April 24, 2007 - Paul Swaner - Eden, UT

Trip from April 16th to the 22nd.

We had some never been there before relatives. The BIL and SIL, so we made a tour and fishing trip. They are now totally hooked on the lake and the fishing.

 Don (the BIL) from Minnesota

We got to the lake on April 16th and went to Slick rock to camp for the first night. We caught about 15 fish that first night.

Linda (SIL) from MN
We camped in Oak bay 2 nights, near Jacks arch on the San Juan, and in Escalante canyon. We did a lot of touring during the day including Rainbow Bridge and Dangling rope, and fished in the evenings while anchored.

We caught fish in all camping sites. We used anchovies almost exclusively. We caught a total of 65 Stripers ranging from 1.5 to 4.6 pounds. We also caught a couple smallmouth bass and cat fish.

Angela Swaner

Most of the fish were in good shape. We had very few skinny fillets. That was very good news to us.

We always use light spinning tackle which makes it more fun.
We had beautiful weather except for that very windy day of the 18th. Wow! We almost got blown away!

May 17, 2007 - Mike Bevelhimer

We (the Wilson brothers, my wife, my daughter, and me) fished the San Juan May 7 - 14. Here's a quick synopsis of activity in the San Juan, primarily Neskahi: SMB & LMB are active and very catchable. The smaller SMB are shallow, as are the LMB, and the larger SMB are 8-15 feet down as tested using single-tail grubs on 1/4 oz. jig heads. Nice 1 1/4# crappie and catfish as well. In short, the San Juan has woken up.

Skinny stripers were in evidence using grubs in the shallows and when trolling at 3 mph. However, healthy stripers were boiling sporadically during the day in small groups. No skinny ones in these boils, only healthy fish from 1.5 - 2 pounds. Interestingly enough, we increased our trolling speed to 5 -
5 1/2 mph and caught healthy fish over 95% of the time. The biggest
challenge here was in finding lures that would run well at that speed while attracting bites. In our case that turned out to be 4" jointed Rapalas in shad & golden shad.

We trolled the main channel on the way back to Halls and had similar results although not as fast action as in the San Juan. Of interest was the 4# female striper caught in the main channel near Annies Canyon that was healthy and full of immature eggs. Another great Lake Powell trip and a hint of another
great summer of fishing as well.

May 17, 2007 - Gar Summers

Just got back from a quick fishing trip.  We found some very willing stripers in the main channel between Oak and Anasazi.  All the little rock outcroppings on the east side of the lake had striper schools resting on the bottom at 40 feet which we could easily see on the graph. We tossed out a little chum to get the school started and watched the screen turn black with fish.  Then we could catch them on anything we wanted to fish with.  We mostly used plastic grubs.

Surprisingly, the fish were mostly healthy.  John and I  caught over 200 a day and just ran out of time and daylight or we could have caught many more. Fishing was fantastic.  

June 5, 2007 -  Jack Herrin(Hotwheels)

Left Denver at 4am Thursday morning May 31 with a new fishing buddy to Lake Powell named Tim Harter, we made it to the Neskahi wash are about 6pm and setup camp and caught a few nice catfish and Stripers on chovies behind the boat in about 10ft of water that first night. Next morning we could see what appeared to be small slurps, but could not get close enough with the boat to see if they were stripers before they would go under.

Started fishing for small mouth bass with curly tails on jig heads and where catching a few, nothing to get real excited about. But we were fishing and the weather was beautiful and I was in the San Juan.
About 3pm we motored back west to the Piute canyon area of the bay and started seeing the slurps again, but this time I could see these pods of fish were stripers. Ok now it was time to try out the walleye assassins that Rich Sutterfield had told me about that worked so well on slurping stripers for him. So we tied on white headed 1/2oz jig heads and bit off about ½ inch of the top of the plastic nose of the WA and added the jig head. We would idle up to the striper slurps and throw across them and then reel back fast thru the middle of them and would get at lest a double hook up each time we did this.

Now about 5pm the whole bay area as far as the eye could see there were nothing but slurps/boils happening. There must have been at lest 50 to 100 stripers in each of these pods, that is a lot of stripers. The closer it got to sunset the more fish we would catch out of each of these pods of stripers. The most caught was 8 fish out one pod, and then we would only have to idle over about 50 yards to the next slurp/boil. The reason I say boil, is because we could see some of the fish make splashes instead of just ripples on the top of the water. These were the 18 inch healthy stripers. We also did catch some that were around 3lb range and some of these were also healthy fish, the rest not so healthy. The reason I say that is I had to clean all 50 + that night, I only had only one 12v filet knife.

That night after cleaning all those fish, I just put the cot up with the air mattress and slept under the stars on the boat. It was peaceful and calm all night. The full moon was bright. Next morning(Sat)got up(late) and did some small mouth fishing again. We caught about a dozen that were not dinks, caught a bunch of dinks. 3-5inches.

So about 3pm we started looking for the slurps/boils again, but only could find a few here and there. But at 5pm things started picking up again, and we started to repeat the same as the evening before. There was about 45 minutes of fishing light left and slurp/boils were all around the boat. Each time I thought I would need to start the motor and move 50 yards, there would be another slurp/boil heading right for us, we just wait until they got in casting range and repeat. That is how it ended, with another 60 + in the cooler. Good thing, I only had 5 walleye assassins left out of the 30 I bought with me.

That night I hung out the green light to see what would come into the light. I now could see all these tiny tiny shad in the water. There must be a lot of shad in that bay area to cause so many slurps/boils. Looks like shad will make a come back in the San Juan if the striper’s don’t eat them all before they grow up.

July 3, 2007 - Bruce in Denver

We just returned to Denver, late Sunday night, after an awesome trip to Powell. We stayed about a 1/2 mile from deep canyon, camping at the tip of the area that looks like the eye of a needle. We had 2 other families for a total of 7 adults and 8 kids.

We fished off the back of the houseboat the 26th, and caught a dozen nice stripers, 2 catfish, and 2 smallies, using anchovies on 3/8 oz lead heads. The stripers were 16 inches or so and very healthy. We were thinking wow, this is awesome. Little did we know.

We skied, tubed, and wakeboarded most of the next day, and around 2pm, we pulled into Deep Canyon for some shade. We tied the 2 boats up to the dead tree around the 2nd corner, and a group went up the creek to hike. 6 of us, including my mom of 70+ years decided we would toss out a few anchovies and see what happened. It didn't take long for us to be on the fish. In the next 1 1/2 hours, we boated 42 fish, with the smallest being 22". The average was close to 28" and my guess would be 5-7 pounds. They were ALL very healthy fish. When the rest of our group came back from hiking, they couldn't believe what they saw. All the kids wanted to stay and fish some more, but we needed to get back and fillet the batch we had. I told them we would return the next day.

The next day, we did return, and everyone in our group caught as many fish as they wanted. Thank goodness we had 2 electric fillet knifes, and they both held up. What a thrill for me to see my mom catching monster fish right next to her grand kids. That is what it is all about!

Our overall fish catch was well over 200 stripers, 10 smallies, 6 catfish, and a walleye. We had fish 5 nights (the ceviche recipe on the recipe page is excellent!) and still brought home 9 gallon ziplocks full of fillets. We will be having a fish fry with the neighborhood for the 4th!

Thanks to all the contributors on this board. I remember our first trip down here several years ago, and we didn't know a thing about how to catch fish at Powell. Now we are boating over 200! The knowledge gained has been passed down to the next generation, as my 4 kids have quickly picked up the techniques that were explained on this board and have become very good fisherman. My 10 year old is even ready for a spinning reel upgrade from his closed face reel.

July 9, 2007 - Steve Doepke

My father, Duke, and I just returned from the San Juan after spending five great days of fishing 7/4 – 7/8. We setup camp around the Neskahi area and fished in Deep Canyon after we read the report from Bruce in Denver on 7/3. Most of the stripers we caught in Deep Canyon were not in the back of the canyon by the dead tree. They were near the first bend in deeper water all the way across the canyon. We caught approx. 200 stripers in total for the trip.

Every evening we would see many low intensity slurps out in the middle of the main channel in front of Deep Canyon, Piute and Neskahi. After catching fish all day long we did not want to play the “chase the slurp” game.

One morning we trolled up the Great Bend all the way to where the debris started (top of the big bend). We did not catch any fish in the debris, nor did we hear any slurp/boil activity that was reported earlier. The water is stained by the spring runoff and many logs and debris was on the surface.

We did get on a good striper bite just East of Neskahi by in 75 ft. of water. The fish on average were not as large as the Deep Canyon fish, but still a lot of fun.
Thanks to everyone for posting fishing reports that are accurate and up to date. Bruce from Denver put us on the fish…Thanks, Bruce!!!

I write this report in an effort to put someone else on the fish. Enclosed are pictures of “Team Doepke” putting the hurt to the stripers!

That’s my father, Duke. He started taking me to Powell over 25 years ago!!!

Duke: Thanks for making a fisher out of Steve and spending all that time together - Wayne

PS – To the large houseboat just west of Neskahi that camped almost on top of us flying the American and Texas flag – TURN OFF YOUR STERN SPOT LIGHTS AT NIGHT. The spot lights from this boat were like looking into the headlights of a car at Night. I drove uplake seventy miles to get away from clowns like you….VERY RUDE.

August 6, 2007 - Eric Neilan - Louisville, KY

Eric Neilan

I just want to share some of my fishing experiences while staying out at Lake Powell between July 26 and August 2.

We stayed in the back of Oak Canyon. I saw some morning boils scattered throughout Oak Bay. We chased some of these boils and pulled out mostly yearling stripers. We also tried trolling around the bay and pulled out mostly smallmouth bass. Near the back of Oak canyon there are some dead trees barely sticking out of the water. This area is loaded with fish. One morning I took my small rapala lure and pulled in a bass on nearly every cast. My son, Jonathan – 3 yrs. old, was able to reel in a smaller largemouth bass (see pic). I got up to fifty fish before the sun started to get too hot and I decided to call it a morning. There was a mix of Largemouth, Smallmouth and Stripers all hanging out around the trees. On other days we fished with anchovies at the mouths of Twilight, Anasazi, and Reflection canyons.

Jonathan – 3 yrs. old,

The best action came from Reflection. Just around the corner of the entrance, there is a large shaded enclave loaded with strippers. Here is a picture of one of these big guys. Most of the larger stripers seemed a bit starved for food. The yearling stripers had better fillets than the big guys. We had more success when we used lighter line (4 lbs) and let the bait sink down without any weights. We did encounter a quick boil in the mouth of Anasazi and were able to pull out 4 stripers before they dissipated. We caught over 100 stripers on this trip.

We caught more fish on this trip than ever before. We could have got a ton more thanks to this site, but we had to get in some waterskiing. (Plus my arm was going to fall off from filleting so many stripers!).

August 14, 2007 - David Tassey

Dean, Dave, Karin and I camped and fished the Neskahi Wash area the week of August 5. Just as described many times over by Wayne, we graphed a school of stripers about 30 feet deep under the first big arch on the east side of Deep Canyon. Started an anchovy rain and within minutes we had multiple triple hookups. It was indeed "as many as you wanted". For the most part they were nice fish, 20 to 24 inches, 4 maybe 5 pounds. These fish were so weakened by the trip up to the surface, though, they just rolled over onto their backs and floated. Releasing them was not an option even if we wanted to and the ones we didn't keep we opened up and sent back down.

I was the only one who used cut anchovy bait on a drop shot/circle hook, 8 pound mono rig. The others used with much success Storm's Wild Eye Swim Shad, 3 and 4 inch lengths once the bite got going. The other nice thing about this hole was because of the shaded overhang we got to sleep in and get there late, usually around 9 AM, but once as late as 11 AM with no slowing at midday. AND we went back and scored four out of five days. What a blast!

Wednesday and Thursday evenings as the cliffs glowed orange-red with the setting sun we saw widely-spaced individual boils covering acres in the open water outside of Neskahi. Once again the hot lure was Storm's Swim Shad in the 3 inch length. This soft lure casts a mile (but these fish were not boat shy, hookups occurred yards from the boat) retrieves about 12 inches under the surface and looks just like the real thing plus it's cheap, about 50 cents a copy. You don't get to see the strike as you do with top-water lures, but three of us caught 20 fish, lost 5 others in 25 minutes! Dave was the hot stick with 8 fish in 9 minutes. These were yearlings about 12 to 15 inches long, very fit and very aggressive. The bite shut down like flipping a switch when the light died.

It's amazing to think that you can go to this lake that seems to go on forever with miles of shoreline and by reading Wayne's Words find a striper hole in the middle of nowhere and just nail them for four days. Thank you, Wayne!