile, to night fish, for the end of this great trip. We got into the Crappie's again, and the Striper's, just weren't there. But we caught Crappie's, for three hour's, non stop. It was crazy, and all on a hand line, and jig. We planned the same thing the next mourning, before going home, that is to fish boil's, but the fish had a different plan, and weren't there. So we packed er up, and went home.
What a great lake , and weather this past weekend, and way to end the season. Can't wait for the spring.

Have a good one, and see you next spring.


P.S. I'm going to try and get the picture's posted, from our trip. I hope.

November 17, 2007 - Kevin Phillips

 Last trip of this fine Fall,
Camped in Four mile again, and caught many Crappie's at night, on white 16th oz. Stinger jig's. Took a good friend for the first time.  Jim Dickerson has been fishing Powell for 40 year's, since it began filling.
Went to Trachyte, the 9th, and met Fred and Paul, from Junction, two great guy's. We got into a little top water, and a little spoon bite on wallylure's. Fred and Paul, are now hooked on Wallylure's, as are Jim and I.

WHEN THE BITE SLOWED IN Trachyte, we all went to Striper city, and fished chovy's. Fishing was slow on the chovy's, so it was back to camp to clean fish and get ready for the night fishing. Night fishing for Crappie's, was right where we left off two week's before." GREAT"

 The 10th, was same thing, back to Trachyte, and Fred and Paul were there also. This morning, was a good Spoon bite, and we were all in on it. Then it slowed, so we went to fillet fish, and that was a mistake, Fred and Paul stayed there, and got into a better spoon bite than in the morning. Then that turned to top water, in the back of Trachyte. We saw them in Four mile, and they were catching Crappie, trolling jig's with the electric motor, they limited out on 12" plus Crappie's. And it was good we stopped to talk, they told us where to go, further back in to Trachyte. The spoon bite was on in 16 to 27 ft of water, and it was great. And after we were there for an hour, the entire end started to boil, we fished this boil, for 2 1/2 hour's, and filled a 128 quart cooler. Thank's Fred and Paul.

 We finished up that night, catching and releasing a ton of Crappie's again, and an end to a great Fall fishing, at the greatest lake a guy could ask for.

Thank's Jim Dickerson 77 year's young, for being a great friend, and getting me hooked on Powell.

Have a good one. Kevin

November 7, 2007 - John Hunt, Vernal UT

The family wanted to stay home so I decided to go to Farley Canyon by myself to do some bank fishing on the 29th and caught 30 stripers (almost none healthy enough to fillet) in the back of the bay. I also caught 30 nice bluegill, 10 largemouth, 5 smallmouth, and 1 crappie. On the 30th I caught 20 skinny stripers, 14 bluegill, 5 largemouth, 4 crappie, and 1 smallmouth.

 Later that day I headed over to Bullfrog for some night fishing and caught 104 Stripers and 1 catfish. About 80 of them were healthy enough to fillet. I was worried about the full moon but I can’t complain with the warm weather and the good fishing.

P.S. Don’t bring your boat to Farley unless you want to pack it to the water, about 200 feet.