March 4, 2009 - Tim Bagley - Red Canyon Stripers

Just walked in the door from another 2 day trip out of Hite. Stripers were gone from striper city which is the  general area at the mouth of Trachyte canyon. Between there and White canyon.  The same place we caught them last Sat and Sun had not one fish in it. We had to go all the way down to Good Hope Bay to catch them.  We ran down to Red Canyon and caught over a 100 mostly trolling megabaits behind the island in the back in 25' of water. All the same size @ 3 lbs. Rough ride back up the lake today.

We used jointed megabaits. Not the soft type but rapala type. They dive right down to 22-23 feet with 10lb test. I can't remember the exact # but it seems like J120. Silver in color. They dive a little deeper than the #9 shad rap which we also used with some success.

We also trolled the Spro hair jig with a walleye assassin tail at 3.5 MPH. We put a Spro jig on leaded line out 4-5 colors I think. Let it out till it stays just off the bottom. They will also work with downrigger but its a lot of work.

There are a lot of good spots but it will depend on water clarity as run off is already starting. The mud line is only 1/4 mile from Farley canyon today. For the most part the side canyons remain clear. you can always find them somewhere.

The store at Hite is closed but gas is still available from pumps. When launching at Hite now you have to watch the tire line. Most of it is underwater and you will bump them but they go down so you can pass.

March 9, 2009 - Wayne Crowder - Hite

Just got back from camping at Hite. Launching the 21 boat wasn't bad at all and getting over the tires was easy. The smallmouths were biting good up north and some of the largies were out as well. Nothing huge, but we had a great time and tried our best to keep warm. We even made it to North Wash to fish. Wow, what a great place! Water temps all weekend were 48-51. Not bad considering it snowed on us Saturday.

October 13, 2009 - Alec Wilkins - Cedar/Knowles

We decided to try and make a last run and try and track down some boils before hunting season takes over. We launched on Saturday 10/11 at bullfrog and headed north. We popped into Knowles and it was packed with camps. we cruised all the way to the back without seeing a boil or any significant schools on the sonar, so we headed up to Cedar. Cedar had a couple camping spots left so we grabbed a stretch of beach and unloaded the boat and immediately hit the water...we graphed fish in Cedar, but not real thick. We spooned up three stripers, right where the canyon narrows down, about 40 feet of water. We caught some SM and crappie in the very back of Cedar. That night we ran down to Knowles, no boils.

Sunday we fished short canyons right off the channel. We were graphing fish, but they were in 130 feet of water and suspended around 70 feet. I spooned one striper out of the deeper school, but that was with a lot of trying. We moved into Seven Mile, and caught some small mouth and one largemouth. Finally decided to run up to Good Hope.

Active Striper School on Graph

 We pulled into one of the coves on the south end around 11 AM and immediately started graphing fish in 50 ft of water, as we went back into the cove there were a lot of fish boiling on the edges and in the tammys, but the real action seemed to be under water. We spooned up 18 stripers before we lost the school. Lots of doubles and quite a few lost fish. Speed reeling or jigging or on the fall didn't seem to matter, we used 1-1/2 oz slab spoons, these seemed to get down the quickest and while we were on the school, we had a hook up almost every cast. Fish were thick on the graph from the bottom at 40 to 20 feet. The wind ended up pushing us into shallower water and we lost the school. Spent the rest of the day looking for a repeat, but no such luck. End of the day had us back in Cedar, the wind was bad enough that holding steady with the trolling motor was a real workout. We trolled until dark and then headed back to camp. We chucked out anchovies, but only had a couple of tiny bullheads interested.

Monday we returned to Good Hope, and it was pretty quiet, schools all seemed suspended in deep water and had lock jaw. We went back into the cove where we had graphed stripers the day before and nothing. Right as we got to the edge of the submerged tammys (30ft) we graphed a small school. We ended up spooning up 12-15 smallmouth and one yearling striper out of that school. Again the wind made it hard to hold in place and when we would drift into shallower water the school would disappear. We found that school a couple of times before they disappeared. Fished the stickups until about 12, with one nice small mouth and a couple of dinks.

Stripers were all caught on slabs, smallmouth on watermelon or white senkos, Lipless cranks and a couple on topwater. We were really chasing stripers and the action was a little slow, but everyone we talked to seemed to be doing well on bass in the trees. Heard from one couple in a white Lund that Monday had a pretty good boil in Knowles.

March 10. 2009 - Don Allphin - Hite Bass

I launched at Hite the other day after speaking with you. The water temperature was 49 degrees. The launch went well but we hit the tire reef going out. It might be wise to remind folks to be careful until the pass the tires, noting that the visible end of the tires is not actually the end.

We fished the upper end of the lake for a couple of days and found a few bass up shallow. We only caught 10 or so bass a day, all but two were largemouth, two of which were over 4 pounds. Our baits included crankbaits in crawdad colors and spinnerbaits in greens and whites. Tubes took a few fish but they were still pretty lethargic and very deep (30-plus feet).

I don't think the bass will wake up until the water warms a bit. We found, but did not fish for crappie in the back of Trachyte. They appeared just like a Christmas tree on the finder so I know they would have been easy to target if that was our desire.

All in all, the water was muddy near the channel and very cold. Hopefully things will warm up over the next few weeks and the bass will wake up and come to the party.

March 26, 2009 - Dave Behunin - Hite Bass

Just thought I would let you guys know how the fishing was Saturday at Hite. My boy and I fished from 8:00 to around 3:30 when the w@*@ came up and we just could not hold steady on the shore any longer. When it was calm and you could feel the very light bite fishing was good. We caught around 20 large and small mouth and lost some very nice fish to the good old tail dance. We used a watermelon senko and fished it weightless and weedless and very very slow. I guess Wayne you might call it "dead sticking" but maybe not quite. We tried trolling for stripers with no luck. Fished Red Canyon and White Canyon and caught fish in both places. Tried crank baits and zara spooks with not even one hit.

We used an offset, round bottom hook, My Son bought the hooks so I didn't see the package they came but I'm guessing they were 5/0. We used the 5" original senko's. (I believe the 9 series) It seemed like as long as it was an extremely slow retrieve and with the line always tight you could catch them, if you let the wind or the boat drifting to allow slack in the line then no action. As long as you had the line tight and you could feel the very subtle bite you were catching fish. I was using a very sensitive graphite rod and I think it made a difference. I have toyed with senkos and a slide sinker a little in the past with out much success. I'm thinking the difference must have been the much slower retrieve and not adding weight.

Most of the water was 56-57. The warmest I noticed was 58.6 in the afternoon in shallower water. Also I tried to do a little sight fishing but just didn't see many bass. It seemed like as long as we fished the slick rock slopes covered with rock structure we were always in fish. I love to catch large mouth on a zara spook and tried a number of coves with vegetation and not one surfaced after the spook, so I just kept going back to the senkos with success. Maybe the water is just not warm enough for a spook yet?

Wayne, fish were very healthy. Counted 22 boat trailers in the parking lot when we loaded the boat, viewed several other boats fishing and tried to pay attention to see what they were catching and did not see any fish caught. ? Sure wish the fish cleaning station was up and running at Hite. Can't wait to get back down there.

April 6, 2009 - Bass Man - Hite

Or should I say C-C-C Cold Fish Report: Arrived at the lake Thursday @ about 6:00 P.M. The old marina boat ramp is in excellent shape. launched and went and camped in 4-Mile. Water temp. was 54 degrees. Fished for about an hour. Gold Cup caught 1 crappie and I caught 2 SMB. Friday it was cloudy, Fished White and caught several nice LMB. One on a crankbait the rest were on spinnerbaits fished s-l-o-w. Went and fished striper city found stripers on top or around the shalow humps in 10 to 20 feet of water. Caught them on Storm deep thundersticks and Norman deep little N's. Caught most of them when the crankbait would bump the bottom (reaction strike) caught about 20 doubles that way. It was nice and the water temp was 55 degrees.

About 2:30 the front hit. We went and stayed in the tent the rest of the day watching it blow and rain, rain and more rain. Saturday morning, water temp. was 52 degrees Fished South out of 4-mile along the North shore (Big Rocks) caught several nice LMB and a few SMB. Went and fished striper city again and caught about 20 more stripers. About 3:00 P.M another storm hit we could see about 2" of snow on the bluffs around Hite. Cold Burr. Went and stayed in the tent and watched it rain some more and the wind blow. Sunday morning, water temp. 51 degrees, caught 2 SMB. The black bass just did not want to play.

We went to striper city and caught about 30 more stripers and called it a day. The wind was out on the North and it was still cold. Gold Cup caught first fish every day. I caught the biggest black bass every day. We tied on species. Gold Cup caught the only crappie and I caught two nice walleye. So the fishing was "HOT" but the weather was "COLD". Excellent trip! I love Lake Powell

The bottom Line: Stripers 110, LMB Friday best 5 weighed 11 pounds. Saturday biggest 5 weighed 13 pounds. SMB we caught about 5 a day they weighed from 3/4 of a pound to two pounds. Both walleye weighed about 2 pounds. All fish were FAT and HEALTHY. They made it through the Winter in great shape. Come on water temp. it needs to get to 57 to really kick off the black bass bite.

April 6, 2009 - Steve and Matt Scheidell - Murray, Utah - Hite Stripers

My son, Matt, and I just returned from Hite. What a cool trip! Water temps were 4748 degrees in most places. In the back of Scorup we found a balmy 51.9! ( Matt wanted to wakeboard!) I think the cold was pretty tough on the LMB and SMB fishing. It had no effect on the stripers. Matt and I fished Red Canyon. We trolled behind the island and graphed a few lone fish, but no significant school was present.

On the way out we talked to a fellow and his wife who were pulling out stripers non-stop. They were trolling North and South in 25 30 feet of water in the main channel. Matt and I threw out our Storm deep running jointed Thundersticks and trolled at 2.5 3.0 mph. We trolled from the hump that is north of the entrance back to the opening of Red Canyon. We had catching like we have never experienced! It was insane! Each pass was good for 3 6 fish. Often we had doubles. We did this for 2.5 days except when the waves got too big. 130+ fish!

Matt Scheidell

GPS is 37 43' 15.71" N 110 27' 37.24"W. We never did try Farleys or White, but the preliminary reports from Gold Cup and Bass Man look like they enjoyed similar success in Striper City.

A few folks have asked about launching at Hite so I have included some pictures of the ramp and tires. Launching was easy. We have a 19 Bayliner. We launched with a 2WD truck and had no problems. The tires are not a challenge just go to the right of the two Northern-most tires. It is easy to navigate the tamarisk stickups that are 40 50 North of the 2 tires. DO NOT go between the 2 tires and the line of tires because there are submerged tires there.

Other info mud line is just before Farleys. We did not see too much debris. Please remind folks to stick to the left side going down canyon as silt deposits have left boat-eating mounds in the middle of the channel.

Please feel free to use the pictures if they will help someone. I thought the one of Matt was funny - 42 degrees, raining sideways and he is in shorts!

Thanks for all you do, Wayne. Your love of the lake and enthusiasm for the sport has touched many including the Scheidell family!

Hite Ramp at 3610

April 13, 2009 - Don Morris - Hite

Story by Don Morris from Pueblo Colorado.

Fishing partners: Tim Messersmith from Pueblo Colorado and Eli Duncan from Phoenix Arizona area.

Planned this trip to Lake Powell for three months, it was the only weekend we could make our schedules work.
April 8th through the 11th, not the best time of year for Lake Powell fishing.
Arrived at Hite Marina Wednesday evening the 8th. Got on the water early Thursday Morning and headed for Trachyte canyon for some striper fishing.
Thanks to everyone updating the Hite access and fishing report I knew I could launch and to stay to the left of the canyon as I went out.

It was just Tim and I Thursday, Eli had to work Wednesday and drove from Phoenix on Thursday.
It was a good day for striper, not great but good, we caught 11 nice striper by trolling 15' crankbaits in 20 to 30 feet of water.
The striper are nice and fat and we got some excellent fillets, thanks to Eli showing up just in time to fillet the fish.
Friday was another Good day with Eli winning bragging rights by catching a 4.25 lb walleye while trolling for striper.
Saturday was good too but we put them back in the lake because Eli said he was not filleting anymore fish.
This was Tim's first trip to Lake Powell so I really wanted it to be memorable for him, I think Tim had a good time.

April 15, 2009 - Iron Rod -Alan Sargent - Northern lake

Wayne- thanks again for all of your advice! We drove all night Wed night and arrived at the Lake around 5:30am. We slept for a couple of hrs and hit the lake around 9:30am. Fished lost canyon and marked a lot of fish around 50-70ft down but couldn't get them to bite. Went to Halls, fished shallow in the willows and trees but no hits. Marked fish almost the entire way down the bank-come to find out we were fishing too shallow. We were casting into 5-10 ft of water and most fish were being caught in 15-20ft.


Around 2pm we headed to Moki. In the first 3 casts we caught two super fat LMB! I was sure it was going to be fast and furious fishing but....not another bite! We continued to fish all the way toward the back of the canyon-marking fish the entire way but couldn't seem to entice a hit. Headed back to the marina around 6pm and we were hammered!


As my two friends headed to the motor home I decided to fish in the marina at Bullfrog. I was watching some young fisherman catch carp and noticed in the water that there were some lighter colored and faster fish that kept swimming by..... I threw on a silver jigging spoon and after about 10 min I caught a 2.2lb gizzard shad! People in the marina couldn't believe it-nor could I. I will have to say that those fish put up a good fight!


Next day we were joined by my two brothers-in-laws and sister, we headed to striper city. We got there around 7:30am via the reservoir-what a beautiful ride! The ENTIRE way there the lake was complete glass-couldn't have had a smoother ride. Stopped around bouy 136 and started to troll. Within 10 min we had our first striper of the trip-the first striper for any of us! Trolling in 20ft of water with the thundersticks. We had a couple more hits then picked up a 14" smb. We must have had "too good of conditions" because we couldn't get another hit. Fished the mouth of all the canyons.
Around 1pm we headed to Red Canyon and trolled around the mouth and all the way up into the canyon. We missed 4 different hits but didn't land a fish there either. I saw 4 other boats and didn't see a fish landed so I am hoping it wasn't just the fact that I'm a novice striper/bass fisherman! Anyway we counted that as a successful day and headed back around 5pm.
Fished again near Lost Eden canyon that evening and picked up another smb. Our last day we decided to stay close and hit Halls....Fish were ON from the start! Everyone in the boat managed to catch at least 1 striper. We trolled the North shore about 15-20ft of water with deep diving crankbaits-white seemed to be the best color. I had 4 of these that were rated to dive 20ft and after losing all 4 the fishing was very slow. Picked up two more-one on a perch colored bait and one that was silver/blue with a red bill. The filets were so thick! First time eating this wonderful fish and it won't be the last!
Eli and I have been going to Lake Powell for 20 years but this was our first trip in 10 years so we were excited to go again.

May 4, 2009 - Mike Milburn - Good Hope Bay

I had a chance to fish a little last week while acting as the chief cook and bottle washer on our annual get together.

Wednesday was a beautiful day weather wise with light winds in the morning and blue skies. My partner for the day was Kevin and we made a great team. We started fishing in the main channel just below the south end of Good Hope Bay. Water temps were in the 56-58 degree range in the morning and the fishing started out a little slow. By noon the water had warmed a little and the smallmouth came alive. We did best on greenish brown 3 1/2 inch tube jigs with either a 1/8 or 1/4 jig head, depending on the wind. We caught over 100 bass on Wednesday and all but three were smallies. I did get one LMB about 3 pounds. Kevin caught a nice walleye fishing the same tube jig, but allowing it to sink a little deeper. Another boat with us tried trolling deep diving lures in the mouth of Red Canyon just south of the Castle Butte. They got around 15 nice 3-4 pound healthy stripers. They also did well on the brown bass, but they have more patience than I do and
they trolled most of the mid day.

On Thursday Kevin and I were joined by another angler and this was his first time ever fishing. We had him casting well and catching smallies within 15 minutes and I didn't even end up with a set of treble hooks in my head! It did get a little breezy on Thursday afternoon and I tried a crankbait because light jig presentation was very difficult. I got several very nice SMB on the Rapala DT 6 in Bluegill color. I think the fishing is poised to get better as the water warms further. I had to leave my boat at Bullfrog. OMG! I'll have to go back and get it.....any day now. Take care my friend. I have attached a photo of Kevin with a nice Walleye he contributed to the annual fish fry on Thursday night.

June 21, 2009 - Rich Vosepka, Salt Lake City-  Farley shore fishing

I fished Farley Canyon on June 18 and 19. Frequent small boils were all over the bay -- sometimes quite close to shore. The boils were most frequent early in the morning, before the sun was above the canyon rim, but there were at least a few boils throughout the day. I got six, all in the three-pound range, all on a 1/2 oz. shad-colored RattlTrap. I was fishing from the bank, rather than from a boat, so it made an interesting challenge -- running along the steep rocky bank trying to get within casting range of the boils before they subsided and without busting my head open on the rocks.

I also got a 20-inch walleye and a bluegill of almost a pound. Also on the RattlTrap. The bluegill was likely defending its nest.

June 29, 2009 - Juan Garcia - Hite

I went fishing last week for a few days with my fishing buddy Neil and his son Colby. We decided to head up to Hite and avoid some of the crowds. The stripers were boiling pretty consistent in Farley but were very shy. We had to approach them cautiously to even get a chance to cast. One pod of stripers came up all the way back into Farleys early one morning and we fished them for about 2-3 minutes. We used white super flukes, grubs, silver rattle traps. Early morning and late evenings produced the best striper fishing. We spent the mid-days fishing from Farley's to Good Hope in the tamarisks for bass and a few crappies. We caught bass on spinner baits, flukes, and on top water spooks and Zoom toads. Colby caught a 2-7 large mouth on a toad and pretty much fished it all day. He also caught some stripers with it. Here's a picture of one the bass he caught using the toad.

Neil and Colby Banner

After a couple of days at Hite, we packed up and went down to Bullfrog. We got into some stripers in Halls Bay and Moki but the best action was close to shore from the ferry boat ramp to just past Stanton campground and they stayed boiling longer than the ones at Hite. The stripers were not very organized and moving in big pods like you usually see. Although we did get into some of those big pods, most of them were is small groups. We caught them mostly on rattle traps and white tube jigs. Even when the boils quit, we still were able to catch fish by casting around where they were last seen and letting the lures drift a little deeper before retrieving.

The fish at bullfrog were also fatter and a bit larger than the ones at Hite.

July 21, 2009 - Dan Spitzer - Hite Boils - HOT!

We launched from Hite Friday afternoon and was it ever hot. We ended up camping on one of the sand/gravel islands south of Scorup and north of Castle Butte. By the time we had camp set up we were honestly too tired to launch the boat and fish, but, the stripers obliged and boiled off the back of the boat at camp and that started a great weekend of fishing.

We didn't really have to go far to fish. Stripers boiled every morning and evening all over the area and the only decision to make was which direction to head from our island camp - it's kinda nice when it doesn't matter. We did find that Saturday morning's wind may have covered up the sound and sight of the boils but once out in the main channel we found them boiling nonetheless. Lots of catching. I personally prefer top water fishing and a Sammy was my lure of choice. Thankfully I have several as I found myself with battered, bent and broken hooks more than once. Gloria prefers a Kastmaster spoon which gave her the advantage of picking up an occasional fish when the boils went down by casting it out and letting it sink.

The boils of longest duration were found between Two Mile and Trachyte Sunday morning. We had picked up 17 fish not far from camp that morning and then went uplake to "check out" Striper City. Between 9:30 and 11:30 we caught 49 more just past Two Mile. We had to do some chasing but the boils regularly came up in close proximity to where they had gone down.

There were shad everywhere. They would "wake" along the surface all day long from Hite to GHB.

Boat traffic was next to non-existent. We saw a couple of boats with fishing rods sticking up but only witnessed one other person fishing.

Launching and trailering at the old Hite marina ramp area was easy. There is a courtesy dock at that site.

August 7, 2009 -  Jack Herrin - Good Hope Bay

My fishing buddies Dave Cole and Tarey Treasure and I arrived at Bullfrog on July 30th and loaded the houseboat when north until we found boils. We found them in the main channel in front of Red Canyon.
Put the houseboat on island between Red Canyon and the Horn. Striper's were boiling right in the main channel from Red Canyon to the Horn,
This was going to be a great trip... :) Full Moon coming and boils, boils boils...
But was it was not to last. By Saturday boil fishing got really slow, we only saw one boil just before dark.. Tried doing some night fishing and got about a zillion shad into the green light, but they were very small.. less than an inch in size . But I did catch a few and put them on a small hook. Did not catch one fish..
Where did all the boils go???
Sunday we did not see any boils at all..... So tried night fishing again with some anchovies.. not even a nibble from Striper's, but the catfish were plentiful.
We decided to head back to Bullfrog on Monday morning.. Did not see any boils all the way back.
Tuesday Aug 4th was a new day and we headed south out of Bullfrog and found boils in main channel just before Lake Canyon.. there were a number of boats fishing there. The boils covered the whole channel area, but were scattered and not really boils but mostly tail slaps a few here and there but they were everywhere and very catchable.
While fishing we were checked by the friendly Fish and Game officers. I asked them why they were not fishing the boils yet... :) I see a report on Angler's corner that they did go fishing. See report by Andrew Garchar, looks like they already had.. :)
So we loaded up the cooler again.
Wednesday morning our last day of fishing we went back to main channel near Lake Canyon and only caught a few.. not very much boils going on. So we decided to go into Lake Canyon to check it out. Only got about 3/4 mile in started seeing a boil... so stopped the boat and it was like the whole little bay just started to exploded. Shad were jumping every where.. the Striper's had them trapped up against the rock walls and were slamming them. We just stayed right there in the one spot for about 2 hours and caught 40 .. this was the best of the boils we had seen. We were the only boat fishing this boil..
It was the last day fishing and the Day of the complete Full Moon,..
Our lures of choice were Sammy's and Zara Spooks.. Total for the week around 90 +
The fish length were about the same as the Striper's up north, but were not as FAT as Striper's caught down in Lake Canyon. The weight of the fish in Lake Canyon averaged 3 1/2lbs or better. The Striper's caught up North near the Horn were 2 1/2lbs to 3lbs. So seems the fish up north need to eat more Shad.. :) Maybe in a couple of weeks they will fatten up???

August 15. 2009 - Tony Ferris - Hite

Just got home after another epic adventure. I never remember to send fishing reports, so this is a first. Of note, we saw NO sign of red marking or weird things on any of the fish we caught. All looked quite normal. Most stripers were 2-3 lbs and fat.

Our trip across Good Hope Bay on Friday afternoon was truly terrifying. It was the first time I've ever been caught in bad weather on the water in all the years I've been going to Powell. I honestly thought we were going to capsize a couple of times and figure the only thing that saved me was praying real hard. Prayer works well! I don't want to go through that kind of experience again - ever! I tried to get into Scorup Canyon, but wind was blowing at 90 degrees to the canyon and that wasn't going to work. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but decided to head with the wind to the opposite side of The Horn, regardless of the rocks, then just as I finally got in front of the whole thing, I realized the Horn itself was blocking the wind. Seeing a real beach behind me, I hung a quick 180 and beached as fast as I could. I never want to repeat that again!

We found a really great beach in a protected cove on an island due west of Farley and White Canyons on the tip of the peninsula that sticks out into the bay except at really high water. I was able to tie up securely to rocks with three ropes on each side and a bow rope. After the wind storm, I had no desire to have a wind problem.


The young boy is my friend Curt's son Bryce. He was really excited, but the flash went off at an strange time, so his look doesn't do justice to his excitement!

Sunday my friend Curt and I trolled the portabote all the way into Trachyte with nary a bite. It was pretty disappointing to say the least. Monday afternoon we trolled all the way up Farley. You could actually get up to where you could see the campground and even the outhouses. It's been years since you could get that far.

Monday night, we encountered a truly epic boil at the mouth of White Canyon. In my 12' fold up portabote, my friend Curt and his son Bryce and I followed the boil into White Canyon and were in the middle of it for about an hour, pulling out 33 stripers, losing a few others. It was a blast! I landed 13 of them and the other two got 20, I don't know what the ratio between them was. Hard to imagine making only about 15-20 casts in an hour, but I was too busy getting a hookup and getting them off the hook. A 12' portabote is not conducive to having multiple poles for everyone.

The next morning, I climbed to the top of the little island we were camped by and saw another big boil in the cove where we were camped the year before. I hopped in my boat and went over by myself - everyone else was asleep. It was about 1/2 mile around the point to get there and as I cruised up, I made one cast and they went down, never to come up again that morning. Not to worry, I cast between a couple of tamarisk that were mostly under water and proceeded to catch small and large mouth bass for the next hour, having about 20 hookups and landing 15, all very nice size. Most were probably 1.5 to 2 lbs. It was a blast.

Tuesday and Wednesday were slow fishing, but we still found a few small boils, caught 3-4 and couldn't complain of being skunked. A few other smallies from the same cove as Tuesday morning and even several nice stripers trolling. As for tackle, it was the old tried and true chartreuse Yamamoto hula grub for everything every day.

We went to the tip of the point towards Trachyte on the island we were on, so we could jump off the rocks and swim and right as we got there (without fishing poles) in the middle of the day, a huge boil occurred right on that point and it was nasty to watch and not be able to do anything about it. I ran all the way back, got the boat and poles and got back only to scare them down and they didn't come back up. Oh well...We ended up with 58 fish for the week, about 40 of them stripers.

Emily caught a huge largemouth on Wednesday morning and I was so excited for her, I never thought about the camera, so we have no photo, but it was as big as some of the big stripers we caught - maybe 3-4 lbs. I was amazed. She had fun, though she only got into one boil. We pulled out and were headed home by 10:30 Friday morning, record time for us getting away early.

I think the next Hite trip will be done earlier, probably the last couple of weeks in July. We were there earlier last year and had much better luck, almost 300 fish in a week and most of that was fishing boils from shore that swam into our cove. You can catch them way faster from shore than a boat if you're lucky enough to have them boil next to you.

Oh, one other thing - we took a trip up White Canyon one day in the portabote and I couldn't believe how far we could go. I bet it was a couple of miles past the battleship rock. We saw a beautiful desert bighorn sheep. A big ram with a great set of horns.

August 24, 2009 - Dennis Sheperd - Hite stripers

Just got back from Hite, we were there from the 19th to the 22nd. Fished every where from Red Canyon to North Wash. Best fishing we had was in the main channel in front of and back into North Wash. Saw a few boils early morning and late evening. Most of the fish were healthy but we caught four skinny fish, we've attached a picture of two of them. We caught 40 fish, not the numbers but enough to have some nice dinners.

Den and Lisa

September 8, 2009 - Marc Caldwell - Floating Striper

Wayne - My name is Marc Caldwell and I'm from Rifle Colorado. On a recent trip to Lake Powell in early August we were looking for a camp site in the Red Canyon area when we happened upon this monster striper floating in the shallows, it weighed 36 pounds 4 ounces. We had some friends camping within a 100 yards or so of where we found the fish and they told us that there had been a boil in that cove just a few hours prior to us showing up. The fish was not hot or stiff yet so I believe that it had just died. A pretty fun start to an awesome week at Lake Powell.

Marc Caldwell

I also have included a picture of a large mouth I caught last fall on a crank bait in 6 to 8 feet of water in the Good Hope Bay area, she weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces.

The Lake's Getting Better And Better Everyday.

September 27, 2009 - Wayne Gustaveson - Short Canyon Boils

My fish report mentions boils at twilight in short canyons next to the main channel. There is no subtlety here.
When time to boil there is no missing the presence of the 900 pound gorilla.  Stripers announce their presence with splashes bigger than boats on the shoreline.
When the splash gets in range just toss the surface lure close enough to be seen.  The strike is instantaneous. If he misses the first time, he keeps after it until he catches up and inhales the 5-inch bait.
Then reel in the heavy fish quickly enough to take him off so the next cast can be made before the boil subsides. 
More anglers throwing lures into a boil results in more fish being caught. 
This is the end result.

October 20, 2009 - Mike & Anne Bevelhimer - "GPSPOWELL" - Hite Trolling

 We just returned from three days of fishing at Hite. After prospecting down lake as far Trachyte, all our fishing was done within three or four miles of Hite in the main channel. The recent winds have kept the nutrients stirred up and there is an algal bloom of varying thickness extending as far down lake as we went. Clouds of shad are everywhere, most seeming to be 2-2 1/2 inches. We saw no evidence of stripers being schooled up at all and although we witnessed some evening surface activity, there were no organized boils noted.

Almost all the fish we caught were caught trolling 10-15 feet deep at around four mph. The catching was very good, averaging about 5-6 fish per hour on one line. The remarkable thing was the condition of the fish caught. The males were uniformly between 2 3/4 & 3 pounds, and the females were between 3 & 3 1/2 pounds. ALL fish were 20" long. I can't remember the last time I've caught stripers this fat. I've caught heavier fish in the past but they were longer. Last November we were catching very uniform little "footballs" around 1 1/2 pounds near Striper City. I think these 3 pound "footballs" are the same year class, one year older. What a great time, and how great to put such wonderful table fare in the freezer.

October 27, 2009 - Drew Cushing - Hite

I just got back from a trip to Lake Powell with my father and Uncle. We fished Hite the first afternoon and evening and got to see our first boil. It was just south of the boat ramp at Hite and was quite a sight. We hooked up 6-8 fish before the light got to bad to see.

The next day we fished Forgotten and managed a few crappie. We next fished Smith Fork with no success. We made our way to Knowles with no luck and then went into Moqui where we did find a good black bass and crappie bite in the furthest back arm to the south. The crappie were 10-12 inches on average and were really active.
We decided to fish at Hite for the remainder of our trip, mostly on the off chance to see another boil. The wind blew and we did not see any more boils but we did troll the Hite area down to Farleys and managed to troll up 20 stripers each day in pretty short order. It seemed that the fish would not bite unless you were trolling at 3.6-4.0 mph. We used a zig-zag course and each time we had a hit on the outside rod. We kept speeding up until we were getting fish on all rods.
The fish were 12-20 feet deep and were not picky about the type of bait but fire-tiger seemed to be the best color. We did find a very receptive school of crappie in Farleys that we managed to finish our limit on. The crappie were larger than in the Bullfrog area by 2 inches on average.
This was my first October trip down to Lake Powell and I loved it. My uncle Bill and my dad Barry had a ball as this was their first fishing trip to Powell and they were immediately hooked on striper fishing. As a matter of fact after hooking several 20 inch stripers I had to force them to pursue anything else.

October 20, 2009 - Brian and Delores Cassidy- Cedar

Started out Oct. 20 and headed north towards Cedar and Knowles canyons. Found a nice beach in Knowles and set up for a little fishing action.
Boy where the large Mouth Bass on fire here, Parked the house boat right near flood brush that the shad loved hiding in and could cast off the back off the HB and catch the bass attacking the shad in the brush. About Every 2 hours a school of bass would shoot in and tear up the shad for a few min. then they would just relax with the shad like nothing happened. During the boils the bass hit EVERYTHING that moved, and we would catch a dozen 1-2 lb bass that had 2-3 others follow it to the boat.
Found plenty of shad in the brush in Knowles and Cedar but never got a striper on in these canyons, We decided to try down lake more where we did good last year. Went all the way down to Cottonwood canyon looking for shad and stripers and worked our way back towards Bullfrog.
Bass fishing was Good in most canyons but no stripers or shad to be found in the backs or brush. Tried Iceburg where last year we did very well but no stripers or Shad to be found, plenty of bass and Crappie to be found in the trees in the backs.
Went to a nice beach in Slickrock and did well on bass that evening in the brush and trees, Next morning there where a few boats bass fishing when we saw right near the houseboat in the brush a large school of stripers chasing shad right up on the beach.
Well we grabbed the rods and started to cast and picked up a few real fast. These fish where very picky about what the wanted, the would chase anything but only hit lures that looked like the shad. Best where silver X-raps or Storm swimbaits with paddletails, These look the most real and had the most action. These stripers where right at shore and a few hit my feet at waters edge, Oh what a site to see. There where no big splashes an they where in no hurry, They took their time and picked out shad to force to the beach. This lasted about 20 min then they moved out a little deeper, So we got in the fishing boat and started to cast in toward shore and reel outward, picked up a few this way before the headed deep. We tried spooning the school in 40', we had a few hits but hook ups.
These fish are harder to catch this year but in great shape and fight like the devil, Once you find them the fun begins but it was tough to get the pattern down.
Of note I like to fish with locking snap swivels rated for fish up to 15 lbs, I use these on pike in Canada and have caught pike up to 12 lbs with no trouble they are great for quick changes. DO NOT USE THEM WITH STRIPERS , I had 2 that straightened the swivels and lost 2 new Xraps.
This years. stripers fight so hard its like they are possessed, I thought the first swivel was a bad one but the next striper did it again.
( Later that day I tried to pull them open and took more then 30 foot lbs) Oh what fighters they are

For the lazy fisherman in some of us The catfishing is great on any beach, Grill a few hotdogs chop up and chum a little .
Add a bite size pcs to a hook with a little shot and just wait, doing this we avg 12 cats an hour with a few nice size fish.
(Cut the cats in to small cubes and roll in cornmeal and Oldbay then Fry for a great Lunch)

November 5, 2009 - Fred Silvester - Hite

Three of us fished the north end of the lake from Hite Friday thru Monday. The bass fishing was great in the brush, and we did well on stripers. The stripers were not boiling with the frequency we saw in September in this area but we found stripers in the trees in some bays, and there was usually and evening boil in the main channel below Hite. The stripers were healthy 3-4 pounders.

Monday evening while my partner was getting the trailer, a boil started next to the dock, and I boated seven large female striper in about ten minutes. As we usually do, we relied on swim baits for stripers, the money minnow seems to last longest and with the barb bent down on the 1/2oz head you can unhook the fish quickly and be back after more. We took home eleven gallon freezer bags of striper fillets from our four days of fishing and spent most of the middle of each day harassing black bass in the brush with tubes, shad imitation soft baits, and small swimbaits.

The weather was perfect and the full moon did not seem to alter the fishing.

November 8, 2009 - Bob Hahn - British Columbia - Hite

Wasn't I the lucky one with over 3 weeks amidst the splendor of Lake Powell country. I can't say the fishing was spectacular, but the weather sure was. There was only a single day with rain and only a minimum number where I feared to travel far in my 16' canoe.

Obviously, my experiences were different than most people who fish the lake. Not only was travel limited because of my craft powered with a 2hp motor, but I have no fish-finder, don't like to troll and prefer to catch fish on a fly rod. In addition, I found conditions at the north end of the lake much different than at the southern end where I'd fished in 2006 - 07 (as far north as Oak Creek) and also has described for 2009 in this website. Of course, everyone who reads these pages and who fished there this year know of the huge boom in the shad population. But the fish in or near Farley weren't back in the canyons even though the shad might be. Farley was always crammed with bait fish, but the bass just weren't there. I threw out a fly rod popper for a short time the first evening and was disappointed to only get 2 very small largemouths out of the drowned willows. Yet, that proved to be best day of bass fishing deep in the canyon!
But crappies were a different story and were they ever huge! One morning I caught 5 before breakfast, all on a Rattle-trap. And filets off a single crappie were quite enough for my first fish dinner.

After finding the same lack of fish in the other small canyons, I began to concentrate on the points in the main channel. Some of my best fishing, especially with the fly rod, came when I got out on the points to cast. But I also ended up doing a great deal of trolling close to shore, rarely using any lure other than a Rattle-trap or close "relative." One day I caught 5 different species--striper, walleye, both LM and SM bass and crappie on that lure.

Most of the other anglers reported that their only success with stripers was coming by trolling and that the fish didn't seem to be schooled up. The few late October reports about fishing out of Hite on this website seem to confirm that fact.


There were numerous days when I only caught a single striper despite trying a number of methods other than trolling. Just couldn't locate a school with a few
exceptions. The Wally Lure and a white Buzz Bomb (salmon lure) were effective on a couple of occasions. On my last afternoon I wanted a striper for one final fish supper, and fished a spot north of the mouth of Farley where a small submerged reef extended out from shore and was marked by a single willow clump at the end.
 I'd caught a number of stripers there before as well as all the other species mentioned above, including a couple of nice walleyes (just barely better tasting than stripers). I didn't get a hit while trolling, but the lake was so calm that the willow clump was enough to keep my canoe from drifting. The reliable Rattle-trap came through again and I began to hook stripers by casting. But they were all too large to even consider for one man's supper so I threw the first 3 back. I finally had to settle for an 18" "football." Wouldn't we all like to be faced with such a dilemma?
This was the first trip where I didn't catch stripers with flies. It was also disappointing not to be able to go out and walk the shorelines early in the morning and exercise a few bass. Even most of my LMs came off the rocky points.
However, I eventually located a reef at the mouth of White Canyon, again marked by willows, and hit the jackpot one evening when the LMs were busting shad. The bass loved my modestly colored home-made gurgler--orange foam body and hot pink marabou tail--and I landed 11 in about an hour. Also, in my only
venture deep into Trachyte Canyon I lured two of my largest LMs out of the willows with a revamped Hula Popper that could be 50 years old!
Alas, I never had a chance to get back.

Was the fishing terrific? No. Do I want to return? Anytime. Fishing is fishing, anywhere you go, and a person has to take the good days with the bad. That meant numerous days with only a handful of fish and then a break-out with 30 or more hooked. I sure hated to head north to my home in British Columbia. Nobody will ever have to twist my arm to get me to fish Lake Powell in the autumn again.

October 31, 2009 - Steve Kahler - Hite

Hey, thought I'd "Chime-in" on your Fishing Report. I have fished 2-3 days every weekend for 4 weeks (leaving Durango, Co in a couple of hours) and will fish alone, as my two buddies chickened-out. Cold weather scares some guys. We have had fun counting the Bass, Large, Small & Stripers (Throwing Zara's when on top). We have averaged 50 fish per day. The neat thing is, that the Lg & Sm mouth Bass have been real close in numbers. Nothing big, 4.2 lbs lg mouth is biggest and the others weighed 2.8 lbs as a high . Plenty of small fish that raised the numbers. Fished the Rincon down to Cottonwood (east side best) and last week went in at Hite, where launching was very easy at the main ramp. We fished "Top Water" all through the day and worms and grubs slowly on or near bottom. We found fish from 1 ft to 28 ft. Cranking a med size bait seemed best. Fish that were most active were caught on top. I also threw my 8 wt. Fly Rod with "Poppers" and had some fun. Got to get some sleep, I'll write you next week and tell you if it was like the other trips.

November 17, 2009 - Kevin Phillips - Hite Stripers and Crappie

Got to the lake Nov 5th - 8th,with my two brother's from Kentucky, Jeff and Randy Phillips. got to Four mile canyon around 1:30 p.m. started out trolling just North of Farley's. Trolling was slower then last fall, but still good, on umbrella rig's, with Hyper Striper's. Went in to North wash, around 4:00p.m., and they were popping on the surface here and there, within thirty minute's, they were every where., we started out with Zara spook's, but they were slapping at it, more then biting. We ended the day with 37 fat Striper's.


Nov6th, started trolling, and it was a faster bite, then the 5th, but not like we wanted to catch them. So I took my brother's, into White canyon, to see the Battle ship. They were impressed to say the least. But we were there to fish. So we went back to North wash, with Striper's on our mind's. They came up again, around the same time. We started out with top water, but quickly changed to Walleye assassin's, on a 3/8 oz leadhead. Fishing was fast until dark. They were in 6ft to 50 ft of water, and all over the wash. They would boil in small group's, but it didn't really matter, they were everywhere you looked. Ended the day with 68.

Went back to camp, and set up for night fishing, it took the Shad an hour to come in, and the Crappie's didn't disappoint. We caught a lot of nice Crappie, on 1/16th oz jig's, and a Shad on with that.

Night fished again, and same result's, great Crappie fishing. A lot of Crappie, in the 8 to 12 inch range, with a Slab every now and again.

Nov 7th, started off in North was, 8:00 a.m. A little surface activity, but not like evening fishing. Caught Striper's in the brush, and any structure, point's island's, etc. Had to clean fish in between all of this every day, and then got back to North wash for the evening bite. Wasn't as active on the surface this evening, but still good fishing. Ended the day with 41.

Started out Sunday the 8th, in North wash again, catching 20 in the early hour's, and went back to camp, got fish taken care of, and right back to North wash, at 2:00p.m, until 5:30p.m. the surface was going crazy by 4:00, and small boil's were seen, and heard everywhere. What a way to end the trip. Caught 82 more, for a 102 total for the day. The weather was as good as the fishing, for the trip.

Ended the fishing, with a night of great Crappie fishing, with a lot of 13 and 14" Slab's.

Thanks Jeffro, and Randy, for making this one of my most memorable trip's ever, 248 Striper's, well over 100 Crappie's", took a limit," and some of the best eating, I've ever had on the lake, Elk steak's, T-bone's, and a Crappie fry to end the trip, Jeffro's a great cook, and both of my brother's, are excellent fishermen, and my best friend's, Love you guy's, and can't wait for our next trip.