March 15, 2010 - Ty Mannion - Hite

So Andy Strommenger and Ty Mannion finally got sick of the winter doldrums here in Grand Junction, Colorado and decided to hit the big lake on Fri, Sat, and Sun, March 12-14. We launched from Hite on Friday and found at least a dozen other trailers at the improvised ramp. A warning that you have to back a long ways out, where your front tires are well into the water to launch at hite. We only got an hour of fishing in on Friday but did manage to catch a largemouth and crappie. Saturday was a tough go with a lot of hits and misses with more misses than hits throughout most of the day until the water temp started to rise. We did manage to catch about every fish the lake has to offer and found later in the day that downgrading the size of tackle seemed to work best for us.

We caught fish on every type of lure crankbaits, curly tails, senkos, lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits but the smaller lures worked slowly seemed to produce the best results.

Ty Mannion

 Water temp around the hite area varied between 47 and 53, but most of the area was around the 51 degree mark on sat. On suday we woke to snow and rain and the water temp dropped . We found the main lake was around 46 with a few spots up to 49. Even with the drop in temp. we found fishing to be better wether it was due to the front stabilizing or figuring out what the fish wanted the day before, right before the weather forced us of the lake, is unknown. Fishing overall was slow compared to other times of the year, but that is to be expected and we got out of the house in an amazing enviroment and caught fish. All fish were fat and lazy but seemed as if they were preparing to go into prespawn mode even if the water temp. wasn't cooperating. We found the same water temp last year in middle of feb. I think the warming of the lake is about 3 weeks behind last year, so plan your fishing accordingly.

Andy Strommenger

A nice 1.5# crappie caught in White before the extremely muddy water further up the canyon.

April 7, 2010 - Bass Man Hite to Blue Notch Bass

Fished the upper lake last weekend. Water temp. was 51 in the mornings an 54.5 in the afternoon. Friday 4-2-10. Got to the lake @ 11:00 P.M. Headed down to striper city. Trolled for a little while and picked up a 3lb. striper. Headed down to Blue Notch to set up camp. My wife drove the truck around from Hite to Blue Notch. Blue Notch road has not been graded this year so make sure you have a 4WD and drive slow. The B.I.L.ís wife drove around also but went down the old boat launch and buried the B.I.L.ís Duramax up to the engine in sand (the B.I.L. had to call a tow truck @ a cost of 600.00 dollars) My truck could not pull the Duramax out. Donít take the first right when you get to Blue Notch or you will end up in the same place. Fished a little Friday afternoon and caught a bunch of LMB and SMB. Best 5 weighed 16 lbs.

Fished Saturday @ first light. Water temp. was 51 degrees. Did not get a good bite until 1:00 P.M. Started catching LMB and SMB when the water temp. reached 54 degrees. The best bite was against the wind blown shoreline in stained water. The B.I.L. caught a couple of LMB over 4 lbs. my son lost a LMB that was probably 5.5 lbs. We caught a bunch of SMB between 2 and 3 LBS. Best 5 for the day weighed 18 Lbs. We tried various ways of trolling for stripers with no good luck. Caught a couple of stripers along the shoreline while fishing for Black Bass. Saturday was the best day of fishing I have ever had @ Lake Powell with the water temp that low.

Sunday we broke camp and headed for striper city. We trolled there for an hour and gave up. There were stripers and shad all over the place but they would not bite. Striper City will take off soon. I think 2010 is going to be a very good year. Fish are healthy and shad are still abundant. I will be back soon 
He was pretty impressed with your lake. But that's pretty well all we trolled with, after I went to the Storm, blue mullet. They run 30ft, if trolled fast enough, with enough line out.

April 19, 2010 - Koby Hubbs, Utah County - Hite Stripers

April 15-17. We just got back from a fun family camping/fishing trip to our favorite destination. We tried to launch at Hite, but with the mud and a 20í boat decided not to risk it. I backed into the water until the rear tires on my truck got to the mud and decided against going further. I was about 3Ē of lift away from being able to launch.

We drove around to Bullfrog and spent the first night in Moki Canyon. We then ran up to White on Friday morning, racing the tournament fishermen (we lost). The crappie, small, and largemouth were hitting everything we threw at them.

We then started to troll for stripers at the mud line near the mouth of White Canyon. It was non-stop action until dinner with a cooler full of stripers. We went back to find a camping spot and set up for the night. We didnít get to sleep too early with all the fish to fillet.
The next day (Saturday) we returned to the mud line and I donít know what happened, but we only averaged 2 an hour until about 5:00 pm when we decided to call it a day. We still ended up with 19 for day two, but that was after 8 hours of trolling compared to about 30 in 2 and a half hours the day before.

Speed was important and I noticed that bite was the best at about 3.4 mph (GPS speed). Water temp ranged from 52-61 degrees with the fish biting best between, 58-61 degrees. We used everything from crank baits, rapalas, downriggers, to umbrella rigs. They all seemed to work, but the umbrella rigs worked best when it was slow the second day.

The fish must have wintered fine, since they were all around 4lbs. with nice fillets. They were strong too; the kids left the rods in the holders and just cranked them in because they were too heavy to hold the rods. Thanks for the web site and all the latest techniques to keep up with current conditions for Lake Powell.

April 19, 2010 - James Mitchell - Farleys Canyon

I really love your site. It was so helpful to me to be able to read up on all the fishing. I just got back last night and thought I would write up a report and contribute to this awesome resource. I have attached several pictures. Feel free to pick and choose which ones you want to post.

We launched my 14' aluminum boat from Farley on Friday morning at around 7:30.

Two of us had never been to Powell and one had only been houseboating there, so we weren't sure what to expect. After getting a camp site set up at the mouth of Farley, we decided to start looking for some stripers. I think most of our success was from pure luck. As we left Farley, we found a large school of stripers off the point in between Farley and White canyons. We were using a deep diving Rapala Shad-Rap.
 After spotting the school on the graph, we let out the lure and had a hookup within five minutes. It was a nice four pound striper. I felt like exploring White Canyon so we trolled through there for a while, but didn't catch a thing. I didn't even see anything on the graph in White so we decided to go see if the school was still at the mouth of the canyon. I let out about 300 feet of line so the lure would dive a bit deeper, and before I put the rod in the holder a striper grabbed on. Every time we made a pass over the school, we would hook one up.

April 20, 2010 - Randy Hunter, Joe White (Beaver Utah), Bill Hunter, Matt Hunter (Stansberry Park, Utah) Hite Crappie

  Matt Hunter

Fished Farley's, Half White and White Canyons April 17th-18th. We targeted these canyons for our short trip. We spent many Easters in these canyons over the past 20 years. Water temp 57-61 degrees.

Bill Hunter Our focus for the trip was to get into the crappies. We were able to find males on beds, both females and males together spawning. We found staging females about 5 to 10 yards from the bedding areas. This was fun to catch them grouped up staging. One of the most exciting parts of the trip was actually seeing the dark males school up on large boulders waiting for their chance. It truly was a great experience to see and fish all these stages of the spawn with such massive slabs lurking beneath .

My father (Bill Hunter) talked of this happening back in the 80's in the peak of the crappie fishing. He has fished for crappies in these canyons for 36 years and said it is finally getting back to the glory days.


We fished with various crappie jigs usually 32oz. to 64oz. with bobbers and without. We targeted good looking areas using the floats with the jigs about 3-4 feet beneath. With water being fairly clear at different locations it was crucial not to get right up on them. Once schools were located we lost the bobbers for more precise casts. Many colors worked the classic red and white tube jigs, White marabou jigs, and my favorite Northern Brand silver 64oz. Jipsy Jig. Many folks like to use a little larger tackle but we prefer catching this slabs on 4lb. test with 4'6'' Ugly sticks. What a fight and very fun.

We did not target largemouth and smallies but picked a few up along the way.
 It seemed like they preferred a little bit faster than the 3.5 mph that everyone talks about. I would be going 4-5 mph to get the line out faster and would catch one before I had time to slow the boat. I found the LM and SM fishing tough. We tried Farley, White, and Trachyte and couldn't really get into them. Everyone I talked to said the same thing, that the stripers were on fire and the other bass weren't biting much. We managed to catch two little largemouth, one smallmouth, two crappie (one of them a nice fat two pounder), and about 30 stripers. Overall it was a fantastic trip with great fishing and beautiful weather. I will definitely be returning soon.

(friends were Brian Eagan and Ryan Mccandless)

April 28, 2010 Ryan Mosley - Good Hope Bay

We made our annual fishing trip to Lake Powell last weekend, and it was one of the best spring fishing trips I've had since we've been doing this event. We camped at the bottom of Good Hope and fished upstream/downstream from there. Overall the weather was fantastic. We had some wind on Friday and Sunday night, but other than that the lake was calm. Water temps started in the upper 50s in the morning, but warmed to the mid 60s by afternoon.

Roger Schneidervin and Wade Cavender

Stripers weren't on fire, but provided consistent trolling action. Each time we fished for them, we caught 10-15 in a couple of hours. We found concentrations of stripers near the mouth of Red Canyon and upstream from there, just below Scorup Canyon. The mudline moved down each day we were there and was in the bottom of Good Hope when we left yesterday. The mudline didn't appear to impact the striper bite at all. We tried a lot of cranks, but did best with 1/4 Wally Divers and Thunderstick Jrs. trolling about 14-18 ft below the surface. During the middle of the day, stripers moved deeper (30+ ft). By adding a 3 oz. snap weight 20 ft above the crankbait, we doubled the dive depth allowing us to continue to target deeper fish. Trolling speed was 3-3.5 mph. Fish were extremely healthy weighing in at 3+ lbs. Almost all of them were ripe with empty stomachs.

Roger and Adam Eakle

Bass were on fire and we saw a few fish on beds along shallow gravel points with emergent brush. We caught fish on a variety of baits, but I did best with Yamamoto Hula grubs and Senkos in watermelon. Several fish around 2+ lbs were caught and activity increased in the afternoons. Productive fishing was found from Seven Mile Canyon all the way up to Blue Notch.

Ryan Mosley

Crappie were more spread out than usual and appeared to be staging to spawn. We found them in several canyons and draws with emergent brush. Different to the last couple of years we also caught a variety of size classes. A few were caught around 14-inches even while fishing for bass. Once again, the 2-inch Berkley Power grub in natural chartreuse performed really well. A bobber helped detect strikes, but we also sight-fished crappies in brush and dropped bobberless jigs to horse them out of the vegetation.

What an awesome trip! I'm sure similar reports are coming in, but I hope this report helps some. Ryan

April 28, 2010 - Drew Cushing - Good Hope Bay

We had a great time this last weekend fishing the Good Hope area. We had a great camping area and great friends to share the experience. I talked with several of the group and everyone agreed that this trip was the greatest ever as far as fishing for all species of fish. The weather was not to hot and not to cold, the wind blew, but not to hard. The nights were cool, but not cold. Even the camaraderie was not great but there were no fist fights either. So all in all it was a great trip and great fun.
It seemed like the mud line is quickly moving down lake at 3-4 mph and is currently in the Good Hope area. We caught quite a few stripers in the Red Canyon mouth. We also caught crappies anywhere there were submerged salt cedars.
The largemouth females were on beds by the time we left but had not spawned yet and with this cold front moving through I doubt they will spawn until the warm weather moves in. The smallmouth hadn't spawned yet but were definitely moving up into the shallows as the water warmed up.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this such a fun trip and I look forward to the next.


June 6, 2010 - Mike Ryan - Red Canyon/Blue Notch

Wayne, thanks for all the info on your site. My family and I love to get the report so I thought I'd give you ours. We went to Red Canyon through Blue Notch. on June 4th and 5th. We mostly used bare 16th oz. jig heads tipped with a piece of a night crawler. Other jigs used were white curly tails and white marabou, tipped with nightcrawlers. We caught nine different species of fish, including Largemouth, Smallmouth, Crappie, Bluegill, Green sunfish, Striper, Walleye, Channel cat and Bullheads.
Between the six of us we kept 66 fish and have 20 lbs of fillets. We used two canoes that were tied together like a catamaran and drifted along the drop-offs. What a blast for the kids. We went through 5 dozen worms. The Blue notch road is in pretty good shape right now.

June 26, 2010 - Harold Doerr - Rapid City, SD - Crystal Springs

We fished Crystal Springs Canyon June 19-23, pulling Husky Jerk deep divers; Clown and Blue minnow 15 - 18 ft along walls. Averaged 2+/hr. Great fun.

These are our grown kids. Your site helped us get on the fish. Thanks!

June 28, 2010 - Kevin Beck - Red Canyon Boils

June 22 - June 26

We fished all over but ultimately our success came right at camp in Red Canyon. Sitting eating dinner at camp over looking the lake. Noticed what appeared to be striper boils out in the bay (never been to Lake Powell but have read alot on your website) said to my son, that looks like a boil. It went on and on. It would disappear for a minute then came right back. We finally couldn't take it any more so we motored out to it and coasted in the last little way and BAM first striper ever! I gotta say, your post about all the silly little things that happen to you when your heart is in your throat as you try clumsily to cast in the right spot is 100% true! We chased those boils till the sun went down and I could hardly sleep just thinking about what I'd witnessed. Our success was about 2 fish for every 2 or 3 boils but it was a blast! We were using the Wally Lures that were recommended on your sight but when those ran out, just about anything with flash reeled in quickly, worked just fine. Read your report for the week when we got back and found everything to be right on with our experience. Slurps and Boils, there's no other way to fish. The picture is of my son Jackson with our first ever striper! Thanks for all your great work and the informative web site.

July 2, 2010 - Fritz Anthes - Good Hope Bay Bass

My name is Fritz Anthes and I am from Carbondale, CO. I was in Powell 4/9-12 fishing with three other friends.

We were fishing on the North end of Good Hope Bay with crank bate and tube jigs.
We limited out on smallmouth two out of three days and caught a handful of large mouth.

July 19, 2010 - Gar Summers - Good Hope Bay

 We fished from Hite to Good Hope last weekend.  Water temperature at Trachyte where the water was still a bit stained with mud was 89 degrees. Cant believe how good the bass fishing was. Before the sun hit the water every cast with a smoked or watermelon colored grub or senko resulted in a largemouth bass. After the sun came up it was still good but not like early morning. Smallmouth fishing was just as good. We caught walleye, crappie, catfish and sunfish while using grubs to catch bass.  Fishing was just amazing.

Striper slurps and boils were slow in the morning but about 3 in the afternoon until evening topwater fishing was just great. We caught about 80 stripers per day chasing boils. The best spot was the mouth of Red Canyon where water was clearer.  We saw boils uplake towards Hite but they were not as good as in Good Hope Bay. I think stripers cant see the tiny shad as well in the muddy water. 

Slurping fish required a good cast directly in front of the first fish but stripers in bigger boils were cooperative and hit anything thrown their way. It was a great trip with very little fishing pressure from other boaters.

July 21, 2010 - Bryant Buttars - Striper City

My wife Mindy and I (Bryant Buttars) fished the Striper City area July 15-18th. Due to a battery problem with the boat we didnít get on the lake until about 6:00 pm Thursday. We camped and launched in the back of Farley Canyon. There were at least 6 different areas that you could launch a boat without much problem. A 4WD is a plus to get the boat over the road to the launch points, but definitely not a necessity. I saw several cars back there, if that tells you anything.

We motored out to Striper City first thing Thursday afternoon and immediately got into boils. We did a lot of chasing and not a lot of catching until I figured out how close you could get and how far you had to ďleadĒ the school as to where it would come up next. Once I got that figured out we started to catch fish. We had the best luck with a 3" smoke sparkle grub on a 3/8th oz jig head just because you could throw that a LONG ways. The boils were very boat shy so long accurate casts were a requirement. The usual pattern was to get in front of the school, cast the grub into them and get an almost instant hook up. Iíd hand that pole to my wife and if the school was still up cast a Spook Jr. into the school. We got double hook ups out of most of the schools we could get close to. We fished boils until dark on Thursday, and even managed to pick up a few bass from the ones closer to shore.

Friday started out with boils in the morning that began about 0600 hrs. They quit about 0800 so I headed back to camp to gather up my bride and take her out to see the lake. We went into White canyon and found slurps going there in the first mile of the canyon. We fished those until it got too hot to stay, (I have NO shade on my boat. I GOTTA fix that problem.) then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and trying to stay cool. As a side note we found slurps in that area every time we went through there. They were there all day long all weekend. Friday evening we fished boils again in the striper city area. We found the most consistent area was the coves on the Trachyte side of the big point that is islands when the water is up. There were boils there every morning and evening, and a lot of times in the middle of the day. Also there was some flooded brush there that I caught bass off of every time I tried them. And I hit them quite a few times.

Saturday morning was boils again in striper city until 0800, then we headed down lake to Scorup Canyon. We ran into boils at MM 129 but had 2 boats go through them as we tried to fish them so we headed out. We should have stayed because when we came back several hours later they were still boiling! We fished those boils for a couple hours and did quite well. A slight breeze had come up that made it easier to sneak up on them by getting up wind of them and letting the wind take you to them. No motor needed at all. That was nice considering that my electric motor has a bearing going out and was just as loud as my big motor! One thing I did notice was that the fish from these boils were noticeably bigger than those we caught around Striper City. They also had full ovaries whereas the ones around Striper City had spent ovaries. Maybe the ones farther down the channel hadnít been spending their time worrying about sex and had the feed bucket on? I think the boils around MMís 129-130 could be found about anytime. They were still boiling when we left, but the wife was cooking so went and found another swimming spot.

That evening the wind made it almost impossible to spot boils so did a little trolling in Farley and caught quite a few stripers and a couple Walleye. My wife liked that kind of fishing because all she had to do was read her book until I handed her a pole.

Sunday morning I fished boils in striper City until 0800, then went and broke camp and was ready to leave by 0900. Mindy said she wanted to go for one last boat ride so we went out of a short ride that turned into a couple more hours of boil fishing in Striper City. I donít think that was what Mindy had in mind when said ďGo for a rideĒ but it was a nice end to the trip.

There was really no reason to leave the Striper City area if you wanted to fish boils. They were going on just about everywhere if you looked for them. Some were more like aggressive slurps, some half slurp half boil, (SLOILS?) and some were full blown boils that could be heard from a mile away.

I caught bass just about everywhere I fished for them, but didnít fish for them near as much as I normally do because of the lack of shade on the boat. (GOT to fix that.) We caught about 100 stripers for the weekend, but really didnít fish for them that hard. Spent a lot of time in the water trying to stay cool, and just had a great time spending time with my best friend at my favorite lake. Fishing was just an added bonus.

July 21, 2010 - Scott Champlin - Good Hope bay boils


I read your reports regularly. I have been going to Lake Powell every year for about 18 years straight. Your information is always helpful.

Last week (July 9-17th) I was on the lake with family and friends. We left out of Halls Crossing and headed north towards Hite. We ran into some awesome striper fishing just north of Good Hope Bay. The hottest action was between Red Canyon and 4 Mile Canyon. The boils were consistent all day and especially aggressive one evening. We caught over 100 stripers in 2 days throwing Ĺ oz kastmasters and ĺĒ weighted swim baits. Hooks were pretty automatic almost every cast. Even if the boil went down, fish were still coming up and hitting the bait in the top 5 ft of water. It was awesome and the fillets will make for a great fish fry this weekend.

August 2, 2010 - Craig Smith - Farley to Trachyte

We fished July 15-19th and had good success trolling wally divers in 12 - 40' of water (parallel to shore) picking up Walleye (15) and stripers plus an occasional small mouth and fat green sunfish. Additionally trolling in center channel away from the inlet of Trachyte we hooked an adult Gizzard shad in its dorsal fin. These fish must be immune to any waterborne perils except stripers because the MUCUS that covers them is the thickest, stickiest and most waterproof GOO imaginable!

Boils in the area were numerous enough that we'd interrupt our trolling to pick up hungry fish, but for most of our weekend, boils were not frequent enough be our only quarry. We picked up about half of our catch of stripers from boils.

Walleye were the unexpected bonus of this trip (picture attached). I'd always considered them an occasional and accidental catch at Powell, but we found them numerous and healthy.

August 3, 2010 - Chet Garling - Buoy 110-120

Arrived at camp just uplake from mile marker 110 on Friday the 23rd, fished a boil(slurps) and managed 5 fish right around mm 110. The rest of the time we spent having a family vacation with some fishing cruises involved. Traveled back to Bullfrog and Halls a couple of times and did not see any boils south of mm110. Found very difficult to fish boils at mm 110,113, 114, 117 (had one boil around 117 that we managed 9 out of), and the cove where the floating restroom is at the bottom of Good Hope bay, all of Good Hope would light up with very frustrating slurps that would go down just as you got there and of course were moving too fast for the electric, fished one strong boil at mm 126 had a personal best for the boat with six fish on at one time, landed about 20 out of that boil which happened at noon (saw Wayne's netting boat there).

Bass fishing at first light was hit or miss, had success some days and some days not, topwater seemed the best one day slow presentation - one day a fast presentation worked. Could not entice deep bass with anything during the day or on evenings (spent more time cruising for boils anyway) Ten days on the lake had only one day of rain which produced some great waterfalls.

The boils got better as the 10 days went on and the moon waned. Successful lures included Sammys, Spooks and Jrs, silver Kastmasters, both wallylures and Howard's Bassman specials, pop'rs, pete klockis diving crankbaits (with feather) and rabbit hide jigs chartreuse color (sorry forgot names for them). I could not find schools to use spoons on to jig up, checked all the places where I have had success in the past. Boils were very boat shy with the exception of a couple. The best part of the vacation was having my wife tell me that 10 days wasn't enough, we could do more, and the kids(21 and 16) still love to come to Powell with us, can't wait for retirement.

August 4, 2010 - Sean Stansberry - Olathe Yacht Club - Knowles

The Olathe Yacht Club took another voyage to the lake July 27th - July 31st. Great trip! Nice weather with the cloud cover and some rain. Set up camp in the back of Knowles Canyon, but never made it up to Good Hope.



Striper boils were slow and sporadic in our area, but the bass were busy chasing shad. Shad everywhere! Saw several smallmouth boils in the backs of canyons. Caught them on top water, cranks, spinner baits, tubes and about anything else we threw.



Here are pictures of 2 and 3 pound large mouth caught by Zac, Austin and Calvin.



August 5, 2010 - Sean Giddings - Hite

Went down with the family monday and tuesday. Son and I headed out each morning fishing while the wife and daughters stayed in bed until forced to get up by the heat. Hite was muddy and brown. The water greened up as you got close to Farleys. We boated about a dozen striper and some SM, sunfish and bluegill while trolling monday a.m. in the main channel and Farleys as we watched for boils. Never saw any monday a.m. Spent the day playing with the family.

Monday night found boils in Striper City area and boated another dozen in about an hour. Boils were small but staying up for a while and coming right back up after going down. We could have probably pulled alot more striper in but my 7 year old was really tired and cranky and wanted to go to camp. Huge storm monday night and alot of trash and driftwood had come out of north wash in the morning and muddied the water up.

Ran down to Red Canyon tuesday a.m. and found a large boil there and boated a dozen or so striper before they went away and didn't come back up. Went back and packed up camp and refueled the boat. Headed down and played across from 2 mile canyon in the afternoon and a boil came up and kept popping up for about an hour as we swam and the kids jumped from rocks. We kept thinking about trying to go catch some but knew that as soon as we tried they would disappear.

Ran down to Red Canyon and hung around looking for boils about 5:30 p.m. and spent an hour and never saw any. Ran back to Striper City and found boils there right away. Pulled about 15 Striper out before having to head back in. The boils were small but didn't stay down for long. One time they came up all around the boat and we had 4 rods at once with striper on them. After the boil went down my 7 year old asked if she could cast her Shakespeare pink ugly stik spincast out and she ended up catching a striper and told us to help it was trying to pull her out of the boat. It took her a while but she finally got it in with her little pink rod and 6# line.

The boils were right at the shoreline at times making it hard to even get a lure into them. After the boils left there were ravens coming in and eating the shad that had gotten onto shore and into the rocks trying to get away from the striper. I think that if we had stuck with it each evening we would have been able to boat a lot more fish but we had fun. Ended up with about 50 striper for 8 hours of fishing but if had chased more seriously could have probably put a lot more in the boat. Used Kastmasters, top waters and I had great luck with a shallow diving white glitter crank bait. The SM and LM were pretty tight lipped. We fished for them with a number of different techniques and only boated a few small SM. Trolling was actually where we caught the most.

August 8, 2010 - Craig Smith - Hite Stripers

Fished out of Hite from 8/3 - 8/8. brought home about 30 Stripers caught primarily from very brief boils. We had no luck in Trachyte where we found good fishing on our last trip (july 15-19).

On the boils. We happened into a string the biggest boils that we experienced this season on Friday about 1.5 hours before a very big squall (driven rain 50+? mph winds, dust and sand from the rim of the canyon.....). The boils were very aggressive and about the size of a tennis court. They were located in the main channel about a mile upstream (towards Hite) of the entrance to Farley and White canyons. The fish pulled from these boils were larger than the fish we had been been catching in the Farley, White canyon , Striper city area, and previously in Trachyte. The difference in size would be the fillets of three fish to stuff a ziplock compared the fillets of four fish... if that makes any sense

August 15, 2010 - Bryan Harrison - Hite stripers

We fished two day's at the North end, and caught 153 Striper's, most in boil's on Friday, we caught 93 on Friday, 63 in a boil, in the morning and the rest trolling Hyper Striper's. Didn't get there til Thursday evening, and caught a cooler full, and caught 12 trolling before we left on Saturday, to see if they were going to boil again, but they didn't boil where they had, Thursday evening, and Friday morning. And they didn't boil Friday evening either, in the same spot in North wash. But we caught 63 Friday morning, on Walleye assassin's, and my son-in-law was using top water, and caught a little better fish on them, but had them filleted, and the fish cleaning station cleaned up, and was through by 10:30, it was fast action, while it lasted.

August 24, 2010 - MSgt. Bryant Buttars  - Striper City

Myself, my two sons-Matthew and Hunter and my fishing buddy Mark Gibson fished the Striper City area 19-22 August. We arrived late Thursday evening, after dealing with a blown out hub on the boat trailer, to heavy rain. Sat in the car for a while waiting for the rain to quit and then got camp set up. We camped and launched in the back of Farley Canyon. Launching was a little tougher than a month ago, but still possible.
We got the boat launched at 7:00 PM and headed out to Striper City. At the Mouth of Farley we ran into our first boil and were in them until dark. They were up and down quick but about every fourth or fifth one would come up consistently where you could ďleadĒ them and have them come up in casting range. Than night we caught about 12 stripers before it got too dark.

Up at first light the next day looking for boils. Found NONE. Wind was blowing for a little while but I donít think they were there. We fished for Bass the rest of the morning, and managed to catch enough to keep us entertained, but we had to work for the ones we got. Most came out of 20-30 feet of water. That evening the boils started about 6:30 but were very quick up and down. They started to boil in earnest about 7:30 and we caught them consistently until dark. Caught about 15 that evening. This was the pattern every night. Boils at 6:30 but hard to catch until 7:30, then it was on!

Sat. morning no boils, again! Did some more bass fishing and then started trolling the North shore by the Horn. Caught 2 nice walleye, several Stripers and a bunch of bass. That evening caught stripers out of boils until dark. Caught about 30 stripers for the day.
Sunday morning we found one boil and caught 2 out of it before they went down, and then that was all the fish we caught. We left about 10:00 am for home.

The boils were intense the last hour and a half before dark but fishing was tough the rest of the day. BUT, the boils in that 90 minutes made it worth waiting for! There were shad EVERYWHERE in Striper City and Trachyte. In the evening there were shad schools everywhere on the surface. It looked like it was raining on the glass lake. There is no shortage of shad in the Striper City area right now! Iím sure when the full moon is gone the boils will be even better!

August 24, 2010 - Phil Roundy, Jesse Needles and Jordan Needles - Hite Boils

Fished between Hite and the White canyon area.

Caught 33. Most of them were caught between 6 & 8 pm when they started boiling.

Boils were hear and there in a large area.? We had to do a lot of running back and forth to go from boil to boil.




August 25, 2010 - Leonard Wiggins - Paonia, CO

Landed a couple of nice catfish like this one night after dinner!
Also a nice large mouth bass the next morning!


Leonard Wiggins

Dinah Wiggins

September 15, 2010 - John Shonka - Good Hope Bass

Had yet another great trip to Lake Powell Sept. 4th through the 9th. Thanks to the site and all the advise from everyone, my brother-in law and myself caught a mixed bag all week long. We stayed in Good Hope Bay and mainly fished for smallies and large mouth, had one Walleye and a catfish. Probably caught around 100.

John Shonka

Had good luck around any structure with a gray, black or green grub on a jig head. Time of the day didn't seem to matter. We had our 4 year old nephew, Cole on board and he was able to catch his first small mouth! As you can see he was having a great time!  Thanks again for all the help.

Scott Runyan and Cole

September 18, 2010- S V Sherwood - Hite

Fished Powell Thur mid-afternoon 9/16 Ė Sat mid-morning, 9/18/10. Very little wind to contend with but way hotter than I like when camping out. Probably mid-90ís. We camped in Wilson Creek up the San Juan and found stripers in Desha Canyon both Friday and Sat morning. A few small mini boils on Friday but better on Sat early with multiple hook-ups on Spookís and Sammyís as fast as you could toss them in but it only lasted for 15 minutes. Trolling for stripers was better in this Canyon on Friday than Sat.

We spent most of Friday in Zahnís Bay after the Desha striper run and the fishing was good. Not as many numbers as early Aug but overall size was better on the bass and we caught almost as many largemouth as smallmouth. In particular we sat on one point in 15í of water and caught 40 LM, most were 2 Ė 2 ľ lbs with a few bigger ones in the mix. It was the best LM bass fishing Iíve ever done at Powell when you consider we caught them everywhere there was some wood/bushes and sometimes even none. Dropshotting small worms and using crawdad imitations grubs were the most successful if we werenít throwing top water or trolling crankbaits. 100 fish on Friday, mid 70ís water temp.

September 21, 2010 - Brian Hedrick, Provo UT - Hite

September 16-19

Report: Arrived at Hite by 8:00 pm and was able to get the boat inspection passed off by the ranger. Too late to launch so we found a temporary place to sleep. The next morning we claimed our spot along "RV" row and were on the lake by 7:30.

Friday, Sept 17th
Morning: Fished the back of North Wash Canyon. Landed largemouth on tackle and sun fish on the fly. No morning boils. Did see a shad boil, ran lures through them but they were feeding, not being chased. Had a nice smallie throw my jerkbait (this would be a theme).

Mid Day: Ran down to Trachyte and more of the same. Sun was getting high so the fish went down. Started throwing cranks and that seemed to be the pattern. 

Afternoon: Headed over to the back of Farley's canyon. More fish on flies and cranks. Smaller fish but a consistent bite. Landed a nice crappie in one of the smaller coves.

Evening: Headed back over to North Wash and in a cove near the entrance hooked and lost a nice largemouth at the boat, would have been fish of the trip. Again, shad colored crankbait. As it got darker threw topwater in the back of North Wash, still no boils. Landed a couple largies on top and on a jerkbait. Even had a walleye take my spinnerbait. Got dark and we headed back to camp.

Saturday, Sept 18th
Morning: Headed back to North Wash for topwater and jerkbaits. A near repeat of the previous day. As the sun got higher we headed for shady areas and threw crankbaits in deeper water. Landed a few more smallies, they like the shad cranks.

Mid Day: Headed back over to Farleys. Totally different day, not as productive but had a lot of fun watching the sun fish dart out from the undercuts to jab at flies and lures. Decided to troll on the way out (long line flat troll) to the main channel for nothing. Saw a boil in the main channel but it only lasted 20 seconds.

Afternoon: Took a break. The wind came up and we decided to have lunch and gear up for the evening.

Evening: Began in the short shadows at the mouth of North wash, again had a zinger of a smallie on my crank but came unbuttoned at the boat. Threw back in the same spot and landed his smaller companion. Headed to the back of the canyon and landed a few more on topwater, spook jr (I love that bait). My friend had a moment of clairvoyance so we headed back to a large cove in North Wash and it began...BOILS! Twas spectacular. Proceeded to catch stripers on cranks, jerkbaits, and large flies. That made the trip. Followed the boils all around. Had the trolling motor on level 90 chasing the school around. Called it a night an navigated to our camping spot in the dark.

We were so satisfied with our trip that we headed out early Sunday morning, didnít throw one bait. Great trip.