March 25, 2010 - Andy Busch - Bullfrog to Good Hope Bass

Our first trip of the year and the earliest we have ever fished Powell. Traveled up the lake from Bullfrog and fished Forgotten, Cedar, Knowles and skirted around the edges of Good Hope. Temps ranged from 48 to 53.

Andy Busch

All our fish were caught in 50F+ water. Slow retrieved curly tails and tubes worked the best for smallies. Caught all our large mouth on a slow retrieved spinnerbait. Fishing was slow but productive.

Brandon Busch
Grand Junction, Co

April 5, 2010 - Kevin Phillips - Bullfrog Stripers

We got to the lake early Friday, and started trolling the back of Bullfrog, where we left off last week. We were in 15 to 28 ft. of water, on the west side. Trolling Storm deep running lure, like you posted a picture of a while back. Color was blue mullet, it's a salt water lure. The fish were in and out all day, and we caught 47 Friday.


Darren Ewell

 I have no idea how fast, but probably around that 3.5 mark. Saturday was the same but they weren't as thick to start, but came in around noon, I suspect from the deeper water, and we ended up with 22 Saturday. My friend Darren Ewell, is holding up a nice one, he caught, and he said that was the best fishing he had ever done in Utah, and Alaska was the only place he had fished that would even compare to it.

April 19, 2010 - Terry Kimber (CoachK) - Bullfrog Bass

Wayne, Just a quick not on our quick trip to the Lake. Drove down Thursday afternoon and got there about 6:30. Austin wanted to go fishing from the bank by the fuel Dock at Bullfrog and caught 2 on his first 3 casts. One was a 15" SMB (photo) So for all those wanting to know about bank fishing now is the time. Now that we have a boat we don't spend as much time fishing like that but still like to walk around down there and fish.

We spent most of the 2 days in Moki Hansen and Bullfrog bay as our boat is small. Caught many 1.5 lb fish with the occasional SMB up to 16.5 inch and as fat as I have ever seen. We caught a couple of crappie that were personal bests but at the cleaning station ours were 1/2 the size of most being cleaned. All LMB were put back and the smallies over 14 also. Still left us with a great meal at the campground.

Austin finally beat me fishing for green bass at Lake Powell. Both days.

Yamamoto grub in smoke/silver fleck was the bait of choice however we did catch some on fire tiger crank baits. No stripers this trip. We tried trolling in the back of Bullfrog for a hour or so but we are too impatient.

Thanks again for all you do for us fisherman.

May 1, 2010 - Russ Muir - Moki Wall Stripers

LeeAn Heder

 Russ Muir

Wayne, fished out of Bullfrog last week April 26-30th. Fishing with my sister, nephews and work partner. Weather early in the week was good Mon and Tues. Fished the Moki wall for stripers. Would search for schools along the wall and along the points, when located we would throw some chum and and drop anchovy tipped jigs into them, fishing was very fast at times. Fish were down between 40-70 feet.
Shawn Hawkins  A buck tail jig dropped into the group would usually catch a striper or two as well. Wednesday the wind came and then the cold front later in the week. Still caught some those days but it slowed considerably. Water temp dropped from 60-62 to 53-54. A few warm days should bring em back around.
Trevor Heder,

Russ Muir,

Brooks Heder,

LeeAnn Heder

Caught some nice smallies and largemouth in backs of bays along the rocks and brush, throwing grubs and minnow imitations. We caught around 130 stripers, most in the first two days, biggest was 4 lbs 15 ozs. Great time!!
LeeAnn Heder
Michael Heder with a 4 lb Largemouth

May 10, 2010 - Brian Myers - Bullfrog bass

Water temp 57-62

During pre-fish I ran all the spots we found bedding bass from the weekend before. I was throwing my trustee tube and getting bit everywhere in Halls Creek. My clients would be renting a boat on the day after our trip to do some fishing on their own so I will show them area close to Bullfrog.

While waiting on the courtesy dock for my anglers a small bass tournament was launching and there was a gentleman that walked down to watch the launch. He liked my boat so we began talking fishing and he wanted to know what was going on to catch fish. I showed him my spinning outfit rigged with my tube and then I said see the flooded brush off those rocks. I tossed my tube in front of the deepest bush and felt a fish hit it immediately. I said there he is as my rod tip pulled forward. He didn't believe me so I set the hook and brought almost a 3 lb smallmouth to the boat.

 Bayard Hollins and son Jackson
My clients found me and it was off to Halls Creek. We made our first stop on a ledge that fish were moving on to. 8 year old Jackson was flipping a Zebco rod like a professional. The top of the ledge had lots of brush so the first fish Jackson laid into wrapped him up and broke him off. While re-rigging that pole Jackson hit another fish and it was a good one. A nice 2 pound 10oz smallmouth with an attitude. After picking off a couple of smaller fish we moved to a cut in the back of Halls where we found some better fish during the Bullfrog open. We worked the pond in the back that was surrounded by brush and steep walls and the fish were loaded back there. After about a dozen hook-ups and a few nicer largemouth and smallmouth I took them from rocky brushy points all over Halls Creek. We could see bass on beds and you could now see the eggs in the beds. Show an 8 year old a bass on a bed give him a tube and the front of the boat and watch out. JW was all over the bedding bass. He would flip that tube past the bed drag it back to the bed shake it and BANG! JW would get a little over anxious and miss the hook set or wasn't fast enough but it made for a fun day for all. JW ended up with big smallmouth of the day and his dad ended up with big largemouth of the day so we called it a tie. All bass we caught off of beds were returned to the lake and next trip out should see a big hatch with lots of feeding activity.

May 13, 2010 - Robert Warren - Halls Crossing

Stinson Beach welcomed our extended family thru out May 1st to May 9th. Thunderstorm and winds keep us off the water for first part of the week, finding fishing slow and spotty thru out Hall Crossing area. Water temperatures’ below the desired 60 degree plagued our group until May 4th.

After that fishing improved remarkably, Stripers up to 14 pounds at 30-45 feet, Walleye up to 3.5 pounds at 18-24 feet, Small mouth up to 3 pounds scattered downwards to 40 feet, Crappies and Bluegill in warmer and shallow water, Largemouth spawning or just finished scattered within 10-30 feet from shorelines. The winning fish of course was a 6.4 pound Largemouth caught by

Marilyn Losee of Salt Lake City.

As previously years again our only complaint is the rude boat operators ignoring the ‘no-wake’ areas damaging boats tied up at shore and the over filled toilets. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

May 18, 2010 - Don Lehnhof - Big Bass

Caught this bass last Saturday with a 5" Swimsenko (pumpkinseed) weightless except for a very small split shot to make it float down just a little faster. I've fished Powell for many years and don't recall largemouth fishing ever being this good!

Don Lehnhof

May 21, 2010 - Scott s - Iceberg

Just pulled in from the Lake and wanted to let you know how it went. We beached the houseboat in Iceberg Friday May 14 and were stunned by the number of fishing boats on the water. Our goal really wasn't to do a lot of fishing but we did spend a couple of hours looking for beds but were disappointed. The guys we talked to were spending the majority of their time in the dead trees catching Sunfish.

One afternoon we hiked to Alyson Arch and found your name on the guestbook!! Great hike with spectacular views.

Tuesday May 18 we returned to the slips at Bullfrog since some of the crew had to depart. My buddy and I spent an afternoon searching for beds around the Halls Shoreline. I was amazed by how easy it was to recognize a bed but most of the beds we found were no longer occupied. We did find one male on his bed and he was quick to pick up a jig dropped near him. He was returned to the water. That was my first Largemouth ever caught with this technique...I can see how it would be addictive. We found the Smallmouth fishing to be somewhat slow although my buddy did fairly well using Senkos. He's a relatively inexperienced fisherman but was outfishing me with a technique he knew nothing about. Smallmouth really like that thing!! What surprised us both is that we caught four Walleye. Almost every time we found cloudy water we would hook a Walleye. We did keep 'em as they're my wife's favorite fish. Included is a photo of Anthony with a Walleye.

Thanks for all the work you put into this site.

May 24, 2010 - Jim Romero and Ken Trujillo - Bullfrog

Dates: 5/12 - 5/19   Water temp: 53-61

Areas Fished: Bullfrog, Halls Bay, Main Channel between Bullfrog and Rincon, Iceberg Canyon

The smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing was pretty descent, but varied dramatically from day to day. The only constant was that the fishing got better later in the day. Wind kept the water temperature low despite some warm days.

Smallmouth - the ticket was dark green grubs, finesse worms on a jig head, and white or shad colored spinner-baits. We could rarely catch fish in the same spot two days in a row. In the late afternoon, I could sometimes find bass in shallow water or close to shore. But more often than not, the only consistent way to catch them was fishing in 25-35 feet of water with plastics. This seemed very deep for mid-May fishing. Once in a while, we would find them in partially submerged brush. In those instances, we caught them with spinnerbaits and weightless worms or senkos. Worms were just as effective as senkos (and much less expensive) . A typical day was 20-40 smallies with 5-6 largemouths per fisherman. But some days, the wind made it impossible to fish for more than a couple of hours. I talked to quite a few fisherman that had caught only 3-4 fish per day. My guess is that many of them were fishing too shallow. There was one day when the smallies were nailing a Luckycraft pointer in ghost minnow color. The main channel wall structure was pretty unproductive except for small fish.

Fish were bigger overall this year than they were last year. 40% of the fish were 14 inches or larger, with the largest smallie at 19.5 inches.

Largemouth: When on the beds, they were hitting plastics and spinnerbaits. Water would be clear one day and absolutely stained the next day. You had to remember where you saw beds on the clear water day. We caught more largemouth this year than we have in other years, and they were pretty good sized. Most were between 1.5 – about 3 pounds.

Walleye: Walleye were hitting spinnerbaits, plastics, and jerk-baits. We could never catch more than one at any particular location but managed to catch one or two each day. The largest was 23.5 inches.

Stripers: We graphed some pretty descent sized schools that were 70-90 feet deep and one school that was from 25-60 feet. But these fish would not cooperate. We couldn't get them to hit anchovies or a trolled lure. We caught only one striper for the entire trip. It was on a jerk-bait and completely unexpected. He didn't have any friends with him…or at least not any hungry ones.

June 1, 2010 -  Brian T. Myers - Northern lake bass

Spring Highlights
WOW! If you were fishing Lake Powell anywhere near a warming trend this spring you were catching fish.
Lake Powell is as beautiful as ever and with constantly changing water levels with swings of enormous inflows and outflow it is like fishing a different lake every other day or so. Wayne Gustaveson's forecast was a bulls eye on the bass with a bonus striper, walleye and (large) crappie in the same areas. Targeting striper and walleye during May made for pretty tough fishing and with plenty of (large) bass around, catching is always more fun than just fishing.
I was fortunate to have some special clients this year. Several youngsters climbed aboard and the fish kept their attention all day long. I'm pretty sure we have hooked some future anglers that could not wait to tell all of their friends and family how cool fishing at Lake Powell is.
I was lucky to hit the warming trends while on the lake and was able to do a lot of scouting from Halls Crossing to Escalante south and Good Hope Bay to the north.

 Smallmouth bass where everywhere there was a rocky point or ledge with brush on it. I started seeing beds with smallmouth on them in mid-April and they seemed to average about 2lbs with 3-4 pounders here and there. Fast moving baits like a rattle trap or spinner bait would produce larger fish but you had to cover more water between bites. After burning the area with fast baits I would go back through with a jig, tube or senko and work the area a lot slower.
The largemouth started moving up on beds during the Bull Frog Open. We probably had an area with 100 fish on beds and there was a 6-8lb largemouth that we spent way too much time on during the tournament and could never gets her to bite. That's fishing.

While targeting stripers and walleyes it was tough. I threw deep to shallow diving crank baits, jerk baits, spoons, heavy spinner baits, you name it. I even would graph big schools of stripers and drift anchovies over them without a bite.
Shallow flats with brush and light rock seemed to warm quickest and hold the most fish. I caught this 4lb largemouth on a spinner bait where a flat falls off into deeper water. Where the flat came to the outer point and fell into deep water the fish were moving up on both sides of the point to the brush line on top of the ledge. I would just let the boat drift against the flooded salt cedars and fan casted the area with rattle traps, spinner baits and tubes and we had great fishing on that small flat. After hammering the flat we would just move along deeper brush lines and drop tubes in flooded brush and pull nice smallmouths and an occasional largemouth.
I had also found a small area that fished like a big pond. This pond had everything. It was the back of a creek channel that was filling with bluff walls to 20 feet of water with cottonwood trees down the center. There was brush all over the banks with long points and a brush flat in the back. The water was warming on the brushy flat and fish were moving in. This pond was loaded. It would take about an hour to fish the area and then we would just start again fishing the most productive areas.
 We caught fish in there on spinner baits, rattle traps, crank baits and plastics. The faster moving baits would pick off quality fish but then you had to slow down and fish it again. We would drag worms, drop shot senkos and jigs but we always ended up back with the tube because it caught fish 3-1 and multiple species. As the water got warmer and deeper on that flat more fish moved in and we were able to pull some nice walleye and crappie out of there and a couple of stripers.
Next round at Lake Powell should have the fish chasing bait everywhere. I have lots of bedding areas marked that should make for a target rich environment for all species feeding in those areas. Bring on the boils!

June 1, 2010 - Jared Mayfield - Iceberg Bass

May 19 & 20

We were down for a week and got two nice days where the wind wasn't blowing, so we took the boat up and down Iceburg canyon.
We were knocking them dead with just about every color of Smally Beavers by Reaction Innovations, but the best color we found was Waterbug.
We were catching smallies and largies
about every cast.
We threw them all back, so they are still waiting for you
in Iceberg... Go get them!

June 6, 2010 - Todd Lee - Bullfrog

We went down during the week of May 30th to June 4th and were planning on Striper fishing and smallmouth fishing if it was slow. We started catching Largemouth in 12 to 20 feet water and around buried structure that has recently been swallowed by rising water and caught many 15 to 20 inch Large mouth bass weighing up to 5-7 pound range. We also picked up more Walleye than ever before.

We used mostly red pepper flake Yamamoto 4 inch single tail grubs on a 1/4 ounce jig head hooks. It was the best fishing we have had for many years for large mouth bass. We also caught one fish as you can see in the picture that I believe is a pretty large gizzard shad in Bullfrog. Weird. Even the kids caught a few pretty good large mouths from camp on any rocky point with the same set up.


June 7, 2010 - Marty Peterson - Bullfrog

We fished 8 to 12 feet of water again around rocky shelves with some bushes using the smoke grubs. The fishing is still going strong despite the high temps! The water has been a little murky because of all the boat traffic which seems to be a good thing.

Once again we had a great time fishing with really great company!


Irene Kim

Tom Kudrle

The wind was gusting into the 20s. So we decided to try Lake Canyon. Our thought was that the walls would reduce the impact of the wind. But fishing was slow. Some of the lack of success was due to the fact that I left the graph at home, I am sure. I felt like naked without it. Between us we landed 1 accidental crappie that evening. But our goal was to be there for the striper spawn. None seen. Set up for night fishing and caught a few small catfish. Ended up in a protected location only 25 foot deep though. The few shad that came in to the light were around perhaps an inch long.

Friday morning still no stripers so we decided to try Halls Creek. No stripers found there. Tried some trolling and spoons. Definitely missed the graph. Later with the wind causing good waves around Stanton we trolled the shores looking there for stripers. Caught 2 Walleye. Moved to upper Bullfrog for the evening. Had talked to anglers catching small stripers while they were casting for large and smallmouth. Cast the shore and caught a few smallies. Trolled later and caught 2 more walleye a largemouth and a 4.5 pound striper. This striper was good and healthy but still had full, orange egg sacs. Ended up night fishing in another shallow protected spot. No fish caught. The shad that came in might have been slightly but not much larger.

Saturday morning was very calm. Caught a few smallies right off then nothing else till we quit around 10 am. Trolled deep runners a few hours both in the upper bay and then Stanton.


  We then ran back to a pond that produced good fish a couple of months ago only to find it full of parked house boats. We fished around the houseboats and Julie caught the biggest crappie she ever caught and Stan caught the biggest small mouth he ever caught. After putting the larger bass in the live well for pictures later on and releasing a dozen or so smaller fish we ran north to check out the Moki wall. Not a single boat fishing it. I graphed along the wall and found nothing around. We then ran to the back of Hansen Creek as the wind began to really get going. I wish the winds would go away. We found a wall with a main turn on it and the largemouth’s were stacked on that point in the deeper brush. We had a great day on Powell and taking a couple fishing on their honeymoon was a first for me. What a lucky guy Stan is. Another great day on Powell.

The pressure is on. 4 generations of Richardson’s that have only been wake boarding the lake. We would meet Friday morning in front of Ice Berg and I would pick up the first group of anglers. The 5 of us ran to the Rincon and right off the bat I knew it would be good. First cast while explaining how to flip a tube a fish hit the tube and we were on our way to one of the best fishing days I have had on Powell. The bass were not as big as earlier this spring but you would get a bite on almost every cast. The Rincon was unbelievable! All small fish were released immediately and the bigger ones put in the live well for showing off, pictures and then released.
  We then ran to the back of Ice Berg where I found the fry on the tree. I was hoping to get Grandpa Bob hooked up on that big largemouth I caught on Wed. As we motored into the cut, I flipped Grandpa Bob’s drop shot onto a tree and as I handed him the rod I felt the thump. The hook was set and Bob had the biggest largemouth of the weekend in the boat. It was a solid 3 pounder. We never found the bigger fish but there was a whole bunch of others in the cut. We found the fry just a short distance from where they were a couple of days ago but could never find the big fish.
We met 4 hours later in front of Ice Berg again and exchanged anglers. Grandpa Bob stayed aboard as the grandkids boarded. It was all smack talk on which group was going to catch the most fish. We ran back to the Rincon and the bite had gotten even better. There was constant swing and misses as the group was figuring out the bite. Once they figured out the timing of the hook set the fish didn’t have a chance. I was a busy guide. Landing, unhooking, re-tying one fish after another. We were in fishing heaven. After a couple hours in the Rincon we ran back to the last cut in Ice Berg to try and find the big largemouth. We found the fry but could not get the big fish to bite again.
  On Saturday morning we were dealing with thunderstorms. We ran back to the bait in Ice Berg only to find that the fry were gone and the small bass had moved in. The water temp had fallen from 78 degrees on Wednesday to 74 degrees on Saturday. The fish definitely wanted the warmer water. After dredging the back of that canyon we ran back to the Rincon only to find 4 foot rollers with a strong wind and little fish. The morning crew of anglers spent more time drying off then hooking fish. The bite was nothing like the day before however as the day went on the bite picked up and we were able to boat some nice fish out of Slick Rock.

June 17, 2010 - Brian Myers - Bullfrog Bass




6/9 – 6/12   Water Temp 70-78 degrees.

I started south to find a camp spot because I would be fishing with a group that will be house boating out on the lake and they would be headed to the Ice Berg area. Good thing I decided to wait until this morning to locate a campsite on the lake. If I would have took off out last night I would have just ended up back at Halls. Every nook and cranny to the Rincon had a house boat in it. With the mud line all the way to Bullfrog and the cold water also there it seemed that everyone was headed south.

The first canyon I went into was slower than usual. It seems like everything is a month behind. Stripers are still hiding and the larger bass have moved off. However I did manage this nice largemouth in the back of Ice Berg. I found 78 degree water in the very back of Ice Berg and as I was cruising along flipping a tube I saw a zillion fry in the top of a tree. This was the only sign of bait I have seen and it was in the warmest water I found. I flipped the tube on the tree and saw the largemouth swing on the bait and run off with it. I sure hope I can put a client on that fish.

The water is about 11’ higher since the Bullfrog open so I started fishing everything from 15-20 feet. That was where all the bass were.
Stan and Julie were on their honeymoon and had not been to Powell for a long time. They wanted to see some of the places they remembered from the past and catch some fish while doing so. I ran them into Halls Creek and began fishing waypoints from the earlier spawn in the 15-20’ depths. After casting spinner baits, crank baits, buzz baits and jerk baits all over the day before we ended up with drop shot Robo worms and Texas rigged tubes. It seemed the bass where still in the heavy brush around the areas of the spawn so it was important to not have an exposed hook. As always the tube ruled the day and it didn’t matter what color.


June 23, 2010 - Mason Williams - Escalante

My family and I just returned from our annual trip to our favorite lake. The striper fishing was a little slower than it was last year for the same week.
The fish didn't seem to boil at their usual dawn and dusk times, but rather boils were spotted at random times throughout the day. They also seemed to spook easier than usual.
I suspect that will change as the shad grow and the water warms. The bass fishing, however, proved very good. The fish were big and hungry.
Most of the smallmouth were taken flipping white and grey grubs towards rocky shorelines. The shoreline across from the Escalante River Arm on the Main Channel proved especially productive. Thanks again Wayne for this website!
The date of our trip was June 13 - June 19

June 27, 2010 - Maury & Cody Foye - Iceberg

We were fishing near iceberg canyon last weekend when we noticed some splashing on the other side. Thinking is was slurping or boiling striper we went to investigate. To our surprise, we discovered what I think is a large gizzard shad swimming upside down and in erratic circles.

This fish was 18 inches long and weighed 1lb, 15 oz. on the scale.

P.S. As you noted, the fishing was GREAT for all species, my daughter Cayen had many new personal bests and a great time as well.

Cayen - Catfish

Cayen - Largemouth bass

June 29, 2010 - Sean Stansberry - Olathe Yacht Club - Halls Bay

The Olathe Yacht Club had another great trip to the lake! We had a great time chasing Slurps in Halls Bay. A first time experience for a few in the group. The fish were up quick and gone, but we pulled in enough for a great fish fry that fed 17 men and boys.

"Boys with stripers" is Colby, Dylan, Devon and Zac.

"Zac Bass" is Zac with a 4+ pound large mouth.
"Markley Bass" is Brad in his lucky hat with a nice large mouth.

July 4, 2010 - Kevin Phillips - Bullfrog Walleye

My son Chad, and Sam and Cameron Conger, have been catching Walleye at night in Bullfrog, on Rapala's, jig and crawler's, and Gulp grub's. We fished last weekend, one night, and this weekend Thursday and Friday night, and have caught over 60 Walleye's. We caught a lot of Striper's also, and they were getting on the thin side, kinda make's me wonder if the Shad number's are down a little in Bullfrog.

But Walleye fishing is great, and they are fat. Most of them one and a half, to two and a half pound's. We caught 21 last Friday, the 25th of June, and 26 on the 1st of July, and 15 on the 2nd.

July 12. 2010 - Terry Kimber - Bullfrog

Lake Powell is a great place to fish. Austin and I hit Bullfrog up to Crystal springs canyon from 7/9 to 7/11. Wanting to chase striper boils but they are not as aggressive yet as there were last year at this time so it made it more like "hunting". Stripers were quick to sound unless it was a big group then they would not care too much.
 Last years bait of choice, the Kastmaster, did not work. A Yamamoto pearl curly tail on an 1/8 oz jig head seem to be the best bait. Most of them were caught at the big corner above the Moki Canyon entrance. We trolled bomber plugs and rattle traps in that area and picked up plenty of nice stripers. When we spotted a boil we would pull in and run to it catch a few then troll back over the area to pick up a couple more. Overall, we caught about 60 stripers with the average size about 21" with a couple of 16's and a couple of 24's. Oh and Austin caught 1 5" stiper from the bank.


Green bass are on fire as you can catch as many 8-10" SMB as you want. We did catch a few nicer ones and the SMB make the best meal on the lake other than the crappie which we did not find.
Most were caught on the brown or green hula grub and the same pearl curly tail. A fun trick is early in the morning throw that curly tail to any rise ring and you will get a hookup. It is like fly fishing with curly tail jigs. We only caught a few LMB but they were nice. Austin caught one that was just over 18" and fat.
 I did catch one Walleye too in the back of Crystal.

July 17, 2010 - Rich Tolway - Knowles Canyon

Based on last year’s labor day trip to Knowles Canyon and your web page we decided to take our annual houseboat trip north of Bullfrog. Yes the stripers are boiling, but they are real spooky, motors and lures send them scurrying to the depths in seconds. We had to go very fast and quiet to get up on the boils, they are getting smarter.

Walleye fishing was very good, we took at least a dozen walleye using Chartreuse deep diving plugs. Very nice size walleyes, I was surprised . At the beginning of the trip we were catching more walleyes than stripers. We couldn’t keep the smallmouth off our the plugs, most of them not keepers.

We perfected catching the stripers as the week went on. We started using ¾ oz silver Crippled Herring spoons as they let us cast far into the boils. The picture shows me with a stringer of 12 stripers taken at the crack of dawn from the mouth of Knowles and the main channel. When the boils went down we cast around where the boil was jigging the spoon a little deeper. Slowing down the lure and jigging after the boil went down worked well. The cripple herring spoon gave us weight for casting and for sinking fast, after the boil went down.


There were many boils we did not get fish out of. The stripers really wanted something smaller than we could throw far. Any boat motors or sign of us and they were gone…..

Rich Tolway

I saw a small school of about (6) gizzard shad right by Tapestry wall and they were all over a pound. They were with carp.


August 1, 2010 - Brett Perkes - Bullfrog stripers

My family and I were on LP 7/20-23. We had regular boils in Bullfrog Bay when the water was fairly calm. In fact the fish in the attached picture were caught directly west of the boat ramp and buoy field. We also found a number of boils about 5 miles down river from Halls Marina. We couldn't pick up boils up river traveling from Bullfrog to Good Hope Bay.

The shad seemed to be smaller than the Kastmaster lures that we had but the stripers were still willing. The stripers were very intent on feeding and when a boil would subside we could still pick up fish by letting the lures sink some before retrieving. Most of the time we would just continue to fish and catch after a boil finished. After 5 or 10 minutes they would be right back at the surface. Great Fun!


Blair Perkes (11), Kason Perkes (14), and Kohle Perkes (16) (Left to right)


August 4, 2010 - Jason Jones - Forgotten Canyon Stripers

The fish were boiling like crazy in the evening. Fishing was really hard during
the day. Then around 5:50 P.M. we started seeing boils by forgotten canyon. We
were in the main channel and fish were everywhere. we chased them all over and
were pulling in fish left and right. we ended up with 46 fish in around an hour
and a half. total for the day was 70 with a couple large mouth and a few
smallies. Fishing these boils you better hold on, these fish are fighters and
alot of fun.

August 16, 2010 - Devon Newman - Salt Lake City, Utah - Escalante

Hunted for boils near the Escalante river arm from 8/6 – 8/13 with no luck. Single and double jumpers was the best that we saw for the week and that was only during the morning and evening with the sun off the water. We were able to catch only a few stripers when we were close enough to a jumper to get a good cast. Smallie action was incredible with a silver kastmaster speed reeling.


August 10, 2010 - Bill Mulhair - Knowles

Just got back from a houseboat trip 7-31 to 8-7. Went from Bull frog to 4 mile canyon. On the way in it was lightly raining and there were small boils from Moqui to Knowles. Fished 4 mile until Wednesday. Looked for boils from 4 mile to Hite on 2 mornings, none sighted. One appeared in 4 mile Wednesday morning and we caught a few stripers on Rebel popR and Wally spoons.

Kari Uncles

Night fishing off the back of the boat (50' of water) picked up as the moon retreated. Mainly crappie all about 10 to 12. Wednesday we moved to Knolls and started catching stripers trolling glass shads and SR4 jointed shad raps. Also caught smallies in late afternoon using 3/8 lead head with Yum crawdads in pumpkin color and drop shotting senkos (Daquri color) and with top water plugs.

Delaney Uncles

Attached is a picture of Kari with one of the walleyes we caught, Delaney showing off his fine filleting skills and again Kari with a nice smallie off the back of the house boat. Thursday morning we hit a boil in Cedar Bay that filled a cooler and had the floor of the boat covered with fish. All stripers were caught in 17' of water or less, smallies were holding at 20' plus. The more rain we got the tougher fishing became as water became turbid. I must say we filled our freezer however it was some of the toughest fishing I have experienced.

Bill Mulhair
Jeanine Mulhair
Kari Uncles
Delaney Uncles

August 20, 2010 - Bill Eakins - Moki Stripers

Caught this morning outside of Moki on anchovies @ 45 feet

August 29, 2010 - Bill Eakins & Joe Porcaro - Moki Stripers

Hi Wayne ... We reported to you on the 20th, when we first got to Bullfrog...Bill Eakins & Joe Porcaro ... we zeroed in on the stripers (no boils sited in Halls- Bullfrog area),by throwing sardine chunks at them just outside of Moki. Included is a pic from Google Earth showing exactly where we fished .... "X" marks the spot.
There were two families from Snowmass, Co and a Sister from back east, (first time to Powell). We went past the Moki entrance and fished the first little cut on the right, just off the point and inside the "horseshoe". Stripers responded every morning (6:30 - 11:00) and every afternoon (5:00 - dark) with us catching 15 - 25 every time we went out. This went on for the next five days. We brought home over 100 beautiful fillets ... ate the rest there.
As you can see in the pictures, we had our own fish-cleaning station set up on the back of the houseboat. A lot of time was spent here, letting the kids teach us how to clean fish .... Joe and I just couldn't get the hang of it, so we stayed out of the way.

Here are pics of the kids getting ready to fillet ... that's Nicholas and Christopher at the table after a morning out.
The second is Olivia with "fish on" inside the "horseshoe".
4 year old daughter, Tori, it's the first real fish she ever caught .... carp on a "Dora" pole ...

Many thanks for your website ... we've been following it for years .... usually use it to plan our trips .... keep your line in the water ..... Bill & Joe


September 21, 2010 - Gold Cup - Bullfrog stripers

We found fish in Hanson and kept coming back to that same school for 3 days of fishing. BTW Goldcup out fished Kbass the last day (Sat.). I think we caught over a hundred stripers in the 4 days we fished. Our goal was to make sure that we had enough fish to make a fry for the rally.

The fish were in 55-75 feet of water. The trick was to not cruise too fast or you would miss the school on the finder. They were sitting on drop offs, rocky steep points and reefs. We both had line counters so we could drop it right on them. They would not go out of their way to bite. If the fish become startled by the sound of a motor they would split up and we would have to find them again.

Spoons were the answer, we did not use bait or chum. Once we got the school active we could pull up a dozen fish or so before the school moved on. Saturday was the third day of beautiful calm days with slightly dropping temperatures. The weather was consistent for the third day when we started catching fish on top water poppers and lures.

Striper Steve reported catching three varieties of fish Monday morning on top water and reported fishing small boils in back of canyons and Bullfrog bay . I hope this helps others to enjoy striper fishing. .. Check out the rally pic's...

Thanks Wayne for making all this possible...

October 1, 2010 - Bryan Replogle - Halls Creek

 Well, back in San Carlos, Mexico for some great dorado fishing, but I'll always be thinking of the Lake. A few days a year is not enough.
This was my first time fishing the northern part of the lake. I can't go too fast in our 14' aluminum filled with camping gear, my wife, and two dogs! We left Bullfrog and I guess I started daydreaming around the first bend and followed one houseboat thinking they were cruising down the channel. There were lots of boats, the scenery was great, and the water sure was warm. About an hour into Hall's Creek Bay and skirting across with the depth finder I realized that we were NOT in the channel. So much for not buying the contoured may and instead the colorful one for the wife. An hour later and I realized we were now in the real canyon! I kept going into the moonlight but there aren't too many level camping spots in the area south of Bullfrog and the Bay. Lessons learned were to have a contoured map for the current water level, follow your channel markers, start early and find camp early, and use your GPS. Oh well, I got to cruise the lake under a full moon.

My fishing hot spot: We headed back to Hall's Creek Bay. I tried trolling around and inside that first real opening from the channel into the bay where the sides slowly slope. Didn't have any luck besides the old standby of sitting on the rocks near a good dropoff dropping bait. I found one spot just inside the eastern rock point where the channel leading to Hall's Creek Bay finally opens up. The school came by but a few times for some great action. All nice fish on anchovies with a few on lures. Never saw a boil with but a few morning strikes on topwaters. At least we could still swim in the water I guess! Had time for a few smallmouth and one nice largemouth. A little 'fix' until next year.