April 26, 2008 - Tony Anast San Juan -  WTemp 55-67

San Juan (Neskahi) water temp 55-67

Robert Gilson and I met Bassman and Megaite down at Neskahi for the week Saturday night. We fished Sunday winds were non stop, water temp around 58 that day. Caught 10 lmb, 10 smb, 2 crappie mainly using firetiger cranks, purple tubes (YUM).

Monday, More wind same temp water. Caught 20 smb, 7 lmb mainly in Neskahi in shallow water using same type lures.

Tuesday was very nice day. water temp up to 67 in some places. Fish were scared of everything. caught some nice LMB but very hard to catch.

Wed more wind. Worked hard for our catch caught around 10 lmb, 10 smb and 5 crappie and couple striper.

Tony Anast

Thursday nice in the morning and very windy in the afternoon. Found the stripers and trolled them up at mudline. Caught around 15 stripers, 8 LMB, 2 smb, and 10 crappie.

This was the total for just Robert Gilson and I from Price Utah.

April 22, 2008 - John Lassandro - Last Chance, Wtemp 54 F

Thursday April 17th

Arrived @ Wahweap about 9am and the houseboat was waiting on the dock for us (thanks Chad!). So we loaded her up and dunked the boats. I decided I would motor up lake and stop in striper areas and dunk a few choves while waiting for the HB to catch up. Could not spend a lot of time as I had to go scout out a place to call home for the next few days. Stopped at buoy 1, nada, then the intakes, nada, and lastly the warm creek point, also nada. So I zoomed up to friendship as we really wanted that nice beach we had last fall (remember that one Tim?) and as it happened it was available (Papa Jacks favorite cove…now it is mine too!). So we beached and anchored in and all went out in the cove to see what we could find…me I found a willing walleye for my blue and chrome hammered side Rat L Trap (PS- I am donating a half dozen of these for the South Rally – who should I give them to?). We trolled everywhere around the cove until dinner was ready and managed a few willing stripers. After dinner I decided to go over to Dry Rock to see if I could graph some fish, as we caught a bunch there last fall, screen was a ghost town. So I called it a night as I had a 2:30am start.

Friday April 18th

I tried to get everybody going early as I knew this was going to be the best day weather wise and wanted to get in as much fishing as possible. So I took them up to the end of Last Chance where Suzie, Tim and I had caught them 11 days earlier. They were still in there, but not as many as before. And we trolled them up until we were tired of that (blue and chrome Rat L Trap) and went to the secret crappie hole and beetle spin and crappie nibbled our way to a nice bunch there and decided to head back for lunch and cleaning fish. After lunch we decided to try Rock Creek with chovies and we really struggled to pick up a few and called it a day.

Saturday April 19th

Had talked to Suzie this morning to get an up to date weather report and she informed me the nice weather we were having was going to end around 1. So I took the gang back to LC and repeated what was successful the previous day (If it ain’t broke don’t fix it I always say) and we did have some success but not as good as the previous day. Packed it in for lunch about 12:30, and a good thing we did because the w@*d came at us with a vengeance…And being on a sandy beach is not good when it is like that I can tell ya…..so that is how the day ended

Sunday April 20th

We only have a few hours on the last day and usually only fish in close proximity to the HB. So we tried smallie fishing and only managed a couple. And then packed up and headed home, but what a great time….

Like Arnold said “I’ll be back”

April 29, 2008  - Megabite - San Juan, Wtemp mid 50's

Camped and fished with Bass Man on the upper San Juan April 18-26.

Arrived after midnight on April 18. Brought both boats because mine needed a decent sea trial. Launched both boats, stopped by the houseboat, not a creature was stirring, changed to warm clothes, then headed south. Motored 2 hours under the full moon from Bullfrog to the mouth of the San Juan to our camp site near Neskahi. Set up the tent, slept for an hour, then went fishing for a day – we play much harder than we work…

Water temp was mid to high 50’s. Bass were reluctant. Spinnerbaits and topwater caught a few. Crankbaits worked a bit better. Eventually we were both fishing plastic in 15-20’ of water. And that was the story of almost every day of our trip. Wind played havoc with fishing and water temp on a regular basis. Water temp struggled to get much over 60 each day. Days when the wind had blown or was blowing the temp never got to 60. Only one day saw water temp in the mid-60’s. Generally spinnerbait was best for morning, topwater for the last hour of the evening. Catching was good compared to other lakes, poor compared to spring fishing at Powell.

The April trip is mainly for bass. Caught a few crappie here and there. Could not find any schools. We could only catch one crappie at any one location despite numerous attempts to find more fish. (we did see one boat working on a school) Bass Man caught two crappie on topwater with another making a hit. I caught a couple on spinnerbait. We caught others on crankbaits. A few on plastic. I caught one walleye, Bass Man caught a couple. All near the shore. Stripers caught near shore were next to death. Most dies as a result of being caught. Saw a lot of stripers in Leroy Cove, a school near the start of the Great Bend, and a number of stripers in the big bay just before the canyon to the Great Bend.



The upper San Juan is also a great place for wildlife. The burros were out and about as usual. Ravens quickly picked up our fishing schedule then explored camp each morning as we motored away. Found out ravens are picky about what they eat. On two different occasions one got into Bass Man’s trial mix. But it ate only the peanuts, avoiding the raisins and M&Ms. An osprey was there though we saw very little of it. Chet & Ken saw a falcon that killed a grebe. And we saw one of the otters living there.


And it’s good to have friends. Bass Man’s BIL was already there and stayed for a few days. Tony & Robert came down Saturday and camped across the water from us. Chet came down a week after us. And Hotwheels came down for a day. Through Wayne’s Words we always see someone we know out on the lake. Thanks Wayne!

Bass and Bassman

April 28, 2008 - Brett Mierendorf Wetherill - WTemp 54-57

The members of our party were Bill Wagner, Rick Parker, Clayton Dillahunty, Dan Romero and Bob Hiser. We camped and fished in Wetherill Canyon 4/19 - 4/22. We caught striper, smallmouth (including a 2lb 4oz in picture with myself), crappie, largemouth, catfish and walleye. we used jigs with plastic tails. Best colors were pumpkin and green with red flecks. Natural colors worked much better than bright colors. Fishing was good all day with a big bite in the early evening - 4:30 - 7pm. trolling the shore off shelves and rock outcroppings was best. Crappies in the back of the canyon.

Brett Mierendorf

April 30, 2008 - Kevin - San Juan

My two brothers' and I started out Wednesday the 23rd, from Bullfrog, and headed South to the San Juan. We camped just back, from the mud line, and got after some fishing in the wind. Jeff and Randy Phillips, from Nortonville Kentucky. They had never been to Powell, and were already amazed at its beauty, before wetting a line. But even after three out of four day's, of fishing in the wind, they still had nothing but great thing's to say about lake Powell, and how neat the scenery, and great the fishing was. We started out in the muddy water, and caught a Walleye first, and then we went to the clearer water around the corner, and started catching fish. Lot's of Crappie, and several Large and Smallmouth Bass. With another Walleye mixed in. We fished Wednesday and Thursday, and caught a lot of nice Crappie, the largest one weighing two and a quarter lbs. 15 1/2". and limit's of 1 3/4 lb Crappie's, 14" to 15". It blew hard, so we used the Anchor, and it worked well.

We caught them on 1/16th oz Stinger's in pearl White, and 3" Gulp alive, in white also, with an1/8th oz Chartreuse Gamakatsu led head, which worked excellent for Jeff and Randy, but the bigger Crappie's were caught on the Stinger's. We also used some Crawler's, when it got tough, and they will always catch something.

We left Friday mourning, with great weather to get to Moqui. We saw " HotWheels" on the way back, at the mouth of the Escalante, and talked with him for a while, and gave him our report. It was hard leaving the San Juan, but I wanted my brother's to see Moqui canyon and that wasn't a regret at the least bit. We caught them there Friday and Saturday also. Crappies and Bass. Not as large of Crappie, but some nice Large and Smallmouth Bass. We also had the pleasure of being around Hot Wheel's, and his friend's, also from KY, on Saturday.

We had two fish fry's, while we were there, and had a great trip, and time, both Randy and Jeff, were hooked, and promised they would be back in the future. It was a great start to another great year on Powell.
We Striper fished some, but never really found them, catching only five for the trip, but never being patient enough, knowing those Crappie were there to be caught, those tree's draw you in, after you start fishing them.
You all have a good one.

May 1, 2008 - Chet Garling - San Juan

Here is our report from the San Juan arm on April 27,28 and 29th. We fished for three days and boated over 210 fish, about 25 Stripers, some trolled up in the mudline and a few on jigs while fishing for bass.

We only caught two walleye, around 10 Large mouth bass, about a dozen crappie none of which were small, and the rest were Small mouth bass, most with some size to them.
We used tube jigs, small crankbaits(crawdad), pointer for trolling and casting.



The pictures of the otters came from about a half hour of them frolicking around. We also saw a falcon that had just killed a grebe, and we got the pictures of the Eared Grebe.


Best Picture of the Year

A great trip. No wind to speak of. We saw one bass bed with some bass around but no takers. At one point we were catching green bass out of one side of the boat and stripers out of the other.

June 10, 2008 - Bill Davenport  San Juan - WTemp 67-72

We got back tonight from four days in the San Juan Arm. Our group was three boats from the valley. We camped in Piute Bay near Neskahi and fished from Deep Canyon to the start of the Great Bend. We mostly fished for SM & LM but also caught A few Walleye (up to 3 lbs.), Sunfish, Crappie (up to 1 lb.), a 9 lb. Channel Cat, one Flannelmouth Sucker (about 2 lbs.) and hundreds of Stripers.

We caught a lot of SM on 5 inch Yamamoto single tail grubs (color did not matter much) on steep rocky shorelines. The LM and Walleye were caught on crankbaits (along steep shorelines also). There were small Striper boils all over Piute Bay all day long. There seemed to be only 20 to 30 fish in each boil and they were caught quite easily on swim baits, Rattle Traps, and crankbaits but you could only get 1-2 fish per boil. We did not see boils anywhere else on the lake when we were traveling. We found a large school of Stripers along the wall across from Deep Canyon and caught more than 100 in a couple hours yesterday using anchovies. The fish were only 10-20 ft. below the surface in 70 feet of water.

The stained water line was in the middle of Piute Bay. We tried to go to Zahn Bay on Saturday but there was a lot of wood and a huge log jam near the end of the Great Bend. Overall, it was a pretty good trip. I appreciate all of the info on your web site. I hope this will be of help to you.

August 12, 2008 - DT  -San Juan

Camped in Piute Canyon area facing east towards Neskahi Wash/Bay. No boils were seen the entire time except in Piute which was productive with short-duration boils with good fish every day, some right on the shore. Not huge numbers and they would have stayed up longer, except houseboaters had set up a slalom course in the back and were skiing in and out all day.

At the end of the lake, where it obviously turns in to river we discovered a lucky situation. The last small bay to the south was becoming landlocked. We crossed a shallow ridge, through brush and found the bay loaded with fish. No boils, but hook-ups every other cast, too many to count. Nice 15 inch yearlings on 4 inch Storm shad swim baits. There were no fish to be seen enroute, just at the very end of the lake.

On an ice run to Dangling Rope we got stopped by the mother of all boils right where the San Juan joins the main channel, just inside a small island on the north side. Big fish, up to 4-5 pounds, fat, aggressive, shad and stripers flying all over about a quarter acre. It was a ton of fun. The best thing was the island shielded the boil from the San Juan boat traffic and they stayed up for about 30 minutes.

So the fish are up there, but we found them to be very site specific and not at all widespread.

September 1, 2008 - Megabite - San Juan

Bass Man and Megabite arrived at Bullfrog on Wednesday August 27 at 11:30 pm. The temperature was still 90 degrees…gonna be a warm one this weekend… Normally we would load, launch, and motor to a camp but there was still some fear of large floating objects (this fear turned out to be groundless…all of the big stuff is up on shore now that the level has started dropping). So we loaded the boat and caught a few Z’s.

Launched Thursday morning and left Bullfrog about 6:00 am. Saw a few small groups of splashes on the way down – just before the Escalante and near the mouth of LLewelyn. Motored to the Jack’s Arch area, threw everything but fishing gear onto shore and went looking for boils. Nothing was happening there, went to Nasja because of good boils in the past. No boils but did talk to houseboat who said there were some in Nasja. Smallmouth fishing was excellent in Nasja. Motored over to Oak Canyon. Met Joe, his brothers, and friends. Said boils popped up each evening – scattered and very quick. Spent afternoon in the shade across from Jacks’ Arch. A couple of boils popped up after 3:00 pm. Went back to Oak about 5:30 pm. Waited until after 7:00 with only a few fish hitting the surface. Returned to Jack’s Arch to find splashes and boils everywhere. Caught fish for over an hour just throwing at splashes and occasional boils. Fish were 2+ lbs and very healthy. Boy can those things fight!

Friday morning. Very few splashes, no boils, at Jack’s Arch. Heard rumors of boils in LLewelyn, went to check them out. No boils and bass fishing was non-existent. Saw a large boil in the main channel on the way back south but got there too late. Waited again in the shade and into the evening. Very few scattered splashes out in the main channel and around the island. Serious disappointment after the night before, especially after our friends from Oak Bay came over on our recommendation. Met Stratos66 and his dad just starting a 10 day trip – I am SO jealous…

Saturday morning. Headed to the upper San Juan at 5:30 am. Was windy and raining. And very, very dark. Stopped in a canyon along the way to wait for some light… Bass Man did a jig as we went through the San Juan cut – he’s been waiting 8 years to take that shortcut… Fished bass in the big cove before the canyon to the Great Bend. Numerous smallmouth. Talked to a houseboat who said stripes had boiled there and out on the corner. Saw some splashes so went to investigate. No surface action but found a school. Jigged up a few and basically started an underwater boil. Spooned fish from the school for over 2 hours! All were very healthy and most were just under 3 lbs. They felt like 4 or 5 lbs fish but rarely tipped the scale over 3. Eventually we lost the school. Napped for a while in Neskahi under a rock. Went back to the same spot. Found a school again. Brought up fish for almost an hour. Start in the area of N37 13.067 W110 40.023 then look along the wall to the left and along the left side of the big cove to the right. Lost them again and headed back. Found numerous huge schools of shad in Piute but saw no stripers. Bass fishing was great in flooded tamarisk. Looked in Wilson Creek but found no shad or striper schools. Checked the mouth of Cha, again no stripers and no shad that we could find. Returned to Jack’s Arch and reports of striper boil during the afternoon. Stratos66 said the stripers would boil up on the shelf behind the island chasing shad. We all had a very good day.

Saturday night. Went to sleep to a great lightening show over Bullfrog. Man, they must be getting pounded. Awoke at 1:00 am to the howl of wind. OK, gotta go check the boat, camp, etc. Boat was OK but the awning was bent and hanging on by a thread. Took the cover off which settled that down. Then the rain started. Now we’re getting pounded. But the Springbar tent is strong and was properly grounded. Fell asleep to the pound of wind and rain.

Sunday morning. Decided to stay close because of storms. Went back to Nasja. Saw a few splashes on the way in. Stopped, found a school, spooned up a dozen or so. Scattered striper and smallmouth splashes occurred all morning long. Bass fishing was excellent. Returned to camp with more storms brewing. Weather report normally says “breezy” when storms are around, this one said “windy”. Oh my. Weather report was not good until Tuesday. Decision was reluctantly made to pack up and head back. The rain and wind come while we’re packing. It was raining inches per hour just to reinforce our decision… Rain finally slowed. Stratos66 calls to say they’re boiling behind the island. Oh Yeah! One last boil before we go. Ran over and fished boils in the rain for about an hour. Doesn’t get any better than this! Ride back was uneventful. Saw a few boats stopped like they were fishing a boil. Saw one boat with a fish on. We did not see any splashes on the way back.

September 9, 2008 - Rod and Cathy Thompson

I had a hard time spotting boils this trip. We did not see any boils in the morning, however we did come across some spotty boils between buoys 75 and 77 just south of the Rincon. They started about 5 pm and lasted the entire evening. This definitely made up for the slow fishing during the day. We were catching about fifteen fish every thirty minutes. They seemed to hit silver Kastmasters with red hooks the best.

We caught quite a few with shad colored rattle traps. We fished from Bullfrog to the mouth of the San Juan River and had no luck with anchovies. We did catch larger smallmouth than we’re used to with light green plastics and trolling rattle traps at 30 to 40 feet deep. Perfect weather this weekend.

Can’t  wait to go back in October.

Rod Thompson - Sandy, UT

September 18, 2008 - J M Pendleton - San Juan

I hope you like this picture of my eight year old boy

Clay Pendleton.  He is getting to be a quite the fisherman. We just got back from four days of camping in the middle of the San Juan Arm this month on the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th. We had great weather and a great time. Only my second time on Lake Powell. We live in Las Vegas and go to Lake Mead all the time but it just doesn't compare. What a great small mouth fishery.

We caught these in Neskahi Wash in a school of about fifty. The only disappointment was that we never found a striper boil. Look forward to coming back next year. I read your report every week and really enjoy it. Thank you!

October 5, 2008 - Dan Malone - Big Water, UT

We caught this 8.5 lb catfish 23 miles up the San Juan River arm on 09-25-08. We caught several other catfish, large and small mouth bass but not a striper in sight.


We did have several night time encounters with donkeys and coyotes. Hope you enjoy our picture. We had a great time as usual.

November 25, 2008 - Bruce Bonebrake - Crappie  - Piute Canyon

I am sending some pictures from our crappie fishing trip the night before we helped Wayne with the gill net sampling in Piute Canyon on the San Juan.


Bruce Bonebrake 

Fishing was great in the thick tamarisk forest right on the outskirts of camp.


Nob Wimmer

Live well full of crappie
Annual netting crew working up fish taken from gill nets.