April 26, 2010 - Kurt Jensen - San Juan Bass

San Juan Fish Report
Fished the upper San Juan from April 16-23 with Bass Man, B-I-L Erin, friends Roger, Shaun & son. Chet and Ken came down for a few days.

We got to meet Flipper, Kevin and friends Lynn and Dusty near the end of our trip. Stopped over to their houseboat for dinner with them. That was a nice change from camp chairs in the dirt. Thank you all for your hospitality!

Bass Man brought along Peggy Sue, I brought Annie. Annie spent the entire drive down to the San Juan sniffing ahead to make sure we stayed on course. Peggy Sue insisted on driving - I think Bass Man napped for a while on the trip.

We started with 5 days of sunny skies and no wind. Water temp was mid-50s but quickly warmed past 60. In some places the water temp went to over 70 on Monday and Tuesday. Saturday through Tuesday the temp started at or above 60. We like to throw topwater and spinnerbaits on spring trips. We could probably catch more fish on plastics but the excitement of the hookup is addictive. We basically bring two colors of spinnerbait - white and firetiger. Last year white worked far better than firetiger. This year firetiger was the better bait. One day I experimented with styles and colors. The best style was a single blade spinnerbait that seemed to attract largemouth. About 40% of the fish I caught that day were largemouth including several over 3 lbs. Bass Man was throwing the white spinnerbait and caught about 10% largemouth including one over 3 lbs. Go figure.
Bass Man's indicator for topwater is lizards. When the lizards are out then it is warm enough for topwater. The first lizards came out about noon on Saturday. From then on you could count on Bass Man to throw topwater into late morning and starting again in late afternoon. Nothing beats the thrill of a good topwater bite!


Besides the lizards, Bass Man has a lot of interesting rules for fishing. First fish has to 12"…until MegaBite catches first fish 5 days in a row, and then it has to be 15". When the bats come out in the evening, fishing is over - calls it "bat :30". The first group to leave for home takes the trash - guess who is usually the last to leave… (He also has a lot of interesting rules for talking about fishing as Kevin pointed out so well. But that is another story…)

A storm came through on Wednesday making fishing difficult. We hunkered down for a day thinking that the fish would go deep for another day. Not! The wind calmed down and the sun started coming out Thursday morning. The water temp was almost 60. About 10am we tried throwing spinnerbaits at large submerged rocks. Almost every rock held a fish. Then they became generally active. It was a running battle all day. Bass Man kept a steady lead and finally won with 59 fish, MegaBite almost tied with 58 fish. And that was a slow day. Monday and Tuesday we were catching over 100 each per day.

All in all, one of the very best trips to Lake Powell. And easily the best spring trip ever. Gonna be hard to fish 50 degree water again for more than a day or two. If you can make anywhere on the lake during the spawn then go, just go. You will be talking about it for a long time.

May 13, 2010 - Hotwheels - San Juan

We made our Spring Trip to the San Juan again this year. Myself and Rick Hunton and son Tim and Tim's friend Evan. We met up with Tim Kelley and  Chris Michels and his brother Steve and other friends from Flagstaff in Neskahi bay on May 7th thru the 12th.

We caught a number of species of fish this year. Striper, SMB, LMB, Crappie, Walleye, Sun Fish. Bluegill and Catfish. I think Steve even caught a Carp :)
Sure was a great time fishing with Friends again in the SJ.
We had enough fish for a very large fish fry. Tim Kelley sure knows how to make a very good Cajun
fry mix and he makes a very good cook too.. :) Chris made a wonderful homemade Cole Slaw.. we all ate till we were stuffed..There is nothing better and fresh fish
fry in the San Juan. :)
Tim Hunton caught a 4lb Striper and friend Evan caught a 3.14 lb Striper. Tim Kelley had the largest of the trip 4.14lb We were trolling the Great Bend in the San Juan with Storm deep diving Thunder Sticks and lipless shad type baits for the Striper's. All the Striper's we caught were female and full of ripe green eggs. Looks like the Striper Spawn in the San Juan is going to be big this year. Just needs to warm up just a little more.
Can't wait to get back again, until then tight lines everyone.


May 19, 2010 - Chris Cross - San Juan crappie

San Juan/May 1, 2010. She caught them, cleaned them,
cooked them and I ate them (shared). I am a lucky man. Chris Cross


Debi Cross

June 4, 2010 - Perry Berry - San Juan

We just returned from our annual Memorial Day Weekend fishing trip and we had a great time up the San Juan Arm. We had the entire Neskahi Wash and Great Bend area to ourselves and our group experienced quality fishing and camaraderie that they will not soon forget.


Jacob Berry

Although I am relatively new to these trips, I cannot remember better fishing action for heavy smallmouth and largemouth bass within the past eleven years that we have been going.
Each fishing group experienced 100+ fish days for two consecutive days and, needless to say, there were many smiles around the campfire each night.
Aggressive fish could be found around each brush pile and rock structure and there were many species caught as you can see from the pictures.


August 2, 2010 - Terry Mulkey - Escalante to San Juan

Fished for 5 days on the Escalante and San Juan, find the shad in back bays and canyons and look out it will be non-stop action. Numerous small boils in main channel early AM and PM starting about 3:00 PM Fish very spooky to any motor noise, usually one fish per boil then move on.

I have attached a photo with my grand kids and son-in-law, most of these were caught by my two grand kids Jake and Jaden 12 & 10 I did not have time to fish as they were always hooked up, the attached photo was 3 hours early AM fish.

August 10, 2010 - John Tanner - Piute, San Juan

Hit Piute Bay from Waheap on Thursday, August 5, for my annual "stock up on fish" extravaganza. It is a 60 mile drive counting a stop at Dangling Rope. No action at all Thursday evening at my regular hot spot in back of Piute Canyon. I could see fish in water over 50' deep thick as mud, but no action trolling deep or on anchovies. Friday morning I hit it a little late after being so exhausted from the trip up. The boils were in the front of the canyons, not the back. I hit fish immediately. As soon as the sun touched the water, everything stopped. Except for the smallmouths. I killed the bass nearly all day long. That was fun on my ultra light.
Around 6pm after the sun left the water, the stripers started boiling like crazy. The entire bay was churning. It was so loud around the boat, it sounded like I was next to a waterfall. I was using a Rapala jointed shad rap. After that night, the front treble hook was gone and the rear only had 1 barb left. Saturday morning I was on the lake at 5:30am waiting for the boils. It was the day of the all day rain that started around 9am. It was already overcast and I new the boils would last longer with no sunrise. When it started, it was unprecedented. I was using a Johnson Sprite spoon. The fish were on before I could start reeling in. The stripers were pushing the shad up against flat boulders on the shore and the water was black with fish. I ended up with 22 fish all between 20" and 24" long. I new the pattern now. The fish would boil for the first 90 minutes in the morning and last 60 minutes at night. Once the boiling stopped, you couldn't catch a thing. I never saw any daytime rises at all. I could see the fish layered in water from 30' to 50' in water over 50' deep. Any shallower, and the graph was blank. I trolled thru these fish, jigged, fed them anchovies, and never caught a deep water fish. I fed my anchovies to an otter at my camp. (didn't know they were on Powell). I ended up with 70 stripers for 3 days fishing.
Tip for preserving ice and fish: This trip I reinforced the insulation on my coolers. I bought a 4 x 8 sheet of 1" foam from home depot. I cut it to fit inside my Walmart 120 and 80 quart Extremes. Bottom, sides, lid underneath and on top. Use 1.5" screws with a fender washer for lid. Tape all the edges with duct tape. Keep a bed sheet, ( I used my sleeping bag) over the cooler to keep the sun from touching it. After 3 days, I hardly had any water in my coolers. It worked so well, I wanted to share it with everyone. I also make my own ice at home in 4 x 4 tupperware containers and quart milk jugs.

After seeing the fish caught on the previous reports, I would probably fish closer to Last Chance. It was hard to find a flat spot to place my small tent on the shore in Piute, plus you have to haul gas to make it back to Dangling rope unless you have a 100 mile plus range. It is definitely hotter there than Waheap area too.