April 12, 2009 - Philip Roskowski - San Juan Bass

John Hildebrand and I just spent 3 1/2 days fishing the San Juan around Neskahi. We started fishing Thursday around noon after leaving Grand Junction around 4 am and fished until 10 Sunday morning. The fish were biting Thursday and never really let up. The water temp was from 51 to 55, mostly around 52 or 53. We had one of the best fishing trips ever. This is an annual affair and we have never caught as many nice fish. The overall size and quantity was superb.

We caught several dozen LMB, most 1-2 lbs with a few larger ones. The SMB fishing was great with probably 200 fish caught most 12-15 inches with a few larger and a few smaller. We fished mostly with black jigs and watermelon crawdads. We managed to land a few crappie, all over 12 inches, one walleye and 1 striper. We only fished for striper for a little while Saturday am. We could see them on the graph but they didn't seem to want to hit. Bass fishing being so good we quickly abandoned the stripers to go back to bass fishing.

The mud line was about half way around the great bend.

Keep up the good work.

May 4, 2009 - Tim Kelley - San Juan

San Juan Report-Tim Kelley
April 29th to May 3rd

My B-I-L, Dave L. and I in my Lund, along with Chris Michaels & Dave G. in Chris's Lund made it into Neskahi Wash about 2:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. We set up our tents in Bassman's fish camp and got ready to start out the afternoon with some SMB fishing. Thomas Jay showed up and hopped on board with me as my B-I-L decided to rest, and we went over to Bassman's ridge. Chris and Dave G. followed and we spent the afternoon catching SMB all along that ridge with a few Crappie also. It was a great way to start out the trip. Hotwheels and his crew showed up on Thursday afternoon.
Next morning Dave and I headed for my favorite multi-species spot, and started catching smb, crappie, and walleye. I caught several smb right off on topwater towards the channel side of the boat while my B-I-L Dave was catching from the shoreline side. Here is one of several SMB that fell to my walking stick that morning.  The best grub was the chartreuse Yammie on a half ounce jig head for shoreline fishing and popping it off the bottom behind the boat like Dave was doing when he was on the hunt for walleye. This is a picture of the big walleye he took while using that technique. We worked around the point and into a brushy cove, and switched to crappie jigs, and started catching slab crappie (I caught my 1st L.P. black crappie this trip).
None of the crappie we caught were small, and I only saw one smaller one from Chris's boat. Most excellent crappie fishing.
When the crappie bite died down we went out towards the channel off of the point that we had been fishing for smallies and found a striper trolling pattern that caught us some nice fat stripers. Here are a couple of stripers caught from many of the doubles we had. A lot of the time when one person hooked a striper the other one would burn his lure in and get a hook up doing that. We were using mad trappers
in chartreuse shad color, and blue and chrome rattletraps.

We would go back to camp for a two hour break, and then head back out mid afternoon for a great smb and crappie bite each day. Here is a pic. of a big buck sun fish in the most vibrant colors I have ever seen, and he gave me a fight that made me think he was a good smallie! I went ahead and released him because of his beauty and big fighting heart!!
SMB fishing was so great that I think I could have thrown a jig over my shoulder to my backside and caught a smallie. Every day was a reproduction of the day before, and I decided to make it real sporting by fishing for smallies on my ultra light crappie pole with 4 pound test line on it. I have used this technique before and it can be a real blast. I caught this nice fat smallie that came out of the water two feet in the air like a rocket twice before a long fight ended in my net. Lighten up the drag when trying this.
Once again a great trip to the Juan with good friends, and a great fish fry using only crappie on Friday night.

May 5, 2009 - Hotwheels - San Juan 

San Juan Fishing Report
Just got back from fishing the San Juan from April 30th until Sunday afternoon May 3rd.
This trip my fishing buddies were Rick Hunton and his two sons Tim and Brandon. This was there first time ever of being at Lake Powell.
I think they are hooked now for life on Lake Powell. :)

The Striper fishing was ok, we had to troll deep down to 15 to 20ft
with deep diving cranks or put on enough lead to get a rattle trap
that deep. Most of the Striper's we caught were in the Great Bend of the San Juan. Trolling Speed 3.7 MPH.

We boated 10 Striper's all were between 2 1/2 to over 4lbs. All the females were full of green egg sacks and males were also full of

The Small Mouth Bass and Large Mouth Bass fishing was very very good.. Most of the fish we caught were SMB all very healthy and fun to catch. SMB numbers were about 60 fish and LMB about 10, all LMB were released. All the Crappie were caught on small jigs and Bass were on Gary Yamamoto 4 inch curly tails, color did not seem to matter. Just needed to get up next the shore line.

We did keep some of the SMB and Crappie for a fish fry. Thanks to Tim Kelly and Chris Michels and friends for having us over and Sharing
their camp site and having us over for the Fish Fry. Tim Kelly sure knows how make a great Sesame Seed and Cajun fish fry mix, oh was it good..


This was also the best Crappie fishing I have ever had at Lake Powell. The two boys Tim and Brandon had never caught , Crappie, Bass or Striper's before. So this was a new experience for them and I believe they enjoyed it better and catching Trout :)


Will have to ask them again to make sure :)



May 12, 2009 - Rod Thompson - San Juan

Just fished Powell May 9th and 10th, up the San Juan arm, and got into some Walleye action in the evening from 6PM till dark. We were trolling green Wally Divers in 15 to 35 feet of water on light lines about 60 feet behind the boat along the rocky shorelines.

Rod Thompson

Sandy, Ut

The Smallmouth action was hot with Berkley swimbaits. I am including a picture of a 7 Lb. Catfish I caught with an Anchovy from the back of the boat at dusk. Thanks for all the tips on your website, they have helped me a lot.
The crappie were plentiful and easy to catch at times. We used white and yellow jigs most of the time for them and did quite well. The crappie ranged from 12 to 15 inches and were really pretty.


Dark Phase crappie


May 26, 2009 - ThomasJ - San Juan Stripers


Just got back from 3 days of rain, camping, and fishing at the mouth of the San Juan. I was not sure if I am going to get back to work to post on the bb in time for your weekly report so I wanted to give you a quick report. Left SLC on Thursday night and launched during a break in the rain on Friday am. Camped in main channel just up from the San Juan.

1st, Rain, Rain and more rain. Took down my new Springbar and stayed dry. Fished from underneath the bimini top. Mine is enclosed so we were able to go out and see the waterfalls.

On Friday we trolled with deep Thundersticks with just a little bit of success. On Friday night, just before dark the Gods smiled and it quit raining and the water went flat as glass. Now for the real news. Get ready......Stripers were boiling middle of San Juan channel, just up from Jacks Arch!! Not huge boils, not slurps, but 5-6 fish would come up and splash. The "boil" would be just long enough that a well placed Zara spook jar produced an instant hook up. I caught several before it got too dark to see.

Saturday, rain.....Back to trolling the Thundersticks. Same, limited success. Got out an old pole that I use for anchovy fishing and tied on a white, 1 oz Spro jig. The same ones you sold me on a couple of years ago! Still in their packages at the bottom of the tackle box. Long lined the jig and instant hook up!! Out come the chartreuse Spro jigs, they worked also!! Filled the cooler in a couple of hours. Went back to camp cleaned fish, had dinner and went back to look for the topwater bite. Got blown off the lake by a cloud burst that was the storms last hurrah.

Sunday, trip to Dangling Rope for supplies. Rainbow Bridge and back to San Juan. Spro jigs long lined on mono again filled the cooler. Just enough wind last night to keep the top water bite from happening again.

Uneventful trip home today.

Lessons learned this trip. 1st, Can catch fish in the rain. 2nd, Don't be afraid to dig to the bottom of the tackle box. I was so hung up on trolling Thundersticks I almost missed a great opportunity. 3rd, and I already knew this one, keep a rod ready with a top water bait. 4th, stripers can and WILL boil at any given time. 5th, spend the extra and get a Springbar. 6th, wife is still a trooper.

Looking forward to boils this summer!!

May 31, 2009 - Mike & Anne Bevelhimer (GPSPOWELL) - San Juan

 We just returned from 10 days up the San Juan. The fishing was typical of late May. SMB were to be had at any time on curly tails in the rocks and during early morning trolling for stripers. We were using Rattletraps at 20' with downriggers and the morning SMB would
often take the lures while I was clipping them into the riggers. Trolling was slow but steady for stripers, SMB, & Walleye. What wasn't typical was the weather and the uniformity of the stripers. We only caught two males the entire trip. All the rest were females. The shortest fish was 21" and the longest was 23". All were healthy and fat and over 3 1/2 lbs. (I'm guessing here as my scale had a dead battery). There were clouds of 1" shad in abundance and stripers feeding on them up against the walls at the surface. Most of the females were post-spawn but a few were still with green eggs and a few with yellow eggs.

The weather produced the best waterfalls we've ever seen at Lake Powell. I'll attach one of the pictures here for you. The waterfalls and flash floods brought large amounts of flotsam into the lake and trolling became too frustrating due to fouled lines so we finished up the trip on the SMB. The stained water from the inflow was down to midway between Piute and the Little Bend.


June 7, 2009 - Wayne and Brian Fish, Nephi Ut, Todd Topham, Santaquin UT - San Juan

Todd Topham

We spent three days, June 2 - 4, on the San Juan and had a great time. For the most part the weather was cooperative as were the fish. We caught lots of SMB, a few LMB and lots of sunfish using chartreuse grubs and tubes as well as blue double-tailed hula grubs. Most of the bass were a pound or less. The best bass of the trip was a solid two pounder taken on a 1/4 ounce lead head with a worm fished in about 20 feet of water.

The big news was the striper activity. The winds really calmed down on Wednesday afternoon and while heading back to our camp in a cove around Bob Hope Rock, about 1/2 mile from the mouth, we came across a small boil. With a quick cast of a spoon we were able to land one two-pounder then they were gone. The next morning was completely windless and the water was like glass. We started out trolling a couple of deep diving Shad-raps on lead lines with 5 colors out. As we rounded the bend at Eagle Rock we started to encounter boil after boil. We tried a variety of spoons, top water plugs, Rattle-traps, etc but the fish were very spooky and we could never either get close enough or throw something they were interested in enough to take.
We abandoned pursuing boils and started trolling. This time we switched to Hyper-Striper 3/4 ounce bucktails in white and chartreuse trolled using an umbrella rig (3 jigs at a time on 24" leaders) and running 5 colors deep on the lead lines at about 3 mph. We trolled between the bend at Eagle Rock and Trail Canyon. We caught 11 in about 2 hours. The most amazing things was that we had a double and then a triple.  The fish were in the two - three pound class and although they looked healthy, they were not fat. The only food I found in any of them was a few small crawfish in one's belly. Most were males with a couple of females with eggs.

Due to some motor concerns were returned to Bullfrog on Friday and ran through some of the worst conditions I have ever encountered on Lake Powell. My 20 foot Lund generally runs well in rough water and you rarely get wet. We were reduced to plowing through the waves and got a pretty good bath to boot.

We stayed at Bullfrog Friday night and decided to fish until noon on Saturday. Although the weather was better, the bass were not very cooperative. We decided to try trolling around Dome rock using the bucktails but also a gold and black deep-diving shad rap. We picked up one striper on the shad rap that was long lined on mono-filament off Dome rock with no other hits. We decide to troll from Dome rock back to the marina along the shore which has flooded brush. We tried to stay in 15-25 feet of water and picked up another striper and a three pound walleye again trolling at about 3 mph. The weather looked like it was getting ready to start blowing again so we packed it in and headed for home.

June 14, 2009 - ThomasJ  San Juan Boils

I just got back from a 3-day fishing / camping trip at the mouth of the San Juan. Came down on Wednesday night and launched out of Bullfrog on Thursday morning. After some searching we found a campsite on main channel at marker 57. Killed an 18 inch rattler on the advise of my wife that if I didn't, we were going home.

Thursday afternoon we ran into the San Juan to do some further research on different types of line and the effect they have on fish caught. Results again show that Spro jigs fished on fluorocarbon will out fish heavy mono 5:1 It got to the point where I reeled in the other poles and fished the fluorocarbon exclusively. No boils but ended with a dozen or so.

Friday morning I went out early. Back inside the San Juan. Now I know you like to gas and run looking for boils but this was one of those mornings where I turned off the boat and fan cast a spook jr to swirls. Me, the San Juan, hot thermos of coffee, flat water, the sun barely coming out and the sound of splashing stripers. Not much better. Wait, it DOES gets better! After 30 minutes or so the boil erupted and chased it for an hour or so. Very cooperative and if I slid the boat in next to them quietly I could get 2 out of each before it went down only to come back up just out of casting range.

After breakfast we ran for a ride to Dangling Rope for ice. Really didnt need it but it was an excuse to go for a ride. Just on the other side of Reflection another boil blew up and we chased it up and down main channel for 30 minutes or so. On our way back to camp for a late lunch another boil took off. This one was right in front of our camp at marker 57. For the next 3 hours we chased this thing all up and down main channel. I know it had to look funny! Me out on the bow of the boat gripping pole in one hand and pointing like a Labrador, barkin out "There they are!!" to the wife who was the willing driver in this whole circus. Again 2 fish per was the norm.

We went in for an early dinner and back out to wait for them to to come back. Only a small boil here and there.

Saturday I slept in but we went for a ride up to Neskahi after breakfast to take a look. Water just barely off color in Neskahi and no one around. The whole ride up the San Juan was spent searching for any top water activity. We even made stops and glassed the open bays with binoculars looking for splashes but fish would not show themselves. I have a business trip to go to this week and the decision was made to head back to SLC. We loaded the boat and was on our way out about 2 PM. Gee about the same time from the previous day that the boils took off. Coincidence?? Maybe but there they were, just up from our campsite. So with a loaded boat we chased the boil for an hour or so until we realized fishing out of a loaded boat with not much room to move, let alone put flopping fish was not going to work. We passed several boils between San Juan and Escalante and saw one just past Escalante. Loaded up, left boat at Offshore because I think this thing is just going to take off and I am coming back in a week or so. Quite ride home to SLC without towing a boat.

Lessons learned this trip: 1st, rising water make beaches disappear. Campsites are getting harder and harder to find. 2nd, morning and late boils are not always the case. Mid day boils can be just as if not more violent and productive. 3rd, don't bother with anchovies this year. This was the 4th trip this year that I have bought bait but never even opened or touched the bait box.

Things I still wonder about that maybe you could help with. When the boils went down, occasionally they would not just sound and disappear but with one big fell swoop and a violent splash the entire boil would show their tails and disappear all at once. This would happen in a split second and I question how do they know to all do this at once?? Anyway, if I was going this week, I would be at marker 57.

June 17, 2009 - Patrick Milburn - Striper Boils

BOILS BOILS BOILS Stripers 2 to 4 pounds in good shape

We chased boils mornings and evenings for three days from first light to as late as 11:00 AM and in the evening from 6:30PM till dark was best, there were boils earlier in the evening as well but the Lake would flatten out and the conditions were ideal at this time.
 We camped in the Iceberg area just off the main channel and fished as far up as Zahn bay in the San Juan arm, there were boils from Iceberg to the San Juan arm. In the main channel from Buoy 65 to 80 were great for us. When the lake was flat we got really good at picking up the "sexy water" (the ripples that are out of place) of the Stripers herding the shad before the actual boil and many times we could get in casting range before the boil erupted. They were chasing the larval shad as you mentioned. Most boils were only up for a minute or two. A few lasted for several minutes.


Cal Evans

The standard routine for us was get into range we would both hook up and the boil would sound. By the time we landed them, they might have resurfaced out of range and we would start the procedure over again. If they did not come up, it was only a matter of finding the next boil a few hundred yards away and we would repeat the process until they quit or we had more than we wanted to clean. We mostly used medium sized top water lures because it is so much fun to see them chase and hit it. They would hit most anything from pearl grubs to shad colored crankbaits as long as it was well placed just in front of the moving fish. It was key to not cast too far in front as they would often change direction before they reached your lure and if you were 1 foot behind you might as well be 100 feet behind, so reel in fast and recast!!


Pat Milburn

Smallmouth and some Largemouth were very cooperative most everywhere we fished. We caught a couple walleye some nice bluegill as well. Grubs and tubes in most every color you could imagine worked well, the best strike zone was 10 feet to as deep as 30 feet. We had luck with long casts and working it slowly to cover the depth ranges and dropping straight down and bumping the bottom.
Can't wait until the next trip!!!!

Interesting note... Several of the Stripers still had eggs and milt, a few of the smallmouth had eggs that looked like they were being reabsorbed.

June 21, 2009 - Bryan Kelley - Oak to San Juan

We hit lake around 11:30 wed am headed to Oak canyon and our favorite camp spot. Well that was under water as expected headed over to Reflection and found nice sport for 4 days. Headed to San Juan for few hours and saw no boils that late but did find some smallies willing to eat grubs in white and green and brown.

That evening highest winds that I ever seen at Powell 40-50 in canyon gusting higher.

Ripped my tarp in half that I use for shelter.

Thursday am 445 Mouth of San Juan buoy 57 slurps large group two from two or three boils headed up river found another group around Cha Canyon north side followed them for 25 min by staying parallel to moving boil. Using the Strom Swimming Shad to cast over the boil and run thru the boil under surface was good for one or two each time we could get setup as they came up to surface.

Thursday evening biggest rain storm I have ever been in on Powell. Made sleeping in boat a little tough. Water Falls were really cool .

Friday am Clear and same patterns for slurps in mouth and also near Cha. Smallies today are slow maybe rain did change their patterns. Friday night clear and fresh Striper for dinner great times.

Sat. same San Juan slurps flat as glass in channel for 55 min was best fun chasing the slurps around over cast and rainy again so headed to DR and Home around 11:00 am.

June 21, 2009 - Mason Williams,  Parker, Colorado - Between Escalante and San Juan

My family and I just returned from a great week of fishing June 14 - 21. The striper weren't boiling very frequently during the first half of the week so we stuck to trolling the shores in about 25 feet of water using shallow diving crank baits. This produced 3 - 4 fish per hour, usually walleye and striper.



When the weather cleared up the striper began boiling predictably from 5:30 until 7:30 and then again at night from 7 until dark. Fishing the boils was a blast and produced way more fish in much less time than trolling. We found that when you approach a boil if you can figure out which way the boil is moving and then pull up along side it, that helped keep the fish within casting range.

The stripers were all healthy and all in the 2 - 4 pound range, which seemed up to me from last year. The fish caught in boils weren't picky at all and hit almost anything cast into the boil. All together we caught around 40 stripers. Family record largemouth caught on shad rap.




Big thanks to Wayne for this website. It is very helpful!
Family record largemouth caught on shad rap.

September 14, 2009 - Sam Sherwood, Mesa AZ  - San Juan

We arrived at the upper San Juan near Cha Canyon about 2 PM on Thursday 9/10/09 and quickly picked the worst campsite around, dropped off our excess stuff and headed to the Neshkai Wash area and spent most of our time there before coming back to fish around camp. The day was very overcast and looked like we would get rained on that evening but we never did. The air temp was probably low 80’s and the fishing was very good. We did not see any surfacing stripers but caught small/largemouth bass in abundance, many over 2 lbs. Top water poppers were very good as was DT6 cranks. A white spinnerbait was also working pretty well. My novice fishing partner caught 24 and I was double or more of that. Largest fish was a few stripers caught on a jerkbait, about 4-5 lbs. with a 2 ¾ largemouth thrown in on top water.

Friday was more of the same, lots of very good bass action with a largemouth of almost 4 lbs (DT10) and many areas where the largemouth ruled and were caught 10-1 over the smallies. We spent a lot of time driving around looking for striper boils, much to no avail, wasting over an hour in the AM and another 2 hours about noon after we spotted some boils in Zahn bay on the far side of the Great Bend. Most of the time they were up and down before we ever got close but we did manage to hook up with a few schools that came fairly close to us where we could get a few cast in before they sounded. We did catch 5-6 lb fish out of these groups. We still spent enough time bass fishing to catch at least 150 this day with top water poppers producing well and the DT 10 crank along with watermelon Hula Grubs & drop shot putting the most in the boat. Anywhere there was brush, mostly salt cedar, we were sure to catch at least as many largemouth as smalls.

Sat seemed slower although we only fished until 10:30 before packing up. While top water did do well for the first hour and then shallow cranks, it dropped off quickly and we then went to the dbl tail grub and robo worm drop shotting out deeper (15-25’) to catch them. We probably only caught about 60 this morning and many were on the small side although we did have another couple of largemouth in the 2.5 range.

We never did go over used water so it’s hard to say it was an area thing but the hot sunny weather seemed to make things tougher and by noon on Sat it seemed lots more than the 88 degrees the truck temp gauge read. It was VERY surprising the amount of largemouth we caught. They were pretty much everywhere and very dominant in the flatter, brushier areas for sure. It was also quite disappointing not to see any more striper activity than we saw and we drove lots of miles and in backs of canyons and open water to see very little and what we did never stayed up for more than a few minutes. Of the 250+ fish we caught, 1/3 were less than 10” and 90% of that was smallies. Another 1/3 were over 13” and 60% of these were largemouth. It was very encouraging to see the largemouth make such a comeback. The water was still plenty deep to use the Castle Creek cut and cut many corners off of the long way around that has been the norm previous to the past couple of years. Water temp was 76-80 degrees and air temp was probably in the low 90’s late in the day.

September 27, 2009 - Wayne Gustaveson - Boils in Shallow Coves

Shad live in the trees in the backs of almost every canyon with brush. The riffle in this picture shows a school of shad happily feeding on the surface. It is easy to locate shad by looking for the riffle or driving the boat into the shallows and actually seeing shad shoot out under the boat. 
Stripers periodically come into the cove for a shad snack. These stripers are in about 3 feet of water and very easy to see from my vantage point on shore 10 feet above their head. 
On the right side of the picture a school of shad runs from the striper school attacking from the left.
Cast a topwater lure into the cove for an instant hookup. 

October 12, 2009 - Megabite - San Juan

Arrived Bullfrog about 3:30 am Thursday. Mussel inspector arrived at 5:40 am after removing the cones from the ramp. They are very cautious: Bass Man's live well had some water, they washed it out even though the boat had only been in Lake Powell since August.

As Bass Man said, we found a boil in Slick Rock. Should have checked Annie's - somebody should go check the back of each fork of Annie's Canyon. Checked the Rincon - no boils, lots of shad, ravens and a heron waiting in the cove in the back left. Found a good boil going at the back of the main (right) fork of Long Canyon. There were 3 schools of shad in two different sizes, two schools had long thin 1-1/2" shad, other school had 3" shad.

Heard report of boils in Nasja. Found shad in the back of most canyons. Found a lot of shad suspended towards the back of canyons. Found some but not many striper schools. Spooned up stripers in Nasja, spooned up a lot in Desha, saw lots of shad and stripers in Reflection looking like they were getting ready to mix it up. The upper San Juan was a bust just like last year - Piute was full of feeding shad with only one smallmouth in the whole bay eating furiously.

Found good black bass fishing everywhere. Best spots were around tamarisk especially in the backs of canyons because of the shad hiding out there. Best lure was a white spinnerbait that I make (because you can't buy them any more). Fire tiger worked best earlier in the year, but white knocked them dead this trip. Had more than one double of bass. There was no mid-day pause, we caught bass all day long. Walking stick baits were a distant second. Crankbaits caught a few. Poppers were not very popular this trip. Tried a large variety of crankbaits, poppers, and some plastics. Best 1/2 hour was one night right before dark - caught six large smallmouth along one shoreline near camp including a double.

Almost every fisherman we talk to reads Wayne's Words. Meet a lot of great people out there. I keep trying to convince them to post a report or send an e-mail to Wayne when they get back.

October 11, 2009 - Bass Man - San Juan

Left Wednesday Night. Arrived at Bullfrog @ 3:30 in the AM . Got Boat inspected and launched boat. Looked in the back of Slick Rock on the way to Jack's arch. BOIL!! Caught six nice stripers and headed on. Stopped at the first canyon to right past the Rincon. Boil on!! caught four more stripers. No sleep all day or night. Got to Jack's arch and started setting up camp. Then the wind started blowing. Slept the rest of the day and night. Friday went to the back of Najsa at first light. caught multiple black bass and a few stripers. Went back to JA and took a nap. More Wind!! Went to Reflection got into one boil and caught multiple black bass. Saturday went back to Najsha at first light caught multiple black bass and a few stripers no boils. Went up to Cha and Wilson more black bass. Most SMB were all a pound or over I caught one 3 lb. SMB and Megabite caught 1 3Lb. LMB. Went to the upper San Juan and caught and released a bunch of crappie. A lot of shad on the upper San Juan. Sunday went to Najsa and Desha. Spooned a bunch of stripers on BMS spoons! Thanks again Howard Great Weekend except for the afternoon winds. What an excellent fishery and the fish keep getting bigger. let's keep the QM out of Lake Powell.

October 16, 2009 - Fred Silvester - San Juan

Two of us left State Line Thursday about 5:00 PM and camped in Cha that night. We caught several stripers and black bass in the back of Cha next morning, Fished up the San Juan and found great black bass fishing for quality fish. We were primarily using swim baits on both stripers and black bass. ( takes less time to remove one hook from a striper that trebles) We stopped in Spencer camp that afternoon and found some striper so we camped that night and the next in Spencer camp.

First night we go into a great boil and kept about 25 stripers during the last hour of light. Next morning and afternoon, couldn't find the stripers, and the boils the next evening were up and down open water boils we landed no stripers. Moved back to Piute bay and had great black bass fishing including a great spinnerbait bite in stained water during the last two hours of light, mostly healthy largemouth with a few good smallmouth mixed in.

Next morning went to the stained water (which was full of shad) expecting a boil, second spinnerbait fish was a striper so we picked up the swimbaits and boated several stripers in 10' deep water even though no boils. We then went to the southend coves in Piute bay and spent the middle of the day having a great time catching black bass on swimbaits. We move to Reflection for our last night camp. We fished stripers that were chasing shad into the jungles by casting swimbaits to the edge of the jungle for shift changes.

We suffered through the Monday night wind storm and caught another half dozen stripers on the edge of the jungle before heading to Wahweap we arrived before the major boat traffic made the channel a mess, only passing one tour boat around Gunsight. We usually fish out of the north, even when we go to the San Juan, so it was interesting to see the California end of the Lake, The vistas are very beautiful, but we will stick to the north where it is easier to hide from the wind and the boat traffic is not so brutal.